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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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September 30, 2022 1:36 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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September 30, 2022 1:36 am

JR makes it very clear why Brett Favre has a lot of explaining to do

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When you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it, Rocket can. I'm going to be here with you for the next three hours. It's a four hour show. We get started 10 p.m. Eastern Time at 7 p.m. Pacific every single week night. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd. I'm being joined by you on a Thursday night. Thursday Night Football is going on right now and we got a game in front of us. Cincinnati. They have major cojones.

OK. They just took a 20 to 15 lead over Miami. About five and a half minutes left here in the fourth quarter.

And why do I say the Bengals have major cojones? They sent out their kicker. Evan McPherson.

They said, hey, man, go out there. Knocked down a 57 yard field goal and that he did, giving them the lead. Unfortunately, the big news in this game so far is the fact that Tua Tonga Veloa, he had the exit late in the second quarter because he was ragdolled to the ground. Joe Tupo.

Got this man by his waist. And the next thing you know, Tua, his head and his neck and shoulders. They went slamming to the ground. Unfortunately, he lie on the field motionless.

Immediately, his hands went up. He had no control over his body. This man was put into an ambulance, structured off of the field. Obviously, that happened first and he was taken to the hospital. Yes, this is the same Tua Tonga Veloa who was basically knocked on his back, on his ass, and his head bounced right off of the field this past Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. And the Miami Dolphins said that, no, no head injury.

It was his back. And so the potential for two major head injuries in the span of five days is scary as hell. And so Teddy Bridgewater is out on the field trying to lead the way, trying to lead the Miami Dolphins to a comeback victory here in Cincinnati.

And if he does that, yeah, it'll be nice. The Miami Dolphins will go 4-0. Cincinnati will fall to 1-3.

They'll look like a disaster, especially for a team that went to the Super Bowl. But Tua Tonga Veloa will definitely be the big story here following this game. To open up the first hour of the show, we talked about Aaron Judge. The comments made by Roger Maris Jr. pretty much saying that if Aaron Judge is to break the tie with my father and have 62 plus home runs, then Aaron Judge should be looked upon as the real home run king.

And he didn't name names. He just basically said, Judge is clean. Major League Baseball needs to look at the records. And we know that is one big finger pointing at Barry Bonds. We updated you on some comments made by Rory McIlroy about Liv Goff.

What else is new? He's saying that this fracture in golf is not going to work. And then a few minutes ago, we talked about Miles Garrett. The fact that he suffered a car accident a few days ago after practice and car overturned. He's dealing with a strained shoulder and biceps, also an injury to his hand. And this might be gamesmanship, but there's still conversations as to whether or not he will actually play Sunday against the Falcons.

I don't think they need him to beat the Falcons. Give him a week off. Man got overturned a million times in his Porsche. If you see the vehicle, oh my God, he's lucky to be alive, Miles Garrett is.

So give the guy a day off. It's a hard knock life as it is already. And speaking of a hard knock life, if you want to call me, 855-2124-CPS, you can also identify me on social media, that's at JR Sport Brief. It is a hard knock life for Brett Favre. And what the hell and why is Brett Favre even in the news?

This is a story that's been kind of percolating, I'd say, for about a year at this point. We learn that Mississippi, which unfortunately is a state that is just ravaged by financial mismanagement and people who need it, money is scarce, resources are scarce, and Brett Favre, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, one of the most respected football players of all time. You want to talk about injuries, Brett Favre just went out there and played all the damn time.

We learned about a year ago that Mississippi was giving away money like nothing. Giving it to guys like the million dollar man Ted DiBiase for appearances. Giving it to guys like Brett Favre.

And for what? Brett Favre was paid a million dollars in 2017-2018. He was supposed to promote a state poverty fighting initiative. The fact is though, he was given money for work that didn't happen, didn't take place. So Brett Favre, and it was misappropriated funds. So Brett Favre gave the cash back. They're suing him for interest. And everybody's just like, okay, you got money that you weren't supposed to get and just give it back. Well, it extended past that.

It was only about a month ago that we pretty much all found out that Brett Favre didn't just stop there. That he was in some type of cahoots with the former governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant. And that he was in cahoots with a woman named Nancy Newt who was in charge of the Mississippi Community Education Center. It was her job to spread out $77 million to people who actually need the money. And when I say need the money, you can think about it.

