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Five Disappointing Draft Picks (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 19, 2024 5:19 pm

Five Disappointing Draft Picks (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 19, 2024 5:19 pm

Five disappointing NFL draft picks l Duke legend Christian Laettner joins the show l Could four QB's get drafted with the first four picks?

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Minimum monthly payment, down payment, tax and delivery may be required. See store for details. All right, the hour number two of our radio program. It is the Zach Gelb show, Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio.

Christian Laitner is going to join us later this hour. Brendan Haywood will stop by in hour number three of the radio program. You could always listen to us across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates. Sirius XM Channel 158, the free Odyssey app. And you can stream us at slash CBS Sports Radio.

I want to get into this segment that we meant to do three segments ago. And Chase Young, unfortunately, his career has just been impacted by injuries. But when he was coming out of college and with what he was able to do in college, people thought this was going to be the next great NFL defensive player. Like now on the offense side of the ball when it comes to quarterbacks, people try to find who's going to be the next Patrick Mahomes. And there's always a guy that people say, oh, well, he won't be Mahomes, but he could be half of Mahomes or he could be 30 percent of Mahomes or he has a Mahomes upside. And we heard that conversation with Trey Lance. You know, if Anthony Richardson learns how to have better accuracy, you've heard that with him.

There has been a bunch of guys. Jordan Love has also been someone that has drawn Patrick Mahomes comparisons. But the most recent and the one that is probably the most realistic has been Caleb Williams, where it's not based off potential. It's based off things that he's actually done on the football field. And for the defensive side of the ball, when you have someone that could be an elite game changer and be elite at just causing quarterbacks havoc and hell, the one person and this name does not get thrown around easily. The one person that people will throw around when there is a defensive player that people are like, OK, he's going to knock the you know what out of a quarterback is Lawrence Taylor. And when Chase Young was coming out of college, Paul Alexander, longtime NFL offensive line coach, he made a little comparison to Chase Young being the next Lawrence Taylor.

And Paul Alexander is an old school football guy, so he understands the meaning and the importance and how sacred that name Lawrence Taylor is in NFL circles. So obviously, Chase Young is not lived up to the hype. Obviously, Chase Young has been disappointing and he hasn't made the impact that we thought. And a lot of it is because he just hasn't had the same impact ever since the ACL injury. Now he's dealing with another injury, as Act just said in the update. When you get set to make this move to the New Orleans Saints and you have to land in New Orleans after the commanders wanted to get rid of you.

And now the forty niners didn't want to bring you. And according to Adam Schefter, Chase Young, who signed the one year thirty million dollar deal, is undergoing a neck procedure that is expected to sideline him into training camp. And the expectation is that he will return in time for the season.

Teams are aware of his neck issue and the Saints were comfortable moving ahead with it. So Chase Young has been disappointing. Chase Young has been someone that you look back and you're like, OK, he's trending in that direction of not living up to the hype.

And being a bus. So usually this time of the year, as we're a little over a month out to the draft, you're trying to find who's going to be the next great player. And you're trying to find the guys that are getting thrown into the idea of being Hall of Fame talents and going to be game changing players for your franchise. So with all that being said, I have compiled the list of guys, you know, in the last 30 years, let's just say that I think are the top five biggest NFL draft disappointments for me. In at number five, I was debating, do I go Zach Wilson or do I take Trey Lance? The reason why I elected to go with Trey Lance is because the 49ers are a much better situation than the Jets.

And the 49ers moved mountains to get to the third pick and they didn't know who was going to be their guy. Trey Lance was so bad and the 49ers lost all faith in him that he barely even played because you look back at Trey Lance. It was originally Jimmy G's team, then they were going to implement Trey Lance, then two games in, he gets hurt. And then you never heard of Trey Lance with the 49ers again. So, yes, he wasn't really given an opportunity, but whatever they were seeing behind the scenes must have been so bad where Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch were like, OK, we're out on Trey Lance. And any other franchise would not be able to recover for giving up basically three first round picks to get Trey Lance, but the Niners have that good of a situation. And the Niners have that good of an environment where they were able to cover up that and they were able to still find a way to get to a Super Bowl last year, even though they said goodbye to Trey Lance. So I put Trey Lance in at number five.

