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The Quest For Life

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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September 24, 2022 3:13 pm

The Quest For Life

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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September 24, 2022 3:13 pm

In this episode of Kingdom Pursuits, Robby sits down with Matt  and Allison Willis to discuss their new book Master Life Together.


Hello, this is Matt Slick from the Matt Slick Live Podcast, where I defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundations of the truth of God's Word. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits.

Now, live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. I often wonder how God is so good to me to be able to see so many amazing folks that God's given them these passions, and then I get to hear about it and talk about it. And you're going to be so glad that you tuned in for this hour, because I have some good friends actually with me today that I've known for years in many cases, and I have a new friend.

So we get to check out all those things. But first up, we have Matt and Allison Willis, along with their friend Scott. Matt, as you may know, we've had him on the show many times about mission work, right? Because your last book you wrote was about being a missionary, right? Yeah, that's right.

So serving as the missions pastor at Calvary in Winston-Salem for the last six years, there's been plenty of things to talk about, whether it be books or conferences or speakers. So thanks for having us back today. Yeah, yeah. But today they've got a new book coming out. It's called Master Life Together. So and you wrote this one with your wife. So the first thing that just would appear to me is that for you to master life. Co-authoring that.

Allison, what was that? Did you have to master some life? We managed to write this book without getting marriage counseling, so I think that's a win. Yeah, I think so, too. I mean, it's got to be. So you know that. But but really, the book's about discipleship, right? That's correct. And so part of that is we've got Scott with us and we're going to get to him in a minute.

But Scott is actually in their class that has gone through the book. And so we get to see firsthand how that's all worked out. And I also have another old friend with me who is Jim Kinney, who has got this expire and ignite, inspire and ignite, not expire.

You don't want to expire. I've never been introduced that way, Jim, as somebody who expired and ignite. Welcome, Jim. Well, I got I got into swatches as the man who was going to help the Navy. We were on the edge of a cliff and I was going to take us one big step forward. And we thought about that as probably not what we really meant that I was going to do.

But yes, that would have I would have expired if that had been if I had stepped off that cliff leading the Navy over there. Yeah. But meanwhile, your app has been out for a while and hopefully it's an expiring and igniting lots of folks, right? Well, we're up to almost 300 folks that are doing the prayer every day. And we're about to launch into a new phase which will let people who want to build chat rooms for fellow prayer warriors to encourage one another and to keep one another accountable and to share what's going on in their lives in a social setting.

On the Internet, but their own their own private network. So we'll be launching that very shortly. Oh, that is awesome. And so, again, it's the Inspire and Ignite Prayer app, which, you know, if you don't have that on your phone, why not? You know, it's pretty easy.

Just INSPRE, Inspire and Ignite. You can go get that. So speaking of life, sometimes my I'm trying to get my producers. There he is.

Hey, Grayson. Speaking of life. Yeah, you never got to play. Did you play shenanigans when you were in the 60s? Did you ever hear that, Jim? That show? I don't remember that. I don't remember that game, but obviously the big band sound was was on top of the world at that point. I was in the 60s, man. When I was a kid, you might guess that I never missed it.

Yes, I would guess that. It was a pie in the face kind of show, you know, those soupy sales, you know, those deals. But anyway, speaking of life, one of the best years of my life. This is going to shock you, Matt. The best years of my life were spent in another man's arms. All I have to say is thanks, Mom. Come on, guys, you're supposed to be laughing over here on the come on. That was funny.

All right. Another one here is my life used to be a joke, but then I became a dad. And so now my life's a dad joke. God, there I got a smile. I got a smile.

All right. Let me tell you, you didn't have to have a child for that to be true of your joke. Well, here's a question for you, Jim, since you've obviously been on this show before. So how is life like a nice hot bath? You wonder about that, Grayson? Life is like a hot bath. Yeah, there you go. If you wonder.

No, I never have. This is one of those perplexing questions that is just avoided by. Well, the longer you're in it, the more wrinkles you get. You knew that, didn't you, Grayson?

