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REShow: DK Metcalf/Gabriel Davis - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 15, 2022 3:23 pm

REShow: DK Metcalf/Gabriel Davis - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 15, 2022 3:23 pm

Seahawks All-Pro WR D.K. Metcalf and Rich discuss Seattle’s QB competition between Geno Smith and Drew Lock, says he’s surprised Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner are no longer on the team, reveals how close he came to demanding a trade before signing his big extension to stay in Seattle, and reveals how he landed an acting role in the new Owen Wilson movie ‘Secret Headquarters’ and makes it not secret he wants to co-star in a comedy movie with Kevin Hart. 

Bills WR Gabriel Davis and Rich discuss getting over Buffalo’s crushing playoff loss to the Chiefs and what the team’s expectations are for this season, why he and the rest of the team have 100% confidence in Josh Allen in the huddle, and why he strives every day to prove his doubters wrong, especially the coach who once told him he was too slow to play wide receiver. 

Rich and the guys react to the latest Bill Belichick press conference and break down the Patriots’ offensive woes. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Hey everybody! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles, today's guests, Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf, Bill's wide receiver Gabriel Davis, NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider Tom Curran. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is, our number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air here on NBC Sports on Peacock and NBC Sports Audio Sirius XM Channel 85. We're thrilled to be on this terrestrial radio network coast to coast thanks to our friends at Westwood One. The Cumulus Podcast Network is what takes all three hours and puts it in podcast form for you to consume whenever you don't well please because this is America folks.

It's your right. It's our request that you hit the RSS feed button and subscribe. We appreciate that. Do that with our YouTube page as well Rich Eisen Show closing in on 450,000 subscribers on our YouTube page.

And so much fun stuff sitting there and we say hello to everyone listening on the Odyssey app as well. Good to see you Chris Brockman for hour number two. Hey Rich good to see you. Welcome back. Terrific job on overreaction Monday in hour number one. If you missed that go to our YouTube page Mike Del Tufo. Good to see you here for hour number two.

Yes. All right hour number three you will be out. The bullpen is warming up. Right now I do believe Jason Feller just sat down. He's warming up.

He's an hour early, it's great. I'm the starter. Don't run out of gas, Felly, okay? We need you, we need you, we need you, we need you as fresh as you can in about an hour from now. He's Rivera, I'm like Patek. And TJ Jefferson, good to see you. Just like, you know, yeah it's great. Now you've spoken you've spoken to our next guest more recently than I have, correct?

Yes man. You saw DK Metcalf, where did you see him? DK Metcalf, I ran into him at WrestleMania in the AT&T stadium.

Okay. We were both, we were in the Peacock Yellowstone, Yellowstone suite and then I met him at the elevator right after the main event and we posted the picture. And now DK Metcalf is starring not only in the role of top-notch wide receiver in the National Football League, who's been Pizzade for the Seattle Seahawks, but he's also in Paramount Plus's Secret Headquarters, which is available for streaming right now.

He plays the role of a baseball coach for a middle school team in a movie that stars Owen Wilson, Michael Pena and more. The great DK Metcalf back here on the rich eyes and showing the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. How you doing, DK Metcalf? Well, doing good. How y'all doing? I'm doing fine.

Do you remember chatting with my friend TJ Jefferson, DK? Yes sir, yes sir. Okay.

I got a pair of boots out of that same suite. Okay. Very good.

I got mine too, I never brought them in and told you guys about them. Okay. You're not just saying that because you're trying to one-up DK Metcalf now, aren't you? No, they came, they came. So what are you, who's your favorite wrestler then in the world of WrestleMania, DK? Well, I grew up a Triple H fan and Shawn Michael fan, you know, but I know Triple H is taking on a different role, you know, in the wrestling world, but you know, I was just there, you know, my old PT is the PT for WWE right now, so I was just visiting him and, you know, we had a good time, you know, at WrestleMania. Do you ever think maybe you want to do something like that once you're done, DK? Oh, no sir. I saw Pat McAfee out there, so all credit, you know, to him for having the balls to just go out there. I don't know, DK.

He looks like he'd be at least the Intercontinental Champion right now, as swell as he is, man. Look, that's too much jumping for me. It's not the jumping, DK. I think it's the landing, the bumps. That's the thing, you know, the bumps get you.

Yeah, I can't imagine you'd have a problem with contact. I mean, that's what you do professionally, in a way, DK Metcalf. So, all right, so let's just jump into it here. What did you make of Drew Locke's performance the other night, DK? I thought Regina did, you know, pretty good for, you know, what the offense has asked of both of them, you know, this off season and then going into this pre-season.

