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REShow: Daryl Johnston - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 18, 2023 3:11 pm

REShow: Daryl Johnston - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 18, 2023 3:11 pm

Cowboys fan TJ debates whether or not to accept a bet from the show’s resident die-hard 49ers fan Jordan Sherrow on Sunday’s Dallas-San Francisco Divisional Round matchup. 

FOX Sports NFL Analyst/3-time Super Bowl Champion Daryl “Moose” Johnston and Rich break down the Giants vs Eagles Divisional Round matchup, says why rookie QB Brock Purdy looks like a high schooler in appearance but more like a seasoned NFL veteran on the field, and shares his favorite memories from the Cowboys-49ers rivalry over the years. 

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. The Chargers are out of the playoffs. You know, the Chargers, you think they're going to zag when all they do is zig. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I told you they were going to stick with Staley and they were going to change some of the staff.

Whatever your impulse is, do the exact opposite. Try that one out. Earlier on the show, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, ESPN NFL analyst Robert Griffin III. Coming up, Fox Sports NFL analyst Daryl Moose Johnston. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show, hour number three. We're on the air right here on the Roku channel and we're also on the Rich Eisen Show radio network powered by Grainger with supplies and solutions.

For every industry, Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by, why don't you? We're also here on Sirius XM Odyssey and we're on our podcast. Everybody who listens to us whenever you want through our podcast. Love when you tweet at us to say that's how you're doing it. And we're greatly appreciative of anybody who would subscribe on our podcast.

And there's our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show. First two hours of this program. In the books, if you missed any of it, we're top of hour number three. Right now, after this hour with Moose Johnston, who's calling Giants Eagles, who called Seahawks Niners, who played in Cowboys Niners for three monster NFC Championship games. We played each other back to back to back in NFC Championship games. With the Cowboys taking two out of three.

They took the first two, they lost the third. He will be here on this program. Once this third hour is over, we will re-air on channel 210 on the Roku channel. So if you missed any of the first two hours, you're rock solid. We've got Mike Florio on hour number one. We had a great chat with RG3 on hour number two. Great conversation about which legacy would be altered the most if any of the final eight head coaches in the NFL won the Super Bowl. Who is still coaching in the playoffs, essentially, would have their legacy altered the most with the Super Bowl win.

And we chose Mike McCarthy by a slight bit over Doug Peterson. And what say you at 844-204-RICH? That's a number to dial. We'll take some phone calls.

And let's start our third hour with an actual phone call that we're referring to. Jaden in Lexington, Kentucky. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Jaden? Nothing much, Rich. I'm a big fan of yours, by the way.

I watch the show all the time. I was actually kind of curious because y'all were talking about whose legacy would be affected the most. And I'm a big Bengals fan, right? So I'm not going to ask about the coaches. What I'm going to ask about is how a Super Bowl win would affect Joe Burrow's legacy this year with most of his old linemen being out. And a second part to that, if this would mean more than last year's win, if they were to win, which they didn't. Wow.

What a question to throw in front of us here, Jaden. I don't know about winning. Last year would have been pretty sweet for the Bengals to have won it last year. And for me, you know, last year would have completed the Burrow as the second coming of Brady storyline. That Burrow would do it in year two, just like Brady did it in year two.

And, you know, obviously this year would be amazing as well. The only reason why I guess we could do the same thing for legacies for a quarterback, how would it affect Joe Burrow's legacy? It would just continue the trend of him being one of the greatest winners we've seen yet. You know, when Brady won it all in his second year, all he did was just come off of, you know, having one of the greatest Orange Bowl performances in the history of that game for Michigan as he was drafted 199th overall.

This is a kid who was first overall drafted coming off of a national championship with 60 touchdowns after a terrific high school career, put him on the Ohio State radar screen before they told him to beat it. So and by the way, that's the way I choose to characterize the end of that relationship. Joe, as you know, chooses to continue saying he's still a Buckeye. So long story short, though, I think it would just continue his trend of being one of those cigar smoking guys that you just want to follow.

You know, that's the way I would judge it. Yeah. So, OK, the second part to that, Trevor Lawrence still in the playoffs, Joe Burrow still in the playoffs.

Whose legacy would be affected more out of those two with the Super Bowl win this year? Oh, man, thanks for the call, Jaden. I appreciate it. See you, brother.

How do you not go, Burrow? Although, did you see this one that Trevor Lawrence has never lost on a Saturday? You know what, I heard that the other day. Somebody mentioned that. Yeah, I heard that the other day. That the only losses he had at Clemson were national championship games that were not... On Mondays. On Mondays. Right.

I love that. And that, you know, obviously he never played in high school. He never lost in high school, right?

Never lost in high school. Right. And then his only losses in Clemson were on national championship finals that were on Mondays. And then whenever he's played, and then this past game was on a Saturday. So that's on the line this Saturday. Jeez. OK, so... He's never lost on a Saturday.

That's pretty funny. Jaguars are like, plus 3.30 if you want to wade in those waters on the money line, Rich? You know, they played each other this year. You know. I gotta think that he's not gonna throw four picks in the first half again, right?

