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May 12, 2020 7:51 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 12, 2020 7:51 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What seminaries do you recommend---2- Matt took some time between calls to discuss Roman Catholic veneration of Mary--3- Have you ever heard of Christopher Hitchens- Did you ever debate him---4- Conversation about the JW interpretation of James 1-7 and 4-4.--5- Is there a way to make an evil spirit leave my unbelieving sister's home---6- Was Goliath one of the Nephalim---7- What is your take on medical marijuana---8- Could the Pope be the antichrist---9- Does the pretribulation rapture position leave the elect open to deception by the antichrist---10- Have we experienced the great rebellion mentioned in 1 Thessalonians-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded that's like show wrestling.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max what why Lorenz is called a respond to your questions at 877 was a call as usual was dialing 772072276 and if you're new to the show descriptors know what we do here what we do will soon enter questions about the Bible and the Colts false religious systems, Islam, atheism, evolution, topical kind of thing starting for like 40 years in office, Stockton ready for 15 years now. Anyway, so if you want to call you a question about number 877-207-2276 with again you might be cautious about trusting and going to read you slick a lot of people are right, maybe was just a little heads up on stuff.

No big deal.

We have some schools I would like to push the schools because are important.

The online schools that we have. If you want to study theology. Honestly apologetics in some thinking techniques and things like that will go to the Karam website CRM.O RG and you'll see information on any of the pages there on the right-hand side. See you all the links and everything for that and we also tell the people know that you can afford them sell for $50 right now in the court of thing all preschools, but it can afford them just just let us know and we can do for free. We use them for a reason to cope with lights on for the missionaries and things like that so that I also wrote a novel and go my third one actually is on sci-fi novel and you can check it out on the carpet or website CRM.O RG is my only venture into sci-fi I love sci-fi voice enjoyed it, and when your car in the websites down. Now let's see if some can check it out really fast.

Let me know have the site rebuilt and try to get it right now on my end course the Internet where I'm at is the limited monkey yesterday, so maybe it's something like that victim is down. Charlie, can you tell it's up working all right, so one guy said it's working. Try this.

Make sure to be on my end, which often could happen under no not not seen it.

Anyway you can check out the tuples.

It's up it was just an outage on my end stuff going on yet in this reminds me had to rebuild my computer tonight.

I'm at X computer tech and my computer's been acting a little bit wonky just a little bit just posting to bug you know I'm on my computer a 10 hours a day, so I know my system.

Well I push it really hard so I'm rebuild tonight not a big deal and let's see what else you so well time trap novel and if you get that 20% goes to the karmic ministry the Karam website so that's always nice actually re-release atheistic novella, and we moved it over to another account and so let it be up in a day or two, then I'll put some information upon that on the Karam website course there's the first novel the influence I'm working on intermittently.

The second of the series and there a lot of work stuff the ticket we need to do, describe angelic warfare, demonic forces and things like that. We've theology in to the pages of people don't know they're being taught theology love theology, I do. And also I am just a way for the calls that numbers calling right now. 877-207-2276.

Give me a call and see we got a twitter account going to the karmic Twitter account. Just go to CAR MO RG I think is what it is Carmen or discard org and that we go over 6000 tweets and over 13,000 followers, so if you want. Check it out. I'll be putting up a letter tweet today and I would also get the petri on thinking she got the victory on stuff so we patriot on PAT RTO and type in the Mets looking to check it out all right now. Why isn't anybody call theirs on right there that's good so one person's calling.

So that's something we get though the lines open. McCall news labor. You met in the show we we can't get everybody thinks because of their driven home or this get home or supplicant on the East Coast, and of course you want to expand the ministry to other radio networks whenever possible and just let you know that if you set the schools but forgot to mention allow 24 to 24 hours for everything to go through. We've been having a little bit of an issue with the system. Most of it works fine but sometimes it doesn't and doesn't just allow 24 hours. We have someone who checks everything and the mixers goes in and also does do a lot of intra-stuff today. I will seal yet we we could use your support if you want to support us all you do is go to and on the right-hand side of the page will see the issue for supporting us and we asked five dollars a month. $10 a month. Not much but enough people doing that and we have fun you don't, it's a stable and secure and we have lost donors because of the virus thing and this is where it goes. But if you're able to support us. Please check it out all right and racism rolling all the central things. I will not be in the radio live Monday doctors appointment to care some stuff so life goes all right, let's get on the phone with Erin from Salt Lake City Erin welcome you on the air back.

