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Biden denies economy decline, Harris promises "equity" based hurricane relief

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 3, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden denies economy decline, Harris promises "equity" based hurricane relief

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 3, 2022 12:45 pm

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This episode is brought to you by IBM. I'm how the little head of IBM cloud platform. Last year, cyber crimes, because the world $6 trillion to address that is threatening clients think technology gives access to data without compromising IBM's open secure hybrid cloud architecture ensures you are the only one who can access your data keeps everyone else out. Even her's visit Fox News radio studios, and the fastest growing radio talkshow and kill me. Yes, the Mary Walters sitting in for Brian Kelly, hope you're having a bright, careful day today. I like some new stasis in the drying field meet family WPL 1450 18 S. Plains South Paris Main NW easier 780 a.m. for me. The patriot Oxford counties talk station welcome to the family.

Great to have you start this hour off right. Shelley started off talking about some midterm elections which time Devon, the cofounder and president of real clear time. Welcome to the Brian Kelly Joe hi I'm very good to be with you always good to get to talk to you. There is so much going on I have to tell you before you get into is absently shocked that some of these races are so close as close as they are. You got Rasmussen of the latest poll saying that in a generic ballot just a generic ballot that Republicans lead by line point how bad do Democrats have to actually do for people to go up yet. Maybe that's not a good idea well. One pole, but that is about where our real clear politics averages you got a culture like Trafalgar has the GOP +5 in the generic ballot and you got other folders showing the Democrats with the lead in the generic ballot and that's really the only way we don't have any polling in these individual house raises. So it's the best you know approximation that we can get as to which way the electorate is leading. Overall, when evaluating some of these unity house rates that are out there. One thing I would say that about the generic ballot that is a national number and so Democrats tend to over perform on that question because they're not there.

They're not evenly distributed geographically around the country are clustered in major urban areas and so when you think about swing districts when you think about blue you know real purple districts in suburban centers around the country, which is where a lot of these races are in Atlanta in Milwaukee. In Phoenix you know in Southern California. The Democrats are probably not doing as well as that generic ballot number just because they're not as though not as evenly distributed geographically as the GOP is conscious so Republicans perform better. I think that the view is people don't look at it as is into it in depth as you do right like you just explain because most people just look at the way I do and said allow how can Republicans possibly be doing some horribly how bad do Democrats have to be is is the Republican problem of the candidates there putting up with the messaging of the race.

You know, but what generally speaking, there's been a lot of talk of affliction about Democrats and sort of Thursday in the Dobbs decision and all that and I think there is evidence that that the Dobbs decision help energize Democrats that were otherwise sort of feeling a little bit lackluster about their party either president the way things would be going but if you step back and look at the overall view here the fundamentals from a historical standpoint. From an economic standpoint from any metric you choose to look at presidential job approval direction of the country. They all favor the Republican Party on the issues that folks care about economy, inflation, it's pretty clear those of the issues the top issues in the minds of the majority of American Vulcans have advantages on those issues by anywhere from 5 to 25 points so I think fundamentally, the Republicans are in a good place are there certain candidates that nominated who are word may be below average in order to have trouble getting shortly happens every single election, but I don't think it's a situation where you know Republicans have necessarily a bad method. I think their messages is where the American the majority of the American people are and they don't necessarily have bad candidates to meet if you look around the country, particularly in the Senate races you know it's been it's been portrayed as if they're all disasters everywhere enough, not necessarily the case. The Democrats scheme to find candidates Republican candidates whom he saw as clinically extreme right magna Republicans, which to them is just the worst thing in the whole world will we see that backfire on them.

We might backfire on them in certain places, you know, in place here in Illinois, for example, in the governor's race. They engineered that demographic departure and the Democrats spent a lot of money to get Darren Bailey is the nominee that seems to be working out in their favor in a place like let's say you know Pennsylvania Mas Triano seems to be running behind Shapiro so you know it might be my work out for them in that races as well. But in other places, you know, perhaps not in keeping place like Minnesota Minnesota governors race. There, keep an eye on these other races where you know Democrats could be a situation where is it that you know careful what you wish for type situation right yeah I would love I would obviously love to see that happen. What will we talk of Pennsylvania casinos. We got the race between Oz and Fetterman and not being so close, which is just absolutely astounding to me and you talk about the governors race there as well with with Mas Triano is part of it with the problem of Pennsylvania.

We see happening Pennsylvania.

How much of this is it that you people are moving out of New York to New Jersey. They turn New Jersey blue. Then they move at a New Jersey into Pennsylvania and then there started to turn Pennsylvania blue is that part of what is happening here when it comes to those Pennsylvania races yeah I don't know that that the demographic shift in Pennsylvania is is as much a look at those been it has been for a long time, place, with their more registered Democrats than been Republicans and it's one of the states as you know, there are plenty of states that have this example, we got, you know the sort of liberal urban center in Philadelphia with the surrounding suburbs and then you get sort of the rural you know part of the state that in the in the center part of the state devote heavily Republican and it moved heavily Republican, particularly during the Donald Trump era.

I think a problem for Republicans of Pennsylvania's big data they had a really nasty primary and you basically got sort of split decision where you know that the magna movement got the candidate they wanted for governor didn't get the candidate they wanted for Senate.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump endorsed that candidate. I'm talking about minute fear and I think he's had a real you know difficult time trying to energize those Republicans who who you know work for him in the primary, and vice versa.

Me having my friend was having trouble, you know winning over some of those moderate Republicans in the suburbs that that are probably going to build frog so it's a tricky situation for letting living is unique in that sense, the cycle that they've the way the status is laid out in the end, the way the primary way, it's just making it very tough her for either one of the extent that they could form one candidate and running like a candidate they do really really well. But that's not where the Republicans are yeah now that it is not where there I just quickly wanted to cut for here Eric this is Van Jones on HBO. He was on real time and this is what he said about the Democrat party. This is to around the gender has taken up way too much space in the public conversation. I think the people are weary of it. I think that people have up with the season that this is not the pronouns on the all of that stuff starts to send a signal.

I think the working-class voters that the people are not concerned about the things that affect every day.

Not concerned about inflation. Not concerned about that you can think care about everybody but the sun is out of balance and so I think that we start sending the cultural signal that were more concerned about the pronoun you put on your resume, call, and we are concerned about the fact that you don't have a house or job.

I think the parties are tracked is the party off-track right rear Democrats cool cool you know actually be truth to power about somebody's issues and I think that's exactly right. There is we have and we see this in the in the polls is very very clear that as I mentioned, economy, inflation, gas prices, job, all of those are top issues among a majority Republican voters and a majority of independent voters and for Democrats.

They fall somewhere below you know abortion, sometimes gun control. Sometimes January 6 two Democrats don't have the same. Their priorities are not in sync in line with what Republican target Republicans and Democrats of the parties often differ on their priorities but would where independent voters are in. That's the key because, to the extent that Democrats are focused on issues like abortion and he may have made their entire campaign.

Every every ad running out there now across America for Democrats is focused on the issue of abortion that that does do one thing you need to do, which should motivate surveys that's important in a midterm election. What is not doing is not reaching out and reaching over to less partisan voters. Moderate voters who whose main concern is not abortion. It is economy, and so in essence they're coming off sort of out of touch to those folks and I think I think you pay a political price for that in the end because you need your mislead. Motivate your base but you can't win a midterm election without winning from the swing voters.

Right now the swing voters leaning Republican. Which brings me to this cut eight Eric this is Dick Morris on the CATs Roundtable I which is a radio show and should listen to what he had to say about Hillary Clinton coming out and Hillary Clinton criticizing the Biden administration on what's happening at the border gallery. We could go a week before that the American not believe in open board need to know the moderate candidate for president day after the election clean the left caught and that they were the left wing candidate 24 going to lose the why And I'm the only one who will actively center a chance to pick wow Hillary again now. I'm not buying that necessarily, but I think the critique is is not necessarily a marketing there are certain elements of the Democratic Party, who are concerned about the way the administration has handled the border and is handled from these other issues, and has been a really sort of I think fallen out of touch with working-class base of the Democratic Party.

Quite frankly, but is no longer that that is no longer the case. But I made.

It's a stretch to me that that Hillary is going to run again.

