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TUE HR 2 091923

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 20, 2023 12:02 am

TUE HR 2 091923

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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See for details. Donate and listen to the podcast at All right folks we are going to play this clip and listen carefully to this clip and I know you've heard this because we've been virtually talking about this for 50 years but anyhow this should be incentive this should let you know why it's very very important to keep this program on the air because you will not hear anything even close to this on any of the fake news media. Okay so we're gonna be taking a look at what happened to Argentina. Argentina remember when Barack Obama got into office Argentina was the wealthiest country in South America by far but then he sent the CIA down there but go ahead.

All you smart amazing people out there I'm so glad you are here because I've got a very powerful message to share with you guys today. You see over in Argentina a presidential candidate has just issued a dire and I mean dire warning to the American people and his name is Javier Miele. Now Javier Miele sat down in an interview with Tucker Carlson and in this interview he dropped bombshell after bombshell after bombshell and I thought hey I have to bring this to my listeners because it is such a powerful report and it really brought me in tears to be honest about the fate of our country and where we're headed to kind of give it to you in a nutshell before I get into his dire warning I want to say a few things about what went on in Argentina. For starters Argentina used to be a fairly rich country I believe it was one of the richest. Now it is not that anymore due to government corruption and these socialist policies that the government kept bringing in so now Argentina is one of the poorest nations in the entire Western Hemisphere and on top of that their their entire currency has been devalued and there is hyperinflation and when I say hyperinflation I mean you're taking brick stacks of money to buy basic necessities that's how bad the hyperinflation has gotten over in that country. Now to add a little bit more information on what's going on in that country there's about 47 million people in that country and only about 11 million of them work.

That is a massive gap when it comes to those who work and those who do not. In other words the government over there is only relying on the 11 million workers for all of their needs so to speak and all of the needs of the people. 11 million support 47 million and this is always what happens under socialism and to give you an even greater grasp of what's going on and how bad it is in Argentina is their currency devalues by 10% each and every single month. That means every single month people are 10% poor. This is why the nation is one of the poorest nations now in the Western Hemisphere. So a lot of people asked how did Argentina go from a rich nation to an absolute poor nation and the place that they are today. Well the presidential candidate Javier Mille had a lot to say about that and in a nutshell before I dive into it the bottom line is socialism always offers free things to people.

Well nothing is free. You know I came across this meme the other day and I'm gonna paraphrase this hopefully I get it right where you know a mouse is running up to a piece of cheese. He thinks the cheese is free but when he gets to that mousetrap closes in on his on his head and the mouse dies. Well it's the same thing with socialism. They see free cheese and they go after the free cheese and grab it but they don't realize the mousetrap is about to shut right on them and this is what happened in Argentina. You have all these people thinking they're getting all these handouts when in reality they're just grabbing it from somebody else. Well eventually those who are working and paying the massive amount of taxes to the government to support everyone in the country those who are not working eventually they're going to get fed up enough they're going to quit their job and and stop and just hey we're gonna suck off everybody else and that's what happens all the time in socialism and we really and honestly are truly there today especially when we have Democrats that are literally screaming this is this is what's happening now for everything to be given to them and unfortunately the Biden administration is doing exactly that. Before I dive in to way but with that let's dive into this dire warning that was just issued by Javier Mille the presidential candidate there in Argentina.

Take a look here and this is on Zero Hedge. Never embrace socialism or the siren song of social justice. Argentina presidential candidate Mille warns Tucker of the dangers of staticism.

Argentina's leading presidential candidate Javier Mille a self-described anarcho-capitalist who won the primaries with 30% of the vote sat down with Tucker Carlson in Buenos Aires for a wide-ranging discussion and here's what he said when he's offering this advice and warning to the American people he says specifically this is what Mille said. Never embrace the ideas of socialism. Never allow yourself to be seduced by the siren song of social justice.

Don't get caught up in that terrible concept that where there is need there is a right but that can't happen on its own. We have to be prepared for this and wage a cultural war every single day and we have to be careful because they have no problem with getting inside the state and employing techniques. Those techniques include seducing the artist, seducing the culture, seducing the media and meddling in our educational content. By the way all of these they have done absolutely all of them. They have enticed Hollywood. They have enticed media.

