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Time for an early 2024-25 mock NFL Draft

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January 12, 2024 3:30 pm

Time for an early 2024-25 mock NFL Draft

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 12, 2024 3:30 pm

Connor Livesay, The 33rd Team, on an early mock draft for 2024 and the reasoning behind some assumptions.

What is Caleb Williams to Connor? Is his style similar to Patrick Mahomes? Who is showing some inconsistencies that may cause pause at this individual going in the first round? Are we really doing the Jayden Daniels ahead of Drake Maye thing? Are we really headed for a top of the draft where we might see no defensive players go in the top ten?

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See website for details. I want to talk mock draft. Connor Livesey from the 33rd team. We talked to Trey Wingo all the time. A great source of NFL news and information.

He joins us on the Adam Gold Show. Mr. Livesey, how you doing? I'm doing great, man. I'm really excited to be on with you guys today.

Well, thank you very much. I want to get- this is where I want to start with the mock draft. I am- I am curious. Are we really doing the Jayden Daniels over Drake May thing already? Like, doesn't it take usually like two months to get to that?

It normally does. I'll speak for myself first because it is a question that's going to get proposed a lot here coming up. But I actually think Drake May is the top quarterback in this draft class. We're still a ways away from, you know, given the solidified rankings and all that stuff. But earlier on in this process, I have Drake May at one, Caleb Williams at two, and Jayden Daniels at three. So yes, I do think the, you know, Jayden Daniels' talk of going ahead of Drake May and, you know, some people were talking about being ahead of Caleb Williams right now is, it's kind of crazy to me, but it's early on and we always get the early, early season jitters. I feel like in the mock draft world and draft world, you know, once the playoffs come around, it seems like everyone has a, has a hot take and they want to get it out there. Normally, just normally it takes like two months before we get to the, we've talked ourselves out. You know, you know, Drake didn't do well against these teams and Carolina fell apart late and all that.

So, but let's, I want to go through those first two anyway. So what, what is Caleb Williams to you is a good comp for him, and I'm not saying he's going to be as good, but, but is his style similar to that of a Patrick Mahomes? I mean, I get the comparison to that because some of the off platform, you know, out of structure throws, you know, the crazy arm angles, all that stuff. I mean, really the, the way I kind of look at Caleb Williams and not comparing him directly to it, but it's kind of the Josh Allen effects where he'll make some of the dumbest, most boneheaded plays you'll see.

And then he'll come back and just be absolutely nails, you know, he went and dropped. And it's some of that where it's like, he creates off structure, a ton, which we see Josh Allen do a ton in Buffalo. He's, he's, you know, he's, he's not like the super speedy athletic quarterback, but he's able to make a lot of plays with his legs, a bigger guy, the arm talents, obviously all there. But I just think the inconsistency with, with Caleb Williams right now is kind of why I'm giving the slight edge to Drake May. And again, we still have a ton of, kind of faith to watch a ton of, you know, combine numbers to take into account here coming up. But just that you see so much high with Caleb Williams, and then you do see some, some low, low lows. And that lack of consistency is I think something that they can be concerning to teams trying to find that top guy in the NFL draft, especially with a quarterback class that is more talented than we've seen over the last few years. Connor Livesey from 33rd team at Connor NFL draft on Twitter covers the draft also covers the Dallas Cowboys.

I'd love to get a couple of things in about Dallas as we get into the playoffs starting tomorrow. But what when you see Drake May and you say right now, you've got him slightly ahead of Caleb Williams and obviously Jayden Daniels as well. What is, what is his comp? What is, what do you see as his best traits? I mean, I think one of the, I'll get to the comp last here, but I think with Drake May you, and I don't know why that is, but you all, everyone seems to kind of give Caleb Williams the edge from like the athleticism and, you know, off platform, a lot of structure, mobility standpoint. I think anybody who watches and dives into Drake May's tape, he's a super athletic, he makes plays with his legs all the time. He's, he's a really good runner of the football from the quarterback position, which is just something that I don't think he gets enough credit for in this process. You know, you, you don't, you don't see him, I guess maybe Caleb Williams highs, or maybe a little higher, like Caleb Williams might have that higher ceiling to him, but I feel like Drake May has a little safer aspect to him.

And I think that matters. I mean, obviously you're always looking for that high ceiling when you're drafting a quarterback that high, but I think, you know, you've seen so many of these top quarterbacks bust at the top because you're betting solely on the higher ceiling traits and not looking at the whole picture. So that's kind of why I'm separated with those two right now with Drake May having the flight edge. Like I said, there's so much more tape to watch. I'm about three or four games into each of those guys.

I like to get to about six to seven, you know, going back another year or two as well. But yeah, just, just, I mean, again, like he has some of that arm talent, the accuracy, the ability to drive the football and all three levels of the field, and then just the ability to create off script with his legs. I think that, that may have the, you know, might not have the highest feeling of the group, but I think it's four significantly higher than Williams. You know, when you take into account the aspects of his high ceiling traits, it makes him a guy that's really tough not to really like at the top of the draft. I know you asked for a comp.

