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REShow: Howie Long - Hour 1 (2-1-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 1, 2023 3:42 pm

REShow: Howie Long - Hour 1 (2-1-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 1, 2023 3:42 pm

Rich reacts to Tom Brady’s retirement announcement this morning and reflects on the massive impact TB12 made on the NFL landscape over the last two decades. 

FOX Sports NFL analyst/Pro Football Hall of Famer Howie Long tells Rich why Tom Brady’s storied career will never be duplicated, why Super Bowl LVII should be a great matchup between Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs and Jalen Hurts’ Philadelphia Eagles, and what it means to win the Pat Summerall Award for his charity work with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Rich reacts to the Broncos hiring Sean Payton and says why he’s the perfect coach to fix Russell Wilson after his disastrous first year in Denver.

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We want you to stay here. Today's guests Pro Football Hall of Famer Howie Long, former NFL executive Joe Banner, NFL Network insider Ian Rappaport, writer and comedian Sarah Tiana. And now it's Rich Eisen.

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I'm not retiring. Good to see you over there. TJ Jefferson. What's up over there TJ?

How are you brother? Well you know we're going to light the candle in celebration of the goat. Light the candle sir.

Why not? You know what? It's quite something when you're waiting for a Super Bowl. It's quite something when you're waiting for a Super Bowl because you just can't wait for the game to start and there's nothing else to talk about except the Super Bowl and you want to hold off on that certainly until Super Bowl next week and we're going to be in the home of Super Bowl 57 next week. Rich Eisen Show coming to you from there right here on the Roku channel and so you know you wake up and there's nothing to talk about other than that Super Bowl and then hold on a second. Wait a minute. I'm being told the greatest of all time to ever lace him up and put on pads and the history of the National Football League has decided to retire and here's what I was.

Right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Go ahead and hit it Mikey. Good morning guys. I'll get to the point right away. I'm retiring for good. I know the process uh was a pretty big deal last time so when I woke up this morning I figured I just press record and let you guys know first so I won't be long-winded. You only get one super emotional retirement essay and I use my up last year so I really thank you guys so much to every single one of you for supporting me. My family, my friends, my teammates, my competitors. I could go on forever. There's too many. Thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute dream.

I wouldn't change a thing. I love you all. Well done Tom Brady. Well done. Gets emotional in the middle of turning that camera on himself sitting in the dunes of either Miami, Fort Lauderdale up that it looks like that A1A or whatever. Who knows. Right there in uh right there in uh it looks like uh Florida and so um he decides to retire and I'm glad he got it out.

I'm glad he got it out the way that he wanted. I'm glad that uh um some you know uh 80-year-old retiree with some metal detector didn't walk in there and interrupt him looking for something buried underneath the sand out of an odd oh I'm sorry Tom you're emotionally retiring to your phone my bad um look he's right um it all went down last year and we said it all last year but it's worth saying again no one will ever do what he's done and when all-time greats in sports retire you say that and deep down you're like well that record might be touched that record might be touched this that this one won't this career will stand the test of time as the greatest of all time period end of story Tom Brady has this is it this is all you gotta say seven Super Bowl championships seven rings in the same way Bill Russell may he rest in peace we talk about his 11 and that's the first thing that's mentioned when you you you talk about Bill Russell 11 championship Brady's seven this is not going to be touched by any quarterback ever I I can say this with my full heart and soul perfect example is a 27-year-old in um Patrick Mahomes getting set to start next week he's got one he's got to have to get he's got to win this one and five more over the next what 15 years he's got to win half of them which is what Brady showed you can do it sure you can sure you can but you gotta play for a long time and you gotta keep it up your pace of play your level of play your want to your desire you gotta keep it going and that's another thing that Brady had the type of desire and flame that you saw in others and you see in others still today Serena Tiger Michael Jordan that's the type of guy you have to be and Mahomes is probably the closest to it right now I think that we have in the NFL and Burrow maybe as well he's young seven and then the remarkable part about it as well with Brady is the longevity the greatness and the longevity and the fact that he did it at the top of his game for so long you could legitimately make the case his least successful decade of his career was his first decade you could make the case that if you break this up into age 20s 30s and 40s his least