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REShow: Hour 1 (11-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 7, 2022 3:33 pm

REShow: Hour 1 (11-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 7, 2022 3:33 pm

Rich and the guys react to the surprising news out of Indy where former center Jeff Saturday has been named the Colts’ interim head coach despite zero coaching experience at the NFL level after the team fired Frank Reich, recaps the Chiefs’ Sunday Night Football win over the Titans that featured 68 passing attempts by Patrick Mahomes and not enough carries from Derrick Henry, says why he can’t quit the Bills despite their Week 9 loss to AFC East rival Jets, and says where New York’s upset win ranks in the team’s recent history.

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Try Dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eyes and Show. What a dynamite sports weekend we saw. Congratulations to the Houston Astros. They are World Series champions. Congratulations, yes, here in Los Angeles, California to the LAFC.

They won the MLS Cup, which Chris Sprockman, you and I were watching as we were taking in that Georgia beat down of Tennessee. Also, the college football was off the charts week number nine in the NFL, most of it off the charts and 844204Ritches, the number to dial. Mike Del Tufo is in his spot right next to Chris Brockman, Notre Dame taking out Clemson.

That was huge. TJ Jefferson, good to see you, sir. The Dallas Cowboys had one of the best bye weeks ever. I mean, we didn't lose this week, so that's a good thing.

No, but everyone else lost around you and that's something we're going to talk about here on this program. Because we're at the stage here in the football world, in college and in the pros, definitely more so college than the pros, where rubbers meet in the road and every single win means so much and every single loss is magnified. And in that respect, despite saying that the here and now is so significant, we start this show with a story that was essentially born on August 24th, 2019. That was the day where the rumored story that was then made fact by the confirmation on Saturday, August 24th, 2019, the day Andrew Luck shocked the world and retired from playing professional football. Nobody saw it coming.

Nobody saw it coming. And the Indianapolis Colts have been spinning their wheels ever since then. Frank Reich, fresh off of being the offensive coordinator for the Phillies special, Philadelphia Eagles, gets hired by the Indianapolis Colts. He was choice number two for them. Interestingly enough, because don't forget Josh McDaniels, your current two win Las Vegas Raider head coach, he took the gig and then backed out, said, I'm going back to New England. And Frank Reich was choice number two.

And you know what? That kind of suited Frank Reich because he was quarterback number two in Buffalo back in the day. And he started coaching his butt off. And Andrew Luck in those Indianapolis Colts after doing as well as they did in 2018, right on the outset of the 2019 season, Andrew Luck standing on the sideline of a preseason game in which he was not playing because we all assumed they didn't want to get him hurt for the upcoming season, standing there as Adam Schefter, my colleague at the worldwide leader in sports back in the day from NFL network as well, tweeted out that Luck was retiring and all the fans in the stands seeing this news couldn't believe what they heard. And Andrew Luck running off to halftime with his team to the locker room of a preseason game was booed.

Wild. And that's when Jacoby Brissette became Frank Reich's starter in the 2019 season with Brian Hoyer getting a couple of starts as well. And that's when Chris Ballard, the general manager of the Indianapolis Colts decided, let's see if we can pull off what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were attempting to pull off, which is take a veteran quarterback that had been associated with a another franchise forever. And in his time with that franchise was over.

Let's give that guy a run in the same way. The Bucks were giving a run to Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers was no Tom Brady. And the rest of the team was no Tampa Bay either. Even though Phillip Rivers did take the team to the playoffs. And then last year they gave it a whirl with Carson Wentz.

We all know what happened there. And this year it was Matt Ryan before Matt Ryan got benched by Frank Reich, bringing in Sam Ellinger, who is clearly not ready for primetime. And yesterday's performance in Indianapolis was so brutal. It was so difficult to watch. You know, it's like one of the watching Bill Belichick's defense take on Sam Ellinger, who did not have Jonathan Taylor at his disposal and Niam Hines was traded away. And Dion Jackson gets knocked out of the game. Watching this kid from Texas being tormented by a Bill Belichick led defense was like kind of watching those videos in the wild where some very fast animal finds a prey and starts consuming it.

