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3-7-24 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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March 7, 2024 5:46 am

3-7-24 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 7, 2024 5:46 am

The Warriors recover from their embarrassing loss in Boston | LeBron James banged up as Lakers blow a big 4Q lead | Jason Kelce reflects on his retirement speech.


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Delivery fees may apply. One hour. This is your warning. One hour to mat the musher. Gosh, I knew that when I saw the Iditarod headlines, he would be the perfect guest.

I knew that. I didn't realize how many of you would think of Mat the Musher, so we're excited. He'll be on the air with us in exactly one hour from now, which will be 11 p.m. Alaska time.

He had to work at the hospital today, and so he is excited to join us. Kind of be his chance to share his knowledge of what's happening at the Iditarod. If you hadn't heard the recent headlines, there's been a lot of brouhaha over a moose that was shot by a musher because he got tangled up with the dogs and with this particular musher. This is a veteran of Iditarod.

He's won multiple times, and so when that happened, apparently it is on, I didn't know this rule, it is on the musher and any mushers who come behind him to carve up the dead animal. Okay, in this case it was a moose. I can imagine or I can conjure up a few different reasons why. Number one, they want to salvage as much meat as possible, especially if it's a big animal.

Can you imagine how many people it will feed? Number two, sanitary reasons. Number three, you can't just have the moose laying out there in the middle of, well the the moose that's been shot, you can't just have him laying out there in the middle of the trail.

These are all things that I can imagine would be reasons why. I had no idea though that a musher could get fined or penalized. Time on his race for not properly gutting the moose that he killed during the race. Now I know our friend Matt the musher who raced in the Iditarod as a rookie two years ago has been following this year's events closely.

They've gone through a 24-hour checkpoint and so he said he would be ready to tell us everything he knows about what's going on. And also we get to ask him about his daughter who recently completed the junior Iditarod. And if you follow Matt the musher on Facebook or other social where you know that he frequently posts videos and kind of keeps you updated on what's happening just like he did when he was racing. And if you've never heard his story it's amazing. His entire Iditarod story complete with some very harrowing animal encounters and weather situations where his dogs and his sled tipped over. All of that is part of his adventure two years ago and it's a separate story on our YouTube channel or it's a separate audio file on audio file on our YouTube channel complete with I shouldn't even say audio it's a separate uh what would you call it file story I don't even know what you would call it interview it's a separate interview on our YouTube channel and it is complete with his personal photos and videos. So yeah really good stuff I already know that Matt the musher will explain everything that's happening and again he will join us from Alaska coming up in one hour from now.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter ALawRadio. You all have been blowing up my Twitter with some really sweet and kind words and I appreciate that. You know how much I love to take photos of clouds and sunsets but one year ago today it was a different kind of a sunset a different kind of an occasion so I'll let you go and check that out on Twitter again ALawRadio.

I didn't post it on our Facebook page and maybe you can go check it out on Twitter and then our Facebook and YouTube channels named after the show plus you can use the phone number to give us a call 855-212-4227 that's 855-212-4CBS. So we have a lot to get to today. Bills Mafia wondering how you feel about the cuts. We'll call them slashes that were made to the roster for salary cap reasons. Captains two of them actually cut from the bills roster in advance of legal tampering and free agency that comes up next week. Can you believe it's next week? That's happening all over the league but it was pretty drastic for the Bills considering these are well they're household names among Bills Mafia but they're also all pros pro bowlers that were let go veterans same thing happening with Seattle of course the same thing happening in a bunch of places around the league as we get close to those days when teams can offer contracts can talk to potential free agents. I expect it to be pretty dramatic next week. Gosh I remember on selection show I think it was three years ago three years ago two years ago no I think it was three years ago March selection show Tom Brady retired that same night. Now he ended up coming back and playing one more year with the Buccaneers but football even tried to usurp the excitement of March Madness and the selection show and this year the selection show comes at the end of the first week of free agency. Could you imagine how that might play out?

The NFL never goes away. I actually got a chance to explain legal tampering to the husband on Wednesday. He listened to the show and he said you're gonna have to explain legal tampering to me. Yeah it is kind of wonky right it makes zero sense it's actually an oxymoron and yet the NFL finds it clever. The Kelsey brothers do their New Heights podcast Don't Tell Me No One Cares. It's one of the most popular podcasts in the entire United States not to mention across the globe. Some of their stuff is actually really funny and it's emotional because it's coming in the wake of Jason's retirement but I think my favorite parts are the ones in which they talk about Nick Foles. Also Peyton and Eli offer their congratulations and it's hysterical to hear the two of them at the same time.

