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Cinematic Crusade: 'A Rush of Hope'

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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August 24, 2020 3:00 am

Cinematic Crusade: 'A Rush of Hope'

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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August 24, 2020 3:00 am

How can we reach our culture for Christ? How can we stage an evangelistic crusade in the midst of a pandemic? Pastor Greg Laurie has the answer today on A NEW BEGINNING. Join him as he announces a high-impact, on-line outreach called A Rush of Hope.

A Rush of Hope premieres this Labor Day weekend. RSVP to let us know you'll be tuning in by going to


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A New Beginning is the daily half-hour program hosted by Greg Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Southern California. For over 30 years, Pastor Greg and Harvest Ministries have endeavored to know God and make Him known through media and large-scale evangelism. This podcast is supported by the generosity of our Harvest Partners.

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The following message from Pastor Greg Laurie is made possible by some special friends of this ministry. Pastor Greg wanted to see a special word of thanks to the harvest partners who make this ministry possible next time your online check out Pastor Greg's personal today on a new beginning.

Important information about a special event coming up in just a larger long to actually Pastor Greg Laurie in the studio with us today and we are setting aside what we had originally planned for the day because of some important information we want to pass along Pastor Greg. It concerns the harvest crusades you know now for over 30 years straight.

The harvest crusades are Bento summertime event here in Southern California and also reaching the rest of the country, but everything's different. During the pandemic, and yet God calls us to share Christ. Even in the midst of challenges like this and really the venue is secondary is it really as you know the Bible says when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Foxy that's on the Bible with I think the idea of it is is really true all say Romans 828 God causes all things to work together for good to those who love them. The called according to his purpose. Okay so here's the bad news were not able to go to Angel Stadium this year for the first time in 31 years. We would normally reach 100,000 people over Crusade weekend with around 10,000 people making a profession of faith.

That's the bad news, here's the good news. We decided to paint on a different canvas to pivot if you will, and I thought well everybody's looking at screens right now.

Screen usage time is is through the ceiling. People are looking more at the TVs obviously watching Netflix binge watching, looking up their phones more and at the let's go to their screen was something like they've never seen before.

So we came up with the idea of a cinematic crusade. So what is. I mean, it means that we do something custom for the screen that has the elements of a harvest to say but adapted to this format so that arbors Crusade, we might have two or even three artist do a bunch of music and that I do a message and people walk forward on the field and accept Christ instead of doing that one of elements of that. Still, because we will, of musical performances of from Fort King and country Mercy me Jeremy Camp and some other surprises, but then were going to weave some scenes from some films into this narrative. I don't just mean showing film clips I've written a narrative taking what I think are key moments from three films produced by the Irwin brothers, John and Andy Irwin and the films are Woodlawn. I can only imagine and I still believe so. Woodlawn is a story of racial conflict in Alabama in the early 70s riots were happening because of forced segregation, but God stepped in and the spiritual awakening took place that changed the campus.

The school Woodlawn and change many people's lives were black-and-white were coming together and being reconciled, so it's a story of reconciliation. I want to bring an element of that film into this cinematic crusade and then we transition over to I can only imagine young Bart Bullard had a horrible childhood. His mother basically walked out on him. As father Arthur was very abusive beat young Bart and the Bart had just such a sad childhood, but God stepped in and Bart came to faith, and ultimately his father came to faith and they were reconciled and then finally will look at some scenes from the powerful new film called, I still believe Jeremy and Melissa Camp were in love, pitiful love story.

They were newlyweds and then the tragic news that Melissa had cancer and facing the worst case scenario of losing this wife we see how faith and hope work together song and it take these stories and we been musical elements between them. Then Emily give a straightforward gospel presentation. It's going to be beautiful.

It's going to be art I like to call it weapon eyes dart were you. It's something that will be really a fantastic to watch but yet it will not in any way have a diminished message. In fact, I'm hoping at least two times in this hour-long program or so to present the gospel and give an limitation of this Michael Dave that will have more not less people come to Christ. As a result of watching this and we would've had at the so-called harvest it Angel Stadium and were calling it a rush of hope and I think you know a word of phrase like that needs some sound effects. It needs to be. I'm thinking Echo and something else.

So here it is all well. Pastor Greg and thinking of an online event.

You mentioned tremendous success with your home churches online services each week. Call Harvest at Home. Haven't you him you seen a lot of success. A lot of people are tuning in each week onto I would say unprecedented success. You know, since we went online.

