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REShow: Deion Sanders - Hour 1

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September 28, 2022 3:28 pm

REShow: Deion Sanders - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 28, 2022 3:28 pm

Jets fan Rich reacts to the announcement that Zach Wilson has been cleared to return to action in Week 4 and says why it’s time to see some results from the 2nd-year QB in New York.

Pro Football Hall of Famer and Jackson State Head Coach Deion Sanders tries to talk Rich into getting a hair replacement procedure, says why his son Shedeur deserves Heisman Trophy consideration, reacts to rumors he’s in the mix for the Georgia Tech coaching vacancy, weighs in on Aaron Judge’s home run chase, Mets manager Buck Showalter, says how Carlton Fisk lied about him drawing a dollar sign in the batters box dirt, and shares his favorite stories about two-sport phenom Bo Jackson. 

Rich previews the Raiders pivotal AFC West Week 4 showdown with the Denver Broncos which could leave Derek Carr and company in an 0-4 hole to start the season.

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You ever done anything dangerous? Oh my God. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Cooper Rush. Cooper Rush MVP.

And so is exactly that. That's the question. Look it up. Do we have a quarterback? Hey everybody.

Safe travels home. Today's guest. Pro Football Hall of Famer. Head Football Coach from Jackson State University. Deion Sanders. NFL Network host Colleen Woh from NBC's Quantum Leap. Actor Ernie Hudson. And now it's Rich Eisen. Well hey everybody. Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Live in home of Big Ten Country.

That's Los Angeles, California. Here getting set for week four of the NFL season. Starting tomorrow night on Prime Video which you can get on your Roku device.

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And in terms of missing anything I would stay put exactly where you are because one of my favorite people on the planet. The most famous man I've ever walked through an airport with is joining us in 17 minutes time. His name is Deion Sanders. He's the coach of Jackson State football. They're kicking everybody's ass to be very honest with you. And his son is kicking everybody's ass as well at the quarterback position.

Shidora Sanders is he thinks his son should be a Heisman candidate mentioned and his numbers certainly support that. But we're not going to talk all that much football with Deion because he's coming on to talk about his hair restoration and he's been pushing me to do it for a very long time. And the conversation that's going to happen in about 17 minutes it's going to be real.

It's going to be real and it'll be spectacular and I wouldn't miss it if I were you. My colleague Colleen Wolf from the NFL Media Group will be here in studio in hour number two. She is quite frankly taking a bullet for all of us this weekend. She is hosting the pregame show of Viking Saints on NFL Network at 6 a.m eastern time. Oh eastern. Eastern.

3 a.m local time here. Wow. Wow. So yeah. Wow.

Do you get the Sunday off? Oh wow. Whoa. Wow. Yes. So what are you going to do?

Sleep in. No. Best dad ever.

Best dad ever. Wow. That's got a lot going on. But at any rate so she's joining us here and her and her Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0. So her incredibly sunny disposition will be put to the test on Sunday morning.

It's gonna be a 1 a.m wake up I believe. I bet. Oh Kurt Warner's doing it with her too. Well Kurt doesn't sleep.

He's like a vampire. Is that right? Yeah. Well he's also going to go straight up the coast for Monday Night Football. Westwood won which is rams and diners.

What a great way. The week starts with Miami and Cincinnati. Two versus borough like it's Vern Lundquist at the mic you know. I'm sorry Brad Nestler.

I'm dating myself. Yeah like the SEC is back all over again in a big game. Undefeated Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals at 1 and 2 trying to get back to 500 and they'll race that 0 and 2 start in the span of just five days with wins against the Jets and then hopefully for them against the Dolphins. And then in hour number three Ernie Hudson's coming in here. Yeah that's gonna be awesome. Oh yeah. Quantum leap has been rebooted. He's in it.

We're seeing all those commercials during Sunday Night Football. The kids are like what's what's Quantum Leap? And then Suzy and I are sitting our children down and saying well kids. There's a guy named Scott Bakula and he's like what's Quantum Leap? And no we don't we don't say that but it looks really cool. The kids are into it.

They're like can we watch that? And Ernie Hudson is in it. Obviously we'll go down the Ghostbusters memory lane and of course and then put the kids away because we'll go down the Oz memory lane and that's not a metaphor for anything. I know. Actually it is a metaphor. What am I saying? So look bottom line is this.