We always knew they sounded alike they might be bots. So there's some really funny light-hearted moments but also some emotional moments with the Kelsey brothers. Yeah lots in fact Jason talks about choking up over the Nick Foles story but also talks about including that story and how he reached out to Nick for permission to tell it like he did.

So you'll enjoy that follow-up. Aaron Rogers where has he been? Darkness retreat? Hiawasca?

Peru? He's been busy rehabbing. This is not from his favorite radio show. No he does the Keep Hammering Collective podcast. Extensive comments about this past season, about the Jets, and of course clapping back at anyone who dares to criticize him.

Animals. Jay gave me I don't know about 13 cuts from his podcast Jay gave me I don't know about 13 cuts from Aaron Rogers because it's his favorite. It's gonna be hard to cancel me. Yeah Jay wants some new material from Aaron plus it was kind of a bummer for Jay last year because when we saw Aaron get hurt four four plays into the season that really put the kibosh on all the enthusiastic drops and for those of you who don't know what drops are they're exactly that they're snippets of audio little clips that are dropped into the middle of a show. Okay. Sometimes people get confused and think they're live but in every case they are taped and strategically they can offer great humor and comic relief and Jay loves them. I get a little bit tired of hearing Aaron Rogers when he's in the news.

How could you possibly say that? Right but the thing is Aaron hasn't been in the news and so we haven't heard much of Aaron lately so I'll allow it. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Joe Flacco talks about his future and whether or not he would like to return to Cleveland. Dave Canales was asked about Russell Wilson in Carolina. Wait a minute I thought they had a quarterback and then for those of you who are big college basketball fans one of the voices of the sport has some awesome news to share. Oh and Tom Izzo I'm telling you there's so much good stuff.

This show is going to fly by. For those of you who sent questions on our hump show for Ask Amy Anything I did go back and answer a bunch of them on our Facebook page. Still working on some with our show Twitter but you know I always try to reply if it doesn't require a novella.

Once again our phone number is 855-212-4227. It's always good to connect with you. Well, always.

Most of the time it's good to connect with you. For those of you who enjoy Draymond Green and his special brand of entertainment I certainly do. I've made it very clear that if there was one athlete with whom I could co-host a show it would be Draymond. He would keep me on my toes.

Also you never know what the man's gonna say. He has his own podcast it's called the Draymond Green Show, very original, and he was recently talking about the Milwaukee Bucks. So his show not only is about Draymond and the Warriors and where they are but also he treetops the main stories in the NBA. Lebron's 40,000 points. He actually thinks Lebron could be caught by one dude who's still playing. He tells stories about the time when Klay Thompson saved his butt in a boat.

And maybe we'll get to some of that. But on his recent edition of the Draymond Green Show he was actually talking about the Milwaukee Bucks turning a corner and going into Wednesday night's game in the Bay Area the Bucks had won six in a row. It looked like that team was like rallying, starting to rally around Doc which I think is uh very commendable. I think it's very new.

I think it's very interesting. I also think that's what you are that's what you're looking for when you um when you bring in a coach like Doc. You know essentially the thought behind that is all right well we had a younger younger and head coach Adrian Griffin we need to someone that can get the locker room and you know that's what a lot of people were saying that Adrian no longer had the locker room and if you don't have the locker room you can't win in this league. Curry doubled to Draymond. Tap of the key. Swings it over to Moody. He'll drive on Lillard. Back up top to Draymond. Tap of the key three. That's his first fourth quarter three of the year and it makes it 107 to 85.

How about that? One more little thrust that may force Doc to pull the plug here in the next couple minutes. Draymond corner three this time. Knocked it down.

He knew it was good. He started jogging back on defense. Curry with the handle. Crosses mid-court.

Deep three on the way. Splash. And you hear it. There's the official Tobert sign of victory.

The opening of the can. The Warriors had their largest halftime lead of the season as the Bucks invade the Bay Area and leave with their first loss since the All-Star break. Get this. The Warriors now against this Doc Rivers retooled defense of the Bucks and this does include Giannis Antenakounmpo. Giannis was back in the starting lineup.