She said that she's never running for president again having Clintons are our over as a political force in this country and and so I think that might be. But for Dick Morris to get headlines and get people talking about him and his analysis and that sort of thing so but I just don't see fit happening. Silly look into your crystal ball before banana time to look into your crystal ball flooring. I asked her the election for us all. We know the results right away or the race is so close is working to have another replay like we seem to have every election cycle now where we won't know for possibly over a week.

That is a great question Mary. I think it might be the case that we have a complete Senate races that are so close again to go to recount something George in particular but but could be in other states as well and said I could about the power of the Senate could hang in the balance. For we may not know that the morning after like having the house will know how many we would use Kelly, do you think the Republican honey seats, Republicans pick up in the house were looking at an average gain in our rejections of still about Republicans +20 minute ranges is pretty dramatic though can go from five to about 35 but I think average gain is still Republicans about 20 okay that sounds good and the big question everyone wants to know is the Senate do Republicans wind up taking the Senate, we project.

They will pick up the Senate by wanted to to Senate seats right now but again, still got what he thought about five weeks to election day so there's a and and as you mentioned some these rates are close with publicans have enjoyed a slight uptick in some of the recent polls as you meant the Pennsylvania race again close so that that is subject to change that fully stand right now so exciting and very real to you.

By the time the election hits I can speak for you, but I need like a month off just to recover from it all.

My brain hurts my stomach and admit it's unbelievable, Tom Bevan, cofounder and president of real clear follow me on Twitter@Devon RCP thinking very much for joining me appreciate it thank you, 866-408-7669 is may never see some people already and I want to chime in here. 866-408-7669 if you'd like to come in with time just had to say. I will get your calls next on the brain can we tell your knowledge base Brian show network Fox News contributor daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News's personal is America's palm of your thoughts with you throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News or wherever you did your project fastest three hours in radio with Ryan kill me and Mary Walters sitting in for Brian kill me to pay 86640869 to speaking with Tom Bevan who is the founding president of real clear politics midterms and in the polls the polls the polls the polls and a and down from all over a book, but I will ask you, do you believe the polls anymore. I mean ever since 2016, the 2016 election how to get it so wrong with trump so wrong.

I'm just curious if anybody believes them anymore and you know if you've ever gotten a phone call about Paul who's curious let's go out to William listening NW TRC in South Bend, Indiana. William year on the Brian kill me, child clout, good, good morning Mary.

Thank you for taking my call my bluff was a pleasure talking show spoken with you a few different times. But when it when it comes to the polls, absolutely not. I don't believe it at all.

I think it's a hoax.

I think it is really designed to try and get people to believe that it totally done and I think it's rammed by the far left Morgan. I know this mostly independence and so forth. But to Hannity Alamo week or so ago and he was talking to some type but I think that's the name of it going company as well and they were talking about before the Biden them and talk election blue, I may be wrong with the name but then how they were saying that my body was so far ahead you don't want to know when situation for him. You told him three days later after the election.

They came out all all of our forecast was completely wrong. We were so off-base and Hannity was like you know what, I have no idea. He felt that I could've done so much more with people on that would be talking on behalf of the Republicans will try to get people and I really think that it's part of the scenario, just like everything else.

If you try to do spend stuff around.

I really believe it is to talk people lost cause muscle not even go on, do interesting. I think I think other people feel the same way you do. I don't I don't think you're alone in that feeling and but my thing is we we got a run humor. Thank you so much.

I really appreciate speaking with you. Here's the thing if they're telling me all it's a lost cause I'm just not go vote for me opposite reaction. I'm the one who's like, yeah, we gotta get out, but we gotta get out, but we can turn this around. If we get out and vote.

So I guess it's sad that people just sit and now I'm I'm I'm shocked that maybe that is what it is all about.

I Mary Walter were coming up on the brink of Nietzsche. Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for only a place for the very latest news and information on your listening demo. No Fox News but just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen no Fox News but just talk show that you talk with Brian kill me with your view of Wetherill running with the caveat that I don't know that I could print proven wrong. I think he's backed himself into a corner has to run. I think that he needs the protection running for president he thinks would afford him in combating investigations that cause a witchhunt and it is the way that fundraisers and makes money.

So much of his identity now is about being a politician so I expect he will run. That doesn't mean that even if he declares a candidacy said was Maggie Haberman on season New York Times correspondent on CBS talking that obviously time present trump Donald Trump and whether he'll run again at the same time, I was just listening to forget the show that I was listening to, but they were talking about how approval of trump people who want to see him again significantly 20% drop so is so that's why it was the further away we get from his presidency, the less people want him to run. I think the constant. The Democrats never ever ever gave up on just trying to destroy him and his family. He still having his his rally. She had one Saturday he still out there still stop and still doing the same thing over and over raise the same thing so it's I look at that and I also look at a Joe Biden. What a wonderful week, Joe Biden, Harrison had and we were just speaking with Tom Bevan from real clear politics and we were discussing how Hillary Clinton is coming out now and she's talking about the border and she's commenting in Joe Biden running right like he can't. Here's a train wreck, but I thought Joe Biden was a train wreck look to sit in the Oval Office.

So what why now do we see trump Hillary matchup again.

And if we do tell you I don't know if the outcome is the same because I think that Democrats would rally behind Hillary as distasteful as they find her.

She's got away with everything. She's never gone to jail.

She's never paid the price for what we know she did, she was given know she was let off the hook.

We know that. I just don't know if the Republicans would get energized enough about trump to put him over the edge to keep Hillary out of the oval office, 866408766921 on that because this kind to prompt the party comes into this is the censorship the social media censorship and ended how dark mainstream media sensors things and runs with leaks and their totally in the tank for the Democrats. We all know that even the left knows that and they don't care their super happy and super proud about it and I think the story about regarding censorship from the federal government because you know do not do not like to do that but they found ways to get around it and this is how it affects the outcome of elections, which is why I say if there were hypothetical trump Hillary matchup in 2024. I wonder if Hilary would absolutely win with the help of this, a group of a consortium of four private groups worked with the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department to censor massive numbers of social media posts. They considered misinformation during the 2020 election and I believe this comes out epic times here to check I will check and let you know where where I got this from seizing just the news. This came from just the news so the their members. The members of these consortiums that were rewarded with millions of federal dollars from the Biden administration afterwords according to interviews and documents that were obtained by just the news. Now the four member organizations in this consortium of the Stanford Internet observatory the University of Washington Center for an informed public, the Atlantic Council's digital forensic research lab and social media analytics firm graphic on they set up a concierge like service in 2020, and the service would allow federal agencies like Homeland security's cyber security infrastructure security agency. I didn't even know they had windows and states global engagement center to file tickets and when they do it so they go to this consortium and they file a complaint ticket rate and they request that an online story with story links online story links and social media posts be centered or flagged by big tax and they say oh you know this is dangerous. We need you to look into this to keep the Internet safe for everyone because there is misinformation out there and said they will go through and they would pick the stories and the posts that they felt were disinformation and then since they can't censor the federal government can't censor you they can get someone else to do it for them.

And that's the sort that the middleman was the is this consortium that provides that service to the federal government and then after the election. Once the government got the outcome that they wanted they rewarded these groups with millions and millions of federal tax dollars for various projects, etc. so forth Pork. Now the Democratic National Committee common cause and the NAACP were also empowered like federal agencies to file tickets seeking censorship so it was the federal government that did it, but they they gave the DNC common cause and the NAACP were given access to this consortium as well. To say oh this is disinformation. This is dangerous so the Democratic national party was given a with the approval of the federal government censorship ability over social media for posts they didn't like when you put that into the the brew when you put that into the brew, you can't understand why Donald Trump lost with help from friends right so if they play the same thing in 2024. Can Republicans ever win another election. When the federal government. The deep swamp and the Democrats are given power to censor free speech and the federal government condones it.

Now Republicans and ongoing system, the more the Republicans questioning look into this and get to the bottom of it. Blah blah blah. And I have zero hope of anything ever happening. And if it's disbanded. This is going to crop up somewhere else under another name and it's good to have the same purpose in the same dirty hands will be in the pot because no one will be punished for it. For violating people's right to free speech. No one will be punished. Everyone's gonna walk away with their pensions and note their life won't change there to be richer for it and they can do it again.

