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Jerry Christmas with Jerry Smith

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 27, 2023 7:00 pm

Jerry Christmas with Jerry Smith

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 27, 2023 7:00 pm

Stu interviews Le Bleu and Might Muscadine founder Jerry Smith. Listen as he shares his story to bring health and pure water to everyone.

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Hello, this is Matt Slick from the Matt Slick Live Podcast, where I defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundations of the truth of God's Word. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. I want to say thank you to people that have gotten us here and for 25 years, the Truth Network, Truth Talk Live, all these shows have gone on because of faithful friends and partners.

One of those I'm sitting next to at his world headquarters. You have tasted the delicious muscadine juice. A lot of you drink the Le Bleu water. And many of you, like me, have taken those capsules that are so healthy. Mom and Dad love them.

Our whole family takes them. But do you know where they came from? This man of God, who's also an entrepreneur, Jerry Smith, Jerry Christmas. Jerry, it didn't all start with all these big buildings and warehouses. You were just a humble guy who wanted to help people drink better water, right? Talk a little bit about just the origins of this whole thing, okay?

Right. We started out in water treatment and then we realized, wow, people need good, healthy, pure water. So we did a lot of testing. I was a certified water specialist in reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization, ultra filtration, and ion exchange. From that stems Le Bleu.

And we have found a way to make hydrogen and oxygen, 11% hydrogen, 80% oxygen, taste better than any water and really deliver pure H2O. And that's what we've done at Le Bleu. And we contribute a lot of that to the help of the Lord. Well, you do. And I walk in a lot of churches.

My sister and them go to a church. I walked into their little coffee area and they have a big five-gallon Le Bleu dispenser, which I love. But you have also started another product because you discovered a while back after you started Le Bleu the health benefits of the muscadine grape.

And that's really taken off too. Just, again, helping people with their health. This is all from God, by the way.

You always tell me this is not original with you. Right. And our slogan is helping people help others.

And that's exactly what we believe we're doing. And we have developed, we come out with a muscadine juice. And then from that, we made an extract that we have two patents on our process of extraction.

Extracting these phenolic compounds out of the muscadine grape seed and skins. And they're 20-year patents. They're very good. And what we've done is we have made this drink that is sugar-free. It's carbohydrate-free, calorie-free, and it's a phenomenal product. And, you know, doctors are always recommending get off carbohydrates, get off sugar, get cut back on those calories.

So we've developed four products that will do this, that has no sugar, no calories, no carbohydrates, and it's an all-natural drink. And it is phenomenal. The response so far has been phenomenal.

We have people, they do a sample, we do a sampling, and the next thing you know, they're ordering four and five cases to their home. So it's a great product. So he's got the La Blue Water separate company, same founder, and he gives all the glory to God, as he mentioned the good Lord earlier. And this is a special Christmas edition of Truth Talk, Truth Talk Live. I'm with Jerry Smith.

We're pre-recording this at his world headquarters. They offered me a bottle of this vine-tastic as I came in. And how else do you think, Jerry, how else do you think I have energy to keep up with guys like you?

I'm drinking vine-tastic right now and it's working. Yeah, it's a great product. Phenomenal product. So, Jerry, you know, behind all this, and we could spend hours talking about all your products, and I love them. I love the fact they're all-natural. I love the fact that you're helping people.

A lot of pastors thank you because their heart's healthier, you know, a lot of things. You don't, you're not based on sizzle. That's a big slogan of yours. You're based on science.

I mean, you really put, even in the water. You got a bunch of doctors. I grabbed your water brochure as I'm waiting in the lobby there. There's all these quotes from doctors, you know, saying, hey, this Le Blue water is the real thing, you know, healthy for you. And the same thing is true with the muscadine products, too, I guess, right?

Absolutely. We've spent over $20 million in human clinical trials at a major medical university to let people know that we're not selling fluff or sizzle. We're selling science. And if it wasn't good for people and it didn't help them, we wouldn't do it at Le Blue or Mighty Muscadine.

We would not do the products. And that's why we're tickled to death to have a partner like you with us, you know, helping us do the show and being a friend and mentor to me all these years. Jerry Smith, I want to talk, I want to shift gears really to talk about the Lord. I mean, there's all kinds of things in your testimony. You told me in this room about God protecting you and preserving you and keeping you through business, through life, through a potential massive car wreck, you know, that a bunch of your football players passed away in when you were in college, whatnot. We talk about the good Lord and how, you know, especially Christmas time, people are looking back over, you know, this past year and they're thinking, you know, how did I get here? You know, how, you know, that song, count your blessings, name them one by one, right?

What are some blessings of God and how has he impacted all this that we see with Le Blue, Mighty Muscadine, all the things God's used you to touch a lot of people? Well, you know, we have a massive amount of problems today in the world, especially in America. And the problem is it stems back to the Lord. The only times I've ever messed up in my life is when I left the Lord out of my life. And I urge everybody, you look around you and just think, man, I need the Lord. But nobody's doing that these days.