We know that mainstream media is now in bed with socialism, progressivism and the Democrat Party. That's all they seem to push and this is what's happening in the United States of America and he says just because there's a need for something doesn't mean we need to throw money at it because eventually what happens is you destroy a country right. So for example and I'm gonna say this because this is a personal experience and I'm just going to put this out there and I'm not sure if I shared this before. My mom and dad when we were growing up my father used to take in homeless people and they're good people and this is not cliche for all of them right.

Absolutely not cliche. My dad would take in homeless people and he would give him a job. He would give him a home.

He would give him food. They would have all the necessities that they needed even though we were really poor. I was poor. I lived in a single-wide trailer growing up.

Not a real good place. I've shared that before but we shared what we had with those who didn't have and we got them jobs. We gave him an address and every single time my dad was like okay you got a job. You're making money.

You're doing good. They would quit their job and he would get them another job. They would quit their job. He's like look if you're not willing to work you're not going to be allowed to stay here because we're trying to help you out and trying to get you back on your feet and all of them and I believe there was five or six that we ended up housing in different times all of them within months with exception to one was like I don't want to work anymore I just already we've got to break because the phone lines are ringing Bob and Marie well Gail in Massachusetts pledges 200 and Bob and Marie pledges 200 thank you Gail thank you Bob and Marie and I know that Bob and Marie those are my doers of the word already eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero folks we get it we got to have the phones ringing we really do and we are about $4,500 short of what we need and we have only well we have 40 minutes left we got a we got to bring in over $100 a minute for the next 40 minutes so in fact I'm gonna I'm gonna say a prayer right now because this is for us to stay in the air and and I do want to tell you folks listen Joe and I aren't kids we've been at this for a very long time I work seven days a week because folks the because of the the cause is a righteous cause the cause is a righteous cause and and we really do again we're not we're not doing it for money because we we don't get any from doing this this is we put in the folks our country is in bad shape our country is bleeding out there and our children their futures at stake and then folks again from Genesis to Revelation God's Word the Bible does not stutter it tells you resistance to tyranny is always obedience to God a failure to resist tyranny is always disobedient and I know that we today those of us that are doers of the word that are activists I know we're a minority I would say probably won't know more than 10% of the entire population of this country are really activists out there but let's pray Heavenly Father Lord God I just want to ask that you you know who's listening out there you know what they need to hear and Lord you know you look upon their hearts so I would ask Father God Lord that you could give maybe in the next 40 minutes at least four more people that could pledge a thousand at least four they could pledge a thousand father God Lord that we can continue you know Lord that that the causes the righteous cause and you know why we do what we do and so you know who's listening you know who they are you know father God well break their hearts Lord God those that can give will give Lord these things we ask in Jesus precious name amen amen all right let's go back to the clip I just want to suck off the government and the free stuff that I'm getting if you continue to hand out free stuff they're just going to stay on it a lot of people do that is not cliche but that's what he's trying to say here just because they're a need doesn't mean what you're doing is the correct path and there was one homeless guy I think that lasted about two years for a job and he finally quit and said hey I'm not I don't want to do it anymore I just want to be who I'm gonna be and do what I'm gonna do off the government and live on the street now again that's not everyone there's really good people who need help out there however this is the kind of stuff when you throw money at everything trying to fix everything it's not necessarily the right path and that's some of the stuff that happens with socialism right but he goes on in that same article to talk about Donald Trump and I want you to see this part here it is then Miley Miley excuse me touched on the third rail by supporting President Trump and offering him some advice here's what he said Trump should continue his fight against socialism because he is one of the few who truly understand that we are fighting socialism and that we are fighting the statistics he understood perfectly that the generation of wealth comes from the private sector the state does not create wealth it destroys it that is a powerful point the state can give you nothing because it produces nothing and when it attempts it does so poorly so I'd say if I could humbly offer advice all I could say would be to double down on his efforts in the same direction defending the ideas of freedom and refusing to give an inch to these socialists and I love that last warning there refuse refuse refuse to give an inch to these socialists this is why I am all for and maybe maybe I'm sure some of you are going to agree a disagree with me on this point but I think we should if the Democrats don't give the Republicans what they want which is massive cuts in spending then we need to shut our government down we need to shut it down we should not budge and give these socialists an inch even