The recommend.

Well it depends what you want if you want to really good seminary. That's not compromising, then I would stick with the Westminster seminary in Philly or Westminster seminary and San Diego Dallas theological seminary, I heard still quite good and also RTS reformed theological seminary and I think Orlando Florida but I'm not so familiar with a whole bunch of other once John Knox I've heard is pretty decent to so unfamiliar with the beginning of what you know. Have you got your master them in your bachelors. I okay and you give an idea of which already live geographically what state I can go anywhere you going where are you reformed yet well if you're close to the East Coast Philly is really good Westminster Philly but if you like a son and stuff go to people's republic of California and Escondido, which is an organ North County of San Diego. That's where I went to seminary graduate, 1991 so Elizabeth sounds and the nurse to set RTS in Florida which is good also. So Midwestern that African things anything about Haverford's good stuffy. I've also heard that some of the professors used the Karam website and recommended and I have been out there for you men are evangelical ministry to the new religions meeting years ago and got to the campus and stay on campus like that. So I've heard good things about the Midwestern but there's a lot of scams out there but a lot of work just not that good. But if you reformed you like a Westminster warn you that when I get some advice for you. If you can. If you go to Westminster.

Whatever start studying Greek on your own. During the summer that you learn how to read every day the alphabet is targeting vocabulary down because you jumping in the deep yet and when I went to Westminster. It was the fifth most difficult graduate school in the country and yet it was so it will always tell you it was tough and are you married yet. Well yes you got kids get okay healthcare is now how old are you, I'm 38 we met when which Aaron is this Eric have all now you don't sound like you buddy like me, you don't sound like you I've known you for no we boys are. For years we been many times but you still saw it like you. Your voice over the radio right now. I'll have the light that's okay here is that when you do this this coming year. All I'm trying to finish up my degree.

I never finished earlier option in US my so I mean yeah whatever we take it want to make sure right, will you not known you for long time and you definitely smart enough to build a do with you. Love it and a lot of work but it's great really is the exposes great things so let me know what you decide. You know, I'm getting there about our errant goblins money.

All right, that's Aaron. He does not sound like the Aaron for years we've done open-air preaching together at Temple Square.

We done it in the man tight in Mormonism.

He works with them. Don't keep Werner Johnson down there Mormonism research ministry solid city area and was house so what is a great guy and just does not sound like a likeliest to me. Anyway, folks. What is going on and we don't have the colors waiting the five lines very unusual. Give me a call 877-207-2276, and also the time hereby telling you that working on an outline on Roman Catholicism and 242 pages so formatting that includes the title page, and if they like them and check this out. It was a little research on Mary to read you something that the Pope John Paul the second set in 1987 and I was doing this section to some modification and updating on a section on the issue of Mary and there is a statement of the catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2067 it says by trusting ourselves to her prayer, we abandon ourselves a little God together with her so next statement one would honestly say and I did some research with the Vatican websites and lo and behold the first article I find I condensed some of the comments statements in it and says I trust to you Virgin mother of God, all the faithful.

This land is it's a big article and so I extract the things that Pope John Paul II trusting to Mary. So all the faithful of this land. My brother bishops all the holy people of God. The families of America all the women of the church all those engaged in the Christian struggle of life and also the whole church in America because this was done in Los Angeles. We send this and you don't to me that's just abject idolatry. Because we don't do nothing, the Scripture teaches us that Mary can hear Millie's prayers, and is the one to be entrusted with America. We trust Christ with America. We asked the Lord Jesus. We ask God Almighty that what we should do in and ought to do is is pray to him for the entrustment of all issues, people and things like this and it just as you guys know I really believe the Roman Catholic Church is heretical and apostates and all who believe in official Roman Catholic theology go to hell and I believe that I really do. I very calmly say is was never a Catholic one hurt me or just theology right back folks for the mind only 772072 Van Slyke why call 770776 charismatic slave back in the show. Let's get on the phone with Nelson from California Nelson welcome your on-air again. Christopher Hitchens passed away 2011 is an atheist and legal start against the Christian entourage started in the late and he sent me a video of him and and I was wondering if you were debated now. I would love love to have a debate and have a PhD or doctorate so gently wouldn't debated me, but I would've thought love to have dealt with his arguments and the issues that he has against religion. He has a statement basically and all that he would be very dismissive of religion says it doesn't have any evidence but I would love to have tackled him on that. So you know he's he's passed away and right now, unless you repent the last minute he is unfortunately crying out in agony. So I will video no do it all, but it would, but I was wondering about it, but also mentioned before, the question I've been many. I've been witnessing to age of and LOI told him about the the Revelation 14 for referring to that that they will be defiled by women and basically said that he didn't go along that I'm fitted at that.