In at number four, I know he has since passed away, but I'm going to put Charles Rogers on this one. Charles Rogers started that run of wide receivers for the Lions, and eventually they found a way to strike gold in the first round by after swinging and missing on three wide receivers in the first round. They were able to get Calvin Johnson. But you look back at the second pick of the draft. It's one thing to whiff on the second pick of the draft, but then it's OK. Who was the next player at the position? And in this case, it was a player at the position of wide receiver that went with the third pick. And it was Andre Johnson. And we know Andre Johnson ended up being a Hall of Famer. So when I look back at in my lifetime or, you know, the last 30 years, five NFL draft picks disappointed you the most. Five was Trey Lance.

Four was Charles Rogers. And you look back at that Charles Rogers decision, it was like, OK, you see him go two, then Andre Johnson does go three. Man, imagine if they just would have selected Andre Johnson. In at number three, I absolutely thought that this guy was going to be a stud.

This is I was young at the time, but I like the way that this guy played the game. My team had a high draft pick. I think they were like picking six or seven and they were right behind the Jets. And I really wanted the Patriots to get Vernon Golston. I thought Vernon Golston was going to be a stud. Now, thankfully, the Jets take Vernon Golston. The Patriots trade back a few spots. They get future draft capital. And when they traded back a few spots, ended up taking Gerard Mayo, who had a very good career for the Patriots and now is the head coach of the Patriots.

But I thought for sure Vernon Golston was going to be a stud and he ended up being one of the biggest boss in NFL history. Two and one. I think everyone can guess them.

It's just how do you order them? At number two, I put Jamarcus Russell. You could easily put him one. Jamarcus Russell had such a huge arm. And you'll never forget his protein, never forget what he did at LSU. And he could throw that football like 70 yards. The problem with Jamarcus Russell is he didn't want to be great. Like you look at a guy like Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel was a great and I mean all time great college player. But sometimes there are guys that are great college players that you know won't translate to the NFL. I was a massive Johnny Manziel fan when he was in college. I never thought, though, Johnny Manziel was going to be the sensational pro quarterback. But for Jamarcus Russell, he had that feeling in college that this dude's going to take the league by storm. And Johnny Manziel, when he was in the NFL, didn't want to be great. But I don't think he had the ability to be great in the NFL. The difference with Jamarcus Russell is he could have been great in the NFL. But he was kind of like Johnny Manziel in terms of the work ethic, where you always heard that story. They gave him the playbook and they gave him a blank playbook on a digital copy or whatever it was.

And he said he read everything or he watched everything and he didn't watch anything because it was a blank copy. And that's when the Raiders knew that they messed up taking Jamarcus Russell and he was going to be a bust. But man, the cannon and the arm that Jamarcus Russell had, it sucks that he just didn't have the attitude and it sucks he didn't have the work ethic. Like Tim Tebow, for example. Tim Tebow wasn't a bad pro quarterback because he didn't put in the work. Tim Tebow was a bad pro quarterback because you could tell in college his game was not going to translate into the NFL. Now, you could make the case maybe Tebow should have made the switch to tight end earlier in his career instead of waiting until Urban Meyer got to town in Jacksonville in that one disastrous season with the Jacksonville Jaguars. But for Jamarcus Russell, I don't think it was a lack of ability.

It was a lack of want to. And then in at number one, it's Ryan Leaf because you had that whole debate, Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf. And we know what Ryan Leaf unfortunately turned out to be in the NFL. Thankfully, it seems like Ryan Leaf now has his life back on track and he had to fight through a lot of ugliness with addiction. And we got to know Ryan a little bit.