You know, we have this chart our church them for a number of months and we were exclusively online now our church buildings are open in Riverside and Orange county in Southern California and also on the island of Maui but online this audience is grown to be very large. There people that watch us all around the United States and even abroad, and so in each of these services all give a Bible study and then I give an invitation for people to come to Christ and to date we have seen over 85,000 people make a profession of faith. This is a very important number number wanted to big number. So we give God thanks for that. But secondly, it's interesting at the beginning of 2020 we set a very lofty goal for our ministry. Our goal was to see 100,000 people come to Christ before the year was over, we planned on doing that through the so-called harvest we planned on doing it through a big stadium event we were holding on Los Angeles, as well as the Jesus revolution movie wall along comes coronavirus, so all of a sudden were not meeting at the Angel Stadium were not meeting at the LA Stadium hand, the production on the Jesus revolution film is shut down so we go exclusively online and we just are throwing the net after each service and work in a kit.

This hundred thousand mark before we know it, and I'll tell you what the Lord inspired as I think the set that goal, but he wanted to accomplish it in a different way.

So were seeing what can happen online were seen what can happen to the visual viewing experience. So take this to the next level and beyond.

This cinematic crusade, and I believe this is something you will want to show to people you want to invite them over to your home and have a viewing party.

You want to send a link to them and say watch this.

They could be in the other side of the country and they watch it and he wants it, then you talk about it afterwards and I believe God could use this to bring thousands and thousands of people in the kingdom.

I don't know of anything like this. It is ever been put out there before and I think you'll agree with me when you see it again. It's called a rush of hope. It's a cinematic crusade and it's Coming Your Way, Labor Day weekend more days. September 4, fifth, sixth and seventh and will be explaining how you can be involved in this campaign and it's important to point out that we are all called to share Christ with those around us and we constantly hear the reports of people who were doing just that affect take a listen to this. Pastor Greg three year ministry. I came to Christ and because of that decision. I've dedicated everything to God. Today I had the extreme honor of praying with my 13-year-old son is, he accepted Christ for himself. What a big day.

I give glory and praise the Lord.

Pastor Greg, I pray you are blessed because Christ using the same now my son is saved. I couldn't be more blessed. I love it when the gospel is passed on from generation to generation.

Then who knows that that young boy, he becomes older on not also pass it on to his children, and even after that. So this is the power of the gospel and yet I sort of see the gospel like a relay race were all given the baton we run with them for a while and we pass it on and they run for a while and they pass it on.

We just pounces on from generation to generation in on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out Peter preach the gospel.

They said this promises to you to your children to your children's children and all that are far off, and as many as the Lord our God shall call.

So this message we bring is for every generation. But I'm so thankful to hear that story of the father been able to lead his son to Christ every we all have that privilege and responsibility of bringing people into the kingdom. That's right, this is gonna be such a powerful evangelistic opportunity for you to do just that. What you get is a rush of hope Labor Day weekend September 4, fifth, sixth and seventh with music asked for King and country Mercy me Jeremy Camp and I think you indicated a little bit ago that there may be some surprises to but with evangelistic outreach such as this online how can people bring their friends into this experience will here's the cool thing you can bring the experience to them as well as bring them into the experience a limit, explain, so you could say I'm have a watching party at my home come over to my home for what is sort of like a drive-in movie that's kind of the vibe of it. If you've seen our trailer car from radio so we can show them the trailer but maybe we could play a little bit of the audio from the trailer and let me sir to set it up visually for you and see if you can imagine this for a moment. So I'm driving down a Dusty Little Rd. in Colorado.

The sun is setting and I'm on the wheel of an early 70s Ford Bronco kind of a bright blue color and as I'm driving along I'm coming toward some storm clouds and you cure them for a moment, and I'm asking some very important questions. Then I drive into this old drive-in theater and I park the bronco and I look up at the screen.

Listen to this life is beginning middle and end surprises and twists and turns darkness beauty and light still exists about this movie. The story is when why my here my life would have to after all answers and all you rush of a rush of coming to a screen near you. Labor Day weekend with music And country screen near you. So that's it, that's a rush of hope is cinematic crusade so you invite people over to your home you watch it with them or you send the link to someone watch this right now posted on your social media tweeted put it on your Instagram page put it on Facebook. Let people know let as many people as know is possible that it's happening, in fact you can even broadcast it simultaneously on your Facebook pages were broadcasting it as well get the word out. But here's the key. After that person you sent the link to has seen it or after they viewed it may be in your home or wherever it is you're doing it, then say so, wouldn't you think that you pray and ask Christ to come into your life and you can follow up on them and help them get established in the faith. If they've made a commitment to Christ. If not, well just wanted that seed that's been so absolutely I do you think maybe that the connection that you'll be making with each person might even be more personal and significant, since it's one-on-one and not subject to the you know all the dynamics of a live stadium without you wanted in a stadium here there's distractions and friends are sitting right next to them.

