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REShow: Warren Sapp - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 13, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Warren Sapp - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 13, 2022 3:13 pm

Rich defends his latest NFL Power Rankings to Brockman and TJ, and dusts of ‘Why Talkin’ Playoff or What?!?!’ to weigh in on the postseason possibilities for the Jets, Bengals, Broncos, Rams, Giants, and Saints. 

Pro Football Hall of Fame DT Warren Sapp tells Rich why he has a big problem with the NFL’s recent rash of egregious Roughing the Passer penalties, says why he’s concerned for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and previews the Cowboys vs Eagles Week 6 NFC East showdown.

Rich weighs in on the Golden State Warriors decision to not suspend Draymond Green so he could take part in the team’s ring ceremony on opening night, and recounts his daughter Taylor’s first ever youth league basketball game where she faced off against Kevin Garnett’s daughter.

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Where are you going to go? The Rich Eisen Show. No way.

No way. Earlier on the show, UCLA athletic director, Martin Jarman. Still to come, pro football hall of famer, Warren Sapp. Plus, Fox Sports college football analyst, Joel Klatt.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. Now at number two, the Rich Eisen Show on the air right now, live on the Roku channel. And we're on channel 210 on the Roku channel every day. And you can get the Roku channel on every Roku device that Roku puts out there for you. Samsung smart TVs have the Roku channel. So does Amazon Fire TVs.

And guess what? It's free on every single one of those platforms. The same with the Roku app. So you can watch the show on any mobile device you want by getting the Roku app and finding the Roku channel on it is very simple. I was, I'm even able to do it.

It's free there. And the same thing on desktop at the Our number one included an in-studio visit from the athletic director of UCLA, Martin Jarman. And Chris, you were roaming the studio space in between the commercial break between hours one and two. TJ and I looked at each other and I'm like, kind of like that guy. I went high register with him.

And the reason why is you can go ahead and give voice. Traditionally, I'm not a UCLA fan. So, but you know, I liked Martin. He might have got me to turn my, uh, all right. He might have been offended by that. Not just because of the fact that, you know, you, you, you said you're not really an UCLA person. It's just that you have been able to fit many other, uh, teams under your tent.

And he's just like, wait a minute, you're going to leave me out. I mean, you have 12 teams. Well, I was going to put the banner up, don't put the pennant up, don't raise the pennant. But it was kind of, you know, uh, I did like him and his UCLA Bruins bounced my Michigan Wolverines couple of years ago, the NCAA tournament, his roots to becoming the athletic director in UCLA, go through Michigan state and the Ohio state, uh, kind of would be just predisposed not to like him.

Also, I think you just solved it for me right there. You're talking about a game that happened years ago. Like I love years ago.

It's not too, that's just two years ago, two tournaments ago. I just mean in general, like I love college sports, but Chris and I talked about this today. I used to love college sports more than pros.

And then as I got a little bit older, for some reason, that changed. So although I still love college sports, I'm not as heavily invested as I used to be. And I think maybe that's why people like you who really love one team find it hard that I can like different teams, you know, but it's just like, I have no problem. I don't, you know, I'm not going to not go somewhere on a Saturday to watch a game, but you know, I still, you know, I still have rooting interest in these teams for sure. But you know, I don't live and die with them anymore. Like I used to. I'll replay that back for you on a Sunday night in the middle of the Eagles Cowboys game.

Well, that's a, that's a professional sport. Okay. So then Penn state, you're not going to be as locked in as I am with the Michigan Penn state game that we're talking to Joel cloud about an hour or three. I'm not going to be as locked in as you are. You like, you live and breathe with Michigan.

Like I don't, I I'd like it, but you know, I'm watching that game by myself. I'm Han Solo. We're different. We're different. Wow. Yeah.

Han Solo. It's just a game, Rich. Susan. Susan's going to be a little camping overnight with two of the three and Jan's got to play practice. And so dad's at home. Oh, by the way, you want to, you want to top of our number two, of course I do over.

You're going to love this. Yeah. He said, I want to watch that game with me. I'm Han Solo. I'm Han Solo.

He said that though. Hell no. Like that's got nothing to do with your DJ Penn state. You have a big party. He would have to invite me.

He would have to let me know where he lives. And so that's, so here I'll tease it. And later on this hour, I've got an update on my daughter's athletic career. Oh, I saw, I saw something.

My daughter's burgeoning athletic career. Yeah. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial on the program. Warren Sapp's about to call in in about 15 minutes time from Hawaii. He's coming up for air because he wants to chime in on the roughing the passer stuff that's going on in the NFL. I can't wait for this.