All right. Well, no till 50. This might shock you, too. My wife said being married to me is like being on vacation for the rest of her life. You know why? You know why my wife would say that, Alison?

Why? Being married to me is like, come on, your kids, they look interested here. Why would my wife say that? OK. She said I was her last resort. That was good.

You like that, Grayson? Last resort. All right. So I actually have a very challenging, very challenging riddle. I'm really going to be excited if somebody could guess this. It's going to take some some real thought. You have to think like Robbie to riddle this. All right.

Are you guys considering? All right. How was Judas's life? You might know Judas. He was the one that betrayed Jesus, if you don't know the story. How was Judas's life like a fairy tale? How was Judas's life like a fairy tale?

If you know the answer to that. Wow. Grayson, tell them what they could win. Oh, Robbie, they can win one of our fabulous prizes out of the Kingdom Pursuit Truth Network Vault. A prize vault is loaded for bear.

If you can get this answer, I might just send you two items because this is hard. I'll admit it's hard, but it's worth. How was Judas's life like a fairy tale? 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and win. I know you enjoyed those shenanigans. I know I did.

If nobody else does, you know, I just have a blast. Anyway, getting back to discipleship. So interestingly, you were the missions pastor and now your hat's kind of changed. And so you wrote another book.

Yeah, so I'm thankful to do that. I think any good book really comes out of real life ministry, not written in an ivory tower. But what happened was this material that we wrote is actually a simplified revision of material that my granddad wrote 40 years ago, and hundreds of thousands of people went through it over the last 40 years called Master Life. So this is a shorter version and updated for a new generation.

Oh, and you actually used his title, Little Plagiarism. Yeah, that's right. Well, it's with the same publisher, so they gave us the right.

LifeWay is publishing it. That's right. And the subtitle is A Discipleship Experience for Small Groups.

So we don't mean this to really just be an individual Bible study, but really experienced in community. And so how neat, right? It's a legacy, right, for your family. And I know how dear your grandfather was to you, right? And wasn't he the co-author of your book? That's right. Maybe I was the co-author of his book, Learning the Soar, in 2009, that came out with NavPress.

That's right. And what a neat thing, right? And then to bring your wife in on the adventure, or did she decide?

I mean, how did that decision process? I got to know it. It was interesting that both of us really had that on our heart, because we were leading an original group, and Scott and his wife, Susan, were a part of that. We were leading a group through the original material. And when it came time for some people to make disciples and talk through the plan with them, some said, yes, I want to lead a group through Master Life, and some did.

But others said, I don't know anyone who's willing to put in that much time. And so that was kind of an impetus for us, something more simple. That is awesome.

It really is. I'm excited to hear about that. I know you are, because if I'm not mistaken, you know, what invited me to the whole idea of discipleship was the Great Commission, right?

If you're a car salesman, I was always looking for the Great Commission, right? That's the idea. That's right.

We'll be right back. If you know what you're listening to... You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom, and how fun I have my old friend Jim Kinney with me here with his Inspire and Ignite Prayer app, as well as Matt and Allison, Willis and Scott Butler with Master Life together. This book has not been released, and I should point out that all this information is at So if you go to, you can pre-order the book, which there's a sale right now, so you can take advantage of that. And you can also see the Inspire and Ignite app.

So if you need to find that at your app store, there's links for all that there at And I want to mention one more time that I would be really... I mean, you don't know what it would do for my heart for somebody to actually guess my riddle. How was Judas's life like a fairy tale? 866-348-7884. And as always, if you just want to call in and talk to Matt about discipleship, or you want to talk about the Great Commission, you know, I'll talk about Great Commissions any day of the week, right?

And my old friend Jim Kinney with the Expire and Ignite. But Jim, you know, I know discipleship has always been really, really close to your heart as well. And so a big part of what you're doing with this app, right, is... because that was the Great Commission, go make disciples, which are enthusiastic learners, people that love God's Word and love to chase down this stuff, right? Well, the app is designed to take Christians who are concerned about the direction of America to begin with, we all are, feel overwhelmed because they don't have a microphone, a voice as big as the media or as big as the politicians.

