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REShow: Haley Jones/Michael Davies - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 14, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Haley Jones/Michael Davies - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 14, 2022 3:24 pm

Stanford Women’s Basketball 2-time All-American Haley Jones and guest host Ben Lyons discuss her success with the Cardinal that has resulted in an NCAA championship and a Pac-12 Player of the Year Award and more. 

‘Men in Blazers’ co-host Michael Davies tells Ben why soccer superstar Ronaldo could end up in MLS, how English fans will react to the ban on beer in the upcoming World Cup, why he’s fully embraced the popularity of MiB, says how NBA games differ from English Premier League games, and says if Christian Pulisic is already the greatest American soccer player ever. 

Ben, Brockman and TJ list their Top Ten NFL wide receivers, and react to Tom Brady’s noncommittal comments to Variety about his playing future.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. You talking down on us we live it up. How about that? This is the Rich Eisen Show with guest host Ben Lyons. Chris Solomon from No Laying Up joining the show right now. What is it about this year's Open Championship that has you so dialed in? Falls are going to end up in some super weird spots.

If you hit one offline it's heading towards another group on another hole. Earlier on the show NFL Network reporter Jane Slater coming up co-host of Men and Blazers Michael Davies. Sports host and broadcaster Madeline Burke plus actor Kevin Connelly. And now sitting in for Rich here's Ben Lyons.

All right our number two welcome back to the show Ben Lyons in for Rich. Excited to have my buddy Kevin Connelly E from Entourage joining the show a little bit later on. One of those guys who my career here in Hollywood it's always kind of come in and out you know reminds you that you're in it for the long haul. If you think back at Kevin's career he was you know powing around with his childhood friends Tobey Maguire and Leo and Kevin was the one who had a lot of early success in his career and then he kind of went to Leo and Tobey obviously and it's just a reminder that you're kind of in it for the long term and you know it's a career and it's not just about a hot movie or a hot show and you know Kevin's career is is doing great. You just had a kid and he's directing and he's got his podcast network and yeah he's had a long Hollywood life so we'll have him in studio a little bit later on today. And someone who's just defining her basketball career as we speak having been the player of the year in the NCAA tournament getting back to the Final Four now heading into her senior year at Stanford and is going to have a great career in the W one day. It's a friend of the show now Haley Jones.

I'm very excited to have Haley on the show. Thank you so much for checking in. Where are you in your summer travels?

Hi thanks so much for having me excited to be here and I'm currently at the morning lift that I'm headed out to class for the day afterwards. See these Stanford kids they're taking classes in July right that's the difference that's the difference with them and the rest of us but I know you've had a chance to travel I know you've had a chance to decompress from the season but when you look back at this past season what are you most proud of from that group? I think I'm really proud of our resilience I think that earlier in the year we had a few losses that we weren't very proud of but you know we got into the gym we we stuck through some tough practices some tough conditioning sessions and I think that we really banded together to make a deep run into the tournament which was amazing and I mean going undefeated in the Pac-12 is almost unheard of so really proud of our team for all that. I saw on the schedule for next year I think you have South Carolina in the regular season did that just get added? Yeah so we have like a three-year contract with them the first year so featuring COVID but COVID happened and then we played there last year and then now we host them which has kind of become an odd cross-country rivalry. Coming into college I believe my our class the 2023 they had the number one class and we were number two so our classes have kind of created this big rivalry. Two-time All-American, Stanford women's basketball star Haley Jones joins the show. There's a rivalry with South Carolina obviously rivals up and down the Pac-12 you're in the Final Four with Connecticut there's this real I don't say camaraderie but there's kind of this sisterhood in women's college basketball that I really feel you're at the center of. Can you speak to some of the relationships you have with some of the players around the sport and what it means to all be competing against each other at this time in your life? For sure I think that women's basketball is kind of it's been on the rise in recent years getting more respect more visibility more followers into the sport and I think a lot of that comes from the stories off the court as well as our you know our skills on the court but playing USA basketball from a young age and being able to meet you know players who end up just being your friends and then years later on okay now you're all all-americans and you're all players of your respective conferences or you're competing for the same awards and the same championships and all that down the road towards the end of the season so like being best friends with complete Boston and South Carolina the individual rivalry within the team and you know we got them in the Final Four in 2021 and then they got to win this past year so it's like the two reigning national champions get a head-to-head in early November which is insane and then you know being friends with Paige from USA and Haley Van Lyth at Louisville so it's it's really cool to kind of have your best friends in the whole wide world be the greatest players on the planet at the same time and compete against them. That's so cool and then you get a chance to go out to WNBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago what were the festivities like and what does that do for you as an athlete in terms of motivation to to get a chance to be around the best players in the world when you're hoping to get there one day yourself? Yeah it was it was kind of crazy being there I've never been to an all-star game