He played 33 minutes. He did have 23 points, seven rebounds, six assists, and a blocked shot. No, he did not have the partridge in a pear tree but the Warriors still put up 78 in the first half. A 40-point first quarter that set them on quite a stretch and yes you heard the two shots Draymond Green made from deep. Steph Curry was 6-of-10 from beyond the arc. The Warriors had a ton of production off the bench and that 20-point halftime lead though the Bucks did shrink it in half. They actually cut it in half. The Warriors pull away with it. Get this.

I mean this almost seems like it can't be possible. In the fourth quarter and I know they did end up going mass substitutions not long after that cut that you heard or that montage you heard with Tim Roy and Tom Tolbert on Warriors Radio but I swear I thought this was a typo that there's missing a digit here. Even though I listened to the fourth quarter while I was in my car, 32-9 fourth quarter.

You want to talk about calling off the dogs. That's just about laying down and the Warriors are 6-2 since the all-star break. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio.

You may want to keep your ears open for the name Trace Jackson Davis. He's a rookie for the Warriors and they really like him. He comes off the bench a lot of times with Klay Thompson with Chris Paul by the way. It's crazy right that the Warriors have Chris Paul and Klay Thompson and Kavon Looney coming off the bench. Gary Payton same thing coming off the bench. I know that they have a lot of ground to make up and they're barely above 500 at home. They're only five games above 500 overall but they're getting deeper.

They're healthy. Draymond is taking care of his business. Oh there was this moment in the second half because he got a technical in the first half and so there was a moment in the second half where he fouled someone on the Bucks. I forget who it is and there was a second you thought he might get fired up and Tim even mentioned it like hey he's got to be careful. He's already got one technical so what does he do? He flashes a thumbs up over to an anxious Steve Kerr on the sidelines to say I'm good.

I'm good. Anyway they're rounding into form. This is a big deal. Now I know they got completely obliterated by Boston on Sunday. It was at the end of a relatively tough road trip. Their travel in and out of Toronto had been rough.

I'm not making excuses. I know they got blasted by 52 but this is a big win for them at home and I like the way they got the bench production. So Trace Jackson Davis 15 points, half dozen boards, four blocks. He comes off the bench again gets to learn from guys like Steph and Clay and Chris Paul. Those are three hall of famers right there.

They draw two. They make my life easy and then shout out to Moses, JK and Draymond, everyone else on the defensive end of the floor making it tough for them and then just building that lead in the first half and then they went on a run and then building it back up in the second half finishing the game. So this was a big win for the Warriors but a loss that really rankled Doc Rivers. You know he doesn't hold back when it comes to calling out maybe not specifics but calling out his veterans, calling out their play and he was feeling fired up after this game.

I knew this was going to sound like a shock to you. I really didn't think this was our defense. I thought it was our offense. I didn't think we played solid offense all night. They have 21 points off of our turnovers with 15 block shots. So they were in transition or an early offense the whole game due to our bad offense tonight. This is the first night in a long time where we just didn't play together. Didn't move the ball.

We forced actions. So I thought it was more that we had a lot of defensive breakdowns for sure but a lot of them was in transition where we wasn't matched up because we our floor balance was so bad tonight. We took so many bad shots.

We had so many bad possessions that when we got back we were never matched up and they took advantage of it. So Doc pointing out all of the ways that they had a major letdown in dropping their first game since the All-Star break. We'll get a little bit more from this one because we're starting to get to the stretch run here in the NBA and while we're focusing on the Western Conference because it's so tight, the top 10, a big time missed opportunity for the Lakers. Just a couple hours ago Lakers and Kings and shoot was it trying to think who the Lakers played that they rallied from 22 down in the fourth quarter recently.

We just talked about it this week. It might have even been their last game. Let me see if I can look it up because they themselves had this huge rally against the Clippers.

Thank you. And then we see kind of the seesaw go back the other direction. The pendulums swing back the other direction and now they're a victim of it but it comes with quite a cost and all eyes on LeBron as he leaves the arena early. So it gives you a little more from the night in the NBA, specifically the wild wild west. By the way the Nuggets and Celtics are battling on Thursday and a lot of people, not this people, but a lot of people would tell you this is a preview of the NBA Finals.

I would say don't hold your breath although I know they're two really good teams and are definitely championship contenders. The defending champs against the best team in the league and so that comes up on Thursday night so we'll be talking about that one this time tomorrow. Matt the musher 40 minutes from now on everything happening at the Iditarod. I know you'll be anxious to hear from him. So much tonight.

Aaron Rodgers, George Brett on urinals, don't ask. Just some Kelsey brothers collaborating that you have come to love. It's been a good week of goofy audio right?