I would move. Lots to talk about on this. My power rankings coming up. My power rankings coming up in hour number two and it will cause a conversation.

I will tell you that. That's what power rankings are supposed to do right? I'm looking at you Chris. You've been pushing me to do power rankings forever. You and TJ just did yours and put it on our YouTube stream. We just did them last night.

It's on YouTube. Check it out. And I'm already thinking I might be wrong. You're gonna be you're gonna you guys are gonna be like what are you thinking?

And I'm like too bad. It's my power ranking. We might not. Have you seen ours? We might be you know. You just made the list. Coming up later on.

Coming up later on. But you know we're going to start this show in a way that I don't think any other show like this one and there really isn't one like it. I'm just talking about sports talk or sports talk radio slash tv.

There's lots of those now by the way. Television and radio. Television and radio show. We're a television show and a radio show.

So put it all together and I don't think another show is starting this way. The AFC East is very very tough. And you've got the Bills and the Dolphins just played as Chris Long our Monday guest.

Our regular Monday guest as he now is. He called it a de facto playoff game. So did Ken Dorsey in making a seeming apology for his wrecking his workspace and being caught on camera throwing a tantrum after that game ended at triple zeros with the Bills having an opportunity to kick but not being able to get on the field for it.

An apology I didn't think was necessary. But even he said it was a playoff game. It was like a playoff game. So you got two teams playing old playoff games in week three.

Putting it all out there. And you got the Dolphins at three and oh. The Bills at two and one. And it's a very tough division especially since the team sitting in third place right now alphabetical order. Over the equally one and two Patriots. The New York Jets are about to join the fray because Zach Wilson has just been cleared to return to action.

Yes we know how to spell in the New York metropolitan area. And we've been proven that. Despite getting kicked in the nards. N-A-R-D-S by the football G-O-D-S for decades to come. And so we've got ourselves Zach Wilson coming to the four here in week number four. And this is what coach Salas said back in week number one where he said everybody back off it's going to be Joe Flacco the earliest we might see Zach Wilson is week four. And how about this it's week four and we're going to see him.

Robert Sala had this to say about the situation moments ago. It's really just exciting for him to to get back on the football field. It's been six weeks and you know there's a lot of different things that have to go around in terms of making sure that we run an efficient offense. From us as coaches to O-line to receivers running routes everybody's involved. So it's it is exciting to get him back out there but at the same time it's it's not all about Zach. It's making sure that we're executing on all cylinders like as we should every week.

I don't blame coach Sala for saying what he just said. It's a team effort. Gotta have the guys up front blocking and the guys who are running routes run routes and catch the ball. Giants fans will tell you how important it is for their receivers to catch the ball. The ones that they're overpaying to catch the ball. I understand but it's not just a team game when it comes to this situation. It's Zach Wilson time in New York and it is unfortunately despite the fact of his injury-marred first year and his second year starting with the first instance unfortunately of MetLife's turf just grabbing somebody non-contact and the Jets are lucky that Zach Wilson's coming back this year as opposed to Sterling Shepard who has no such luck.

But it's Zach Wilson time and unfortunately it's time for him winning games coming right out of the gate. Mm-hmm. Gotta see it. Got to see it and we've got to see why he was chosen second overall. Got to see it.

Got to see him hitting his back foot and getting rid of the football on time. Got to see it. Got to see him rolling out and creating problems for the defense because that's what he can do and Joe Flacco can't. Got to see it. Got to see him making comebacks like Joe Flacco did in week two.

Got to see it. Got to see him hitting the open receivers so they can get the yards after the catch that this offense is built to provide. Got to see it and got to see him play all four quarters. Got to see him get out of bounds when he should. Got to see him slide when he should. Got to see it.

Got to see it now. We do preach patience on this program. How many times I say we're marathoning we're not sprinting. But this team drafted Breece Hall and he's putting in some nice work for the first three weeks. We haven't seen Jonathan Taylor likeability words that I heard during the draft week and subsequently but we'll see. Seen Garrett Wilson become a difference maker week two.

That comeback wouldn't happen if it wasn't for Garrett Wilson. O-H-ing in the face of the Browns fans. Saw that. Got to see that again. Got to see Elijah Moore still doing what he's doing. Got to see it.