So what do we do? Well, we ask God to get involved. Well, the truth is, most Americans do not have a vital prayer life. It would be part of Master Life to develop a vital prayer life.

Well, this app is to help you do that. First of all, when you download it every day, we'll send you a short little prayer for America. And we ask you to read it and at the end just agree with it by saying either amen or so be it, or whatever.

So you join at the current time about 300 other people. We're hoping a year from now it'll be 10,000 other people that are raising this same prayer to heaven. But then the app goes on to give you a place to list personal prayer requests. So once you begin to understand, I need to talk to God every day, and we prompt you to do that, we're hoping that the next step is that you'll begin to write yourself a few notes about what you need to remember to pray about going on in your family, your community, in your job. And then there's this chat room that you can join, join a lot of other Christians in sharing prayer concerns, encouraging one another in that active prayer life, and becoming a part of a group that's praying every single day. And we think that part of discipleship is critical.

So here's an idea, Jim, I got an idea, okay? Because I don't know if you're like me, but I've got a prayer chain for Maslin Journey. I have a prayer chain for Nikita Kolos-Manup. I have a prayer chain for my Sunday school. I have a prayer chain because I'm an assistant pastor at another church. I've got prayer chains at the kazoo, and when those things start going off, like, I can't get to my phone because I've got texts coming in by the—you know what I'm saying?

I don't know if you experience this in life, but I do. And so—no, I'm not trying to give you an idea here, Jim, just work with me here. All right, so if you guys would get the Inspire and Ignite prayer app, right, and put your prayer chains on the app, you see, then everybody's life would be easier. Because— That's what I'm suggesting that we're going to do.

You and I can get together on the phone at some point when you're clear, and I'll help you set up a prayer circle for each of your prayer chains. Right, that's what I'm explaining. I'm sitting there thinking, like, man, because I love all the prayer— I mean, I love it when people are being needy out loud and sharing that stuff, it's wonderful.

But actually, if you're trying to do something on your phone right that minute, it gets annoying. And that's not—you know what I'm saying? No, it's not spam.

We're not saying it's spam, okay? But we're saying it can take a lot of time, and if you develop these prayer circles, then not only do you don't have to share it with everybody else, I have two disciples and experts right here with me, so Matt, chime in here. What do you think about this idea?

Is this nuts? Well, I don't want to say that we're experts, you know? We're always wanting to grow as disciples. We do spend a week in the material through prayer, you know, but we don't have the app. One of the practical resources we use is a prayer notebook, you know? So maybe we're a little low-tech, you know, on that front.

Not as high-tech as Jim with the app. But I bet you got prayer chains, right? Yes, my team may tell you I'm not very high-tech.

They have to lead me through this thing. So how about you, Scott? We'll take the, you know, the prayer life position. Yeah, so thanks for asking. So I get a lot of texts as well, you know, with needy prayer requests and so on and so forth, so I get that.

So actually, I'm going to support what Matt just said. It's kind of nice to go low-tech on prayer sometimes, because you know what? That prayer notebook can't get to your phone. Right. Just a thought. Yeah. Well, it's one of those things that, you know, there's a lot of stuff that I put on my phone, like, you know, my notes for my morning devotion, so I can look at them all through the day. I mean, that's actually pretty helpful.

There's other things that are, you know, so it's all a matter of your life and how you want to organize it and set up a trellis in order to support it. But no doubt, this is a great idea, Jim. I really, really love it, and I really love the idea that there's people that are going to be using it more and more, and if it becomes a resource, the more they look at it, right, the more they're praying.

Absolutely. We believe that there is no rescue for America in the direction we're headed in a political party or a hyperactive candidate. If God doesn't involve himself in the affairs of men on this continent, the dream of the city on a hill, shining city on a hill, is dying. It's like you had a big campfire going, and it was lighting everybody around and warming everybody up, and then we neglected it, and now all we have is embers left, and if we're going to restore that fire, God's going to have to get involved in the process.

