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The Power of One: "What Can I Do?"

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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November 3, 2020 3:00 am

The Power of One: "What Can I Do?"

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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November 3, 2020 3:00 am

For every Oskar Schindler or Raoul Wallenberg who are known to have saved thousands of Jews from Nazi holocaust, there’s a Sir Nicolas Winton who saved even more but was never given public recognition. It would have been easy for him to say, “I’m just one man, what can I do?” Instead, he acted.

Today on A New Beginning, Pastor Greg Laurie points out that one person can make a huge difference in the world, especially when he or she is guided and empowered by the Spirit of God!

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A New Beginning is the daily half-hour program hosted by Greg Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Southern California. For over 30 years, Pastor Greg and Harvest Ministries have endeavored to know God and make Him known through media and large-scale evangelism. This podcast is supported by the generosity of our Harvest Partners.

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The following message from Pastor Greg Laurie is made possible by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God. If you would like to know how you can become a harvest partner, just go to that's today on a new beginning. Pastor Greg Maurice's don't discount what kind of change you when you stand up and speak out. One Christian thinking this is the given situation could change everything around them. I want asserted said, I am only one that I am one. I cannot do everything I can do some what I can do. I ought to do what I do for the grace of God I will do the power of one every ball would know to save thousands of Jews from Nazi.

There's a certain it was when you save even more, but was never given public recognition.

It would've been easy for the sake I'm just one man. What can I do instead today is a new beginning. Pastor Greg Laurie points out one person can make a huge difference in the world, especially guided in the power of God. 1994. I just find with a major Christian publisher. This is a first for me and I suddenly found myself surrounded by some very well-known authors and speakers to have been writing for quite a long time so this publishing company wanted to do a little bus tour exit was more like a metaphorical bus tour because we only had one stop but I thought that because of a clever thing wrong on a bus together and so we will boarded the bus meeting the other well-known Christian authors in an older African-American woman was boarding the bus and she looked familiar to me and I have someone who is that lady and they said all that's Rosa Parks you mean Rosa Parks, the civil rights legend yeah Rosa problem. I couldn't believe it. I want to talk to the stupid preachers I wanted to talk to Rosa Parks and so here's the irony I'm talking to Rosa Parks on a bus and you know your history. Of course she distinguished herself.

It was in 1955 when the South was segregated black people were forced to use separate drinking fountain separate restrooms, they would have the signed colored over them horrible time in the history of our country and they were expected to sit in the back of the bus will Rosa Parks courageously refused to sit at the back of the bus and she took a rightful place in the front of the bus and she made history. He was later called the first lady of double right. He was also awarded the Congressional Gold medal. By the way, the highest honor given to civilians herein with Rosa Parks on a bus. We were in the back where in the middle.

Actually, but I had to hear the story and she was very gracious and took the time to talk with me and what I was not aware of was her very strong faith in Christ. That's what gave Rosa the courage to make a stand. You know it's been said character is not made in crisis.

It is revealed, I think her for the stand. She took I was. I got a photo at one of my mind. She's since gone on to be with the Lord, but it just made me stop and think about the power of one, one Christian making a stand in a given situation can change everything around them. I want asserted said, I am only one, but I am one.

I cannot do everything that I could do something what I can do. I ought to do what I ought to do. By the grace of God I will do listen to this one godly man or woman in the darkest situation to make a dramatic difference. Jesus said you are the salt of the earth. But what good assaultive it's lost its flavor. It's really good for nothing but to be walked on. I was in a restaurant yesterday with my wife and her dad is now 92 years old and so we ordered fish and it looks great.

I got a black and I love to get this blackened. I don't know how they did this.

There was no flavor in this fish like zero flavor slime sprinkling salt all over my fish and some pepper trying to get some flavor there. Somehow, because that's what Saul does it sort of enhances flavor a little pinch of salt like in your oatmeal will take it to the next level right tried on some channel of just a little bit not too much, too much salt to be overkill and it can wreck a meal on my wife may be an omelette the other day she makes. By the way, the best omelette on earth.