And now it's good to see his life is in a is in a better spot. But for me, I think one and two on every bus list, they have to have Leaf. They have to have Russell. Just who do you put one? Who do you put two? But for for my individual list, the five NFL draft picks that disappointed me the most in my lifetime, five was Trey Lance, four was Charles Rogers, three was Vernon Golston, two was Jamarcus Russell. And in at number one was Ryan Leaf.

Samter, what do you got cooking on your list? Yeah, so I looked at it a little bit differently. Like you said, it's disappointment in my lifetime, not biggest bust.

And also, Samter didn't repeat anyone that I that I mentioned. And for me, because like while Leaf and Russell are the two biggest busts, I wasn't super disappointed in them because I didn't have high expectations, nor did I really like them coming out of college. So like I didn't like Jamarcus Russell coming out. No, because I was actually at that game. It was I think it was the Fiesta Bowl. It was Notre Dame LSU where he outplayed Brady Quinn. And at the time, Brady Quinn was the first quarterback off the board. And LSU just ran all over Notre Dame. And everyone was like, oh, well, then I guess Jamarcus Russell is going to be the first pick.

That's what propelled him. And I'm saying like, how could you use one game where LSU clearly had the better team than Notre Dame to determine that he's better than Quinn? Granted, Quinn sucked too, or at least wasn't great. But it was such a terrible decision making process that they used one game to make this decision of Russell over Quinn. I was never a big fan of him and I never really loved watching him play, to be honest. So for me, I looked at it as who are the five guys that I was the most disappointed in? Wait, real quickly before you do that.

Yes. The 2007 quarterback draft class could be, maybe, the worst quarterback draft class ever. Jamarcus Russell went one. Brady Quinn went 22nd. Kevin Cobb to the Eagles went 36th. John Beck went 40th. Drew Stanton went 43rd. Trent Edwards went 92nd. Isaiah Stanback went 103. Jeff Rowe went 151. Troy Smith, 174. Jordan Palmer, 205. And Tyler Thigpen, 217.

I'm reading this article on ESPN. That is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 quarterbacks selected in that 2007 draft class. Their combined record?

47 and 92. Russell went 7 and 18. Quinn, 4 and 16. Cobb, 9 and 12. John Beck, 0 and 7.

Drew Stanton went 8 and 5. Trent Edwards, 14 and 19. Isaiah Stanback, nothing. Jeff Rowe, nothing. Troy Smith, 4 and 4. Jordan Palmer, nothing. Tyler Thigpen, 1 and 11. That's got to be the worst quarterback draft class of all time.

I'm going to be honest. The fact that they had 40 wins between all of them, I was surprised. Yeah, that's higher than I thought it would be.

I thought it would be somewhere in the teens or the 20s. That's a terrible draft class. Drew Stanton had the best record. Had the only one that was above 500.

That's wild. Anyway, so sorry. Go ahead.

Give me yours. So my two honorable mentions. Dan Wilkinson, 94, number one overall pick. And personally, 1995, you might know this guy, Mike Mamoula. He was one of the first guys to ever actually do combine workouts leading up to the combine. So he blew the combine away, went from being a third round pick to being number 7 overall by the Eagles and he sucked in the NFL. He was my favorite player in college because like I told you in the past, BC was my team, so he was my favorite player in college. I had a Mike Mamoula college, Boston college, Eagles jersey. So I was very disappointed that he did not pan out, but I was psyched that he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated for being in the combine.

But here are my five most disappointing. Number five, Courtney Brown, 2000, number one overall pick by the Cleveland Browns. Didn't pan out to do much as a number one overall pick. LaVar Arrington, who was his backfield mate in the defense for Penn State, was obviously a lot better at number two. Number four, I have Trent Richardson also for the Browns. 2012, number three. His first year, he had like 900 yards rushing. And then after that... Remember he got traded for a first round pick?