That's beautiful. And we're not trying to bring, we're not trying to bring, we know there are prayer warriors all over the country, but I would suggest to you, and if you talk to pastors I think they would agree, Matt may know from his experience, that the vast majority of people attending church are not actively involved in praying every day unless they take a child in bed, or unless they pray over their meal, but getting after God at the throne, taking advantage of the power that he's given us when he will rent that curtain in two between us and the Holy of Holies is the answer to almost everything we struggle with. Oh, he is the answer.

I think that's certainly the case. Well, Scott, I'm very interested, because here we have the practical, you've experienced this, right, a mastering life together firsthand as they were working through it, so as somebody that was actually working in their discipleship, what was your experience? Yes, well, I'll start here. I'll actually go back to the original master life. So I had the opportunity, was blessed to be discipled under the original master life when we went through that. And so that is an intensive and awesome discipleship program as well. So I went through that and then had the opportunity as well with master life together. Matt and Allison gave us the opportunity in our Friday men's group to actually have input into this as they put it together.

So that was kind of neat to kind of walk through the initial writing and all the great work they had done taking the original master life, which, like I said, was very intensive. And I think, Matt, correct me if I'm wrong, eight months? Something like that. It's like eight months, very intensive. And so some of the feedback some of us gave as we were talking about, hey, how would we replicate this?

Right. How do we take this? And so since you went and spent eight months in that, I'm very curious. I'm wondering about your input or what was it that grabbed you that was like, man, I'm really excited about doing this.

What grabbed you? Yeah, so what grabbed me is just the disciplines. And it's nothing new than any of us don't know already. It's about prayer. It's about quiet time with the Lord. It's about being in community, right, holding each other accountable. All these different disciplines sharing the gospel, the Great Commission, right? All these things we know.

But it goes through it very systematically and very intentional. And by doing it in a group setting, there's just a lot of accountability and a lot of input that you get as the Spirit moves different people in different ways to challenge you. Did you have some input? So, yeah.

OK, that's what I'm running. So, yep, to answer your question directly about the input. So a few of us gave input to the Wilson's and said, you know, if we're going to start a Master Life group together, this is great for people who have been following Jesus for a while. They could be a new believer and certainly for mature believers.

But for the newer believer, maybe even the non-believer, we're struggling a little bit with, you know, it's so intensive. So the Holy Spirit moved both of them. It was kind of neat to see that I got kind of an inside view to see the Holy Spirit move both of them together to say, you know, what if we just freshen this up, condensed it a bit, not lose any of the disciplines, not lose any of the teaching.

Right. But just condense that a bit and make it just freshen it up a bit for the culture today. And for people that are maybe newer to Jesus or possibly even non-believers. So from a practical standpoint, Matt, you know, as I'm listening to that, how did you take this classic that your grandfather, you know, what did you do?

Can you give us an example of how you actually, you know, through the Holy Spirit did that? Yeah, so we cut over half of the content that was there. The last edition was done 25 years ago with four notebooks, plus a fifth book as a leader's guide. And we put that all into one book that is 288 pages.

So it's still plenty of content, but the process takes about four months now. So cut that in half. But here was the question that we were really wrestling with when we were writing this. How low can we lower the bar of discipleship and still call it discipleship? So trying to make it an easier onramp for anyone, no matter where they're at in their relationship with God, to be introduced to a 360 degree view of their life as a disciple and how they could grow.

And at least be a resource for lifelong discipleship through other community and resources, too. That's cool. So we're going to get more specific with that. We're going to hear more on Inspire and Ignite from our friend Jim Kinney. In the meantime, you can go to, preorder the book and the workbook and all that stuff, and then you can get the Inspire and Ignite app.

It's all there at But I want you to think through the break. I think I know who was. How was Judas's life like a fairy tale? Eight, six, six. Come on now.

I'm asking three, four, eight, seven. You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and where we would like to hear how Judas's life was like a fairy tale. Come on now. Nobody's ever in the history of Kingdom Pursuits not gotten my riddle. And I'm telling you, I'm excited for your call. Eight, six, six, three, four, eight, seven, eight, eight, four, eight, six, six, three, four.

