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July 14, 2022 5:00 pm

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July 14, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Do you think Paul had all the spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament---2- Matt discusses oneness ideas verses the biblical Trinity.--3- Is it a sin for women to be pastors---4- A caller wanted to challenge the concept of the Trinity.--5- Why wasn't Ham cursed in Genesis 9---6- A caller tried to understand the LDS teaching as to why Jesus was not exalted to another planet and is still in our world.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network's research was found alive. Why rent is called responding to your questions at 877 you had a great weekend will forfeit all about some friends house and enjoyed fireworks. About 1/2 hour and it was really nice is what the kids who enjoy the fireworks. I think it's pretty much the best enjoyed the house and will get a good time we do a really good time. So there you go, and they look at you McCauley to do is dial 877-207-2276. If you're new to the show you're not sure what the show was about. I'm a Christian apologist which me to defend the Christian faith and you calling about all kinds of stuff and facts in about two hours impulsively in a debates with the oneness guy on the doctrine of the Trinity dial will see how that goes. I don't believe the oneness people have any good arguments, and I don't think it's a not just all get it later I could talk about it maybe, but I'll tell you. Oneness theology just does not work if they hold to the Trinity is one God in three distinct simultaneous coeternal persons, books, oneness is only one person in the Godhead and that he takes from forms let single manifestations of different times and other logical problems without so tonight if you want to give me call you to do is violate 772072276.

Let's get to his bus coming from a highly postman welcome near good to talk are you so we got Melissa while I was in my head there my friend and I'm wondering do you believe that the apostle Paul encumbers the spiritual gifts that are found that it was in our New Testament Romans 1212 Ephesians 4 in first Peter 4G encompass all of them that. And if not which one is that the apostle Paul, lack.

But if you mad then. Does that make it possible for all the Christians that came after the apostle Paul to also encompass all the gifts he had all the gifts we go through the list AND there are six snacks are not operated by the Holy Spirit, like administrations and things like that helps in her 10 year charismatic and 10 is includes the doctrine of salvation. So that's one of the close to retail so the agenda so you know, he says he thinks God. He speaks in tongues more than all that he knowingly did that when he prophesied he probably could discern spirits and the rest of my guide. I don't have to go to see the list amount. See if I needed it or didn't salt on my head. I couldn't.

That was one of the things that came up, and even a mild lot because there been some really cool experiences that I have logged in my memory back that where the old by Christ who broken vessel that was a word of God.

Knowledge that was given to me in a worship service on Senate stories to longer take up your time is absolutely amazing.

What happened then I remember got the date my head so I kinda wonder have a little bit of biblical stance on those who might say that the gifts that they do not know progress and I'd like us all well. I know Jesus had him. The apostle Paul Haslam as I was not being blind as our Lord was she the thing is to say that Paul had him but the cessation is say that with the completion of the Canon that the apostolic guests of the Akers Medicus are no longer needed, and if he had them all no longer needed.

As I was a slave needed. Well the different people to different words no longer need a gun longer in existence, etc. and so the general thing is it'd need him when after the can was completed after argument -1st 2013 and the effect recently I discovered that some friends of mine are going to be producing a video on why the charismatic gifts don't work and are not for today and the so I'm probably going to end up doing a video in contradiction to that general because it out on your websites where you would be on our YouTube site and we get it done. I don't know what tact they're going to take so it could be reactionary, but if I had some information with contacting you guys doing. I don't believe it's it's a good thing. Good idea.

I do not believe it's a good idea to do a video on or whatever why the gifts of ceased test with her doing this one.

Ask because it it unnecessarily cause a division of the body Christ and tackle it with wisdom and love is a look. We believe his brothers everywhere were distilling your position. This is why were not the friendship between them etc. and defined it would be interesting to see is if in their video looking to do a counter aside and they both know me know my position solicit the contact me and asked me for an interview on that position but I doubt that will let you. Please keep your heart your listeners hear on the radio show that when it looks like it might be what I would. It's well that I heard the funding for it was just established what you need funding.

I guess are going to be traveling to different places to interview different pastors and stuff and then have a film crew would put together a really nice video in which is fine if they want to do that. It was out. I would probably do a analysis on and say… Here's the other position.

Now you know you guys decide so long that I've I just think that the secessionist arguments is my opinion of my brother in Christ were secessionist but I just think your argument a week week exegetical very good sir. So I'm glad it's good to hear someone with your employees to keep the body of Christ together. Lucifer is really Garnica's apartment buildings.