Oh, well all he's gonna do is just throw three and it's an improvement. So... Right? The floor is very low. The ceiling just is low. That's what I'm saying. You know? How's that as a sunny way of looking at it, right? The ceiling is the floor.

You know what I'm saying? Thanks, Mike. Let me just say, it was 27-17. It was week 10. And the game was 20-0, Kansas City.

Really? And then Christian Kirk scored right before halftime. Stop me if you've heard that one from Jacksonville. And then they got a field goal right after halftime to make it a 10-point game. And that's when Mahomes went on a 10-place, 75-yard drive at the end of the third quarter to make it a 17-point game.

And that's all she wrote. Our guest on Monday show, Christian Kirk, had a 19-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to make it a little bit more cosmetically pleasing. But if you look at the ESPN win probability chart, the worst it got for the Chiefs was 78 percent chance of winning when it was scoreless. Those charts always make me laugh. In the first quarter. When you see like a crazy comeback like the one that Jags did, you know, the chart is always like doo doo doo doo doo doo.

And then it just drops off a cliff. Right. Yeah, but they were they had a 90, 100 percent chance of winning at kickoff, by the way. How about them apples? We'll see. Anybody going to be brave enough to take the Jags? I don't know how you can. You mean in this room or? I don't know how you can. I just mean in this room or on TV this week.

Any of your shows or anybody on TV this week? I'll take the Jags, Chris. Why not? Well, I pick them.

Why not? I mean, I don't know if I believe you. Let's talk about this.

And actually believe it. You know what I mean? Let's talk about this. You want to talk about, you know, wagers you'll take. That seems to be the biggest long shot of the weekend. Wagers that you'll take because the stakes are what is it?

What do you care? You'll sit here. You'll take the Jaguars.

And when it's the Chiefs, you'll be like, I would just do whatever, whatever that means. Right. That's no real stakes for you. How about you taking Rich Eisen Show editor Jordan Sherrill up on his offer that he texted the entire chain last night. Here we go. The Rich Eisen Show fantasy basketball chain was lit last night because I had, you know, I had a little bit.

It was not lit. Hold on a minute. You started it. You started it right in your mouth. Excuse me. I had a little bit of the Montepulciano right around six o'clock last night. Yeah, I couldn't tell. And I tweeted out to the Rich Eisen Show NBA fantasy group that I need to take a drug test because Fred Van Vliet just had 22 points in the first half against Chris Brockman's team.

This is way before Jokic had a triple-double, in which he missed only one shot on the night. He's insane. At any rate, I run far afield. Part of the Texas team, we go back and forth, back and forth. Chris Brockman decides to ask T.J. Jefferson if he's at the Sixers-Clippers game because that's the convergence of the two teams you love the most.

Right, yes. Sixers and Clippers. Those are your two teams.

And they played last night on TNT and here in Los Angeles. And I wrote back, I'm sure he's there. And you, you doubted it. I was buying it. You weren't buying it.

And who tweeted a photograph from crypto but T.J. Jefferson? You went. You left the house. Hey, they'll never disrespect me like that. That's what I wrote.

The disrespect is real. I said I believed in you. But we never saw you in the photo so anyone could have sent you that photo.

That's a good point. But my bank account would tell you otherwise. I'm going to need to see the receipts. There it is. There's the picture.

There's the photo. What do we got? Premier level? By the way, by the way, is that how you're rolling? Were you with Ashton?

No. You've been down on the floor if you were with Ashton. I'm with my boy Riley.

We've been going to Clippers games together since 99-2000. Well, at any rate, so I started as has been established in this conversation. I started the text chain. And I just grabbed, you know, I just because I know it's been relabeled R.E.S. NBA fantasy or what have you, or it's been relabeled something like that. And so I just clicked on the one with the basketball emoji attached to it.

I had no idea it was last year's chain that included Jordan Sherrill, Rich Eisen Show editor, who, as you know, I personally expunged or asked if he wanted to be replaced by my son Cooper because all he did was draft Sacramento Kings because he's a Northern Californian and then didn't start people. Wasn't paying close attention. He wasn't paying attention. And as you know, that I can't have. You're a stickler.

I have a stickler for that. Apparently from this text chain, that wasn't the only thing he hasn't been paying attention to. Yes, but we'll get to that in a minute. But at any rate, because he did ask who's leading the league. And I'm like, glad you asked Jordan. And but but Jordan Jordan, you know, I believe, if I'm not mistaken, Sean Mitchell, Rich Eisen Show digital coordinating producer is the one who monitors every syllable we say. And Jordan handles stuff that's, you know, not on the minute to minute of tweets, videos we need sound. Am I correct?

Hoskins. That's the way everything's OK. So it's very good. It's not hanging on our every word, like Sean kindly does.

All right. So I'm glad that he asked who's leading the league. And you're like, you clearly don't watch the show. Because, you know, I enjoy letting everybody know you do that I'm absolutely boat racing the competition right now in my title defense season. So long story short, though, Jordan is a, as I mentioned moments ago, a Northern California sports fan. He offers you a bet.