Yes. And he got traded to Indy and did nothing. In his two years in Indy, he had 977 rushing yards, averaged 3.1 yards a carry, and then was out of the NFL and no one would touch him at 24. He was done.

So that was a very odd one for me. Number three, I go Johnny Manziel because I legitimately thought that Johnny, if he applied himself, was going to be really good. And I remember we all talked about the Cowboys were going to go and get Manziel and they passed on him. And of course they got Zach Martin, which was awesome for them. And Manziel, just like he'd never put in the work. And it was such a disappointment because he was so fun. He would have added such fun to the NFL that needed it at the quarterback position.

That kind of Gardner Minshew gives us at this point. Number two, Zach Wilson. I think that to me, at the time, Justin Fields was the go-to number two. And the Jets were like, ah screw it, let's go Zach Wilson. He had one good year at BYU in a group of five conference. And let's make him our number two overall pick because you can throw the ball 70 yards running the other way.

It's the dumbest thing. It's the Kyle Buller effect. Where you have a strong arm and really you suck at being a quarterback. And for me, number one, most disappointing, personally and just overall, was Matt Leinart. He was going to be the number one overall pick. Then he stayed an extra year, lost the national championship to Vince Young, dropped down to the 10th pick, and sucked for the Cardinals, lost his job to Kurt Warner, who took the team and almost won the Super Bowl. And Matt Leinart, just like he'd never had the career that we all thought he was going to have to be this transcending quarterback. So Matt Leinart is my number one. And I loved, loved Matt Leinart when he was at USC. So anyway, we'll take a time out at his Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio.

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My pleasure Zach I'm doing great I I'm just getting over a cold but doing great here in Florida. Well we actually had Jamal Mashburn in studio last week and we were talking about the whole moment up against Kentucky the shot Duke and Kentucky and obviously a play that will live forever all these years later and you still see it replay this time of the year over and over again what's the memory for that iconic moment for you. The memory is thank God Mashburn wasn't out there he fouled out and I know he regrets it and he wished he could have you know maybe not fouled one or two times so he could be out there but what a player he was. I think he was just a sophomore you know that year during that game and he went on and I played against them so many times in the NBA just an unbelievable offensive player really hard to stop and I loved every time I played against them. You know the memories are just too many to mention and the fact that it's on ESPN every March and you know the 30 for 30 I hate Christian later and they talk about it in such depth it just brings back great memories I get goosebumps every time talking about it thinking about it I have to force myself not to watch the show because I love the show so much.

You know it's so weird all these years later this is something that everyone brings up to you and you wonder if there's any new components or any untold stories I saw rich Pitino Rick Pitino was on with part of my take and coach Pitino was basically saying the one regret he still has to this day. Is that right before his team went out onto the court they said whatever you do don't foul Leitner how about them because everyone talks about not having a guy on the ball but then not really contesting the catch on that pass that was thrown to you. Well that's just what a coach has to say that every coach if you put them in that scenario 1000 times every coach is going to say don't follow the shot. Because we don't want to lose with no time on the clock and the kid can make free throws to win the game so. He did not make a mistake in that regard he might have made a little mistake by not having someone on Grand Hill to contest contest the pass a little bit and yes the biggest mistake is like you said not contesting the catch.

If they would have had someone flying at the ball right before I caught it behind me in front of me trying to distract me during the catch you know that might have made a big difference but. You can't blame him for saying don't follow later because you should say that any coach that's a decent coach has to say that in that scenario. Yeah and he kind of thought because when he said that even though it's the right thing to say it made his players get a little timid in the moment and kind of get afraid to even be within like five feet of you or something like that. Yes and I you know it's it's been 30 years and I I coach nowadays I've been coaching for the last 10 years and if I find my team or my players in that situation.

