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Yet Another MLB Disaster (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 17, 2022 10:11 pm

Yet Another MLB Disaster (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 17, 2022 10:11 pm

Onsides/Offsides l MLB bungles Yankees-Guardians Game 5 start time l Closing Bell

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Need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget. Well, Rocket can. Here's the poll question today. I'll give you my answer in just a bit. At Zach Gilb on Twitter, at CBS Sports Radio. Follow both accounts right now. Go, go, go, go, go between these four teams. Who are you most concerned about?

The Ravens, Packers, Bucks, or Rams? My answer coming up 20 minutes from now. But right now, we got five questions. We got five answers. We called onsides offside. Hot take hickey. Without further ado, let's not even waste five more seconds.

So, hit it! Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports. Which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on? Offside, defense number 69. It's onsides offsides with Zach Gilb on CBS Sports Radio.

What do you got for me? Z-Man lets out a little college football because Tennessee finally slayed the dragon and took down Alabama on Saturday afternoon 52-49. Hendon Hooker was absolutely tremendous. Threw for 385 yards and five touchdowns. All five going to receiver Jalen Hyatt. The Vols are now 6-0 in the season and have wins over four ranked opponents at the time that they did play. On the latest AP poll, Tennessee does sit third behind Georgia and Ohio State. So onsides are offside Zach. Tennessee should be ranked number one in the country. Here's my question. Are these rankings based off this year?

I know that it's the obvious answer. The rankings are supposed to be based off this year. Doesn't always feel like they are ranked off this year. And we judge them based off this year. Do you agree with that statement there HotTickKicky?

I do because when you look at these rankings, I think that they reflect overall brand respectability. Not so far the six or seven games and the opponents that these teams have played and beaten. Now Georgia has had one game where they've had to sweat that was up against Missouri and Missouri is not a program that you should have to be sweating up against if you're Georgia. Georgia's best win, Oregon. Because Oregon has rebounded ever since just getting destroyed by Georgia. Where Georgia beat them 49-3. And then you look at Ohio State, they beat Notre Dame. Notre Dame is not good this year.

I know they were five before the year started. They crushed Wisconsin. Wisconsin's already fired their head football coach. So they beat up on Rutgers and Michigan State? I saw this stat today.

Don't be wrong. They've been dominant victories. You can only play this on your schedule. But when you look at Tennessee, Tennessee has beat four top 25 teams. And oh yeah, by the way, just beat Alabama. What's your stat though?

Go ahead. To highlight your point, Ohio State is the only team right now in the top 25 without a win over a current top 25 team. Go to highlight your schedule point. They blew everyone out.

Yeah, but I know it's current. I always look at those victories based off where they're ranked when you play them. Because you can then spin that around with Tennessee. I know they beat LSU when they were top 25. They beat Florida when they were 20. They beat Pitt when they were 17. Even those teams are probably not ranked properly than where they're going to finish up at the end of the year.

So you can play that both ways, but you can only do it where the rankings are when you play them. And they beat Pitt. They beat Florida. They crushed LSU. And then they just beat Alabama 52-49.

I think this is a slam dunk. And I don't want to ruin Take 5 Wednesday coming up on Wednesday, but you bet your ass Tennessee is going to be the number one team in the country in my rankings. So yeah, Tennessee should be ranked number one on sides. You 100% agree with that, right? Oh yeah.

Oh yeah. Not even close. I thought you were giving a lot of stats that would make me think that you were on my side, but I just got to get you on the record. We rarely agree. We are in a hundred percent agreement right there. I wouldn't say we rarely agree. We disagree more than we agree.

Yeah. I think it's like 65%. I disagree with you, but I will say when I disagree with you, I just think you are so far off. Like there's no balance of where it's a, I slightly disagree with you and it's not contrived. I just think there's sometimes you have these crazy asinine takes where I'm like, what? Nothing crazy there. Nothing crazy there.

Just obvious where we both think Tennessee should be number one. I want to get like a mild disagreement with you. Maybe it's too much on me just to have to deliver haymaker after haymaker. My arms get a little bit tired. I got to be like Bartolo Colon. You know that gift from Bartolo warming up session? Getting his arms loose.

Yeah. Let me get my arms loose a little bit first. I have to just deliver all these big punches.

See if you can warrior up here then. Like whack-a-mole. I can't fight back.

