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UNC vs Duke this Saturday!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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February 1, 2024 3:37 pm

UNC vs Duke this Saturday!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 1, 2024 3:37 pm

Seth Greenberg, NBA, on the band getting back together with Jay Williams, Jay Bilas and Seth at this big rivalry game on Saturday.

What has Seth seen from the Tar Heels so far this season? What does he believe has been the thing giving UNC so much success? What moment did Adam see that he felt Duke was holding back? What will be key for Duke to win? What are the keys to UNC winning? What does Seth anticipate seeing this weekend?


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For the ones who get it done. I don't know where he is. He's somewhere in the inner workings of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. Chris Lee, your impression of what you saw today as Dan and Dave. I thought a decathlon was going to break out. Dan and Dave were introduced. Your thoughts?

Yeah, well, you talked about the different words there. Last year, the word was collaboration, and we found out that there wasn't a lot of collaboration from the coaching staff last year. But no, the initial impressions, I like Dave Canales. It looks like he is energetic. He's excited to be here, and he's with a general manager that actually picked him. We don't know if it was Scott Fitterer's idea to get Frank Reich last year.

It felt like that was more of a David Tepper thing. But with these two guys having history with each other, working together with the Seahawks a few years ago already seemed like they genuinely like each other. That is a plus. And the fact that they seem to have some sort of a chemistry in working together already.

Those are things that you sit back and as you're observing, they're liking it. But I do believe that there's still a lot of work to do. We heard Dave Canales say that his timeline is right now. We heard that from that rule.

We heard that from Frank Reich. So what's going to be different? And that's the part that we're waiting to see. Chris Lee is joining us, WRAL TV 5 and co-conspirator, what did I just say? Co-conspirator on the Panthers Playbook podcast.

Yes, almost everybody wins the press conference, right? Because you're full of energy and we get the platitudes, we get the process, we get the leaders, we get the passion for football, competitors, all of that. We heard all of the buzzwords that you're going to hear at press conferences. A couple of things that jumped out at me, I want you to take on this. The fact that he clearly openly wants Jiro Vero to stay. He wants the defensive coordinator to stay. And I think by bringing up the name Jim Caldwell, it seems to me that he would like Jim Caldwell to stick around.

Did you have any reaction to those two things? No, those were two things that definitely stuck out in the back of my head, too, is just like, okay, there's already something here that he wants to, he doesn't want to just like kick everybody out and just start from scratch. He already sees what's working and it feels like he wants to build on what is already working, right? And I think from a PR standpoint, that looks good because he's going to have a quarterback that's already here. He's going to have a lot of offensive pieces that are already here, and he's going to have to do it from that standpoint of building on what they already have instead of just trying to force everybody to do what he wanted them to do. What he feels like is best for the team.

That's what it felt like we got last year, right? With Frank Wright trying to get everybody to fit into what he wanted to run. So I think that is part of what helped him win the press conference and wanting to keep Everill around. He talked about his time with the Seattle Seahawks and Everill's defense over with the Rams, giving them fits all the time. You know, it was very interesting to hear him bring that up and then also that he wants to keep a mind like Jim Caldwell in the building.

Again, two very good things. What was interesting is that last year they made a point to talk about different ideas and bringing everybody together. It does seem based on the hires that have already been made that there is more continuity versus collaboration.

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While supplies last, minimum $15 flower order, max discount of $10 term supply. What are your thoughts on that? Um, yeah, that, you know, last year you had a situation where David Tepper, um, said he didn't want the old boys club. Those are his words. Right.

Hiring going on. So, you know, basically what he meant was he didn't want Frank Reich to come in and just bring in all of his friends. Well, look where it got, you know, because he ended up having to fire Frank Reich, um, what, 11 games in the season, two games into the season. So like we, uh, it didn't really get them very far. And then, you know, of course you have the. The reports that James camping and a couple of other guys were basically the secret agents for David Tepper in a locker room.

And, you know, it caused some friction and all that type of stuff. Um, I think it's a good thing that can Alice is bringing some guys that he is familiar with guys that he knows what he's going to get from them. Um, but ultimately, you know, can Alice and his new offensive coordinator Brad Isaac, who's a young guy. They are. They're not.

They haven't been tested at this large level. I mean, can Alice was the offensive offensive coordinator last year. Um, he hasn't been a head coach yet. He was a positional coach last year.

He hasn't been an offensive coordinator yet. So, uh, and then you have the other guys that's there. Uh, the, the one person I am excited about it, I don't know if this is, uh, a sexy hire to, uh, Panthers fans, but having Brent Tillis along coming from the cheese. And he's the guy that basically, uh, helped, you know, put that team together, um, and doing the contract negotiations, of course, the big negotiation with Chris Jones that really could have altered where this team is that right now. You look at Brian Burns, he's got a contract that they need to be negotiated. Uh, you look at, um, you know, Derek Brown, he's got a contract that needs to be negotiated. And, uh, Chris Jones, uh, keeping the good parts of this team together. So that can now have something to work with is going to be very important. Um, so that's something else that I thought was a really interesting piece of this class conference. And I'm looking like, uh, he's excited to be with the team as well.

Yeah. You need a, uh, you need a capologist because the NFL salary cap is absolutely, uh, not, I mean, it's indecipherable to a human being. I have no idea what, no, no way to figure out the salary cap.

Um, you can look at the same spreadsheet over and over again and like, wait a second. They, they look like they're, uh, $30 million over. Oh no, they've got room. Okay, fine. Uh, I can't, apparently can't read.

I have no idea. I think the Panthers have about $30 million under the cap right now. Brian, Brian Burns eats up a lot of that. Uh, Derek Brown's contract wouldn't probably, some of it might be impacted this year when they redo it because they don't have to redo it just yet.

Um, but you should do it as soon as you can with Derek Brown. Uh, but if they do resign Burns, that, that number is, uh, you know, goes down from 30 to like, I don't know, zero close to zero based on what top edge rushers get. But the, they've got to have to get, you'd have to factor in the fact that, um, you know, what brand burns made this year and then add on something on there. So there'll still be a little bit less, but yeah, you're right.

It would definitely eat it in. Um, some of, you know, what's there, but I mean, that's at least that hard part is taken care of by, by Tillis and, uh, Dan Morgan, uh, who somebody, somebody who was a really good player in his time. Um, and a good talent evaluator can spend his time on that. And I really thought it was interesting. And it really felt like Morgan with current Carolina Panther players in the audience felt like he was kind of calling them out a little bit. He's like, Hey, this is what it used to be.

I want to get it back to what it has to be here. We need to have, we need to have dogs in the locker room. We need to have guys who want to win. And you had, uh, Austin Corbett and Icky Aquano and Chandler Zavala and, uh, Brady Christensen all sitting there watching.

And on the other side from them, you had guys like Thomas Davis and Mike Tolbert, Jonathan Stewart, and guys like that. So it's like, uh, Musa Muhammad. So it's like you have, uh, like the juxtaposition of the different errors and he's almost like telling his guys, Hey, you need to be more like them or you're not going to be around very long. And, um, I kind of like, uh, that he's kind of taking that stance and you publicly kind of just calling that out.

Yeah. With, without saying we didn't have enough guys who compete. He said, we don't have enough guys who can beat. We have some competitors and then we need more.

So apparently in your entire roster, not enough guys who would fit that bill, Chris Lee, a competitor, WRAL TV five and co-conspirator on the Panthers playbook podcast. My friend safe travels back. We'll be watching you on TV. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running, everything would suddenly stop hospitals, factories, schools, and power plants.

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