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Mock Draft Season: Real NFL Draft is 2 weeks away

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 16, 2024 3:35 pm

Mock Draft Season: Real NFL Draft is 2 weeks away

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 16, 2024 3:35 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, on what he thinks the Carolina Panthers might do in the 2024-25- NFL Draft.

There’s been rumors of what the Carolina Panthers MIGHT do in this year’s draft, but how much of it has validity and how much is just smoke? Which position does Will think the Panthers WILL go with first and is that what he also believes they SHOULD do? Which team is likely to make the biggest mistake in the draft?

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Count on real-time product availability and fast delivery. Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. Will Brinson, senior NFL writer,, Pick 6 podcast, moderator, spear fisherman, I don't know. Did you do any spear fishing in the tropics? No, we, uh, I saw, we saw a eight foot hammerhead there.

Nice. Um, yeah, it was, uh, like ran, like, like circled our group for like 11 minutes and then, uh, just killed, um, it just killed a stingray and was like flying around us. And, uh, our, like the, our, the guy, our dive, the, the guy, the captain of the boat, the guy leading the dive trip, like got a video of it for like 11 minutes straight. It was pretty wild.

I, I see them. I saw a bunch of sharks down there, but didn't, um, I've seen a hammerhead before, but that was the first time I've ever seen one, like in like 40 feet of water, like hunting. It was pretty terrifying. Yeah. W w were you in a cage or what? No, no, no. We were just swimming along. Wait a second.

No, there's no chance of that, Will. What do you mean? I mean, he just showed up on the, he showed up on the, like on the, we'd seen a bunch of rays and then all of a sudden there's an eight foot hammerhead. You're not checking out if you see it, if you're just like walking around and like there's a hammerhead shark, you're not checking out? I mean, what am I going to do? I'm not going to swim away? I mean, I was hiding behind my dad.

You only have to be faster than your dad. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah.

He kept looking around wondering where I was. There's actually this, uh, this couple that was on that, on that particular dive with us as well. It was their first ever boat dive. Um, it's like eight dives ever.

It's only been short dives before. And the, the, the guy that, the guy who like swam down and got really close and was videotaping the shark too. And then after the thing, the girl told me, she was like, I was hiding behind you. I was like, well, I was hiding behind Bob.

Like, Wait a minute. Did you say you were, Bob? I mean, Bob, I thought you said mom. I thought you said mom. No, no, no. I wouldn't.

I wouldn't. No, mom wasn't on that. Mom's kissy afternoon dives. Dad, dad, Bob, dad, AKA Bob was on the dive. Oh, okay. I was hiding, I was hiding behind Bob, but he's, he's, he's had a great run. I mean, you know.

Again, you only got to be faster than Bob. Uh, all right. We have reached the, uh, we're bored part of mock draft season where if like we have, uh, everybody's doing, uh, trades or all right. Here's a mock draft, but we're only drafting players whose name, uh, starts with a vowel. Uh, next week, next week, I'm doing my worst mock draft ever. We're second annual worst mock draft ever, where the goal is to make every single fan base in the NFL mad. Like I'll probably have the Panthers trade a future first round pick to move up and draft like, uh, like, uh, like, uh, like, uh, Bo Nix or something. Exactly. Like trade back into the first round, uh, to get, uh, to get Bo Nix.

All right. Well, speaking of Panthers trades, uh, there seems to be a growing popularity of mocking trades with the Panthers for the first pick in the second round. Because, uh, teams who didn't draft a quarterback in the first, but might want one in the second, look at the Panthers as, hey, they've got the first pick in the second round. Let's trade up there and get our quarterback. It's possible for instance, I'll just like, convolute the conversation even further that if you're Washington or not Washington, if you're New England and you decide, you know what, we're not going to take the quarterback. Number one, we're going to take Marvin Harrison Jr. Uh, with the, with our first round pick, the third overall pick, and then we'll see which quarterback is sitting there early in the second round. Uh, so do you think the Panthers are a real candidate to trade out of the first pick on day two?

Uh, yeah, I think so. Um, partially because they have, I mean, partially primarily because that pick, and we've seen like a lot of times what ends up happening is we're so much value at the top of the second round that, you know, you, well, okay. So you go into it in the second day and knowing, all right, like we, we actually have somebody who was pretty high up on our board that made it to the second round. We have this opportunity to get this really good player.

You saw the bagels and tee Higgins a couple of years ago when the chiefs to Clyde, there was a layer. And, um, and then, you know, the J typically speaking, there's a lot more bluster about trading out, but I do think that if, you know, we have the overnight factor, so there's a lot of time to make calls and to discuss stuff and to sort of drum up offers. And given that, you know, we've talked about it.