I don't want to be the moles. Sometimes you go down without a fight. It was a rough Sunday for a few teams of superstar quarterbacks. The Ravens blew another double digit lead this time to the Giants in their 24-20 loss.

It's like Herb Brooks with the whistle in his mouth with the U.S. hockey team trying to do sprints. Blow another lead. Again. Whoop. Again. Whoop. Again.

Whoop. It's been embarrassing. Herb. Herb. This has gone on long enough. Come on, Herb.

It's gone on long enough. The Packers were dominated by the Jets 27-10 as Aaron Rodgers was harassed all game stacked four times. And the Buccaneers going against a Steelers team that was missing T.J. Watt, Mika Fitzpatrick, and three cornerbacks mustered just 18 points in a loss to Pittsburgh. All three of those teams are 3-3. A team who got the win don't feel great about it though are the Rams. They beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10.

But another ugly performance for the most part. They are from LA. Onsides or offsides, Zach? Either Buccaneers, Packers, Rams, or Ravens will miss the playoffs.

Any one of those four. By the way, before I answer your question, Brady going into yesterday, 12-3 against the Steelers. He owns the Steelers in his career. Did you know Brady's 12 wins is the most wins any individual quarterback has ever had up against the Pittsburgh Steelers? Really? No. Yeah, Jeff Hathorne gave us that nugget on ION Football on CBS Sports Radio.

He'd catch me 8 hours each and every Sunday. And it's a remarkable statistic. So Minkov's out, you have all those players out, they're down to guys they're picking up off the street, and Brady doesn't win? I was shocked by that. That could be the most surprising thing I saw this past weekend in football. Does anything top that in terms of surprising?

I would say probably no. Like the Packers we had, I was surprised they lost, but I would say... Well the way the Packers lost, that was a dominant Jets effort. Packers are up there.

I take that back. I was more surprised by the Packers. I thought the Steelers-Bucks game was going to be close. I saw the Rutgers were going to win. I knew that we thought it was going to be a close game, but to have another one of these comebacks, but nah I don't think it tops the Steelers beating the Bucks and then also the Jets just crushing the Packers.

In Lambeau too. Seahawks? I think on Friday weren't you saying the Seahawks were going to win?

I think you picked them when we were kind of going on one thought for each game. I hated the spread. Like early in the week on Monday I'm like, oh wow, Cardinals only took it out. Something's wrong there. And I stayed away big time.

Yeah, smart move. Big time, big time, big time. Anyway, you say either the Buccaneers, Packers, Ravens or Rams will miss the playoffs? Will miss the playoffs, one of the four. Buccaneers will still win the South, so it's not them. Packers will not win the North, so they'll be in wild card contention. I still think the Ravens win the North. And then the Rams? 49ers win yesterday.

I feel differently about them. I'm going to pass here on the Ravens missing the playoffs. I think they'll make the playoffs.

Bucks will make the playoffs. I'm looking at the NFC picture. I think the NFC East teams are going to the postseason. Eagles, Cowboys, and the Giants are 5-1.

They have Cupcake games their next four games. They may be at eight wins by Thanksgiving. You just need nine to get in probably the NFC this year. So if I have three NFC East teams making the playoffs, the Vikings winning the division, the Bucks winning the division, and then in the NFC West, let's just say the 49ers. That leaves it between the Rams and the Packers? I'm going to say either the Rams or the Packers are going to miss the playoffs.

So, I'll go on sides on your question. Alrighty, in the game of the year so far in the NFL, the Bills took down the Chiefs 24-20 on a last minute touchdown pass from Josh Allen to Dawson Knox. And obviously got a late interception later on against Patrick Holmes when he was trying to drive down the field to seal the win. To cap off Sunday's action in week number six, the Eagles moved to 6-0 in the season after they had a 26-17 win over the Cowboys. Buffalo is now 5-1 on the season. Their only loss was to the Dolphins but have registered impressive road wins now over the Rams, Ravens, and Chiefs. Phillies was impressive when I think you could say it was last night over the Cowboys who did come into the game 4-1 but were playing with Cooper Rush. Onsides or offsides, Zach? The Bills are right now currently the best team in the NFL.

Yeah, they are. I know the Eagles have been number one in my power rankings the last few weeks, but I think Buffalo is the most well-rounded team. The only flaw I think there is with Buffalo is they haven't been able to get much out of that run game unless it's Josh Allen. But, if the Bills don't win the Super Bowl this year, I'll be surprised. They're the best team in the NFL onsides. Are you following what's going on with Major League Baseball right now?