any iota and if that means the government shut down it means a government shutdown we're at that point where if they continue to spend as reckless as they are and the Republicans don't have enough cojones to stand up against this that I we're gonna be so screwed and we're gonna end up in Argentina where you have 11 million supporting 47 or maybe here in the United States maybe become 50 supporting the other 320 some on million I mean this is insanity we're at that point where our country is at a turning point and if we continue to give an inch and give an inch we're going to lose everything that we have and to be quite frank this is why I'm saying this because the middle class is shrinking right take a look this is here on the economic collapse blog by Michael Schneider he's got a lot of great stuff there the middle class is becoming the impoverished class and the poor are increasingly being pushed into the streets and what I mean by that is take a look at the explosion of homelessness in the United States of America Daily Mail the USC's biggest ever spike in homelessness as country sees a record 11% increase in a year to nearly 600,000 rough sleepers San Francisco and Oakland are hotbeds with drug tourists flocking to the cities this is an 11% increase in homelessness over the past year that's a massive spike and the middle class continues to shrink here's just more evidence that about Biden economics which is complete devastation Biden nomics broke America real household income suffers biggest drop in 12 years and here's just another one and this is on Benzinga have to make over a hundred thousand just to afford a new car I mean things are getting bad here in the country and I've talked about so much regarding the economy but I think I think we all know where the economy sits and how bad things are this is why this is probably one of the more important reports that I have done this is why we really need to hone in on folk and focus on what is happening in our country and we need to start making bold steps shut the government down if they're going to to do what they have to do stop this socialism policies start getting involved at a political level and we really really really I think should take this to heart all right very good and speaking of getting involved folks again here in Ohio we need all the help that we can get with this issue one now created equal and right to life action coalition of Ohio which I'm a member of needs regional field directors for the northwest and southwest regions of Ohio if you live in one of these counties consider holding this grassroots position reach out to your pro-life members to fill this paid position until November 7th that's right field directors and oversee volunteers going door-to-door you can contact Seth Dreyer for details now and I'll give you that information here in just a minute I think it's it here yeah and so as we continue to mobilize to defeat issue one created equals organizing volunteers across Ohio to help canvas targeted residents go online to register you know this is the mistake that they make over and over and over they don't give out a phone number okay so it's it's um you can go to created equal org created equal org okay now here we need assistance with reaching to targeted voters via phone banking this is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in the outcome on November 7th volunteer and register today now I want to jump ahead also you have there's going to be training Michelle Ashley Ohio's field director for Susan B Anthony this will be will be at a date and right to life for training this Wednesday night that's tomorrow night from 6 30 day 30 p.m. this is a great opportunity to learn techniques and tips on how to talk about issue one if you're interested in door-to-door canvassing events are just talking with friends and family and so that is that is here Wednesday September 26 30 to 8 30 date and right to life offices again they freak they don't give a phone number four to five and then the office number is 425 Finley Street that's that's at 630 for you folks out there in the Dayton area 425 North Finley Street in Dayton and so 6 to 30 day 30 go on out and sign up and volunteer we need your help alrighty we need a Paul and New Jersey pledges 500 all right thank you Paul we need someone to match Paul's five we really do we only have 30 minutes out here to match Paul's five so in New Jersey who can do it who can we get to match Paul's five so now I want to say something else who can we get to match your thousand last night for doers of the word Church yeah well you know we we put our you know we do in fact I'll tell you what you're exactly right Joe you know we put our money where our mouth is we have to do we understand the cause even though we work under seven days a week we work hard we understand so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna pledge another thousand right now to put us down for another thousand for doers now and I'm asking I want I want someone out there to match my pledge at least it would be really nice to get several now last night I did after we placed a thousand we had someone match my plot my pledge for the fact we had two people actually a pledge matches so we ended up with $3,000 pledges so if you can do that match my pledge match my pledge for 1,000 we definitely need to hear from you and meanwhile can be businesses churches you know we have a lot of people that listen on that members of a club group doesn't just have to be an individual but I want to grab some real quick that clip about socialism I want to do something real quick pastor socialism it's here in America we've got a fight it article on Fox biz Medicare Part D drug prices have increased more than 200% on the average in the past since Joe Biden took over Embro one for arthritis 700% that's goes back a little farther but it's skyrocketing they've listed 25 brand name drugs the have increased 226% on the average