It was that bad for the Colts yesterday. And moments ago, Frank Reich was fired by the Indianapolis Colts announced on the internet on the Twitter account. They parted ways with Frank, right?

Who leaves with an overall record of 40 33 and one Marcus Brady, the offensive coordinator had just gotten fired after Matt Ryan just got benched. Now Frank Reich has gone. Jim Erce, who started talking about Dan Snyder and now Dan Snyder is selling the team. I mean, look out, you know, I guess if you're going to say anything about Jim Erce, you need to make sure it's, it's a parody account because he's coming to cancel you like Elon Musk. All those blue check marks. The blue horseshoe check mark just been removed from Frank Reich. Stay on Jim's good side, Rich. I don't know. Maybe I'll flip him eight bucks and it'll be okay.

It's just a parody. Here's the problem for the Colts. If they finally do want to do what I guess they should have done once luck decided to retire and that is go in the draft and get somebody and not just a six round pick kid out of Texas, Sam Ellinger, just go in, go in that first round market. Don't go in.

Don't go. Don't, don't, don't, don't trade your first round pick for Defaris Buckner as good as he is. Use that first round pick on, on a quarterback. Just look at what the Chicago Bears look like right now with Justin Fields. Three weeks ago, nobody gave the Bears a chance to do anything this year and they trade away. Robert Quinn, they trade away.

Quinn, who's playing tonight for the first time for the Ravens on Monday night football in purple, wrote Quan Smith there. Look at Justin Fields. Anybody want to put their marker on the Bears right now for the future?

I'd say there's a large bandwagon growing. The problem for the Colts is, is they won too many times with Frank Reich already this year. Yeah, three wins is a little too much.

Three, five, and one. You think that's good enough to go ahead and get your pick of the quarterback class coming in? There's a lot of quarter class of the quarterback coming in. You got to hold the Texans beer. You got to hold the Carolina Panthers beer.

You might have to hold the Lions beer despite their win over the Packers. That's the problem for the Indianapolis Colts, is they won too many times already. And Chris Ballard and Jim Erce apparently having a press conference tonight. I'm concerned for a friend of the program, Chris Ballard and his future there.

Three, five, and one. Good news for the Colts is they're going to visit Vegas and they can't beat anybody now. We'll talk about that on the program. In light of the firing of Frank Reich by the Indianapolis Colts. If I had told you that was coming after Matt Ryan and the Colts way back in week number three, beat the Kansas City Chiefs, you would have told me, what are you talking about Rich? But that's why the NFL stands in many ways for not for long. And watching the Chiefs last night against the Tennessee Titans, that's going to be the club.

That's your clubhouse leader. And I think when it's all said and done, the head scratcher of the year is how the hell did the Chiefs lose to the Indianapolis Colts in week number three in Indianapolis. There's always a couple of those games. Oh, yes. And that's the, that's your clubhouse leader. And by the way, don't tell me Bill's losing to the Jets is going to be one of those either. We'll talk about that still on this program. Jets are a playoff team right now.

Yes, they are, sir. They only had a quarterback. Uh-huh. Chiefs have a quarterback. I'll tell you that he good.

He good. Just when you think Patrick Mahomes was going to go down, just when you thought the other team has his number as in beating him 27 to three last year, just when you thought it was happening again, Derek Henry's rampaging and the Tennessee Titans defense is keeping Mahomes off the spot while also in the pocket and the run game is totally disappeared and they're trying to get it from Mahomes' arm. And you're hearing blue 80 and his high pitched voice nonstop because it's all he's doing is running play after play after play because the other team, despite being up, can't get a damn first down.