Good week of entertaining you with many different voices. It's my favorite thing to do on the air and these days with so many podcasts it's like taking candy from a baby. First of all why would the candy have baby? I mean why would the... You know what I mean.

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You can find Primal Kitchen at Target, Walmart or any of your local grocery stores or you can save 20% off your entire online order with code podcast at checkout on After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. One more little thrust that may force Doc to pull the plug here in the next couple minutes. Draymond corner three this time knocked it down he knew it was good he started jogging back on defense.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Draymond Green's in a good place he's taking care of his business and the Warriors are trying to climb out of that 7-10 block in the NBA's western conference standings. They got some help from the Sacramento Kings we'll get to that coming up it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Thanks so much for hanging out with us coming up at the top of the hour. Mad the Musher just heard from him on text he is preparing he's checking out the standings and following the feed and making sure he's all caught up on what's happening in this iconic race is taking place it already is making headlines even outside of Alaska with some early animal encounters. So the Warriors had been sitting in that 10 spot for quite a while in the west by virtue of what they've done late right before the all-star break and now since they've won seven of their last 10 including this victory over Milwaukee you can tell that the attention to detail I like that Draymond mentions this post game the attention to detail I know it wasn't there against Boston a lot was made of how they played Jalen Brown or didn't really play Jalen Brown but the Warriors especially because they've got this core that knows how to win and a Draymond who as he likes to tell people invented the defense or is the one that makes this defense go they are a danger when it comes to the postseason. The attention to detail it was very detailed game plan for us and you know then guys did a great job of executing it trying to you know fire in when we needed to fire um rebounding the basketball I think you know we we ended up with what 16 turnovers but we did a good job of taking care of the ball for the most part of not letting them get out and run and transition them you know we've always said if we can make teams play against us in the half court it changes everything you know it gives a whole different look to our team and our defense.

So the Warriors are in a good spot but they are battling it seems familiar against the Los Angeles Lakers who have a group of guys that may not be as deep as the Warriors but obviously have two future hall of famers a pack of one two punch a D'Angelo Russell who is playing well as long as he can stay healthy he certainly can be a part of a push for them and they're also right there in that same spot along with the Mavericks and not that far behind the Sacramento Kings. So as Kings and Lakers matching up on Wednesday evening and the Lakers had a 20 point lead in the fourth quarter. Fox deliles to Savonas back to Fox. Fox just got fouled hit up around the face no call but he takes it toward the rim and scores for two more gets a hand slap quickly from Savonas and backpedals to play defense. Fox now drives into the paint stops launches 13 footer he's got a 40 point ball game De'Aaron Fox makes it 126 to 110. Fox top of the circle yet to put it on the floor now he digs to his right leans in another one off the bounce gives him 42 in this ball game De'Aaron Fox now we're starting to think about career highs 44 is his career high on two occasions minute 37 and counting here comes Fox the floater he's got the bucket he's tied his career high 44 points for De'Aaron Fox just an amazing performance tonight in Los Angeles. Gary Gerald on Kings radio talked about hall of famers De'Aaron Fox ties his career high with 44 and the Kings have a huge second half and are able well they actually have a little well they actually outscore the Lakers by 20 in that second quarter and are able to then withstand that or sustain that I should say and so in this particular game the Kings in Los Angeles show hey they've learned something from last year's postseason ouster against the Warriors in the first round not only are they a little more experienced but they've got a group that kind of understands okay this is where we have to be at this point in the season blah blah blah and De'Aaron Fox he's magnificent another game with at least 40 points he's got more of those this season than almost anybody in the NBA right there in the top five and so for De'Aaron and for Mike Brown as much as they're not going to even if they are scoreboard watching closely they're not going to admit it and maybe it's a little bit too early to start that place it certainly is important for them to recognize hey they're right in that mix too for that six spot try to get out of the 7-10 tournament and against a team like the Lakers that's below them in the standings this was critical.