Republicans in a sitdown be shocked that it's happening again, 866-408-7669 is a number so now the this consortium of these four groups on an after action report on the 2020 election and in that report, they boasted that they flagged more than 4800 URLs that shared share nearly 22 million times in twitter low so posts were shared in twitter on 22 million times were flat. They flagged them for social media platforms to take them down to look at what a great job we did we get these ticket reports. Wink wink nod nod from people who are concerned about, you know, misinformation, wink wink nod nod and we flagged 22 million of them. We scanned all these groups, Facebook, Twitter, interim, all of them and we let them know that these things need to be flagged or censored that we give them a heads up. And of course, no twitter 22 million times.

This 4800 URLs shared the staff worked 12 to 20 hour shifts from September through mid November 2020 with quote monitoring intensifying significantly. The week before and after election day so can Republicans ever win another election, 866-408-7669 were coming up on Brendan on the Branko Meacham something new every day, for I am filming a show you so busy. No major unmarried mother in for Brian kill me if we were talking earlier with Tom Bevan and politically for him from Van Jones. He was on a real-time HBO and Belmar and CNN political commentator and you will actually say Democrats are screwing up here there and one of the things he said was that the Democrats are off-track in their signal that they care more about their pronouns than what impacts people every day because what packs the people outside of Washington DC is far different than what would impacts people inside Washington DC you know most people don't care about making sure that they tell you there. Their pronoun is there a large group of them yes is a frightening amount of people who do care about that and that's the most important thing in their day, but for other people's important thing in their day is do I have enough food to turn the heat on because it's ridiculously cold out. That type of thing you know so there's this talking about. I heard the name Tony Blevins. I've heard he's a top executive, and he's one of only 30 employees who reports directly to the Apple CEO Tim Kluck now he's the VP of procurement from for Apple and he was at a California car show in August when it tick-tock or came up to him the text talker's name is on Daniel Mack and he's known for asking is that the people who are in really nice cars and he asked them what they do for a living and then just have to be since Ernest car the pretty woman next to him and he asked him what he does for a living. Here is Tony Blevins response play golf on the big breasted women but I think we did the major holidays all now the one who was with that was not offended. She laughed and the video goes viral. Now what he said there was a cut from the movie Arthur okay so it was is from the movie Arthur and if you never saw it, which I'll have to make a confession here.

I've seen bits and pieces of Arthur, but I've never seen the movie in its entirety. So I did not know that clip so if you are like me, here you go. Here's Arthur women I see he's he's joking around what you do is what I do well. The clip goes viral and it comes to the attention of his bosses. So what happens they launched an internal investigation into the matter is making a joke listen and demonize people for being successful and demonize people for what they have for their money. As long as you got it legally. God bless you.

I hope to be right.

Don't we all his people. For that, but I guess nowadays you're not allowed to be successful. That's a bad thing so people launches an internal investigation into this poor man and they sell. He's been pretty bird 22 years and now he's quoted Arthur so I guess the message from appellees well you you were to make you successful and in need awareness that were proud of were built this company from the ground up. What we did, but working a fire you for quoting a movie as a joke, it just it's it's a harmless pop cultural reference a court, according to his Wall Street Journal profile when he joined the company in 2020. RB want to know and who he was and he said he will quote stop a little to get Evan to get a favor to get a favorable deal.

Susie, he will stop at little to get a favorable deal. He has prorated manufacturers pass competitors and apples lobby and spurned the UPS contract by sending it back to UPS executives through FedEx and that's what makes him a great CEO. Clearly, the man has a sense of humor, so yeah so he was being playful but cultural overlords has made it shameful to be successful. I wasn't quite sure Hunter Biden, in which case you go be successful, but it doesn't matter how you got your money. We don't care what even to look into that near and dear dear against you being successful unless your member of Congress and you know you got the inside track on you know certain things that happened. Bills are to be passed etc. and then it's okay if you happen to use your inside knowledge in order to make some good trade stocks like Nancy Pelosi do you see the hypocrisy. This is Apple TV's plus where the interview Hillary Clinton interviews Megan the stallion and you know will no Megan the stallion in her video in her song WAP now and how that went far but there there okay with that. But this guy making a joke is not okay. And speaking of the insider stock trading alleged insider stock trading.

We have no proof that anyone's actually done it but they all get crazy rich when they get into Congress and the deep suddenly become experts at working the market.

This goes back to what Van Jones was saying about how the Democrats are off-track and you've got Hillary Clinton calling out Joe Biden on the border will now you got out against Abigail Spann Berger calling Nancy Pelosi because Tuesday.

Zoe Lofgren, who is at a California introduce the combating financial conflicts of interest in government act. I'm sure there's some fun acronym for that and that would prohibit senior government officials and their families from trading stocks okay because Pelosi told told them you have to craft this legislation is because he got caught with her hand in the cookie jar yet again on her husband's hand in the cookie jar yet again.

So Nancy's will work to craft legislation to prevent this from happening as I she is a ready made her millions somewhere to prevent other members of Congress from doing what I allegedly did on my husband. Anyway at work is stop senior government officials and their families from being able to trade stocks of the craft. This bill and they bring it back to her and then Steny Hoyer comes and says will where I can put on this before the midterms that probably know, but this week he told CNN on Friday and about on this so there all evening because their own home campaign for the midterms. So you got out against Bamberger who it introduced similar legislation in 2021 and she tore into Democrat leadership. She said our job is elected officials to serve the people, not ourselves. So you're starting to see some of the new people and even on both sides. You know, AOC rips into Pelosi's member is not as far left not like crazy squad left in inches left, but she's a crazy squad left but if you have some of the more moderate Democrats ripping into Pelosi for things like stalling this boat which the American people want to see which could help them in the midterms. Maybe the Democrats really are getting the wrong message. You know we would they be calm Democrats control the cultural message that says people like Tony Blevins have to be drummed out and has to lose his job as he made a joke anybody who would be offended by that, maybe, maybe a couple but there offended everything so whatever you know it.but they do the same. People aren't outraged when there is no vote winning when they table the vote in order to have it on preventing members of Congress from insider trading that you and I would go to jail for some maybe there met there and their message really really is is not so great, and that could be good in the midterms fingers crossed. Mary Walter, listening to the rank of HF, always seeking solutions first sewing is Brian Gill yes Mary Walter informed Brian kill me. I would like to start this in our pop by welcoming the patriot Oxford County's talk station W and L 1450 a.m. in South Paris. Me and WP ZR 788 in Rumford mean to writing know me families. Glad to welcome Michael Goodwin.

He is in your post, comments, Fox News contributor.

Follow him on Twitter and M. Goodwin_and wipe host love getting to speak with this man, Michael Goodwin, a welcome to the Brian Kelly Joe hello good morning I I just adore the way you write your one of my favorites and you did a piece on Joe Biden, Harris, and what a wonderful week. The two of them have been having Joe Biden speaking to the dead, Harris forging new email foreign alliances what's going on in the media fully just pretending as if none of it opened it.

I want you to Reuters, kind of all these solemn moments of her know the binoculars looking out into North Korea meeting with people you know where does it show what she actually said we have an alliance with North Korea. She said, and she didn't correct yourself. That issue not listening to what she's reading this you not, how did that ever happened and there is no correction there is no acknowledgment that just moving on its Lycan like a robot reading words mean.

I guess that an improvement over words silently want to speak off-the-cuff, but was that worth knowing what that actually in the speech was it written that way that we have an alliance with North Korea. I mean alternative courses you mentioned Biden looking for Jackie in the audience and he knew she died. We know the White House into condolence statement in his name, but how these things happening that were supposed to have confidence in them. I said it. It's tough to follow the dumb and dumber slowly is an she was asked about it she was asked about her another one of her flocks where she said that the D was the FEMA money for hurricane EN the money that was going to be doled out for that for you know to rebuild your home, etc. is going to be doled out based on equity right leg is good is an equity thing here for low income people, people of color all that kind of thing NPO and in this country.

We believe that now we so absently believe that the people looking when she was asked about, she totally ignored and just kept walking like think there's no attempt to your point to write any of this know II think it is doing a lot of damage to the country and they of course don't want to admit it, but it does call into question where this country is headed.

What is the animating force of the federal government now meet, are we really going to start looking at race and gender. Above all, equity used to mean a form of merit in the sense that you had put something in that was your equity stocks as equities you own something you contributed something now it's just the way you look in the gender you identify with, but the gender you were essentially born with. I mean be.

These are fundamentally transforming the ideals of America before our eyes, and it's become so routine now that we don't even think twice about it is just a stupid thing she said but maybe she meant it. Maybe that's really what they have in store is that the money will be doled out according to your race, not according to the value of what you lost store what you invested in your house or your business.