If David Tepper, isn't the one pulling every single string on this roster right now, then I think it's entirely possible that Dan Morgan could decide to trade back, especially if, and this really depends on like how the first round shakes out. Adam golden studio with my man coach pizza route, a capital financial advisory group, financial advice industry can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Is there a way to be sure you're getting the best service when you don't know? Yeah. Adam, it's not just if you gave the money to a planning team and then they did good the first year. I mean, anyone could do good for one year, but it's a track record and it's a longterm accounts that are very important. We call that a financial Phillips strategy, Adam, and that gives you lifetime income.

You can never outlive we'll put together for you, the listener, your very own total retirement plan. If you call right now, call and claim your comprehensive review with coach Pete and the team, triple eight, eight, four, three double O 13 or text Adam to 600 700. Adam gold is a paid spokesman investment advisory services offered by capital financial advisory group, North Carolina registered investment advisor because I think they're going to take a wide receiver with one of those, at least one of those two picks, right?

To start this thing around, maybe both of them. We'll see. Um, but you know, there's a ton of offensive line talent and a ton of, like a group of like four really good quarterbacks, obviously the quarterbacks, and then a huge group of really good wide receivers. And so if. Like the Panthers get to the second day, and we don't and we only have like three or four, maybe five wide receivers go in the first round versus like 678. Then I think they definitely would be willing to trade back because you know you want to crew more assets. You still got 39 or if you get a wide receiver. However, if we see a big run on wide receivers in the first round, um, wouldn't be surprised at all if the papers stay there. Take the best wide receiver on the board because. Yeah, really, like Beyonce Johnson, a nice checkup as a trade for sure.

But you know, no, no guarantee how long like like what his status is and how he'll be able to produce that room is still very much password. So I think receiver has to be key. Um, I wouldn't again, I've said this, if David Tepper is the one pulling the strings, I wouldn't be shocked if the package 39 and 33 can trade it up in the first round of gravel receiver, but I wouldn't do that.

No, they see the the theory for me is that and we're talking with will Brinson CBS senior NFL writer. For for me, they need more kicks at it on day two. So you have 33, you have 39, you have your third round picks and they have, they've got three picks.

Like if I was going to move out, if let's just say that somebody really wants to trade up to get bonics like have added by the way, that's not that would not be me. I like Michael Pennix a lot. And it's interesting to see now he is kind of sliding into the middle of round one.

I love Michael Pennix. But injuries are like, he could definitely fall. That's, that's the best case of the Panthers is Michael Pennix falls out of the first round. Doesn't get drafted on Thursday. And then there's some teams who were like, okay, Carolina is definitely willing to deal. We'll move down, move down like five or six spots. You know, we give them a third rounder just because they need, they just need body picks and you give a third round or slide a couple of picks up and grab Pennix there. And it's like, if you're Carolina, the opportunity cost is huge.

You already had your quarterback and you're not going nobody's going to kill you for not grabbing right at the top of the thing around. But I would want those picks on day two or at the very least, like early on day three in the, in the top of the near near the top of the fourth round. I would not, some of the drafts I've seen or some of the trades I've seen at like Carolina getting a fifth and then a third next year, Mike, nah, that, that would not be it. The hurricane, the hurricanes, the Panthers need to draft like as many good players as they can now and not wait until next year. So if somebody is giving me something for next year, it would have to be better.

Like there would have to be a lot more value. Although the Panthers don't have great track record of making good, good, good trades on draft day. So not to publicize another website will, but ESPN has got an interesting kind of mock draft tool where you can actually draft for whatever team you want.

So I, okay, cool. By the way, by the way, just one, just I'll throw out one because I just want to make sure that they, I was pretty sure, but I wanted to double check the different Broncos. I think reportedly really like Michael Pinnix and Ambo. Next thing in Sean Payton wants a quarterback, right? Wouldn't be, they don't have a second round pick. So if you're Carolina and you have both of those guys are there at that or one of those guys in there at the top of the second round, I mean, I would call Denver and be like, why don't you give us your first next year for, for, for this, for the, for the first pick in the second round. And if they're getting a quarterback, they feel like he's a franchise guy. I mean, it's always possible.

They swing for the pension there. Yeah, I think that would be great. And I would love to take advantage of Sean Payton. Well, what would, what would be, it would be nothing terrible about, about fleecing Sean Payton.

Will Brinson, a senior NFL writer, So anyway, I did the whole mock draft thing for the Panthers and I took Xavier Legette with the, I didn't make any trades. I just took, I just drafted where the Panthers drafted. I took Xavier Legette from South Carolina, the wide receiver with the first pick in the second round. And then, then I took that crazy good athletic defensive tackle from Florida state. Was it Braden Fiskie? Who's just an absolute monster.

I love him. That would be pretty good if the, if the Panthers could come out of the first, you know, the second round with that. Well, I mean, that's the thing about this draft too, is that there are a lot like the talent level kind of drops off. I think after the, like we, we've seen the last couple of years, it's been a very sort of even keel draft where, and I think there's some kind of bell curve you can do. I'm not, I'm not smart enough to, to like actually do the math, but there's a COVID year bell curve in terms of the talent that's coming out of the NFL draft.