It is. And of course, we'll ask him about the Bucks ability to run it back. My folks, you know, I heard from this county in here, I put the Bucks on my top 10 of my power rankings. Are they on your top 10 power rankings?

I haven't checked it out on YouTube yet. We do five. All right. So if you did 10, would you put the Bucks in your top 10 of your power rankings?

Good question. I think so. Let's just take a quick look at the standings. No, I mean, you've got four, you got, who's in your top five of your power rankings?

Oh yeah. I think I did have them in my top five. Well, TJ had them in the top five. You had the Bucks in your top five? No. No, you definitely did. Not this past week.

You couldn't. My five this week in reverse order, Rich. 49ers, Cowboys, Eagles, Bills, Chiefs.

Okay. Mine were reverse order Niners. Yeah, Niners, Bucks, Chiefs, Bills, and Eagles. Okay, you put them in there, huh? You put them in four. That's a little high.

I think I had them at nine. Yeah, they're at nine. Up one spot from the previous week.

What you said earlier, Rich. Now, you know, the first few weeks, and Chris and I talked about this, when you're doing a power ranking, you don't have a lot to go by. So you're just basically putting them in based solely on record.

Now, week five, week six, we do have a, you know, a bigger sample size, and now you can really. That's your way of doing it. Not everyone has to do it that way. Well, that's how Chris and I tend to do it. That's okay.

You know, not everyone's got to do it. Bucks top 10, I feel like, but they're either, I'm with you, Richie. They're either nine or 10. Yeah, they're right on the cusp of the top 10.

Yeah. Vikings are better. I don't know if the Vikings are better. Ravens are better. You guys were giving me such crap, and so many people on Twitter too were as well, that my Vikings aren't in the top 10.

Dude, they got double-doinked in London. They got a break from the Lions because Dan Campbell decided the worst possible option of trying to kick a field goal rather than punting or going for it. But don't you have the Packers in your top 10?

Yeah, I do. So not only do they have a better record than the Packers, but they also beat the Packers. I get it.

I understand that. Plus, I just go by, I go by what the Vikings fans that I'm friends with say. Come on, the Vikings almost blew it at home against the Bears after watching the Packers lose in London, knowing all they got to do is take care of business against the Bears at home. But they won the game, right? Yes, they did. Oh, there you go. They were up and then they blew it. But they won, right? I see enough that I need to see more from the Vikings.

How about that? Yeah, but you know how this goes. You're not doing week six power rankings for week 15. Week six power rankings. But see, I can't view things in just a little box, Chris. Well, you don't have a crystal ball either. I think outside of the box.

I think outside of the box. So your power rankings are really just a projection. This is Rich Eisen's weekly projection. It's on the ground there, Rich, go down. That's what it is. Are you ready for the eight ball?

Is that what's happening right now? There's only one way to settle this. Stupid argument is to go to stupid arbiters. This is not stupid.

It's Rich Eisen's weekly projection. Magic eight ball. Let's change it.

Is my way of doing power rankings appropriate? Definitely not. And it comes up. Hold on a minute.

There's lots of bubbles. I shook it too hard. Outlook good.

Outlook's good. I mean, that's what you said. We don't know what says that.

That's not an appropriate answer for the question that you asked eight ball. It is because it says tune in for more. OK, it means tune in for more, which is what we always appreciate here. Yeah, absolutely. I love reading the comments too. And the richest power ranks are like, I don't really understand this, but I can't wait to watch you. Outlook good.

You know what I love in the comments? When someone tells you you're crazy for putting a team in there, but not putting their favorite team in there. So I wouldn't have been crazy had I put your team in. But I didn't. Don't you still have the Dolphins in your power rankings?

I do 10th. That's insane. Why? They don't have a quarterback.

I get it. They got Skyler Thompson. Watch him beat the Vikings this week. Oh, baby. Oh, God.

To just put the exclamation point on this conversation. Watch the Dolphins with Skyler Thompson beat the Vikings this weekend. Two of them might retire. Like, what do we do? Watch it happen.

Watch it happen. Ping pong tables out. Power rankings in.

Outlook good. But you didn't have the Titans in there? No.

They're the three seat in the AFC, right? Understood. OK, I got it. I get it. Do you?

I do. This is a tradition on this program. What we're about to do is a tradition on this program years ago in the in the depths of the Pat Shermer administration for the Giants. We had a caller from Long Island call in from at the outset of the season when nobody thought the Giants had a single shot in the league where all 32 teams supposedly have a shot. Giants had no shot. Guy called in and said this.

We talking playoffs or what? And he never called again. We don't know who it was. We don't remember. He has never called back. However, we hope he's all right.