Truth would be the number to call in and win. But today, we're so blessed to have with us Jim Kenney with his InExpire, InExpire, I keep wanting to say expire. I don't know why. Inspire and Ignite app. It's a prayer app. It's an amazing thing. And and it really is bringing a lot of people together to pray for our country, as well as Matt and Allison Willis and their friend Scott Butler with their new book that's due to be released on October 3rd. But this is why it's important that you do this now, that if you will go to Kingdom Pursuits and preorder their book. Right. Then all those sales count towards the first week of sales when their book is released on October 3rd. And then, oh, man, it gets a big rating on on Amazon and lots of people will be inspired to master life together. Right.

And so that would be really fun if they would. So I'm very curious. Since I got Allison right here and she has the mic in front of her for a change.

So, Allison, here you are. You're dealing with your husband's grandfather's book and you're going to cut, cut, cut, cut, cut. And that sounds like touchy territory if you're trying to master life together. What were you what was your input? Well, we really sought to just let the Holy Spirit lead us as we, you know, put together an outline. And it was really a joy to be able to do that with Matt. We actually began our relationship doing ministry together. And that has been just a great source of joy for us.

So this was this was such a privilege to be able to do this together. But we did, you know, use granddad's idea of holistic discipleship. And we really tried to incorporate all the areas that he had brought out, such as, you know, what does it look like to follow Jesus in your relationships?

What does it look like to follow Jesus in your physical body and in your emotions and, you know, all parts of our being? So we we definitely use that as as a foundation and the material. But we did want to bring in some additional topics that maybe are are, you know, increasingly important in the culture that we live in. You know, so we talk about gender. We talk about what does it look like to follow Jesus with your sexuality and with your gender and, you know, in the way that you eat and in the way that you move your body and in the way that you rest your body. And, you know, all these things that are so important, yet so often neglected by believers. We tend to, you know, put our spiritual life in a little box.

And that part of us, you know, is faithful on Sundays. And, you know, if you if you heard of the term rule of life, rule of life. Yes. Yes.

And so as I'm hearing you. Right. Because everybody has a rule of life. You know, their rule may be that I hurry out the door at eight o'clock with the coffee that I'm still, you know, just brewed so that I can get to work on time, blah, blah, blah. And they just jump out of shower and they go do that. That's their rule of life. That's how they live their life. It's kind of tough to be a disciple if you're doing that, because for other people's real life is I'm going to get up first thing in the morning, listen to the news. Right. You just as soon have somebody screaming your face.

The world's coming to an end. You know, so but the question is like in discipleship, what what are the rules of life? And it does have to do with how you eat.

And it does have to do with how you rest. Yeah. It includes just really everything about us. You know, Jesus wants us to be whole being disciples, all in all his to give every part of us to him. And, you know, I think the rule that he wants us to follow is is, you know, love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.

And that's one of the verses that you'll memorize going through this material. And so, you know, what we're seeking to do is guide people to understanding what that really looks like in their life. And not only understanding it, but experiencing it for the first time. So a lot of the exercises and the material are just really experiential. They're not knowledge based, but they are experience based. And so we're really helping people to do that in community and to do it as a small group.

So, you know, it's it's designed for groups of around 12 people or less so that there can be intimate discussions and conversations. And so, yeah, that's beautiful. And did you ever meet his grandfather? Yes.

Yes. I was able to spend a lot of time with him. So our son, Ethan, was just about to be born whenever granddad passed away. And he prayed a special blessing over Ethan as he was in my womb just a few days before he passed away. And just praying that that the Lord would bless the future generations of his family. And we named Ethan after Avery.

So his middle name is Avery. So it's a special, yeah, a special thing for us to to be able to to have known him well. So, yeah. And so, Jim, a big, big, big, big part of discipleship, actually, like we're supposed to pray without ceasing, right? That's right. Absolutely. So, you know, what a what a great, you know, the app to just help remind people, right?

If this is something that is part of their rule of life is is to look and think about, you know, praying for our country, which is I love. You know, you served our country so well. A lot of people don't know is to Captain Jim Kinney. But it was a big part of your life, right? Well, for 26 years.