I think it's gonna be a fun stretch, you know, coming up here soon. I'm just excited to see who's gonna win the job and so we can get to work this season. Okay, so I guess that was my next question, is how do you, as somebody whose job it is to receive, approach a quarterback competition, DK Metcalf?

Oh, I sit back and, you know, let the guys work because I'm not about to, you know, throw my opinions out there or, you know, any of that, but I just go to practice and, you know, try to build a bond in a relationship and encourage both of them just so they can be the best that they could be, you know, on the field when we go out there. What was your, I guess, let me just come straight through the front door. Did you think Russ was leaving? Was the writing on the wall, DK Metcalf?

No, sir. I mean, I was surprised. I was at a Gatorade shoot when I got the call, so I was just as surprised as everybody else. No, I didn't think him nor Bobby was leaving. I thought both of them were gonna retire as Seahawk, but, you know, some things change and, you know, it's business, you know, at the end of the day, so I'm just happy I got to play alongside of both of them. Did he give you a ring, Russell Wilson, to say I'm out at all?

Yes, sir. He told me. We talked right before release to the public. Okay, so you knew that was coming and then I guess Bobby told me that he learned through the media, so I guess he didn't know either that he was leaving. So, I just know how many Seattle Seahawk fans felt completely unmoored that day that they had lost two incredibly fan-favorited players. How did you feel on that night after Wagner and Russ were gone on the same day, DK? I mean, it hurt me because, you know, I didn't expect them to leave so soon, you know, and I've only got three years to play with both of them, but just happy that I did and just the knowledge and the wisdom that they shared with me and, you know, all the memories that I made with both of them.

They were just two amazing players on and off the field, so just like I said, man, just happy I got to play alongside of them. Yeah, and then you were the third domino in that whole equation, DK Metcalf, for Seattle fans saying, okay, so Russ is gone and Bobby Wagner's gone. If DK goes, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. So, how close were you to potentially following suit and wanting to maybe not be in Seattle, DK Metcalf? I mean, of course there were doubts if I was going to be in Seattle or not, but at the end of the day, you know, I prayed about it and, you know, I thought about getting traded for like 30 seconds, then I snapped out of it and I was like, no, I just can't up and leave like that. So, I mean, this is the city that drafted me, this is the team that believed in me from day one. So, you know, I can't just, you know, leave when things get tough or when things get hard. So, you know, just seeing this whole process through and, you know, just being here, you know, just assuming my role as, you know, a leader on this team, whether that be vocally or by example.

What is the process right now, I guess? Because the idea that you would sign there, I think gives Seattle fans some comfort that you see a plan in place that many in the media and maybe in, you know, amongst the 12s don't see. So, what do you see, DK Metcalf, there? I mean, we just, we lost Bobby and Russ, two great players, but there were still, you know, 10 other people on the field with them at the same time.

So, I mean, yeah, it's a different makeup, but I don't see things changing, you know, that drastically. You know, we got to find a quarterback and then, you know, the defense, I think, has reloaded and is hungrier than ever. So, I mean, we just got to believe in ourselves and know what we have in that building, you know, on both sides of the ball that I think we could, we could surprise a lot of people this year.

DK Metcalf here on the Rich Eisen Show. So, then for you to be paid as handsomely as you've been paid, DK, I remember you at the combine when there were questions about you coming out when you did, whether you were making the right move, certainly with your injury history, and I remember, I believe you were FaceTiming with your mother, that you got through the combine and you not only got through it, you crushed you, you beyond impressed everybody. I wonder what that moment was like when you put pen to paper for you.

I mean, my mom and dad was right there, you know, when I signed, I had them on FaceTime. I mean, it was just like a sigh of relief, but, you know, it's not, you know, everything that I wanted to accomplish in life. I mean, I still got a lot of work to do.

I mean, I still, you know, have other goals and aspirations to reach, but, you know, just, you know, taking this milestone down off my checklist is great. I know my financial advisor told me, Joe McClain told me a great quote. He was like, a moment like this, you know, you've been working so hard your whole life with your head down, just lift up your head, take a moment, see where you are, give yourself a pat on the back and put your head down and just get back to work. And I guess it can't be lost on you or he as well, that AJ Brown paid in the same offseason as well, your teammate. Yes, sir. I mean, we both have the same agent, and I know AJ's put in a lot of hard work just to get where he is, and I told him I'm super proud of him, and he told me the same thing, and, you know, we're just going to be brothers for life, man.

I'm super proud of where AJ is right now in life. DK Metcalf here on The Rich Eisen Show. Okay, let's get to this movie, man. How did you get involved with a movie?