The last thing I say to him is don't follow but right before then I say. Fly at the catch fly at the ball try to distract the kid a little bit if you can deflect it tip the pass and yes it might have made the kids a little timid. Play play the play a little softer than they should have you know but hindsight is 20 20 and they think good they did get a little timid in that regard worked out a okay for you guys in the Duke program Christian Laitner here with us. What are the iconic buzzer beaters that you really love since you have such an iconic one you know I remember the Chris Jenkins shot for Villanova a few years ago to take down UNC Jalen Suggs even though they didn't win it to put them in the national championship game what are the moments for you that have really impressed you since a lot of people argue your buzzer beater and that moments number one on the list. Well the Jenkins one is incredible because that was for the national championship game right if I remember correct yeah so I mean that's got to be the biggest one and when that happened I went on Twitter or X and immediately said something like I'm passing the crown to you and and that got a little a lot of feedback but since then I'm not on Twitter or X and all. I try to stay away from that social media stuff but you know I think NC State and Lorenzo Charles because that's like one of the first ones I remember when I was young so but they're all incredible the kid from Valparaiso I don't remember his name but every one of them that you see is just incredible and that's what makes March Madness so great.

And that's why it's just going to be crazy starting today aren't the playing games today yep later today I mean everything moves so fast starting today so I don't watch college basketball religiously you know nowadays but from today moving forward I'm going to be watching every day because the round of 32 and the round of 16 happens really quick. Christian Laitner here with us you know what it's like to win back to back championships UConn Jessica you guys did is trying to do that and they have a better team here the second go around so I don't think anything fazes them how about the pressure of trying to win back to back tournaments. Well it is hard I'll tell you that because everyone's gunning for you know they're going to give you their best game but I'm impressed with UConn and Danny Hurley the fact that he gets some of his kids to stay and he has some juniors and seniors on their team. In today's game where the transfer portal and NIL and people can leave and people can transfer and go to the NBA I'm impressed with the job that he does in terms of getting some of his kids to say to stay. Now the thing I like the best about UConn and the thing that I'm impressed the most. With Danny Hurley and the job that he's doing there is how slow his team plays and how simple and easy they make the game they pass ahead. Everything is not just dribbling the ball a million miles an hour they simply pass the ball ahead they pass it down the court they slow down at the right times they get the ball and they pass it down the court. At the right times they catch in face I love the speed of their play they're fast when they should be and they slow down when they should be I love the way they play I love the way they play the game.

And I think right now because you know this with how it is with one and Dunn's and the transfer portal and NIL it's tough for players now. To be the face of the sport so forever in college basketball or at least the last 15-20 years it felt like Coach K was the coach of the sport now with him in retirement. It seems like Danny Hurley has taken over the sport getting that championship last year and now being that polarizing person where like you 50% of the people love you and then 50% of the people hate you. Yeah he's definitely you know become in the face of college basketball and that's what happens when you have so much so much success and not in my eyes I love Tom Brady and I always wanted Tom Brady to win and if Danny Hurley keeps doing good I'm going to want him to continue to win. Sometimes I pull for the winner sometimes I pull for the underdog but I'm just impressed with how he gets his team to play I love watching them play that Hurley family they know some good basketball and it all starts with their dad Bob Sr and we know Bob Jr can play the game and coach the game and it's good to see them continue to have success.