Housing programs, food programs, shelter programs, educational programs. And there were actually text messages that were revealed between Brett Favre and this woman Nancy Newt. Where Brett Favre was asking about just getting money. You know, getting $5 million to help build a volleyball stadium. Where his daughter attended school. And why are these text messages coming out?

Because they're evidence. Nancy Newt, she pled guilty to 13 felony counts of bribery, fraud, and racketeering. And so Brett Favre is pretty much getting swept up in all of this right now.

And it doesn't just stop there. Where Brett Favre asked about the money for the volleyball stadium. This is a message from Favre in 2017 to her. If you were to pay me, is there any way the media can find out where it came from and how much? Well damn, it certainly sounds like somebody was guilty.

Her response was, we never have that information publicized. And so Brett Favre hasn't been charged with anything criminal. But his name is certainly in the mud. He sounds like a dirty crook.

And then we even learned more. Over the past 24 hours, it's been reported by ESPN and other publications that Brett Favre's own charity, Far for Hope, they donated more than $130,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation, where his daughter attended, from 2018 to 2020. This is the same time period that he was trying to raise money for a new volleyball stadium. And so it's just like, hey, I give you a couple of dollars, I give it to you for your budget, and you can help me out.

I scratch your back, you scratch mine. And so yeah, what's the problem with Brett Favre's foundation giving money to a school? Nothing, right? It's the Brett Favre Foundation. He can do what he wants with the money. So his foundation takes in money from the public because he's Brett Favre. He goes outside and says, hey, I'm trying to help underprivileged children. People will donate because he's Brett Favre.

And that's what he did. Far for Hope, the mission statement says, we're going to provide support for disadvantaged and disabled children and breast cancer patients. Now, help me out here. Hey Shep, if I'm getting money, right, and I send it to a school, if I send it to an athletic foundation out of college, out of university, there could be some disabled children there. Maybe, right? Maybe? You would think yes. Okay. If I'm sending money to a school, would I think the school or the university is disadvantaged? That would be the likely scenario, yes.

Okay. And if I am supposed to send money to breast cancer patients, would I be sending that money to a university, an athletic school? Would I be doing that? Yeah, you'd be doing it for the organization that is most in need of the generosity that we would think one of his stature would be sending to, yes.

Yeah, this is just all very backwards here. If I'm raising money for breast cancer patients, I'm not sending it to a school or university. If I'm Brett Favre and I'm supposed to be raising money for disabled children, you know, if there's a program in the school, then I might go ahead and do that. And if I'm supposed to be helping out individuals who are disadvantaged, I don't think I'm going to send it to a school's athletic foundation. Now, there were other donations sent to other organizations, my friends, the Special Olympics of Mississippi. They got $11,000.

That sounds appropriate, but help me out. Where does the math, math, where does the math add up? Let me send more than $130,000 to the school. Let me send $11,000 to Special Olympics.

This seems rather selective how these donations were distributed. And so I got to tell you this. Brett Favre looks like a crook. He's full of it.

He's full of crap. I commended Brett Favre months ago for what he was actually doing, trying to encourage people. This is from the football side.

This might be the only thing he's qualified to do. Brett Favre ran around and said, listen, don't let your kids play tackle football until I believe they're teens. Fine, Brett Favre, thank you for that information. But what we've learned more over the past year, and we got this information almost 10 years ago, he was sending, you know, inappropriate photos to workplace employees. And now he's a thief? I thought he was robbing the world with all those stupid copper fit commercials.

I thought Brett Favre was kind of hustling people into Wrangler jeans. I thought he was doing podcasts. And by the way, his podcast, his show, his spot on Sirius XM has been suspended. Nobody's talking to him right now. But he's a real crook because his foundation has been taking in money. And it's been lying about where it's going.

There's no there's no guilty verdict here. But Brett Favre, unfortunately, has also been involved in in taking money that was not meant for him. I don't know what the hell else but to call him, but a crook.

And I can't wait to find out more information, because when there's finality to it, I'm going to I'm going to say a whole lot more than what I'm saying now. It's just disgusting to know that we got people out here who are starving, who need funds, who need a place to live. And we have someone who's made a fabulous living for himself doing this to people. And it happens every day. There's a bunch of people that are anonymous, not named Brett Favre, who are taking advantage of people.

But when you're a public figure. You're up for it. And what's it? Criticism. And so has Brett Favre been found guilty? Nope. No, he hasn't. Is Brett Favre in jail right now? No, he's not. Is Brett Favre on trial?