They mean that their men and so I have known at check. Sorry had a hard time laughing out loud to get out of this meeting had to be men to be women. I guess the fifth since it says will for your opinion. I looked up into their into their at 1/4 couple scriptures and so I wanted you. I'm pretty sure they're tearing the Scriptures apart. The first one was James 127 and then James 44 James 127 okay pure and undefiled religion the side of our God and father resist to visit orphans and widows in their distress and to keep yourself unsafe in the world.

Guess what you worship what James and John James 440 you adulteresses do not know French with the world is hostility toward God. Okay. And so, what's the point about [the second rent being 11 verse two from jealous for you with a godly jealousy. Freiberg betrothed you to one husband select to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin okay yeah so I'm guessing you may tell me you Scriptures because there Bible that link to that verse from verse four because I clicked on the verse. I like little link there. I clicked on it and the beat of the verse is a reference that will okay so what's the point, is a question so might my or my? You are they ripping the deck out of conflict definitely on thing in order to establish what was or what you try to establish that it would cross reference to the alumni unit from other ripping their that can't that verse out of context that Scriptures aren't I don't know, in reference to what because it's again so that you Trinity is not through the use of verses it wouldn't work in the background Revelation chapter 14 verse four.

You mean the hundred 44,000. Oh, I see grandchildren to the things that are okay well that okay looking. Anyway, it says it assisted Themselves chased you just go to Revelation 14 for and just do that that they've not had any relations. That's what it means. So they not known any sexual relations.

That's what it's actually saying in the Greek there so that you stick right there and do that with her trying to do was say undefiled with the world and uses other verses will that you know okay but no Revelation 14 force about is talking about it my mission to Charlotte relations of the chased and justice would assess the chased so highly hundred 44,000 jobs. Witnesses have children okay also just eight of them. You can go to other verses in reference but let's stick with this verse here. Revelation 14 for it says they've not been defiled with women for they have kept themselves chased kings of the once right and it's really important that we understand this, for they are the ones in the word. They're the ones in Greek is a single Greek word to definite article and it's the way, and it's the nominative plural, masculine of the of the award. The so you can do this in Greek were nouns have feminine masculine and neuter gender, and so this is holy, which is definitely masculine plural.

So saying these are the ones it's like saying these are the males plural use of the males who have not been defiled with women while that's what it saying the Greeks of the owners that were talking about right so as these, which is 2002 a sees me is also in the masculine, so it's these are the ones these are less of the verb are these is is pretty masculine and work for the spirit masculine. These are the ones who've not been defiled with women okay center will perfect okay I would get into into the debate with him, but that that the woman women to that group and know that FM knives. I've had to have discussions like this with Joel's witnesses before other groups and called sensei looks at the Greeks as here, and I stand is to give a quick lesson really briefly like a word women is feminine by nature, the word man is masculine by nature. We don't have much more than that actor or actress you know things like that. Emperor and Empress Queen the King. These few words we have in English have gender in them but in Greek that almost all of them is just speak Spanish or not. In Spanish is a you know you do right right okay so La Mesa the tables feminine in all and so it's how it is this like that in Greek except more so and so. Her writing is right and so feminine that this like saying in Spanish. These are the ones those men are never those who read back at his messages. We have two open lines 772-0722 max Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's late arrival to show everybody.

Hi Carol, thank you uncle can't. Everhart not believe it. Not Christian there already here.