I want to make a bet with T.J. I love how he talks like you're not on the chain, but you are very active, very rare for you to be actually so responsible. I was getting ready to go to the game, too, so I can't believe I was even taking the time to even like talk to you guys. I'm like trying to pull me because I thought the game was seven thirty and realized it was seven. So I was like, oh, I got to go. Here you go. I think he wrote, by the way, this made me laugh out loud. It was pretty good.

I enjoyed it. I think if the Niners win, he has to change his board, meaning your your your white board there. But he has to change his board to bang, bang, Niner gang and hold it up every day at least once for an entire week.

An entire week is a lot. I laughed out loud. It's both. No. Thank you.

Albert Einstein. Are you guys chimed in? Are you going to say my response to this?

Well, I think you would now utilize this space to respond to it, because I think I have a question. I've been around the block and my apologies to Niner fans if I've missed this. Is this a thing?

Bang, bang, bang, bang, Niner gang or is this like just Jordan? I mean, he's a Niner fan, so I'll assume it is. Did you Google it? Is it a thing? I think it's a thing. I think it's a thing. I don't think he just threw that out there for no reason.

I've seen a lot of Niner fans with bang, bang, Niner gang with tweets, bang, bang, Niner gang. All right. I'll accept it.

Will you? Well, it's like I said in the text chain yesterday, right? And I'm not and there's no way to say this without sounding cocky. And I'm just one of the people on the air by saying I'm not trying to sound arrogant or cocky.

You're an on air talent. Yeah. But the fact of the matter is I was like, OK, well, what is your side of the bet? Because for me, if I lose that bet, you're sitting there in front of 70 plus million people that are subscribed to unique users, unique users, the millions rock voice and millions of Roku users. Right. And I take a lot of crap, as you know, as for being a cowboy fan, you're off Twitter now. You don't care.

That's true. So my thing is like he has to come up with something that's going to be equal to the amount of shame that I'm going to feel. How about I have to do that? How about we get him his own whiteboard?

He's got to write. How about them cowboys on it? OK. And we take a photograph of it and we show it every day. I don't think that's the same. It sure is. It sure is publicly shaming.

It is not the same. No offense to Jordan, but like Jordan doesn't have people at YouTube like already crapping on them like they do me with the cowboys. Jordan's not getting recognized at the forum. That is a good point. By people whose names he doesn't remember.

Even though Jordan, he's on the list of people taller than you think he is. Understood. Sweetheart of a man. Sweetheart of a man for chiming in on a text. Dark Sacramento Kings fan, too, by the way.

He loves it. He's talking about Sabonis. He's talking about how great Sabonis is. He's like, whoever has Sabonis is doing very well.

By the way, he pricked Don Bui. So you do not accept. Here's the deal. Like, fine. What about one day? I'll do it.

If it happens, there's no way for this bet to be even. I'm just going to say that. But fine. I'll go. Bang, bang, niner, gang. One day in red. One day in red marker. In red marker. Yeah, I'll do it. We have a red marker in the back. I'll do it. One day. Good. Because here's the deal.

By the way, I would have I would have allotted from the budget to get a red marker. And the reason I'm going to agree to this is because I wasn't able to pay off my Atlanta Braves bet that I lost with her caller. Is that Al? Al. Al and Alana. Al. Al, go ahead. He doesn't remember names of our fans.

What's going on with them? Bro, Rich. That guy who did that thing? When you get recognized at the forum. That's right. You know, there's a lot of names. You know how many people on this planet I know? You remember a name of a person who calls on the phone that I've never met?

The Forrest Gump of the Rich Eisen Show floats through life and meets the most famous people and is friends with them. Bang, bang. Niner gang.

Yeah, I'll do it. Whatever. Bang, bang. Niner gang.

Because you know what? I was today years old yesterday when I learned that that's a phrase. I'm sorry. Niners fans. I feel good about my boys. I've been around the Niners for a long time.

Yeah, there's t-shirts with bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. OK. So I will accept Jordan's bet, even though it's a lopsided bet. But I'll accept it.

All right. So, Jordan, if you're out there watching the Rich Eisen Show, if you're out there, the bet is accepted. We have honed it down to just one day, if the Niners beat the Cowboys, that you will have to hold up a grease board of bang, bang, Niner gang.

And if the Cowboys win, he has to hold up a grease board of how about them Cowboys? And we then put it on the air. Fine. Once an hour. Three times. That's fine. Three times. OK. Once an hour. And then the bet is settled.

Settled. If you're watching. If you're watching. I'm leading the Rich Eisen Show fantasy basketball, I'm leading it by a wide margin.

It's not that wide, bro. You're like two games up. Oh, someone just sent me a bang, bang, Niner game music video. E-40 did it.

Oh, OK. E-40's a rally. That's my man. So it's a real thing. Very good. Settled. See what happens when you respond to text chains. Good things happen.

Yeah, when I have time, which I didn't have time yesterday, which was like a... I've never even taken videos of the bongo cam on, which, by the way, I do believe MBeed and the rest of the Sixers were playing on the Clippers when the fourth quarter hit. By the way, speaking of disrespect, though, the fact that Joel MBeed's name isn't being tossed around in these MVP conversations is very annoying. Tyrese Maxey playing like that. I'll have a better record. Lights out. Better record.