Yeah. I flew operational missions of nine different aircraft carriers. And that was that defined our whole life, that defined where we lived.

It was it was the central part. And several times Linda and I evaluated whether I should stay in the Navy or it's time to move on. And every time independently, we came back together believing that God had called us to that service.

But yes, it has built into me a desire. And this whole prayer app idea is designed to deal with somebody's rule of life. We want to help you make it a habit that you talk to God every morning. So we'll help you with a little pretty get started because a lot of people don't really know. Do I have to hold my hands and get on my knees and bow my head?

No. You can pray in the shower. You can read a prayer off of your off your iPhone.

But but talk to God, talk to God, because that's the essence of our spiritual life is God living in us. So and by the way, I do want to mention there's a website to called inspire and ignite dot us. And so you go read about what we've been doing.

You can download the app there and you get some idea. And speaking of us. Right. Linda is a big part of your ministry as well. Right. Your wife was there at the luncheon.

Right. And she she's right alongside you, which I love that. You know, that's that's a big part of, you know, sharing our family. Well, believe it or not, she I write all the prayers and she edits every one of them. What I mean by edits is I'll read them to her, show them to her. And she'll say, I remember one day she said, this is just a little harsh. And I said, well, it's just a little harsh. That's not as bad as it was.

Captain Jim, kidding. But, you know, yeah, she she helped me tone it. So it has a Jesus tone and not a human impulse tone. So she said she's been involved in every single prayer. You know, I really, really like that, Matt.

I do. I like that that you guys do ministry together. And that really that helps you guys do life together. And really, you know, that's a beautiful thing. That's right. I've heard it said that the Holy Spirit sounds a lot like my wife.

You know, a real great gift that the Lord has given me. So you've had that occasion where she edited something that you'd written? Well, that's right. Well, even with this material that we're writing with Master Life together, there were some chapters where she took the lead on writing and then others where I took the lead. But we would edit each other's comments. And so there'd be some times where we'd kind of come to a disagreement, like, well, it was nice to have people like Scott who were going through the pilot material and said, well, let's just hand it over to people. Scott, did you ever feel like, OK, here's the two sides of his opinion?

Did they actually bring that kind of thing to you guys? No. So I've known him at a long time. He's a dear for their both dear friends. And so he would not come to me and say, you know, Scott, Alison and I are really struggling on this one. He would just lay it out there and get our candid feedback.

All right. That's Master Life together. And if you know, you know, how Judas's life was like a fairy tale, you could master my life and make me feel so much better. You could call us at 866. There's only one more segment left.

Eight, six, six, three, four, eight, seven, eight, eight, four. And we've got more with Jim Kenney, Matt Willis and Scott all coming up and his wife, Alison. And you're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

And look at that. We have a line lit up. I'm very excited.

Grayson, we have somebody who may know, you know, how Judas's life was like a fairy tale. OK, eight, six, six. If you're still wanting to get it, eight, six, six, three, four, eight, seven, eight, eight, four. I'm very excited about the caller.

Call it in. We'll get to that in a second. But I'm very curious, Matt.

I am. I love, love, love this idea of discipleship. It's one of my favorite things.

Like. I just you know, I. Love to read the Bible, and I have ever since, you know, I came to the Lord and it was like, man, every morning God would give me something so exciting that I read, I would come into work. You know, even though I was a car dealer, I would say, guys, you know what? I just read.

And it was amazing how all I had to do. Was be a disciple in order to be a disciple. You know what I'm saying? It seemed like if I was an enthusiastic learner, then everybody around me would go, I never saw that in the Bible. I never say, you know, they're grabbing their Bible and like discipleship leads to discipleship. Right.

Yeah, that's right. I think it's important for us to define what discipleship is in the book. We define it as a personal love relationship with Jesus Christ experienced in a lifelong journey of obedience. Well said. Did you get that from your grandfather? I think we tweaked his original wording and shortened it along with most of the things we shortened.