like that so seeing how many fans that there were kind of um the mecca women's basketball this past weekend was insane and it's also weird like players that I looked up to from a young age are still playing and I get to see them send players that like Ryan Howard who I played on USA basketball with last year is now an all-star so it's like a mix of the old generation with the new that I'm a part of and hopefully get to be in that game in the next few years and be in the league next year it's kind of crazy to see the mix of all the different generations. You mentioned Ryan Howard I watched her ball out for Atlanta the other night she killed the Liberty um Haley Jones joining the show Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show in addition to playing basketball at the highest level I mean you're an All-American you're player of the year in the tournament all that stuff you're also a student at Stanford and I know from our conversations that you were in awe of your classmates and you get to geek out on some of the other people you get to go to school with so who are some of the other kids that you know are up there at Stanford that you've become friends with and what are some of the cool stuff that they're doing that's way different than basketball? Yeah I mean the athletic community here is really special because it's like you know they're swimmers that are Olympians and golfers that are number one in the world and then they like to come to our games and like fangirl over us and at the same time they're running a non-profit and my freshman roommate who is just normal senior at Stanford runs a non-profit for Syrian refugees and the guy I live next to sold his tech to Google before we got to Stanford and now you want to you know be amazed by me you know you playing in a basketball game in the Pac-12 and I'm like are you kidding me you're amazing so it's it's kind of like you get humbled every day but at the same time you're uplifted by everybody still being amazed by what you do so it's a really special community to be a part of to have all these athletes here who are Olympians and gold medalists and world cup champions also be so interested and passionate about things outside their sport. Haley Jones joining the show and in addition to you know playing basketball at a high level I know you're out there working and doing taking on jobs and creating content and doing a podcast and talk to me about some of the projects you have going on off the basketball floor. Yeah so this past year when the new media company together was formed by Alex Morgan, Sue Bird, Simone Manuel and Chloe Kim I was one of their first interns so that was really cool that was this past summer and then as we on the fall myself and two of my teammates started an internship with a investment firm in Saratoga in the Silicon Valley so I've been going off the past year so kind of getting this holistic mindset as the NIO came to form and learning what I want to do with my own money and how to invest it and you know think long term with those types of things isn't amazing and then looking to start my own podcast um with my trainer has been really cool but just kind of like before I'm going into my professional career I want to get a lot of things off the ground and running and get as much knowledge as I can many people that I can and using all my resources that I have here as a Stanford student has been really special and really cool. It's such a unique time in your life and the years that you've been at college have been filled with so many challenges obviously with COVID and the season you guys had having to be on the road for as long as you were that season and now just the way that women's basketball is exploding and NIL has changed everything so being at the center of all of it what's it like as an in-demand big-time college athlete to have NIL now and have the opportunity to go out there and form brand partnerships is this something you're really focused on? I think it's something that I'm focused on but it also has to be on the back burner. I think my mom and dad really helped me create an outlook on it where like you know it's amazing but it's also my livelihood doesn't depend on this so I don't need to spend all my time on it. I get to create my brand now a year before I leave the classroom when it came out I choose to create my brand who I want my audience to be what I want to figure out what I want to say what are my messages and then figure out the partnerships I want to create but also at least my opportunities aren't going to come without you know being in the classroom first and taking care of my grades that I'm eligible to play and then they're not going to come unless I'm performing on the court at the high level that I can so I think you know it's it's a priority but it's also something that I can't spend too much time on just because I have so many other things going on that affects me more on a day-to-day basis. Hayley it was a big story and I don't know why but that Anthony Davis when the season ended I think a few weeks or months went by and it was it came out that he hadn't picked up a basketball and everybody made a big deal about it but I actually thought that was good you know AD's had a lot of injuries and he can focus on getting healthy and doing some other things I'm not going to forget how to shoot a basketball. When you have a season end and you have some downtime how much time do you take what do you do to train away from basketball anything outside the box? Yeah I think when a season ends there's a lot of things you got to go through like your body doesn't invest because you do need to take a substantial amount of time off and when I take time off of basketball I grew up playing every in the book from being a junior lifeguard in my little beach town so water bowl to soccer and now basketball so like having all these different interests has allowed me to stay focused and still love what I do so I completely understand taking a break from basketball where I think that you can still be active and still stay in shape and get your body right by doing other things so I know for me we're able to work with a yoga and Pilates coach who is amazing here at Stanford so getting your core activation and staying limber in the off season and then I like to swim I can go do that as conditioning I like to you know try to do these non-impactful conditioning things I can do other sports to stay