No, no, according to your race.

According to your gender that that is such a chilling idea of and it just goes to the goes to the heart of what the left seems to believe in not an merit not in sweat equity, but in birth equity and and is just like a new ruling class by birth. It's starting to think that this is serious but it is serious it is, you hear it every day now coming from this White House coming from much of the Democratic left even much of corporate America has started embracing that idea right they got to get on the bandwagon and they wind up having himself up in knots when it doesn't work out for them, yet they were ready set own underwear were on the bandwagon. I just go back to the engines discussed for Eric. I want to play this and discusses this is kind of good plays into what you're talking about right now, this is Van Jones on HBO. He was on with Belmar and listen to what he said about the Democratic Party. This is around the gender binary has taken up way too much space in the public conversation. I think the people are weary of it. I think that people having to put the CDs in the this is not the pronouns on the all of that stuff starts to send a signal. I think the working-class voters that the people are not concerned about things affecting are not concerned about inflation. Not concerned about that you can think care about everybody but the sun is out about so I think that we start sending the cultural signal that were more concerned about the pronoun you put on your resume, call. We are concerned about the fact that you don't have a house or job. I think the parties are so Jones gets his show is that is that to your plane.

Are we start to see the pendulum swing the other way. I don't know the man never made such a comment on the go to Bill Marshall to say that where Markwell I think is more the hearing that I think probably CNN would melt down so that on the air. There I think he's right.

Obviously it unfortunately he's now noticing the context of an election. We need poll numbers to tell us that people care more about inflation and crime than they do about pronouns where the Democratic Party yet this problem in this situation the first place. How did Joe Biden fouled centrist and moderate create an administration that is delivered. All of this nonsense and created all of these problems when you look at a very inflation the southern border right the poor economy. All things are man-made punishments from God. They were created by the Biden ministration things were better before they took office and yet we are. Don't assume any responsibility. The Democratic Party want you to forget all these things and think about January 6 and think about Donald Trump and you know abortion. Think about abortion, but don't think about crime. Don't think about inflation in the economy, border and immigration think about those things that right wing talking points that the problem with Van Jones now coming coming around to see what one uses ordinary voters think about the polling that is opened his eyes. Why is it such a secret. Why can he say that I don't see why is the White House saying that my right so silly when you that we all know people who by this hook, line and sinker. You know they they eat it up there. They are the useful idiots who follow this they get to that point to the point where it doesn't matter, Harris is talking about forging alliance of North Korean. She doesn't know the difference. You know I have to I have to believe that I don't need to generalize so much but I have to believe that many of the people who spout this nonsense don't have any real needs that are taking over the laws. I think they're probably mostly young, well-educated people with secure income or family money. Their health is probably not an issue of major issue for people who I think have benefited from the American system who now looking for some meaning in their own lives want to destroy that system that the whole thing to note, pulling up the moat. They made it to the Council. Now, no one else can enter that's what it feels like to me because anybody really struggled to make it knows what that struggling tails and in general I have to say the vast majority of people I know who have made great wealth or very significant wealth in this country eager that others should should share in it and they are the most generous, but they also are the most common sense about how you answer when you have it.

I think this is what I think of the party driven by spoiled brat telling us that America is no good if America is no good one want to come here. I mean it's not like the world is rushing to Venezuela or to Cuba or to Russia or to China people trying to get out of those countries and come here west of the world recognizes what makes America special. Why do so many Americans not realize that I think that is the question for the ages. Well, I think a lot of it has to do with the indoctrination in schools and with the rise of social media and the censorship that we now know happened before the 2020 election where the federal government outsourced the, the censorship of posted it like to certain groups who then contacted twitter and because our government enter they contacted the social media groups and we now know they they they censored a bunch of stuff that that the left the D&C, etc. didn't like. So when you have the kind of censorship which is very, very scary, especially coming from a federal level in their getting away with it in her being allowed to do it. You gotta wonder whether will actually ever have another Republican president right you at the that's a viable question what will I know you are what you eat. I think in terms of ideology. You are what you read, you are what you listen to and you know the traditional American education was about your different points of view listening and hearing giving everybody equal access was that was always the ideal wasn't always practice what we have now is an educated class, but once that shut down all opposing views.

That is what is what is dangerous and what is new that you have these in the words of Roger Kimball of the author of a book called tenured radicals about 60s. You know radicals who went back to teaching and then try to use colleges as indoctrinating places rather than educating places so I think you're absolutely right about that. That is part of it is still is animated by a desire to shut down the other not to hear not to let them speak.

Not even elected opposing viewpoints be considered why because they're dangerous. Yes, they are dangerous to your monopoly and they are dangerous to your control.

If other people should learn to think for themselves and open and free to hear other ideas.

That is what the new left. It is a form of totalitarianism that they think when they get power. They want to silence the other side of the Constitution found they saw all this day off if you didn't see technology and the ability of God to help with base all the dangers of this which is why the Constitution was structured the way was to make it hard to seize and control absolute power they saw they knew history. They knew the history of your book. All of that has been forgotten or ignored by the new left which makes it such a perilous time.

Absolutely Michael Goodwin. Thank you so much for joining me.

You can read his comment, the New York Post, you'll see him news channel. Thank you for joining me today, 866-408-7669 let's talk about Joe Biden and the horrible week he had, let's talk about, Harris, and what a disaster she is and you know II don't see Joe Biden running in 24 maybe he will. I don't see, Harris being able to take over for him. I think she feels she's the heir apparent.

I don't see that happening, but maybe I'm wrong mean who does step up who does step up what you feel about what we think about what Michael just had to tell us is pretty interesting. 866-408-7669.

More coming up the rank and reach out fastest growing talk show America you're with information you want, you demand.

This is Brian kill me show it is our lowest income communities and are that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and and and impacted by by issues that are not of their own making and Simon absolutely and so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity. Understanding that we fight for equality but we also need to fight for equity understanding that everyone starts out at the same place and if we want people to be in an equal place. Sometimes we have to take into account those disparities. Interesting he starts out in the same place, but if we want everyone to be in the same place you have to address those disparities. Another was it's not equality of opportunity is equality of outcome that vision has moved in this country via the left is everybody must have equal everybody has to be the same.

You see that in communist China where everyone he does the same close everyone lives in the same apartment with the same furniture and everybody has exactly the same except for the ruling elites who have far more than everybody else and if you pointed out well then they'll just I we were speaking with Michael Goodwin about this idea on the left hand, Harris used a very interesting what is know if she just misspoke or she really believes that in Antalya I think she really believes that and I think there were many on the left who really believe that that their job, their noble duty is to make sure that everyone is equally other ideas like were all equal under the law will know not if it's gonna hurt you.

You know now. Sorry, not if you come from a poor situation you're not going to be equal right to talk about more about the blunders because it is more from Joe Biden in dealing with the military mess that up to that is what I want to get your calls coming up 866-408-7669 on the brine from his mouth to your peers. Brian kill me.

The United States shares a very important relationship alliance, the Republican and it is an alliance that is strong and enduring anybody else did. My NAFTA stopped off and I heard that Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill Mead and that was our VP talking about the strong alliance we have for with North Korea while North Korea was simultaneously like shooting off rockets trying to intimidate and say you know. Yeah, we know where yet we know you're there. Originally, you know, we can hit you know you know we corrected it nobody can.

She's they could come out and say she misspoke sorry you know are bad and they would get away with it because the media just memory holds everything that is going to ignore that any of this is happening so you got that on their side, but nothing. There's nothing when she came out and said that the rate relief for hurricane. I was going to be equity based server everybody – and so she was asked. Actually, she was asked about it and she just blew right past the reporter new people want another people in Florida who are panicking right now because they think that that that's going to happen like oh God, I'm white and retired him not to get anything that that that this administration is serious about that and the hits go on and on. You have Joe Biden last week searching for the congresswoman who had been killed in the car accident Jackie Laura ski they issued a statement, the present First Lady issued a statement about her passing about her. Her dying in a car accident, but he was looking for her and nobody says anything and Karine Jean-Pierre when she's pressed by by reporters in the press briefing room. She was some dumb thing I think is asked by James Rosen about your white why this happened. He pushed her on this. He was one of the ones and she said while it was you know she's top of mind is just happening as will you. John London's top of my formula. Time is a big Beatles fan is on don't think we'll gonna go looking for John Lennon and she is well that he's him.