When you have you know divisional games those those mean a little more and then obviously right now with the way the standings are you know if we lose this game we're half a game in front of them rather than I think now two and a half so right now especially when we play teams that are around us in the standings those games mean a little more. They had a lot of guys play well you know obviously Domas with the triple-double Domas had two huge offensive rebounds down the stretch I mean it just him working his tail off to come up with those they were just they were big. Foxy he was he was amazing and I even kind of hate using that word because you know to me that that's who he is now it's hard to score 44 points every single night especially on the percentage that he he did it at but he is more than capable with his ability his tenacity his skill set I meant the whole nine his athleticism quickness the whole nine yards the whole nine yards the big game for him in a big game environment. So the Lakers go from being up double figures to losing this one at home and LeBron leaves with about four minutes to go. He tweaks his ankle I did see some quotes from him in which he said it's essentially the the same ankle injury that he's been dealing with since before the all-star game. He said some games it's better than others doesn't have to deal with it in some instances on some occasions but other games it hurts him causes him pain and so he was limping out of the arena in the fourth quarter which caused some concern. So we'll see whether or not that remains an issue of course it's been late season injuries at times to both Anthony Davis and LeBron James that have hampered the Lakers ability to climb up in the standings. Yeah so the the kings fall behind early early in this game but then are able to not just climb back into it against the Lakers but kind of blow their doors off in that second quarter and so it's it's crazy the wild swings in the NBA these days. I don't know that it's enjoyable to watch I mean I guess it's exciting when you've got a team that comes back from a large deficit but yeah it just it's inexplicable and it's also I don't know it makes me wonder about the playoffs and are we going to see just a series of blowouts that makes me that makes me nervous remember last year we saw so many blowouts in even in the course of one series you'd have one that one team with a big blowout the next game it would be the other team with a blowout it just wasn't enjoyable when the games are like that so I don't know I'm still not sure how I feel or how this is going to go in the spring the spring playoffs because like the Warriors outscored the Bucks 32 to 9 in the fourth quarter they lost by 52 on Sunday Marco what is happening yeah I mean I hate to say but like you know that's kind of the NBA because it's each and every night and teams are also smart enough to realize once the Bucks knew that this thing was over that's it once the Warriors knew that that game was over on Sunday what in the second quarter that was it like that you're not going to get full out effort to what try to let's climb our way back maybe we can cut it to single digits no they're not they're going to pack it in we didn't we didn't have it tonight moving on to tomorrow and that's just the way it is that that's that's the mentality and I can't sit here and go you have to fight it all the way to the end it doesn't make a lot of sense you're going to grind to the point where you can't win this game anyway and you're going to we've seen two teams this week come back in the fourth quarter from being 20 points down yeah and everybody I think does the same thing you give it the first two three minutes of the quarter you go on a run you see if you can run something if you don't go on the run you empty the bench and that's that's the NBA that's I don't know if it was always like this or not I don't I can't sit here and tell you that I remember but there are times where you know you know in the fourth quarter this is a an uphill battle that we're not going to be able to win let's save the legs for next week we got three games coming this week 130 points for one team in one game didn't used to be the norm so it's different now because teams can score uh in bunches and you've got so many people that will shoot threes and you didn't used to have a game in which the teams combined for 250 points that was rare yeah but I mean like it depends on what error in the 90s no you didn't need a week to be able to get 200 points in the 80s with like the Showtime Lakers they were putting up 130 a night you know the Celtics put up 125 a night like so it depends on what error we're in that team yeah it everything's got its own good and bad you know there was a lot of running there was a lot of points there wasn't as many threes but they did it in a way where they were constantly moving then the 90s everything grinded to a halt you were adding games there were you know 68 63 who the hell wants to go back to that so there's you know and now it's just too many threes sounds like the heat yeah there was those Knicks heat games I mean in the playoffs I mean honestly you got the 70 was like first team to 70 we're gonna win this game that's not necessarily the way to go and I don't know if 140 points with nobody playing defense is the way to go but games constantly evolve and they change right now we're in the space it out three drive and kick era and we'll see how long this is going to last you want to see where it came from the Warriors there's where it came from that's everybody's trying to emulate the success that they had and now we're seeing it all over the place first team in NBA history with a 30-point win following a 50 or after right after immediately following a 50-point loss which again because you don't lose by 50 and if you lose by 50 usually you stink it's not that you just shall I take your order or do you need a 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like you turned around and played the Wizards with Giannis and you pulled up a 30-point win but again the Bucks were riding high they were playing well defensively get Giannis back they got they pulled even they were out of you know the Warriors are blowing them out Bucks made a big run Warriors responded and the Bucks said good night that's how that game went like i said i just don't find it that entertaining and i don't love the era i've talked about this before where all it is is like dribble dribble shoot dribble