They're in third place. Tyrese Maxey playing like that with Harden and MBeed, healthy, and Tobias Harris. And you know... By the way, Harden... Melton and Milton. I love that. James Harden owes me some money.

The Melton-Milton show. Brother. Jefferson. I like your team, man. You know, I love the coach. James Harden owes me some money last night. By the way, the Clippers are still... They're working out their rotations and things. We were kind of in the stands like, why is Terrence Mann not in the game? And sure enough, as death and taxes in this year is my fantasy alert that Kawhi Leonard is a game-time decision for the back end of a back-to-back. He ain't playing.

He ain't gonna be there. Kawhi Leonard is so good at basketball. He's playing well. He's so good at basketball. He's so good. He's so good. And he's been on fire ever since I complained about him, but he's... But now he's gonna take a few games off to make you mad again. Let's take a break. I know.

Let's take a break. Moose. Moose. Moose.

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His name is Moose Johnston, three-time Super Bowl champ of Fox Sports. Great to have you on Moose. How you been? I'm doing awesome. How are you doing Rich? I'm doing great. I mean, what a, what a weekend of NFC playoffs on Fox brother.

Holy cow. What a double dip on it's going to be great. Certainly when you're calling, let's jump in the game that you're calling first. First things first, before we get to the Eagles, uh, Dan, when did Daniel Jones turn into Colin Kaepernick? When did that happen? Did that happen just last weekend? I don't know. I, um, I went back and watched, we did 48, 22, um, uh, early in December and I went back and looked at that game just to, just to see where this evolution, you know, started, how far back did it go?

Has it been just like overnight? And there were little flashes of it. There was a couple of drives where, you know, Philadelphia got a lot of pressure in the pocket. He slid, he climbed, he moved a little bit, extended through the ball. Um, they played quick on a couple of series and he was really, really efficient. And then he had a couple of really important runs, you know, just really, really well timed run calls, uh, by Mike Kafka and Brian Dable and, and did a really, really nice job with him. So you could see kind of the beginning of that, but nowhere near the consistency that he showed in the Minnesota. He was terrific.

I mean, he was dynamite. I mean, and especially since, you know, the, the giants give up a touchdown to start the game and then the first snap for the giants offensively is a hold and they're deep in their own end and, and they're, you can't even call it behind the sticks. They're way behind the sticks and they overcame that thanks to Jones's throwing and Saquon's running like it was nothing. And I'm, I'm, I'd be concerned if I'm the Eagles coming off there by Darrell, to be very honest with you. They did not, they did not look good, um, in that last game in week 18 and you know, you can say all you want to say about, you know, how the giants approached it and, you know, Jalen hurts is, you know, he's getting in, he's going to knock the rust off, um, that that did not look like the same Eagles team from December 4th.

And you know, that's the big thing. It was not just Jalen hurts. I mean, all those starters were there, you know, they played their starters deep into the fourth quarter and you know, Davis Webb was moving the ball at times. They were running the ball effectively with guard center guard. That is not going to be the starting trio this weekend. So there are some things when Philly watches that film there, it's not the fact that Jalen hurts might've been a little bit rusty and in his words that we were good enough and that's all you needed to be week 18.

Well, guess what, in divisional round, you're going to be, have to be much more than good enough. Um, and, and I don't, I don't know if it's just one isolated thing. I think there's more than, than a couple of things there that just looked a little bit out of sync. Uh, I think Isaiah Hodgins has been, you know, huge. That was, that was the one thing we saw in the 48, 22 was that was kind of his coming out party. Um, and, and he has just grown immensely over the last five weeks. And again, when you refer to 48, 22, you were talking about the, the previous time that the Eagles just curb stomped the Giants and then the second iteration was a little bit closer.

And now comes a playoff game Moose between these two teams. What, what is going to be the key here, um, for, for the Eagles to, to take care of what, what I think hounded Cousins and he was able to still move the football, um, throw the football against, but those two monsters in the middle for the, for the Giants on defense and Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams, what, what do you think about that one right there? Yeah.

Yeah. They've been playing really well. Kayvon Thibodeau has really grown, uh, you know, kind of the last four or five weeks as he's really found his, his niche there in that defense as well. The secondary is healthy.

That was the other big thing in the first matchup. Um, you know, they had a lot of backups in the, on the back end and there was a couple of explosive plays and, uh, and that's really what it was that, that first, that first go around. Um, so I, I think the biggest thing is Jalen hurts has to get off to a really good start. You know, uh, Nick Sirianni has got to get them out, get them comfortable, give a couple of quick, easy throws. Um, they were in a lot of empty in that first week one matchup and it kind of went down the field with just a short, quick passing, um, because New York was getting some pressure at that time. Um, I think it's gonna be critical for Miles Sanders, Boston Scott to be, to be good in the run game. He doesn't have to be able to threaten New York with the threat of the run. Uh, because I think when that offense is really, when it's really functioning at a high level, you have the threat of the Jalen hurts run and, and I don't know, is that going to be a part of that? Do we feel comfortable enough to put him out there and expose him to that? Because that was, that was huge in that first matchup, um, on third down in the red zone, it was Jalen hurts running the ball.