However, his memory lives on. In the annual tradition of a new of a segment that was years ago new, but we're running it back here. Chris Brockman, you have how many teams? We have 663 from each conference where you're going to throw out the name of the team and I will tell you if we're talking playoffs.

Or what? NFL films music please for the for all we have a drop. We gotta drop.

Go for it. We have a drop. playoffs. We talking playoffs or what?

We talk about playoffs. Oh wow, look at that. I mean, you know, top notch by the way, the radio audience we had. We had logos shifting in and out.

It was like three car money. You have no idea who's in, who's out. Someone was in.

Then they're out. Jim Morris senior and that guy from Long Island whose name we don't know. That's well done. You want to AFC or NFC first? I don't care.

I need NFL films music and I need to be put on the spot. I bet you that guy's name is Long Island Jimmy. Actually someone tagged him in a tweet when we promoted the segment. Really?

And he last tweeted us December 2020 that he was like, I'll call in next week. Never heard of it. I don't know what he's doing. What's going on? If you're out there.

Hope he's all right. Hey Rich, first up. Yes. The New York Jets. Let's go for it. Are we talking playoffs or what? Yes, are we talking playoffs or what? We're talking playoffs. We're talking. When do they debut in the power power? We are talking playoffs.

Yes. Currently right now you're five seed in the wild card, right? Currently you're five seed in the wild card.

But according to you, that doesn't matter where they're seeded. They got a win over the dolphins in their back pocket already. The youngsters are beginning to get all groansed up and groansed up and groansed up. Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall had their best games as professionals together.

That's true. Together. Garrett Wilson hasn't even started cooking yet. The offensive line looks better. The defensive line has some get off. We just need the quarterback to just start getting better and better every week.

And it starts this week in Lambeau Field. We're talking playoffs. Yes, sir. Let's go. What else?

Who else? You're defending AFC champion, the Cincinnati Bengals. We're talking playoffs or what? We're talking playoffs. Yeah, we have to. Of course we're talking playoffs.

I'm not taking the two and three cheese. This is a team that in the middle of December suddenly, you know, took off the Clark Kent glasses and put on a cape. Did you see the video of Joe Burrow?

Joe Burrow has such PTSD from getting sacked so much. Someone coughed in the press conference and he flinched. Yeah, he jumped off the skin.

All right. He didn't flinch when you almost spilled scalding hot coffee on him. Here's what's going to happen. That changed him.

You got the schedule. This line has scarred Joe Burr forever. Hold on a minute. That and the coffee, Chris. He didn't even move when the coffee.

It was like a bounty commercial. Guys, Joe Burrow is going home. He's going back to the Superdome. And I understand he's from Ohio and all the Ohio State people say he even loves us still too. Just listen to him.

He talks about Ryan Day like he's his own dad. He's going back to the Superdome home for Atlanta. They're at Cleveland on Monday night. Come on. Home for Carolina.

Then there's a buy. Then they're at Pittsburgh on a Sunday night at Tennessee. It's going to be a tough one. And then home for Kansas City just in time for the weather to get cold.

And maybe they have, if you will, flashbacks. Home for Cleveland at Tampa, at New England, big game against Buffalo. How huge is that Monday nighter to wrap up the penultimate week going to be? And then they're home for Baltimore. That's a.

That schedule is impossible. They are fine. They are more than fine.

They are absolutely more than fine. And that bye week comes just in time in case if you need a little bit of rest and you say he's got the jitters, little ayahuasca will just go. Go down to Costa Rica, go hang out with Boreanaz and go have some tea. Get back in touch with yourself and manifest the playoffs. We're talking playoffs.

Keep going, Chris. What else you got? Broncos country. Or what?

The Denver Broncos. Or what? I'm going or what right now? I'm going or what? They might win this week against the Chargers, but I just see a little bit too much inconsistency.

Yeah, a two and three right now and plus. Well, if they lose to the Chargers, that would be a significant deficit right now to try and make the division a possibility. And then maybe they'd have a tough time of it. And then you got the Jets coming in, by the way. By the way, it's going to be a home game out here Monday night, though. It's possible Broncos country shows up here. Let's ride. But right now I'd go or what? I can't go playoffs for everybody.

You can't. So that's the AFC. That's the AFC.

All right. Now here's we're talking playoffs or what? NFC. NFC. The New York Football Giants. We're talking playoffs.

We're talking playoffs or what? That's right. This guy. Come on, Stunard. Call back. Long Island, Jimmy. Come on now.

Where is he? I don't know. We're talking playoffs. Absolutely. We're talking playoffs for the Giants. Come on now. The Packers, they're going to have a nice, nice tie break for them to put on the table for the Packers if you believe the Vikings are going to win that division. Come on now. They've got a defense as long as they stay healthy.