in shape and you know take a break away from basketball is that when you come back to the season you come back to your grind season which is going to be awful um you're sore all the time I think that you have to find other ways that when you come back you still love what you're doing and you want to be in the gym and you want to go through that grind which is awful hey Haley how you doing this is TJ here hi hey quick question for you we're big on lists here right Haley so my question is this we're going to do kind of like a space jam thing for you right okay aliens are coming from outer space we got to have a pickup game to save the earth right and of course some people on earth probably don't need saving but whatever we're going to save everyone on earth you have to assemble a starting five of the greatest women basketball players of all time I'm going to put you on this team right so that means you're going to pick four from any era of any time who are you going to pick to run with you in order to save the world oh wow we're just asking it right off the noggin um okay no pressure okay I can be at either guard or the forward position right so I need to I need to decide which one I want to do so I'm thinking I would choose Cheryl Swoop I would choose Lisa Leslie I'm gonna do um what am I at two um maybe Maya Moore okay and I'm gonna do oh gosh one more join another big or another card no pressure Haley you're just saving the entire planet so oh yeah just leaving the whole planet here there's no pressure at all and I'm coming up with this in 30 seconds I think my last player I'm gonna just stay with a class you can take Diana Taurasi oh wait wait changing that I want Asia Wilson on my team Asia yeah okay well can I be honest with you I'm gonna go to bed and feel comfortable that I'm gonna wake up tomorrow with this team I feel good about yeah this is the earth will be saved I feel good about this thank you that's what these I mean it's incredible it's gotta be incredible for you Haley to go to an all-star weekend and to meet these women people you've been fans of for a long time who did you just completely like lose your cool with like have you ever nerded out on a player um I don't know if I really like ever lost my cool but I definitely geeked out over like whenever I get to be around Asia I think that she's so cool and I love her personality that she shows on and off the court but I think that Asia's really dope um but I mean I got to like talk with Ali Quigley and Courtney VanderSloot and I think I geeked out for the two of them just because I think that they're so cool like Ali Quigley I literally met her 15 minutes after she won the three-point contest and she's won what like four times now like who that's the first time ever anybody's ever done that so 15 minutes afterwards I met her and we're just chit-chatting like nothing ever happened and she's talking about how oh she loves watching me play and I'm like are you serious like you're amazing I love you I'm your biggest fan so I kind of geeked out a little bit very cool I think it's time we get Ali and Steph now in the shootout because yes I mean we've got to find out who's the one everyone else is the two and they're the one so let's get this figured out hey I'm not going to ask you to save the world or anything but I was curious you talked about being a versatile athlete kind of growing up and playing multiple sports and soccer and swimming and before landing on basketball we see today in today's age kind of specialization and kids kind of focusing on one sport and foregoing kind of the other ones that maybe they played growing up can you just talk to how playing multiple sports helped you and what advice you would give young girls and boys about this specialization maybe going that route yeah I think specialization isn't always the best thing I think that it can work out in certain situations everybody's different but I know for me I was a kid where I needed to be doing a million things at one time I think my parents need that too because I was called energy so they need to tire me out somehow but work out on both ends but like you know I'm I wanted to follow every small passion that I had so that was me being obsessed with swim team or soccer tennis for a week golf for a week my grandma whatever it was I wanted to do it and I wanted to have this freedom to feel like I could try anything that I wanted to and then when I ended up choosing basketball it was when I went into high school was not highly specializing but like I think that you can learn from every sport that you have so like you can get quick twitch fibers from doing something like soccer and learning how to move your feet or you can get great conditioning cardio and core from doing swim and you can take little bits and pieces from every sport and learn different angles or different games that can you know for me then translate onto the basketball court but what I also love was like getting to create relationships with so many different types of people where now I still have friends from when I was a junior lifeguard and I'm able to go to the beach and hang out with them and I'm able to catch up with my soccer friends and so I'm able to always have an escape and never feel too tied down to something or never feel burned out from something so that's why I really appreciated never fully specializing in a sport until I was in high school did you have a moment where it was like okay I went to a camp or something and you kind of dominated where it was like all right basketball is going to be the thing for me that kind of carries me into the next part of my life there really wasn't a big moment I actually only chose basketball because so in eighth grade in California in high school soccer and basketball are in the same season but they're usually not so I probably would have done both in high school I could but I remember having a conversation with my mom and I was like mom you know I think I want to choose soccer like I think I'm I think I'm a lot better at soccer at this point in time I had offers to play D1 basketball and this and that but I was like you know what like I think soccer is for me and she said Haley you know I love that for you but I think I think you're better at basketball I was like no you're wrong you're a liar and you know moms are always right unfortunately and so now she's like giving me a hard time occasionally but I chose soccer I mean I chose