Got to see it. Yes you got to have blocking up front. Yes you got to have the receivers running the routes. You got to have the running backs hit the holes and you got to have the defense playing way better than they're playing.

Sauce Gardner one of our favorites. He's made a lot of rookie mistakes. A lot of rookie mistakes through the first three weeks. A lot of blown assignments from number one in your program.

Number one in your heart. We're marathoning. We're not sprinting with the rookies but Zach's not a rookie anymore. The guy has played some and he has watched a lot and let's see what he has learned watching a lot. Let's see if we can find the ceiling being Mahomes as Tony Romo said. Man who's known for calling his shots accurately.

When Zach Wilson was drafted. It's time and I'm excited and I just can't hide it. Yes I went that way on you.

You know you know you know and you think you like it? Well I'll find out. I'll find out okay against the Steelers team that's putting Mitchell Trubisky out there again. The minibuy did not shake Mike Tomlin off his belief of it's Trubisky's offense and it's going to get better and he's seeing better plays on offense. He's seeing better execution on offense. Not seeing points in the end zone I guess but it's aqua sure part two. Didn't go very well in part one with Matt Jones and the Patriots coming to town.

Now here comes Zach Wilson and everything that we Jets fans dreamt of at the draft with Breece Hall being added and Zach Wilson having now Garrett Wilson another Wilson on the offense. It's time to see it. We're going to see it and I can't wait to see it and it can't be a struggle.

Can't be a struggle. Can't be this kid can't see this can't see that because guess what year two Trevor Lawrence has certainly come out of the box nice and fresh. Offensive player of the week. Oh I didn't see that. In the American Football Conference.

Nice. Trevor Lawrence just took three weeks for him to have that type of performance and I know Zach this is just week one for him. I'm not saying I need to see AFC player of the week type material. I just need to see better and I'd like to see a win.

I'm gonna lie. A team with an offense. Whose offense would you take? Whose offense would you take on that field in aqua sure on that Sunday? I would take the Jets. And that's a manhole cover that man just threw around right there folks.

I would take him too. So they got to win the game and the defense has got to show up. So with all due respect to coach Salas saying what he just said which is it's more of a team effort. True. Fact. Team game. Got it.

There is no iron Jets. Understood. Again. It's time.

Here we go. You got a tough division. You could say the two best teams in football are the teams they're looking up at in that division. That's an argument that could be posited and backed up through three weeks.

Gotta go. Unless you're just well this is another year that we're just gonna we're just gonna have to see what's what because I'll tell you what. Wildcard is wide open through three weeks in the AFC. Wide open through three weeks. AFC West isn't nearly as tough as everyone thinks as it appears and the AFC South second place team is one one in one.

Okay. The eighth seed right now. Okay and you look at the AFC North that's a tough spot. That's a tough division but if you can go two and two in it which the Jets would if they beat Pittsburgh that's not too shabby. So you have to figure of the three wildcard spots in the AFC one's going to go to whoever doesn't win the AFC East and the other two up for grabs. Totally and completely up for grabs and if you're battling for a seventh and final playoff spot come top of January 2023 and you could put on the table a tie break against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You got to do it this week.

Let's go. Richard seven seed if the playoffs started today. Buffalo Bills. And you know where they'd be playing this weekend? At your two seed Jacksonville Jaguars. Okay very good.