It was extending drives. It was giving them the opportunity to score a touchdown. So I think just getting him off to a good start, getting them into the flow of the game and then how much run do we get to see from him? Whether it's scramble, whether it's a called quarterback runs, you know, how comfortable is the Eagles offensive staff at exposing him to a big hit? And then of course, Eagles fans would say, Hey, you know, Daniel Jones looked great and so did, uh, Saquon, but the Vikings defense isn't in the same area code as the Eagles defense. How do you see that match up? Yeah, I think that there's merit there.

I really do. But I tell you this offensive line has gotten better and better and better. We had him in the opener or I think week two, we had been week two and you know, the big concern was, you know, the inconsistency through training camp of being able to establish that that starting part, especially guard center, guard area, lots of injuries. Um, you know, the wide receiver position was not addressed in the off season and where are we going to be there? And you look at the evolution of the offensive line and you look at the evolution in the emergence of some of these players at the wide receiver position and they are night and day from what they were early in the season. So yes, the Philadelphia defense is much stouter than Minnesota's was, but this offense is much better, um, than it, than it was the last time Philadelphia saw them. Um, so I'm, I'm excited to see, and that's, that's, you know, takeaway week 18, you know, there was no Daniel Jones, no Saquon Barkey, no, uh, Andrew Thomas, no Evan Neil. Um, you know, they're going to see a team that's extremely competent right now in the two big question marks on the offensive side of the ball played extremely well against Minnesota.

This is a tougher challenge. Um, but, but I think it's going to be, I think it's going to be really interesting to see because I really feel that that matchup is going to be a lot closer than that Philadelphia defense is expected. Darryl Johnston here on the Rich Eisen show from Fox sports, you and Joe Davis just, uh, you're going to call giants and Eagles. You just finished up calling the first game of super wild card weekend, Seattle and San Francisco. When I see Brock Purdy, man, I just see a baby face kid, but you seeing him in person when you met him, uh, in all honesty, when you saw him walking in that room between embryo and teenager, how young does he look, what do you got for me on that front?

Uh, he, he did not look like he was going to be the starting quarterback and the super wildcard round years away from that. It's so, so what, what is the secret sauce? What's happening there? What'd you, what'd you glean when you talk to him and Kyle Shanahan before the game and, and watch the game?

What, what, what'd you pick up there? I think he's fearless. Um, I really do. I think he's played a lot of football and he's seen a lot of things. Um, you know, you're a four year starter, uh, at Iowa state. I think he's already walked this path, you know, going from high school as lightly recruited quarterback to Iowa state. He told us, you know, I was 13 quarterback coming in, you know, my freshman year and I learned a lot about the process and the patients that's needed to kind of to get through that. And, and you just have to be ready when that opportunity presents itself because you never know what it's going to say.

You have to be prepared. And I was able to take advantage of it at Iowa state and I kind of used a lot of those lessons I learned there to help me to be ready here. And we had that game. We had that Miami game when he came in and I'll tell you what, rich, I mean, he made, he made a couple of throws into some windows, one in the red zone. So you knew there was, there was no doubt that he felt confident in his ability to throw into tight windows at the NFL level. Uh, he made a couple that were outstanding.

Um, I think he's very intelligent. I think he embraces, um, the diversity of that offense, you know, how dynamic it can be. You know, we hear a lot of backup quarterbacks say, I don't have to win the game.

I just have to use the talent that's around me. I think he does more than speak that. I think he really does live that, but then he's got that ability to make those off schedule plays that a lot of quarterbacks, a lot of young quarterbacks don't. And the throw to Brandon, are you in the back corner of the end zone that that unfortunately Brandon dropped was one of the, one of the better places I've seen this year. I mean, to scramble left circle all the way back to your right and get that ball into a spot where Brandon could catch it. Only Brandon could catch it was really impressive. So what we hear from the older guys is that, you know, they say Brock, pretty walks into the bottle from day one and it's his huddle and you've got Trent Williams, George Kittle. I mean, you've got some dynamic personalities and some really good players in there and it's Brock birdies huddle. And so I think he won them over immediately his performance on the Miami game, uh, the way he, he kind of came into that next week and just really kind of took charge as a starting quarterback.

Uh, those guys have all bought in, they all love them. Well for me, uh, Moose, you know, the first touchdown, um, that the Niners scored 68 yards comes from just one touch from McCaffrey by the way. Great first touch for him, huh? As a Niner in the playoffs and then, and then he finishes up that, that, that, uh, that drive with a touchdown grab that Purdy helped create, you know, by, by avoiding a sack. The time to use the bill Parcells phrase where I thought he dropped his Huggies was the, the drive to start the second half coming out of the locker room, the, the, the Seahawks had just taken the lead because of that boneheaded penalty on Jimmy Ward and the boneheaded squib to be very honest with you. I don't know why they squib kicked, but the way that he performed in that drive and the throws he was making and, and the confidence that he had, I thought to myself, okay, we might look back and say, this is when he settled in after that first half and cause he can, this team can win it. Right.