Uh, no. So, this Yankees game, what time is it supposed to start again? 7.07 Eastern. So, we knew it was going to be, I forget what time it was supposed to start because it was expected all day that this was going to be a rain delay. They said at like earliest, 8.30 maybe, that they would start this game. Now they're saying the earliest this will end up starting is 10 p.m. potentially. This is Rob Manfred just being once again an incompetent commissioner.

You have two options here. Cancel the game tonight, one o'clock game tomorrow, ALCS game one is Wednesday. Or, what you do is, and I know you don't want to push back the schedule too much, play the game tomorrow night at seven o'clock and then just push back game one of the ALCS to Thursday or something like that.

This to me makes no sense. Well, I guess to defend Rob Manfred, you can't just push back one game of the ALCS, you're pushing back the whole series. So, you're messing with every other game. Outside, you know, it's not just like, oh, push game one back and it's all good. Push game one back and game two back and game three back and four.

And you lose an off day somewhere. But still, why not just play this game tomorrow at one p.m. at this rate? Ten p.m. at night on the east coast, and dire Yankee fans are staying up, but you want to expand the game with the kids? What kids are staying up tonight at ten p.m.? If you got like little Johnny or little Kate that try to be big Yankee fans, they got to school tomorrow. If they're in third or fourth grade, they're not making it to the end of the game, they're probably going to make it to the start of the game. Play devil's advocate, they're not watching it tomorrow at one o'clock either.

They're in school. You could pull your kid out of school for that, one o'clock ALDS game five. Unless you're a Yankee fan or a Guardian fan. You catch the end of the game, catch the end of the game? Come on.

I'm just saying. You think this is smart right now to potentially start this game at ten p.m. eastern? And have all your fans, how many fans stay? Well, I, they don't care about the fans.

No, they don't. How many fans stay for this game? I would say you probably still get a good amount. I would stay, but if you have work tomorrow and this game's not starting at ten?

I would say sixty percent. Like what are you doing during a rain delay right now if you're in the stadium? That's a great question. If you were smart, if you were a Yankee fan, you didn't enter the stadium.

Right. So you got a time, you went to one of those bars, like Billy's or whatever. There's a bodega there that's pretty popular. You go to like one of those bars there and hang out for a while. If you're going to spend money on drinks, at least get reasonably priced drinks that are not stadium overpriced. There's like a bodega there that you just walk, you think it's a regular bodega, and then if you walk through the back, there's this big party area. Bodega. So you got like your four dollar tall boys and then you just walk outside.

It's great business. Smart. Yeah.

Alright, what do you got? So, Utah. They ended USC's bid for a perfect season in dramatic fashion on Saturday night as Cam Rising ran in both the time score and then the go-ahead two-point conversion, with just 48 seconds left in the game as the Utes won 43-42. Now the Trojans did come into this game ranked seventh in the country. They were 6-0, but really the competition was not very stiff. They've not had a very challenging schedule whatsoever.

And now with the one loss for 6-1, looking ahead, the Trojans do have just one ranked opponent left in their schedule that currently right now is ranked number nine UCLA in mid-November. Just real quickly, I'm looking back at the ALCS schedule. So game one is supposed to be Wednesday. If you did what I suggested, play this game tomorrow, and you could even play it at 7 p.m. You axe Wednesday, you make game one Thursday, and then on Friday, you make it game two, you just lose that day on game two and then you're back in the Bronx or Cleveland for Saturday depending where it is, I think that you could easily do that. There could be no weather delay, weather issues in Houston, it's a dome. Yeah, but if there's a weather delay in either Cleveland or New York.

But you're back on track to when it was supposed to start anyway. You keep Saturday as game three. They're not scheduled to play on Friday.

Maybe they want to keep you off, I don't know. And the schedule's scheduled, but... No, I think that's the easiest thing you could have done. Play this tomorrow at 7 p.m., you move game one off Wednesday. I know you're going up against football anyway on Thursday, so have a Thursday and then boom Friday and you lose that travel day. Would you say that's unfair for the Astros? They get an extra day. I think they're ready to play, I don't think you need... I mean, they've been off since Saturday.

Weather issues happen, tough luck. To have this clown show tonight is a disgrace. Punish these two teams for going five.

No, stop. An elimination game to have this potentially start at the earliest 10 p.m. is a joke. But this commissioner's a joke.