basketball because I trusted my mom and I mean it's worked out which she'll never let me hear the end I love that that's so great and being that you love all sports we've been asking folks today what's the greatest game you've ever been to as a fan I know the greatest game you've played in as a player I watched it but in terms of just that going as a fan in any sport what's one game that comes to mind that you were at so my freshman year our soccer team here is amazing so my freshman year the college cups for the final four for women's soccer was in San Jose which is a 20-minute drive so we all hopped on the caltrain we went to San Jose and we watched our women's soccer team win the national championship in pks and that was the most amazing atmosphere I've ever gotten to be a part of and like actually know the girls out there and see you know my fellow freshmen at the time getting to win their worst national championship um that's probably my first I've been able to go to that's a great answer the camaraderie amongst staff stanford athletes is really special um I look forward to watching you play this season and I can't wait to see you in the w thanks so much for checking in Haley yeah thanks so much for having me Haley Jones joining the show player of the year in the tournament all-american national champion superstar I'm so happy we had her on the show yeah she did it she got busy in that championship yeah and I love how she when tj says hey we're gonna put together a starting five to save the world I'm gonna put you on the team and she's like well I can play guard or forward so I'm like well maybe I shouldn't be on like no no I'm on this team yeah she's great big Haley Jones fan I'm excited to have Davo call in next one half of the men in blazers that's right Michael Davies producer uh on-air talent friend of the show he's gonna be calling index what can't this guy do oh we played golf last week I don't know about his putting so we'll talk to Michael about that Ben Lyons infrared this is the rich eyes in show Callaway didn't just create their longest irons ever with the new rogue st they made their longest irons ever perform at the highest level for every player even Michael Davies rogue st irons come in four different offerings each model using artificial intelligence on high strength 450 steel the only irons ever to do so their most popular iron of the bunch is rogue st max it's designed for the widest range of players because of its refined game improvement shaping and incredible combination of speed forgiveness and all-around performance but for you low to mid single-digit handicappers guys like Brockman rogue st pro will give you that hollow body construction in a sleek compact player shape Callaway's best game improvement model is max os which gives mid to high handicappers total forgiveness with high launch wide souls and enhanced offset there's also max os lights their most forgiving high launch iron it comes with wider souls and increased loss in a lightweight package for players with slower swing speeds no other irons perform like the new rogue st irons find your rogue st irons at Callaway slash go rogue Michael Davies from men and blazers calling in next Ben Lyons in for rich this is the rich eyes and show all right welcome back to the show welcome back to the show Ben Lyons in for rich this is the rich eyes and show very excited to be back here today you know it's that time of the year guys when sports like golf and tennis and soccer seem to be the center of the zeitgeist in the sports conversation nfl camps haven't gotten going yet nba kind of in a hold while we're waiting on all things kevin duran so right now is the time of the open championship and we just saw an amazing wimbledon um of course the the euros are happening and for the women in soccer and it's now it's that time in the premier league where the guys are changing teams right it's a transfer portal so it's a big big time in soccer so we thought why not bring on friend of the show why not bring on one half of the men in blazers i don't know if you're familiar with the brand men in blazers but it's a podcast a tv show it's social media it's live events they just had seth meyers on stage in new york city for a 2000 person a live podcast we've had roger calling it's crazy um so one half of the men in blazers mike michael davies is going to be calling in in a few moments to talk about all these kind of sports that you know are top of mind this type of year the open championship just kicked off you were watching at what two in the morning chris oh man i got up super early to watch cam young fired a 64 he's your leader roy mcelroy's two shots back it's been an awesome day so far now i got a little struggle out there but that's okay to be going to one sport you watch on tv and then if you're playing later that day you think that you can do better than the guys absolutely no no ben we're playing later this afternoon full disclosure and i'm definitely firing like a 67. uh uh joining the the phone right now on the mercedes-benz van's phone line uh somebody who uh who could shoot a 67 himself he does everything well he's michael davies one half of the men in blazers and he joins the show how are you my friend ben how are you doing today talking of a stick a man who can shoot a 67 you were like plus two at the bridge the other day at my club yeah i had some of the country club jitters on the first two holes that place is really nice but once i got comfortable and settled in shot 38 on the back so feeling pretty good about that thank you for saying that on the radio mike appreciate it it was it was pretty good you make i i was talking about your swing with uh my other friend joe who we played with and you uh you generate a tremendous amount of energy on your swing it doesn't necessarily go into the ball it looks like the ball is flying an incredibly long way when you get up to it it's not that far but i love the energy and the effort you put into it and the little bit i know about you ben you're kind of the same in your uh in your producing you're on air create you just bring a lot of energy to a room and i like that aggressive cuts michael aggressive cuts that's what i like to take my swing thought uh what is happening with ronaldo where is he playing football next year well i think ronaldo's had a little bit of a bad 24 hours um here's the holdout story i know ben you like to talk about the nba holdouts we've got