That offense with Daniel Jones and Saquon is back. Has there ever been a guy winning comeback player of the year having played 13 games the year before? Because that might actually happen. Probably not. No, he's not eligible.

I what are the eligibility rules? Honestly, you can't come back from thinking. We're talking playoffs. I like the Giants chances.

They do have they have a lot of they got most of the they got all three phases working. What else you got? Whose house? Rams house. You're defending Super Bowl champion with Los Angeles Rams. Shippy sinking, bro. We're talking playoffs. Oh, come on. You see, McVeigh said they haven't given their final offer to Odell yet.

Yeah, they have. Odell's not coming. I don't know.

They gave away his number. I think he wants to. I think he wants to. That looks like somebody's like, come on. I want to come home. Let's go. Why is he visiting all these other places?

I don't know. He made it seem like he wants to come home. And this is his new home. I mean, he lives here. You know, I just see too many. I know that Chris Long City doesn't see the bones of a championship team.

I get it. I just think they're going to get healthier. They got to get healthier on the offensive line. They're going to figure it out. They have too many talented people to miss the playoffs entirely. Like, what are you talking, eight and nine?

Don't you think nine and eight or ten and seven is going to make it? They're getting to three and three. Carolina's coming in with P.J. Walker and Steve Wilkes' interim.

They can't block anybody. They're going to get to 500 this week. Let's ride. What else you got over there? Who's your last one?

Last one. Kind of a big game this weekend. The New Orleans Saints. We talking playoffs or what? I'm going or what with them.

I'm going or what with them. They're just too damn inconsistent on offense. And did they rediscover Taysom Hill?

Is that what just finally happened? Oh, by the way, you got a difference maker in this. They got a slash difference maker.

You might you might want to use them. I don't know, like, Jamis, they try to go vertical. I know Olave kind of works there in and out of the lineup is can't guard Mike.

Defensively, they're really good. Jamis Winston back in practice. I think they lose this week to the Bengals. I think Joe Burrow. I think Joe Burrow is not losing in the Superdome, sir.

I really believe that. And then I look at their schedule and I don't see it. I don't see it. They lost at Carolina. OK, that's Matt Ruhl's lone win in his final season. They lost there.

That's a tough one. OK, so there's a few stinkers that still to come potentially in at San Francisco, at Tampa as well. Tampa is going to want to show that this whole they have our number thing is going to be a season sweep for them. I don't I don't feel great about it. So I'll go or what there? There you go. All right. There you go.

And see, we're talking playoffs or what? Good stuff, Christopher. Great segment.

Thank you very much. Let's take a break and let's get Warren Sapp calling in from Hawaii. Hashtag scuba sap coming up. My tie too early for for drinks.

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This is the story of the original influencer. This is Elizabeth the first. Elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen. Back here on a terrestrial radio out there.

Just had a lot of fun in the Roku Channel and more setting up. Warren Sapp's reappearance on the Rich Eisen Show. The Mercedes Benz Van's phone line is all lit up for the first ballot Hall of Famer who wants in on the subject matter du jour in the NFL.

All these rough in the past are penalties. Warren Sapp back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing ninety nine?

Trying to find a way to live between heaven and earth without touching dirty anywhere, Rich, I'm good. OK, are you calling in from the beautiful 50th state Warren right now? Yes, I am.

Yes, I am. I got invited to a beautiful players in Paradise Golf Tournament by the OTA Golf Apparel Swag Golf and some Southwest allies and some beautiful other sponsors. Had a nice little charity event. The great Byron Scott, Magic Johnson's, that court mate was here with me. OK, and we had a real good time. How's your how's the golf game going? How is your golf game? Getting better, Rich. I'm telling you, baby, you know what? Anthony McFarland says when I do hit it, is that drive right?

This is structural video. That's what I'm saying. I can tell he's been playing a lot more. That's what I got to work. I got to work. I got to work on the second shot. Bruce Lewis tells me stuff is the second shot. You're right, Bruce.

All right. It was like it's like pass rushing. It ain't the it ain't the it ain't the get off. It's the turn, the dip in the rip. It's the turn, the dip in the rip and then the not roughing. Right, Warren?

I can't even the rich. What am I supposed to do? I think I think there's a handsomely paid offensive guard and definitely the left and right tackle are handsomely paid. And then, you know, the chip block that they do with the back coming out and the tight end started there hitting you.

I mean, they have enough people to protect the quarterback. There's no way you shouldn't ask me to sack the quarterback, strip him of the ball, recover it, and then I got to push him out of the way, too. Yeah, I saw that play by Chris Jones. That was unbelievable. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. I mean, when you go get the sack call, formal recovery. I mean, nothing left but the touchdown. I mean, you hit three of the four of the of the cycle.