Just when you think it's over, it's third and 20 deep in the fourth quarter, needing a touchdown and a two point conversion to tie. Patrick Mahomes rips off a 20 yard run and the script gets flipped and the Arrowhead crowd that was dead quiet starts doing their chanting and they're screaming and they're yelling and everything goes downhill. One running play from a guy who is just as magical as anybody else.

I am sure you did what I did, what I'm sure Henry Winkler did watching that. You got off your couch and you're like, oh my God, 68 passing attempts from Patrick Mahomes last night, 68. He was 43 of 68 for 446 yards. He also ran at 63 times leading rusher, leading passer. He ran at 63 yards.

Pardon me. It felt like he ran at 63 times. Took four sacks.

I mean, he took the licking and kept on ticking. Juju Smith-Schuster stepped forward. Michael Hardman got in the end zone. Kelsey, despite having three guys around him, 106 yards and Derek Henry hitting the team in the mouth repeatedly. The Tennessee Titans won first down after the five minute mark of the second quarter. Took this game to overtime and the Chiefs come out with the win and tie the Buffalo Bills atop the AFC through nine weeks. Of course, the Bills are still the one seed because the Bills have already beaten the Chiefs.

But when the Chiefs play like this and defensively, obviously Malik Willis, could you imagine? I've never been to a game at Liberty. I've been to a game at Arrowhead. I would have to call that night and day, right? I don't know what the capacity is in Liberty's home stadium.

Okay. All I know is, you know, Mike Vrabel was on the sidelines, not in some like what, uh, some sort of cot that was brought in so that he could coach while convalescing like Hugh Freeze once was, right? So, so Liberty plays at a place called Williams stadium.

Thank you, sir. Uh, the record attendance, it says 50,000 plus wasn't for a football game. It was for the 2017 commencement. So Malik Willis going to Arrowhead and try and stay hanging in there with my homes and he did. And Derek Henry was running and Mike Vrabel was coaching, but this chief's team man without Frank Clark too. That was the most pass attempts at a game since 2000. Uh, Drew Bledsoe holds the record 70, but that was an overtime game in 94. Vinny Testiverdi threw it 69 times. Nice.

Nice. In 2000 in a regular season game, 68 pass attempts. Meanwhile, the Titans didn't have a single wide receiver catch a pass last night. Well, I got a stat for you here, um, that the number of attempts, um, I should have had it up instead of scrolling while I'm trying to get to it, but the number of attempts that Willis had compared to, um, compared to my homes last night, it was tied for the largest differential between two quarterbacks in a game since Carson Palmer went up against, Oh God, I shouldn't go down here.

I should have figured it out before coming in. But anyway, it was tied for the largest disparity in the history of the NFL between two starting quarterbacks back in the day of 2015, believe it or not. I can't believe the, uh, the Titans had it. Let it slip through their fingers, but they're there. They should print home playoff tickets right now. The only team that's close to them in that division just fired their head coach and are definitely going to be on the path to try and, uh, win games, I guess this year, but I don't think they're going to get Tennessee has already swept them.

They could. So that's the good news. Tennessee, you could print playoff tickets right now. Bad news is you had that one last night and, um, Dan, there had that one seed in their, in their sites. I had it written up for overreaction. Titans are going to be the one seed. I spoke too soon.

It was 17, nine miles typing that out. Mm-hmm. So we've got, uh, our guests today, our usual, uh, week one guest. That's, um, that's Chris long. He's going to join us at the top of our number two of this program. And then, you know, he's going to join us in our number three, fresh off of his five touchdown performance.

One, two, three, four, five. He just scored again. Fresh off of his five touchdown performance last night. Uh, yesterday it is none other than, um, Joe Mixon. So there you have Joe Mixon, your fantasy league this week. Um, didn't play me, but, uh, Cooper, Evan Eisen had him. Oh gosh. Along with eight, almost eight points along with A.J.