He was thinking about the Beatles or something ridiculous but they just they just hung themselves up and not to pretend it didn't happen or that it was perfectly fine and okay 866-408-7669. But you know so all is incumbent on all of this but you know, especially with, Harris was saying that this is gonna be equity-based debt.

Do you think this ministrations can try to get away with this. Do they really believe that and I got one more with Joe Biden, coming up for you as well.

So don't buy yet because the D the garden from which to choose Joe Biden's mess ups is a quite full right now, so I've got more coming up to Jerry who is in Florida. Listening NWS KY I Jerry, first of all, did you make it through okay good morning America will talk with you. Yes I got audible order again. We got them with psychotic… Too badly, but where the vice president with all due respect is so ill advised. Ill-informed and ill focus where pretend to believe that the storm harder on the poor in areas with the floodwaters rose higher on four areas totally not based in the files they proclaim to adhere to whatever is true, and equity low is where parent in the underperforming schools in the underperforming neighborhood don't get their choice to have an equitable solution to the children's education. I believe that marriage to equity their and their soul against the voucher program so against allowing parental choice in school education so they can then shape their children and allow them to get the education that will wind them up out of poverty. I was taught by my parents that education is the true equalizer so they want talk about equity and inclusion. It should be within the education process and allowing parents and the poor neighborhoods where the schools are not serving them and their children to allow them to get out of those failing schools and choose the schools that will best educate their children so that they can have a brighter economic future such an excellent point so so true they want equity but instead of raising and giving equity like you said in school choice to these people from poor communities you can afford to send their kids to private schools or to better schools.

They wanted to prevent everybody except them from being able to do that and tamp it down.

So instead of rice.

It was a lower everybody but only a certain class of everybody down to a certain levels that they truly have an entrenched elite class they like it and they want to keep it that way and that is such a profoundly smart point Jerry. That's it. I'm going home now because it's not to get better than that and ends and stay.

I'm glad you're safe. I'm really glad you're safe. Great point you know it's it's so true.

They are so hypocritical and they are so they they show their hand now because they know they're differently get called on their hypocrisy. These politicians who work in school choice, but who went to private school or like Gavin Newsom who wants to keep schools shut down, but his kids go to private schools of his kids are going to class, you know, but they get away with it called I called on it by by by the right, but the media will cover for them. By the way, I think there's still some more good calls Seles was given a shot Steve.

In Memphis Tennessee a WK IM Stephen you are on the Brian Kilby gel hi Ellen, I'm doing just great. So boy what you think about Harrison this equity-based allocation of funds yeah will you know what what what she did and said how to note North Korea fumbled house that North Korea was our ally is disgraceful.

All you know you go dog grow went went went when he was in office they said that that him and Kim Jong, who have a beautiful relationship and that he thinks is a very good person so I don't like the Democrats try to take credit for befriending Kim Jong with Donald Trump fires so I understand you demagogue build the demagoguery problem first the branding getting can't do that you can be best friend number one your brand exactly you know and I you make an excellent point Steve said that the working meeting were good calls. I'm joking when I say that by the way, everybody please call your absolutely right, you don't bite by building by building conjunctival Trump gave him that national station he wanted. He wanted that recognition.

Trump gave that to him, but Trump also was able then to negotiate with Kim on a level that made him feel important and Trump got what he wanted, so you hundred percent right, which prompted was brilliant by by saying okay, this guy wants to feel of you wants one's attention you shoot these rockets up like a kid who you know in the back of the class is always disrupting the class. You find out the kid just wants attention right so the teacher the kid that I everybody in the class hates right but just wants attention.

The teacher brings that that kid into the fold and then can control that child and get good behavior out of that child and Trump did the same thing I have to tell you I'm really glad you pointed that out because it is a brilliant strategy and this administration could learn from that strategy instead of insulting South Korea and saying all we've got a great a great relationship.

We got a partnership with North Korea and totally dissing Yuri that your host the South Koreans.

Maybe they could learn a little bit by engaging Kim Jong lune and on being able to control him a little bit more. The way Donald Trump did so thinking that that's that was a really good point Eric.

I have more coming up more and this this time is Joe Biden irate and do you really believe if you want to comment more on this equity issue of the disbursement of hurricane Ian relief funds again can I say I don't understand why we do this anyway.

I get that everybody things are just right heart is horrible, terrible, horrible, but I also don't understand why we can't go rounds. Let's guess it's a whole another topic every time something like this happens even if I been affected.

I look at it like taxpayers in Idaho Chef pay for this but okay that but I guess that's a whole another whole another topic on but anyway the funds that will be dispersed based on equity they really believe that that you know we have to we have to make whole people who who we had to bring them up more and give them funds because you have a lot so you know you have stuff over here so we shouldn't, we shouldn't give you what you have come to wish and treat everybody equally. We should treat some better than others, 866-408-7669 got more of your calls, and more.

Joe Biden, and not on the Brian Kilby show Brian show sponsored by Karen interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry.

Check out front for this more of the Brian fill me show you talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show certain class certain class who are described how difficult decision is for people to read everything come to safety. Told about problem.

I will control the work you know save lives. I'm grateful for the brave women, men, federal, state, local folks working so hard for all workers want to hear that from the governor's rose from the front of folks yeah so the problem is is Joe Biden congratulated this Coast Guard rescue swimmer who during hurricane Ian. I during the rescue/saved a disabled woman and her husband from a bedroom in their home that they become trapped in. He was forced to kick a wall in order to get to them and he strapped the woman and her wheelchair to his body and to take her up to a helicopter and he saved lots pets in the area as well.

But the problem is is that Coast Guard swimmer that he so very publicly thanked. It turns out that he's can be fired by the Coast Guard over his vaccine stance. The code, the coasting said if I had any of the people I had asked me the people he saved yesterday. If they wanted to come with me, even though mom vaccinated every single one of them would've said yes he is submitted a religious exemption but he is coming to be outed. He also said he didn't feel it was appropriate to bring up his impending dismissal to the presidencies and so right where where is just not have staff either, Harris is listening to the staff and she's going off on her own and that's why she thinks were in an alliance with North Korea because that or they're just no state. No one thought to check to see if this coasting you know is is going to be leaving because I got the vaccine status in play, and a lot of people are being kicked out of Terry because it any that, Harris can scare in all of Florida telling them that you know they can't did their funds under the equity-based based on the color of your skin. Now because people have been discriminated against in the past, 866-408-7669 Parker listening an WHI on Ohio. Parker here on the Brian kill me.

Ciao hi I'm doing great go-ahead so directed by Gregory Darden 29 being glutted for the 100% equity but it equity for the money been doing it forever, but I think there's what she's talking about, though, was based on things like skin color. People who have been disenfranchised. That type of thing she wasn't talking about means testing. Wish I could remember exactly formal thought out, but I felt wide. There were starting to test the waters on the zero strange you know, number openly thing well. But again, I think.

I think it's two different things that she's talking about versus what you're talking about versus Ito means testing versus team. What color is your skin.

That type of thing and was so did you have insurance. No yeah yeah I don't know about after because more of them looked out over insured for the replacement market. Good point. Yeah, that's an excellent point, and I will be honest with you I don't know exactly how all of that works. Thank God we been very blessed me through Sandy and we went up very very little damage. Thank God. And I'm so we never made a claim and we qualify anything for FEMA or anything along those lines, nor do we really need anything.

I think we would felt guilty taking something so I'm I'm have not been personally involved in the thank you Parker.

I appreciate that information and hopefully you are all rebuilt and everything is good let's leave time you let's go to Virginia Stewart NW and I see on the Brian Kelly. Ciao hi are you doing great God will misstatement with Carol getting old and I will hold one of them. Boy it's just too hard to correct that we only wish that who cares to know.

I think that the bikers would slowly let her start calling her own mess. Just make sure that you will look when the time in the near future, nor by surprise when she interjects to PEI about buzzwords but with the last caller said no I don't want this to people to overreact on the radio when she says you hear race okay because you know I don't want to read stories about you and I'm rich white guy get ready to retire, you go to 66 years old I read stories about people who are insured did have assets then getting money from the government on top of it was not a terrible scam don't have become acutely flecked but you just mentioned them all and I'm a little read about that when she says race. She's meeting need in terms of just because this person was looking at a tarpaper shack before they got destroyed. Are you only going to grill them back to a tarpaper shack or you could maybe use the federal government to see them in a little more substantial. Set up and not just shovel money, would blindly talk to people who already know quite well know, I totally see what you're saying and this is why I don't like when the government gets involved in these types of projects you know that this is this because it winds up with what this person can get this and I don't think that person should get that will that person of theirs, get more.