Is this something you want to be doing? Secret Headquarters is the new movie. You have a cameo in it. How did you get involved in this? Well, I went to my agency at CAA and just asked them, like, look, I know football isn't going to last forever, so I want to be an actor when football is over. And they sat me in front of some agents and directors, and I met with agents and directors in L.A. and just showed them I wanted to be an actor one day and all that season. On my off day, I took acting practice every Tuesday and just landed a role in a Jerry Bruckheimer film. I know he's the owner of the Seattle Kraken, so, you know, it was like a, you know, an easy addition for me to be in a movie, you know, when he's a fan of Seattle as well. So just going on set and just being around, you know, great young actors was just, you know, amazing. I see how an athlete works, you know, their butt off just to get what they are, but just being on set with other actors and actresses was just, you know, eye opening to me that, you know, everybody works hard, you know, in their respective field. Yeah, I got Thomas Jones in Studio Tomorrow. He is making a career out of acting after running for 10,000 yards in the NFL and doing so much more.

So clearly this is possible. The question is, is how good are you, DK? I mean, let's self scout. How good are you as an actor?

I mean, just turn up, just turn on the cell. You know, I'm going to keep at it. I'm not going to give up. I'm all obviously looking for, you know, some more words on my, on my paper, but I mean, it was just fun just, just to be on set. I just took in the whole experience and just looking forward to doing it, doing it again. Okay. Humble.

I understand Eye in the Sky doesn't lie. It's just like the NFL. I get it.

So, so let's visualize, let's positively visualize then just like you do before a big game. You, you would want to be with what type of movie, if you could choose to be the lead actor in, and who would you want as your co-star in that film? DK Metcalf, if you could wave a wand right now and make it happen. Of course, I would, I would definitely do a comedy with Kevin Hart. Comedy with Kevin Hart. So not action film with, you know, The Rock or anything like you choose, you choose Kevin Hart over The Rock is what you're saying right now.

I'm choosing Kevin Hart over The Rock and then at a close second, me and The Rock in a Marvel film. Aha. Well, that's, that's, that's, that's where the contract you get signed looks like chump change, if that happens right there. I mean, let's be honest. I mean, that's the way to go. Okay. Okay. This is great. So you take acting lessons in your off time?

Is that what you're doing right now? Yes, sir. I love it. Yes, sir.

It's fantastic. All right. Last question for you.

I got two more, but one, one for my kids. How do you choose your hair color, DK? How do you choose that? Um, I mean, it's whatever I feel that day. If I feel like I want to change my hair color tomorrow, it's going to get changed. I'm just very spontaneous with my hair color. Uh, I know it was a kid at Seahawks training camp who wanted me to change my hair color to red.

So that's probably what I'm going to do next. Um, so just when I get bored, but it's very spontaneous when I change my hair color. So you take requests. So you're saying you take requests from, from people? I don't take requests, but the needle needs to be moved. And you know, it was a kid that said, Hey, I want you to change your hair color to red.

I'm gonna probably, you know, think about it long and hard. I'm telling you, man, kids dig you DK Metcalf, kids dig the hair color. They dig the mouthpiece that looks like a pacifier. You know, they dig the big game. They dig all of it, man. If he scheduled these, I understand being spontaneous, but DK, if you scheduled your hair color and did something with the Seahawks that they'd have like wig nights.

So on that particular day, if you knew one week you wanted to go like blonde or green or red, then they could, you know, have something that could pass out to the crowd to the kids who could also rock DK's hair for that. What do you think? How do you, how do you all know?

I don't already had it. Excuse me. You're talking to a Hollywood star. Hollywood. He did. He wasn't Hollywood at WrestleMania. We were two wrestling fans. See how it works.

He gets one movie, one movie role and look at it now. X brand new. DK. All right. So then last one for you, what is the goal? Like, do you, do you write stuff down before season? What is your goal right now?

DK Metcalf going into 2022. What do you got for me? My goal is number one, just to continue to be a great leader on this team and let the rest take care of itself.

I know Rome wasn't built in a day, so I'm not going to try to, you know, press the issue with anything. I got a lot of personal goals that I'm going to keep to myself, but the main goal when I wake up is just to be a good leader. All right. Well, my goal is to get you running for the St. Jude next year, the 40.

I'm going to try and get you next year. I bet. Yes, sir. Please do that.

I would love it. Okay. And then, and then instead of you running the simulcam through me, maybe we'll just run side by side and see how it works.