All right, what do you got? I'm not yelling at you, I'm yelling at the commissioner. So like we said, USC just one ranked opponent left on the schedule. It's right now number nine UCLA. That game's in mid-November on the road in the Rose Bowl.

Onsides or offsides, Zach? USC is still a college football playoff contender despite their loss. See, this one's so tough, because could they still win the Pac-12?

Yes. But if you have one loss and you're a Pac-12 champ? Like, what's the great win... Well, the great win would then happen if they beat UCLA, then they get back into the Pac-12 championship and get another win. Yeah, I'll still say that they're a college football playoff contender, but do I expect them to make the college football playoff now? No, because the way that's gonna work is two SEC teams are gonna get in between the three of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama. Then you're gonna have the Big Ten champ in either Michigan or Ohio State. You got one spot left. Even though I think the Big 12 and Pac-12's better than the ACC this year, I kind of think that Clemson's gonna run the table, go undefeated, and they're gonna get in. So they're still a contender, but do I think they're gonna get in?

No, I don't. And finally, and on a good note for you personally, because your Patriots absolutely smoked the Browns 38-15 on Sunday, and they would let... Don't worry, he's zapping now. By the aforementioned Bailey Zappi, who had himself a career game in Cleveland, the former Western Kentucky hilltopper threw for 309 yards and two touchdowns while completing 24 of 34 passes, and Zappi now becomes the first rookie quarterback to win his first two career starts while posting a hundred passer rating or better in both games, first time it's ever happened since 1957. When Sonny Jergensen did it.

That is right. That is history right there, folks. Onsides or offsides? Hall of Famer. There is a... Bailey Zappi. He is Tom Brady 2.0.

Onsides or offsides? Fit him for the gold jacket now. There's a quarterback controversy, Zach, brewing in New England.

No. Belichick drafted Mac Jones in the first round. He drafted Bailey Zappi in the fourth round.

Bailey Zappi's in a good job. We know what he did at Western Kentucky, record-breaking year in the history of college athletics for touchdowns and passing yards in a single season. Mac's going to get the job back, and Mac's going to be the quarterback. So for right now, I don't think there's a quarterback controversy. Offsides. This is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio.

I'll give you my answer to our poll question next. Major League Baseball should be embarrassed. They don't even know when this game's going to start. They're hoping it's 10 p.m. They haven't even issued an official statement on when it's going to start. It's a joke. A joke.

I just read, Ryan, Tom Izzo, not the Michigan State basketball coach, but our Tom Izzo does a great job here in digital. He's at the game. The game that hasn't started is supposed to start at 707. You knew it was going to start in a delay, and they still don't know what start time is.

He said there's a Benny Hana stand. They have run out of food, and that a lot of the stands are starting to run out of food. Imagine they cancel this game tonight at this point. At this point, since you've made people wait this long, you have to play it. But it's stupid that you've made people wait this long. This is typical of Major League Baseball where they get the little things wrong.

And that's what they do over and over and over and over and over again because you have an incompetent bozo of a commissioner in Rob Manfred. Anywho, this is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. When do you think this game will start?

Because you've got to agree at this point, you've already embarrassed yourself enough. And when you don't play the game, you guys just look like even more fools because this game should have been canceled three hours ago. I'm seeing a tweet now that's saying rain in the area is being called for until 11 p.m. Eastern. What are we doing here Rob?

Come on! This game should have been canceled two hours ago! Interesting point. Are they in too deep?

Yeah, there's no going back now. What a kick in the you know where. I know they don't care about the players, I know they don't care about the fans. But if this game is going to be played tomorrow and they're not going to move back, what I just simply suggest, make game one on Thursday of the ALCS and just you lose the off day on Friday and you play game two on Friday with the series starting in Houston. So if they don't want to listen to me, Commissioner Gelb, I'll take 75% less of what Rob Manfred is making, they got to play this game at like 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. tomorrow. Where are you going to play this at 7 p.m. tomorrow? And then have everyone fly in late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning, get no sleep to go play game one of the ALCS? So at this rate, if you call the game tonight, it's already almost 10 o'clock. Your players aren't getting home till like midnight. And then you got to be right back at the stadium for a 1 p.m. game? This is a joke.

This is absurd. But this is Major League Baseball. Well at least they're showing the Ranger game. So at least the fans there are at least getting a good sight so far. They also showed them a night football game too?