That's a snapshot. Let's see if in 14 weeks it's similar. I will I will I will proffer to say it is not. All right let's go to Bray. I wouldn't move. Don't move. Don't move. There's no dial. There's no dial. Even if you had one you wouldn't touch it. Deion Sanders is about to join us and I know wherever he is whatever whatever you know whatever media tour he's doing for restore he knows whatever he whoever he's talked to before and whoever he's about to talk to on this media tour it will be nothing like the conversation he's about to have and he knows it he feels it and he's going to bring it and I am ready to defend my baldness ish because he knows I'm also wavering which is not a way for me to prepare for this thing. Oh gosh wavering rich 844204 rich being the number dial Brockman staring a hole in me saying the bald brotherhood this man is a traitor why would I talk to a traitor we've already had one Brian Urlacher Deion Sanders coming up next one of my favorites don't move let's talk sleep number people my sleep number setting is 60 my wife's is 70 just 10 numbers apart but it is the world of difference because my sleep number setting means I get to set my side of the bed to this mattress firmness I like and my wife gets to do that with hers and we really love our sleep number bed and in time for fall there's a great deal to tell you about including the fact that sleep number gives you tips to help you fall get it asleep faster like for you try moving bedtimes back 10 to 15 minutes each night until you arrive at your new bedtime then adjust wait times to 10 to 15 minutes earlier each day to find the perfect sweet spot if you got school-aged kids sleep number tells you 10 hours will do the trick 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gonna pop by to say hello ross it could be an oscar winner the star of your favorite show even my dental hygienist really no she's fascinating okay anyone else one time i was at a dinner party and the lady across from me turns out she was a dominatrix oh that's gonna hurt i've been a naughty boy huh are you going to ask we're gonna go there for reals and there for real reals you better stretch i better stretch what the hell on our show nothing's off limits i'm gonna ask that question no and that question no and i'm gonna get away with it oh boy so it's like mr rogers neighborhood right except think of it mr matthews gayborhood oh that sounds fun you know that actually does sound fun and it's on youtube or wherever you listen wait that's my line hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen okay now you just repeated me we are so over our time limit oh that's a bummer eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial find the latest and greatest audio entertainment on audible it's got everything you want to hear including our show the rich eisen show you can get it on audible we're so excited my uh my wife and i susie and i with the uh they stop but the kids uh whenever we would like some sort of ride to be nice and quiet uh we pop on a harry potter book on audible it's amazing and along with podcasts you'll also find audio books and exclusive originals we're talking comedy sports stories deep dives with athletes entertainers and business anything else you're into with audible you get access to thousands of included titles with more added every week listen on the road at the gym or anywhere you want to fuel up your imagination join and get 30 days free at the home of storytelling right here on the rich eisen show i love this man i love this man i love him deeply one of the best teammates anybody can have certainly in the television business anybody who's teammates with him would tell you that we're not talking to him as a teammate right now we've talked to him as we've talked to him as cody prime coach of the year prime say it again cody prime c-o-t-y prime coach of the year prime has joined this program before we're not talking to cody prime today on the mercedes-benz vans phone line no we are talking to the comeback player of the year prime on behalf of restore on behalf of restore the head coach of the four and oh jackson state football team is deon sanders here on the rich eisenhower how you doing uh combat player of the year prime what's going on so subliminal message is the comeback player of the year uh you know just just the head coach i mean just all those subliminal messages were awesome rich well listen prime i'm bringing my a-game because i knew i was saying going to break that if this is a media tour you are conducting on behalf of the non-surgical hair restoration method that's uh caused you to be the comeback player of the year and your immense success since doing it not like prior to that you were you know a slouch um i just knew that whatever tour you're on you knew whatever conversations you were having before or after would not be like the one we're currently endeavoring right now prime it never will be in there we always make national headlines so i'm just waiting to see oh yes what's going to be national that we talk about oh i've got that i've got that i've got that i'm pretty sure i've got that in my back pocket prime oh i know that i know that that's your problem that's so let's get the business out of there yes com yes you could make a comeback like me and many of my friends that i don't want to call their names because they're not as confident as i am with their comebacks but they have some tremendous comebacks but i think i'm going back though rich i got a little crown like in the in the back that i'm gonna get that filled it's like you know i gotta just fill that crown up and i'm good what do you got you got like a what a mcnab thing going is that what you're talking about no no no what is the mcnab thing wasn't it didn't he didn't he start losing it in the back you know in the front too didn't he start doing it lebron didn't lebron start doing that too is by the way is lebron doing this is he is lebron doing this prime what do you think i don't think so i think lebron