I our fire department was was trash was 10 years later after city, 10 years after Sandy there. Finally, rebuilding the fire department here, but because the fire department they didn't have a generator in the building. They now have to raise the money because FEMA will not build you back better than you were before, so they will not put a generator into the fire department because they didn't have a generator before they'll build you back. They'll give you the funds to build back to where you were.

Now if you get into well, like I had a tarpaper shack which lives in those anymore but okay but have one of those and and so he should give him something better now that he stuff like that. Who makes those decisions, you know, so I think it's it's a very slippery slope and there are people in in Florida who are panicking over this who are wondering if William Schmitz give him a share really mean estimate. The poor guy down the street you really need skin color. Maybe she did. This will find out. Personally, I don't events get all of this is gonna happen. It's just me personally but I could be wrong. I married Walter and you're listening to the Brian Kelly tell you the fastest-growing radio talk show kill me on Mary Walters sitting in for Brian kill me and family. Welcome to the patriarchs and counties talk station WP and L.

1450 a.m. in South Paris main NW ER 780 a.m. Meanwhile, too late to have you little bit about the economy shallowly springing, McShane FOXBusiness network chief national correspondent find him on Twitter at comic very easy. Thank you for joining me. You're very lucky. One of the few people like you got your name on Twitter not so lucky to play little something for you here. This is something this this is gonna die down a little bit, this is Joe Biden, and Emily was at some kind of an event he was wearing a tux and I forgive me for not knowing what the event was, but I don't really think it matters because he was giving a speech and here's what he had to say about with their calling student debt forgiveness. We can afford to cancel $10,000 20,125 want to hear word from those members of Congress notice families got tens of thousands of dollars and several dollars pandemic relief loan forgiveness said once criticized. Give me a break, I like his tell of give me a break and come on come on man to tell for Joe by Nancy.

You know he's run out of words and and that's his crotch and he was at the Congressional Black Caucus foundation Phoenix awards first evolved the couple things I have a problem calling it student debt forgiveness. He should be called student debt transfer and the right needs to stop calling it forgiveness they need to start calling it student debt transfer. That's the first thing but is it not disingenuous when he compares it to the PPP comparison. Now what were seeing in the market were falling every day is what happened in the UK when thought the same thing exactly but were, in a new era and when the new private UK lose trust came out and said that she want to cut everybody's taxes.

The market responded negatively that really negative fashion. Surprise a lot of people. As a matter fact, think the reason for that was this era where you can just spend what you want because you can borrow such a low rate of interest and just keep spending and spending spending on the matter what it is. In this case was from the government, even though you don't want revenue coming into taxes.

In the case with the presence talking about with as you say, forgiveness or transfer of student debt that you can get attention, keep spending money forever.

Investors in the market to set a real message to lose trust in the UK that you can't do that anymore the world is changed. Interest rates are higher inflation is a big issue. So where a little bit different in the United States because essentially I think because we have the reserve currency in the largest economy in the world and all the rest of it, but it doesn't necessarily mean that will be different forever. And if we keep putting policies in place are key proposing policies that don't pay for themselves or that you spend money by borrowing more money we could have a similar situation to what they been going to the last couple weeks, and in the UK was a big warning to people about the effects of politics and maybe I'm reading this wrong which is why you're here because I'm I will admit that I am not an economist. Unlike AOC I'm not an economist. I just know that my dad taught me about not asked overextending myself. Yet we seem to be borrowing at such a high rate in this country that don't event we borrowing from when we borrow money to buy the bonds. But of course a lot of people point out the fact that it's the Chinese government does hold a lot of US debts with other governments and then whoever wants to buy the bonds for US treasury bonds that were selling and you know and I… Is my biggest point is that because the US is the largest economy in the world and how the reserve currency. Those bonds are thought to always be good.

The full faith and credit of the save the US government behind them and always make good on what other countries find out is that when they go into the situations and what you UK example that there they were told by the market that they wait a second.

At some point you're gonna be on the hook for this and I get the larger point is that at some point solely and were getting probably closer to that point than we have been any time in our current recent memory of just reading something this morning. As a matter fact and start to think that I'm not that you haven't been doing this 20 something years, but for basically my entire career going back to late 90s we did in this market environment where inflation is really been low interest rates haven't been that much of an issue without a few blips along the line, but now were entering this new phase that I think you're going to start to see more more stories where the example you brought up the one I brought up. It's not an end as well as it always did in the past some things that warrant a big deal before might become a bigger deal that makes sense of the future when you talk about me become a bigger deal in the future.

So if I'm listening to this and and I've got my house and not got my mortgage on paying off and maybe I got a couple kids and am trying to feed and is it isn't time to panic over what we talking about what could we possibly be looking at down in the future is even today we've been doing some reporting on comparing the.

Written out of the financial crisis that's always really really hard to do this, apples and oranges component to it and things are never exactly the same as they were in the past but back in 2007, there was this upfront bank Powerball the front bank that had problems with its funding at the time people make too much of it. There were stories about of course in the markets were little jittery.

But now, when everybody looks back they said bought I was the start we should've seen of the financial crisis. One thing led to another and there was Bear Stearns and there was Lehman Brothers the year after them and all the rest. Now people look at the situation in the UK and some may comparison think that's just like it was back then.

One BMP parable came up.

It's not that big of a deal. You think it's just a new government with proposal in the UK but now the Bank of England is intervened over there. What about spread somewhere else. What we have an issue here.

So I think you know you don't want to start mouthing off and say all the worst case scenario is that the market turns into what it did back then because were nowhere close to where we were back then, the stock market went down. We looked out this morning, 54% over 17 months, but just an absolute disaster. We went back 17 months or much product for all the trouble were in down 14% over the time spent so it's not even close to being there yet but it's just these little tremors of the former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said last week that you know when you get an earthquake. His point was, it doesn't all happen. I want to get a few tremors to start silverware the circuit and then something else hit.

We just have to watch things right now, but right now were just in the income of a rough, anxious stretch, but not in the point where we started to make predictions of some sort of crisis like… Okay there so it is. Is this something though they may be, is cyclical because I've heard people say a sickle.

Micah goes up the big, damp, and then we'll come back.

Everything's fine job today you some of it cyclical.

Some of its calendar based them in their some people making arguments that the first three quarters of this year were terrible. The Delta 660 points right now. By the way, as we speak, which is it's it's more than due for some sort of a bounce back day but you know the first time we've been down for three consecutive quarters since the crisis… Since March 2009 on the major averages.

The S&P 500 being the biggest that we haven't seen that kind of drop three quarters in a row. So were due for a bounce back and would be worried if we don't get it. You know to mean because there were people talking last week about the political calendar saying that fourth quarter of a midterm years usually pretty good one for stocks.

So I think maybe one thing to keep in mind is that if for some reason the market doesn't bounce a little bit here and it keeps the clotting.

Then you and makes even more lows. Fresh flows then then you start to not hit the panic button but start to get even more alarmed words right now this seems normal if that happened maybe you would be stretching into the cave into the area of being abnormal and I think that's cutaway but I look out at the were right on the cusp of giving us something to worry about, certainly, and obviously people lost so much money in the retirement 401(k) plans and the like. Every reason to be words posted there close to retirement, but for everybody else is a long-term outlook.

I think were on the cusp of being worried, but were not were not appendix territory just yet. There are some people whose personal incomes of the current panic territory.

You know we've got rents rising read illicitly just being doubled in AA why our rent. Why are rents going up so much. I guess that's a question we put it this way and I don't know if it makes what we've just a weird environment. Over the last two years for me think about a time whenever audit where we've just shut down everything basically for two years, which we did and just I think created a very strange and abnormal situation in otherwise functioning market rent was kind of want all of them where it was, it just is gotten so for out of whack and other buildings that were sitting empty and we thought a place like New York City was all kinds of stories about how many people were leaving and they were never to come back at all the rest you know a lot of people that were coming out of college or younger, they look for a place that they could afford to live.

Maybe it was her parents house for little while now. A lot of those people getting back into the market for place to live on their own and their flooding the market and coming back into cities like New York just is not as one example, but other places because New York's prices are obviously so so hard but when you when you shut things down. The only reason but I think it's a big reason we shut things down for two years.