No. But I can tell you this in the court of common damn sense. He's looking like a crook. He's looking fishy. And whether or not he's guilty of being a full crook or being a jackass, I can tell you this. He's a jackass. There's no explaining this one away. And I can already think about what he's going to say. I wasn't in charge of the money. I didn't have any idea. He's going to try to big time himself out of this.

Well, I hired the people to run my foundation and I didn't know what they were doing and I apologize and how can I make this right? That's it. Well, if we have a larger shoe that's going to drop. If we know that there's going to be another hammer to come down. Brett Favre better hope that these individuals who have been. Already found guilty of bribery, fraud and racketeering. Brett Favre better hope that they don't start singing and singing his name.

Because it seems like every month there's a new issue. There's a new revelation about Brett Favre taking money that he shouldn't have. Or Brett Favre taking money that he does have and lying to the public about what the hell he's going to do with it. That I don't know what the hell else to say but it's just despicable.

It's nasty. What are you going to say Brett Favre? Where's your statement? Where's the statement from Brett Favre where he says none of this is true?

What is it? Is this a legal issue? The lawyers are going to handle it for you? People who don't have a damn thing to hide have no problem speaking up. And sure we can get into all of the legalese and it's best for Brett Favre not to say anything. By not saying anything a whole lot is being said about Brett Favre. And it sounds like it's true.

Where there's smoke there's fire. We don't know for certain that Brett Favre took money and didn't know where it was from. This is factual. Brett Favre lied to the public about donations that they made to his charity and he lied about where it was going. It went to a school.

An athletic foundation. Not to cancer patients. Not to disadvantaged children.

Not to people with disabilities. They got a little bit of it. But he's a whole ass liar. And I don't know how he's going to lie his way out of this so try to dress it up. It's disgusting. Stay tuned people. This is likely just the beginning. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-2124 CBS. We're going to take a break. When we come back I will update you on Thursday Night Football. And Brett Favre isn't the only person getting beat up right now in the public.

LaShawn McCoy decided to bury Kyler Murray. I'll let you hear it on the other side. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief Show. CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

Start off by saying you're one of the best in the game. I really enjoyed listening to the show. I love the show.

I discovered it last year when there was actually no sports going on and I've been loving it ever since. I genuinely love your show. Your takes are great.

I may not agree with all of them but they're on point. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Cincinnati Bengals they are on point. They even up their record at two and two on the year in the Miami Dolphins.

They catch their first L of the season. Tonight the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Dolphins in Cincinnati. The final score 27 to 15. As we went into halftime close game Cincinnati up 14 to 12. Dolphins briefly took a lead with a field goal 15 to 14. In the fourth quarter the Bengals were able to kick in or put in two field goals. They were able to stop a Miami Dolphins drive with an interception. And they were able to capitalize with a touchdown that put the game away.

The final score 27 to 15. And so Cincinnati they're showing a little bit of life. Not an ideal situation when you start the season at 0 and 2. Especially knowing that you just went to the Super Bowl in the Miami Dolphins. They were able to go out here and start the year at 3 and 0.

But now they're 3 and 1. But the big story for the Miami Dolphins is their quarterback. They were able to escape the Buffalo Bills. The Bills ran out of time to, you know, put a final score on the board. Kick a field goal. Ultimately win the game. And the Dolphins got away by the skin of their teeth.

One of the big plays in that game that was talked about all week long was to Otago Veloa. Being driven down into the turf. Landing on his back. The back of his head hits the turf. He gets up and he's stumbling. He stays in the game.

And afterwards the Miami Dolphins say that to Otago Veloa. It wasn't his head. He cleared concussion protocol.

It was just his back. Okay. Well, a matter of fact, we're going to go ahead and take a break. And matter of fact, no. Let's talk to Dr. David Chow.

Because this situation with Tua Tong Veloa is something that is just the NFL Players Association is putting out a statement, etc. Shep, do we have Dr. Chow? We have the great doctor right now. Dr. Chow, how are you? I'm doing fine.

You know, I hate to be coming on in these circumstances. But the good news is there was no neck injury like we thought. And he is being discharged from the hospital and he's flying home with the team.

So at least those are some good pieces of news. Yes, we just learned he left the game with head and neck injuries. He's going to travel back to Miami with the team. Having said that, we know that the NFL Players Association, they already wanted to go ahead and investigate what took place this past Sunday. When Tua was allowed to continue on in the game. What was your level of concern having seen that play and knowing that the Dolphins said it was only a back issue? Well, in real time when I saw the play, I tweeted that when there are clear neurological signs, outward signs, it doesn't matter if you pass the rest of the concussion protocol. You are ruled out, period, end of discussion.