let it go i i heard that i don't know for sure yeah he's he showed up to the lake yeah he showed up to the he showed up to the lakers uh media day uh he sees the comeback player of the year already i think in the nba that's what it looked like to me wow no no you know jason wood was the comeback player at one point i noticed that i noticed i think breeze was a comeback player of the year yeah breeze right yeah yeah a few of those guys have been comeback guys but they don't they won't say anything about them you should be proud when you make a comeback like that well you know i i i don't know what to say dion other than the fact it looks good on you um i i how long would it take for me to get something like that how long would it take um it'll come all the way back i had to think rich because we're you know it's not ordinary it's not ordinary um but i would say a full comeback probably several months whoa i don't have that time i'm on the air every day dion i don't have that time but you could you could hat it up i mean you could have it up yeah i don't have my rakish hat with me in studio i took that home hat it up is that right you know what the latest comeback samari roll i could say his name because he's proud okay all right samari rolls a comeback player of the year okay he's making a comeback right now okay all right yeah and restore hair dot com and you can return your to your normal routine and become coach of the year you could do that too all right prime okay let's let's talk for real here okay let's jump in there you go okay you ready for you ready for some real talk um let's get to the nitty-gritty okay let's start with your current football team and your current quarterback i saw you were talking about your quarterback should be in the heisman race right yep then stutter nor did i stumble so why do you think chador is not in this in the in the heisman talk right now prime because uh we're at jackson state and the search for equality is a consistent search we're often underfunded and overlooked and i'm not going to allow that not either one so chador when you look at numbers then you don't have to just look at numbers because people just say numbers well what about this kid playing this college that causes you the level of them are different when a pro sees a kid i don't give it during if he's at slippery rock if he can ball he can ball and a pro knows that i just happen to have pro eyes that played 14 years and was with the nfl network another 14 so i'm really pretty much darn near 30 years in the game i know a pro when i see a pro like when i say that guy is a pro or this guy we played against is a pro or this receiver i have on my team is a pro i'm just validate i know what it looks like and he just happens to be your son you i'm sure you're hearing that too okay but it it has nothing to do with that i promise you this has nothing to do with that this has something to do with just i mean the kid was 21 to 24 at half time i mean it ended up 41 for 50 430 yards like like and just spinning it man seven yards off the current fbs leader in uh michael penix jr up in washington 14 touchdowns completing 75 of his passes but you know the pushback is going to be the level of competition you're facing at the level you're you're coaching at dion yeah but i mean they're drafting kids from hpcu they're drafting kids from fbs right fcs fbs they're drafting kids from both of these conferences so if you're draftable and kids are going to froze from these conferences why can't they be considered give me a comp what's the comp you know how that works in the nfl they're like what's the comp what's your kid's comp for the nfl what do you got what do you mean who's the comp like what's the what's the quarterback uh comparison that you have that he would compare to i can't i can't even say that and i wouldn't dare to say that i don't i don't think he looks like anyone like i don't because he the kid has it man our team has we have several guys i mean we just had three scouts today here i mean we have scouts here every day now it's that's how that's where we are right now scouts are coming every day well that's part of the plan and you know the part of the the real world too prime is uh is that you know when jobs and fbs open up and they might be uh you know intertwined with your previous stops or dna football dna you'll get mentioned uh georgia text gig is open your name has been bandied about quite a bit you're hearing that i like that word you said bandy bandied about yes being thrown about i've never heard that rich i like that i'm gonna i'm gonna use that in a sentence anytime anytime about yes sir it is it's nice to be mentioned it's even nice to be um you know like so you said a guy um didn't come from hbc using coach at a higher level but the quarterback shouldn't be considered look at you turning it you're so good you are so good the quarterback should be considered at the next level i don't know how that works yes it works that yes that you're good enough to step up to the next level but you know you're you're a quarterback is evaluated differently but still the question stands because again we're we're real talk right so would what does that does that if i were to go to the next level you don't think the quarterback is going to the next level okay so you'd bring him you'd bring him to georgia tech prime is that what you're saying yeah first of all i hadn't said anything about georgia tech you have okay that is correct yes what i'm saying is it's just funny that you say i'm good enough and my name is being um bandied about bandied about yes and hit around like a fastball to a judge you know i like that though i like that that that thought process i really do deon sanders here on the rich i really do deon sanders here on the rich isin okay you mentioned judge i'm keen to know what you have you been watching any of that yes prime i can't i don't watch a lot of baseball but shoot i'm so proud of that young man um it's unbelievable man because you know baseball