Brown, Justin Jefferson, and, uh, Jalen hurts. He's a happy kid this morning. I mean, he put up 200 easy. Uh, he dropped a big, a big bomb.

Jeez. He had 56 in my way. He beat, he beat Kareem Abdul Jamar. He's not playing. Yeah.

That's the team he beat. Wow. Wait till I tell Joe Mixon how he made my son very happy. And there's, and Cincinnati Bengals fans, very happy. Um, uh, let's talk about what we're, we have so much to discuss on, on folks who are unhappy. Uh, that would be Aaron Rogers unhappy Jalen Ramsey, unhappy. Um, and then we could talk about, uh, also, uh, Josh Allen, unhappy.

But on the flip side, there's somebody very happy about that. What is the fastest ball sport in the world? Not baseball, not tennis. It is in fact the sport of highlight spelled J A I A L A I originating in the Basque region of Spain and played professionally in the U S most notably in the 1980s.

Highline is making an unprecedented comeback. The ball reaches speeds of 150 miles an hour. The action's intense and the danger factor is high. Six person teams of professional athletes play this sport at the magic city front on in Miami, Florida. I invite you to check out all the action Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m. And Friday night at 7 p.m. Go to highlight or download the free highlight app in the app store. This sport with its intensity and athleticism is well worth watching. Check out all the action at highlight matches are played similar to tennis with a player or team required to win two sets to win a match.

Each set is played up to six points. It's a sport you need to check out highlight Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m. Friday at 7 p.m. 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years. Dotcom crash housing crash and the roller coaster.