See how it works. All right. Take care of yourself, DK. Always enjoy our chats and congrats on Secret Headquarters and your budding acting career, your, you know, stupendous NFL career and your contract that you earned with every single blood, sweat and tear. Thanks for the call.

Yes, sir. Always good talking to you. Right back at you.

That's DK Metcalf at DKM14 on both Twitter and Instagram right here on the Rich Eisen Show and Secret Headquarters is available for streaming right now, exclusively on Paramount Plus. There you go. You're BFF.

We just turned on you. How do you know? Great idea. Great idea, TJ.

How do you know I'm not doing that? I think he, I think he went to keep it as a secret. Well, somebody who's no doubt got his eye on DK Metcalf's bottom line with DK having been pizade after year three and the same thing for AJ Brown, the same thing for Deebo. Deebo. Deontay Johnson just got paid as well? Yep. Two year extension for Deebo.

Correct. Well, guess what? Gabriel Davis is entering year three for himself in Buffalo, New York, Orchard Park, New York, Western New York, as they say, and he will be joining us next.

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You will not regret it. slash rich podcast. Terms and conditions apply. Need to hire?

You need Indeed. Back here on our Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network here, 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. Last year the Buffalo Bills looked terrific against the Kansas City Chiefs in a game that truly goes down in the annals of NFL playoff lore. We'll be talking about it for years to come and we look back on it as if it's Josh Allen versus Mahomes and Mahomes versus Allen and all of that. It is a quarterback driven league, but somebody did catch a lot of footballs for a ton of yards and a lot of scores in that game and he joins us right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Eight catches, 201 yards, and four touchdown receptions in the divisional playoff game. The Bills played in Kansas City last year on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line entering year three out of central Florida for the Buffalo Bills is wide receiver Gabriel Davis. Good to chat with you Gabriel. Yes sir, glad to be on the show. Thanks for having me.

You got it. So what is your recollection of that night in Kansas City? You know the bittersweet moment. It was a time that I had the opportunity to go out there and play and show what I could do and I was able to do that, but you know we weren't able to come out with what we also wanted. It was a win, but you know again just a bittersweet moment for me to be able to have an opportunity and take advantage the way I did. Well did you wake up, I guess for lack of a better phrase, a Mayfield term, feeling dangerous?

Like did you enter that game with a different sensibility of yourself Gabriel? I just woke up and knew what the plan was and knew I'd be in the game for most of the game and knew I had to make some plays and make stuff happen and you live for moments like that to be able to for people to count on you when times are tough and I was able to get in the zone and be able to you know perform the way I did. And so for that game that night, what was the flight home like Gabriel that night?

Um you know it was a shocking you know we had I feel like we played well on both sides of the ball and you know to just not come out with the win it was a it was it was a confusing night for sure. Um quiet flight back home and just thinking of everything that happened, but then just you know me in shock of doing what I did eight receptions you know 200 yards like you said in Fort Touchdown. I mean you know I'm next to guys who I looked up to you know Larry Fitzgerald and and Jerry Rice when it comes to postseason stats and you know that's that's that's what I work for and I'm happy to uh be a part of some names that are you know the best ever play. This is the receiver in my life Gabriel Davis Michael Irvin talks about distance traveled all the time and how that builds character builds teams and the the famous photograph of your teammate Stephon Diggs watching the Chiefs celebrate the AFC Championship victory two years ago in that building watching them hoist the the Lamar Hunt trophy and now last year I'm wondering how those losses in Kansas City helped build your team with so much expectation surrounding it this year for you.

Yeah a lot of the guys have been uh sacrificing a lot to put the time and the work in to be where we want to be. Um I feel like our team is is at its peak and I'm ready to see what we do this season it's gonna be a lot of fun you know a guy like Steph like you said with that picture I mean I know Steph is working real hard in this offseason and he's a great guy to play on the other side of and I got all the confidence in the world when he's over there. Yeah I mean how how does how when you line up and see maybe a safety shading in his direction that's got to light up your eyes too right Gabriel I'd imagine. Yeah yeah of course I mean having 14 on the other side uh with his experience and his the way he plays the game again it brings me a lot of confidence um and a lot of ability to do what I want as well on the field um and have a little bit more opportunity but we'll see uh this year where those safeties will be shaved.