Kathy Lori owns the omelette. Just know that market at this place right here anyway so she maybe one of her great omelettes and it was if I put salt on and then she put salt on it so it was too salty so I didn't know she put salt on it a little salt goes a long ways. I was in a restaurant years ago with a friend. I put that in quotes because of what he did to me but I went to the restroom. He came back and he thought it would be funny to almost born entire salt shaker in the my Ice-T and so I took a big gulp before I swallowed it I realized what he had done it in my mouth is just filled with this horribly salty water. I'm not going to swallow it. That's what happened. I'm not going to spit it on the floor so I have drunk glass of water and I spit it in there. Sorry I did that spit in the water and I called him a dog and we went on with our conversation that I had to leave in a civil goodbye as I go to leave, he just took two large gulps of his Ice-T, and then a shocked look was on his face.

He had not drunk his Ice-T here drunk mice spit out salty T-1 that I said it serves her right, your sin will find you out and you'll reap what you sow, who little salt goes a long way in a little light goes a long way by pulling yourself on on the theater every I will go to it one person to make all the difference out there and so I want to look now at the power of one, one man who impacted millions of people. One man who do his godly life of integrity Two and a half-million from turning to idolatry.

I'm talking about Moses, the man of God. That's all he was inscribed Moses, the man of God may that be said of us, not just by casual acquaintances, but by her family and close friends. Those who know us well as I would meet you once and says there about a guy that's one thing but if your wife says your Amana God man you're you're doing well. If you can't say you're a man or a woman of God that significant everyone know you well and spend time with you said that is the highest compliment that can be paid. Moses, the man of God, and you know what Moses, the man of God left the scene literally all hell broke loose.

You remember that Moses had gone into the court of Pharaoh and demanded the release of the Jews, Pharaoh refused. He hardened his heart a series of plagues came upon Egypt.

Finally he acquiesced to the Jewish people were now free and they went out into the wilderness and have their first Passover meal together well as are making their way to their new land the Lord directs them right to the edge of the Red Sea, so behind them was the desert in front of them was a Red Sea sort of cup between a rock and a hard place in the Pharaoh heard about this and decided he was going to kill all of them.

So I got the Egyptian army ready and they wanted saw the Israelites to know were crossing through the Red Sea sediment parted as Moses told his staff up and the Egyptians thought they would get them in. They didn't bargain on the waters closing in on them and drowning. All of them. So now the Israelites have been delivered from Egypt, and God has this amazing GPS system for the member fire by night cloud by day, when the cloud moved they moved when it stopped. They stop. In addition to this, the Lord fed them every day, a supernatural substance that would fill their bellies. Called Manna they would have met up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You get up in the morning and they're waiting right outside your tent was fresh.

Manna by the way, comes from the Hebrew word Crispo Primo we get our English phrase Krispy Kreme from know that I made that Allah but it was delicious so they had GPS again. Amazing food there. The Lord himself guiding them but then something went wrong, horribly wrong.

They turned away en masse and engage in idolatry worshiping a golden calf which reminds us that miracles will not necessarily guarantee godly living. I mean every day receiving your man that was a miracle. Having the Red Sea parted to let you and your family through that was a miracle been close in the Egyptian army.

Another miracle, everything was a miracle but yet they turned this false God. So here was the problem it was the fact that they have a shallow and superficial faith. I don't think their first idle was the golden calf. I think the first title was Moses himself.

They allowed Moses, the man of God to take the place of the true and living God, and we can do the same thing and is not necessarily the fault of the person that we may make an idol in our heart. It says that we have our values out of whack and so we think that a person walks on water.

We think a person is perfect and then when they show humanity vulnerability weakness and even sinfulness were shocked. What'll put anyone in the place of God. This is shown by the fact that when Moses left to receive the 10 Commandments. Everything just fell apart. You know, there are some people that really walk with God and I put that in quotes because someone else does. Printed said husband comes a church because his wife comes to church and he's there to please her or the kids go to church because mom and dad want them to go to church for people go to church to hear some preacher that draws a lot of crowds okay but here's a problem maybe one day that woman doesn't want to go to church anymore. So now the husband will stop where the parents are going to the kids. Whether preacher doesn't live up to the hype or whatever people expect him to be and then some even turn away from their faith know we need to be careful and let the Lord hold that place in our life. Not any other person in just a moment. Pastor Greg explains just how Moses leaders made an impact on the Israelites good insight that we can apply coming up next hearing about listeners lines have been changed because of the radio ministry of a new beginning is so encouraging a new beginning name Pastor Greg and staff.