There a lot of unintended consequences of that and one was to be functioning market housing rent just weren't functioning properly and now when everybody comes flooding back in. You have this big increase awful all off of the low rate so hopefully it normalizes over time. It usually does.

But I don't. We've been through anything exactly like that before in one of the reasons is been so dramatic, so what is people who have a hard time because it cost more to fill up their gas tank. Now who you know. Interest rates are going up. If you have a balloon mortgage, you're probably in trouble right now hope of probably regretting that choice for people who want to buy a house who just keeps getting further and further and further out of their grasp another spending more money on rent so they're not saving the money to be able to put that down payment down to be built to be able to buy Hezekiah cotton cycle what cities people who are looking at the cost of meat. The cost of all sorts of food every time I cry when I go to the checkout now at the ShopRite of sin in their ears and she's like, don't worry, we see it every day when he tells people.

I mean nobody is no perfect message anybody is going through whatever you never has been the blessing you want to fit a situation like I don't go to be over okay overtime. You sound like someone speaking to some sort of elitist ivory tower that's looking at nothing but stocks and bonds and people are living in there and they're reluctant to think there is any kind of real message with that, because unfortunately right now and I know this may be further depressing.

The cure for the things that you're talking about you, but mostly talking about inflation.

The cure for high prices is high prices.

So at some point.

Unfortunately, those prices are going to come down when the economy slows down dramatically that there won't be demand and I think that you were getting close to that point as well. Economies been very very strange to me. We've had numbers this morning that one great but they're not terrible. So for example, manufacturing is still expanding.

Not as much as people thought, but it was a terrible number and then on jobs we we keep in.

We'll see how this turns out this we could become an interesting job market is held up pretty well where the Federal Reserve going out think they don't really want to. They want to please. They don't want to collapse by any means, but they want to start weakening a little bit because they want the man to come down their priority is what you were saying they want to kill inflation they want to nip it in the blood. Obviously that's been unsuccessful, but they want to prevent it from getting completely out of control and really the only way to do that is to slow down the economy so it's it's a tough choice.

It's it's been over the lesser of two evils. Bad to worse.

Whatever comparison you want to make what is no direct message to those people because when things start to get better on the price front the economy slowing down, probably on the end and Morgan up problems in other areas like the job market so no real good answer for that. Over the years so I don't think that's fair. I just think the people who want to set up by a house to meet the people entering the market looking for a vacation home try to pick something up. Do this will be my last question is can yell at me. I could go all day with you, so listen to those people hold that, would you tell like if you had a friend to cyclic. I really want to get a job I really want to get a house you been looking for a while. Prices were too high.

Do they sit and wait. Now the complete dog on a question like that. But I do episode the beginning, it completely depends on where you're looking because the housing has never been a national market now more than ever you go and get over in New York on speaking to you from New York but in the area not only the city but suburbs around here. It's completely different from some other areas I of the country try to get to be really and any other thing about housing that I think is is really have to keep in mind it's not just an investment.

It's where you live. That's what your job is, you have to make those decisions based on that. I think I would've said couple years ago maybe the thing about running for a while but now that's cut out the window for a lot of people.

So again, I'll think there's any there's there's any one answer to that fair to say that interest rates will continue to go from here. The Federal Reserve's been open for that. So if you're if you're looking for my perspective in your prime time rates. They're only going to go up, so at least over the next year maybe even more so you have to keep in mind right laconic saying thank you so much for making us smarter. We do appreciate it will depressing you in the process. I'm sorry… Thank you Mary, this is not as depressing as I thought it was going to be so you know you like best. Yes, your life is a mess.

Spot thought. I like that after an interview with not quite as bad as we thought some good. Have a great day. 86640876691. I want to jump into the economy a little bit with you. I will talk about gas prices and everything. But on its interesting Yahoo and out need the interview people around the country to find out how the economy is affecting what they're doing and how they're getting by and these people really are having a rough. I'm just curious what are you changing what you know, what are you doing as far as trying to make choices because were doing something salty. What were doing coming up, but I'm curious as to what exactly you have you changed. If anything, in order to stretch your money and make it go further than it currently is going 866-408-7669 your calls coming up on the rank and reach out entertaining like you're with Brian kill me radio show like no other economy, 866-408-7669 gasoline prices are climbing up a little bit because you know they they put that the gas out there from the strategic reserve at was it last forever and I guess now has been rising since September 21 there were fewer than 100 days of declines over the summer and then you've got hurricane Ian that is now going to impact gas prices.

How much we still don't know you don't know how much production in the Gulf has been been harmed by Ian that 11% of crude oil production production in the Gulf was closed to prevent damage from the hurricane's they stop it is mostly resumed. Since then over 9% of production. It was still shut down. So of course that is going to affect the prices on to get demand for gas is up because demand for gas is but total domestic production has fallen.

Thank you, Joe, and our crude inventories have decreased slightly got the prices going up.

We talked about the stock market tanking. We talked about that with Colin Connell. You know that I know some some of my friends posted on Twitter. She's down $60,000 in her portfolio level.

It's rough, it's hard and I think there are people who are looking at retiring her in looking at their 401(k)s and looking at there's the high portfolios and got irate. Maybe I'm gonna work for yet another year because is, and the bad times. I want to hear how it's affecting you 866-408-7669. I will get your calls next on the Frank, the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. The current state of the economy is not good. Whether we have a downturn in the third quarter, which just ended. That's a very sluggish quarter were headed for recession next year. The reason is that prayers that the Federal Reserve wants a slow down. They want more unemployment that want to make people poor because in their I think wrongheaded thinking they think the only way you conquer inflation despite depressing and economy, making people poor so where in for some tough times unnecessarily. That was Steve Forbes on Sunday night in America with the Tri-County and saying that the Fed wants to slow down the economy in order to combat inflation. We are to speaking with, Shane from FOXBusiness network and I he was saying pretty much the same thing that the fans are trying to slow down the economy because if you can decrease in demand then prices can breathe and they can yield lower prices. Although the people who are providing those goods probably are not thrilled with that so I don't know how much of a strategy winning strategy that possibly could be. 866-408-7669 price of everything is going up one of the things my husband and I do is I and I always do. It always had done it.

So our grocery store. The big Crestor and it's it's a chain called ShopRite if you don't have it in your part of the country.

They're all over the place here and they have in least and the ones I go to my neighborhood where I brush up. They had 30 to 70% off sections.

They have refrigerators near the checkouts that will have all of their prepared foods. Sally needs anything it needs to be refrigerated goes in those NW marked anywhere from 30 to 70% off. However, close to the expiration date they are because they're mostly prepared foods and then write you near that is the day of two racks of baked goods that are near their expiration date and then if you go in the back of you on the meat section. They have a 30 to 70% off section and you know that Southern Derek scattered around the store to make it look formally of a vegetable line and everything so we I always check those first especially the prepared foods related that when you open it. If there's enough let us make up. I had to let a student to you know supplement, but it's got protein on there's more than enough protein for the two of us. Usually I would be like five dollars for having dinner for $2.50.

This is amazing so I was in there the other day and I saw they had salmon and smoked salmon. No, excuse me, it was it was cooked salmon and dill sauces and others.

This is nice to look at this is enough salmon here for both of us. The discounted price was $12 white. What I didn't like the disc back tomorrow and this is closer to the exit. So I started to stop that way now that if one of us is going by will make a special trip because of the cost guess, but if one of us is gone by, until his stuff in ShopRite since that salmon is he like us if there's anything in there because the market down.

More and more is only marked 30% as he gets closer to the expiration date will go down more and more and more, maybe I can get it.

It's the percent off and that's what we do. You know the state I live in in New Jersey. They just announcing you natural gas prices went up October 1 because things more expensive and they're trying to get rid of natural gas in New Jersey that I want you to have it. They think it's evil so everything in our houses, natural gas and I love it, but you know why I have on sweatpants already. It's it's October October 3. And yesterday I was in sweatpants sweatshirt, the whole being put in the heat on because it's so expensive, so will put it on if gets really really cold in the meantime it's put on two pairs of sweatpants, honey, we can afford it secures as to what you're doing. If anything are you changing the way you live rich in Wisconsin.

You're on the Brian kill me.