to hold out ourselves uh in the great sport of association football of soccer uh it is christiano ronaldo he's currently a player for manchester united he's a veteran portuguese uh player played sparkling football at real madrid at manchester united uh and in his native portugal earlier in his career he is one of the top two players in the world along with uh leonel messie although it's sort of towards the end of his career his abs are still looking good but it's a little bit better than his performances but he can still put the ball in the back of the net but he's a little bit of a show pony uh he's a little bit of a it's all about me it's not about the team it appears he doesn't want to stay at manchester united anymore they haven't qualified for the champions league he was counting on a move to chelsea or to psg in france it appears neither of those teams want him so i kind of don't know maybe he ends up in major league soccer i have no idea what's going to happen with the men michael davies joining the show on half of the men in blazers i hosted a viewing party earlier this year it was a manchester game versus totinum when he had three goals and i said to myself wow we're still watching ronaldo perform at the highest level of the sport how much does he have left in the tank we're living in this you know incredible era of the of the older athletes you know the you know rafael nidal still you know had to pull out of this this this major but still doing it you know tom brady we still not playing at elite levels um and you know christiano's i think he scored 20 goals last season um in all competitions and he can probably still score the issues though are not so much about his scoring or even his own personal performances it's how much work he does for the entire team the game of soccer has changed so much it's not just about scoring and assisting there is this thing called the gagan press uh ben i'm not sure how good your german is but it's uh it's the high press it's the way of the forward you're meant to play without the ball you're meant to sort of press the opposing defenders the opposing midfielders the opposing goalkeeper he doesn't like the gagan press very much he likes uh he likes putting the ball in the back of the net michael davies joining the show ben lions in for rich on the rich eyes show i saw you address something on men in blazers that i think is an internet it's really an international uh issue and it's the fact that there will not be beer sold inside the stadiums at the world cup is that true yeah i mean it's not only that yes so people will not be drinking beer while watching football at the world cup i'm not quite sure that football can exist without beer um i'm not actually sure that it that it will be any good without beer and it will certainly change the the crowd atmosphere at the football i think we'll see less english people going to uh the world cup certainly because i'm not sure they're able to go 90 minutes and uh and a half time without beer i think that they kind of depend on it like like water or oxygen um so but it's going to be a very different world cup and certainly the sponsors budweiser have got to be asking some questions about the value of their global uh well i am looking forward to the world cup obviously it's one of the great sporting events uh that we get to experience as fans but also because we're in the same group this year buddy you got to deal with the americans yeah i mean it's not the first time the u.s had been in the same group as england in uh 2010 as well and i'm sure somebody's going to call in and remind us about 1950 valera zonte um look this is the one thing i'd say a group stage is really not where you make or break it in a world cup i expect both teams to get out of the group stage just as they did in 2010 um uh the other teams in that group iran wales they're going to be good but they're not at the level of the u.s or england u.s and england just need to take it easy not expend too much energy on each other and just get through the group stage i anticipate that they will draw i'm calling it right now ben the u.s and england will draw in the second game for both nations of the world cup that will be a fine result for both countries and they'll sort it out in their first games in their third games against uh iran and wales world cup predictions in july with michael davies on the rich eisen show i like it ben lions filling in for rich as someone who has grown up around the game loves the game and is now documenting the game at the highest level with men and blazers it must bring you so much joy and when you see angel city sell out in la 22 000 when you see the mls close a huge tv deal just the popularity of soccer they always say soccer's the sport of the future in america it's been that way the last 20 years uh but it has to be having a moment and you have to be recognized and it must bring you a lot of joy i would imagine as a fan of the game yes soccer america's sport of the future as it has been since 1972 that's what my partner uh in the pod roger bennett always says um and the future which is now is is incredible watching how angel city are doing in los angeles really setting up to try and become the most important women's club in the world and and off to a pretty good start you'd have to say in la um you know the tv rights deal for mls i think at apple i think it's a that's a fantastic deal um young americans you know playing it in elite european leagues at very good and sometimes elite european clubs um and not just one or two of them like handful of american players uh playing at these playing at these clubs um these are very very good times uh for american soccer that the sport has has grown a lot i kind of love the fact that it sort of happened a little bit under the radar um uh to some extent i um i love how other soccer is in america um and i i love people who don't like soccer at all who think it's useless i actually maybe prefer american sports fans who load soccer to american sports fans who love it um i sort of relate more somehow i don't know why it's like when your favorite band becomes really popular you get angry that they're now selling out stadiums when you remember seeing them in that tiny little joint yeah that's true it's well all but there is that moment where you where you love a band and then you go to the concert and you look around and look at the fellow fans and think oh god what a bunch