is a sport that's so rich in history and when you start tinkering with history and baseball it's unbelievable because there's so much history and this kid is unbelievable he's been unbelievable from from the beginning first and foremost but this year it's even uh it's just crazy and i'm following him every game well i'm i'm i'm watching what do you think because he you know he's walked 11 times deon during his after hitting 60 home runs and you know there are some who are thinking that maybe he should be you know swinging more and then uh but that would take him out of his approach right i mean he's still trying to win the kid is trying to win he's a good kid like if he if he was a selfish kid um like like some of our past he would have been swinging for the fence but he's trying to win and tried to help his team in all aspects and that's what i respect about it he's not just there swinging at everything and how about uh your former uh skipper now with the Mets getting the Mets in position with Buck Showalter you got a good i love me some books i know you do you got it's not too many men that i've been coached by that i love as i love Buck Showalter you got a good story the impact the impact that he had on my life really unbelievable how so yeah i mean this but was like uh i mean he really got me to the point to take this serious like to take that game don't just go out and play a son you could really be good but taught me how to bunt you know he just i had so much fun playing for him i had so much fun that i didn't really want to leave double-a i wanted to stay there because i wanted to learn more but he told me no you're not going up you you're going to the show you're not going to show but what do you mean he said you're going to the show i don't know what that means you're going to the Yankees what like like that was a conversation when he called me up man when i got the call up so he was the one so he was the one who told you you were going to the major league level we stayed in the same apartment complex and he's like uh what do you got what you cooking over there like i think uh we got uh pork chop this back when i used to eat pork chop pork chop baked beans and rice my favorite meal um the girl was cooking and he said well i'm cooking somewhat the same you want to come over here and eat well my lady just cooked uh what's going on and that's what he told me oh my gosh did he and and then and then how and then how soon after that did you encounter Carlton Fisk prime first of all you know he lied i told you that story he lied i do you want to tell it here or where you want to yeah he lied i'd never first of all i would never disrespect the game you know i respect why i'm a people in the game so for him to lie and said i drew a dollar sign in the dirt that was a lie i drew i grew up in inner city i played baseball we didn't like have chalk batting boxes so i used to always draw half a circle it was like a b in the middle where i put my back foot and up to my stride point that's what i always drew in the batter's box every time i went up my whole career college on everywhere and you know he said i i was doing a dollar sign and he he yapped off at me and you know back then out of your dirt i wasn't the historical type of guy i didn't know anything about the history of the game and the respect level of the game i just know at that time if you challenge me i was going to challenge you if you act like you're going to put your hands on me i'm going to put my hands on you first that was the ignorant young crime and that's just pretty much i was and he lied to the media and said that i drew a dollar sign in the dirt and all it is a lie i said well just get the footage guys just get the footage from the game just keep it and um and then one last baseball story and then i got one last thing for you and then you can go on with your day if you don't mind prime um you got a good beau jackson story there's a book coming out on him shortly our friend jeff purlman is writing it he's going to come in studio in short order you got a good bow story prime other than when he stiffed me and and pretty much palm my forehead like it was like he was a prayer warrior when did that happen when did that happen when that happened oh bow was bow and i can remember the play it was a tall sweep left they ran downhill uh toss left toss right they went down it i was playing left corner i think we were probably about on the 40 50 yard line something like that maybe the other 40 and they did a sweet left the bow and i was on the opposite side of the field opposite side and i took them coach andrews always talked to us about the pursuit angle and i had the perfect pursuit angle and it was a interaction at probably about the 15 yard line and i ran up on a man i didn't understand at the time i was running up on a man i just thought i was running up on a regular football player i ran up on a man and he pawned my palm my helmet and just stiffed me down and went on the score and i just knew once i got to the sideline the guys were gonna be clowning me and they did but to bow's credit we sat and talked a couple times in life and he never mentioned it and i wanted to say boy let's just get this out of the way all right come on let's just get it out of the way but he never mentioned it but go and i have only sat down one time together and just talked about sports and life and what we're going through because if it won no bow it wouldn't have been a prize so that's not much respect and admiration and they were trying to pit us against each other back in the day we had two totally different approaches to the game but i i love bo jack i really do in every aspect and then his baseball ability too i mean we're seeing a picture of him in the royals and then you and the yankees look at that photograph look at those children on the screen my god a few years back a few years back which he called me and i just recognized the boy he said you owe me i said what are you talking about you owe me i said but what