I'm not a good comp guy. I'm not going to lie to you, but I mean, any, any of, you know, you look at some of these guys, you know, in the playoffs, you know, I hate to compare him to this guy because he's kind of lost some of his athleticism. And you mentioned that, you know, I do do some Cowboys coverage, but some of the stuff that Dak Prescott does, you know, all script this year specifically, you know, since he's gotten healthy, just be able to get out of the pocket, create with his legs.

You see some of that, um, in Drake Mays game. And he's not the guy that has like the elite of the elite arm talent. He doesn't have that Caleb Williams, just, you know, power of the arm. Um, but he's able to drive the football and all three levels of the field. He's able to throw with touch. Um, he's able to throw off platform and off script. So you see that stuff with Dak a lot too. And I think that, you know, what he used to be with his mobility and his legs, you see some of that and Drake Mays game a lot. Connor lives from 33rd team NFL draft expert.

All right. So we, Jayden Dan's is probably going to be a top five pick. Uh, may and Williams will likely go one and two in some order. Um, what about other quarterbacks in the first round? Are there, are there other first round talents or are there guys who are going to also go in the first round because they're quarterbacks?

You nailed it on the second point there. I don't see any other guys with first round grades from me. Um, you know, we're still waiting to hear what Michigan's JJ McCarthy is going to do, whether he's going to declare, go back to school. Um, if I was him, I'd probably go back to school at this point, but he's riding high coming off a national championship. So, you know, you never know.

And again, you talked about it. That quarterback tax is legit. It's something that you have guys who were, you know, second round mid second round, even late second round grades. And then you get, you know, to the back end of the first round and some of the team, you know, we'll see what happens here with the Miami Dolphins. You'll see what happens, you know, with the Denver Broncos, you know, some of those teams that are picking middle to the back end of the first round.

Do they go? Hey, we don't, you know, we had our top graded player get taken right in front of us. Let's get JJ McCarthy. Let's grab a bow next. Um, you know, a guy like that. Like I said, I wouldn't do that. I think that, you know, you, you have your, your, your for, you know, Michael Pinnix is a guy who, who I think has a really good shot to get drafted in the first round.

He's, I know he didn't end the season the way that he was open for, for his, his quarterback rankings. But, um, It is Ryan here and I have a question for you. What do you do when you win? Like, are you a fist pumper, a woohooer, a hand clapper, a high fiver? I kind of like the high five, but if you want to hone in on those winning moves, check out Chumba Casino at Choose from hundreds of social casino style games for your chance to redeem serious cash prizes. There are new game releases weekly plus free daily bonuses. So don't wait. Start having the most fun ever at No purchase necessary.

We're prohibited by loss in terms and conditions. 18 plus. I think when you look at the big picture with Michael Pinnix, he had a really good season. Older prospect, you know, has some injury stuff.

The medical stuff he's got to get figured out. But I think when you're you're looking for a guy to win in the pocket, you know, you've got to be able to win in the pocket, you know, nowadays, and he's able to do that at Washington. He's got a good arm. He's more athletic than he's given credit for in the pocket with ability kind of a pressure. He struggles. He's kind of reading the pressure, but ability, the ability to get away from it and kind of get on platform to throw from pressure.

I think something he can do a good job with. I think Pentax is kind of the top guy that might not be a first round quarterback, but could get drafted in the first round. I think you got to throw the JJ McCarthy and Bo Nix in there as well, even though I don't have them. I think Pentax is in a class of his own there between those guys where it's like, Hey, I probably won't have a first round grade on Michael Pinnix will probably be a second round grade. It's a team that's picking in the 20s or, you know, late teams might go. Hey, this guy's got, you know, enough traits that we want to build on and develop on and take him in the first round net teams. NFL franchises can't help themselves if they just can't. It's been going on for about a decade at this point.

They can't help themselves. Connor lives from 33rd team real quick before I ask you about a couple of playoff matters. Just looking at the latest and it wasn't yours. It was somebody else's mock draft on 33rd team. So many offensive linemen in this draft. So either this is just an incredible draft of offensive linemen or teams are likely to be drafting for need as opposed to the, you know, best players available or it's just not a great draft.

So what is it? The offensive line talent in this class is very, very good. And I think similar to what we just talked about, you know, there's a quarterback tax and there's an offensive line tax because there is a ton of bad offense alignment in the NFL. So anytime you have a guy that quality has the, you know, arm length has the athleticism, you kind of give them a nudge in the rankings like you do your quarterbacks. Um, and like I said, this class is very talented. The tack of the interior of this class isn't great. The interior offensive line class isn't great, but the tackles are deep at the top. They're deep throughout. I mean, you can, you'll be able to find starting caliber offensive tackles in this class, you know, in the second, you know, maybe even third round this year, which is, you always hit on a couple of guys on day three, but it seems like you, you normally run out of starting caliber tackles, you know, in the second round.

