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Masculine Journey Boyhood

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 10, 2022 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey Boyhood

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 10, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week's show is the beginning of a series of shows, that go into detail on the 6 different stages a man is meant to go through, from the womb to the tomb. The stage discussed this week is the boyhood stage. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," "A Christmas Story," and "Braveheart." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds.

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Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network heart of every man plays a great inventor life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here. No masculine journey is this week and am glad to be back in studio. It's just my second time in five weeks. I think you as those who might care to look around her heart and are you here now. You're like okay your back great okay but it's great to be back straight back of my friends and and we're starting a very cool series of on a topic and you know it's all in pillars where you want to be a theory.

Although really should call this in pillars technically stages stated yes stages of be good so you tell us a little bit about the stages that were getting rated go through so shortly after I ran wild at heart. Picked up a book I think is called the way of the wild heart but it and then I change of name to fathered by God and it walks through United.

The stages that we go through this man. I mounted dive into those words and talk about the boyhood stage today, but it really gave me some context for all the stuff that went through in the wild heart is talking about general things for me in, but it find it like kind of a map in and what I miss design it when I get gas again is a kid as a young man and what I've missed out on and why I felt help me understand, where I felt incomplete and some is an unfinished man and we have we talked about it a little bit of boot camp. We shared the stages.

I believe in giving out the handouts and stuff but we never think it's been a radio show but it's been a long time ago and we would been talking as a group that we should cover that may be in a boot camp and was like you could miss me a radio show and then I heard Morgan Snyders podcast becoming its oil recently interviewed a guy this guy, he, went into his life. In it, and Morgan associated with the stages that he had kinda missed and went back through it and it was discount prompted me to get high. This would be a really good topic so yeah the whole the whole thinking behind this John you wrote wild heart that he would say that he really wanted to write what became fathered by God as his first book that he knew he had to write while the heart to get there right because that that the bucket was on his heart for the longest time was a fathered by God and as he prayed about it. The father said no. I want you to do this one you know and and then will do the other one and so what this is it six different stages that each management to go through front from birth till the end of their life right in each one of the stages are certain things that God intended for you to get out of the stages that you would you would gain certain things, certain perspective, certain confidences, you just knew that was the truest among the true about you and Rick talk about the boyhood stage.

Today, and then what you learn in the boyhood stage you need in the next stage. That's why it's important you get them in the stages is because they're going to be needed later on. And as we go through the stages over the next six weeks will kinda go back and look at the previous stage and say we know what happens if you missed part of this is it'll play out in your actions are your reactions and so that the good news is that as we go through this.

None of this is ever too late. That's what that books about the books about this journey that you're on with God. This masculine journey. That's where we get the name of our show is from the masculine journey in the stages of masculine journey.

If you miss certain things. It's not just OL.

I guess that's life tough for me know God intends to take you back through the stages. If you let him you need any dive into him. He'll take you back through feelings.

These that make me eat again right but he's gonna take you back three things that you experience back then and go work on your wounds, work on things of healing and gets to that place a confidence of the you know what the truth of the truth of the truth is about you and about him probably is any object at that point yeah and we were talking before is the whole thing off. The light from Robby that I just had given them. So anyway, I must probably miss that my boy had stage there but is that is that whole idea is its fathered by God.

The idea is is you have a father during stages and if you didn't have your earthly father to do those things with you or help you to become finished in a particular area or whatever. The idea is okay now this things a bit, missed let God really come in and father you and those those areas and we do a talk at Boot Camp on Sun ship funding fathered by God and one of the things it's really cool. Delete we go back and look at the lease. Most of us do that to the talk is it will put up a collage of the people that God brought us a different stages. The father us. That's part of the process to measure working through this as it may have been for me right for me a scoutmaster that was instrumental in certain things in development for me and so God will do this by going back to the topic for today were talking about boyhood and will quickly give you the six stages of the kinda know what they are. It's boyhood nets from ages zero to around 12 and then you going to the cowboy Ranger stager adventures really kinda kick in.

Then mages about 10 to about 20 see the kind overlap and then from there you enter into the warrior stage. Beyond that, you can enter into the lever stage than the king and the sage in some of these are always in and it becomes confusing. But as we talked through it over the next six weeks and could make a lot more sense.

And so this first stage is a boyhood stage in its really that that zero from the time I'm born to be former teenager and in during that time, the things that were meant to learn that every boy was meant to learn during that time, is that you are the apple of your father's.