are you talking about i just left the doctor to get my third surgery or fourth surgery on my shoulder that i threw out of place that i dislocated when i was diving at your ball the triple the way inside the parking that i hit he had three home runs i said well both that wasn't my fault and you just got to understand we had four home runs on the day it was a great day for both of us and we had four and people forget prime you could have been the world series mvp right if it wasn't for joe carter right correct back in the day is that right uh if it if it yeah you're right you could have been exactly right i mean you're right uh you you had an incredible world series with the praise yeah superb i mean john charles you don't go there do you you don't go there i'd have played more rich i'm sorry i'd have just been in the game more okay yeah all right uh but another guy i don't know about the other guy i won't even mention him but you know i know you're talking about you used to be a broadcaster uh all right so uh we're great man we're great we're great we just have i just want can you remind your kids that they have a black uncle because that's because i don't i don't think you really talk about that at dinner time and all that just put my picture on the table with a plate in front of it so i can just sit and eat with my nephews okay ridiculous man yes i will do that i will do that tonight i will do that tonight all right prime uh we'll talk more next time um i love you i love you guys love you too do you want to do this show again or is that where you're you're you're you're you've moved on from the media completely what do you want i haven't moved on from the media i'll always be in a time with the media but i got to come i got to come back you okay you got the best darn crew in the world those guys are so professional so on point man and they're they're really good at what they do well thank you the uh the feeling is mutual the feeling is mutual it's prime time everybody uh check out restore at all you got to just do is just look at dion just one look at dion um and my children will do that at dinner tonight with a beautiful eight by ten glossy that will happen this evening take care i like that all right the same to you there's much love love that prime time the best how about him beau jackson stories that was a man let me tell you this story this is a great story like paul like paul my head like he was blessing me he thought he was running up on a regular football player and he ran up on a man man i mean the greatest what if football player ever beau yeah oh who who could their who could top it i don't know it's insane jeff purlman who's written a book on it uh on beau uh he's going to come in studio in the next couple next couple weeks to talk about it um here's a great story prawn i think i might have told it before but it's a new audience on the roku channel so here's it it was the first stateside pro bowl i believe it was 09 it was saints and colts for that super bowl in south florida south florida and so we were covering that pro bowl and it was wild because the practices were at saint thomas aquinas high school where michael irvin is a god that is his high school and deon was part of the broadcast as well and him being in the state of florida i mean just name it mr florida state mr miami i'm walking around it was people everywhere the final practice before the pro bowl was at some stadium right across the street from where the yankees prior to moving to tampa used to do their have their minor league games at saint petersburg floor and we're driving to the stadium deon is saying to the practice facility and deon's saying this place looks familiar to me he goes i think i've been here before and we drive past the old yankees spring training facility i'm like yeah deon that's where you used to have spring training and he goes oh yeah that's right and starts to tell a story about how one game he raked off of some left-hander some big tall left-hander he raked all day long against this guy and had a couple at bats of him when he was a reliever too and i just took a stab and i'm like was it lee guderman and he goes yeah that's who it was that's who it was and i'm like thinking to myself who else okay who else is is immensely popular in the sport of football who can then also talk about raking against lee guderman in a minor league facility for the new york yankees i mean there's nobody like him except i mean that's why i asked him about bow you know because bow in terms of his talent and you know college football professional football and then baseball and the aura and the mythology isn't you know he just said himself without bow there was no prime referring to himself in the third person with his nickname and you don't bat an eye let's take a break 844-204 rich is the number to dial here on the program my colleague colleen wolf from the nfl media group is coming in here and also my power rankings who wouldn't want to see my power rankings that's a rhetorical question 844-204 rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show the nfl season this year every westwood one nfl broadcast streams live for free mondays thursday sunday nights thanksgiving and christmas triple headers the international series in every postseason game check it out on the nfl live stream for free care of westwood one okay very good uh let's go to the phone lines here on the rich eyes and show um first in first up martin and denver you're here on the program what's up martin hey guys hey thanks for taking my call martin love you guys udp crew's the best love it that's how my cold ends for regard to your raider pick i gave you the all due respect this time i'm not going to do that i'm going to throw a phrase out there though prisoner of the moment now hear me out okay get some nice shiny objects over there so i understand why you made the pick you made but you know it takes a 53-man roster to win the division in this nfl and you ask the question who's going to cover adams well