I'm a proud mother of two and a fairly new born again Christian, I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years that have been sober for some time now and I thought I had to come close to the Lord that leaned last year, something happened to me, something I still to this day can't even put my finger on it except to say I was completely attacked by darkness.

My world as I knew it, to turn upside down my snout completely alone, and it felt like I had no one to turn to.

Even now just thinking about it. Tears flowed down my cheeks.

My absolute determination to stay out of my own head in the negative thoughts that seem to be letting I turned on the radio and began listening to your program. It was as if the Lord was speaking directly to me through you. Your words were quenching thirst.

I didn't even know I had sermon by sermon.

I began to feel God's undying for I really believe all played a huge role in saving my life and bringing me closer than I ever could have imagined to the Lord. I want to say thank you with all of my heart. I feel like you all are my family and I will forever have a place in my heart in my mind and on my radio show have these daily studies in God's word encouraged you one from Pastor Greg an email and let them know.

Send it to do it today while you're thinking about. Again, that's today. Pastor Greg is showing us the leadership of motion and how it made a big difference among God's people, your pastor Greg now to continue.

So here's what happened to the Israelites. Exodus 32 one. They're waiting on Moses when the people saw all of is taking Moses to come back down the mountain. They gathered around Aaron, they said make us some gods who can lead us. We don't know what happened to this fellow Moses who brought us here from the land of Egypt. Interesting. Instead of recognizing it was the Lord through Moses led them out of Egypt.

They thought it was Moses himself and as soon as Moses was gone they were looking for something to take his place again.

Moses was the first title of the golden calf was the second idle in effect or sale of the way we need something we can talk to me. Moses was the guy grabbed him by the arm we could voice our complaints to him we could pat him on the back, but he's not here so we need some tangible thing.

We cannot relate to an invisible God. We need an object.

We need the thing we need something that we can look to to help us and that's where the golden calf comes in know we can be critical of Moses. But really, we should not because it was his integrity and influence of Them from doing this.

In fact, Moses, the man of God should be commended, emulated, and follow, he demonstrates the power of one. How did he do it number one. He was a man of personal integrity. He was a godly manner.

Personal integrity Over 2 million people from idolatry by living a godly life.

Let me ask you this to you a personal integrity do have character. I didn't ask you if you are character ask you if you have character deal Moody the great evangelist of fine characteristics. What you are in the dark actually came across an interesting article in Forbes magazine which is really oriented toward those in business and the headline was successful come and go, but integrity is forever, that that was a good opening statement so I read this article and it said, among other things, integrity means doing the right thing at all times under all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching.

It goes on to say. Building integrity takes years. But it only takes a second to lose culture building integrity takes years by losing it can take only seconds. Billionaire Warren Buffett when he is looking for people to hire looks for three quality number one integrity number two intelligence and third energy. He says whether they one of the first one. The other two will kill you.

I mean you can have energy, you can have intelligence, but if you don't have integrity, you don't have really much at all.

And Moses had integrity. He was Moses, the man of God when he is out of the picture. Look what happens now. When Aaron slept in charge. He was like the worst babysitter ever. Years ago, when our son Christopher was around 15. We asked him to babysit his younger brother Jonathan, 10 years younger. So Jonathan just a little guy and we went down to San Diego so we called to see how everything was going and Jonathan answers the phone reset.

Jonathan worst Christopher he's asleep will go wake him up like seem like 10 minutes go by getting away, because back. He still sleeping.

I said Jonathan go over and shift your brother in the face hit him in the face it, I know little you got hurt, but he may wake up to go get a came back he still sleeping okay. Jonathan I will and I said this to know my wife I said go get a little caught you know your cup, dip it in the toilet because he could reach the water is important for server space. Wake up. He said he still not waking up. We are miles away and this little boy is walking around the house with his brother asleep so we need some folks out of the police department. We have some of the go and check. So they came to my house.

All the doors were locked.

They finally broke open my garage door came in. Christopher woke up looking a cop staring at him, so that I was a wake-up call right but you know something enjoy some of the dues and they don't do the job you're hoping they would do right. So here is there left in charge of their July took a Aaron look God's calling me up to Mount Sinai up yonder there, got their number to receive the commandments continued to care the problem. Moses I got it covered.