successful decade was when he was in his 20s I'm going to talk about a fine wine the passing touchdowns alone as you could see we have broken it down on our Roku channel page Roku channel feed for our radio listeners keep this up on the screen for a bit here if you don't mind Mr Hoskins 21,000 passing yards in his 20s 40,000 in his 30s 27,000 in his 40s you take a look at his passing touchdowns breaking it down by again his 20s 30s and 40s and you look at the all-time list which I have up here for passing touchdowns 147 passing touchdowns in his career that it would rank 99th all-time right now by the way tied with Steve Berlin 147 touchdowns but it's those three Super Bowl rings that would separate him one would say from Steve Berlin wouldn't it in those 20s his 30s his 30s 309 passing touchdowns in his 30s that is currently ranked 13th all-time in the NFL one ahead of Russell Wilson who got a new coach who happens to be a Super Bowl champion head coach Sean Payton who is hiring we'll talk about on this show and we would have definitely been leading with if this news didn't pass and then in his 40s this is the most remarkable part of them all 193 touchdowns in his 40s would currently rank 57th all-time one behind Ken Stabler Hall of Famer one ahead of Bob Greasy Hall of Famer and one ahead of Patrick Mahomes again who I think is the only guy currently lacing him up with maybe borrow maybe borrow maybe borrow with a chance to even come close to this high-rent district because the only reason why I'm saying maybe is because if you put the stat up one more time his 40s these numbers will one million percent if you think me saying this career will never be touched again and it will be touched again and it will be threatened or surpassed this ain't being touched as a quarterback in his 40s he threw for 27,632 yards and his 193 touchdowns not only way better than his 20s but as I mentioned more in his in in the career of Bob Greasy Sammy Baugh Otto Graham Namath more than Joe Namath's entire career these are people he's going to share a room with and can't forevermore more than Aikman more than Norm Van Brockland more than Roger Staubach more than Sid Luckman come on as a 40 year old never be touched again and don't come at me with Deflategate today don't come at me with that nonsense should never have happened who the hell cares that the PSI of the football was off who the hell cares that was ridiculous first class this guy all the way all the way I cannot recall hearing once in my tenure with the NFL once and and basically all of Brady's success with the exception of his first ascendant year of 2001 occurred when NFL Network was born in on the year in 2003 again our first two Super Bowls as NFL Network came into existence the last back-to-back championships that we've seen in the NFL Brady's and Belichick's Patriots of 03-04 never once have I heard a crossword from any member of the media that was given to them or felt that they were treated that way by Tom Brady and if he felt that he was short with you you found out later on from him I apologize for it I'm serious and we in the media love to tear people down sometimes and the whole Deflategate tore him down and he didn't forget that he became a little bit more in my mind hard-skinned when it came to dealing with the media and certainly the NFL first class all the way and when he gave his mom and dad a kiss in the tunnel and his final game that we now know is his final game we're all one remember on a one remember I came on the air I'm like well I remember seeing his parents in the tunnel of a football game that he's coming off the field maybe that is it and it turned out to be it via condios Tom Brady congratulations once again and I again in my history of the NFL Network and covering it nobody has made me late for dinner more than Brett Favre's decision to retire and unretired and if he decides to do it again you know what awesome I will have a front row seat for whoever he decides to do it again but he says it is for good this does feel different to me because he's been through the whole retiring and unretiring and what it means and what it doesn't mean and you know the guy I saw in Munich definitely seemed to be somebody who wasn't the happy warrior that he always appeared to be and and that it's now time in his mind to step away and do his next thing whether it be fulfilling that television contract that he does have in front of him or something else whatever it is I can't wait to see it and we'll see him in Canton and forever more his name will be synonymous with greatness all-time greatness and in terms of the NFL the best when I first came on the air for NFL Network the goat was Rice and Jim Brown that was the argument depending on your generation Jerry Rice or Jim Brown you asked any player Jim Mr Brown or Jerry Rice that was it there's a third man in on this conversation and I didn't certainly think in 2003 it could be this guy or it would be anybody but it is and there's a case to be made that Tom Brady is if we're fortunate enough one day to see a new list show talking about NFL 100 one day you know 125 now whatever 150 we're fortunate enough to do that from that NFL 100 list show that I did back in the day and you want to talk about ranking them Brady could be number one and thank you Tom Brady for all the stuff you did and that we talked about on NFL Network and all the