And I think this is kind of the backend rolling out where you're getting a really, really group, like really, really big group of maybe a little bit older, but like higher in talent. I think like a bonics, you know, a Michael Penn X guys who, you know, rejuvenated or Jane Daniels even did it right transfer over Arizona state. We had the Heisman LSU. You know, you have a Peyton Wilson, like guys like that. So yeah, I mean, I think this is, this is a draft where there's going to be a good run of talent, like high end talent through the second round here. And then that's where, if you're Carolina, if you look, if you screwed up, you turn away the first, you know, the future first in the world, pick the Caleb Williams pick for brush. But as you know, what's done is done that you can't get it back.

And that's a long time. Once you get past this draft, you can't beat on Carolina anymore for it. It's the bears. If you're Carolina, you can come out of this after the Brian Burns trade and you didn't get as much as you would like to get for burns, but you got something, a good pick. If you turn 33 and 39 into hot, like blue chips players, then, you know, I think it really could sort of like start turning, like turning the Titanic back away from the iceberg.

If it's not already just completely submerged. You know, that's, that's the problem with this team is that after the, and for the most part, they have hit on first round picks for the most part. And they haven't all been, you know, winners, but because it's still, I don't know what you call JC horn at this point because he hasn't been on the field enough. But for the most part, they've been good in round one, but they haven't really been good beyond that.

And especially over the in the case for a long time. The Scott fitter error, it's really been a disaster, but it didn't go well with your mean. I could be wrong here, but with guys in the second round, you're trying to find starters, right? Yeah, you're not getting depth guys. You're getting starters in the second round.

Yeah, especially like in the in from the end of or in the 30s. There's only any pick inside the top 50. I mean, you're hoping, you know, that you can come away with a, with a starting caliber player. Now, I doubt that the Panthers have 50 first round grades, but I would guess this class that they probably have. I mean, they buy a, it's possible that you include the quarterbacks that you've got over 30 first round grades. And that's, that's great news, which means that you, you have the possibility of getting a wide receiver, getting a defensive player.

The opposite line class is ridiculous. One of the things you see in a long time, so like you have the chance to shore up the offensive line. If you're, that's really what stings again about that first overall pick is Carolina could have traded back with so many teams. You know, we're just drafted. They didn't have Bryce Young, but they could have traded back with so many teams who would give up a hall to get Caleb Williams and you'd be in a spot to really pick up. You know, he didn't get the 1123 plus two future first from the Vikings for number one overall, whatever you want to call it.

And you know, you could, you know, anyway, that's bygones or whatever. But I think that the, the strengths of this class match up well with the Carolina's weaknesses and the depth at those strengths, particularly offensive line and wide receiver are going to be beneficial for them when they get to that second round. And you think you can possibly find starters. All right, final thing for Will Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS

Which team is going to make the first big mistake? I'll ask you this question again next week without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running, everything would suddenly stop hospitals, factories, schools and power plants. They all depend on you, no matter the weather emergency or time of day. You're the ones who get it done at Grainger. We're here for you with professional grade industrial supplies.

Count on real time product availability and fast delivery call click or just stop by Grainger for the ones who get it done. I think that, I mean, I think it's probably, I mean, just by like sort of the law of averages and the math that goes into the NFL draft, it's probably either the commanders or the Patriots because it's hard to imagine. Let's say Caleb Williams is a star. It's hard to imagine that all three of Drake, Mary Jane Daniels and JJ McCarthy are going to be stars as well. One of the teams is going to draft one of those guys that ends up not working out. So, um, yeah, I would probably lean towards, you know, just put it on Washington because you've got to, you're the ones who's picking. And like, even though you had the pick, I mean, good luck telling me who's getting better. Like I said, like, if you're going to pick the game, those are or Drake, man.

I think they both have immense upside. Basically, drafting quarterback is really hard. And, um, yeah, I mean, like, no, you've never had the choice and be able to make the decision actively, but sometimes there's a little something nice about being your third. You're like, all right, you guys do whatever you want it to. And we'll just, we'll bank on you screwing up and take the other guy. is something to be said for taking the player that's left right right. You guys make your decisions. We'll just like, hey, this is who was left. So we took it that there is something to be said for that. Will Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS

A man who is unafraid of open water hammerhead sharks. That's the way we are going to close this. Thanks, ma'am. All right, buddy. See you back.

You got it. I got news for you. If I see a hammerhead shark swimming near me in open water, nope, we're gone. Bye. We're done. I'll be on the dock. I'm done. I'll see Jaws. You can't fool me. Yeah, I'll be on the dock. Yeah, the or in the boat or something. I will not be. Yeah, I will not be in open water.

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