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Head to slash rich pod right now slash rich pod slash rich pod. Back here on our terrestrial radio network and we were just talking in the in the Roku only segment to Chris Brockman whose uh son Cage is now two and a two and a hey a little more two three-quarter okay yeah yeah and uh and how daylight savings time is the most cruel and unusual thing that you could do to a parent period end of story and TJ you're like end of story a very very wise suggestion why don't you plan around it why don't you keep the kids up late so they can sleep right and say like why was it like no no it's just like it was a question like do you ever think you ever like try to like keep them up as long as you possibly can absolutely did that for a whole week we like tried to get it into his system like hey let's keep you up till 8 30 8 o'clock 8 30 so you'll sleep later when we move the clocks back nope not to go full and a football coach on you didn't work but um you know you try to control the controllables right that's all you can as your parent you try to control the controllables but there are a handful of uncontrollable things that a child um will do okay you just can't control you can't control a kid eating you can't control a kid pooping that's it and you can't control a kid sleeping true that that's it they will do whatever they want to do and you try to control the control and you say you can control what you can control as a parent and then the child responds with it is what it is which is it's 4 30 in the morning and hey my internal alarm clock just i want breakfast i want to watch blaze i want to play with my cars now make me some chocolate milk there you go it's a what excuse me what do you see the clock on the wall and and so that's why i don't understand what we're doing here and you guys without children you're just kicking back saying i slept an extra hour tonight i gotta be honest i had no idea what time it was on when i woke up that day i was like yesterday what's going on what time is it dude yesterday out here in california you know we were three hours behind the east coast and so it was early second quarter of sunday night football okay and i thought it was the stroke of midnight because it was dark at 5 30 in the afternoon here and it was just freaky it's like it's like being in vegas when you're down a couple of trips to the atm and you just got off the plane and you're just like oh i've got two and a half days left here i'm already tapped out what that's what daylight savings is what and it's funny you say that because like i think thursday i was sitting at home watching tv and i looked outside i was like wow it's still light out and then yesterday it was like going on man it's dark as heck outside right yeah not fun 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the rich isaac show i've got one one other thing to say here about uh the sunday night game we already talked about how amazing my homes is and you know um chiefs just don't run a run to ball they don't care about running the ball they don't need to run the ball when you got a guy throwing it 68 times by the way i finally found that statistic here um where last night 52 pass attempt differential between the start and quarterbacks last night 52 between my homes and malique willis that's tied for the most in nfl history wow uh the only other i'm like so i asked nfl research when was the last time week five 2015 when matthew stafford and the lions had 70 pass attempts and karson parman the cardinals had 18 pass attempts you know who won the game arizona 42 17 go figure 42 17 go figure wow and last night one guy throws it 52 more times than the other and needed to go into overtime to win it even though the other team didn't have a first down more than once past the five-minute mark of the second quarter and the reason why that happened the reason why the titans were in it three different reasons in my mind one of them is that defense can they ball out or what they can cover they can rush the passer they can hit you they are really really good defensively so keep that in mind as you forget about the titans moving forward which is what we all do in the world and toriko even pointed out we're talking about the cowboys you talk about the chiefs you talk about what happened with the bills against the jets and what's going to happen with the bills moving forward next week it's the bills and the vikings and then the chiefs what about the chiefs what about the cowboys what about the now eagles throw them in the mix the 49ers just traded for christian mccaffrey and the titans just go right underneath the radar with their crazy ass take your hard pills and buckle up head coach which is the other reason why number two mike vrabel is just awesome he is plugged into the heartbeat of the team and they are plugged into his heartbeat and they are one and you could see it he is selling stuff and it's being bought every single snap for that team although vrabel has the look of that guy that you know we all know this guy where you're wondering is he pissed at me you know what i mean honestly like he's got the look of this guy and a great photograph this is perfectly encapsulated he looks at the entire time where you're wondering is he pissed at me and he's probably thinking you know what i'm pissed at this is pissing me off and you don't know and and and he he's just looking like all the time like are they messing with me i'm thinking is he pissed off at me and he's probably thinking are they messing with me number of times he'll just roll his eyes over like a false start or whatever but they keep coming at you because he knows how to beat you he knows how to scheme it he knows how to run it and they know how to run it do they ever and that's the other thing derrick henry oh my gosh there is nobody like him a unicorn when he gets a step and you don't stop him in the first two yards from the line of scrimmage good night there's a gate and he's out it yeah he's out of it and that's what drives me crazy part of i'm not gonna lie i have him in a fantasy league and i needed i needed more out of him