championships and I I'm not even talking from the point of view that you could Chris what a dream come true to root for this guy and win as much as you were able to and have as many duck boat parades you you could have Chris man it's been awesome and it was contagious for the whole damn town it was contagious you know the run from 2002 when the you know January 2002 all the way through I guess it would have been February Mike all the way through to the Red all the way through to the Red Sox winning in 2018 here in Los Angeles I think there was 14 parades for all the teams and in like 16 years six New England four Red Sox and the Celtics and the maybe 12 then the Bruins got in on the act and yeah it's amazing you know no player in any sport had ever brought me so much joy I guess David Ortiz could come close then then watching Tom Brady and it was one of those things it was like oh well we're gonna be in the the season would begin in August you'll be like oh we're gonna be in the AFC Championship game it's just who are we gonna play because you know and it's and it's not arrogant it's not arrogant it was like oh we're gonna win 12 or 13 games and we have this guy and then you know you make jokes about a lot of we're going undefeated and then you know one year they almost did and so they did it's just you know you're adding the playoffs on top of it but oh by the way that's you it's the greatest he's the greatest ever and we're never gonna see anything exactly I can't wait to be there in five years at Canton and I hope we're all there and it's going to be awesome no question yeah no doubt so many so thank you for the memories Tom Brady um and and anybody else who hates on him it's because uh the memories that you thought you could have had created he was standing in your way that's a fact that's a fact and again like I said high class the whole way through the number of times that he would do stuff behind the scenes for kids who were sick or whatever and he didn't want any credit for it I can personally attest this guy deserves your praise as he goes to his next stop our next stop is Howie Long Pro Football Hall of Famer they will share a bus together oh yeah a bus room together um Howie Long's uh the recipient of this year's Pat Summerall winner from St Jude Children's Research Hospital uh and the dinner is next week so we'll talk about that when we come back with him who better to talk Brady than him um also on this program Joe Banner the longtime executive in Philadelphia who was there hired Andy Reid um Howie Roseman Brett Veitch when he was the uh I guess intern of Andy Reid back in the day I mean you want to talk about a guy who's got his fingerprints all over this Super Bowl he's joining us at the top of hour number two and of course so much to discuss on the front of the quarterback carousel now that Brady's removed himself from that chessboard um what does it mean what is going on with some of these quarterback situations Derek Carr and Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers and what are the contracts as they are written tell you about the tea leaves the guy who can read those for us Joe Banner Ian Rappaport will join us in the middle of hour number two to talk about Brady's decision and what happened by the way Sean Payton hired by the Denver Broncos yesterday um and D'Amico Ryans hired by the Houston Texans Ian is in Mobile Alabama for the up for the Senior Bowl so he'll join us and then Sarah Tiana uh who is hilarious she's got a new special coming out um and we also don't mean uh Cage Brockman um the three-year-old who is driving both of them insane right now and uh they'll be hanging out with us here in studio hour number three so that's how we're rolling here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show back with more in a moment on the day Tom Brady says he's hung him up for real this is it the putt to win the tournament if you sink it the championship is yours but on your backswing your hat falls over your eyes is this how you're running your business poor visibility because you're relying on spreadsheets and outdated finance software to see the full picture you need to upgrade to NetSuite by Oracle NetSuite is the number one cloud financial system to power your growth with visibility and control of your financials inventory HR planning budgeting and more NetSuite is everything you need to grow all in one place with NetSuite you 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building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you with those job fits when you score the position salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth the regular season is history and we all know the playoffs are no time for messing around it's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt back here on the rich eisen show uh sitting here at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by we have his son on every single monday he's one of our favorites just like this guy is as well he will be part of the pregame show prior to super bowl 50 70s a pro football hall of famer but most importantly he's going to become the 17th recipient of the pat summerall award in a fundraising event held at every single super bowl that has raised over 10 million dollars for the kids of saint jude since its inception thanks to the big heart of cheryl d leonardis who runs that event uh i am honored to be