One of some of my favorite memories when I was at Temple and you had Bobby and Danny on the same staff I think for one season at URI and I think URI and Temple was in the same conference there was like no one at this Temple basketball game hearing those two guys on the sidelines I say this in a respectful way too because I love this from coaches man maniacs just yellers and absolutely awesome to see both of those guys on the same staff all those years ago. You know basketball is a beautiful game when it's played the right way and coached the right way and sometimes I get worried about the fact that coaches don't stay somewhere for like 5-10 years so they can get their system established and then we know the players don't stay anymore the players transfer or the players go to the NBA. And I mean even Duke they're just so young and I think back to how much better I was my junior and senior year compared to my freshman year it takes time to get a system under your belt and to play the right way and it takes coaches staying in one institution for years and years and years and the players got to stay also. And there's really no patience anymore like I don't think John Shire is in any danger of losing his job but you do have some that are like okay where is Duke basketball now going what are your thoughts on what John has been able to do the last two years since replacing Coach K? Well it's just the sign of the times and you know with everything being so quick and immediate on your phone and social media and people want results right away and if John Shire and Duke isn't doing great every game you know people lose their patience. But I'm here to tell everyone and tell the world that it takes a while for your principles your philosophy the way you expect the game to be played offensively defensively it takes a while for it to get established and that's why I don't love the transfer portal. I don't love when coaches leave and go to a different school and the kids transfer and go to the NBA too early and I wish people would be a little more patient and stick around and give the system a chance to work. And I don't fault the players for making money right but you always wonder when you're trying to make money and you're chasing that bag if you're chasing it for the right reasons too. Well that's what the pros is for you're supposed to work hard and practice on the court more than anyone else and put your blood sweat and tears on it so at the end of all that work you can get paid and make some money. So the NIL thing man it just changes everything and the horses out of the barn a little bit and and I don't know if they can walk it back and change things a little bit but the NIL is something that has to be handled the right way.

And I mean even I would be pursuing different things if I was in college now and millions of dollars are coming in through NIL I mean it just changes the whole picture. Wrapping up with Christian Laitner who joins us today on behalf of DraftKings and he's here to talk about the NCAA tournament. How about Kyle Filipowski what have been your impressions of Duke's big man? He's a great player. He's another kid that I hope he stays at Duke another year.

I don't know if that's going to happen. I just filled out my bracket and I'm sorry to say I don't have Duke over to the Final Four. I was just on another show and the guy pointed out that Christian you picked all number one seed so I have UConn, Houston, Carolina and Purdue going to the Final Four. Duke's going to run across Houston and I think Houston's going to be playing with a vengeance because they got beat in their conference this past weekend. Houston also got out of the tournament last year a little early so I really like Houston. They play hard. They're very well coached.

They're great on the defensive end. And I'm picking Houston to win it all. And the reason is because when I was a junior I lost in my conference championship against Carolina. We lost by 20 points. But then we went on and won six games in a row and were able to get our first championship my junior year. So I'm picking Houston to win it all this year.

Last two things I'll ask you. We start off with the shot and how everyone keeps on talking about that. Are you surprised still all these years later how many people talk about Isaiah Thomas not getting on the dream team? Because that pops up at least a few times every year and a lot of times it's coming from Isaiah. No I'm not surprised about it but that's because there's a lot of forums and a lot of platforms where people have to have stuff to talk about. Everyone has a podcast and everyone has a show and they got to talk about something and there's just so many subjects and it's not a bad subject to talk about. I was only lucky and blessed enough to be on that dream team because they chose to have one college player on the team.

If it was reversed and they would have had a 12th NBA player I'm sure Isaiah would have been on that team or someone else. Well Christian hey we appreciate the time. Thanks so much for doing this once again. Christian Laettner is here today on behalf of DraftKings. Christian thanks a bunch.

Zach thanks a lot I appreciate it. There he is Christian Laettner joining us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Ack let me just quickly ask you because I feel like whenever there's a big moment in sports history you could recall it just so vividly. Where were you the night Laettner hits the shot up against Kentucky? At home my friend and his band were playing at the bitter end not too far from our studio where we are right now. It was a Saturday night obviously.

Len Elmore's birthday and Len Elmore was calling the game. And I'm watching this game and I remember at some point I don't remember like it was late first or maybe early second it's like a 12 point game but you kind of have a feeling like Kentucky's kind of like hanging around you know and obviously the three point shot wasn't as prevalent as it is now. I mean people took it they could hit it but it wasn't like it is. It's not like you can get back into the game so easily now. But you kind of get a sense that they're kind of like hanging around. Like Duke can't put them away but it's still a comfortable lead. And you know Kentucky's inching inching inching back and like you know I can't I can't recall exactly like at one point but I'm thinking to myself now you got yourself a game. I'm like I'm not going anywhere. What was for dinner act that I don't remember but I do remember was a day like like it is today almost.