And so while he's gone, the people come to Aaron and say hey you know we need something we can worship and Aaron says bring me all of your goal. Bring me all of your bling okay so he takes all the goalie melts, it makes it in the shape of a calf and says this is your God that brought you out Egypt in the meanwhile here's Moses up on the mountain and is getting ready to return. And this is what he sees. Exodus 32 verse 21 Moses comes down to demands. What did these people do to make you bring such terrible sin upon them. Hey, don't be so upset. Aaron says you know how evil these people are, they said, make us gods will lead us. We don't know what happened.

This fellow Moses who brought us from the land of Egypt. So I said whoever is gold jewelry to get off. They brought it to me and I threw it into the fire and out came this calf yet that's exactly how it happened. One a lot. Aaron initiated it, he was responsible, and that's the second thing he didn't take responsibility for his actions.

It was his watch the help the people with this idolatry, he should have stopped him cold and refused to make matters worse erupted in religious jargon to do away with the guilt. Look at verse five axis XXXII and made a proclamation and said tomorrow is the feast of the Lord in this feast of the Lord works of an idol in your calling it a feast to the Lord and then we read a verse six he rose early, offered burnt offerings and brought peace offerings. They sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play on but this still happens you will do our little token spiritual thing and I'm amazed it will go well.

Our meals are we better see grace some people freak out if you forget grace for grace. Sorry. Let's pray thank you Lord. I mean, I encourage you to say great.

I encourage you to give thanks before your meal with a subfield of the world. If you do it at the end of the meal that maybe you should wait till the end of the meal, deceive, it's worth thanking God for not I have at some burnt offerings come my way of the joke he needs to give thanks for forwarding things during you can give thanks after you know she'll okay relax and get this give think that's the main thing the people will fixated on something like that and then the go commit gross llama take this girl you have a meal. Let's pray Lord bless the food away what's happening. The rest of the night to your plants in the diner to go get drunk and maybe to have sex God does want to hear your grace, God want you to repent. You see my point. Oh, it's a burnt offering to the Lord Lord saying I'm not here in the burnt offering. All I'm saying is you guys worshiping a golden calf is a fascinating passage over in Amos 523 were God says take away from me, your noisy songs and your stringed instruments.

I don't want to hear many more. Did you know they can come up when we hear singing praises to the Lord. Think I would say stop already. I want to hear, but I'm singing so beautifully. I don't care because your lifestyles contradicting what you're singing and what you're doing is offensive to me is it offends me, God is actually saying. So that's what's happening here worshiping the goalie of all that we offer the burnt offering God save I don't want your burnt offering, I don't want you to worship false gods want to love me with all of your hard for Greg Lord helping us to remember what's most important to the Lord. Today's message you're on a new beginning is from his world changers series and it's called the power of one, and by the way on today's podcast. You can hear some additional discussion at the end of the program between Pastor Greg and are special in studio guests and to get a permanent copy of today's insight you can call 1-800-821-3300 just mentioned that message title when you do again. Call us anytime 24 seven at 1-800-821-3300 or four CD copy just go online to then pastoring over you. Everybody I'm in studio with our special guest Sally Lloyd Jones and my wife Kathy and were talking about an incredible resource that were offering this month called the Jesus storybook Bible Christmas collection it's a collection of stories, songs and reflections for the Advent season. Now you may be aware of the Jesus story, but Bible if you want got to have a copy. It's amazing. Now she is taking that approach working with the same artist Jago and was some special interactive features, including the voice of the amazing actor David Touchet.

Everything was ready. The moment God had been waiting for was here last. God was coming to help his people, just as he promised in the beginning but how would he come what would he be like, what would he do in addition to that there are some songs some Christmas songs included in Sally.