You almost hit for the cycle. Are you kidding me? And he actually even used even even used his offhand to make sure he didn't put his full body weight, but the referee is behind him. They don't have the umpire in front anymore. That's right. They've eliminated the possibility of somebody seeing it.

So that's why you got to be reviewable, right? Right. That's not the answer. Now we're going to turn it. Now we're going to turn the game in the in the targeting in college. No, we'll never get out of it.

We'll never get out of there. Well, I'm saying here's my fix about the people. How about the people that are paid to protect them, protect them and you a lot of defensive tackles because they've taken their head and knees out of it. So now all I have is his body to hit.

And you can't actually not to land on him. The guy in Miami tore his knee up trying to trying to not land on the quarterback. I remember that. Yeah, I was there at that game. I was I was rich. I was cursing at the kid. I'm like, how do you get how do you get hurt back in the quarterback?

And then they gave me the yes, they can't land on them anymore. That's a pillow. That's a reward for rushing the pastor. We have the hardest job in football. We don't know the play. We don't know if it's a three step drop.

We don't know if it's max protection, slide double team, whatever they give us. We got to break through this and then go get him. And now I'm responsible for his protection. You got to pay me a lot more money for that. Well, again, you might have been scuba diving while, you know, while I was talking about this on my show. Not that you're following me from Hawaii. No, I know that. You know, I know that, but I'm not saying but I was I was down. I was down. I came up for this. I know.

And I'm not saying that we should make this challengeable like pass interference was two years ago. We have to do something rich because it's just agreeable because the one that happened in Tampa underneath my stadium with my name hanging over. Oh, that's the worst part about it. I mean, the worst part of your program, double one in your heart sits over the top of it. And here's the best part. If Tua did what Tom Brady did, we would not even be in this conversation right now.

What do you mean? Tua tried to throw the ball rich. He extended his body up and then got janked back to the field turf.

If he had a fold up like Tom Brady and went down, his arm would hit the ground just like Tom Brady's and he got up and we wouldn't even be talking about. I just want to make sure you're not blaming when I'm the Tua on Tua, right? I mean, Tua has some culpability, Rich, because once a defense alignment like myself grab you on your waist, you don't extend up to try to throw this ball away. Because first of all, you put yourself back in the pocket by going back to the right. So now you don't have the law and the rule that you're outside the pocket. The ball just has to reach the line of scrimmage. You didn't do that. You went back into the pocket and then when he grabbed you and spun you around, you jumped up and tried to throw this ball.

I'm telling you, Rich, he definitely has some culpability in this. When you play this game, I realize every six seconds that I might be in the training room or it might be over. That's why you take precautions in it. That's why you practice like you play.

Because when it's the game, this is what I do every day. Pro football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp right here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right. So again, reviewing it, though, I want the Hawkeye, the officials that are currently sitting in New York City.

No, I'm serious. The ones who are sometimes chiming in saying you should get that guy off the field because he threw a punch or you should spot the ball on the 28 because the helmet got touched not at the 34. Not at the 34, you should make sure that that's not called a fumble because his knee was down.

That sort of stuff. I was going to get to know football people to talk about something that they shouldn't even be talking about, sacking the quarterback. I don't know, but it's better than we've seen the last two days. It's better than what we got because that was ugly. That was ugly football. I mean, just ugly.

I mean, you can't do that in Raymond James. You know how many quarterbacks are playing in that turf? I mean, it was unbelievable what we do. Bruce Snell was on the phone. Bruce was like, man, I grabbed Boomy Shire and spun him around and just slung him.

I'm like, yeah, I got a couple of those tombstones. I climbed up Steve Berlin's face and tried to put his helmet all the way into Raymond James' face. I'm sorry, brother. But it was what we did. It was allowed and it was the game. And now they've taken the head and knees out.

I mean, they get enough money to protect their bodies. I mean, come on. So let's turn to the subject of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You concerned about their ability to win it all this year right now, Warren? I'm concerned with my ability of my quarterback to score touchdowns because Tom Brady with that little number of touchdowns is something very, very uncommon to all of us.

Is it not, my good man? Because you've been watching him since Michigan. Right. And it's the one thing he could always do is put the ball in the end zone. And more than that, I'm more concerned about our defensive tackles inside. We can't stop nobody. We can't stop the road. Green Bay Packers showed up and just ran for eight yards of carry.

And that's been their forte, obviously. No, we live in our past glories when Sue and Vida was young and we were rushing the passer and we did some special things inside. And we live in our past glories. How do you fix that? We're not.