Eric 08 terrifying or I might have to help what you can do is something demonic going on house does have a group of Christians. You don't have to have a group, but this is better to have a group with the can do not that's okay and you and your husband can go to the house and you can pray we can do to but some go to the house and he praying out loud. I like to do it that way. Anoint every wall every door every room with oil is as you just praying out loud and asking the Lord Jesus to bind any evil that might be potentially there and you don't want to pray to demonic spirits as so a lot of phone they had teachers on TV so you don't talk to and I was talking to the devil you don't do that and so that's one option you can get elders in the church involved and they can make recommendations at this point. You could also look at the house if there's any doors and door basically is nothing which is a Ouija board.

For example, work around that you have a crystal in your house, it means it's a door but it's what's the crystals are used for any on-call ceremony so that people use them for getting in tune with energy and aware crystals on her necklaces and things like that because they think it's can help them in this is not a call to cover the procedure and so these are the words. Also, drug abuse, particularly injectables are also can be doors to the cult affected the word in Greek for sorcery is a pharmacopeia so there's just lots of things so you first it was pray, but when you start praying, if there is any demonic activity going on there. Then you might become subject to the depression and and stuff in your room life for little bit for dental attention speak. I don't think it evil or if there's a real manifestation. I wouldn't think it was from God. Not just say God can't do certain things you can really does with different appearances of Jesus. This would seem to be muscle or having visions and dream of Jesus all over the Middle East and converting thousands to Christ. This is not talked about in the news media wrap from its haptic help when uncle Bob and aunt Mary start showing up in your bed at night is probably familiar spirit, demonic manifestation seeking to imitate and to entrap people to be very very careful.

But this mean that some that it is happening because if you're in your loved one is saying that they're experiencing something or maybe just her imagination is locked on people going to sleep and does happen with people you there drop their hacking has anybody else witnessed this yeah her Daughter and deficit that it verifies this okay will then thing to do is has asked them if they be willing to have you come in the house and pray your husband do that anoint the entire place with oil and deeply, praying, praying out loud to the Lord Jesus Christ at the Lord to bind whatever's going on, and I also contact him elders in the local church and have them in the pray for you during this procedure, and or join you in or lead in at the visitors. Witnesses to this something to happen and I have seen things back my cult days.

I know that things could happen.

I know they can. I've seen stuff so we can close the door to get a pray throughout the spiritual battle need help with okay? No more than he can see that he them more than say this is a Mormon saying this, you said Mormonism is a non-Christian call to the praying to a false God, false religion, and so that automatically have a giant door open to the occult and Lotta stuff in the morning to full ceremonies are cultic and secret handshake. Secret words aprons that to give power and authority. These are all cult practices, so he's probably just involved in setting cultic without knowing okay welcome Stacy God bless me know what happens on all right. Let's get on the phones with Russell from North Carolina Russell welcome your on their own brother. It's going to hang in there what you lie in the rear light in the Napa Lane.I don't know. He's apparently was in the on Akeem and some people have understand a single have said that might be out of the naphthalene relationship Turks. He was like 9 feet tall so we don't know for sure but that's because you can carry out why one of the cows I have always heard Goliath described as being very, very, very, all and also it's kind of like maybe he was not all there in late if it will. Anyone who defines the true living God isn't there mentally all the way.

But he also is a natural nestling but I had a question for you by David picked up five stones to tackle Goliath and killed him on the first throw. Why did David pick up five stones. I because Goliath had four relatives for plowing on his five so David knew that with you, tackle Goliath that it is to two brothers or for both of her but two brothers, and maybe two close cousins that that were associated and so they were named believe our or described and into the culture of blood revenge if you hurts to steer somebody there relatives, hurt your back, and it would often escalate. So he knew Vega tackle Goliath and kill tackle his brothers as well to pick up enough stones of the whole job despite attribute for you and you know you're all right that I that I enjoy the will praise God I will thought things that might need to this volume and arrived at bottom I emanate is that I love this got so where can I get a date but I like gravy. That's unusual.

But I do know atheists talk to atheists who enjoy even go to church effect brother-in-law denies God and he goes to an SDA church is the kind choice, but he cut has to go to help us his mother-in-law out things like that but he attends you know it's just like that happens.