And what else are they going to do? Could you imagine just sitting around? All you're doing is drinking and eating because you know when you're bored and there's nothing to do, that's what you do.

You drink and you eat. I can't believe I'm going to say this. I would leave. I would leave. I know it's a playoff game.

I know it's an elimination game. They don't even have an idea of when this is going to start. I would leave at this point. I know that people are going to be all coward, all bad fan, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They've already waited there long enough.

Just see what else happens. Imagine if they do call this game. Yeah, they have a split screen on the Jumbotron in center field. They have the Ranger game on and then the Monday Night Football game. Imagine it's at 1 o'clock.

You tell them a quick turnaround tomorrow. Well, also for the fans. You talk about the players. Imagine the fans that have tickets for this.

I agree. If you call out work tomorrow, you then have to go home tonight. Who knows where they live.

Connecticut, New Jersey, New York. If someone came in for this game, you probably would have had your hotel anyway. Because this was a 707 game. This is a disgrace. I get it. Weather issues happen. But what were you trying to accomplish here?

I really don't get this. You know what? Voice of Reason just walked in Marco Belletti. This Yankees delay right now with the Guardians. Isn't there two options here? First off, we could all agree that they should have probably postponed the game three hours ago.

At this point, they're already deep in. You've got to play the game at some point, but it's an embarrassment. If I was the commissioner, this is what I would have done. You play the game, call the game at 6 p.m. when it was clear they weren't going to get this game in. Play the game tomorrow at 1 p.m., and then you have game one of the ALCS on Wednesday. Or you could play this game tomorrow night at 7 p.m. You don't start ALCS game one on Wednesday.

You start it on Thursday. The travel day was supposed to be Friday, and you just play game two on Friday. To me, that's not an option. Why is that not an option?

Just wondering. Why is this the Astros' fault? Okay, Ryan brought up the same point too. It's a weather delay. What else could you have done? You know what? Then figure it out. Play it. I don't care if you play 74 innings and then get the train and get to Houston at that point.

If you're the Astros, it's not my problem. So the bare minimum. Okay, fine. The bare minimum.

What about option one? At this point, they don't even know what time the game's going to start. It's 9.30. Here's the thing.

Now they've gotten to the point of, it's almost to the point of no return. You've got to figure something out right now. You have to play the game. You've got about, well, I mean, you don't have to, but you've got about a 10-minute window now, 15 minutes.

Because at some point, you have to know. You've got half hour from taking the tarp off to pitchers warming up to actually first pitch. So it's not just, oh, well, you know, 9.45, we'll play at 9.50. You need a good half hour to get everybody ready to go. So you need to make this decision in the next 10 to 15 minutes because I would say by 10.30, that's it.

Because I don't think you could start after 10.30. And they clearly don't give a rat's ass about the fans. We know that with all these delays, but if you're a fan at the ballpark, when do you have your own cutoff?

When do you just say, I'm out, I'm gone? I get it. I mean, and you're not going to get compensated if they play the game.

Here's the problem, too, though. If you were a fan for tonight's game, you're off from work for a while. Because if they play that game at 1 o'clock, you're going to be out of those tickets anyway. Now you may be able to sell them if you're lucky. On secondary market, you're going to get, what, half? So I mean, like, so right now you're in a tough spot.

You're almost, you know, you're caught in no man's land. I get it if you got to go and you got to get out of there because you got work, you got a little kid, whatever your situation is. The problem is, what's the idea that you're going to be able to come back the next day in the afternoon? And I think one of the things that Major League Baseball, and I was talking about this in the newsroom, and I know nobody wants to hear this, but it is something that you have to factor in. Who's got the game tonight? TBS, right? Your partners have already given up a Yankee night game for that afternoon game at the first rainout, and they had to play on the Friday afternoon game. And you lost tons of ratings through that. You're going to do it again, and you're going to do it on a Tuesday where you're going to have awful ratings again for a Game 5 in the division. I know your ratings tonight probably are going to be great. Yeah, your ratings tonight are going to be terrible, probably.

They're going to be better than 1 o'clock in the afternoon on the East Coast. They just are. Yeah.

They just are. And I know that's unfortunate, and nobody wants to hear that, and I'm not saying that's the be-all, end-all to make this decision, but it's part of it. Can I ask you this? Not that I would prefer to do this. Could they have played this game tomorrow at 7 p.m.? They can, and you know what? I would think that that would be a... Look, neither one of these teams wants to do that.