Every little action and crack that he is going to so I bought that brother. And yeah will be better than we cannot sew discord among brethren and on. I'm of that as well yeah and you know like there are several people who, in the context of the attack, reformed theology and the use videos attacking it, and it causes division in the body. Christ, it just is not necessary to do. You know I'm I'm deftly reformed my theology and I'm on the lineal, I don't produce videos condemning the opposite position. If you bless me questions as to here's my position. This is why holding this and you know and that's it. I don't want division in the body. Christ need to be fighting with outside outlets inside in an issue of Artie offer you honor the prayer of our Lord in John 1711 member.

Very good merit. I always appreciate your time and your insights are God bless thank you call your two kids are all right. We have five open lines of you I give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 tonight I'll be in a debate to verify that it's on because I despise my calendar says in that we have someone who helps out and rages things as its verified. Kevin talk to anybody about self. I get a verify that its verified and even if it is not idolizing study for prep for it, but it's on oneness versus a Trinity and this was at any rate, you middle talk but little bit here but if it's going to happen what I'll do is I will put the link information up in heaven opened up on the so that you can what the heck why that could changed about the winter/calendar and it's completely different so like what happened to check this out monthly web guy put some stuff you learn how to add stuff in there daily. Let's try this list okay grid and then tile select. It's new to me.

I will guy was doing some stuff I guess.

All right, hey, no big deal. What you may call Chris at 877-207-2276 on the over the oneness of stuff what they teach and why to problem. Oneness is a denial of the doctrine of the Trinity. The Trinity is the teaching that there are three distinct simultaneous coeternal persons in the Godhead was a person we don't mean a person like you and me.

The theological significance of the word person means attributes that designate what we call personhood, so attributes such as self-awareness, awareness of others to speak can think can love and hate and reason recognizes others recognize themselves. Things like that and so we see that the father-son Holy Spirit each exemplify these attributes and then they speak to each other and each have wills and things like that and so hence we just say three distinct simultaneous persons is pretty basic is pretty simple is pretty easy. However, there are those who will say that the Trinity is not true sometimes misrepresented and saved three separate gods that's never the case was never that and I find that the oneness position is problematic know they they teach that God is one single person who is eternally existed as a single person and that in creating creation.

He can always say the sky don't misrepresent the position but basically he manifests in different ways at different times. That's a very generic way to say it used to be back in the 80s that when I talked to United Pentecostal pastors that it with the remote lists without motor.

The father existed in the Old Testament, the mode of the sun existed in the New Testament and in the mode of the Holy Spirit exists now and so the father became the center became the Holy Spirit is called modal Minard Kinison and that it's easy to refute your easy refute and I remember back in the day talking to a lot of UPC gospel of pastors of UPC's United Catholic Church, but some UCP UPC pastors. I would talk to them. They taught modal is and then over the next 20 years or so. I was hearing different definitions of oneness from people who helped and they would say that's never what they believe. Some say it is what they would believe. Some say different manifestations.

Some say the one person in different forms and always want to represent the other position accurately. So for someone this person out there really knows the theology coming up and you six will be actually teaching but it is problematic.

Oneness is similar to Unitarianism and Unitarianism encompasses such things as a Jehovah's Witness theology and Islam. And so there are problems inside of the idea is when one person but hey look, there's the other music liberated want to give me a call to do is dial 877-207-2276 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave 76.

Leftward spell CRM all you do is give me a call talk about for open lines. I'm waiting for you. Let's get to Gary from Ohio very welcome you on the air.

I met this determinate letter show that there was one that you have video and you spoke about the following female pastor female pastors yet. You know I'm not. I'm not into female that I don't have anything against them, not personally listen to male male pastors become youth and it was a thin idea is the Bible's essay to send the Bible speaks of Delta okay okay that's another thing here… You were pretty clear, but that I didn't know. I haven't personally I'm I'm born again about you know fairly new born again, heaven completed the Bible and you know my email a call about a friend of mine… A long-term Christian and I had mentioned I passed on your sodium and he took quite a fence that I mean really ended. Had a lot of fun. You took the words right on my mouth, but you will get something in a method to me that that cannot not talk to him. I don't know anything about and I said excuse me, I think I know why you won't call. I think I understand why began trying. You know I was just trying to explain to him that the data EEE was you know it's funny because I don't want to lose a friendship, but he met quite good humans over this. I'll explain you the go-ahead yet audible click the font. The final up with them. You know it it's gonna got weird because I have been a long-term friend with this guy and I go to church at the church I like the church there. He actually brought me to Christ pretty much okay and it and so you know I had thanked him for that. In the past and but but when I mentioned that he is worried that it is not. Why would you listen the stuff. His reply was that speak about female pastors and they you don't believe in God then women do to do God's work and hold on here you know us a call manhunt that I'm not in any way. It went on and on. I'm just telling you what math that I said I think I believe in more than you think.