It was chilly day. Yeah. And at least in the New York area it was. And and I'm and thankfully my friend was playing late that night because I'm like I'm not going anywhere. And now I did not know how the game was going to turn out. Yeah but it was it became the second half really became a heavyweight fight. You know and Kentucky just did not back down and if for as great as Jamal Mashburn you know was and meant to that team he was he was the star on that team. And you know you had Duke with with Latner and Hurley and Grant Hill. You know I mean they were really. But here was Kentucky somehow going toe to toe with them and hitting big shots left and right. It was a remarkable game to watch. It really was. It's funny the way that you say that because there's always like those moments where you go OK imagine if I missed a game like that. You weren't going to leave.

There is one game in particular. I almost did. I almost did. I almost did.

But but you kind of but it the let's just put it this way the comeback started at the right time. Another maybe another five minutes later I might have been gone. But I said to myself I'm not leaving now. So the game for me that I remember leaving like I wasn't in the stadium but leaving where I was watching was the Auburn Alabama kicks.

I was there in the studio last night on college football show of our first year a buddy of mine's girlfriend that he eventually ended up marrying and now they have a beautiful baby boy. It was the first time we were meeting her and we were supposed to go out to this Chinese restaurant and we were just like delaying. I can't go I can't go I can't go. And then eventually I was just like all right I'm going to leave. You kind of figure Alabama is going to win this game.

I'll follow the rest of my phone and then I sit down to watch whatever the night game was that night and I'm like what the heck just. Well you know the funny thing about that game I remember the end of that vividly is you know Alabama the one fatal flaw that year the Crimson Tide their special teams were not great. I mean just in the kicking area. And I remember you know they I think they had two kickers if I'm not mistaken and they call time out right before that. And I was like man this is probably going over time because you know Alabama's kicking is no this is no gimme. It's not an easy kick.

You know likelihood going on and you see Chris Davis is camped out under the goalpost. You know all right. You know and sure enough it's short and he gets it. And I think probably by about the time he got to the 15 yard line. Yeah I go whoa whoa whoa.

There you go. Because you because it's all chaos at that point. And the only thing is the you know the only guys he has to beat at that point are the slower offensive linemen. So you're like there's no you know he's I'm like he's got a shot here you know and it's kind of we're kind of watching like OK short guy you know he's got it OK. Whoa. Whoa. You know you're wrong.

Wait a second Jim. And you know part of you can't get you can't help but get caught up in the like. And even though we're not rooting on the year but deep down you like go go go. And and to me the more so than the play itself was just and it was really a great thing and I don't remember who directed that game for CBS.

But they signed shots the shot of everybody on the field afterwards and it was it was just it was it was such a joyful celebration that you know there was no chaos it was you know no people trampling over it was just people on the field. I got to take a break but I have a summer segment idea when we're when we don't have much content I think we just replay a moment in history and go back where were you what were you doing and just recall everything there is not there's no memory like the memory that Richard Ackerman does have. All right. Zach Gil show CBS Sports Radio.

All right. Zach Gil shows CBS Sports Radio on a Tuesday. This portion of the show is brought to you by Wesley Financial stuck in a timeshare on one hour. Contact us your financial group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at Wesley Financial Group dot com Daniel Jeremiah released his latest mock draft. And when you looked at the first three picks kind of resembled what he said to us last week which was Caleb Williams going to go number one and he's still rocking and rolling with Drake May in at number two to the commanders. And then he was clear to us when he joined us on the air that the Patriots will not trade the pick at three. And I get the best of both worlds here because I want the Patriots to keep the pick and either take the quarterback or take Marvin Harris junior in the quarterback I want is Jayden Daniels over Drake May. Well Jeremiah I hope he's running the front office of the commanders so they could draft Drake May and the Patriots end up getting Jayden Daniels in his latest mock draft in at number three. Now here's the one that I think becomes very intriguing and I hope it plays out this way with Williams goes one to the Bears and that's a lock that may go into and Daniels going through the Patriots in at number four are the Arizona Cardinals.