I get it, and they're going to fight it. But you do have plenty of days where you play Tuesday in the Bronx and then are playing Wednesday night in Houston. That happens.

That happens a lot. Happens a lot in baseball season. Now, I know it's the playoffs, and it's bigger, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Whatever it is, whoever comes out of this divisional series is going to be up against it, because as much as you want to say tonight, they got a chance to rest.

Nonsense. You're going to walk into Game 5. You're going to be down to your fourth or fifth starter. You're going to use everybody in the bullpen. You're going to be a mess walking into Houston, no matter who wins this game. Yeah.

Tough. And I think from Major League Baseball, they have to start looking at it and going, you know what? We've got to be good to our partners. Now, tomorrow the problem is you're going to be bad to your, I think it's Fox Sports 1, right, that's got the NLCS? So now you're going to be up against each other. That's not a good scenario either, because you don't want to split your baseball ratings. So it's a mess.

It really is a mess. Now, the only thing I would say is instead of one, push it a bit. Maybe you could play at 4.30, so at least you can go 4.30 at 8. Yeah, they won't play this 7 tomorrow. You know what I mean? Because you don't want to be up against the other game.

You're not going to pit them up against one another, you're right. So then maybe you play at 4.30 and try to get some of your audience as opposed to 1 o'clock in the afternoon on the East Coast. Okay, but still, you and I just having this conversation and going through the three options, what's the commissioner doing? It doesn't take as long as right now.

What is this guy doing? You had two and a half hours. Now, the only thing is if you keep talking to the weathermen and they keep changing it on you, you know what I mean? I just want them to never get it right.

Well, I mean... The weathermen are like me sometimes when NFL picks. Fair.

I still get paid, but I'm wrong. But if usually within like the same hour window, the doppler is usually pretty good in that regard. No, like I'm not a weatherman, but I'm not a meteorologist.

I don't pretend to be one. But when you're looking at a week in advance, a day in advance, I get it. It moves all over the place. Does it really move that fast in an hour?

Let me just ask a simple question. How bad is it raining outside right now? When I came in, which is over an hour and a half ago now.

Because I've been here since 5 o'clock. The drive in and I come from Jersey. Rain the whole way, pockets of drizzle and pockets of downpour. No thunder? I did not see any thunder or lightning when I got... Could you have played in it? In the pockets of the downpour? No, absolutely not. The pockets of drizzle? Sure. When I got to the building, it was drizzling.

But you don't want to do an elimination game. You start, you start, you start, you stop. What exactly was due in the Bronx? I don't know. I wasn't in the Bronx. But my journey, the hour journey from Jersey to get here into New York City, there was a couple of spots where you're driving, not only do you have the wipers going full blast, I couldn't see.

Because it was, I mean, just downpour, couldn't see. Now, if they were in situations like that, you're not playing through that. So I don't, I don't really know. But I would say this, after two and a half hours...

It's a joke. Make a decision. Figure out whatever you're going to do. You can come out and say, look, we're playing tonight.

We'll let you know what time. Or, we're done. That's it. That's the only thing you got to do. You got to let us know at some point for everyone, for the people in the stands, the people at home, all over the place. At some point, you got to figure it out.

You're either playing or you're not. Kelvin Bellet for commissioner. We will resign from CBS Sports Radio tomorrow. We'll take 75% less of what Rob Manfred's making right now. Sign me up.

Right? Marenic and Eskin, we love you, but come on, 75% less of whatever Manfred's making, we're probably still looking at like a few million. I was going to say, I'm definitely going to pay raise. I don't know about you.

I think I'd split that with you. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. The poll question today, between these four teams, are you most concerned about Ravens, Packers, Bucks, and Rams? 7.6% say the Ravens, 18.3%. The Rams, 15.3%. The Bucks, and 58.8% is the Packers. I'm surprised how lopsided it is, but I would go with the Packers because the Ravens still have a good shot to win their division.

Bucks are still going to win their division. Rams still have a good shot to win their division. The Packers, Vikings are already 5-1, and you could have three NFC East teams make the playoffs this year.

That leaves one wildcard spot left. If the 49ers win that division, it's a race between the Rams and the Packers, that could be very compelling to see which team would make the playoffs. But I would go with Green Bay. Hey, real quickly, since you are a big Giants fan, if memory serves me right, I think the Giants are going to make the playoffs. They're 5-1, and I said this yesterday at Iron Football, and I counted yesterday as a loss just in what they were going to do the next five games, go 3-2.