and the medications used by over 10 million people on the Medicare Part D enrollees these costs have tripled tripled this is the kind of thing in socialism the government trying to control things government decided that they had to put Biden's administration this from the Wall Street Journal there's a Nebraska's Winnebago tribe kind of remote well the government said we've got to give them fiber optic cable we've got to give them internet the average cost of each household is fifty three thousand dollars to connect fifty three thousand dollars for a house actually that's more than the houses they're putting the internet hookup to you know they have a thing called Starlink Elon Musk for about $500 you can buy the kit for $120 a month you can have Starlink Internet $53,000 to put fiber optic to each household they're talking about other places they're spending forty five fifty thousand dollars there are some remote locations they said in Montana that could cost three hundred thousand dollars per hookup all right Joe you know I got to give the numbers that's eight numbers and then I got two more to eight one one one one zero eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three Rhonda in New York pledges $20 Thank You Rhonda eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero go ahead Joe I'll bet most people didn't know that that they're spending fifty fifty three thousand three hundred thousand four internet hookups around the country Biden those huge drug prices now you know the class agenda oh it's it's going to cost you more than you think the estimate is going to be 200 billion per month to reach their goal of 2050 the world world is going to need to spend 75 trillion dollars to achieve the international climate goals think about that 75 trillion that is 2.75 trillion annually to meet net zero which most scientists say is impossible to keep the temperature from rising 1.5 degrees you know they talk about co2 pastor any you know that when the dinosaurs roamed the earth the co2 was 10 20 times higher than it is today in fact dinosaurs couldn't live that had to be high co2 to grow the trees fast enough to feed the dinosaurs and the big animals you know we've had higher co2 many times during history but they don't tell you that and last we this are ready we're falling off according to a couple economists one is Nicholas wadi federal spending is up revenues are going down down down in other words the more the government spends the less taxes they're taking in and the deficit is going to double we will spend more two trillion more this year than we will take in we have a sea of red ink higher interest and the financial prognosis is bad bad bad and it's going to get worse well what they don't here's what they're not tell you Joe when you see the inflation rate when you watch this news and they'll tell you over inflation is up 3% from last quarter whatever but they're not they're not what they don't tell you okay you know you keep hearing three or four since Biden got into office it's up 16% inflation is every 16% now $4,400 of family is what the inflation will cost every family in America this year from inflation alone you just lost seven thousand four hundred dollars this year because of Biden and you know and it's it's on a continuous slide again they you know the whole point is to reduce America to Argentina right status so they can take over they don't want a strong middle class they want a wealthy wealthy class and they want everybody else poor to support the rich Betty and Michigan pledges 100 and Toby and Youngstown pledges 100 Thank You Betty thank you Toby all right eight eight eight two eight one one one zero we're running out of time for tonight here folks we really got to hear from you sir from you right now we're we need two thousand nine hundred four two thousand nine hundred short of our goal and tonight so it's about a what the time left we have it's about $100 a minute we've got to get another hundred dollars per minute to make our goal and we only do this pledge week one week out of a month and in that time we have actually less than then ten hours we got about nine hours to raise the money to to pay this huge air bill coast to coast for the rest of the the month and why well we want to get the message out we're we're your watchmen on the wall we're the folks that have been for 50 years and never compromised not one time and so Joe why don't you go ahead and go ahead and ask a prayer pray pray because we need we really do need to get this done so pray to God folks out there joining with him join with Joe join with Joe and ask that the Lord would move the hearts of the people tonight we need we need to raise more we got to get ahead of this thing we've got a battle here in Ohio a real battle folks we got to stop this thing and if we if we don't stop it here there's five other states that will fall like dominoes right behind us so ask pray and ask the Lord to move the hearts of the people Joan folks out there with him pray with him pray with him okay go ahead dear Heavenly Father we in all of us in the ministry are doing the best that we are able to serve you to please you to be obedient to you and Lord we need your help we need more people who are able to stand and help pay the bills so that we can stay on the air and we know that you have promised in your word in several places that especially Luke 638 that we will not be able to outgive you if we give you will see that we are capable of giving again and you told us that all of us should give as we are able but the trouble is Lord that we know that only a small percent of the people that hear the word will be willing to donate so Lord I'm asking you to help touch the heart of those 90 95 percent of the people who never donate but listen in at some point sometimes that you would touch their heart and help them to understand that this is a time we need them to stand up and out of the millions of people that hear