And I said that in real time. Now, the only exception for that, of course, is somehow they determined it was a neurologic issue when he stumbled. And that's what was reported to be determined, that it was his back. He indeed hurt his back in the first quarter before he left in the second quarter on the quarterback sneak when he was hyperextended his back.

But I wasn't there. There's certainly question marks and if it was a neurologic sign, he needed to be ruled out. If it indeed was his back and his head cleared. And it wasn't just the Miami doctors. Remember, independent neurologist on the sideline, the Red Hats. They're independent from the team. They're jointly appointed by the NFLPA and NFL. So they answer to both sides.

That person also cleared Tua. It's common for the NFL to make phone calls and investigate themselves quietly. The P.A. is doing it in a public way and they should. If there's nothing to hide, let them investigate.

If there is something to hide, they should find out and expose what happened. Absolutely. Dr. David Chow is joining us. Very familiar with the situation, have been lead doctor for the Chargers for years. Based on what we saw tonight, knowing what took place this past Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, what should everybody's level of concern be here for Tua Tonga Veloa? Well, I like to try and give people some reassurances.

It's my preference always to deliver positive news rather than negative news. From the get-go, when he was announced leaving on the stretcher with head and neck injuries, I was like, it's not going to be a neck. It's not going to be a spinal cord.

This is not Ryan Chazier. It looks very scary, I get you, but it's not going to be a serious neck issue and so far it's not, thankfully. As far as head injuries are concerned, it's very concerning when you see someone, let's say, have a seizure or a mini-seizure.

I'm not saying that's what Tua did. It's very concerning when you see someone fence or posture. What we call it is the corticate posturing, like your brain sends a lot of different electrical signals and you see it in his fingers and his wrist and his elbows and his arms, and that's what we saw. It's very disconcerting to see that. But the good news is it's usually very temporary, and I'm not pooh-poohing this whole thing. Look, if it indeed was a second impact, that makes it a bigger deal, longer recovery. We always worry about CTE, you know, let the facts be what they are, but part of it is just the scariness of the posturing that gets everyone talking about this. But thankfully, that in and of itself isn't always an indicator of a super severe concussion, so to speak.

Well, Dr. Chow, final question here with you. They don't play again, and this is a good amount of time, until October 9th. They'll be in New York taking on the Giants, or excuse me, the Jets. No reason for Tua not to participate in that game, right? Well, too early to tell, right? I mean, if he has head injury symptoms still and symptoms that go beyond tonight, he shouldn't play. If for some reason it's determined that this is a second concussion, he absolutely should not play. A simple rule of thumb, and it's not always this simple, is one concussion you're out for at least a week. A second concussion in the same season, you're out for at least a month. A third concussion, you're out for the season.

It's overly simplified. The doctors need to look at him and do what's right. Look, his mom and dad were with them. I've met them before.

They're very loving. They're going to do what's right by their son, as they should, and look, just for everyone to remember before you, squirts the Dolphins or the NFL. Tua is the one who also said, it was my back.

Now, did the Dolphins convince him to lie? I doubt it, right? Tua isn't filing a complaint.

It's the PA, and it's their right, and they should be able to do so, and I'm not taking any sides on this. I'm just saying, let's let the process play out, and hopefully it'll be okay. The first step is he's flying home. We can start seeing his symptoms. If he doesn't have symptoms going forward, it's not impossible for him to play, but I guarantee you the NFL is going to take a lot of scrutiny at this because they don't want to reframe a CT and head injury scandal.

Oh, absolutely. Doctors, just giving my perspective, I'm not a doctor. I'm just somebody who's hit his head. I'm someone who's been in a car accident.

I know what it feels like to feel like you got your bell rung. Watching his head slam on the turf on Sunday don't look great. Looking at his head or watching him get rag-dolled into the turf tonight does not look good, and I say to myself, you know what? I don't want to see the guy play until I know for sure he's going to be smooth. The game is dangerous enough as it is. What would you say to people who say, man, he shouldn't have been out there in the first place and he shouldn't be there based on what we've seen just this entire week?

Well, it's easy to make all sorts of conclusions from afar. I mean, look, two is their guy. They've got a new head coach. They got something happening. They're doing well.