How about you, Jim? What would be your definition of discipleship? Well, as a disciple, the answer to that question is a follower of Christ.

And you can be immature or you can be a mature. But the hope is that as an immature disciple, you're with people who are following along in their faith walk and they're bringing you with them. So as you age physically, you mature as a disciple. And it is every day learning to be obedient to God, put the eye aside and let God have his way. Yeah. And so I love, love, love that you obviously are providing, you know, God through the Holy Spirit gave you this concept, gave them the book to write, and then they were obedient in both cases.

As you listen to what they're saying, they're obedient in both cases. And so Scott over here, he's sitting here in a Trail Life outfit, right? And part of what God had for you at being a disciple was with these kids this morning, you were 13 of them, right? Yeah.

Yeah. So in the Worthy Life Award, it's called, it's our discipleship program in Trail Life. And, you know, Trail Life is really, it's a Christian outdoor adventure group. And it's Boy Scouts for Christians.

That's exactly right. It's the Christian Boy Scouts, we like to say, right? And so, yeah, this morning we had 13 boys. We were talking about sexual purity.

And we were talking very candidly about it from a book, The Disciplines. 13 year old boys? 11, 12, and 13. Oh, wow.

Tough age, right? A great time to have that discussion. I wish that, you know, really, you know, I was a Boy Scout, but they never bridged that one. I can tell you.

But boy, oh boy, I wish they had. Yeah. So we're bridging those topics. That is absolutely beautiful. You know, and that's discipleship. It's a really, really cool thing. Did they do that for you and Boy Scouts, Jim? You had to be a Boy Scout, right?

I was an Eagle Scout. And I think you probably know Perry Hudson at church. He and I were the two members from Calvary that went to the original Trail Life organizational meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. And I don't know if your listeners know it, but Calvary Baptist Church was the first mega church in America to move Boy Scouting out and bring Trail Life in as a discipleship program for our young boys. Yeah, it's wonderful.

We've had them on the show many times. And so Trail Life, you know, I couldn't help but think that, you know, at what point, you know, it's so important to young men to find out they have what it takes. Right. It's so important to be tested on certain things. So like going camping and all these things are critical to a young boy's life because you got to find out an adventure and all this kind of stuff. But to have godly people talking about important things that are actually going to matter.

I mean, this is huge. That's exactly it. And if you ask, why am I in Trail Life? You know, my son loves it, first of all. But I want to have other godly men speaking into my son's life other than me. And going back to Master Life together, again, great opportunity to have both men and women speaking into each other's lives on the important things that matter, whether it's sexual purity, whether it's our prayer lives, whether it's sin that we're caught in that we need to talk to somebody about and repent of. That's really what it's about, right? It is.

It's about Jesus. It's pretty fun. I mean, there you go.

And that's what makes it so much fun. And, you know, for those that I want to share, Jim, that you and I, we would go to lunch when you were here living in Winston-Salem. And if you wanted to go to a discipleship lunch, if somebody sat there with you and me while we were talking about God. Right. Yeah. I hope some of us spilled out on some of the people that were waiting on us. I enjoyed those meals immensely. Oh, I did, too. I did, too. And then also, for those who don't know, just to show you how we've been friends, Matt and I did a podcast called Jesus's Junkets, which we had a blast doing.

It didn't get to last as long as I hoped. But we went, you know, on all these wonderful books that are on missionary work and took people in the story. So, you know, really cool stuff.

Again, I need to tell you, it's Master Life Together. It comes out October 3rd, but you can get it now. Let's go to and pre-order. That would be good.

The Expired Ignite app is also there at Now, I know you're wondering about Judas. There's nobody.

Somebody called, but then they chickened out. All right. His life was grim. You know, Judas's life was like a fairy tale because it was grim.

And if you're familiar with the Grims, they wrote a few fairy tales. I'm just saying. Boy, that was a reach, buddy. I thought because he had a make-believe face. Well, now stay tuned because there's so much truth coming at you. Encouraging prayer followed by masculine journey and cut me off. Another program powered by the Truth Network. This is the Truth Network.
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