They're bigger than the Lord himself. So that's sad, but that's where we're at in America. But I urge you, young people, old people, when you sit down to pray, ask the Lord to help you, give you wisdom, give you discernment, give you understanding. He says he would do it liberally if you will ask him to do it. So that's that's my two cents is don't leave the Lord out of your life. Well, anyone needs a little common sense wake up call. They need to call Uncle Jerry here.

And he's rattled my chain many times on this. But, you know, Jerry, you have these great products, but you also have, you know, I love the fact made in America. You know, very you're very loyal to this country. You know, the freedom and the hard work it took to get here. A lot of folks don't want to work hard anymore.

You know, we have a lot more voters than we have workers today, sadly. And there's a political chaos and there's just it's a lot of bad stuff happening, but there's some really good things happening. And there's some there's some good signs and fruit of what God is doing, you know, in your life, in your family's life, in this company and other things. Can you challenge us about the beyond being American made and beyond all the success, financial, all that, about how important it is to put God first? You know, a lot of people are struggling, but how important is to go back to him, to turn to him and how that really is a solution?

Well, I think not just me or individuals. America has got to turn back to the Lord or we're going to get left out. You know, in the Bible, it says I will bless the nations that bless my name. Do you believe we're blessing God's name in America right now?

No, we're not. And we're supporting Christian owned companies is helpful. And, you know, we have you have a wonderful water product. Everyone needs water, right, Jerry?

That's it. You know, you found a product that is kind of like growing. I mean, whoever thought that someone would go buy water in a bottle years ago? My daddy used to say, you know, he said my his dad, my grandpa, like go in a store and buy a bottle.

I just turn on the spigot, right? Well, it used to be that way. But now water has surpassed alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, milk.

Why? Because water creates its own demand. No other product is like that. And like I was saying earlier, we have over sixty thousand five gallon customers in the home and office that we deliver water to every day. And then we have over a million people a day that drinks our water that has purchased it at Foodline or Lowe's or Walmart in a place. We just went into Publix, too, I believe.

In Publix, yeah, we just went into Publix. And it's an amazing product. It's your lifeline. If your body's 70 percent water by weight, surely people would realize the purest, cleanest water I put in my body, the healthier I'm going to be.

Yeah. And this is Jerry Smith, the owner of Lebleu, founder of Lebleu Ultra Pure Bottle Water. That's Lebleu L-E-B-L-E-U and doesn't just taste great, but I love his slogan. My body loves Lebleu because if you just drink it in any other bottle, your body will tell you.

Right, Jerry? God made your body to absorb pure H2O. Right. If you'll just listen to your body and once you drink our product, you'll never go back to other bottled waters that's not pure water. And when we say pure water, it's 11 percent hydrogen, 89 percent oxygen. That is what the body thrives on.

Okay. And his other family company, Mighty Muscatine, which, you know, Jerry, I've delivered, I don't know how many cases and bottles of this juice. In fact, people now say, see me, some of these pastors won't even meet with me if they say, Stu, where's my juice? I delivered to a pastor in Raleigh yesterday and he was so happy to see me two days ago because I had that Mighty Muscatine juice. So that, tell her one of the delicious juice, which is really a delicious drink that's fresh and right out of the vine. But then you have other products that actually have, you know, don't have the natural sugar, but they have all the phenolic compounds and all the health benefits. Well, with our product, we squeeze it right from the grape and bottle it. We don't add things or take away things and it's just a natural product. Some of our juice is sweeter than other batches because we give the public exactly what nature gives us.

I love it. And this is the state fruit of North Carolina, the Muscatine grape. So all those of you out of state listening to Stu on Truth Talk, Truth Talk Live, listening to Jerry Smith, our wonderful partner and friend for years. You want to taste a little bit of North Carolina.

You may not, hey, you may not come to North Carolina. We'll send some to you with this Mighty Muscatine juice and all these products. Jerry, real quick, your Christmas word to everybody out there. Families hodling around, listening to Truth Talk, you know, out running around shopping. Real meaning of Christmas from Jerry Smith, founder of Le Blue and Mighty Muscatine. Quick, give us a quick Christmas closing out of here. The real meaning of Christmas is the Lord Jesus Christ's birth. And that's what we need to celebrate, not new clothes or new toys.

We need to put the Lord first. Thank you. Thank you so much. Wow.

Have a Jerry Christmas from Jerry Smith, Le Blue Ultra Pure bottled water. You can learn, find them everywhere online and whatnot. Learn more about them there. Learn more about Mighty Muscatine at And they've been very gracious if you do a little promo code TRUTH there.

They want to support our ministry, you know, from people that order their many different amazing products. So God bless you, Jerry. Thanks for being on. Thanks for your friendship and partnership all these years, my friend. Merry Christmas to you. Merry Christmas to you. This is the Truth Network.
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