I don't I think you caught some people's attention Gabriel I'm not gonna lie yeah I think you did. Of course of course and I say in the most humbling way um as I could um you know so again just happy to now um have an opportunity to play a little bit more and be across the guy I couldn't you know I wouldn't be more happier than playing with on the field. Of course Gabriel Davis here on the Rich Eisen Show. What is it like being in the huddle with Josh Allen? Can you walk me through what that's like with him? Yeah I mean Josh you know Josh is a competitor he wants to win when he comes in the huddle and calls that play you're ready to go um well we got everybody um in that huddle and on that sideline has trusted him to lead this team to a victory and that's how for every time he calls a player on the huddle as soon as we break it I'm like all right we're gonna make something happen um and 17 the guy that you can trust to do that and excited to be able to be a part of this team with him and excited to see what he does this year as well. Yeah because I mean watching your offense when he's cooking which is you know frequent um makes me think like you're not you're not stoppable and and he when he's running at you or throwing it it it it leads to I would think a deflation on the defensive side of the ball.

I'm wondering what about the elation for you when you break the huddle knowing that you're cooking can you describe the confidence level that you're all feeding off of at that point? Yeah I mean yeah I mean you can see it you can see it in the way he plays once he gets in the rhythm and understands what's going on I mean it's a man he's a man who can't be stopped uh and again like I said I got all the trust in the world when I have 17 I'm on the same side as me on the field and I know it and I know it uh probably um you know freaks people out when they have to go against him especially when he's on a roll because he's dangerous and um just happy to to be a part of that with him and um happy to see how good he's been I know I know how people talked about him when he was first coming into elite and to the nfl um even the past even a couple years he was even playing and to see what level he's at now I'm excited for him so he's earned it he's worked for it and it's going to be a good year. Did you have a good view when he jumped over the the entire Kansas City Chiefs defense in one moment did you have a good view of that? Yeah yeah I had a great view I was watching it you know he does it every single year he has at least one hurdle a year um we figured out with him so he's always down to make a big play with the ball in his hands whether it's throwing the ball running it and you can trust him again like I said um he's a true dude to our quarterback and he's excited he's a really exciting to play with.

Did you say something to him when you get back in the huddle like what was that where'd that come from or did he say something after that? No you no you expect it um well see it from you know I mean as soon as I remember the first year I ever played with him and just when he stepped on the field um he had this swagger about him where it's like you knew he was the guy and knew that um he had all the confidence in the world as well when he was on the field so I knew he was a quarterback that I wanted to play with from day one. Gabriel Davis here on the Rich Eisen Show drafted in the fourth round in 2020 uh that was the pandemic draft walk me through your draft night and who called you from the from the Bills? Gabriel Davis yeah um so I remember I had actually had family over for that uh second was the second day um and you know thought I was being a second or third round guy it didn't happen and I just remember um being so embarrassed having everybody at the house and you know not making it to you know having having to be where I thought I was going to be and I went in I remember going in my bathroom and I just I just cried because I was so embarrassed of um not going where I thought I'd be and next day came and getting that call at Brandon Beams on the phone and I told Brandon that you know they can count on me and they'll get everything that I got and you know they won't regret this decision and you know I'm glad I was able to play the way I've been and do what I do and you know my mom was happy either way you know if it was the first round or undrafted you know um she's just happy to see her son doing what she's doing but I had a lot of family a lot of friends there and everybody was excited I was glad to be able to you know get off the board and have everybody there watching.