one of those 17 recipients of that award howie long back here on the rich eisen show how you doing howie i'm doing great how are you partner well you know what i woke up this morning saying what am i going to talk about on today's show and then that moment passed um i'll give you the floor on tom brady howie long what do you think of his career go for it well i i don't think it will ever be duplicated um that's for sure uh to to be great for that prolonged period of time through you know if we went through and i've i've done this exercise before and before it became absurd when he was in his 40s um the number of offensive linemen he played with in new england the number of running backs number of tight ends a number of wide receivers the the iterations of coaching staffs uh with the exception of bill and you know there were some kind of confidence there but for him to and and from a style standpoint you know we had his his first super bowl was the super bowl after 9 11 uh and we had it down in new orleans and it was a game that if you looked at every game film you could possibly watch there were there you couldn't make a case for new england to win that football game and terry bradshaw and his forest gump kind of you know brilliance made the statement that you know in a in a year like this with all this country's been through how can't you pick a team called the patriots and i remember it stands out to me in the the halftime show with with uh you know bono and uh the whole thing and and tom's first kind of stroke of of masterpiece you know taking the drive down at the end of the game asked to do different things as he was throughout the course of his career you know the funny thing was typically when you you get older you're asked to do less and you manage the game and uh that certainly hasn't been the case with him uh i think the thing to me like a lot of players and you know particularly a player that played as long as common you know had won as much as tom and the reason why it will not be duplicated were there people who treat the ball better yes better athletes yes you know check check check we all saw the the combine footage uh what made tom special was his will his heart and his head uh and and that's what made patin special and you know tom tom was able to ring every drop of football out of that mind and that body that heart that he could and uh you know we we we wish these guys could play forever and uh i think this is about as close as close to forever as you're going to get out of a quarterback in the nfl it will never be duplicated i agree and again the thing i keep pointing out here how he um and and i i'm so appreciative of you pointing out the origin how it did begin on such a national stage with the whole country uh with hearts and throats watching a football game in in that stadium just a few months after the attacks of 9 11 and wondering whether this country could ever hold such a big event uh a target there's no other way to put it um and then the fact that he performed the way that he did and and and and then the legend was born um but but what he's done is a 40 year old that's insane man i mean the numbers are insane ken stabler's numbers of his career i was paul pointing out and they're going to share a bus room with him and you um you know together forevermore his passing yards and career passing touchdowns as a 40 year old are akin to stabler's career i mean come on this is insane well it you know here's the thing different times i understand different times but uh you know it's it's so it's so challenging i mean terry will be the and terry loves kenny stabler and you know he's also loved brady's career and you know he'll tell you you know flat out look i i played in super bowls where i threw the ball 21 times you know i mean it was a different era when you think about swan and stallworth and wide receiver you could measure wide receiver numbers then versus now and were in sub packages 76 of the time and and tom saw it's so fascinating about tom's career the arc in the breadth and scope of his career it it went through so many different iterations of offensive philosophies and and so many different players people talk about chemistry and you know how long can we hold the group together the group was bill and tom uh and the situation he walked into down in tampa bay and and you remember the first five six games and then you know there was you know there was the chicago game and there was uh there was the uh bye week and it finally dawned on them wait a second we you know no risk it no biscuit we want to throw the ball down the field but let's do it out of play action pass with extra bodies and protection and we can do everything we want to do let's adapt the offense to tom and you had a great defense and for him to win that super bowl was nothing short of amazing for someone to even embark on you know it's climbing Everest and you know and and doing it multiple times and then doing it again and again and again and again and it takes so much out of you and there's so many so many injuries or free agency or you know salary cap cuts or things that happen around your coaching moves uh in order for you to be that successful and that great and to win that much um you know the one constant is tom howie long here on the rich eisen show uh pro football hall of famer and you're getting set to go to super bowl 57 what's your