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From the KGB to the KJV

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 12, 2022 7:00 pm

From the KGB to the KJV

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 12, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu sits down with Sasha, a former KGB agent, who was converted to Christianity while investigating American missionaries in the Soviet Union. He shares his testimony, his mission, and his current work in Russia at the Moscow Seminary.

To support the formation of pastors in Russia, you can donate at by searching "Moscow Seminary."


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This is the Truth Network. This is the closest I've ever been to the KGB and I were the former KGB agent and he is got quite a story whose name is Sasha there's a lot of the news or has been swirling about Russia now for the world and they were to share with you what God is doing there through this man of God Sasha figure be brave enough to want to show thank you for having me on the show appreciate it.

I got this email from a buddy my and I like this guy really exist but you have quite a story and you know we see you now with this amazing Christian seminary in Moscow, equipping men of God to preach the word plant churches to share the gospel in God's using a mighty way, but the Sasha from before, from decades ago was a different person. In fact, I heard someone say that even called you the tenant that slides difficult music to mom's got them from the width of the full started because I had no hot I will stop loss so that was my nickname. You grew up in the rusher yes I was born in Moscow, Russia, and with my whole life in the most police are now on the bus provide members and so early on. Did you know you would be in the military or that you be working in the KGB. No I did not. My mom raised me and I did a classical way.

IRI boldly classics and I made the works of Tolstoy 26 Pulliam's adult so yes.

You can check off what I read the William Pope's by him at the age of 12 and I played violin 10 years professionally but then I guess I got so fed up with this classical training, but I decided I would smoke my violating the gun and I placed a bolt of the KGB's headquarters said the age of 15 and asked if they could to make an agent out of me and they said but sure. Just give us your Social Security number would get you a pass. The KGB's headquarters on Whipple in Russia you get your Social Security to you was your past, but did you get the age of 16, so I didn't ship help on the night both of them so and their love so hard actually hurt my feelings about they said you could go you go up you get some education you call us back and that's exactly what I did only by the next time I was permitted still not touch my wife and her father just happens to be KGB colonel, so she pulled some strings I got on active duty and agent on the cover and breath of joy that now it was the KGB which execute the hundred thousand ministers, and to demolish the fourth 2000 churches in the rusher but why would I care and I was heartless. Besides, they played me some five times by the nation 11 or so for that much money I'd do it to your father-in-law. You have these connections. Your and the KGB and I guess growing up here. I guess the KGB is kind like the FBI rushers were, how do you explain American what the KGB is to rush as we used to say back in the KGB is the lesser you know, the better you sleep well is it that's probably where he got this.

I like to tell you not to kill you and this is the real deal here guys. This guy loves Jesus now but you are heartless and you go 200,000 ministers executed for the crime of what just being a Christian minister and they would aim at ministers and I mean they would move on to our town on hand at ministers they would find on the city to just to make a point that is no God and you are a part of that execution process are you are you are a party organization was doing all the lesser you know better you live. Now if you want me to teach you an object on torturing somebody I need a volunteer for that with your volunteer see torture volunteers. You know I will have to not live on the air right now are recording this today I would have a phone call, but we are in a restaurant called Dario we just had wins in the word is good is good to be among believers here in America. Yes, it is needed goods to be here in the states only as much about the be in Russia because that's where a leaf that work of the Lord called me to minister to replenish the lost which is hundred thousand ministers to be trained and for 2000 churches.

To be blunt, so you are partners agent killed ruthlessly 200,000+ ministers.

Now you want to equip 200,000 investors to share the gospel.

That's why there's a noise.

By the way, these always been a God tickled to death to meet you got a picture with you will post out here little bit you know on our social channels, but so what, how you go from KGB to caring the KJV Bible. How do you go from being a murderer to a missionary. What happened in your life. Tell us a little bit about that you're in this organization.

It's again quite subversive and do it all easier.


And then you know now your love in Jesus. What happened I was a camper because they paid me and if I had some moral hemostasis about what I did for the KGB. I could always come up with a good excuse for doing the rounds my best excuse, of course, being I have to provide for my family and it was my family which has set me one day my daughter she was nine years of age. She came back home from school and she said that she had made a new friend at school and my daughter Colleen felt that the father of the new friend was a Christian missionary from the United States of Latin America and I was just dumbfounded to read.