last night so this is born out of laser focusing in on it because the titans needed more out of him last night and i just don't know if they're sitting there thinking there's a limited amount of blood in this stone they see all week what he needs to do to get ready they did what they did last week with him a 200 yard game against uston and they just kept riding him and riding him and riding him and malique willis's first career start and i guess what he said tuesday is when he started feeling remotely himself again so i totally understand that there's a stone and there's blood and they can't keep asking more from it but i do not understand why he comes off the field in big situations or even just down a distance it's third and seven third and eight not out there let's take him off the field let's put let's put hilliard in why because he's the third down back and he can you know you run routes and you can run routes with them you could do screens with them but derrick henry you hand him the ball and he can flip the field on you and you know it's coming he's their biggest big play home run hitter because their other one now plays for philadelphia and i'm sitting there thinking you know what this team would look like with aj brown and you just gotta wonder if they're all thinking that in their heart of hearts which is why did you see derrick henry went up to all the defenders in the locker room all the members of the defense in the locker room there was video of him going up and hand shaking every last one of them shook the hands of every last one of the defensive members of his team because they balled out yeah they played great they balled out they had mahomes fading back to pass 68 times i'm exhausted just watching it could you imagine what it's like to defend it and then he runs for 20 yards and changes the entire game because it's third and long you think you're getting off the field and then not and then you got to play overtime against that guy but to me mahomes isn't on the field if you keep running derrick henry so i i kind of go back and forth here like why do they take him off the field just because it's second and nine third and eight that's when you run them again hit it again it's kind of like you know the mentality of i i always use this analogy off the i don't know if i've mentioned it on the air yet but it's like hans grubber you know the cop cars in in smoke you already hit it with one missile why do you hit it again to make a point hit it again hit it again because arrowhead was dead silent because the way that henry operates it steals your soul it steals your soul and it reveals it reveals you don't want any piece of them and that's the way the rest of the sideline can feel about it that they got some guy i don't want a piece of and then the fans feel it that's why vrabel's so damn good hit it again with their defense and derrick henry and his mentality that's the titans hit it again and again and again and sure enough they wind up the one seed but when you need to match mahomes do you have it and the one guy who can match mahomes is not the quarterback it's the running back who can't be on the field every snap like mahomes that might be the difference between the titans and the chiefs and the titans and the bills let's talk about the bills shall we i still can't quit them man and i watched my team beat them yesterday yeah you did i can't quit the bills i think there's gonna be a lot of people jumping off the bills this week good luck to you good luck to you bills have the vikings next you know they have a lot of tough games in front of them a lot of tough games including a game at cincinnati joke all you want man these division games they got three in a row they got three in a row and as you just saw it ain't easy winning on the road in your division they've already lost one in miami and they just lost another at the jets and their next game in division for the buffalo bills is at new england on a thursday night after thanksgiving so both teams play on thanksgiving and they'll have a full complement of rest sit down and watch that one they're banged up and josh alan's playing too loose with the football it's that simple against the packers last i can't believe i'm about to say this but it's the truth against the packers throw two interceptions still win by 10 against the jets on the road i guess you can't i guess you can't because the jets have got this something and what the something that they have is a youthful exuberance and a coach who is putting it all down for them to hear all gas no brakes and they're buying it and wilson to wilson connected yesterday in a way that they hadn't all year long i mean garrett wilson had a terrific game against cleveland in cleveland where he was doing the oh to all the browns fans he was beaten but that was flaco and zach wilson's numbers are not going to light it up they are not going to light it up he is not your fantasy option folks and in this day and age you think those court those teams stink but you know who's got a i'm gonna say it you just got a top five defense in the NFL new york jets they got quinn and williams up front and they got that kid in the back sauce is one of the guys who picked off josh alan yesterday called him to say he played like s played like ish sauce is nice because sauce just grabbed one right out of the air i was stunned alan threw it i was stunned gardener picked it not because he can't but i just couldn't believe that gardener was in the area and alan was thrown in his direction and that's the way things are kind of going for the bills right now and it would be really nice for them to have a running game to lean on that's not just him putting his body on the line although alan was unstoppable and that again what a run for a touchdown he had but i will say this um i'm not going off on the bills here i am not off on them i still think they're the best team in the conference and i know the chiefs just beat the titans i know they're going to get better they're going to get healthier i still i'm still going to i i'm not going to quit them just yet i'm not going to quit them just yet certainly if that game