of losers i would i would much rather be with the people who don't like that band at all um but yeah i like how other it is i like how different it is it's a very different sport in america i often say that if there were a middle class world cup america would win it very very quickly because our middle class kids are probably better than any other middle class kids at soccer in the world um it's a very different crowd that watch soccer in america than watch soccer in other countries for that sure sure i definitely want to check out uh angel city at some point this year yeah what do we got tj michael what's up man it's tj how you doing tj jefferson as i live and breathe uh i always feel like you're maybe a figment of my imagination tj you turn up at bizarre moments of my life how so angel i know you're like an angel what was that uh show that used to be on nbc where they were sort of walking angels i feel like like i walked backstage at the emmys after winning an emmy and there you are tj maybe i imagined you maybe it wasn't really you well you know i was very upset that we didn't win but i was happy that you guys won so i wanted to show like you know there were no hard feelings and as show that i legitimately watch every morning i was happy for you guys so you know that's great i won't lie to you i'm would have much rather we won but hey i'm not gonna hold it against you michael but you know you're you're a pretty interesting cat to me michael davies i think i've told you this before because you know behind the scenes incredibly successful producer with what you've done in your career but like the men and blazers thing man is it's such a trip to me and i know the story but share the story with the people who might not know you and roger you kind of something happened you guys were both in the predicament that you probably didn't want to be in when you met and you kind of turned something that could have been bad into something really great so why don't you tell the people like how the men and blazers uh thing got started yeah look men and blazers is is the side hustle of all side hustles it's a um you know i've spent my entire career producing television shows and being a television executive and uh but at the same time outside of that watching you know enormous amounts of sport uh a lot of it soccer not all of it i'm a big orlando magic fan as ben lines knows i've been watching the open all morning um but i watched a lot of sport and uh roger and i had the great misfortune on the day of the world cup final 2006 italy versus france uh in germany but roger and i were both invited to the same wedding uh by our wives my wife at the time roger's wife who was still his current wife and um we were both miserable to be there neither of us wanted to be at that wedding and we literally stood at the bar on a boat and it's nothing worse than a wedding on a boat because you can't leave and we just stood there you know just uh refreshing our phones and this is these are 2006 phones this is like pre iphone we really weren't getting a lot of information might have been a sidekick uh trying to figure out what was going on in the world cup final and we and our misery in misery we both found each other and we've remained with each other in misery uh ever since that's amazing and then like a month ago you're on stage with seth meyers two thousand people i know you're going on tour for the men and blazers leading up to the world cup i mean this thing has taken on a life of its own what's the who's the strangest person that has told you they watch the show or where's the weirdest place you've been when someone's recognized you for men and blazers as opposed to all the other cool stuff you've done oh my word it happens all the time particularly we seem to do very well with uh tsa employees in uh in regional airports around the country so it's nice getting a sort of a devo here and there i ran into a guy the other night at dinner in sag harbor who'd named his kids after listening to me on the pod john terry and frank lampard two of my favorite players in the history um of chelsea my beloved chelsea football club i mean it's really everywhere we go we meet uh we meet our gflps our great friends of the pod and it's been amazing roger actually is currently on his way down to dc doing a live show tonight um and uh post-match drinks with his beloved everton football club uh down in dc yeah it's taken us uh it's taken us everywhere and to parts of the country where we never would have imagined that we would see soccer succeed nashville now charlotte atlanta you know the the game austin the game is growing through the american south and it's um uh it's been really incredible we've done live shows mixed a lot that was a career highlight um there was a wonderful moment on the glass where josh duhamel um french kissed roge live on television that was something i'll never forget that sounds on brain for josh that sounds about right yeah that sounds good amazing now michael the experience of going to football games soccer games premier league games very different than the experience of going to nba games i took michael to an nba game this october how is it a different experience you think from premier league well what i mean soccer has very little entertainment that goes around it there is like you know you you drink a lot of beer maybe eat some pies and then you um you watch the game you might get involved with a fight with opposing fans or probably with fans of your own team standing around you um at half time you go in and you drink a bit more beer then you come out and you watch the game that's pretty much there's no there's nothing really other than other than beer and pies there is nothing and singing a few songs singing a few of your favorite songs there is no ancillary entertainment to the action of actual sport and the sport doesn't stop it's 45 minutes plus injury time consistent action 45 minutes of consistent time in the second half um and plus stoppages you know the nba drives me out of my mind and i love nba basketball um what was the game we went to we saw john maran remember we saw jaw early in the season against the grizzlies and jar maran i could watch him you're watching a a uh somewhere between a genius and a superhero at work um uh you know it's phenomenal but you only get little snippets of sport that occasionally break out in between the t-shirt giveaways the kids cam the kid dancers the old