I believe you, but at Intel and Abbott. I would love to know mandate what what it you know what it really does say in the Bible. I believe though that my thing is real quick. I believe God. You know he fit male male to delete churches right will is the one down here so Molly is my hope and the people them all here in about dead people were listening on the East Coast who affirm and pastors know/should pay attention to me that in a derogatory sense but but listen with what God says you and I will see from the start in the garden of Adam and Eve because Adam was created first and then he named the animals and then he named Eve. This is a designation of authority. He had the right to call Eve what she was and when Adam and Eve were in that garden. The enemy came to Eve first and usurped the position of authority that Adam had and so he went to the woman she ate of the fruit that you give to her husband so she send first and then I Adam send second. Romans 512 says that sin entered the world through one man next to Adam because he is the one who was was called the federal head federal headship is the teaching that the male represents the descendents not the female. This is a biblical teaching that go into it more, but that's a good place to start right there federal head federal right. Most Christians aren't aware of it. The teacher to them so they understand and see what's important, but nevertheless Paul says in first 02 to 12 and 13.

He says I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over men but remain quiet rare Greg. I look at upper Paul could hold on what I meekly finished the verses and stuff like that okay since I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over man but remain quiet, for it was Adam who was first created and then Eve. Let's first Timothy 212 and 13 and so what Paul is saying he does not allow them to do this to have. To teach or excess authority over man she's remain quiet and quiet. There read to Saskia and it means to keep it down. You can be even more quiet you can be more has keep NASA got all is another word for quiet but it means absolute silence. You can be more silent your silent that's it and that's not the word you get here it says deals with the idea of keeping it down not being overly verbose about being quiet about this fort was Adam's first created and then Eve. So Paul is tying it to the created order is tying it to the created order. Real simple real something now when you go to first Timothy 517. This is the elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching so the elders work hard at preaching and teaching, so preachers and teachers okay and elders on the word elder in the Greek here is masculine plural that we don't do this in English very much actors and actresses that's masculine plural and feminine plural will have a few words that are like that, but in Greek nouns have gender.

They have male female map nicely feminine or neuter and that they all have the construct. So here the word is masculine plural is present due to Roy. It's the elders are right now.

When I was in first Timothy 212 and 13 and I was reading from the work. Paul says no it doesn't allow me to teachers as authority for man to remain silent at first Timothy not chapter 2 in first Timothy chapter 3 verse 15 he says a case on delayed I write so that you may know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church a living God of the living God, the pillar of the truth so he's giving instruction specifically on how to behave in the church and he says he doesn't allow them to teach direction as authority but remain silent for Adam was first created felt as first Timothy two in first Timothy 315. He saying is giving instruction to the church also in first Timothy three says in verse one is a trustworthy statement. If any man aspires to the office of overseer tested record of Piscopo's is a fine work for and overseer of Piscopo assessment Bishop to English must be above reproach, the husband of one wife okay on draw NIOSH good night costs in the Greek husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable invitation object of the wine he must manage his household. Well, etc. deacons must likewise be men of dignity.

That's what assessment okay so there's that and on the good it almost on here. Go to Titus read Titus one starting at verse five break reminder that the bishops are the ones who are to be men of one woman that husband of one wife can fit that with the elders after the break they folks right back after these messages. If you call on you to do is dialing 77207226 max Y call 770776 charismatic right so I did was establish from Scripture that Paul says women are not to be in teaching authority over men but remain silent because Adam was first created was not a cultural thing, and that the pastors are the definitions elders. I first Timothy 517 and first Peter 315, Paul says he's giving instruction on how to behave in the church… This is ecclesiastical instruction from the apostle Paul on how to do this in church and went to first Timothy 31. This reading about the bishops or the Episcopal way.

In Greek the deacons as well. To be on trust be ethical like us. Husbands of one wife.