Okay you have a great rest of the lake in a good week you to God blessed all rights.

Let's get on the air with Justin from Florida just welcome there.

Either I met there about that clearly. Yes, I can now let's all right warning how you feel about the use of medical marijuana and its effects on the life of the Christian as relates to our spirituality in our relationship with God. The Bible says in Proverbs 31 six give strong drink to the man is perishing and wine to the one who's in distress.

So the idea of using things for medical purposes is okay and I do know that I have never used any drugs my entire life. So I do know that there's a lot of benefits to it.

So if it's being used under medical supervision for medical reasons. I have a problem with it, not just casual hand nervous. I needed it out and at that's abuse because I do know that there are elements within it that are useful and can help with nausea and recovery during therapy.

Now what have you.

They will hold on and voted right back out is that it is a please Van Slyke why call 770-7276 is Justin just yet. Okay. So you better call it a question. I will what really quick old that will chapter and verse again about what you owe. Okay 31 six now on that. How do we know where we draw the line with what you know when we read scripture about pharmacopeia very confusing to a lot of people about what is considered to be pharmacopeia now wanted something that seems to open up your sensitivity to the spiritual dimension and a lot of Christians there and I'll utilizing this date certain ways that the size being missing is the reason. For example, alcohol is not don't get drunk is because the Bible said that because you want to be controlled or faculties. If you can be responsible for your actions have consequences directions. Even if you choose to drink, get drunk and you do something that you should be held responsible the idea.

Generally speaking, is that we do not want to have anything have control over us or lessen our ability to make a proper judgment so if you broken your leg and you have to take painkillers in your little loopy for a few days will that's okay. It's not for McKee eyes, not sorcery. Sorcery is the issue trying to contact the Darkside the spiritual realm and using various things for that purpose.

It's that's not what was going on when you do you know from those who have the medical marijuana need for legitimate issues then okay will is not pharmacopeia it's just another medicine that is there. In fact, there are tribes people in the Amazon had to read articles about them that they have knowledge of of medical plants that are extremely helpful for all kind of things in this new knowledge is being lost because their environments and other fixed but we know that the Bible says that the Lord is given us herbs and stuffer healing. So use them but don't use them as an excuse to be in sin and Rick so you have never I've never smoked marijuana have never done it.

I have no interest in it.

I don't want to do that. The only way to ever would, as if something happened and a doctor said this will help you and extract of it would help you for this or that reason under under medical log supervision and entertainment. You know that that's it.

We have here. So many people take a look long enough example Netflix and the radios okay. I didn't say that under under supervision and things like that would be very very careful.

All right, thank you so much for remnant but all right, let's get to Sean from North Carolina. Sean welcoming on the air that the Golan is going when you write. I had a question like where you know the prophetic time right now I'm and my question was how what you think the possibility is that I know you know that I first oligarchic think I know that we will the church will be the antichrist and no.

Even though you will be deceiving, and perform you miracle, though I thought it will be worship and I'm thinking worship the man.

But then again that's been done of her history and history of the Catholic Church is already worshiping Mary a woman so my work. But you know felt when you think the Pope could the antichrist you had the that thought yourself. I don't know the Pope now is the antichrist.

I don't know any popes to be the antichrist but the popes are this of the spirit of the antichrist and we could not have this in relation talk about first John talks about it in the spirit of antichrist and that is to be an individual whose antichrist, so who is he don't know do not know some people think you might come out of Muslim country so we don't know you will. Logan felt or will you I this good question. I think you know.

It's possible that he may know who he is and it is insane hatred and depravity doesn't care. He might not know you, serving God's servant antichrist. In my second novel. This reminds me of that have a character who's a public Christian public figure who is actually serving demonic forces and he does know, and second is called the, the deception second novel in the series and recall the deception and he has a room to go to number 45 chapters but I got some rethinking to do right. I can't. I need a month off work and just write the whole thing and then I can edit from the next six months will have codes in there and everything that we've than people know. I do multilevel stuff names have certain syllables, names or acronyms for things I do all kind of stuff they never tell anybody about what they are there to find them on their own the rights so this book antichrist is on the antichrist.