How's that fixable? You know what? And you know me. I watched the defensive tackles. But King Nix wasn't even putting his hand in the ground until the guy was in motion. I'm like, my God, ball's ready.

You're ready. I mean, it was simple stuff that was getting us in trouble. I mean, not even lining up. And then Vida Vega getting drove, driven back five, six yards, getting dropped to his knees. Those are the first two plays of the Green Bay game. I'm sitting up watching this.

I'm like, what is going to be a long night? Oh, and then Pat Mahone shows up with the most touchdowns in the National Football League. And then we fumbled the opening kickoff.

Not the way to do it. We fumbled the opening kickoff. We give the high powered offense 15 yards. Really?

Really? That's how we're going to start this thing off with Pat Mahone and the Kansas City Chiefs and Andy Reid and the enemy. So then you look at the rest of the NFC, Warren. How real do you think the Eagles are going into this game against the Cowboys? How real? Very much so.

I mean, it ain't real. It's the quarterback. This kid has two legitimate weapons in AJ Brown and that Smith kid outside.

And the tight end inside and the running backs. And then he's a weapon where they can play 11 on 11. Other than Lamar Jackson, this is the most dangerous quarterback in the National Football League with his legs on his arm. He is that good. He really is that good.

Oh my God. He's putting that ball exactly where his guys can make a play. And the defense is balling out too.

The defense is balling out too. How about that kid Jordan Davis? He's so damn huge and he's so athletic. It's really impressive. Hey, but he's got to get the heavy Chevy has got to get his gears and his angles right because he's going to hurt somebody. It might be his own teammate. So that thing get rolling, boy.

All right, man. Listen, Fletcher, Graham, 55, and the young kid, seven. Who is that? The young fella.

Oh, I saw him when he came down to Miami. Was it Simmons? Seven. Number seven. Okay. Right.

And then you got slay on the back end. I know. Oh, he's rushing. I mean, you're talking about you're talking about his son. Yeah.

Ready? Yeah. He's got a wrestling mentality. Third down. He's a nightmare. So we don't see if number 73 in your program, the morning heart after getting back Prescott put on the almost on the hour for the whole season. They singing his praises in Dallas. We're going to see if he ready to block this.

It's Parsons your defensive player of the year so far since you see him on Sunday night against Philly. What a monster. What a monster. Is he the guy? He's playing it right now.

He's definitely playing it. Listen, when you're starting, quarterback goes down. It falls on the men up front on the defensive line because that's where it starts on defense up front. If you can stop the run and go put quarterbacks on their button, the National Football League, you're going to win games. And then Cooper rush to prove to every NFL team alive. Don't get rid of the preseason. They need it. Interesting.

They need it. This kid came out of preseason, ready to throw the ball to CD Lamb in the number one position because CD Lamb had a new position. And then the rest of the guys, he knows where they're going to be at because that's how he got his job. That's how that's what I've been doing for the last month. Why that was chilling. I never had a problem playing preseason. Me and Bruce talk about this. We like, what's wrong with going to work?

Nothing going to get you ready to play a football game, but playing a football game, you have to do it before I let you go back to your Hawaiian times. Because I heard you say the word marina in the middle of a conversation. I heard that, you know, we're from the store to get the beer and then they all look around in the car like, now, where do we go to the marina, put the marina in the GPS fleet. Is there anything else you want to chime in on? There's so much, there's so many topics. It's so much. What do you think?

Anything else you want to add? That's on your mind? I'm just going to tell all NFL fans out right now that are looking at your football team that might not have a winning record or might be at the 500 or a little bit before 500.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started three and four, three straight years, and one of those years we went to the NFC Championship game and lost to the Marshall members 11 to 6. So don't lose faith in the first two months of the season because November and December is what we all remember. Ladies and gentlemen, Lauren Sapp heading to the marina in Hawaii.

Hashtag scuba sap coming up. So it's the hashtag is the hash. What's that? Listen, little fella, little fellow that'll be talking crazy about the old stories, man. It's just I give what I get.

That's exactly what happens. Okay. Brady that right. Brady that Brady that take care. There you go.

Lawrence everybody. There you go. He's off going to the marina, getting beer at seven in the morning.

Got me. How quickly can we get to Hawaii? Not fast enough.

Not fast enough. Not great how he's he's like that. Grady Jared call happens in my stadium with my name on it. That's the most that's the most egregious part.

He's the only one that would think that we quarterbacks have planted. You can listen. He was talking about Steve Berlin by the way. Also Berlin. Yeah.

God, I love him, man. I think. Did Steve Berlin play when that guy Joe Munich played for the Niners? I think so. Okay, very good.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. Love. 844-204-RICH number to dial here on the program. All right, we talk about two different types of basketball stories.