That might be influencing them. But online it's just you and them. It really is a you know it's a very intimate medium and here's a big difference when I'm doing something like a rush of hope for Harvest at Home. I talked to the camera because I know when I talked of the camera. I'm talking to a person and so I treat that camera like a person I'm speaking to because I'm speaking the many people in many settings facing many challenges and many of them don't know Christ. And so it is kind of a personal medium and in some ways you listen and watch differently when you're doing it alone or in a small setting than you do, as you just said in a large stadium with all of the distractions so I did get to a great way to reach people in India know I think what's going happen is with this music and these beautiful scenes from these films is that sort of disarms folks a little bit they get caught up in the story and these are true stories. Everyone of these films is based on a true story and their powerfully done with first-rate actors I in the roles you know you have John Voight and Shawn Astin and KJ and Britt Robertson, and the list just goes on.

Gary Sinise, Shania Twain, they're all featured in these films delivering powerful performances, but at the same time there's a message to everything that were doing it. Ultimately, under the just present the gospel in a straightforward way to the person who's watching. Tell them who Jesus is, how to come into a relationship with him and I went to answer those big questions of life such as why am I here what is the meaning of my life. What happens after I die, and who let the dogs out know I won't answer that question. I don't care who let the dogs out over that song okay no, but I will answer those other three questions because the Bible has answers to those questions and more. Well once again were talking about our rush of hope is cinematic harvest Crusade is coming up on line the weekend of Labor Day fourth to September 4, fifth, sixth and seventh and you know we can't lose track of the fact that lives are changing one heart at a time. For some people this will be the moment they mark is the day.

Their names were written in the book of life is the most important day of their life and we can forget that God can save people that we may think are too far gone. This man wrote to us with a moving story about Pastor Greg's teaching from God's word changed his life-year-old man who drank terribly yesterday at a horrible mouse yesterday and despised people yesterday, but today I woke up with a genuinely great regard for people. I like I don't have any desire to drink.

I don't know anymore and I'm just real hope for the first time in as long as I can recall thank you, Greg and everybody you have no idea what an impact you made in this life. Well you know it's interesting.

Did the story of a man is only missing that when a foul mouth and and was not walking with the Lord in his life is impacted by the gospel in word of God and it is also interesting that we play to back to back recordings of men who are impacted by the gospel as you know, the listenership of Christian radio is primarily female.

My right and that yeah I think so you I think you told me it was to the one female overhand to the one the men are listening but bulbar ladies are listening and that's occurs because ladies are smarter than guys and you're more insightful spiritually. Generally, we acknowledge that but here's my point in bringing that up is that exciting that these guys are listening and coming to Christ.

So ladies, tell your husbands to listen to a new beginning.

Tell your sons the listen as well as your daughters and husbands telling their wives a mean get the guys tuned in because guys are searching for truth and guys want to know God and I'm so thankful we can reach men and women Boys and Girls Club man well. Would you like to hear from a woman. Yes, I think it's time to hear from a lady now enough of the dudes.

Well I was just struck by this lady who really knows how to reach out an impact her world with the gospel. Because of this dear Greg, thank you for all your wonderful teachings. I listen to on the radio in northern New York and have passed on your messages to all my friends and family put me in an arena as insolence because he knows that I'm not ashamed of the gospel or the name of Jesus Christ. Your messages have given me great insight on how to speak the truth in such an interesting way that people begin asking question #and how wonderful is our Savior and ordered 20 of your books to place in my healthcare professionals} and also as an encouragement for folks who are scared in this season God bless you. Okay, the woman just blew the men out of the water. While this lady I have great admiration for her and and I want to say to her thank you for using your influence for God's kingdom.