Undoubtedly, I would say become the I don't know yet. And then another question. You know, I've always struggled with the with that pre-tribulation rapture and struggled in a way it is getting frustrated with leaving it but but with that being said I had this thought and think you had a thought about it that when the church at large in America especially think that there can be rapture the way and they're not can it go through any tribulation, and they're not antichrist. Then how much more likely are the elect be even I know the elect to elect our but but true elect and there's only the elect not the true elect not just elect but the elect. Can you see her right 2424 home but guess what it would be one of getting your sale or that would be by again if they're not taking their get it right public are likely they can be deceived right will if you do watch TV. I watched some TV stuff today when the guys nonreaders show Sid Roth and those of an advertisement for something and is just as horrendous and I don't recommended by Watson. This horrible will these people are so deceived and the people in the audience are also deceived by a lot of what you're saying. So I'm not I have no problem with people believing pretrip not pretrip. I'm not knocking it.

For this reason, but when people believe in pretrip and the combination of those things that these false teachers are saying about God want you healthy. God wants you wealthy. The whole thing kinda goes together. That combination can be harmful and can present a problem if they don't go to the trip tribulation and those kind of people who had looked the pretrip rapture as her deliverance along with report be healthy and wealthy kind of stuff they could be right for great deception and disappointment, but to just it is a concern. And yet, so that's that's when you think that great when you eat the great rebellion happening. All the other thing that I mean significant detail already. Second, okay, you did not happen until that rebellion And Ali Plaza say a yes okay do you think that that we have already.

That rebellion, I know were we are experiencing at you know we are expiring out like what loving the Dell is in a lot it years like that will here's the thing. When you don't believe in transcendental truth. We don't live in a transcendental being in a God in absolute transmittal being the neck to be know at transcendental truths. Dental truths are those truth that exist apart from you and when you deny the supremacy and transcendence of the Christian God then what happens to crack down the road and thoughts here is that morality and truth become subjective and inside of that becomes weak and other problems arise out of that basic kind of philosophy, African. I brought it up your midpoint tight and I forgot rebellion happening thing that you now just think you're and so did Ms. apostasy talks about this was a good happen in the Christian church in this apostasy means that the Roman Catholic Church is apostate, but the Protestant denominations are now moving towards apostasy, and an increasing rate and or signs of the apostasy within Protestantism, women pastors and elders. For example, the idea of of from approving of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle or the Bible is used as a springboard for storytelling time to feel good about stuff not equipping the Christians for the work of ministry teaching in the 30 to be comfortable that God has a best plan for you. We have charlatans teaching the stuff that God is love you so much. Evidence can be just wonderful. And as I was watching this Sid Roth commercial thing today so thought making your decrees and you can decrease things on my goodness just sit there is a word word of faith that I left on the side of the apostasy as well. Plus the New Age movement is creeping in the church with centering prayer with visualizations and things like this and it all came down right absorb all bikes that both propagating therapy has epic on that far yet. There is a way right upper yet that you're breaking up is hard to understand you but yes Bethel churches got a lot of problems and it one of the things I need to do is to do an expose on them as well. But you know so much to do anything to do. I work 10 hour days out six days a week for real about them. Thank you for all you do really big help. I know many many others will praise God, you know that I pray for this ministry.

It's always under attack and it's the people involved with and often become victims of varying spiritual taxes. Well sweetie, prayer need financial support. One of things I want to do is give us a plug right now we don't have enough money to hire another person. We need tech video. People who I can do videos with and they can put all the video work together because we need to start doing videos more and more and I can't do it all myself, which means lighting, editing, filming, transferring tech stuff all the stuff it's it's a lot of work and so we help with the finances for the to do as much. We can we we might look like that very much. Considering that even if the mother decided I was singing generically to the body of Christ.

You know it is just five dollars attend, but we don't guide this matter, but so every little bit helps. What is trying to expand the kingdom of God and not preach and teach the heresies and in milquetoast theology, no and well collect Iranian diapering and theology any diapering. That's right yet. Why do you let go by what what government the Jeff Durbin apology. The term at the Arizona Gov. and I thought you put everything together. What will Jeff Durbin. Oh yeah I have this talk about.

There's music nobody is that okay got all my folks were added here with the Lord bless you and by his grace back on there tomorrow and hopefully the well

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