Draymond Green and the Warriors and my daughter playing her first ever basketball. Hey, I saw that picture, man. That's next right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. So Draymond Green's getting a ring Tuesday night and according to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Warriors wanted to make sure he was going to be around for that ring ceremony on Tuesday night and I know I saw your reaction to it on Twitter and when you read a report like that you're thinking, is that really their end goal? Is that, was that their motivation for making sure this gets put in a box? So Draymond can open a box and be part of a ring ceremony? And I get that the Warriors would need for that to happen because if they have their ring ceremony, commissioners there and everything, we had Jeannie Buss on yesterday and when I asked her about her favorite, you know, I guess opening day memory, right, and she's like it's whenever you get the championship rings. It's great that she couldn't choose which one was more special because she had a lot of them over her years of being with the Lakers.

Must be nice. And so it's that special and if Draymond wasn't there, if he wasn't there then the ring ceremony would be about the punch and your answer. He did that. I know that and the repercussion would be you don't get to be at this event that you've been looking forward to and is in fact happening in part to his contribution.

I'm certain that and he didn't play very well. Just, you know, talking about and this best dad ever son that I have here, it is about it is a lot like parenting where Susan and I have had many times in our parenting lives moments where one of our kids, we're planning something for a family event, we're planning something, you know, special where we're going out here, we're doing that and one of, you know, our kids violates a rule in the house and we're put in the position like do we really go through with making like do we do we sit this kid out, you know, on vacations we've done that and do we sit the kid out because of the violation and we've done it and it's the toughest thing you have to do. It's so tough when you're also the rest of the family goes and does it and we have to provide like babysitting accommodations or find them or sit them out or her. Don't want to call anybody out. We know it's not. Stop. We know. Stop.

Stop. So and it's the toughest thing we had to do and I'll tell you what, looking back on it, we're like why did we do that because the lifetime memory we could have had was is not there. Well, you're teaching your kid that actions have consequences. I understand that and we've done that and we go back and forth and I think that's the Warriors had to go through with that. Like do we go through a ring ceremony without Draymond Green or do we put this thing back together before the season where the page is completely turned? Do we put this thing back together now as opposed to going into the season with it and the ring ceremony goes down and the rest of our lives, the video of it and the photographs from it, Draymond's not there and you could sit there and say, well, that's that's his repercussion.

That's your consequence, which is a parenting term that's used quite a bit. And so it's not an our problem, it's your actions that created this thing and I keep using the parenting and family analogies, but in the sports world and those do correlate, but when it comes down to it, the Warriors wanted to put this thing to bed best they can. Got to use those phrase best they can before the season begins, and maybe the ring ceremony was part of the impetus or large part of the impetus to do that. But the optics is they care more about not hurting Draymond's feelings than what he did to their teammate.

And I think they don't care about the optics as long as they've handled their business internally and everybody's cool. Now you say put it all back together. This is a big deal. You say put it all back together.

This is after Poole puts his face back together. Apparently, yeah. I mean, and and Kerr talked about last night, Kevon Looney, he talked about because we, you know, you look at Steph as a leader and Iguodala as a leader and you look at Clay as a leader, the guys who've been around the longest, right? Kevon Looney, Steve Kerr spoke.

You can't even use the word glowing terms. That he is helped quite a bit. And interestingly enough, somebody who pointed, who mentioned Looney in a name about this subject matter, Kevin Durant, Durant was interviewed by ESPN. And I imagine this is all going to come out soon enough on video unless they did, unless it's not on video because Durant was asked, hey, you and Draymond got into it in Staples, the artist formerly known as Staples back in the day.

And you were able to put it to put it to bed. And Durant told ESPN, that's not the same situation somebody got punched in the face. It's no comparison to that. Then he just kind of wanted to get off the subject, saying that's in someone else's locker room, right? And and then Durant said, it seems cool. Everybody's back to normal. Draymond's playing the next game. Jordan was playing the last game.

So I guess it's back to normal. And then talked about knowing how the Warriors handled things internally, saying, I think the best thing about the Warriors is their mantra has been, quote, strengthened numbers, end quote, that whole time. And it's always been a collaborative effort with everybody there. So Steph is not alone in trying to gather everybody. He mentioned Iguodala's helping, Looney's helping, Bob Myers, the general manager, Sean Livingston, Klay Thompson, and just the guys that have been there are helping as well. So I'm sure they're talking internally as a group to see what's the best way to move forward, says Durant. But that's the backdrop to this. I don't believe there's a common denominator among all the issues the Warriors have had in the recent years. Well, there's a common denominator to all their ring ceremonies, too.