Sounds like quite a chip Gabriel I'm not gonna lie um where where you know you're you're cleaning up or the party's cleaning up on that Friday night you're still out there on the board um I'm wondering if that you take that on you take that on the field with you every week. Oh yeah a hundred percent I was always um told I was too slow to play receiver and um I couldn't do it and that um I was never the star coming out of my city or anything like that I was always the underdog and a late bloomer and I just knew I'd be able to if I put the work in and put the time in and sacrificed everything for this game I knew it would pay me back and you know that's what I try and think about every single day so I go out there and give give it my all each and every single day. I mean I'm not a scout uh I don't watch all 22 in my spare time that much but uh who the hell told you you were not fast enough to be wide receiver Gabriel Davis I mean yeah this is yeah this was back when um I was in high school um getting recruited and stuff and people thought I was a tight end and also you know again just thought I wasn't didn't have the ability to play receiver um I don't know I don't know I honestly don't know what it was uh I thought I was good enough but I remember coach Beckton from UCF they I remember he was the tight end coach at the time he thought I was gonna play tight end he came to one of my high school games and I had five catches for 225 yards and three touchdowns he's like oh yeah you're receiving we'll put that receiver in and that kind of kicked off that kind of moment for me at UCF to to play the position that I've always wanted to play. Gabriel Davis here on the Rich Eisen show you're not superstitious you were 13. What do you have that happen? Um I was actually 11 growing up and got to UCF and someone had it at the time and 13 was the only low number available really um so I just took that and ran with it and ever since it's done me good you know and came to the bills and Kobe was 11 and which was fine with me I wanted to stay 13 I was able to do that and you know it's been doing me well. It sure has so you I guess you don't have I mean Kurt Warner was 13 he he swears by it I mean yeah Kurt Warner was 13 yeah and I remember that's when I fell in love with uh football was I was watching that I think it was the 08 Super Bowl and Larry Fitzgerald caught that that's right that uh post and ran it in for the touchdown I said mom I want to do that I want to be like him and Larry was kind of that guy that I always wanted to uh mimic and be like because he was a big strong you know physical receiver wasn't didn't have the best speed but you know had great hands and was a smart guy on the field and dependable and that's the kind of player I wanted to be Gabriel Davis you chose a winner man a person too human uh football player all of it I mean you Larry Fitzgerald is a great person to choose to try and emulate that is for sure have you met him you ever crossed paths I met him once yeah okay once uh he signed a jersey for me and everything it was actually pretty pretty cool moment to uh be in the league with the same guy I looked up to when I was literally you know nine years old sounds like Larry Fitzgerald to me uh before I let you go uh Gabriel Davis what's your favorite Bill's mafia story you got one share one for me with me what do you got my favorite Bill's mafia story yeah running into somebody in town I don't know or just um I don't hearing about it second hand or anything that obviously involved you do you got a good one I got it doesn't even involve me but this is what I knew I loved one of my uh one of my guys we got uh last year Spencer Brown was a rookie and um I think it's the Carolina game Diggs caught a nice ball in the corner of the end zone and we're all celebrating and this man Spencer Brown goes in the crowd and grabs the butt a blue light and and uh chugs it on the field through his face mask and everything just pours the whole beer onto his face um during the game this is like the first or second quarter yeah and this guy is partying like that and I just knew we had a spat on our team after that that's that's it I know and then he has a big old picture of it at his house that's just you know I mean it's it's the best picture you can have of yourself in football I mean I don't think he'll get anything better than that do you got a good Von Miller story already anything now that he's on it yeah Von is a uh Von is a DJ I guess on the weekends he has the whole setup in the locker room big old 12 speakers and the whole DJ setup and he's you know thinking he's at the club every single day when uh before practice so that's something initially I didn't know about him okay does he take requests you give him requests anything like that or what um I think he has his own mixes I haven't requested anything yet but I remember I forgot what I forgot what country song was on I'm like man who is playing this playing this country behind so long who is it and if out of everybody in locker room is Von Miller so it's something that you never expect uh to see that I saw it was the funniest thing from him yeah it's one of those like who's playing oh it's Von it's good it's kind of like one of those coaches go no no no yes type moments right yeah exactly that's pretty much what it is all right before I let you go then last one for you the expectation leveled for your teams through the roof I mean there's a reason why you're opening up the season against the world champion rams there's a reason why you have all of these nationally televised appearances there's a reason why there's so many people circling the wagons to use the phrase of my friend Chris Berman how are you handling all the level of expectation Gabriel Davis for the bills you know you know we're just taking it day by day we you know obviously we can't say that we don't see it as well I mean it's every the expectation is everywhere but again we just try to keep everything in house and keep that same mindset we've had for the past two years and just keep coming into work every single day trying to prove ourselves and not to prove to anybody else but prove to ourselves what we can do and what what we are what we're worth and what we can what we've been working for this whole time we've had a great camp it's been a lot of fun with these guys we have a great team a lot of great players a lot of great people and I feel like it's been a long time coming I'm excited to see what we do this year Gabriel Davis I'm not just saying this because you called into the show and I really enjoyed the chat but every year I'm in a fantasy league with my colleague across the way Chris Brockman who is