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QB Carousel: John Gambadoro, 98.7 Arizona Sports

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 10, 2023 9:39 pm

QB Carousel: John Gambadoro, 98.7 Arizona Sports

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 10, 2023 9:39 pm

John Gambadoro joined Zach to discuss if Kyler Murray can be trusted as the leader of the Cardinals and if Arizona would consider moving off Kyler sooner rather than later. 

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Subscribe now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Find out which teams we hit today. The Arizona Cardinals. Alright, let's talk to John Gamodoro who does a great job.

Long time afternoon drive hosts out there in the desert who's stopping by right now. Big news in the NFL today. Panthers moving up to the 1 spot. Bears falling back down to 9. We know quarterbacks here to go 1 and 2 in this draft. Who?

Your guess is as good as mine. But we do know that the Panthers will be taking a quarterback and the Texans. So John, now in at number 3, the Cardinals have an interesting decision. Do you trade the pick and move back a few spots to one of these teams that want a quarterback? Or do you think you take the best non-quarterback off the board?

Jack, I think you take Will Anderson. They need an edge rusher. They need to pressure the quarterback. They cut Marcus Golden today. JJ Watts retired. Who knows if they're going to be able to keep Zach Allen or not.

Vance Joseph and the Broncos may come falling. I think you just take the best edge rusher. You could trade back, but how far back do you want to go? I don't want to go back more than a couple of spots if I'm going to trade the pick. Ideally, I guess you'd want to call up the Colts and probably do that right now and see what they want to do to move into the 3 spot.

Dream scenario, right? If you could go from 3 to 4, let them take a quarterback, and then you still get Anderson. I mean, you pick up a second round pick in the process, and then you trade DeAndre Hopkins and you get a second round pick.

That's a jackpot for Monty Osinfort. He'd have a slew of picks and he could start to rebuild this roster. I can't ask you what the early returns are like on him because he's barely had the job.

But what have you been hearing about Monty Osinfort? You know, the last regime, Steve Cotton did a good job with trade. He traded for Carson Palmer. He traded for Chandler Jones. It was the draft. The drafts were just not very good.

And you're taking Isaiah Simmons. Look, they drafted Hassan Reddick and then they didn't even... They didn't use him correctly.

No, they didn't use him correctly. And then he goes to Carolina as a great year. And then he goes to Philly and part of a team with four guys with ten sacks. So they just didn't draft very well. They drafted the wrong positions.

And then they traded their first round pick last year for Hollywood Brown when they needed a center and Rodney Hudson doesn't play. So we don't know enough about Monty right now. He's new. He's never been a GM before. There's no track record.

You're just hoping that he can nail some of these drafts. What was the reaction on the Gannon hire? Mixed.

Mixed. What was your reaction? I wish they would have got a coach that had experience. And it didn't have to be Sean Payton. I would have liked Brian Flores. I would have liked Flores.

I think he would have been good. Now Gannon may be good, but again, it's another first-time coach. Cliff was a first-time coach. Now you've got a first-time coach.

He has three cycles in a row. They're going with first-time coaches with no experience. So I would have rather hired a coach with some experience. To me, Flores would have been a great hire if they could have got him.

But we don't know. Maybe Gannon will be great. Let's just hope he's not the first coach fired in this cycle of new coaches.

John Gamodoro here with us. Was the Payton move ever close to happening? Because when they had that meeting, and there was a time for a week where everyone thought it was going to happen, it seemed like. There's no way Michael Bidwell was going to spend that type of money on Sean Payton. Plus give up the draft pick.

I didn't think there was ever a pipe dream. There's a reason why they interviewed him last. They were hoping somebody would hire him. But then there's a reason they were the last team to interview Sean Payton.

They spent eight hours with him. They let him leave. They didn't make him an offer.

There was no way they were going to get Sean Payton. This organization doesn't have money the way other organizations do. They don't spend the caps on one thing. Cash money is another thing. They don't spend the cash that the Rams do and the 49ers do and a lot of other teams do. It's a family business. Michael doesn't have a high-tech company that he owns and he's making all this money on it.

This is what he has. They never would have spent that type of money on Sean Payton. No way. You're very much well aware of the Kelvin Beecham comments from yesterday, John Gamodoro.

Good job by you guys. Were you surprised? We all know that is the legit answer, but are you surprised that he said it?

You know what? I'm doing the interview. He's a great guy. By the way, he's doing a great thing. He's building a well in Zambia to help people have fresh, clean drinking water.

He's doing a great thing. So we promoted that for him. I tried to hit him a little bit with hard knocks first. I was like, hey, give me something that didn't make hard knocks that everybody would want to know about.

You guys were like, oh my God, I'm so glad that didn't make it on hard knocks. He didn't really bite. He didn't really bite. I was hoping to get you something juicy. I thought, oh my God, you wouldn't believe it. But he didn't go there.

Then we're down to the last minute of the interview. I'm like, I got one more question. I said, hey, Tyler Murray, what does he have to do? Just grow up?

Just grow up? I started to follow it up. Give me an example. He's got to be a man.

He's got to be a leader. I didn't expect it. We didn't talk about it. It was just something. I was like, hey, let me get one more in and see what he says about Tyler Murray. It wasn't about trying to bait him or anything. I just wanted to see what he said about the guy that he was blocking for, for all those games.

And I think a lot of the locker room says that because I want to play this. We had Buddha Baker at the Super Bowl. And I just simply asked him, does he believe in the leadership style of Tyler Murray?

And this is what Buddha Baker had to say, Jon Gambadora. Tyler is a great QB. He's a winner.