first blush um thought on how this is going to play out between the eagles and chiefs howie what do you got from well you know on the afc side you know i i kind of felt like you know the two quarterbacks from buffalo and cincinnati alan and burrow were are right there knocking on the door and and certainly that's the case in cincinnati with those young receivers and you know young quarterback they're going to be there for a while uh i think we probably have more questions about you know what can buffalo do to take the next step you know whether it's offensive line defense front pass rush whatever but you know i i think the the suit that you're over the last few weeks was you know has burrow overtaken you know patrick mahomes you look at the last two playoff games you know the high ankle and you know anyone's had a high ankle nose up challenging that is and you know last time he had a high ankle i think was prior to the vegas game a couple years ago he threw four tds and 300 plus yards zero interceptions the legend of patrick mahomes continues to grow and you know he's a guy that uh i i think you know everyone takes their shots at but uh and and certainly alan and burrow are are great and they're knocking on the door and you have to keep uh moving forward and upward or or they're going to catch you and what makes him special and you can add the athletic ability to patrick mahomes is the heart and the will and you know kind of son unfortunately was fortunate enough to play there uh two years ago and uh just described him as michael jordan he's you know he is someone who will do anything to win he wants the ball he's clutch kelsey that combination uh it's you know you get out through history of great pairings of players and you know remember the super bowl where he got beat up and andy reed and and their gm made decision to revamp that offensive line and certainly that's that's been the case and i think it was the smartest thing to do because you know it's fort knox it has to be fort knox because you've got the most valuable asset in football playing quarterback who could make things happen like nobody else uh conversely i thought philadelphia for the majority of the season was was the best team in football um in a day and age when you know you're you're just chucking it all around the yard they they were running for 240 yards and they do it in an unconventional way and and a quarterback who took a quantum step from last year just to this year to his credit put in extra work you know went to you know throwing mechanic coaches and you know worked on his game individually it's the best offensive line in football we talked about it prior to last week's game i thought the two tackles are the best pairs lane johnson was amazing playing with a a tendon or whatever that's torn off the abductor i think he'll he'll have surgery whenever his season ends the next day uh my lotta is amazing kelsey is those kelsey brothers boy are they good boy are they good you know that's two hall of fame brothers for the first time playing against each other in a super bowl it's amazing in the andy reed philadelphia story there's so many subplots yeah it's it's all good so what do you think first blush come on howie this is tv the sports talk radio here first blush the luxury of sitting here on on a wednesday prior to heading out to arizona yes uh which is a home game for the family which is great okay um is to keep my pick on sunday and a lot and as you know i mean listen we've been you and i've been at this for a long time yes things happen between now and then they always do never know ankles backs all that stuff you know and then all kinds of stuff exactly all right all right i appreciate that and so uh the thursday night uh of super bowl week what a night the legends for charity dinner that's held uh in support of st jude children's research uh in support of st jude children's research hospital you are the 17th recipient of the pat summerall award you mentioned earlier the brady first super bowl win in new orleans that was pat's last game calling games um for for good and um that was the that was a finale so i imagine there's some significance obviously not just for summer all but you and your relationship with saint jude as well howie yeah you know i we well first i'll talk a little bit about saint jude's um you know my grandmother gave me a necklace you know and she was a big part of my life she pretty much brought me up and along with some uncles and write a unique kind of childhood um and deeply religious you know grandmother had the rose root bead on the on the post of her bed and the statue of virgin mary up on the mantle behind the bed with a little light bulb in the back those things stand out in your mind and she had given me a necklace uh of saint jude saint jude is the patron saint of the hopeless and giving hope to those who perceive themselves to be in a hopeless situation and i've always said you know you're as happy as your status child and when you get that call or that you know appointment with the hospital or doctor and they they give you the news that your son or daughter is going to be fighting for their lives um it's i you know i can't it's it's a gut punch beyond compare and because there's nothing you won't do as you know rich for your kids i mean there's nothing you won't do and and then the questions start to mount in your head you