Because I like none of these three statements she made as she said that the father of her new friend was Christian and I was member of the company so I was on the easiest before I claim that was no God. She sat He was a Christian mission that he and I was of course a member of the company of the KGB I KGB agent so in my view all these mission my son I had that they get a those my profession and that she said that he was a Christian missionary from the United States of America and that of course made it even worse because I was such a proud part of the Soviet Union so I thought we needed no help from the United States of Mexico. Thank you very much, so I got so disappointed with my own daughter that I didn't believe.

Instead I want the school and I talked with her teacher only if the teacher confirm That was in fact a couple from the United States of Dominica and that the teacher also said that the couple was looking for Russian which almost a devastated.

Never thought because, as we say back and back in Russia up in heaven's everybody's going to speak Russian language because it takes eternity to learn what we laugh at it now me, I was not at the moment because that moment I realized they were not priests as I have told they won't, but game day and the type of course made me even more concerned now I was a KGB agent, so I felt myself obligated to investigate the case pulled on the department to my authorities and I did. I came up with a plan to spy them out.

I go to the fact that For my wife just happened to be professional action as a second language instructor. She thought that the media could be made in Moscow where officers from countries like Guatemala cube on British well overcoming in big numbers to get training needed to get the rations in the Russia only to do so they would have to go through DDD cross course in language by immersion, a year-long course to support them. They could take a class and submitted to the academia impression. So my wife did that for living and of course utilized to add to my advantage. I made by wife teach the missionaries and that gave me a chance to spy over the family now. I was an agent undercover.

Nobody knew and I made it look completely innocent. I would just go to the place and I would just sits there pretending I was there to wait until my wife would get through with her lesson will cover Michael Betty's. Whereas of course I was there to listen to what is labeled looking about and frankly all they talked about was God. They played gets what they want. Took my wife to use the Bible as the textbook and all they want to learn was how to say the impression and how to say here comes Jesus Christ, the love of God who takes away the scene of the impression and help us and whosoever believe in him will not perish but have everlasting life in Russia was so in about 1/2 a year of just listening to that stuff. I got convert all my okay don't hold that thought I would hear the rest of the story we are doing a quick break we come back without order, Sasha here is spying on these Americans who his wife is tutoring to teach Russian, which takes a skirt delivered. That's cool.

And next thing you know, Southern Avenue is the him that changed his life and his soul his destiny forever. And now there's a seminary to hear about that and how you people listening to get involved. Don't touch that dial more truth talk right of this noise you hear from people still clamber around here. We had Wednesday and the word in the bunch a great time in the world about you guys, much about the guys let me go to the Bible and our special guest. The first time we've ever had a former KGB agent pop in with us to visit and it was a blessing more was Sasha.

After this quick break and be sure you download and share the podcasts of this interview with everyone.

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The conversation continues with a man of God who grew up in Moscow member of the KGB, doing all kinds of things that we don't want him to tell us about because we will sleep better for his own words, yet now he loves Jesus and we left our hero. There you were suspicious of your wife and your daughter.

This couple they had and they were teaching them English and you probably became more suspicious as you start hearing about God and Jesus as you shared and so your spying as you remember the KGB and you gotta watch this stuff and who knows, they could end up bad for them, but you had to watch it there in the Soviet Union. Sasha what it takes back to that. So you're listening to the Bible being interpreted. There teaching the Bible. Your hearing things you never heard before. I have never had the Bible in my hands at five and so I only heard the gospel. All these phrases like a here comes Jesus Christ, the love of God who takes away the sting of the world. Whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life, and it just worked on me. I'm in the will of God just penetrated at least in my head.

I gave God a chance to even exist which for me at KGB agent was a huge step away from my atheistic around that was my convert from my head now then they mission it is they were not just the tip about God, but also the ship about God's somehow for years down the road. They pushed me into the praying businessman Bible business now.

They gave me a copy of the New Testament in the Russian language and that they made meeting the Bible well I didn't want to blow my car so I yielded, and of course since I had the but the New Testament I stuff the gospel of Matthew from scratch sought at the gospel of Matthew. And then the gospel of Mark and then I progressed to the gospel of Luke only. There I stopped because I ran into a portion of the gospel of Luke, the person depicting Jesus talking with his disciples, and among other things, Jesus tells them this excess. If you being equal, know how to give good gifts to your children and how much more slow. Will the holy father give the Holy Spirit to both of him and I was just dumbfounded there because that for the moment, I realized that Jesus knew me better than I thought.