the program is just 10 20 percent would send in $20 that it would solve our financial problems and we'd be able to pay the bills and the radio stations so Lord I would just ask you to reach out and touch these people convict their hearts get more people to stand up and as you say stand in the gap and run to this battle it's a battle we need to get the word out we need to get your word out truth out and to do that we have to touch the hearts and minds of the listeners out there those believers that they would be motivated to stand and deliver Lord we ask this in that precious name of Jesus amen all right it very good we're coming up to break we'll be back right after this read his words he decides can't you see these are the times earthquakes famines and pestilence are all on the rise just like the way that he foretold with all these things now happening before our eyes can't you feel the kingdom coming can't you sense a new day dawning rising like morning sun with his wings rid up your minds to be believing prepare your hearts to be receiving the soon-to-be returning Lord of lords and King of kings when he comes each and every knee shall bow every ear shall hear him every eye shall see his trunk will sound his fire will flash as light it shines from east to west so shall also the coming of the son of man can't you feel the kingdom coming can't you sense a new day dawning rising like the morning sun with healing in his wings get up your minds to be believing prepare your hearts to be receiving the soon-to-be returning Lord of lords and King of kings our Savior and deliverer and Redeemer the Messiah Jesus Christ El Shaddai Oh can't you feel the kingdom coming can't you sense a new day dawning rising like the morning sun with healing in his wings get up your minds to be believing prepare your hearts to be receiving the soon-to-be returning all righty we're back okay bill and harpel pledges 100 and Blanche in New York questions 200 Thank You bill Thank You Blanche all right folks I'll give you that number out real quick and then I'm gonna tell you what we're gonna do about we the people here all across America there's some good things happening our people are standing up and we have to fight we have to fight back now look the Lord could come back at any time anytime and he makes it very clear when he comes back he wants to see us coming back standing for righteousness being doers of the word not just here is only and so I'm going to tell you about how we're going to be doing that here very quickly but the number is eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three now the we have something called tactical civics and on the 29th Friday the 29th of this month the last Friday of the month at doers of the word Baptist Church at 147 81 Sperry Road that's one four seven eight one Sperry Road her you just go to our website I think by now they probably got this up on our website WRW we're going to be having a tactical civics meeting now here the American government is a hierarchy of legal authority per the US Constitution it's what it's supposed to be our servants have stolen the right for themselves 75% of federal agencies viewers bureaus and offices and regulations and projects are illegal in our country and DC is not only criminal it's criminogenic teaches states counties cities and school districts to be criminal too in our Constitution we the people create define and limit our federal servants but those limits only hold if we the people enforce the supreme law as its creators we the people are the only human power above our Constitution to enforce it yet we never have but now after 80,000 hours of R&D well this is actually a lot more than that now tactical civics with chapters in over 600 counties right now this has gone up to 900 counties they have chapters in 900 counties in all 50 states and Joe there's about 3,500 counties in America and so in all 50 states offers full spectrum solution we plan on having three thousand one hundred forty one chapters now coming up and that's then our first right our first right will be to expand to six thousand and five hundred chapters so we've got to do this now what are we what is what do they do well we work actually within the system we convene our own grand juries we do what we should have been doing a long time ago and in the process we appoint a militia to now the grand jury is the highest authority in the in the land we have we in our county government we have so much corruption it's not just the Democrats it's the rhinos to the rhinos are every bit as bad as every bit treasonous we have so much corruption in our government today folks and it's because we've allowed it and we're fighting back we're fighting back and so anyhow that meaning is going to take place at doers of the word Baptist Church for you folks in Northeast Ohio on the 29th of this month at 630 and also available we're gonna have we're gonna open our archives we're gonna have thousands add literally thousands of the articles of that you've heard about people that always writing us can you send me that article can you send me that article well they're gonna be there and you can come in and take as many as you want we're giving them away all right let me see we have is that many many pledges 100 thank you many and Richard and rocky river pledges 20 thank you Richard all right folks 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 we're running out of time we literally we will be here to 12 midnight so even once we go off the air we'll still be here taking your calls and Lord do we need to hear from you don't we already Joe take it from there well we were talking earlier about the money that's being spent in Ukraine and so much of it to really enrich the military industrial complex here is a story you from the Daily Caller that you probably will not hear much about the United States Coast Guard operates two icebreakers one of them is going to retire this year and the