people dancers um the uh the dunk contest the little you know uh people doing like free throw contest it's like it's it's pretty uh it's pretty distracting and i'm not convinced that many people around us were really watching the basketball no i remember michael just kept leaning over are they gonna play any basketball yeah michael but you can agree it's played soccer does need kiss cam though right i don't know that it needs this cam um it might need sort of end the violence cam it probably would be more likely a fist cam but when you are on camera you've literally hit right in the jaw the person next to you i think that would probably go down better michael i'm sarah tiana's lesser half so uh she's a big fan of yours obviously uh is christian pulisic already the greatest american player ever by the way sarah tiana i've been watching i've been watching clips on on uh on youtube just over the last few nights for sarah what a wonderful man we've met you're uh no less a half you're you're equal partners let's not be that i'm pro man this is all good thank you thank you no michael he is lesser he he told it the right way he is the lesser after that um you know hershey jesus a phenomenal soccer player um but he's been america's greatest soccer player of all time even before he pulled on a national team jersey and before he pulled on a chelsea shirt there is this desire and expectation amongst us fans that they want him to be so good that they are constantly litigating how good he is or what his potential is or what how he's played rather than just enjoying the journey and he's going to have good games and poor games he's going to have great moments i think we'll look back at the end of his career and think wow this guy is one of the greats of american soccer he is just still trying to prove himself at chelsea football club and in the elite leagues of europe um that is seen as heresy for me to say that amongst all of us fans but he is still trying to prove himself um and on the world stage i think this world cup is going to give him an opportunity to go and prove himself no one as a chelsea fan as a fan of the u.s men's national team no one wants to see christian ballistic do it more than me and i think this is going to be a very very big season ahead for him looking forward to the world cup and looking forward to hopefully getting the call back up to the bridge that place is phenomenal michael thank you so much for uh checking in we appreciate it thanks michael anytime aggressive cuts aggressive cuts michael davies one half of men in blazers the best the best aggressive cuts what a life huh producing jeopardy talking soccer with your buddy that's what i'm saying his like story is amazing to me man and his knowledge of the game yeah breaking down this uh you know everything happening in the world of football or soccer as he likes the car i think i want to clip that tj jefferson as i live and breathe and use it as my voicemail or something that was great i love it i we got madeline burke another legend checking in on about 20 minutes or so but coming up next our top 10 wide receivers in the national football league ben lions in for rich the rich eisen show rolls under the internet all right welcome back to the show ben lions in for rich i am wearing a shacket today feels good to be here i love being here i love feeling like this is home last year come out like what year did the shacket start ben you know i got this shacket from taking a photo of a guy on the street i was walking down the street in new york some guy was like hey will you take a picture of me i said yeah sure no problem buddy i took the photo realized all the sun he was a little backlit asked this gentleman to move said we can get a better angle here i pride myself on my stranger iphone photos that's me a hundred percent and uh and so he says wow thank you so much for making sure i got the perf perfect photo uh would you like 20 off my store i was like i'm just trying to go home i don't know you have a store you know what's going on buddy uh he gives me his email we email i get some discount i go to his store turn the guy's name is mickey drexler he was on the board at apple for 20 years he founded j crew made well and uh this is alex mill it's a new shacket from mickey drexler there you go only in new york i love it that isn't that isn't only in only new york story right yeah some guy ran up to me goes what connie westman trying to get that guy's email for five years anyway um all right let's talk some nfl football shall we yeah yeah we've had uh we had jane slater on we got madeline burke calling uh calling in a little bit later some nfc east uh journalists but now we're gonna break down the top 10 wide receivers we did quarterbacks the other day we did running backs tomorrow we might do defensive players no tomorrow we're doing our top 10 teams heading into the year nobody asked for these defense defense wins championships kind of started us the stuff and then we take it to the next level yeah sure and i'm sure everyone on the internet will have something very positive and supportive to say because that's the internet is it's for it's for positivity let's get to our top 10 list for wide receivers who wants to go first well we've been going in order let's just go you go first all right let's pull up the graphic here my top 10 wide receivers at number 10 double j out in minnesota we mentioned josh dumel earlier biggest vikings fan i know debo samuel gonna get the ball from trey lance this year i think he has a great year if he stays there lots of talk about debo changing teams uh if you continue to go up the list this is you know guys who have changed teams like aj brown or devante adams or tyreek hill there's some question marks about what the relationship will be like with their new quarterbacks but for the guys who are coming back to the guys who throw them the ball mike evans jamar chase saffon digs and of course the best wide receiver in football plays for the best team in football cooper cup it's that consistency with the guy throwing the ball the year before that has them on this list there we go that's my wide receiver list and i'm sticking to it you guys you got dk mecak honorable mention rod tidwell from jerry mcguire one of those guys though if you see rod tidwell out at night probably time for you to go home one thousand percent i think we all have a rod tidwell cuba i saw rod tidwell out like a month ago and