I mean, we should stop even asking that question, even though I'm going to ask it to you one more time. That Niners can win it with Purdy. No, they've been talking about that since week one, this is a Super Bowl ready roster. Right. You know, they've got Trey Lance and you know, everything's ready to go. And you know, the one thing I've been impressed with, with San Francisco is the amount of adversity you have going through the course of the season at the most important position and they've never flinched. Uh, and it's a credit to John Lynch, uh, and Kyle Shanahan to have that covered.

Right. You've, you've, you've got your guy that you want to be the guy moving forward in trail answer. He gets hurt and then you found a way to keep Jimmy Garoppolo around and then he gets hurt. And then you got this guy that, you know, we were thinking about maybe just waiting and maybe picking up as a free agent, but Hey, what the heck, you know, we, we liked the kid.

He checks all our boxes, let's just grab them with our last pick. You backed up the most important position and it paid huge dividends for you because your defense is championship caliber. Your skill players on the offensive side are as good as anybody in the NFL.

You, you just need somebody not to get you beat with turnovers, the quarterback position and somebody who understands I'm the point guard and I've got a lot of weapons that I can put the ball to and that's what bar parties do it. So yeah, I, I, this is, it's already early in the year when we did that first giant Eagles matchup and it was 48 22 and you've got to come away from it and you're like, you know, that, that, that's a good Eagles team. I don't know if anybody can beat them. I, you know, they're going to have to help the opposition. If anybody's going to knock off Philly, they're going to have to have some turnovers. They're going to have to have some penalties.

They're going to have to make a few mistakes. Um, you're kind of thinking about that thinking now for San Francisco, you know, with, with the uncertainty of, of Jalen hurts and what he can do with a quarterback spot with lane Johnson. Is he going to be able to play? How long will he be able to play?

Um, Evante Maddox is still out of line up on the defensive side of the ball. Not only is San Francisco talented, but they're extremely healthy right now going in where last year, I mean, they came limping into the playoffs and this year they're, they're as healthy as they've been all season. Daryl Johnston, few more minutes left with the three-time Superbowl champ and Fox sports analysts calling the giants and Eagles this weekend.

All right. Cowboys Niners. I say those two words to you. The first memory you have is what moose NFC championship game, 1992 30 year anniversary just a few days ago, I think. What do you, what do you think about that one?

What hits you? Uh, the big thing was, um, we're going out the candlestick and everybody knows who San Francisco is. We are the up and coming team, but we're, I think in most people's eyes, we were a year away.

We were two years away. Um, I've, I've said this to teams and players all the time and you get a chance to talk to them in these environments. Um, you know, you, you go out into that environment and, and you, you've got us, you've got a margin for error, even as talented as we were. We were young.

Um, but that San Francisco team was so good. So we had to go out and play really, really well. And I, I tell this all the time, like that is as close to a perfect game that that group ever played. And we had to have that. We were plus four in the turnover ratio that day and we're still holding on in the fourth quarter until Alan Halper has the big play, you know, to kind of feel that for us.

So, um, yeah, it, that was the start. And then, then it just, it, you know, the next year we're in the championship game again, the following year we lose out of candlesticks. So that was kind of a, kind of the, the opener for, for that generation's, uh, battles between Dallas and San Francisco with, with a lot on the line. So that'll always be a special one. That was a, that was one of those situations where you don't know what you don't know, but you know, we're the youngest team in the NFL going out to play, uh, what everybody thought was the most talented and the, the, the odds on favorite to win the super bowl and, and just played the game of our lives. Yeah.

And, uh, when Dak Prescott scampered into the end zone, Scott free, uh, on Monday night against Tampa to help the Cowboys through their first road win in the playoffs since that 92 NFC championship game in candlestick, do you know, he became the first cowboy to run a one in for a touchdown in a road playoff win since you, Darryl. Yeah. Wow. Did I just blow your mind? Did I just? Yes, you did.

Yes, you did. Um, yeah, I don't, I don't have many rushing touchdowns at all. Uh, but to be, to be a part of that equation, that's, that's crazy. And that's the thing, the numbers that people are able to talk about with the Dallas Cowboy organization and the futility in the playoffs for the last 30 years is it doesn't, it doesn't mesh. You know, you're like, no, that can't be Dallas. That can't be right.

It can't be that long that they haven't done that. And yeah, for, for, for my touchdown in 1992 to be the last road rushing touchdown, that shows you how challenging things have been for the organization. In a win, you put a, you put your team up 17, 10 in the third quarter, Emmett grabbed one. And, you know, later on in that game and I, I was at the, the, the last NFC championship game between the three of the, the two of you, the one that the Niners finally broke through on. And I just remember that game with Switzer there and it was, it was unbelievable.