Now to go to Titus 15 for this reason I left you in Crete, that you should set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city. I directed you. If any man is above reproach husband about life under me is when I cuss having children who believe that accuser dissipation etc. etc. so, in each case, the older the bishop and the Deacon are all to be men of one woman or husband of one wife. So therefore they cannot be held by women.

These offices are not to be held by women because the Bible tells us that Paul is saying this is giving instruction to the church and he says what he does not allow an attic.

He does the negative you can't do this but in the posit this is what you do and the leadership is male. The reason is because the veil is the one who has that responsibility leadership in the church and in the home and is not an issue of one being better than the other.

That's not it is just a hierarchical structure that God is set up and you don't. That's it.

You know it is like you bring up the grading or something like that benefit migrating Larry what where we going with this is a M in. I listen the male pastors because I don't listen to a female. I tried to entertain a little bit to speak. I drive a truck and I would rather listen to pastors and depending on where I'm at whatever is on out and I'll try to entertain it like I like I was there showed. I found your silicate yeah exactly that what I'm asking is that you know I mentioned to include that. I think you would said to that you haven't yet had a female pastor come and debate you. Is that correct correct. I've offered to date on radio for 17 years, and again I just offer debate insinuating what he wants the baby on the issue is the Bible to get you know may I never I'm never against women.

I'm never going to attack them, not anything about anything like that.

I never degrade you know, however, any needle emitted finishing up with him with my buddy. You believe in God's word and I think it use me. I know God doesn't promote here. I don't even know the Bible is you do. I don't. I know there's got to the promote limit… In that sense nothing. The church that ask him to show you in the Bible where the idea within pastors is supported as distinctly show to me in the right support and yet be able to because it's not there. And to say that grading the women than what he's doing is he's he's then imposing a secularist view on Scripture. He saying if you don't allow this. That means equality isn't there. Therefore it's not right. So he's actually affirming nonbiblical perspectives. He's he's being frightened because I was right.

He's being influenced by secularism so asking to verify specific chemical and we can talk will demand yeah, after I gave him your phone number at the Met Amanda appreciate your call and after that I knew from leisure buddy will get it with your litigant think I saw Lawford again if anybody wants to debate me in a formal public debate recorded on the topic. Does the Bible support within pastors and elders, then let's do it. I've been offering this to be a challenge for years and years and years and know it's taken me up on why is that I'll tell you why because they know they have to go to the Bible than welcome to support your position and they know that I can sculpt the Scriptures as a company do with this and the fact is that if they know that and then they refuse to repent of their their false teaching that women pastors and elders and they are willingly going against God. If they know that I would be going to the word and quoting the Scriptures and they don't want to deal with that and that means they know the Scriptures or something that can handle and that they are in opposition to that word, and he retained that opposition. Anyway, this is a sad thing. Furthermore, I'll tell you that I did a lot of research on this.

I mean a lot of research on it and I discovered that 80% of the past of the churches and denominations and adult women pastors and elders within two generations 80% adopt pro-homosexual ideas so there you go and do what I could talk will have quite a bit. I lived in a conference on this because is not just an issue.

A few verses in the Bible there's more to men's failures and women's failures. In this, why does God have this order set up the way he is and by the way, is not degrading to women. If he states degrading to women to be under the authority of a man and not be a teaching position in the church, then you have to understand that Jesus was under the authority the father and sent by the do his will is and had authority was Jesus integrated of course not. I say to people stop adopting secularist ideas how your knees before God and believe the word of God.

He knows what he's doing when he talks like this. He knows what he's doing then we Christians are to follow the word says, we wanted to say let's get on the air with Boyle from Virginia Boyle welcome here. Thank you sir for your you have the opportunity to speak with you – your questions are well about your product.

I listen to you. Couple of the statements back there would to others about God is one God as Trinity my kind of thing you so appreciate your representative that answers the phone. Tell about. We had a disagreement. I apologize I'm sorry he's a good guy and I sunk guy okay yes it's my fault that it might come out of the wrong way. Why didn't. Anyway, my question is this her in the Bible and God's word. It says this when they said oh good master Jesus said to the disciples. Why do you call me good. There is only one good.

That's the father. Then he turned around and says I am the father are one. Then he said his father into mice into your into your spirit I can do unto you.

I commend my spirit so there's like pros and cons in somebody's list because you don't understand God never makes you think he's naturalizing the art. So my question is what is he is a three and one is a three separate because if he's on the cross he saying because I'm old and hold you your throwing a lot of stuff out very quickly when that happens we can get you anything so you that's a leader work for you. That's where I come from. Okay so in Luke 1819 Jesus is like only good no one is good except God alone right right nasty was just as good.