the general manager of this team and sometimes I'm not available to be at the draft and I will give him the name of a player or two that he's got to come out of the draft with this year and I shouldn't be saying this on live television radio but I'll do it anyway you're that guy you're that guy this year you're that guy I I honestly I'm in two leagues and if I if I don't walk out with Gabriel Davis on my fantasy team on either one I'm going to be sorely disappointed that's a fact it's a true story I appreciate that support man it means a lot coming from a guy like you as well I appreciate you saying that but so go do go go forth and multiply your your touchdown sir enjoy it yeah yeah for sure thank you and look for my call during the season please do I got you and tell Stefan Diggs not to be a stranger I mean he ducks a lot of the media man I don't understand it he's so popular and he's so nice to talk to and then I call him and he's just like who this new phone I don't get it will you tell him I wish I I wish I could hold him too you know it's kind of hard wow oh good lord okay I call him he'll pick up okay go okay you tell him you tell him I said hi and stop being a stranger okay take care Gabriel Davis you be well I think you're very talented Gabriel Davis right here on the Rich Eisen show oh my goodness gracious I'll I'll just I'll say this as I am getting set for the first week of the season when I will have to go on NFL network and state my case for the Super Bowl yeah correct go for it and when you do that you're sitting there and you're thinking I can't just do what everybody else is doing you just can't you go you got a zig when you zag but yeah chalk is boring but when you look at what the Buffalo Bills are bringing to the table when you look at what you need in the NFL which is quarterback who is a game changer you need continuity on the staff and on the field and in a playbook you can't have stuff where you're changing coordinators changing coaches changing playbooks you're you've got to you can't have two guys rich who have never called offensive plays before somehow now managing your young quarterback correct right can't have that although it helps if that happens in your division when you're the team with the continuity and the game-changing quarterback it helps dang it it helps to have speed burners and route runners and it helps to have weapons all over the map not just at receiver but at tight end not just at receiver and tight end at the running back position I didn't just I didn't even mention the name James Cook to Gabriel Davis just now we just hung up with him it helps to have a pass rush it helps to have a defense that can hit you and turn you over it helps to have a home field advantage it helps to have a home field advantage and you're the cold weather team that's more comfortable playing in that weather than the other it helps to have a cold weather team with an offense built for the cold weather which we all know has been a charge volleyed in the direction of the Green Bay Packers the last few years it helps to have all of that it helps to have momentum it helps to have experience where you're building year to year to year man did I just describe the Buffalo Bills to a tee I mean how do you not choose this team to win the AFC how do you not choose this team to win the whole thing and what would that mean to that town and that fan base holy crap it would be the greatest parade in the history of championship parade honestly uh I I don't know that they'd have there'll probably be snow on the ground well they'll probably have a what they'll probably have a boat parade but the water will be the liquid that's that that's poured out of the cans and the bottles and the way that you can warm yourself is by the bonfire and people will have a bus of their own to jump off of into a traveling tray table I mean seriously it's it's someone's gonna go over Niagara Falls on a table it's yeah it is so all set up so I've got a couple more weeks to make this decision but yeah but you're going for it I don't know I mean how do you not like how do you not how do you not have the bills man how do you not listen to what we just heard from Gabriel Davis and not sit here and think okay that's that's one piece of their puzzle and it's a hell of a piece a big piece to use the the phrase from the you know the brilliant Dr. Richard Kimball once said as he put the phone down I found a big piece he's a big piece man opening games you know be a lot so I mean there man the Rams I've said my piece right now I don't I don't want to go too crazy and overboard but how do you not when you see the fact that they signed Von Miller to that defense that's already opportunistic enough and there's one last thing that you mentioned identity identity you know what their identity is their identity is tough their identity is relentless they're relentless is to beat yes that out of you yeah and so on both sides of the ball and I didn't even mention the punk god our guy our glue guy Matt Ariza who kicked one 82 yards so just think folks just think folks you get somehow Josh Allen rattled or you get the bills off the field when they're rolling you get them off the field you three and out or six and out them you find you get Josh Allen off the field and they're deep in their own end and you know you're gonna get good field position nah someone's gonna kick it over your head and pin you inside your own 10 from his own 10 Josh Allen I'd love to see how far Allen can throw it and how far Ariza can punt it it's like a hail mary punt every time oh that's a good question so they got the special teams even particularly special and unique so and you're gonna show you which way I'm leaning right now but you're gonna have them playing Tom Brady right maybe so wouldn't that be something Brady versus the Bills one last time that would be awesome I don't know I'm I'm still going back and forth on all of that yeah 844-204-rich number to dial here on the show the Bill Belichick press conference moment of the day good stuff and then that'll help set up Tommy Curran the top of our number three here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204-rich is the number to dial we'll take your calls our friends at net suite would like to know if you know the numbers for your business because if you 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844-204-rich number to dial so there was a there was a joy and disappointment in new england this weekend when i was there i've been there for the last week uh the joy uh boy is it fun watching the yankees uh poop the bed in front of an entire family of red sox fans that's great uh against the red sox oh yeah that's