Now the Cardinals could do a few different things. They could take who they think is the best on quarterback available that's a playmaker which is going to be a wide receiver. So they probably draft Marvin Harrison junior there.

If you want to make the case from a league neighbors or Roma dunes a UK but you could easily make the case at Arizona to take a wide receiver pair him up with Kyler Murray and try to get the most out of Kyler Murray who's under contract. But then you could also say trade the pick because you could have a team that's trying to jump the Giants to go get the fourth overall pick in the draft to go get that next quarterback off the board which the assumption is it's going to be JJ McCarthy. So I would not fault Arizona for taking Marvin Harris junior I think he's the best player pound for pound in this draft and then also would not fault them for trading the pick. But if you trade a team like Jeremiah has a mock to the Minnesota Vikings you then fall all the way down to 11 where maybe then you don't get one of those wide receivers because I got to think of the top 10 you're going to see Marvin Harrison junior Malik neighbors and Roma dunes they all be selected. So you could get future draft capital and you get multiple first round picks like a team you know in the Vikings position that tried to go from 11 to 4.

So I understand that but then you pass up on the immediacy of trying to turn your franchise around as quick as possible and getting the most out of Kyler Murray with a wide receiver this year that is supposed to be elite and game changer like Marvin Harrison junior. So Daniel Jeremiah has the Vikings moving up from 11 to 4 and then taking JJ McCarthy center. Let me ask you this real quickly because about a month and a half ago I would say four quarterbacks go in the first round and I thought the four quarterbacks would be the four that were just mentioned even though I have Michael Pennock junior ranked in front of JJ McCarthy. I had the foresight to think that McCarthy was going to be a first rounder even though I like Pennock better than McCarthy.

So those four are definitely going in the first round. Williams will be one Drake Bay or Jayden Daniels will be two and probably another one will be three whichever one doesn't go to then the other one will be three McCarthy's definitely the longest he will fall is to six to the Giants it feels like. So it's now a lock for quarterbacks to go in the first round. But how likely do you think it is that we're going to see four quarterbacks go in the first four picks of this draft because it does feel like it's going to be whether the team stay there or not quarterback quarterback quarterback one two three. Arizona really becomes the most intriguing team in this draft and the Patriots I guess could trade but then someone's going to take a quarterback either way. Arizona becomes really intriguing because even if the Patriots trade the pick or not and someone goes and gets a quarterback there's still going to be another quarterback that's perceived to be a top six pick in this draft that's going to be sitting there in a number four and I can't wait to see what Arizona does.

I would be disappointed for both teams whether it's the Vikings and the Cardinals to move up to four. If the Vikings are going to give up two first round picks you know that new number twenty three twenty four whatever it is they just got from the Texans. If they're going to give that up to move up seven spots to get the fourth best quarterback in this draft. But they're going to because they have no other plan. Their plan is through the draft. They either love Drake May with the McCown connection or they love McCarthy.

They're going to go get one of those guys. Right so my point is if you can get May or Daniels at two or three or maybe they fall and you get them at four for whatever reason fine but to move up unless you really really love JJ McCarthy to move up to number four to get the fourth best quarterback feels desperate. And the Cardinals if you move back to eleven and lose out on one of those three amazing receivers that's a mistake. So you hate it on both sides. Both sides I don't like it. Yeah I will still say it will be quarterback quarterback quarterback one two three.

I'm starting to lean it's one two three four and then we'll see what the Giants do if they'll pull the trigger on a QB in at six. Old Man Winter here. If I had it my way it would stay winter all year long short days wind chill black ice and a good polar vortex.

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