He's been winning since he was a young guy. And I definitely feel like he's getting better each and every year, whether that's talking to, you know, the offense or what they want to do, or whether that's talking to the team or talking to the defense. And, you know, everybody, of course, can get better at everything. So we can all get better. I can get better at leadership myself.

And, you know, so, you know, I'm definitely excited to see him recover and hopefully he gets better and hopefully we can get him in the season, you know, early on. It wasn't a yes, though. Like, he even asked the question again.

We didn't play for you there. He's like, do I believe in leadership style? And then said that. Yeah, Buddha, that's the politically correct answer. I could be better. We could be, we could all be better, you know.

That means they don't. Beecham was straight to the point, man. He's got to grow up. It wasn't like he got to grow up. Like, he's got to, whether it's stop, stop playing the video games or just, you know, be more accountable and take more response. Stop yelling at your coaches and telling players to calm the blank down. He did. He told Hopkins to calm down. He told Cliff to calm down.

It's like, you know, so I think the point is, like, to be a leader, like, be a leader of the team, not just be yourself, but lead everybody. Look, Beecham's 100% right. Everybody knows it. The only person that's come out to Kyler's defense is his buddy Hollywood Brown. That's it. Hollywood Brown came out there.

Boys that went to college together. And Beecham said, like, he's got all the tools. He does.

He has all the tools in the world. The question is how bad does Kyler Murray want to be? Great. We'll find out. The other thing on that front is John Gambadoro is here with us. I guess now Kelvin Beecham, he's a free agent, is not going to come back to the Cardinals, right?

Oh, that's a good question. I think the Jets want him. And he's been there before. He's been there before. I mean, I think he's, listen, he's a good player, guys. Like, he's versatile. He's never hurt. He plays all the time.

A team would be, you don't even have to pay a lot of money to get him either because he's an older player. But, I don't know, the Cardinals need offensive linemen. Rodney Hudson's gone. Justin Pugh may not be coming back.

Like, you know, they got to start, he might be a good patchwork guy for them, but now you've got to question, it's a fair point, Zach. Like, you got to question, did he just burn a bridge? You know, and would Kyler Murray say, hey, I don't want this guy back. Would there be any bad blood or anything like that?

I don't think so. I think guys get over that, but it is a fair question to ask. The other thing is, too, I was looking at the contract yesterday, because who knows when Kyler gets back on the field. But whenever a player tears his ACL at that position, I always say it takes him, like, a full year after that to get back to really at his best. Like, you look at the dead money, the way that this goes, you're not getting rid of him this year, you're not getting rid of him next year.

But if he doesn't come back with really playing at an elite level, like, you look at 20-25, it wouldn't shock me if he's no longer on this team. That's why I didn't want to give up the first round, next year's first round pick in anything. Like, you know, like this year you would have, okay, let's just take the Sean Payton example. I don't want to give up, I wouldn't want to give up this year's first round pick for Sean Payton. It's the number three pick in the draft, but here's the thing. What if Kyler's out six or eight games? I didn't want to give up next year's number one either.

Now, again, I don't think Michael Bidwell would have ever spent the money that it would take. But think about, what if they're in the same position next year? Kyler comes back, he's not good, and you decide, hey, we're going to move on from him in a year or two. Wouldn't it be wise to hold on to next year's first round pick? It might be a top five pick, and if you had to draft the quarterback, you could.

And especially, wouldn't this be crazy? No wonder why you guys have so much success in Arizona. You go from Josh Rosen, you think that's the guy, then to Kyler Murray, you think that's the guy. Well, you guys get the number one overall pick next year. Hello, Kyler Williams. You forgot about Matt Leinart? Oh, yeah.

That's past the statute of limitations, Jon. Matt Leinart, they drafted Matt Leinart in the first round. They said he was the guy. They drafted Jake Plummer in the second round.

They thought he was the guy. It's been a terror. You had a couple of one-hit wonders. You struck lightning with Carson Palmer and Kurt Wonder, and that's about it.

I moved here in 97. Kent Graham, Dave Brown, Sean King. Josh McCown, he wasn't good when he was here.

He played under Dave McGinnis. The quarterback carousel here has been a disaster. What is it going to take for Hopkins on the market? What are the Cardinals going to get back for him? A second-round pick. I don't think you get a first-round pick back, but I think you take a second-round pick, you get off the contract, save a little bit of cap space. He hired an agent now. He did his own deal last year, but he hired an agent, so he's going to want to restructure with whoever he goes to, just like he did here. Restructure, try to get an extra year or two tacked on with a little extra guaranteed money, but there's no reason for the Cardinals to keep him.

There's no reason. They're not going to be good next year. They're going to be bad again. So get a second-round pick and let Manias and Ford start the rebuild. Last thing I'll ask you, we know Kyler won't be ready for Week 1. Any intel on who's going to be starting for the Cards Week 1? I would love it for it to be Jacoby Brissett.

I'd be good. There's a connection there with Drew Pensing, the offensive coordinator. He's a perfect guy to come in and start four, five, six games for you. I like Colt McCoy as the backup, but I think Colt McCoy should be the backup for Kyler or the backup if somebody else is. Colt's not a starting quarterback.

For a game or two, yeah, but not for five, four, five, six. So I think Jacoby Brissett would be perfect. That's a name we've heard a little bit, whether they would spend that type of money or not.

You're probably talking, what, five to seven million to get Brissett? Dan Bo, appreciate the time. Thanks so much.

Great stuff as always. All right, you guys, take care. Listen up, team. We've got a game to win, so here's the strategy. Deposit $200 at and get $450 immediately to play with. Sign up today at or call 1-800-79-BET-US. Be like me. Bet for free!
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