But I think this one stretches pretty good. And it's also really good at the top. You have Joe all, um, in a low fashion now, the two guys from Notre Dame and Penn State kind of at the top, uh, tell you Fuega out of Oregon States. J. C. Lapham's out of Alabama or Marius Mims out of Georgia.

There's just, there's four or five. These guys who I think are locks to get drafted in the first round. Um, and then you get into your grand Barton's out of Duke, your Tyler guidance out of Oklahoma. Patrick Paul out of Houston, James Morgan. I mean, there's, there's a legit nine, 10 guys that could, and I think have a really good shot of going in the first round of this draft, which just speaks to the volume and the depth of this offensive line class.

All right. Final thing with, so, uh, let's do a little bit about the, uh, the playoffs here. Um, did Dallas get the most favorable draw?

They could. I mean, Green Bay has been good, but I think they've been good to a point. Uh, what do you like about the Cowboys matchup with Green Bay? I wouldn't pray as a Cowboys fan and somebody who covers the team and, you know, studies them. I would have loved to play Tampa Bay, um, at home.

And that was kind of the issue is that you weren't going to get them at home. So I think, I think where the aspect of them getting the number two seed, um, not being able to get a Tampa Bay, you know, with them, one of the division at home. Um, I mean, you can make the case that Philadelphia would have been a good opponent now too, with how banged up they are and how much they've been reeling over the last couple of weeks.

But I hate playing division opponents in the playoffs because you just never know what the visual opponent, the common opponents that might have an edge on you. Um, you gotta, you gotta like the matchup from a aspect of, you know, Green Bay is a super young team. You know, they haven't played a lot of playoff games, especially when you're talking about the area of their team.

That's been so good for them, which has been their offense. You know, you've got a situation where the quarterbacks, you know, not a rookie, but he's pretty much a rookie heading into the playoffs. Um, there were passing game weapons, you know, the receivers, their tight ends are all super young guys. Uh, Christian Watson's been banged up all year, Romeo Dobbs, um, the tight dot TV and wicks.

I mean, a lot of their outlets in their passive game are either rookies or young players who haven't played a lot. And then their tight ends are always super young. I think for Dallas, the main aspect is slowing down the Green Bay running game.

Matt, before is the guy who has beat the Cowboys in the past with running the football with Aaron Jones, a ton. Um, and while the note, you know, there's a notion out there that the Cowboys run defense is just absolutely horrible. They had a terrible game against Buffalo. There's no denying it. There's a lot of people that have been, who have played in the playoffs.

Cook ran all over them. But when you look at the whole season as a whole, they've been about middle of the pack, stopping the run. I think if they can slow down Aaron Jones and the Packers running game, I think they have a good shot to maybe have some of the Packers, you know, youth youth about them kind of catch up and, you know, kind of hit that regression button in the playoffs, which. It's hard to rely on that because you've seen so many young teams do well in the playoffs.

last year was looking like a dominant force going into the playoffs. Um, but you, you think that the Green Bay regression would probably come sooner rather than later with them going into playoffs with such young options at quarterback wide receiver, you know, some of the offense alignment or, or getting young too. So, um, I think it's a good matchup for Dallas. They match up pretty well with those guys, you know, the CD lamb and Dak Prescott have really connected well in the passing game. They don't run the ball great, but a Green Bay run defense has been an issue over the last month or so of the season. So maybe they can get the running game going a little bit, but I think the passing game options for Dallas match up really well with the Green Bay pass defense options. Final thing real quick, a road team in week one, that could be playing a third game, the Los Angeles Rams.

Yep. I feel like that's, that's an easy answer. I feel like that's probably everybody's answer, but I mean, it's, it's, it's not going to stun me at all to see the Rams, you know, go into Detroit this week and I don't know the Detroit such an interesting team because you watch them some weeks and they look like a dominant team. Then you watch them some weeks and go, is this team even that good? And it's just, you know, the defense, the Detroit defense has been horrendous here recently and the Los Angeles Rams offense has been awesome. So it's kind of a bad matchup for Detroit going into this week.

And then obviously if they win, they would head to San Francisco. And we just talked about playing divisional teams in the playoffs and we saw backup teams, no backup teams last week, but the Rams able to squeak out a victory. So, um, you, you get that match up in the second round, um, with the Rams and the 49ers, you know, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Sean McVeigh, Matt Stafford pull out a, an upset victory, and then, you know, good news for the Cowboys. If they're able to handle their business, they would have an NSC championship game at home against the Rams. So I would, that would bode well for me, um, being a Cowboys guy, but, uh, yeah, I think the Rams are the best option to probably make that third playoff game.

Connor lives from 33rd team at Connor NFL draft on Twitter. Thanks, man. I appreciate your time. We'll do it again. Yes, sir. Thank you so much. Hello. It is Ryan and we could all use an extra bright spot in our day.

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