He's their future. Why would you want to jeopardize the future to win a regular season game? You know, look, let the facts play out. I get the realistic questions.

I get the natural reaction to the posturing that happened. Thankfully, step one, check, no serious neck injury. Step two, check, discharge from the hospital, flying home with the team. Step three is hopefully he clears very quickly from symptoms. Step four is nothing long-term, and step five or six or seven is eventually getting back to playing if he chooses to.

And let's leave it up to the medical doctors, to his own doctors, I'm sure his agent and family will get involved, and let them decide on their own time what is best for him. And we'll go from there. Dr. Chow, I appreciate you taking the time to lend your expertise. Always appreciate it. Thank you, JR. No doubt about it. Dr. David Chow joining us, the JR Sport Reef Show, here with us on CBS Sports Radio.

He was a doctor many years. For the Chargers, is familiar with working with athletes, is familiar with concussion protocol, and so definitely wanted to get him on to kind of get the real information and the perspective of a doctor, someone who has dealt and worked with this on a professional level in the NFL. It's the JR Sport Reef Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Two is the big story here.

The Bengals, they did walk away with a victory. You're listening to the JR Sport Reef on CBS Sports Radio. Music You're listening to the JR Sport Reef on CBS Sports Radio. First time caller and listener, I'm loving the show. Your show is just absolutely outstanding.

I got to tell you, I've been listening to you, and I've been filling in a grid with your flow. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. That's right, it's the JR Sport Reef Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Thursday night football is done. And what happened? Tonight the Cincinnati Bengals, they beat the Miami Dolphins. The final score, 27-15. The game took place in Cincinnati. The Bengals, they improved their record to 2-2. And meanwhile, Miami, the Dolphins, they take their first L on the season.

They are now 3-1. The big story here in this game is that Tua Tongaveloa went down towards the end of the second quarter. This is a massive, massive, massive hit. Basically ragdolled on a sack. Head is bouncing off the field, the turf. He looked like he was slingshot into the ground. And we know this past Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, he was hit.

And he ended up on his back and his head bounced off of the turf, off of the grass, off of the ground. And so in the course of two weeks, it appears that he had just two major head or neck injuries. On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins said it was ultimately his back and not his head. We just had a great conversation with Dr. David Chow, who was a former team doctor for the Chargers. He's familiar with the concussion protocol. He pointed out that he was checked out by the team doctors. He was checked out by independent doctors.

He said that he himself was ready to go. And he went back out into the game. I mean, he was on the injury report all week long with a back injury, with an ankle injury. And then tonight, with the visual still fresh in everybody's head, that he was just bounced off the head or his head bounced off the ground this past Sunday to then see him basically just shot into the ground tonight, rag-dolled into the ground, and his head bouncing off the turf, this time leaving on a stretcher, going to the hospital, neck, head injury. And now it's being reported that he's going to fly back home with the team. It still makes you go, damn, like is this just a reminder of how violent the NFL is?

We know this. Or it's just business as usual. It's uncomfortable to watch.

I don't know if it's an overreaction or what the case might be. 855-212-4CBS, a matter of fact, I want you to hear the sat call. I want you to hear this, courtesy of the Dolphins Radio Network. Most remains the running back, play-action to a roll to his left, stops. Oh, but he's open, Joe. He's going to be sacked back in his own territory at the 47-yard line.

Two is down. He got body slammed. He got thrown down, and they're coming out right now. Jimmy had time to get rid of it. Instead, he gets thrown down hard and he's not getting up.

Oh, boy. And he didn't just not get up. He seemingly didn't have control of his body at that point. His hands, he brought his hands up to his face.

He wasn't in control of himself in that moment. Not at all. The NFL Players Association, about 40 minutes, they tweeted this out. Player health and safety is at the core of the union's mission. Our concern tonight is for Tua, and we hope for a full and speedy recovery.

Our investigation into the potential protocol violation is ongoing. That is in reference to just this past Sunday. And I already told you it's been shared with all of us that Tua, he's not staying in Cincinnati. He's exiting the hospital if he has not left already, and he will be on the team plane back home to Florida. 855-212-4CBS. Jacob, he's calling from Florida. You're on the JR Sport B show. Go ahead, Jake. Hey, Jacob, you're live. Hey, can you hear me good, brother? I got you now. Go ahead, please. Hey, awesome, man.