I he delights in you, you know that he is in some ways he revolves around you just with his joy and how proud he is of you that you're the beloved son that you noticed that your heart matters that mean something in a not discounted those types of things have the opportunity for safe exploration. You may think it's 100 mile wedge, but it's only about a block and 1/2 behind your house bit he knows you need to wander in there sometimes it out because he knows it's safe and so safe exploration doing things that you love to do your finding some things that you really love. Maybe that sports for some people.

Maybe it's chest maybe it's computers. It doesn't matter, it's that you're able to enter into things that you love and that's okay. And finding that out that you have power and strength. And that's what you're meant to get right.

It can also be wounded in that's a story for every person on some of these topics is I think if you're sitting out there and you're being honest with yourself. You may say all guy got that one not so much on that one writer. Any know that one existed, that type of thing and so you as you go through it. It's wounded by a sudden loss of innocence when you don't know the year, the beloved son, if you have a passive checked out father and absent father or a violent father incidentally actually the first clip fit only to have you set it up will come back and talk about it that this is an example of a really good father yelled me is the classic Andy and Opie and I think of the side been electronically public about Andy Griffith show. So button the clip is. Opie has come home with a straight a report card which was a mistake only teachers part but 80 so proud of you mainly by the move by your all over town.

Opie got straight A's in so Opie finds out that he did get straight A's, but he had told Andy it and so in that knowing that he is the beloved son. He realizes that when he presents is he's gonna be a need to be disappointed. Amy's ages scared he's not gonna be so he's run away from home and we pick up the clip where Andy finds him walking on the road. You didn't say where he is going as one now always in my brain will be God is on my I will say to you, and that was most made it so important made it impossible for myself I'm probably just the best you do that, that's all I okay okay and insanely is going well's injury grants to the secondary than anything that my dad was disappointed in me just just tear my heart you like that seen in the enemy come after that lot because you you see Andy, after retarding a look. Here's the real deal. I'm proud of you because you must, son, and my dad not a vocal guy too much but he is if you tell my cars but other stuff.

Maybe not, but the so but to hear that Andy come after that. But you he did it in other ways, but really the enemy we need that thing was that I honestly believe you made an agreement that you know my father was not proud of me kills this is Gobi cannon fodder for Rodney, but you was in a great athlete. I wasn't all those things but that that's kind of why the equipment so much. Thank you.

One of things that I didn't Sharon that there is a worksheet that we give out at Boot Camp and a lot of times and and so it has each one of the stages and it has you what you're supposed to have learned how you might've been wounded and then you start working on some questions like you were just talking about their daily how were you wounded right, it doesn't mean that your dad did the wounding. The enemy could've done the wounding by getting you to believe something that was wrong about your dad. I like with Opie that type of thing, but you're still wounded there and then and that wounding what agreements did you make. That's all topics we covered in the past, but that's where this kinda comes together and you start to put it together and say okay God I need you to help me walk through these I need to understand you know what happened during that time in my life. You have boyhood stage, when, where did the enemy take me out. What was he trying to do and what agreements they need to go back and break and will come back.

Women talk more about that. Go to masculine to register for the upcoming boot camp and entrenchment entrenchment coming end of September September 30 October 1 in boot camp November 17-20. Register today for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other man had and then my prayer time. I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have said I have his story. No is one of those things does communicate with us yesterday. Masculine One of my favorite things about boot camp.

The favorite thing about campus every time I go I encounter God and is anyone that has encounter God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect really knew what I needed.

I knew what I wanted masculine

The songs called bothered her that sometimes pick out the words, especially if you're driving your car, you get things going on is what he saying here in the part that we played was I was broken so you can make me whole. I will bring my dirt and let you wash over me, like water. I was born to need you to wipe the tears I cry. Yes, you made me a child so you could be my father, I'm your child in your my father actually were talking about is your things happen to us in our life that you know we get. We take it outside rather a battle with my glasses right at the moment is losing apparently big daily.

We we get wounded. We get take it out and it seems like that we have no place to turn. We always have the place to turn ways of the place to turn back into him and that's what this is about. So were going through the stage of boyhood and in the things that might've happened to us might not happen to us. We didn't get that we should've gotten things get stomped on it, how we get wounded and also part of being a part of that young boy had adventure and Jim based on that we come to your clip to Mattel so that your clip well during the breaks I have, but something else, but he's ever done before.

He said who wants to be next. This stage is what I love to still do my boyhood moments but I say people still live it back clip is from one of my favorite Christmas movies. The Christmas story and this is if you haven't seen it. All I can say is, why not they are all the time. Christmas season and some other times but this is the same where there is a dare double their a double dog dare have a triple dog near where we have a young man that takes the Dare sticks his tongue to a flagpole and gets stuck there recess is over. He still out there, but this is the sort of thing that I remember most from my childhood. I do not remember being wounded, other than my sisters rejecting me about let me follow all over the neighborhood. But in this clip. This is the sort of thing had been a lot with friends in a first cousin who was closest friend I had.