dribble shoot it's just too much iso too many threes i miss i miss the team basketball which is why i like watching the Warriors all right on twitter a law radio also on our facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence uh the Kelsey brothers respond to or react to Jason's retirement and uh that Nick Foles story actually got the approval of the quarterback himself it's after hours on this wednesday night into a thursday morning very soon Matt the musher will join us top of the hour don't miss it you are listening to the after hours podcast i'm retiring from the NFL after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and today i must admit i am officially overrated vastly overrated it took a lot of hard work and determination getting here this is after hours with Amy Lawrence oh he's a future hall of famer and he's a hall of fame crier too i love all that emotion that he showed in his press conference earlier in the week Jason Kelsey and his brother Travis then were in Cleveland for bobblehead night so they were honored by the Cavaliers and Travis got a lot of airtime courtside and then they had to do their podcast because the peeps demanded the new heights podcast is extremely popular one of the top five podcasts during the course of the season in large part i think because of the new swifty audience but also it's was largely popular going back to its first season when the brothers both were in the super bowl it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio this is Jason's reflection of all of his retirement comments and the speech that he delivered on Monday it's been a long time coming you know obviously i've debated retiring for the last few seasons um so i think it's uh you know it got to the point where you know i knew that that's what i wanted to do and it was nerve-wracking getting to that day but a lot of the things that i said and um and kind of uh you know shared are things that i've wanted to share for a long time and you wait for the moment where it feels right to do it a lot of those things were notes that i've compiled throughout my career i like take notes on my phone so it's just kind of like such a good idea to start it felt good to to finally get it out there in some ways in other ways it's you know it's still hard and it's and it didn't look easy um it's weird it's not like it's easy or hard to say it it's more just like hard to like come to grips with like the finality of it but um yeah i was hoping i had said it enough times that i wouldn't cry as much as i did i think it's good to show emotion through it but i mean i couldn't i was sobbing before i even started yeah that would be me as well i would be a big time sobber in fact well i can't imagine delivering a retirement speech but at some point when i'm done with my radio career i know there will be a lot of emotion wrapped up in it as well and that's because you pour your whole self into it blood sweat tears mind soul body spirit uh in uh and and yet there were some moments of mirth uh we have played this particular line from jason over and over again uh it just cracked us up because of the terminology that he uses when describing nick foale's and doug peterson and then breaks down right in the middle of it i won't forget nick foale's having the game of his life on the biggest stage possible and the biggest on the team going up to doug peterson and asking for the philly special and doug peterson having the biggest balls in the stadium say yeah let's do it such an ill-timed moment where he had to compose himself talking about balls and genitalia and that's when he breaks down all right so apparently kelsey didn't do that without the foale's family knowing about it i hope it doesn't become like commonplace that everybody's just referencing all right who's got the biggest how can i thank him it's just so legendary i felt like it needed to be a part of it it was so perfect because it was obviously it was very emotional you do a great job of keeping things light and fun mix in some moments where people can have a laugh here and there that was a iconic moment of the super bowl nick and doug together somehow decided to call it trick play on fourth down and it ended up being you know one of the biggest plays in football history at this point i texted nick to make sure he was okay with it so yeah you can tell everybody but the surprising one was when he said i asked tori and tori his wife and tori gave the okay that was the surprising part i was like okay all right i'm so proud of you um such an honor being your teammate i'm so excited about what's next for you as always great speech everyone loved it i'm sure you got some great laughs some tears everything in between part of the retirement brouhaha nick foale's is one that they had on tape and great retirement speech with a big old smile yeah why not nick foal's one of the most memorable super bowl moments and wins of all time it's after hours here on cbs sports radio okay i love this one because both the manning brothers were also recorded and delivered messages and whoever is producing the new heights podcast for travis and jason kind of lines it up and it intertwines payton and eli jason congratulations on your retirement from the nfl congratulations on your incredible football career you did it the right way you're a great teammate getting at the highest level and get it for a long time one of the great players at your position so it's an honor to compete against you and i have great respect for you for the way you carry yourself on the field and off the field wait i just want to make sure people hear that they're actually oh they're uh lined up and they say the same thing at the same moment you were a great teammate you did it the right way congratulations on your incredible football career i did it the right way that's amazing also did you hear the latest rumor we'll call it rumor maybe rumor maybe speculation maybe a report somewhere uh in that includes all three of those elements payton is trying to recruit bill belicheck to omaha productions omaha uh because now here's the part that i i can't even imagine really he thinks belicheck and nick saben who already works for espn will be part of college game day right nick saben should do the type of alternate broadcast that payton and eli do maybe for college football maybe for the nfl i'm not sure and so that's payton's big dream is to have a belicheck saving alternate broadcast 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