Because the first month of what Jesus was saying obliged me perfectly well I mean I you I wasn't able man I wasn't teaching, but I also knew how to give gifts to my child and that made me think I was thinking right if the first part of what Jesus is saying obliged me these well what if the rest of what Jesus is saying applies to me as well, and I pulled the test.

I followed the guidelines of the Scripture. I just write and I simply asked the father of this. And then I looked up and I saw the worked and I mean I sold the looked just as clearly seen you not now mind you I was not up cycle. I will say KGB agent duffer thumbnail content that not so this was not a mental image.

The looked so the work will standing in the workforce, down the Holy Spirit right inside of this. Felt like only liquid and I was filled up the Holy Spirit of God all the way to the Greenmount flat was my convert from you because in my heart I knew Jesus was God's will. Course that conversion experience show remarkable testimony of the Holy Spirit working in this the power of God, you know, saving us all know being doing Christ that brought you to an interesting impasse with now you have your job in your faith in you will get a conflict there. As you what happened next. Aaron and you know now there's an amazing seminary now want to go too fast but give us the quick you know what the Lord do after that will go back home. I wife missing the door and she says what's wrong with you. I said what's wrong with me honey.

She said smiling. Alecia never smelled before she married me because her father KGB colonel himself never smelled these my life is this audit was not even from mental ever smile now ardently Jesus made me smile.stay without media lysing.and of course my smile gave me away and so since I was a babe in Christ. I didn't find anything more suitable than my wife right that I became a Christian now. Now she turned confessed to me that she had become a Christian even earlier than I did. Only she was scared to death to talk about it with her husband, the KGB agent and so there we were to complete the baby from Christ. Frankly, we have no idea what to do with none whatsoever.

So we decided we would not eat a little bit more of the Bible because optical it was the Bible which got ourselves Track which we did, only to find out that those who accepted Jesus Christ in the Bible won't fund the church. Also, people said and we planted the church in Moscow, Russia in the 1991 and I will shoot you a KGB agent undercover pastor, KGB agent and I love this. The title of your testimony or that you you are gracious enough and outdoor collar Bible study guys from a KGB agent the Lord to Vassar, so you started that jerked out of that work came the seminary and all kinds of stuff, but at some point you turn your notice or you fired.

I know they didn't kill you because you like your right now Melissa so we don't know well in this EI method converts and I had 21 by hand one by heart and lung by God's ghost one day I learned by my guts what the goal of the look of my life. All the cholos replenish the lost replenish the lost, which to me at KGB agent translated to the needs to replenish 200,000 ministers that there KGB executed in the blank date thousand churches that KGB bulldozer and of course I have no idea how to pursue the goal all I knew, though with myself, my friend was that was no way I could was my job and my face because they were not such a share contradiction with each other now. I decided I would quit.

One of the will.

I could not quit my faith because I so Jesus Christ with my own eyes, and I could not quit the KGB is that because you don't go to the KGB just like that.

In fact, in my days there were two and 20 ladies and some the basis of which you could quickly KGB you could either go cuckoo or drug did.

Frankly, none of the options I quite like so I decided that way then I waited and I waited and I waited until an approaching acute representatives of you might remember those days noted talking to Gorbachev give them the small glossytroika in those days rest opened up for business and a lot of Americans rushed writing with the site free enterprise and the Russians just loved it because it felt so fresh, so I need that everybody in Russia decided she was she would see the price so the push from within the Russian society was so huge that even the KGB has to response to it and they did by introducing yet effective in allowing jobs that isn't being doing fitting the price only if you opted for the teeth and you have to prove that 15 the price that you claimed you'd be doing with but you better than the KGB, which of course was a joke. I mean, this was rather a treatment designed to prevent KGB agents from playing, but the Lord wafted out that was a man accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at the data church that were blunted and he just happens to be the president of a company.

So I shift my consent but came Gina turn out okay nice little letter on the letterhead of his company and everything and he signed it. It looked official basically is a lot of things that the company was offering me a job much better.