Hey, look, I'm a longtime listener and actually a second-time caller here out of Mossy Head, Florida. Hey, look, man, I tell you, Tua, he's just gotten a rough end of the stick the entire time up there. You know, the entire time he's been, you know, at the Dolphins, the team has been courting other quarterbacks left and right like they're the hussy of the NFL. And at the same time, you know, he's been, you know, having to be served in at different times behind Brian Fitzpatrick at inopportune times while they're courting Deshaun Watson, while they're courting Tom Brady. He gets thrown out there. He's playing like fires best as he can. And, you know, we know he gets kind of tossed around a little bit and gets blown up like that. I mean, what can you do for the poor guy? I just feel like he's just getting a rough end of the stick.

Well, he was getting the rough short end of the regardless of how you want to describe the stick to has been beaten by it. I mean, it seems like the second and minute that he was drafted. You people were overly concerned.

We're not maybe overly concerned is not the right word, but there was concern about his hip. There were a lot of critics about what he was going to be able to do at one point in time. They were they were whole conversations about to a tongue of Aloha and his Wonderlic scores and we know when he did get an opportunity to start when Brian Flores had him out there. He had no problem giving to a tongue of Aloha the hook and saying, hey, Ryan Fitzpatrick, you come on in and finish the game.

And so now to us, he did. He's having one of the best starts of his career, the best start of his career. He came into tonight, completing 71 percent of his passes, nine touchdowns to two interceptions. And then to see him go down in the second quarter due to that head injury.

It ain't fun. You want to talk about short end of the stick to a tongue of Aloha is getting beaten in in every way imaginable. And let's also be clear, it was only a few weeks ago that to a tongue of Aloha stood in front of the media, talked about his play as a quarterback and said, yeah, I'm on I'm on the smaller side. Like and it wasn't in reference of I'm small, I'm going to get beat up. It was in reference to, you know, being able to find and see his receivers.

Does that mean the same thing for defenders? Can he see them coming? And when he does get hit, I mean, damn it, he's he's going to go.

Rich is calling from Chicago. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. I wanted to give it some additional insight in that I've had that injury myself. And the reason I don't think it's a concussion, it wasn't for me either. And I was involved in a football hit.

Well, what when you say you've been involved in that injury, what injury are you referring to? Well, well, your your hand reacts and you get dizzy. And it wasn't it wasn't a head injury once I was diagnosed and I had surgery. It comes down to a back and spinal injury that you'll get a nerve reaction or your hand and your hand and arm just starts reacting where you can't control it.

And when you get up, you are dizzy. And I had surgery to correct it when I played years ago. And that's why he was probably cleared from the protocol of head trauma from last week. He was probably diagnosed correctly. But I think if they poke into this and they do an MRI, you're you're going to see is, you know, if you notice his neck snap back.

So you're talking about vertebrae in the base of your head, which is running your spine. And I think you'll see. Yeah, I think I think they did the right thing.

They're they're going to catch all kinds of flack. But if they gave this kid an MRI, you could probably figure out why it's happened two weeks ago. Well, we can't even say.

And thank you, Rich, for calling from Chicago. We can't even say two weeks in a row. This man's head bounced off the field like a basketball on Sunday.

His head bounced off the field again today, Thursday. I can't even say two weeks. We could say two games. And we can all sit around and speculate. I'm not a doctor.

Oh, yeah. By the way, we just spoke to a doctor last break, Dr. David Chow, who was the former head physician for the Chargers. We just spoke to him. He wasn't going to jump to conclusions. And so I'm not going to do that either. We actually spoke to a doctor.

And so we can all share our stories. I'm not to a tongue of a lower. Neither are you. Neither is the doctor. And so this is all speculative.

What I can tell you is. Your head is not supposed to bounce off of the ground, off of the turf. Your head is not supposed to bounce off of a damn thing. And if your head is bouncing off of something. That ain't healthy. There's a reason that they took him off of the field on a stretcher, put him in an ambulance and drove him to the hospital. Obviously, they feel him well enough where he can fly home.

And God bless him. I'm not a doctor. But I can tell you what doesn't feel good. Watch into a tongue of a lowest head.

Bounce around like like Chris Paul was dribbling. That's not necessary. NFL, PA and yeah, they're going to grandstand. They want to make a big deal out of the investigation. What took place?

What did not take place? It's their job. Everybody has taken enough heat over the past 10 years about CTE and concussions. This ain't done. Let's just all hope that that too is actually fine. His back, his neck, his brain. He's good enough to fly home now.

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