And one of those people is Draymond Green. And you're showing him that it's OK, your actions are fine or fine, or they really dealt with it internally and they went through it in a very intense way quickly. So intense that he's not missing any time. I hear you. Great. I hear you.

And you have every reason to have that skeptical approach or one to think that it's wallpapered over. Yeah. I just don't see the season ending well because of all this. We'll see, won't we?

We will see, won't we? Starting Tuesday night with a tip off in that ring ceremony that Draymond will be there for. Now then, just mentioned Kevin Durant. His name was being bandied about yesterday at my daughter, my nine-year-old daughter's first ever basketball game.

Number 26 in your program, number one in your heart. Point guard. My daughter's got a handle.

She's got a handle. I saw. And there was a rumor going around that one of the players on the opposition was KD's daughter. Oh.

And a young lady who was head and shoulders above everybody else strolled onto the court in the opposition uniform. As it turns out, I'm sitting there going, okay, so it's my daughter's first game? Really? She's going against KD's daughter? Is that really what's happening? For real?

I know this is LA, but are you kidding me? Because I know I'm losing that battle of the DNA no matter how much Susie's DNA is in there, okay? Trust me, Taylor's getting the handle from Susie's side. So sure enough, the folks in the building who were chit-chattering, one letter off. KG's daughter. Oh. Because KG strolled into the gym. No way.

Yes. He did. He did. And I did say hello to him. It's been a long time since the days of KG, are you with me? Which is one of Stuart Scott's. KG, are you with me?

Lines. I almost went up to him and said that if my daughter gets tired, we're going to send the wheelchair out for her to go to the bathroom. Almost said that to him.

Wow. Would that have been a bad one? You weren't really close to saying that to him.

I was, actually. No, you should call me on things like that. Just, you know, he's by me.

I'll tell you, don't say that. You know who looked like he could play today? KG? Yeah. Yeah. He's always had that.

Dude, he looked amazing. Yeah. Amazing.

That's awesome. So, yeah, that was my daughter's first foray into amateur athletics. She had fun though? You know who my dad is?

The guy who talks about it. She had fun though? That's who my dad is. Oh, yeah, I think so. Yeah.

Yeah. She's had a number of shots she took. I mean, honestly, you know how you put that cuff on? What grade is she in? You know how you put that cuff on to get your... She's in grade school.

The cuff on to get your blood pressure? Yeah, yeah, yeah. When she put a shot up and Susie grabbed my arm. Felt like that? I almost looked at her.

I'm like, tell me what my blood pressure is. Oh, she back rimmed one. She put one up on the baseline. It looked like it was going to swish.

And it hit the front rim and didn't get a friendly roll. Did she score though? She did not. She didn't Ben Simmons any, did she? No. Oh, good. Yeah. I remember she put up from three.

She's got a little Brockman in her. Love it. In fourth grade, we lost our first game two to nothing. Joel Clatt coming up. It was close to that. Two to nothing. I personally missed three layups that game. Close to that. That sounds intense. Two to nothing.

Our average score in my fourth grade year was something like 12 to eight. Bless the ref. Bless the ref. He let a few traveling go. Two. But he did call two different three seconds calls. What? Yeah. Called Taylor for an over and back, which almost got Suzy over and back as well.

She called her. But you got to teach them. You got to teach the kids.

Got to teach the kids. You can't set up. I did call an over and back. You can't pack a lunch and stand in the paint. You got to let a double dribble go every now and then.

Oh, he did. Over and back. You're right. That's just, they learn. Three seconds. That's how they learn.

Quite a bit. Yeah. Get out of the way.

No problem for that. She can't just set up shop in the lane. You can't. Got to teach them. Another game today.

Back to back to backs. Oh wow. I don't know. My daughter is not load managed, sir. How dare you?

How dare you? I'm just wondering if she got tired. Her conditioning is great. She's not Kawhi. I'm not raising Kawhi in my house. If you raise Kawhi, you'd be happy if you were raising Kawhi. She does eat apples.

That was fake though. Her being the point guard is not surprising. She's leading. She's leading the pack. She's bossy. Take charge. Every single one of his teammates. As soon as they get the loose ball, they look right for her.

And she's never got left behind on vacation. How dare you? How dare you?

How dare you? All right. This hour, thankfully, ending now.

All right. Joel Clack, Fox Sports talking college football when we come back. Ross Matthews talks to celebrities, friends, and people with interesting stories to tell.

Who's saying, hello, Ross, this week, Chelsea Handler. I'm not home enough to have a third dog. My housekeeper basically is their parent. I am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits.

It's a good move. I have three rescue dogs and only two hands. And when you're one person, that's too hard to do.

I recommend two max. Okay. Use your foot, Ross. Hello, Ross. Available on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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