know your head's running and how do we do this can we afford it can we you know how do we get to the hospital who's going to be there with johnny or becky or you know whatever your child's name is and saint jude's is an amazing facility that takes care of all of those things so that you and your child can focus on getting better beating this and surviving and i it's amazing and we've done some amazing stuff at pox like you have at you know places that you've worked you know the opportunity to you know whether it's going to afghanistan or visiting military hospitals around the world or you know being on an aircraft carrier out in the mediterranean one of the coolest things we did was a number of years ago going down to saint jude's and you know visiting uh their facility and you know the the men and women that do that every day seven days a week who give hope to people who are feeling hopeless is nothing short of amazing and you know it's a great night as you know i i i heard your speech yes um you know you did a great job and you know with pat you think about you know pat was kind of the soundtrack of generations of football fans no doubt and you know you also talk about the masters in the us open everything that pat did pat did 16 super bowls you know we're at fox 29 29 years we're doing our tenths um you know his career and you think about the impact on fox at the point when fox acquired the nfc package um you know there were a lot of concerns you know it's like wait a second the cartoon network uh they've got the simpsons they got the simpsons you got a little 21 jump streams and that's about it and whatever what are they going to do with our sacred nfc package and you know for david hill and ed goren you know not only tasked with because at that point fox was an idea it was a blank sheet of paper and you know what do you do well the first thing you got to do is you you've got to establish credibility and i think hiring pat and john uh was a big step in that direction and then you know going into the pregame show and uh you know who would have thought 29 years ago that our group would be together and grow old together and you know have the impact that that you know we've been fortunate enough to have but pat was pat was you know the voice the cadence the you know the ability to you know capture the biggest of sports moments and and knowing what to to lay out and you know that's uh you know let the sounds and the images tell the story and pat did that as well as anyone he was the standard and when john and pat did a game you knew it was big the team knew it was big the players knew it was big and the country knew it was big no doubt and it'll be a big night again on thursday at the hyatt regency in downtown phoenix when you are presented the pat summerall award um go to to purchase tickets now or just uh donate to saint jude um have a great time howie i i would be remiss if i didn't ask one last question of you says brady gonna be your teammate when when does that happen what are you hearing what do you got for me on that howie you know i i sat down and i looked at those numbers there were two times when numbers really screwed me up chris somebody told me that that journey don't stop believing yeah was the number one downloaded song and it was like 10 billion yeah yeah yeah and then someone said what tom was going to make it fox and i i called chris i called chris up i said do these zeros what does that mean are you kidding me right so i guess he'll be your teammate is what you're saying i you know hey listen if he wants to be he could be whatever he wants to be he's got a parking spot okay he's good okay sounds good uh how are you the man be well uh and say hi to your whole family thank you likewise partner right back at you howie long the deserving recipient of the pat summerall award and it's gonna be it's a beautiful night uh how he went to the hospital in 2010 he met a kid there who um is now a healthy high school student an active athlete who just ran the saint jude marathon and he will be at the dinner as the patient spotlight just to show you how kids get better love it 844-204-rich number to dial we'll take a break you want to talk about brady or what have you great we got a lot of time for that but when we come back this new head coach the denver broncos everybody and he owns walmart now it's amazing rich isin here for sleep number people who get enough quality sleep have more energy better muscle mass and improved muscle memory that's a fact those are facts did you know however that eight out of ten couples prefer a different mattress firmness i know it because i know my sleep number setting it's 60 my wife's is 70 just 10 numbers apart but our sleep number smart bed lets us adjust the firmness on each side and change it to whatever we like sleep too hot or too cold you're not alone sleep number has innovative solutions also from temperature balancing bedding to the new climate 360 smart bed that actively cools and warms on each side to keep you sleeping just right 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For the new year NetSuite is a new financing program for those ready to upgrade 32,000 businesses already use NetSuite go to rich radio for that special financing program offer head to rich radio for this special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses rich radio. So look two head coaches hired