Well, there was nothing, but it was good.

Anybody said that with him those so the then Jesus is according that logic, Jesus would be God. Right so hard with okay alright so that was one statement you made. So one of God is one or three. He's one God in three persons. Okay what I'm getting at is confusing when you said what you call me good is only one good father you so you saying I like good on but we know he's good therefore that is a no no no no no no no no don't know.

He didn't say he's not good okay of ruler questions him saying good teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life. You said you coming. No one is good except God alone. What you say you can just think that Jesus sometimes this is a little quick statements like you and I might say something without much meaning behind it is what is doing anything to the other side is saying that this guy will we would call me good for God is good. What are you saying is a question it's meant to get this guy to think that's what he's doing in course we know Jesus is good. Logically, that he must be God for that logic, a brief bit of logic that goes on. He says that is keep certain commandments with all the commandments, do this in the address is Jan stroking his own goodness is what is trying to do as a contractor in the man's video goodness of Christ. Good thing I would produce. When I read John 15 chapter 13 when you're talking there about talking out of Scripture goes when he is talking and then John 15 you said I honor my father, that you might honor me that says oh you guys is the father is because he's the Trinity is true. And because Jesus has two natures is divine and human. He's laid on the log license for that's why he would pray to the father you are to do that. We got a break coming up Peggy Holland. They follows me right back after these messages were the last break of the opportunity McCauley 777 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show with Québec on with Boyle welcome running right I guess I go back to when I read the Scriptures. A lot of times gone.

I kind of find conflicting statements and I know that God is perfect. You showed me that many times with always good that sometimes when you read the statements. It's a little bit hard to fully grasp knowledge.

The Holy Spirit gives full understanding feel safe and like I said earlier, what he call me good is only one good father and then saying I am the father of one father. I commend my dear to you, you know.

Then they say there's a controversy going rest will Jesus raised himself in the dataset. I don't believe that my conviction is that God the father says that Jesus and Jesus from the dead Jesus in John 219 to 21 destroy this temple three days I will raise it up. You speak the temple of his body in the Greek it's the future active indicative which means that he is performing the action of his resurrection. John 219 to 21 but there so I think that is the father raising Jesus from the paper mills using Jesus actually said to have raised himself along with the father who raised him see John 219 through 21 Jesus said destroy this temple in three days I will raise it up to Jesus said to my mother. No, no, he speaks to the father. He can't be the father if he speaks to the father. The father speaks to. That's what I got on the cross, he said, father, into your spirit as I commit my grip on not denigrate there will hold on there to persons not to God's persons in theology like three persons in one God the father, son, and no no no no no no no, not three persons in others okay before we turn the loyal loyal loyal keep trying to help you out. You keep cutting me off to my sentences and you take off another direction will about so we listen.

It's one God in three persons, the persons is a singular event okay all right because he keeps interrupting and we can't have a conversation.

It is going to continue to interrupt even after I asked him not to folks we have for open lines. If you have a question give me a call 877-207-2276 what you call this good to Gerald from North Carolina.

You're welcome. Running all right well.

His question had to do. However, with Nola him and him son Canaan and why did God curse Canaan instead of him because it says in Genesis 9 that that no knowable canoe that is on the sun.

It's an addendum. So looks like I don't I don't know actually what the reason is are different theories about it how the father can saw the nakedness of his father told his two brothers outside Shiva and Japheth took a garment, laid on and I do not. I don't know what I meant to look into it to see with the reason this guy Gerald Rector, a Gerald Truman looking on your body you there yes question if there are, however great your recently tell the reason why hams are concerned with curves instead of ham and I'm just kinda wondering, I haven't found anything out about will usually explain this felt to explain why God cursed & instead of cursing count was sitting in his father like I don't know if the Bible gives us reasons when we go to Genesis 9 things around verse 25, looks sick since 925 so let's read a little bit so we can discern something from the text certainly was 20 I know will begin forming including the vineyard drink of the wine and became drunk and uncovered himself inside his tent.

Ham the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father and told his two brothers outside. But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it upon their shoulders and walk backward and covered the nakedness of their father and their faces were turned away so that they did not see the father's nakedness. When Noah awoke from his wine, he knew that his youngest son had done what was on the sun had done to him. We said, cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants he shall be to his brothers so doesn't say why he cursed Ham's son, so all we can do is offer series and that's why the pastor was doing them will only cure is what he said it was a reason.