great that's great against the red sox that was uh wonderful poop the bed or we outplayed you oh the yankees have lost eight nine of eleven they are they are doing that to the bed it's been bad right now and you outplayed i mean they they made a they made a ton of mistakes like throwing fastballs to tommy fam like it's like it's like it's uh run derby like this guy's a first a first pitch fastball guy and that's all they do is feed him and and uh i'm playing great oh god like like it's a jock peterson fantasy football waiver wire just keep firing it in there to tommy fam but you know um and then you know and there are three guys that for some reason the yankees still haven't figured out a pitch devers that's one the other two are altuve and alex bragman you know keep keep keep having those guys beat you and beat your brains in every time yeah but any rate um yanks have lost 9 11 in the red sox won two of the three over the weekend including three nothing last night i'm glad i was on a plane for that one um and on the flip side uh the patriot season is over it is completely over not great uh august 15th because um josh mcdaniels is now the head coach in las vegas and the guy who's been running the patriots offense for the last decade and a half with the exception of his cup of coffee when he was the denver broncos head coach uh he's gone and belicheck handed the reigns of the offense over to two guys who've never really called the place certainly not in new england joe judge who when he was there was the special teams coach before he became the giants head coach where the giants offense that led to uh judges firing featured a uh uh what should we call it surrender formation you know third down run play when your season's over and you've got nothing left to lose and you basically uh take a knee inside your own 10 in a tight game against a uh an opponent that you know pretty much you should put it all out there to beat because your fan base is calling for your head and then there's matt patricia who was on the defensive side of the ball right when he was there it was the defensive coordinator didn't look so good and both of them wanted that's the one thing if we all we all heard that it was going to be patricia's job right and then both patricia and judge wound up calling plays like it was a competition of some sort well judge a process judge was calling the plays with the third team while patricia was talking to mac and ryan it looked like split split responsibilities which you don't see but it's preseason it's bill building bill thinks so latest uh uh question of bill bellacheck on this very subject days later is today's bill bellacheck press conference moment bill bellacheck press conference moment today's bill bellacheck press conference moment play caller you're going through a process just like everything else on the team what's the nature of that process is it competitive you know like it is for the players where you're competing for opportunity and being evaluated no that doesn't have anything to do with it then how would you characterize the process it's we don't have time for that i appreciate the question i really do i know i know how interested you are in that subject and i'd love to be able to shed a little more light on it but it's honestly it's a much longer conversation it's not competitive so you did shed some light on it yeah just trying to help out fantastic he's smiling because it's just like you know he knows by week one he probably knows exactly who's gonna call the plays in week one or i don't know but whatever it is it's like it's amazing how it's in bill you trust until you think he's lost it and no longer you can't trust him to know you know you can't trust him to know anymore in in bill we trust i don't trust matt and joe but he trusts them otherwise he wouldn't be placing mack jones's career in their hands i just can't believe we every day sit here and question bill bell it's coming again it's a little ridiculous i'm question well i don't know you are maybe i am he's definitely are everybody is it's like they didn't announce who the coordinators are i'm pretty sure with tom curran coming up next hour i'm pretty sure he knows everything he's got it all mapped out i if i i can't believe you're even pretending to sweat right now if he says if he says it's it's it's not a competition right why is joe judge colin plays in the second half of the first preseason game just in case patricia comes down with something or i don't know or he's just giving it a whirl see how it's like the the master chess player when it comes to this it does look like he's test driving both guys yeah but mac jones didn't even play so they're calling plays for the backups i that i'll see how good they are if which is which by the way we didn't even mention earlier of course the offense isn't going to look good if max not out there right no come on yeah really you know and and matt it would be the one thing that he does appear to have as brady-esque if you don't mind me saying such a thing easy hold on i know that but what he does appear to have is the ability to assimilate what the defense is trying to do make a decision and get rid of it like he's not holding on to it and he's not running with it like zack wilson did in a preseason game right right so because he can't in order for him to get hurt it would have to be sort of a freakish thing like what happened with brady right that's what that's what i'm saying also the other reason why i'm not keeping him out because yeah he doesn't i guess need the reps i don't know i'm sure he does you also don't want him to get hurt you don't want just to happen with the jets i mean i was turning it up a little earlier but zero offensive skill starters played in the game on thursday okay so they're gonna look bad he's probably sitting there so let joe judge get a you know i don't get some reps and i mean the only guy out there who's probably gonna see some significant time was tyquan thorton and he caught a touchdown so i'm willing to wait another week before i really overreact you know what i mean like next monday let's check back in i love it bill bill's like i appreciate the question you know but we don't have time to go into it here yeah man like if mac goes 10 of 11 and we're two touchdowns this weekend i'm gonna be great yeah that's right bill just like zack wilson that's upon it what would you rather have your situation or mine well mine okay exactly yeah yeah okay come on my god it's just up the road here getting ready to pop a vicodin i could dock my boat next room he's up back for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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