construction on the replacement won't happen until 2028 according to the Wall Street Journal now there's two problems with this one Russia has three dozen icebreakers in its national fleet and continues to build more of the heavy ships each year to patrol the area the other problem is according to Coast Guard officials and shipyard representatives the u.s. industrial base lacks the experience designing and building a heavy polar icebreaker since the Polar Star and Polar Sea were designed and built over 45 years ago this is from the Government Accountability Office wrote in its report on the icebreaker shortage we don't know how to build them anymore to develop holes designed for heavy polar icebreaking we've forgotten the technology and we have one Coast Guard icebreaker for all of the seas that we're supposed to be patrolling and protecting the Soviet Union has three dozen and they are building them at a rapid pace now you tell me what sounds wrong with that picture we're spending money all over the world we're spending all this hundreds of thousands of dollars on internet to rural areas we're giving billions to Ukraine we're giving money to all over the world and then the pork I was listening today the amount of pork in the federal budget was just incredible these congressmen and senators doing all these projects in their states most of them to buy votes and yet we don't have the money for icebreakers in fact the federal budget was reduced the for the Coast Guard this year the budget was reduced twenty five point eight million dollars out of money allotted for icebreakers according to the Congressional Research Service all right Joe I've got to jump in and use the truth yeah I got to jump in Greta and Texas pledges seventy Stan and Warren pledges five hundred and eleven Thomas for Michigan pledges fifty all in New Jersey pledges five hundred and Dale from Roseville pledges five hundred thank you thank you thank you already I still need right now we're still about 1,700 short about 1,700 short they're being answered already if yet we have I will be here till midnight taking your calls go ahead Joe I've got one more just kind of a plug for the ministry dr. Ben Carson most of you know he's that retired neurosurgeon he's author and he's been secretary of housing urban development from Trump he's out there warning that the decade-long goals of communism have come to fruition in the u.s. and he urges the American people to have the courage to fight back to against these efforts to subvert the nation's Judeo-Christian heritage he's talking about the congressional record back in 1963 and included the current communist goals which pastor and I had been telling you about for years and years and years he's talking about the book the naked communist and he talked about how so much of the things there that in the goals of communism have already come to pass or are being completed as we speak and he is urging people to get out there and fight to stop the socialist movement to not let it take any more centralized control over any part of our culture any more education agencies programs and anyway it's nice to see somebody else doing something that we've been doing for what somewhere around 30 years on that communist goals yeah yeah yeah well no no I've been doing it 50 years Joe I've been sending those things out oh yeah they were too they were back that's right they were completed in 63 you're right yeah we've been sending those out for for 50 years and all over when you know I know when you came you you kind of thought this was some new stuff that we were doing but wouldn't we I'd already been doing that we'd had going all the way backwards with Tex Mars and some of these others in that battle I'd been in that battle already for quite a while and so but we need more people to understand they can look at that the 45 goals of commune of the current communist goals in America came from a book the naked communist by klanskausen FBI's top expert on communism and we've been doing a lot on it it's true it's a battle folks communism is the Antichrist system that's why all of this is not a political battle it is a and you know it is a spiritual battle Christ against the Antichrist system and the enemy has a name Antichrist but it's also called communism and as Christians we are to run to the battle fight the fight and we are to hold ground until our Lord comes already Ronnie in California pledges 100 and Jim in Pennsylvania pledges 25 thank you Ronnie thank you Jim 8 8 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 that's 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 there there's some lot of good things that are happening to Liberty Camp I was telling you we've been involved for a while with Liberty Camp and that's teaching the children to about the Constitution first of all the Bible and how the Bible and the Constitution and the founding of America actual real history and again we've been working with numbers of Christian schools involved in in this and and homeschooling and by God's grace homeschooling continues to grow rapidly the communists see what's happening there people are pulling their children out of public schools they want to get them away from the pornography by the way Joe you know the one profession more than by far by far more than any other profession that homeschools or puts their children in private Christian schools or public school teachers public school teachers by far okay now what does that tell you and number two are politicians yeah even the even the liberal Democrats but their children in private schools folks they don't put them in the public pool system there you go but again of course hypocrisy is you know within the collective hypocrisy is something to be embraced to us hypocrisy is repulsive but to them it's something to be embraced and I want to continue to tell you that very quickly I have to really be on this when it comes to this issue one I know you say are