That evidently Ham's current Canaan when you're living, which the Bible doesn't say anything about an since I had come from the world was destroyed because of all the sands that the sin of homosexuality was started with Canaan doing something actually to no one after salmon up not have family visitors. Basically, speculating. Another one is that some possibility is that there was an issue of disrespect shown to know if you're not supposed to see your father naked in that culture is very disrespectful. So when ham came in.

What was the reason he did. We don't doesn't tell us the just barge in, because you should just barge in your father's quarters, or did he shout to his father and he didn't answer. He went in concerned again the Bible doesn't tell us, and so either way, seizes nakedness. It's not good goes out tells his brothers and yet he and his son or his son is the one cursed and I cannot help but wonder if it might not be something to do with that. I don't know but that the three original sons of Noah were covenanted by God and called by God to be in the ark, and so therefore Noah wouldn't curse them because they were under God's letter to say covenantal care. So he went to the next down the line in cursive instead of care with that kind of gives the lower indication of what you the settlement cursed over the father but their levels of cellular Hill not visit the sands of the father only sons, and yet airlines and I was just kind of bug you know that a lot of the questions I've had in I'm just ugly winter when I get there I'll get answers I got you on my own.

I got a list of some things there like to have a list for the researcher shows are pretty sure you there little respect to why God would've cursed Canaan instead of amplifiers through college and is another reason is another possible reason that God he has a right to make one vessel for honorable use in an effort to solve these Romans 922 and 23. Some people say the vessels are are groups of people and affirm that in that context.

But God does have the right, extending the logic to do with his the people as he desires.

He has a right to curse Canaan where he wants, were not because Canaan automatically as a sinner by being born could be. This is the possibility that the curse of Canaan was necessary in order to bring about other things in history that would come about. Later on, according to God's sovereign plan that's a possibility. So, what must I do you know where the tribes of Canaan settled were basically in the area of Sodom and Gomorrah sovereign, that's what he was saying that you from Canaan came the sale of homosexuality, intonation, any better so there's that look like a sexual thing going on and it might be that might be think the purposely excluded. The reason because it was reprehensible and could be also that the people of the time knew exactly what the issue was. And that's really possible. But all we have is the opportunity to listen a few possibilities and say here with what we come up with ends will find that we could have been slowed by Laura Navistar where the map do appreciate your time. Love you show the door as often as I can. Thank you. Appreciate the support and thanks for: 210 all right you have a great day to general accomplishment. Thanks all right, let's get to Stacy from Utah hi Stacy, welcome you near half hour.

I went with my minions and mom and I are really like carrying about. I ran after their children between Henley for her to come down here and he looked at it, go to another planet to become a client with this were the problems in Mormonism.

If Jesus was so good and and never send any file, the celestial law that shouldn't he have been exalted to the world, but he staying in this realm, apparently in the Trinity, which they say three separate gods, which is false teaching that forgot but you're right in the preexistence court to God and is got in Mormonism God is a body of flesh and bones used to be a man another world in her store called Cole lob and Doug became a God brought one of his wife's with them to this world and produces spirit babies know the general theory as Jesus was the firstborn and that the we were all born brothers and sisters in the preexistence to to Jesus, and of course Lucifer brothers is in the spirit realm and he fell so yeah so that's what it is and the Jesus of the of Mormonism is not the same Jesus of the Bible. I know I like learning another golf get pecan questioningly can and will be everything I never had understood why the Mormons that I look around had extracted when I woke flagrantly for particular I hear in their belief yet there's inconsistencies instead of Mormonism. Lots of them is because Joseph Smith made it up, and he didn't think ahead very far. Couldn't I believe that he when he started Mormonism. I know the story that's repeated by eyewitnesses of how he store excited. Mormonism what happened.

It's in the book by EW how HO WT called Mormonism unveiled written in 1834. I have a copy of it and collect tomorrow we go through it of what they said. Joseph Smith said to them on how warmest got started. The real reason we got started and so Shively did to make things up as he went. And that explains what are so many inconsistencies inside of Mormonism who became in charge and make something up and that's often the case is never right now. When you have these prophets who could arise suddenly have prophecies about themselves and their usually put in the good life is often women they got go okay Stacy collect more and more as the folks were at a time of the Lord bless you by his grace back on the air tomorrow, trying to counter things updated for the new. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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