i was like let me get on the uber app right now let me get the uber app right now i saw him solo like a piano ball you saw rod tidwell like what is happening totally uh all right here's my list this is top my top 10 heading into the season i think dak's gonna have a great year so i have cd lam number 10 i've gotta have mike evans on the list if tom brady's still playing football interesting tom brady quote we can get to after this if we have time aj brown's gonna be a beast in philadelphia regardless of how good i think jaylen hurts is gonna be uh tyreek hill as well regardless of how good i think two is gonna be tyreek hill is gonna put still put up his numbers uh josh allen's gonna have great year it's gonna be because saffon digs uh justin jefferson i love cooper cup look he had arguably the greatest wide receiving wide receiver season ever last year he's not going to do it two years in a row so i bumped him down a little bit devante adams absolute monster he's probably gonna have 17 touchdowns with oakland love debo no matter what team he's on and give me jamar chase last year he said he didn't really know what he was doing he was just kind of out there running around and now he uh knows the route tree he's getting more technical with the way he's running these routes jamar chase may break randy moss's touchdown record tji i'm not gonna lie there's a chance similar experience that i had hosting the rich eisen show i didn't know what i was doing last year this year i'm coming in with data analytics serious business that's my list rip it apart youtube all right and i just before i start my list i just remind everybody like these lists are kind of interchangeable if you got if you're 10 on one don't get mad because you think a guy should be three because i got him at seven it's not that big of a stretch ej go fast here we go my top 10 i'm going with the andre hopkins at 10 simply because in terms of talent one of the best he's gonna miss six games but i still had to put them on here mike williams now he's kind of like a shocker i wanted to let's like put a name on here that you might not be so sure but watched a lot of chargers last year mike williams is starting to come into his own he's big he's physical he goes up and gets the football no keenen no keenen allen because i drilled the three in his face in a charity basketball game i love keenen allen but i just think like right now i'm gonna just i'm guessing right now i'm gonna put mike mike williams into that spot mike evans really slept on he could be higher tom brady's still there he's gonna ball debo you know a dual threat but he's lower because we're not sure about the quarterback situation you just don't know what trey lance is going to bring to the table tyreek at six kind of the same thing i i haven't seen this this type of chemistry with him and to us so i got him there jamar chase at five justin jefferson at four stephon digs at three i got devante adams at two simply because the quarterback situation haven't seen him with car yet and cooper cup i don't know if he's gonna repeat last year's numbers but watching him and stafford he was the best last year and i stuck him in at number one and it's why they're gonna repeat as super bowl champions i'm saying it here in july it's a strong strong list madeline burke coming up next ben lines in for ridge oh man strong list tj everybody you could i mean stephon digs is he two is he six is he five i mean people a lot of lists of jamar chases like two i just feel like you know what we he's got to do it more than one year i believe the talent's there and i think he will but just we got to see a little bit more already got a tweet what with the list what's with the list um i'm kidding man like i said d hop is gonna miss six games i don't know what's gonna happen probably statistically won't match these other guys but in terms i've watched football i've watched the man catch football oh yeah i know he's really really good at football i'll test from space he's one of the best but six games i don't know what's gonna happen this year oh tom brady's talking what's going on tom brady uh did a there's a feature in variety um or he gave some quotes to variety about his playing future we all joke a half kidding we think tom brady's gonna play until he's 58 years old but uh he's not so sure if you throw this quote up by tom brady says i would say it's year to year could this be my last year absolutely could i change my mind absolutely i realized i don't have five years left but i want to do it my way i want to give it everything i got and see where i'm at my body feels good i've had a lot of traumatic injuries over the years but if things go really smoothly and we win that'd be great yeah if he wins he's out you think so yeah i gotta i gotta read that as if he wins and he feels good he's gonna keep playing i think he's taking this year by year he's gonna keep doing it i think he's done i think he's got such a deep love of football and the camaraderie with the other dudes and just being tom brady and there's probably part of him that might be a little afraid of what life is like without football and that's totally understand that's not gonna be like that because he's gonna be around the game he's gonna okay i know but it's different you guys know it's different everybody knows it's different hundreds of players come out and say once you leave that that locker room those trips just being with the guys nothing can compare to that so maybe you know he knows what's out there for him but he also knows once he walks away it's it yeah content selling t-shirts and crypto so there you go here's here's a question we'll never answer in 30 seconds yeah sure who's the better tom at what they do cruz or brady wow that's a good that's excellent chris yeah let's try to think of all the let's tease that ben into the next hour yeah yeah keep that rolling take that in the next hour yeah i'm just throwing that out there that's interesting that's what madeline burke has to say i mean it's how many misses does tom brady have i guess tom jones out the super bowl is a miss i mean he's been to the super bowl half the years he played and i guess that john flop says mission impossible's a miss yeah with the doves and the bike that one's number two is so bad oh it's so bad all right we'll get into it next time for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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