i think sir tan's going to answer that question for you sunday night wow you are writing checks right now martin in denver wow yeah okay so no look look the question you should have been asking was who's going to protect car okay now now you're not wrong about that last part but here's what i will do i'm going to push back martin in denver okay i'm going to push with all due respect i'm going to push back and and say to you this weekend okay the fact that you could sit here and say it was a horrible choice to win the afc west i i am maya coping i've i've been saying that the entire you know for last two weeks because i just want our friend eric stone street to stop texting me but that's he's got a point like why would you not choose the chiefs is his point why would you think just because tyreek hill is gone that we're not as good that mahomes isn't as good that reed isn't going to be the same read that their defense is not going to be improved that they have a championship quality why would you not choose the chiefs again you however sir you're coming on the bronco's let's ride leg that you're standing on i will push back and say this is going to be a rough weekend for you martin in denver a rough weekend very well maybe i'm just saying you know you're too good to be a prisoner of the moment let's just rethink that selection okay i appreciate that martin i appreciate the tough love thank you very much for calling into the program keep calling i appreciate the tough love but you're not sitting here and telling me that the denver broncos are going to come into las vegas and turn the raiders into 0 and 4 possible of course it is now you're seeing the the you know this this 0 and 3 conversation is why are the raiders 0 and 3 we had dan rolovsky on yesterday saying there are moments where not only is car one would think predisposed to throw the football to devante adams there are moments where he is purposefully and willfully not giving into his predisposition even when the coverage and the play call demands that he throw the ball to devante adams because it is the move to make it is what is the best decision in the moment and he's not doing it and then you're seeing well i i don't know who tweeted this out but it was somebody in my timeline meaning they are well respected saying that mcdaniels that that car has struggled in the first three weeks of any new offense that he's been placed in from gruden to you know the del rio era all of them and that this is just another instance of that and then it's always difficult because mcdaniels's system is the way it is and you must now learn it for him and that this is part of what car is struggling with and i'm wondering to myself if that's true how the hell is it a system where devante adams shouldn't get the ball what right so now it just seems like there are so many theories everywhere about it and if it is and if it is mcdaniel's telling him you're targeting devante adams too much i want you to spread it around then that's a square peg in a round hole that i didn't see come on now and devante adams has got to be sitting around saying yeah i've always wanted to play with my guy and i've always wanted to be out here and i love living out here and i wanted to be closer to family and i wanted family to be closer to me and all that stuff but oh and three is not what i'm used to so i don't know what it is and there are just moments where you know ball goes off of waller's hands a quarter after the ball gets into waller's hands inside the two yard line it's another holding penalty it's just too many mistakes too much non-same page moments leads to oh and three but i'll tell you what denver is not the model of consistency coming out of the gate with their new head coach either okay you got your 235 million dollar quarterback getting clowned by eli manning on the manning cast which we didn't talk about yesterday saying that maybe they should have given the 235 million dollars to a punter okay and the quarterback the quarterback is currently more well known for viral moments on twitter whether it's twirling it's at half midfield before game or him eating sandwiches than he is for his play on field for a new coach that's gotten help in the booth on how to manage games from a guy who's old for his first two on challenges so i i don't need to hear that pushback on narrators although i have to because i made this choice i don't know i'm writing out checks too they better beat the broncos is all i'm saying oh and four is over i mean it's o-v-e-r over because denver would be three and one by the way and you are what you are and what they would be is three and one with a win on the road in division and the chiefs could easily lose this week as well at tampo or wherever that game is going to be yeah correct and i do want to say that right now uh as well is just a i know i it just i feel this because i'm texting friends and dming friends and whatever in florida and my dad is you know right there and i don't know if it means anything like that i'm thinking of them but hurricane ian is bearing down right now and the the uh scenes are frightening as cuba's trying to get the lights back on yeah they have no power so all i can say is this and i i feel like i've been through this before having been with the nfl for 20 years it seems like we're in hurricane season where we all pay attention to it in the nfl because it's disrupting a football game which isn't really you know a good excuse for actually paying strict attention to it but be that as it may if you are in the sound of my voice and can get the hell out and get the hell out and take the precautions necessary i think you should do it and i don't i know i might be talking to your dad chris yeah i don't know but there's a lot of florens are like i've been through this before and it always goes up the coast until it doesn't so please take care and our thoughts are with you hour two coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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