Ciao hi hi how you doing cold, some cold, but I understand that changing the way we live. Yes we have. Looking at the economy we don't just go to the grocery store we shop. Like you said we shop, we don't just grab so we look we look for the best prices we've also look at how we travel. We don't travel as much and we do travel we consolidate, but I retired a year and 1/2 ago when I was forced to go back to work.

I do have to part-time jobs and I think that the marketplace right now our job market is really askew with the numbers because I see a lot more retired people out there.

I see a lot of people who work multiple part-time jobs and I can't believe there were 3.2%.

We have job positions open all over appear and to be honest with you there's a lot of senior citizens would come off retirement because they cannot afford it.

They've lost their holdings in the stock market and they just can't do things I know are so we use space heaters now versus turning on the big gas furnace. So when it gets cold at night, blankets, space heaters and you know just kind of walk around down and cross your fingers, yeah, use openings, and this is what fascinates me.

There's still openings yet nobody's taking them. Seniors are coming out of retirement to work.

What's with that with the generational thing that's happening here but I talked with a lot of people that I work a registered one of the jobs that I do and talking with them. These seniors are coming out of course because they cannot afford it to live without supplementing what this the other people there, not a schoolteacher. Not even high school or college graduates were coming out of school there, looking at the job going. You know you're not paying you only pay in 1213 and out part-time jobs, our 13 an hour, but there are other jobs like in our gas station. We have quick parts of here. They are paying $19 an hour in some cases for evening shift or night shifts and it can get people to work because people just not enough money for me. I prefer to stay home and do nothing versus go to work for that and I I I worked for 50 years I've been a nurse for 45 I got out of healthcare because I just couldn't do it anymore. Physically, it's devastating, but you look at the younger people younger group and they're looking for high flow, low accountability, low responsibility, low days of work they want to work five-day weeks or 40 weeks they want to work everyday weeks and something you would make it a five day work week. So, quick question. I don't need to rush you through. But I want to get to some of the costs so very quickly the letter those quit when they choose not to take this just concerning you're not paying me enough I only want to work three days a week, which is obviously impossible.

Who is paying their bills, how they live. I have people to come in and talk about daycare centers being subsidized by the state there on subsidies they are receiving money and that way they have some type of income on the side they want, they were not really telling me exactly how much are getting but there's a lot of subsidies from the government. There's a lot of state subsidies in Wisconsin that are covering a lot of these things that you and I'm sure housing is being covered as well just kisses to how their their living and and there there making ends meet. It just doesn't add up to me and I clearly did not get that memo. I'm not on that email that that thread you nobody texted me that information because I do not listen. I don't understand how to make it work, but it does occur, it sounds great. If he is selling a great gig if you can get it Rich, thank you so much I appreciate you chiming in 866-408-7669 Erica want to give you more time so just hang on I will take a break here and I'll come back and I can give you more time on the other side to don't go anywhere. More coming up on the Brian kill Nietzsche you you need to know your Brian kill me if you're interested in it.

Brian is talking about your Brian kill me this bill with the spending with the taxes and everything else in it. Boondoggles coming down the road is going to hurt the economy waste resources hurt businesses which hurts other people's employment prospects so well why they can call Dan inflation. I could probably thought what people like inflation so coldly and inflation as if words are going to change reality but not certainly not words from the White House is Steve Forbes on Sunday night in America with trade County talk about what's coming down the road in your scene more more that were talking about raising rents rising. We were talking about the cost of gas going up, and food and things like that. We we have would burning me the big wood burning stove in our house to live in hundred 40-year-old Homan on we have fireplaces, and unfortunately we converted a lot of them had to be converted to gas because they couldn't use legally by today's standards, but it's huge wood burning fireplace and my husband just bought this this crazy splitter because he was doing a lot of it by hand, but also had like a small splitter. He's serious this season, and we been stockpiling the way the people just put the curb we go get it for those people and I make a fire every day in the winter every day. I'm sure the neighbors look at me know that poor woman because always London would rain and snow say like Laura Ingalls on the Prairie London wooden house and that's can happen more and more this year with the cost of natural gas going up mortgages going up used cars.

I thought this was so interesting. According to Carmax, the average price of a used vehicle was $28,657 in the last three months. Average to almost $27,000. I season was $29,000. The median income in the United States is 37,500 you pay almost a year's salary for a used vehicle. So how you make it work hanging by 866-408-7669 Eric on listening on WABC in Queens. Eric, thank you for the whole 9 yards. Brian kill me show you spoke in the past so I was on hold my TD Ameritrade account down 95% to 78. My portfolio so you know you know your friend down $50,000. You know what the percentage was really look at and I'm triple percentage of the horrible like my that being said, you know your the gentleman on earlier was talking about the rising rental prices now, I'm the construction of the multiple landlord to do many things to earn a living. I can tell you what nobody talks about been going on for decades with the flow of illegal immigration, whether it be good the border or people, like most people in New York become going to be the and you never go back right those people renting okay and they are adding to the surplus of renters.

So you have so much demand and little supply and with his basic economic rights appointment when you have like a single guy like me having to compete with all four adult illegal migrants that are working and I have to compete with them to rent an apartment so they can afford to pay 2000 $3000 a month because you report people contributing here single person compete with them and obviously not happy so way and mostly mostly or pretty landlord will talk about your city, they don't really care anymore want the money so they don't care which one pendant with real or right so you know and another thing. What we don't hear about the government Home Depot every day. The prices and Home Depot have gone up and scolded Christie 100, 200, 300% across the board to be a dollar 25 before cold. It's now two dollars and 50 right to buy six piece of lumber was five dollars for COBIT $10 and $16 by "so yet prices have come down but still double or triple what they were before cold and now when we talk about rebuilding Florida. Well guess what, what you think material that's going to rent the rent point I think is is was brilliant that you know we have these people who are allowed which I don't know how to show ID to rent an apartment you had have a bank account to rent an apartment, so I'm curious as to how these groups of illegals come to this country and they're able to rent an apartment without idea without a bank account. Makes you wonder doesn't it interrupt you but in the construction business. Most of my workers are illegal and are probably the most honest hard-working people out there and of the landlord. I might rent to be people before I would bring to some sketchy American blood of the 600 credit score so you know, as long as I know you people working another clean and pay the bill so you know it's a Catch-22 that were living in your safe release admitting that you hire illegals.

I give you credit for admitting that fighting was the construction industry does because Americans don't want to work on so so I II get it and if you had hire Americans. You probably be trapped provide healthcare and all this other stuff so that the construction industry is is broken but what I was going to say was, well, you know, if we enforce the laws and prevented people from hiring illegals. The cost of those rents would go down but other costs would go up. You we've made a deal with the devil and Eric, thank you so much you really interesting.

Thank you. Appreciate it when we made a deal with the devil when it comes to this. We use these people for their cheap labor and were like this is great, but then their unintended consequences. Let's quickly head to Georgia and Robert you are on the brain can reach a high pain. I don't know what the phone that's the wonderful butter. Yes, that's Peter okay so I'm not because I listen to. Okay, that's fine. We don't have a lot of time and money I once had time to get your point across go-ahead that make you more now that I've ever made before and yet because of how product how to prices of God I am paying more because I'm paying more. I am a lot more conservative and a lot more careful of the prices of what one at random band and you do not think anything of it. Now it's like every time I go more and more more and like man's. My habit in the fact that instead of buying like I used to going out and eating and or buying from the fast food restaurant now stuck in my truck up like a lot of drivers have been doing, but I just never thought about me, my life work. Her bill and I just I'm just terrible and you know you and let me know you didn't like to get rid for three dollars is now five dollars. I generated any other thing to Robert. You gotta look out for. Thank you, thank you for sharing. I think anything you have to look out for that we don't do this for a while but it's really stepped up is they downsize. You think you're buying a pound or something and you get it home and you find out how it's not a pound seizing. It's not a pound, especially if you've a recipe that calls for a pound of something that you got a bite to of whatever it is, and then figure out how much pandas you get away at whatever you have to do in order to figure out that it really is pound because that's another way to do it. They didn't raise the price is much of it is only a little bit you like wow this is still affordable until you get home and then find out that I would know what the light what is it's not a pound. It's it's just crazy I looking at the prices I just shake my hat in my house and I have this discussion will do we buy stuff now to be stockpiling now because of the prices are only to go up and at least if we stockpiling now. We got it at a good price.

You know, as opposed to down the road where we may be shaking our heads going but we just can't. I now know is all the decisions were all having to make.

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