that rematch is going to be in western new york but um something is definitely off with them little off it is and against the packers when you're playing a team that's three and six six you can overcome it at home if you're playing a team that's six and three now in their building and they got young studs on defense and they've got some moxie on offense you're gonna lose it certainly if it's a division game that's a that's a fact and this division could be gotten from the bills right now that's where you have to wonder like i'm sitting here saying the ceiling is still the super bowl but this division could slip away from them because they've already lost to the two teams that's a half game behind them and they're just a game and a half in front of the patriots who are going to get them in their house next now what that means for buffalo is they get the jets miami and new england at home in three of their last five and interestingly enough off the jets and the bills still have to play the bears who are no homecoming anymore just throwing it all out there and then as for the jets best win the jets have had i don't i i can't remember the last time they had a win like this i mean the one in green bay was great but that is uh a strange a um what should we call it's like a college win where it was great at the moment and then a month later it doesn't last very long but you'd still have to win the ones that you have to win and you know the the packers were a team above 500 when they faced them in lambo field when the packers thought that this was a homecoming get right game for them and how many times have the jets strolled into a spot or they've they've had somebody strolling in their spots saying this is a get right game for us and uh nothing went right right nothing went right the jets lead the league in this category lead the league in this category wins against teams that are above 500 when they play them four and oh now you can look inside the stat and go well one and oh cleveland does that suffice or three and two green bay does that suffice not knowing what we know now i i hear you but you got to beat them when you beat them miami above 500 when they beat him now buffalo definitely above 500 when they won that one okay these are games that the jets used to just cough up just like the one against new england again but that's just again division games them against bill and i didn't see i didn't see i thought they'd split against the bills bella check and buffalo but i didn't see it this way i thought they'd beat new england and then lose to buffalo but they lost to new england and then got their foot in the ground with breeze all their best running back their best offensive lineman and elijah vera tucker and their best wide receiver and corey davis out and well did the jets win the game or did the bills lose they won the game they won the game let's see what twitter thinks well good that'll cost you eight dollars of course not yet soon i don't know what that means what does that what does that mean you know one team lose it and as opposed to another team winning it because the reason why the other team lost it is because the other team was was better on those snaps they won the snaps they won the reps they won the game period end of story as much as you want to well did you win the game or did the colts lose it did huh well colts didn't know they were playing yeah fired their coach something we'll talk about with chris long in a few minutes uh but i'm not going to allow you to um uh pee in my cornflakes sir just i'm gonna allow you to do that wait another 45 minutes no it's fine overreaction monday whatever you want to do right there but right now you look at the american football conference standings and the new york jets entering their bye week of week 10 are not only a half game out of first place and if the bills lose to the minnesota vikings next week sir possible then the jets would be in first because they'd have the same record as the bills obviously the dolphins could join the dolphins could take the lead miami has a game home against cleveland before they have a bye but this afc east is now open and the jets and the dolphins the jets will sit on their bye week as the chargers go visit san francisco on a sunday night chargers are a half game behind at five and three patriots and bangles sitting right there at five and four jets are in front problem for them is they've lost to both the patriots and the bangles that is that's not great but right now ESPN currently has the jets at wait for it 72 chance of making the playoffs i don't remember the last time that number was remotely close to that entering week 10 i will take it all right it's time for you to do the rest of the jet schedule i'm not doing that yet but i'm going to do the tomorrow you want me to do it tomorrow before i head off to munich we'll do that since you didn't do it preseason i think it's only fair i'll do the rest of its schedule tomorrow but i'll do my power rankings as well oh we get early a day early yeah not gonna be here on wednesday i'll be in germany tom pelocero sitting in wednesday thursday and friday you're gonna do two through ten right because the buffalo is probably stay number one eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial we've got overreaction monday we've also got um chris long coming up the bucks in the ram's game fascinating to me in so many different ways is the way that both teams came out of it this game between the last two super bowl winners we knew the winner would be on a different path than the loser and they are we'll discuss that when we come back this message is sponsored by discover did you know you could reduce the number of unwanted calls and emails with online privacy protection the latest innovation from discover discover will help regularly remove your personal info like your name and address from 10 popular people search websites that could sell your data and they'll do it for free activate in the discover app see terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen so we came on the air and mentioned that frank reich was fired and um after i guess uh what would