What a difference it is making a man well were talking about a rush of hope is coming up in just days. Labor Day weekend, September 4, fifth, sixth and seventh online it says cinematic harvest Crusade it's beautifully photographed its cinematic it's a cinematic masterpiece, but more than that it's a great way for you to reach out and impact the lives of those friends you know that haven't yet made a decision for the Lord so we hope you'll get involved and if you'd like to know more you can go to right now and there'll be a link there you can find out all about a rush of hope. Pastor Greg, let me just ask you outright. How is an outreach like this funded you don't have to be costs involved in making this possible house or paid for. Yet there are costs involved. Think about this okay will go and see a wonderful Christian film like I still believe I can only imagine the war room more or God's not dead though these great films and and you'll be moved by the story and then you might watch a preacher in television preaching and giving the gospel. There are two separate mediums one is a medium of entertainment storytelling. The other is a medium of communication and preaching. We've married these two mediums together and something that is unique so it cinematic it storytelling it powerfully and beautifully done and very professionally done with a straightforward gospel presentation. I like to think of this as I said earlier as weapon eyes dart and I mean weapon eyes than the best way it has gospel hook Senate. So yes, it'll be a great story you'll be moved and will have special music that's been scored for this project in amazing performances and all the rest, but then will present the gospel, but even more will give people an opportunity to accept Christ right there on the spot.

I don't think you've seen anything quite like this before because frankly I don't think there's ever been anything quite like this before and again as Dave said it's a rush of Pope will. Needless to say there's expense involved quite a bit of expense in putting it together. Also, there's expense in buying airtime and showing it because our hope is to first show it over the Labor Day weekend on social media platforms primarily it'll probably be in television as well.

But then ultimately to go out into some major markets, major media markets around the United States and buying time on what we would call secular television will go into a mean channel. Hopefully in an area where you live and show a rush of hope. So listen if this is something you believe is important. If you think people in America could use a rush of hope. If you think people need to hear the gospel, you can invest in this financially and we will take the gifts and resources you send us and invest them in purchasing airtime to reach even more people with the gospel, and the result is you will lay up for yourself treasure in heaven. Its fruit to your account. As Paul put it in his writing in the book of Corinthians. And God wants to add spiritual food to your account.

You know summers here in Dave. I love summer fruit more than any other kind of fruit of love nectarines and I love plums and cherries and all those things and and you want to have spiritual fruit right now you can have it by investing in the work of the kingdom. So I would not just ask you.

I would urge you to invest in this project because I believe that we will reach more people with the gospel that we have ever reached out to before. I think we can make history with this outreach but I can't do it alone. I'm depending on you so please support this and let's see what God will do what God can move in big ways.

In spite of a pandemic in fact we've seen evidences of that all this year of Pastor Greg.

Maybe most appropriate way to end our discussion would be to ask you to pray for this event.

Braden God goes before us and prepares the hearts of the people that will be seeing this in and hearing it and pray that our listeners sort of catch the vision and the invite their friends to tune in for this epic event. Very good. Let's pray father you told us to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers into the harvest and how can we pray for that.

If we ourselves are not willing to be one of those laborers.

Your word is going to be sewn and a lot of soil over Labor Day weekend and you promised in Scripture in Isaiah 55 that your word will not return void, but it will prosper in the place where you sent it. Our job is not to convert people.

That's the work of the Holy Spirit. But our job, our calling as Christians is to sow the seed in fact, the word broadcast means so seat so as we broadcast this cinematic crusade.

We pray that seed will be sewn and we pray that seed will take root and break ground and that we will see thousands and thousands and thousands of people come to believe in Jesus we pray Lord that you will provide the finances that are necessary.

We pray Lord that you would inspire us to share the word and be used by you to bring other people into the kingdom. So we commit this project, called a rush of hope to you. We ask your blessing on it. In Jesus name we pray. Amen man, or just to recap our rush of hope is coming your way.

Labor Day weekend, September 4, fifth, sixth and seventh. This is the most important time of the year to reach out to that friend who needs to hear the hope of the gospel. Don't let this opportunity slip by. Invite them to watch when you do, and then ask what they thought of it. It's an online event coming to a screen near you for all the details on this cinematic online harvest Crusade go to and again your investment right now will help us reach further with the life-changing message of the gospel.

It's a time when people are worried they're looking for answers looking for hope and we want to meet them right where they are with the lifesaving message of God's love your help couldn't come at a better time and will thank you for your investment right now with a copy of beyond valor. The subtitle is a World War II story of extraordinary here wisdom sacrificial love and a race against time. It's a riveting book and will send it to thank you for your donation right now right is at a new beginning. Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or call anytime 24 hours a day seven days a week at 1-800-821-3300.

That's 1-800-821-3300 go online to when next I Pastor Greg continues his series and time living like Jesus will return at any moment ported insights from the pages of Bible prophecy. Next time beginning sent from Greg Laurie possible by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God sign up for pastor grades free daily email,

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