Son, KGB, and of course I knew just the number of the quotes over the letter once to the KGB showed them the better, and best they could be to do will think of and they let me go and I never told him what I was doing and I never worked for the company is a for some quiet while they were coveting me with that I guess I went undercover. Once again, until it became more or less safe and then they have a hopelessly five-man church had the spot, but the cool of the Lord remains the same, and so I planted thermal school 70 with a view to multiply the effort because I could've probably planted, not the church, and maybe get them that the church in my lifetime, but a sanity I could train to 1600 church planters to send them forth throughout the Soviet Union and so in 1983, the most family was blunted with but 17 students ministers three to which I was mono for now. It's going to 500 full-time and 600 time church minister said so. I do have.

I did a good chance of fulfilling the goal of the look on my life within my life and redeeming with 55 equipping 200,000 pastors with life in a sense redeeming what the locus date like Hosea problems. He talks about the 200,000 you know that the KGB was part of killing in your time there. What a blessing. What a powerful story now what God is doing right now in Russia what the Holy Spirit is doing what the Lord is doing to the seminary. We have a couple more quick questions for you when we come back arches were intern Colby and John priest were awesome, as it were guys has a quick question for you as well. We come back with Sasha continue this conversation from a KGB agent to the Lord and Vassar hang on your listening to the Truth Network and from a KGB agent to the Lord to Baxter last segment here with Sasha who is a man of God that he gave his listen to the last couple segments where we make this a podcast for everyone here the whole thing. Please share with everyone. God save the apostle Paul murder of Christians amazing acts chapter 9 yet more of the possibles testimony by the way, in the New Testament than any other content or narrative New Testament except for the passion of Christ. So it's it's everywhere you have it in Galatians you have it in action accredited all over the place is testimony so your testimony very similar. Interesting how God is save you from the KGB now to preach in the KJV, the word of God love that little play on words. First, I wonder what God is doing Russia today. Give us an overview.

What is happening there mean the predominant religion. Really, it is generally to communism.

I guess to give us a allows landscape is one of the largest landmass countries in the world rushes (11 times own CDs to leftist country on the planet 6000 miles x 3000 miles and of course the Moscow sanity service the former Soviet Union which is Ukraine bilateral small David Meany is 20.

All of these countries because everybody there speaks the Russian language. That's the common language and that's the language used at the sanity for teaching, teaching, discipling, now we find ministers where send them forth to saturate that the length of the former Soviet Union with the knowledge, the work and the presence of God in our attempts to replenish the lost lost on the copyists and we do it to full-time. We are often standing Christians out of the welcome these dates in question because they preach the peace of Christ and that's good for the country. Hopefully I can fulfill the goal of political within my lifespan if I just continue on. God calls you to plant a church in Moscow. Now your plan other churches, but to equip servants of God pastors to go and plant more churches all over and so really ascending ministry.

That's how this Moscow seminary I guess.

Is there a website for the Moscow seminary. Okay, there is right there.

Moscow seminary.are you people learn more than we will meet you there.

They can learn more about the seminary muscular trigger intern, Colby, what kind of question you have a good young man for this Russian man got yeah what an incredible story of been very blessed to build here at one of the most important and awesome parts that I heard one basically your transformation when you saw Jesus so described us kind of what that moment was like and what he looked like to the best of your knowledge well.

Certain parts of my testimony I keep exclusively for myself because if you say it's fun, it becomes public knowledge.

And I don't really want that to happen. They did with the fact is you have encountered Lord teaching you save your life you save your soul.

You didn't draw a sketch print in a million copies and then sell them like you know, indulgences and all that other other dominate you do other people do you you were counting in the word of God. God inside of you and what a great question. What a powerful testimony John priest your thoughts are your questions are quick for this man. I got so Sasha we just heard in wincing the word this morning from Paul's testimony of that of first Corinthians 16 one through 12 and he challenges us not only to high but also to give so very practically speaking, how are you eating, how are you putting gas in your car. How are you paying for clothing. How are you able to come to breakfast this morning. How are you supported while worth supply sending.

Think of it.

I came here for this Bible study and it's free breakfast, which is Lord's provision as somebody would dress up my car which is not my need.