that be four plus years of or three plus years of meritorious service 2018 19 20 21 four plus years he had just re-upped contract extension last summer through 2026 and so jim ursay is going to be paying out a lot of dead presidents and dead money uh i was seeing uh assistant coach bubba ventron was being mentioned by a lot in the know for the indianapolis colts organization as being the the possible interim head coach great name but who's reporting this is this uh this is this is blue check this is adam chefter pelocero or our buddies i'm even more i mean this is where i just retweeted this is jim ursay jim ursay yes so uh colts interim head coach is jeff saturday former center former center espn analyst he's also the head coach at hebrew and christian academy in dacula georgia well now they just lost their coach to the indianapolis colts i don't i don't know man i don't get it um i don't i don't get it jeff saturday is one of my favorite people he's also in the nfl and now i mean walking in that lot i guess he'll know how to fix the offensive line one would say but talk about a shocker i mean two weeks ago matt ryan was their starting quarterback for frank reich and now it's sam ellinger for jeff saturday what the what unless maybe jeff saturday's first his first um order of business will be matt ryan you're starting again why not uh one i i would almost guarantee that except that's not hold on the yoke now now that i'm saying this stuff out loud because we're just learning this i don't think ryan's gonna do that they won't do that because if ryan gets hurt which by the way behind this offensive line you can see taylor comma jonathan um then a large chunk of his contract next year is fully guaranteed they don't want any piece of paying him off they want to rip that ryan band-aid off and that's it oh my word what must be going on in that locker room although the whole line one would have to say if that's the major problem and you need to fix that and you think everything is fixable off of that i guess you get a pro bowl center who knows the business knows the organization knows the building everybody's half the stadium's coming in his jersey already anyway let's just go full out though like bring in paten is the oc reggie wane is the wide receiver coach bring the edge in the coach unless it's all right reggie doesn't work for ESPN maybe you got maybe that's that you got to go for everyone from ESPN like have Dwight fruity and Robert Mathis coach the defensive line like let's go for it just like where's bob sanders like have him coach the defensive backs let's go don't bring them all in just bring them all back oh six colts let's ride one has to think one last yolo call goes into Andrew Luck one last one this is it another one one last one do you think Andrew Luck's like probably changed his number change that's what say he's looking down at any any any phone call that comes in from the Indianapolis area DJ Khaled calling another one like no i think that that ship has passed i mean when you saw him a few weeks ago he doesn't look football ready at all very thin no it looks like he's yeah back at school like he's Thornton Mellon like that's what he's doing yeah so all the minus the triple lindy all the four six three calls the triple saturday i can't believe right to voicemail three one seven am i reading this right that's the new drop the hell going on he doesn't know that's a new drop because he was out Friday oh yeah that's right oh yeah tarry kill new am i reading this right new job am i reading this right am i reading this right am i reading this right that's it that's it that's tarry kill from friday we asked him to give his own uh reading of his own tweet i need to have amazing from acquiring bradley chubb yeah am i reading this right it's jeff saturday yeah Peyton OC Andrew Luck quarterback coach like let's just bring it all back let's go run it back let's run it back well Reggie Wayne did spend time on the sidelines with the team yeah all right i'm i'm currently there too i don't know i think Reggie Wayne is a coach somewhere i can't believe it what a crazy ass league we love and follow jim erce i mean he is just out of you know what's left to give Dan Snyder well i think we should consider talking about him selling the team matt ryan i think we i think he should be benched frank reich i think you're out i think jeff saturday's the guy okay all right this is lewis riddick tweeted out just bruh i mean i honestly don't know how this works i mean the guy's never been a head coach and he's i mean what okay maybe it's this like an nba move right yeah maybe it's like this because you know i just watched legacy about the Lakers on hulu and there was a part right where they brought in and i can't remember which coach they brought in but they knew that they weren't going anywhere that year so it was just like let's just finish this season yeah we can do our big coach search at the end of the year and just let let's get through this season so apparently maybe that's they're just trying to get through the year i mean the answer is if you're firing a coach and you're looking for a new one you know the first person you call is sean paton do you like us check this box you send that little piece of paper in between but you're not going to bring anyone in mid-season no no no no no but you have to get you have to get you have to get a heads up yeah yeah so that's what i'm saying maybe the saturday reason was just let's just wow do this and and make it to the end alice kart can coach the tight ends there you go very good got it very good i like it uh adam veneteri can coach the kickers special teams yeah i like it antoine bathe can help uh bob sanders in the secondary you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone i'll be doing the halftime and pre-game of monday night football tonight we'll talk ravens and saints later on but talk about all of this with chris long when we come back right here on the rich eyes show it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit sadhi talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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