That was truly one, you know, that was truly one of the greatest playoff games I've ever witnessed. Dion going against Michael, you know, I don't know, I'll be honest with you, I don't remember which team Ken Norton was on by that point. You know, he kept switching back and forth. He was on San Fran at that time. Yes, he was. That's right. And Haley being, that's just, those are some old Donny Brooks, man. Just great.

Yeah. They were just great. I still think if we'd ever gotten it inside 10 points, if we ever could have got it to a single digit lead, got it to seven, I think it would have, it would have just shook San Francisco to the core because they were up 21 nothing. I mean, that was our rallying cry in the first quarter. Hey, we're down 21, but we did it real fast. There's a lot of time left for us to get back in this game. I mean, probably the worst six or seven minutes of football I've ever been a part of on one of the bigger stages you're ever going to have the opportunity to play, but you'll have to get Michael one time to see what the conversation is between him and Dion and that uncalled pass interference that would have gotten us, had it been called, would have probably gotten us inside 10 points.

And I think that that really shifts the whole dynamic at the end of that game. This is Wednesday. We talked about it with him Tuesday, yesterday, Mott Moose. We brought it up to him. Has he let it go yet?

No. And I've been on the set with both of them still arguing. One time they even got up out of their chairs live on NFL network to reenact which one, which each one thought the play looked like, you know, I mean, and we're showing a shot of it on the screen right here on a photograph. It really is something that lasts to this day. And cause, and this is the last one here. You could have won four in a row, right?

You would have won four in a row, pretty much the Cowboys, if that happened that day, based on what we saw, the Niners eviscerated, uh, Stan Humphreys and the Chargers in that Super bowl. Right, Moose? Yeah.

Without a doubt. And that was, that was the hard part. Cause you're sitting on the cusp of history. Nobody's won three in a row. Um, and, and we really felt like we had the opportunity. I think one of the big things that everybody forgets about that season is that was the season that, that Eric Williams was in a car accident. And when we don't have Eric Williams, uh, not only are we not as good at right tackle, but we just lost our physicality on our whole offense. When Eric Williams is in the huddle, um, there's a different mentality for our offense and, and we lost that when Eric, uh, was out for the rest of the season.

So there's a, there's a lot of things that will, people will talk about, but for me, that was always the biggest one. It was going to be hard for us to get back there without biggie. Um, and, uh, you know, that, that, that's when it kind of showed itself, you know, we, we really struggled.

Like, you know, Larry Allen out at right tackle, he, so he's out of position and he's got a bad ankle and it was just, it was a tough lift for us. They were, they were a good team, but it was so frustrating because we're sitting on the cusp of history to do three in a row and, and you know, there's, there's a few teams have had that opportunity and nobody's been able to cash in on that yet. Um, not, not even those Patriot dynasties. So, you know, for us, you know, that, that, that will always be the one that, that, that I'll always wonder about.

And you know, truth be told, you know, God, we needed Jimmy, you know, I just, I wish Jimmy would have stayed one more year and taken a shot at it. No, you told him that. I'm sure. Right. You've told him that.

Right. I hope he knows. I hope he knows. I hope he knows how important, I hope he knows how important he was to RT. I mean, that's the one thing, you know, you know, sometimes coaches, you know, they feel like they're just the person in charge and, and you set the schedules and you organize a camp and you do all the different things and you've got your staff. Jimmy was more than that for us. You know, Jimmy, Jimmy was, he had a lot of our swagger, um, you know, he just, the way that he carried himself, the way that he coached, um, he was a big part of everything we did. He was a huge part of everything we did at work and when he left, that was a huge hole. I mean, people talk about having to replace players, um, and, and maybe sometimes you're not quite as good because you weren't able to replace that player. We weren't as good when we lost Jimmy, you know, we, we lost a lot more, uh, you know, than his leadership of the pop, just the way that he carried himself and, and, and the, the emotion that he brought out of RT. Maybe that's why Jimmy calls his, uh, his book, his memoir of swagger.

That could be exactly it. You know, you're helping them sell books here too. Hey Moose, um, thank you for the call. Great spot. A great conversation. Let's do this again. Have a great time with Joe Davis.

Sounds like you guys are, uh, have a great call on Giants Eagles and then, uh, we'll chat down the line. Greatly appreciate it. You got it, Rich. Yeah. Enjoy the weekend of football.

Can't, I would have to really try hard not to, it's going to be dynamite. Thanks for that. That's Darryl Johnston. He'll be calling Eagles, Giants on Saturday night with Joe Davis on Fox right here on the Rich Eisen show. And you can listen to that game on Westwood one cause this NFL postseason, every Westwood one NFL broadcast streams live for free all on the road to Superbowl 57 catch all the action on the Odyssey app on Westwood one via Westwood one station streams are by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports phone calls, including one from, I believe our editor Jordan Sherrill wants to accept your challenge.

That's next. This is the Rich Eisen show. Welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast, where each week we watch every episode of smallville, a show that changed our lives forever and perhaps your lives too. I'm Michael Rosenbaum. Hello.

I am Tom Welling. What was the sign off now? Always remembers talkville.

That's it. Always hold on to smallville folks. We love you.