This is all just let it rip. Yeah will play with getting the thing I will say if you grew up in the South, you have no idea what a ice cold flagpole is like I'm telling you that it is stick your hand to sticking to it in your losing skin when you take it off of it. That's all I'm saying the exact exchange and Nuance phrase in this ritual is fairly important. No serious where else was left with a triple dare you find the gravel sinister triple dare, Schwartz created a breach of etiquette by skipping the triple dare explains his lips curled back click click who he was and that really was. I don't know any boys that grew up yet embarrassed into doing something they really probably should not that I was real good about things that forcing Madden friends growing up in my house that I don't remember any significant wounds of that stage, because I knew I was a beloved son, it always go home.

I knew I had unconditional love, father, mother, some of my adventures were with my dad we would go flying in.

That was a blast for me and just all of that stage for me was an adventure. Now the only place I didn't wander free was going down to what you remind me of this lab is going to a lake that was maybe 100 yards behind our house and it really was upon that for me it was a lake full of alligators and other dangerous things. So I avoid that. But boyhood was a joy for me in your clip.

Jim if for some people and I can think back to my my time as a boy in those challenges and sometimes those were just fine now but other times they come with one's on the other side because what can come from those challenges can become nicknames indicate can become other things that that aren't as frivolous or lighthearted and the enemy twists and turns in and makes into a horrible agreement down the road and so the reason I like that clip is there's a lot of memories I have of those types of things but there's also memories that I have of not being so great you know and unfortunately being on both sides of that equation as well is sometimes making up in a nickname that was not real kind and now and in looking back in. I kinda don't really think is doing the right thing.

Now David that doesn't include you the stuff I call you will talk about the after hours anyway and you have the next clip actually would like to play your clip next okay so this is from Braveheart, which is used significantly in the friendship talk boot camp and young William there's three things here, not the single speak for themselves, but just a little context.

One of them is just a discussion with his father where they're going to talk about going to battle it really see what's going on in another community and then I find out some bad. Stephanie's trying to shield the sun for many trying to do it right way and you'll see that and then ate his father actually ends up going to battle.

After that, and he's preparing to go on the son wants to go and he's an IEP goes after his heart even know what he says no you can't go and then and then you'll see another time with the kids. Just be a kid and that he's doing it with a warrior heart and mind right in that last seen in Simmons for payment.

Shamans that are throwing rocks right in their soldiers right C. The whole point of the think you're going to be to pay need you to the place for me. When we teach him what you don't laugh, but they're both throwing up these different target rocks and William takes out both famous didn't hit them so to get his shot in and he built them after that which was… Sprint prime. You know, boyhood, this is what we did but the first two clips is just the father knew playing his role as protector and that first thing then in the second thing he spoke into his heart. You know like one that you got have the weight you have your wits about you.

That's what makes a man when he spoke with them into it that he also there was a beloved son the way he looked at his son, yet discuss it in the movie, but you knew that that is that young William knew that his father that he was the apple of his father's with William story is you talk about week we needed a sense of talk and so forth is his wound was not from his father when his father had taken half the story ready had a great father and the father did best he could love and awning in the household with mom wasn't there right his voice and so he's doing the best that he can in his love, and I'm willing to hear that in his voice, and then he just doesn't come back from your beauty that not to jump ahead.

I'm not sure if we use eclipse but he's got Argyle that comes in after his father passes and does the same kind of speak the same message about being wise not just run off and going to battle.

But then you see his life on after that. What a warrior he becomes this because of what he had got is it is a young boy and then on through life. Yeah if you want to go back if I say midway through the series and on and watch Braveheart right you see it played out William Wallace's life were God brings people into his life. His uncle to love on him to father him through it and I think I think that you can have an absent father that's in the household L talk a bit about that. The after hours. I was a lot of my story.

My dad was physically there to say that he was present was not necessarily the case unless he was angry and then he was very present and how that work but you know we have all these things it can happen to us were with its taken out. It's taken away from us. You know divorce right now it's at the highest rate it's ever been, and is obviously not getting it better anytime soon so fathers are keenly being taken out of and so we come back in the after hours will talk more about this rate mourned our personal stories and continue this over the next week, but in the meantime please you register for the upcoming boot camp. It's coming up November 17 through the 20th and for the free is rubbing say entrenchment which is coming up timber 30th and October 1 masculine if you'd like to get a copy of this worksheet is to email anyone of assist with any of our first and will get it to you. Thanks and have a great day this is the Truth Network

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