yesterday D'Amico Ryans in Houston and Sean Payton in Denver. Right now I want to linger on Sean Payton because he's the one with the Super Bowl ring and I'll be honest with you here didn't think Sean would say I'll go to Denver and pick up the pieces of what was clearly broken all over the floor Russell Wilson and that contract after what we saw from Russ last year and head coaches have that I alone can fix it gene. Certainly alpha head coaches which is pretty much every head coach or every head coach or alpha head coaches with Super Bowl rings like Sean Payton and when I heard this I thought to myself they had to have paid him a mint of money a mint and then I sat here and thought to myself who better to fix Russell Wilson and that's what needs to happen fixing needs to happen whether it's what you see on the field or what you think he does social media wise that runs a little bit afoul of what you think a top-notch grade-a elite quarterback should be doing with his spare time and the whole let's ride stuff and whatever if you think that needs fixing I think Sean Payton is exactly the guy who can sit him down and tell him what he needs to hear if you think Russell is one of those quarterbacks that needs to hear something and I think I've just described most everyone who observes the NFL that Russ is a quarterback who needs to hear something and Sean Payton is exactly the guy who can do it and in terms of fixing Russell on the field one thing that Russ needs to do is he needs to be schemed properly so he could see down the field guys 5'11 that's why I think he's better out of the pocket that's why he's better moving I think he's more comfortable moving I think he can throw a beautiful ball on the run and he throws an incredible deep ball superb when he's in the pocket and protect that's first order business got to protect him but secondly who better to do that than a guy who took a quarterback at six foot flat if that's what you believe Drew Brees is and molded him with the system and coaching and surrounded him with a team that's putting Drew Brees in the hall of fame is a first ballot hall of famer which is exactly what Russell Wilson wants to be it kind of meshes Russ you want to be a first ball hall of famer right you want to be the guy that that makes a difference we already know you make a difference in the community you have that beautiful patch that Walter Payton man of the year patch on your jersey let me help you get that first ballot hall of fame but this is what you got to do a b c and d I think Russ listens to that guy and I think Payton believes he can do it no matter how much money the Broncos have sent his direction because he knows that contract that that's not going anywhere Russ is going nowhere so if he's going there he believes he can do it and in terms of the Broncos ownership that's new paying them all that money whatever it's going to be I think we're going to find out how much it is and we're going to go how much it's not my money and they've got a ton of it so for them to come in and say to the Broncos fan base last year stunk it's never going to be that way again we're hiring the best available we're paying him an insane amount of money doesn't matter we want to win here all of it together the way I've just described it a home run of a hire home run touch them all like Coors Field I think it's great I can't wait to see it I think Sean by the way you could just you could you could already know that you you don't have to hire an in-game coaching help manager that's done guy who decides to onside kick to start a second half of a super bowl that guy that guy's got his finger on a pulse of game management so is he perfect of course not but what a hire Sean Payton versus Andy Reid twice a year Mahomes and Russ twice and this is the Mahomes Russ twice a year that we've been looking forward to we'll talk about it with Ian Rappaport our number two coming up right here on the Rich Eisen show Joe Banner also going to join us interesting fact here did you know Sean Payton is the first coaching hire by the Denver Broncos in which they hired a head coach who's previously won a Super Bowl it's never happened for the Denver Broncos would you believe because I asked NFL network to reach research this would you believe half the league has never hired a head coach that's won a Super Bowl previously you'd think that there's that that wouldn't be the case maybe but one of the Super Bowl is hard that's correct half the league not a lot of active coaches Patriots have as you know it was Parcells right Jets have same guy Parcells Cowboys Parcells Cowboys well the Cowboys did it twice did it twice with Mike McCarthy here are the teams that have never hired a head coach with a previous Super Bowl in the case when they hired him Cardinals Falcons Ravens Bills have never done it Bears never done it Bengals Browns Packers Browns Packers the trophies named after one of their coaches Texans Colts Chargers Rams Vikings Giants so many people have checked their name off this list because they hired Parcells Eagles Steelers 49ers Buccaneers and Titans have never done what the Broncos just did which is hire a head coach with the previous Super Bowl winning experience that's what Sean Payton is bringing into Denver our number two is being brought to you in a moment right here on the Roku channel
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