you gonna harp on that forever this is very very important if you we lose this you lose parental rights you lose parental rights it's good and if you lose this folks is this is purely satanic the deep state these child traffickers sex trafficked all of these people are involved in all this stuff it's it's right from hell right from the pit of hell and and folks I'm going to tell you that they're pumping in 50 million in phony phony TV ads 50 million in phony TV ads and I had people coming to me today say why don't we why don't we sue him pastor why don't we sue him you know did you ever notice how people say whenever they ask why don't we they spell we me it's always it's always they want me to do this it's not like I'm I'm not doing as much as you can possibly do now I mean I'm going full speed ahead but you know there should be sued for these false ads that they're running Terry in Minnesota pledges 25 Thank You Terry in Minnesota all right let me see it's how much time do I have left here all right folks I got to tell you this we're at that point of the program tonight where it comes to the most important part let me ask you out there because see this is reality we're gonna we're gonna get into reality here obviously all of you out there know that you're gonna die some of you might not be here come morning when the light runs you know and you know the most important thing is it's not a tragedy by any means to die everybody you know is gonna die to die in your sin on the other hand is it real tragedy it's a real it's something you can't undo now you you're free to believe anything you want to believe okay but there's only one source of authority and knowledge that's got an absolutely perfect record of fulfillment and my right now my arm my right arm is resting on the King James Bible right now it's the Word of God and God he doesn't mix words he tells you the way it is he doesn't stutter he tells you very clearly that you're gonna die someday and when that happens then there's gonna be a judgment when you die your your spirit and soul is gonna go to heaven or hell it's gonna go to heaven or hell that's gonna happen God has said that's gonna happen if God says it's gonna happen it happens folks you got 6,000 years of history that shows that now here's the question you know are you going to be smart enough to avoid that burning lake of fire that's the question and if you are here's what you have to do here's what God said you have to do you have to pray to the Father you you got to do that you got to pray to the Father and ask for forgiveness of your sins you see the good news is only sinners can be saved and you're a sinner ask for forgiveness of your sins and if you say you're sincere then the fear of the Lord is to the beginning of wisdom the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom you have to show him that and you have the faith that you believe his word and once you've done that then you pray to the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life all of your life without any reservations at all things you got to put him first he said you have to put him first before mother before father whoever you got to put him first because when he hung he took your place upon that cross he put you first and once you've done that when you ask him to be Lord of your life all of your life without any reservations and then you become a new creature you become an heir of the kingdom do you hear me an heir of the kingdom right in other words you become part owner of all that God owns and what does God own everything and you'll be on your your road on the road to eternal life and the folks to immortality you say immortality I mean that's what God said read first Corinthians chapter 15 read it okay immortality and that when that happens you will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit you will become indwelt with the Holy Spirit now when you die your spirit and your soul will go right home to be with Lord in heaven waiting on the resurrection of your body on the rapture of the church if that should happen tonight so believe me that's what you want to do if you have not done that when you hear the preacher give this invitation he's just a messenger God is sending a message repeat after me Heavenly Father Heavenly Father Lord God Lord God I come to you I come to you a sinner Lord a sinner I'm asking for forgiveness of my sins I'm asking for forgiveness for my sins Lord Jesus Lord Jesus be the Lord of my life be the Lord of my life all of my life all of my life completely and totally completely and totally without any reservations without any reservation thank you father thank you Lord Jesus I'm now a new creature a born-again believer an heir of the kingdom by the Word of God and I will be in dwelt now with a Holy Spirit and I know that I will be on the road to eternal life into immortality because I've got God's Word on that and so into that amen well we're coming up to that time Joe we've I want to say very quickly Joan in New Jersey pledges 25 folks we're gonna be here till midnight and so we still need to hear from you we really need to hear from you tonight we're still come up short we're I think it's still about 1,500 short so until tomorrow as we say good night we say this every night at this time as we come up to it we say good night say good night good night then we say God bless right and then we say always right always have we'd been there for 50 years always always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content selling your car to Carvana is as easy as easy as pie sure all you have to do is enter your license plate or bin as easy as a stroll in the park okay then just answer a few questions and you'll get a real offer in seconds as easy as singing why not schedule a pickup or drop-off and Carvana will pay you that amount right on the spot as easy as playing guitar actually I find that kind of 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