He's somebody gave me a car on the long drive. Now that's made of charges, somebody would me to a house which is like empty their family has two houses and they can to be a portal simultaneously and so you know they moved to want and they let me stay in the asset but there if you want to talk about him provision I want to talk about the Moscow send it again. It costs me $1200 a year to train and minister in Russia and I'm in full rights for Russia. That's where you're training him and just ideology or training reentering the Bible training him in the languages of the Bible to Greek or Hebrew. You're training him to preach the word to be a pastor. That's everything to be a shepherd of the flock to plant a church right exactly and so think of it. I mean, how much would it cost me five decided to send my Christian to the states to ascending the study probably be looking at some $60,000 a year and so that the times 1200 that they need in reference to train and minister. It would be 50 time set by the deal. But the problem that I have for the ideal central somebody states that Bible college to study is guess what, they don't come back to Russia and factor out of them sensitively asked only one comes back. So the investment gets so much the soup sanity monumentally.

You cannot go there yourself because of Russia has completely closed its borders to any kind of mission work. You can't even get up to least visible Russian but I cannot do without you. So we work through one mission society which is a 501(c)(3) in the states. You just go to one. The mission society and one what not look mission you type Moscow sanity in the search line and Moscow seminary Moscow seminary websites Moscow seminary.are you for your ministry but is one mission as a way to give directly from America and by the way, we should be thankful grateful abundantly blessed to have you here because really the West is sent more missionaries than any in history than any other unit hailing back to Jerusalem and asked in the upper room works out missionaries were here today because they obeyed call the master and they went years ago and they said yes. So America women blessed financially, spiritually, with re-abundant resources. So now how do we use that blessing.

We need to be generous getting right priest well and also with what you're saying. So you just mention of figure 1200 that is the price for one man for year correct okay. So, that being the case, how are you able to comfortably come here to the United States.

How did you actually get here and what is your plan. I have business visit to the states. It's a 30 year multiple entry space not only come to the states twice a year for about two weeks at the time to base scholarships for needy students at the Moscow family and we send our older donations through one mission society. One mission just type Moscow, sending the search line and then one mission society sense donations to also in the bulk so the name of the actual are never surfaces and keeps everybody safe. Now Elijah came about interviewing true thought. What a blessing course my dad next to you know he always asked the question what about the threat of liberal seminaries and hospitality larger answer.

He said he sits on the effect of really don't do well because it's the real deal over there.

Yes, we don't have a single liberal thought on campus at the Moscow send its only evangelical conserved your urine. It is you know you don't have time to pick apart you know is the Bible faking all this nonsense.

This racism evil stuff it's crept in and corrected a lot of centers in America.

It's about the Bible is about preaching the word of God starting over to God, sharing the word of God being a godly man in the home of course. And then of course being a pastor. The Moscow seminary, Moscow seminary.are you know pastor, how can we pray for you all of her listeners list a verdure story remarkable story from KGB agent. The Lord's ambassador. How can we pray for you all.

Please pray for the Lord to allow me to fulfill the call of the look on my life within my lifespan. And of course said the media the better the more I minister sleep train in Russia, Ukraine, Mondavi had the letters the better. And so that's my request for evil in this war going on.

Pray for that right. Pray to God would open doors.

The gospel there and for forgot to bring peace.

It's the gospel because the gospel produces changes in the hot and of those with a heart change will not go for one with anybody.

How can we pray for your family. My family I have five wife would be admitted for 14 years sent eight's daughter's biological child from 700 after supporters.

So yes, I have an extended family presently is right for them to absolutely we would love to hear that one of the verses that really captures your heart and brought you to Christ after being in the KGB and all that we love dear Russian what you call John 316 person Russian is wrap up the documents in Billboard music store or dousing this for we do not owe the most objective you receive me when you buy deepening of his nature thank you so much while bravest man pray for Russia pray about how God would use you to reach these folks to come alongside this man to God and thank you so much of a nine thank you.

One thing I do want to mention it to commission ready for me to get going and that took one mission society for the Moscow send it to get going, but trust me, locals will reach out to their own in a by far more effective way than any mission that he will because they don't need the past, but they don't need visa disputes the most difficult language on the planet and they know the local culture, so please do invest in training local ministers in Russia impression and for Russia. This is the Truth Network ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade maybe was the wrong dimension altogether. If you can relate where Emily, Stephan and Jimmy Hernandez your resident weirdos artists of all trades and multicultural couple and this is your official invitation to join us on a new planet. I mean podcast called in our own world will navigate conversations about anything under the stars and maybe even pick up a few passengers along the way. Listen to in our own world on iHeartRadio at Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast brought to you by Coca-Cola. There's magic when we eat together

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