You set yourself up in good position. They're already 5-1. You play the Jaguars, the Seahawks, the Texans, the Lions. Not that you should be better than 2-2 in that stretch. They just go 2-2. That's seven wins by Thanksgiving. You only need nine to make the playoffs probably this year?

If you're looking at nine to ten wins, they would have no reason not to with this stretch as long as they don't stumble right here. You can't go 1-3. To be honest, 2-2 is going to be a problem because you've got some games down the stretch. You've still got two games with the Commanders, though? You think you've got to win one?

You took the words out of my mouth. You've got two games with Washington, and you've got that little stretch right there. That enough, even if you lose twice to the Eagles and if you already lost to Dallas once and you lose to them again, there's enough there for the Giants to be a 10-win team.

There really is. And also, assuming the Eagles don't go undefeated, well, their schedule is soft, too. No, but their schedule is soft. That last game is the Eagles. Right, they may not need that. They may not need that for any positioning. Which Brian Dabel may be begging Nick Sirianni to rest his starters, unlike Joe Judge who got all upset with Doug Peterson.

Where's Doug Peterson with his third string quarterback when you need him? It's possible. It's definitely possible. The Giants are stunning in the start that they had, and they have set themselves up. And now, and we talked about this last week at some point, be weary of a team that's not necessarily the most talented, but all of a sudden they get the confidence where they think they're more talented than they are. When they buy in, man, ooh.

Well, they already bought in. The Giants are not going to a Super Bowl. I'm not even saying the Giants are going to win a playoff game.

But it's the idea. But that roster's not great, and they have a great record. Their roster is not as good as their record by any stretch. They're already playing over their heads, but the more those wins start piling up. They believe in this coach.

That's what it is. And they start believing in each other, where you can look at it and go, we're not that talented, you know what? Go to hell, we are that talented. Now, hold on, Hickey, you are raising your hand. Do we have a start time? Come on, give me the start time. 4.07 tomorrow. It is official.

They made those fans wait that long, almost three hours to say 4.07 tomorrow? This Commissioner Rob Manfred sucks. He gets everything wrong. You could have decided this three hours ago. Oh, come on, Rob. That's terrible. You guys should be proud of yourselves.

You guys have kind of nailed it. Yeah, it wasn't that hard. It was three hours ago. I'm just relaying the information. You said 4.07. You guys said, OK, meet in the middle of one o'clock, seven o'clock, play a four, 4.07.

We will take 75 percent less, but Letty will resign tomorrow, I'll resign tomorrow, and we will be better than Rob Clown Manfred. Like leagues and teams. Pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later. There's a lot to listen to. So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show.

You can think of a car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. In the words of Bruce Springsteen, come on up for Cam Rising. What a performance by Cam Rising as Utah stuns USC 43 to 42. They get the touchdown and the successful two point conversion Cam Rising.

Huge, huge, huge, huge, huge game. Four hundred fifteen passing yards, two passing touchdowns and also had three rushing touchdowns. Give a stock up to Cam Rising. Josh Hypel and Hendon Hooker, what you have done at Tennessee standing ovation. And now you get to celebrate and smoke those cigars after beating Alabama stock up Josh Hypel and Hendon Hooker. How many rushing yards in Michigan have up against Penn State? I forget.

Four hundred and eighteen, I think something like that. Stock up to the Michigan run game. T.C.U. I know this is the fourth head coaching job Sonny Dykes has had, but he is now undefeated. And they had a huge comfort behind victory up against Oklahoma State. I thought Oklahoma State, when you get the touchdown in overtime, should have gone for two.

They elected not to do so, but stock up to T.C.U. We know the big time contract that Von Miller got. Well, you showed it showed why he was worth it, because he brings a championship culture to the Buffalo Bills.

You know, good they've been. He's the missing piece. And with the game on the line, needing a defensive stop, he puts the pressure on Mahomes. Mahomes rushes the throw to Ron Johnson with the interception.

Stock up to Von Miller. The New York Jets smother the Packers. They're 4-2. The Giants, once again, the comeback kids against the Baltimore Ravens.

They are 5-1. Stock up to New York football, Jets and Giants. Bailey, Zappi, giving me life again in this football season.