What songs did you include as a part of this project in and why did you choose those in particular we chose some favorite Carlos that everyone would know am and then we chose some specially because that would be an interesting fact behind them. That would add to the devotional aspect of singing the song so I'm going to get them away because I think people will really enjoy. I really enjoyed finding these facts out, but that really well and Carol send them I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus. Not one that should have these favored son, Paul now sings it drives us all crazy. Yeah, now you know better than that. I know that I like that and I like that I can. So if you want to find out. With these mysterious songs are that Sally Lloyd Jones is selected, then you need to order your copy of the Jesus storybook Bible Christmas collection. This is very special and if you were to go and purchases online at a place like Amazon are in the store. P quite a bit of money for it because of the fact that hardcover it's beautifully a glossy paper amazing illustrations, interactive features, etc. but were offering it to you this month for your gift of any size. Yeah, that's right. We want you to have this resource for the holidays and we really appreciate your support that helps. These studies continue to come your way. As pastor Gregor said recently, we seen more than 100,000 professions of faith this year and were so thankful for listener support that helped make that possible. And if you can help us continue to reach out by making a donation right now will thank you with the Jesus storybook Bible Christmas collection writers at a new beginning. Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or call us anytime day or night at 1-800-821-3300. That's 1-800-821-3300 or go online to harvest or when next I Pastor Greg reminds us that to some people.

We may be the only representative of Christ. They ever encountered their evaluating Christianity based on how we represent the Lord.

More on that responsibility. Next add right we have some extra time back to pastoring okay Sally as an American I love British people. I know we broke away from you and we had the Revolutionary war, but were friends again and so tell me what do you think is the best food that England has to offer. Oh it's very hot. I know everyone will be nothing thinking that's not very hot but it gets a very bad rat but she stated that one of the best inventions is some scums is in a cream tea switch. In case you didn't know hot I do nuns need to know content and clotted cream and jam onto the railing on top of each other cream and one dessert that would be it would be great. Yes, I think one thing that the Brits own is dessert. We could putting week looking another thing they own the own toast. For some reason test is finally order toast and an American restaurant called Oriente. The Brits crying. I have the little thing the staff get in and got the butter fat so that the channel rat that little thing is cool to test traffic.

The total strength you need to let me ask you things that perplex me.

Why do you call a windshield a windscreen and why do you call the hood of a car, a bonnet that makes no sense to me. We could just turn around and say what we wait, why do you quote a bunny to hood well because of hood over an inch.

No, I'm asking the question I'm asking the questions here this woman from England, so I know it is not so you don't have a trunk you have a boot. Is that correct yes and then I had this very funny check when the print says I'm mad about my flat means I'm really crazy about my apartment when an American says I'm mad about my flat. It means I'm really annoyed about my flat tire. At that very funding good. That's funny Sally Lloyd Jones on that. So what is your favorite food in America and you consider yourself more American than British or are you kind of caught between two worlds a little bit. I'm a little bit quote. I think I always will feel pretty shy right in a British way. I have the best sex I didn't think I cannot really believe I'm not British, but I love that about America that you can come and even be as British as Abba and still be American.

That's one of the great things I think. But in quarantine in this pandemic time. I'm staying with friends. He wants from keeper and ones from Mexico and I vaccinate this British person has become quite an expert at it right pulled pork, Connie, Tess and Glenn and Ernie set I goodness that is our current need this and guacamole for dinner last night. Thank you think we did do you think clotted cream would fit on her knees, and I actually think it would sour cream does. I think straight. 16 as Fiona set such a cream could be added to anything anything you think it's sweet. So isn't it is now on the creams.

Now it's on, let's it's hard to describe different different kinds of cream. Marion double-click and triple cream and clotted cream and half cream and cream semi hops skimmed cream cream obsessed what is your favorite food in America that you can't really find in England well I think pizza rating really good pizza you can, well you could get that initially can you but I love New York for that really incredible pizza that's really true and then very good back is here. I'm very healthy and I know Cooley's terrible choice. I know you're raising your client denies that I had at CNs burgers and Mexican food though so you don't don't leave her alone with the box it donates like anyone and I look back as I don't think very widely and I sent to Kathy and I went to have dinner so I just wanted as little sample tennis and she said that in order to choose which ones would you have if you want to taste and before she could finish one at times I've had both of them said funny you know that is asking the same donuts in England. I can remember have ever seen donuts and they are in England this one in New York called the plant plunked down not show benevolence quack coming out there is completely obsessed with Dennis once he got England. She came to Neo. Can she completely went insane about these square doughnuts, but I've never worked out how to bring them to smuggle them in class. I would smuggle them in defense of their ego phone just a little talk about the different cuisines of America with Sally Lloyd Jones, who not only writes amazing children's books but has very strong opinions about including donuts. Thank you so much

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