Can do it without you. We've got a great season two coming up. Catch up with season one or start season two on YouTube or wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen show, back here on the Rich Eisen show, we're getting our drops all ready for the playoff weekend. So if, if the Dallas Cowboys lose this weekend, the Cowboys season would be and then the Niner season, it would be right there, Albert Einstein with that.

And speaking of brilliant, the idea of TJ Jefferson having to scrub his grease board of how about them Cowboys and write bang, bang, Niner gang. Jordan Shera, Rich Eisen show editor is on the program. Jordan. Thanks for watching. How are you? Uh, yeah, I'm good. I really didn't realize that a simple text conversation would lead to something like this. You should know better. Come on. This is not your first one. I know you're not watching, but you were aware, you know, I haven't been on one of those texts chains for a very long time.

As soon as I got the text, I immediately jumped right. What a nice picture of Jordan. That's a nice picture. Jordan. Yeah.

I went to Disneyland with my wife. Look at that. Oh, that's what you sent in.

Do you know what picture this? You're inside. I can't imagine. I'm sure he provided it. He provided it. I'm just saying, I can't imagine him watching right now.

You know what would look great on that face would be a big blue star painted on that face. Is that what you were asking of him? What are you asking of Jordan in response here?

What am I? I haven't figured out anything. Too bad. It's tough. You got to do it now.

Cause he's already right. Jordan. I thought you came up with, he'll do a sign and we'll show it once per hour. You fine with that Jordan? You good with that I'm a hundred percent okay with that, but I'm willing to up the offer as well. Cause I know TJ, you said that you would have to shame yourself, what, you know, and all that stuff, but I'd be willing to come in if that was allowed during the final segments of the show and where, and completely, you know, shame the 49ers and talk about how great the Dallas Cowboys are. If that's something that you would prefer better than something as a whiteboard, I got one too.

I got one too. TJ, remember a few years ago, we went to the playoff game, Rams playoff game and you're head to toe in the Cape and the wrestling mask and all that stuff. I think Jordan should have to wear that whole outfit at home while he's editing the show.

Where does he get the outfit? TJ is going to give it to him. But that's a cost to TJ, right? I mean, I don't know where he lives. Maybe if it costs less than $20, you can pick up the bill since you still owe him $20 in the penny picket trade. I don't know what that means.

It could be lost. Well, you bring me the outfit. I'll drive it to Jordan's house. Jordan wears it for a whole day of work.

Our updates sent in photos. That's not applicable. It's on TV.

We put it on TV. I'd rather have Jordan come in and do what he's saying and him have to hold up. How about Shawn Mitchell, Rich Eisen's show, Digital Coordinating Producers, is how about Jordan has to come in, wear a Cowboys uniform and gallop around the set on a stick horse like the logo on Mike McCarthy's sweatshirt? That's a little bit much. He's already nixed that one. Jordan, you nixed that one? Oh, you nixed that? Why?

No, I just scrolled down. I have a little dignity, a little bit. I'm not doing that. LOL.

At least he found it laugh out loud. Okay. We'll figure it out. All right. I'm fine with him doing the picture or if he wants to come in, because I get the feeling he wants to come in at least one day.

What a choice by Mike McCarthy to wear that. That's kind of like a Brownie the Elf version of, if the Cowboys had a Brownie the Elf, that's what they got. All right. So here we go. It's going to be Jordan coming in. Coming in.

There you go. Jordan, you're going to come in and we'll figure out a way to shame you. But don't worry. I got a bell and I'll just ring shame. And this is why TJ wants to, he's going to, you can get a bell. You can do shame.

He can have a walk of shame around the studio. You good with that, Jordan? Well, I mean, yeah, I'm totally with that, but TJ, you sound very, very confident today.

You have no idea where you're going to be going against. Oh, I do. Look at him. I do. I do know. Look at this wonderful picture again, we're putting on the screen of Jordan Sherrow. I mean, this is beautiful. My goodness. You're a handsome man, Jordan.

But I knew that already. All right, Jordan. Thanks very much for the call. Appreciate it. All right. Go back to the Niners. There you go.

Go back to not watching the show. Thank you. All right, Jordan.

Was that Jordan or Joel Clatt in that? Handsome man. Handsome man. Good Lord. You lose that battle already. No offense. Well, I mean, it depends. Many women find me attractive. I think we know how old Jordan is too, right?

What does that have to do with it? We just played the bongo cam on T.J. Suzie's going to be sitting in here with Marshall Faulk tomorrow. That'll be a fun show. I'll be back Friday with Steve Young. Do we know where you're going?

Not yet. I could tell you. I assume you know, but we don't know. Correct. Got it. Be right. Are you filming something?

That's correct. For? I'm not telling you.

An NFL show? Not telling you. Not telling you. Not telling you. Not telling you. I'm not telling you.

I'm going to be very upset. It's not it. OK.

Which show is that? Succession. Oh.

Stay tuned. Geez. I don't know what your problem is. If that was it, you should be happy for me.

Well, you know that's not the case for him. Bang, bang, eyes and gang. Hold on. That's it. Come on.

He's not going to be happy for you. Funny show. I'm not. Funny show.

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