Stock up, Bailey, Zappi. The Texans have finally said goodbye to 1-Jack Easterby. The human hypnotist should have never had a job in that position with the Texans, other than being a character coach, is now out of the organization. Texans fans, jump for joy. Stock up to the Texans. Eagles secondary, big play slay.

James Bradbury, CJ Gardner, as they say in Philly, Johnson. Just an unbelievable performance last night, picking off Cooper Rush three times. Give the Eagles secondary a stock up. Jamar Chase, two big touchdowns over 100 yards receiving. Saves the Cincinnati Bengals.

Give him a stock up. Alabama, fraudulent against A&M, fraudulent against Texas. You come back, you just got to make that kick, you miss the kick, and then you allow Tennessee to get in field goal range in under 15 seconds. Terrible job by the Crimson Tide.

Stock down. No rolling tide this weekend. James Franklin, the most overrated coach in college football. Right behind him is Jimbo Fisher. James Franklin 0 for 10 versus top 10 teams since 2016.

Give James Franklin a stock down. Tampa Bay. I thought myself and Hickey were going to get asked to play in that Steelers secondary. And the Buccaneers can't beat the Steelers and you let Mitch Trubisky beat you and Brady could do nothing during the game. It's a terrible loss, awful loss, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Give them a stock down. The Baltimore Ravens, up 35 to 14 against the Dolphins, couldn't get the job done. Up 20 to 3 against the Bills, couldn't get the job done. Up 20 to 10 against the New York Giants, couldn't get the job done.

Hickey, this team should be 6 and 0. At worst case, maybe one of those games you blow, but not all three. You know, the Buffalo game you can live with.

Well, maybe not. The Dolphins game. Like one of those games, you blow all three.

You know, maybe the Buffalo one is the one you can live with the most. But to lose all three of those games would be 3 and 3. At worst, this should be a 5 and 1 team and they're 3 and 3.

It's a horrible job. Did you see RG3's tweet from today about the Ravens? No, what was it? 40 teams in NFL history have started the season off 6 games, double digit leads in all of them. The Ravens are the only team out of those 40 that have a 500 record or worse.

Wow. Just to highlight and underscore just how bad this team has been when it comes to blowing leads. They've had a double, think about that, double digit lead in every single game. None of those 40 teams that were, I guess, 39 teams prior that have done it have ever had a record that's even at 500. I was just saying.

Simply give the stock down to the Ravens. My mind is blown from that. That's bad. That's bad. Dog, you're right.

It's beautiful. 0.5 and 5 and 1 are 6 and 0. And here they are 3 and 3. Packers.

Oof. I thought this was going to be a close game. They got their doors blown off against the Jets. Rogers has no answers.

Le Fleur has no answers. Give a stock down to the Packers. The Arizona Cardinals. They just extended. Kingsbury, Keim, and Murray. Get the Andre Hopkins back.

Oh, my God. This team is in a rough spot. They lose 19 to nine to the Seahawks.

Give a stock down to the Cardinals. Bob Costas talking way too much. Everything is a story. I know it's he's a play by play guy. You got to give some stories. You got to talk a little bit during a broadcast, clearly.

But everything is a history lesson and a 45 minute story. I love Bob Costas, but he's been brutal in this ALDS. Give him a stock down. And finally, stock down to Rob Manfred and the incompetence of Major League Baseball. That game was supposed to start at seven o'clock tonight. And they just called the game and now they scheduled for four something tomorrow. You could have decided this three hours ago. But Major League Baseball with that dopey commissioner gets it wrong over and over and over and over again.

Stock down to Rob Manfred. Give him another. Give me the other sound effect. Come on, you idiot. I want to hear it. Let's go. Come on, you idiot.

Alrighty. That's the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Very fun edition of the extravaganza today. One final time, I will give you the final results of the poll question, which you can always find on Twitter at Zach Gelb and at CBS Sports Radio. Out of these four teams, which team are you most concerned about?

Ravens at 8%, Bucks at 15%, Rams at 18%, and the Packers at 59%. Great job out of each and every one of you for calling, listening, and tweeting. We will do it all again tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. Have a good night, everybody. We will, I guess, preview this or talk about this ALDS game tomorrow.

And Major League Baseball continues to shoot themselves in the foot. And we will also have to recap tomorrow this Chargers-Broncos game. Broncos up 13 to 10 as we are early stages of the third quarter. Bye-bye. We out. Peace.
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