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REShow: Charles Woodson & Brian Baldinger - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 7, 2023 3:23 pm

REShow: Charles Woodson & Brian Baldinger - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 7, 2023 3:23 pm

Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson and guest host Andrew Siciliano discuss his new episode of MGM+’s ‘NFL Icons,’ if Colorado Buffaloes 2-way star Travis Hunter could play offense and defense in the NFL, how bad things had gotten for the Raiders under former head coach Josh McDaniels, and his reaction as a Michigan alum to the Jim Harbaugh sign-stealing allegations.

NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger tells Andrew what the Rams can expect out of the newly signed Carson Wentz, if it’s worth it for Aaron Rodgers to attempt a comeback with the New York Jets this season, what the Dallas Cowboys are missing this season to make them legit contenders, if the Baltimore Ravens are the NFL’s best team, and why the NFC’s top teams have struggled mightily against stout AFC offenses.

Virginia native Andrew makes the case for the NCAA to allow unbeaten James Madison to play in a bowl game this season.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. This is the Rich Eisen Show with guest host, Andres Siciliano. You know, one last thing on Josh Dobbs. Dobbs back to pass on third down. Fires to the end zone.

Touchdown! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. He is basically making his career as the, well, man, we're out of options. We need your quarterback. Earlier on the show, co-host of FanDuelTV's Run It Back, Michelle Beadle. Coming up, Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Andres Siciliano. What's going on, everybody?

Hope you're doing well. That was irr rhetorical. What's going on, everybody? Breaking news out of Nashville. Will Levis, no shocker, is your starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. This, according to one Mike Vrabel on the podium as we speak. The Titans, when last we saw Will Levis, were losing to the Steelers on TNF to open up week nine. This week, they're on the road in Tampa against the fighting Baker Mayfields. Will Levis, your new starting quarterback for the foreseeable future for the Tennessee Titans. Did he say, did Vrabel say it was for the season, or is it just this week? He is still talking.

We are still trying to parse those sentences. Hello, Chris Brockman. Hello, Jason.

Hello, TJ. Happy Tuesday to you and yours. I say a positive Tuesday. Will Levis can play, man.

Will Levis can play. I say a positive Tuesday. We're trying to keep it positive because this is Rich's show and Rich's chair.

And Rich was with us from Germany about an hour ago, and he had trouble staying positive. Understandably, as a Jets fan watching what happened last night, a charger victory, 27 to six, a charger victory in which Justin Herbert threw for only one hundred and thirty six yards. They had less than two hundred yards of total offense.

They went on the road and won with those numbers because Zach Wilson of the Jets offense was was giving Troy Aikman headaches. That's a nice way to say it like. It was as close to I've I've I've I've heard Troy basically jumping through the TV saying, I don't want to be here anymore.

Anyway, I digress. We mentioned earlier that MGM plus is debuting along with NFL films. A new episode of NFL Icons this Saturday. It is an honor.

Always have always is to have the Super Bowl champion, the Hall of Famer, a Michigan man on the program, the subject of the latest NFL icons. Charles Woodson, it's great to see you, man. Great to see you too, man. How are you doing?

We're doing well. And I love what you said as you opened up this piece. Rich, by the way, narrates it, which makes it even better. Fellow Michigan man, Charles, you say I've done a lot of things that nobody's done at the beginning of the piece.

Right from from when Heisman to win a Super Bowl to get a gold jacket. Now you're a winemaker. Fantastic one, by the way.

Bourbon, I'm told as well now. Is there anything you haven't done yet that you want to do? Yeah, but I don't play anymore, man. I would have liked to have won another Super Bowl. But that would have been nice.

But I guess I had to settle for the one. There isn't like I want to be an astronaut, like I want to climb Everest. There isn't anything like that. No, no.

I've seen what happened to people that climb Mount Everest. And I don't want any parts of that. You know what I do want to do. And, you know, a couple of years ago, my wife bought me a guitar and I started kind of playing around with it.

But I haven't really dug into it. I got to learn how to play the guitar, man. I got to do that at some point. So I tried that years ago. I moved to L.A. in 2000, Charles. I didn't know anyone at a little apartment of the valley at a job that made me get up at three in the morning every day and literally had nothing to do.

So I went and bought a guitar. But that was like before the whole YouTube lessons thing. And I don't want to go do a lesson. And I tried to teach myself and it was it was awful. It's hard to do it on your own.

You definitely need a teacher. Do you have a golf club on right now? Are we interrupting a golf game? No, no, I'm in the car, man. I actually got to my son's school early because I wanted to be stationary, you know, for when he gets out of school.

And just to make sure I'm right here where I am, I'm at right now so I can be ready for the show. Beautiful. I thought I saw a golf club car pick up, man. Yeah, no, no.

Hey, no, you're a good dad. I want to go back to the NFL icons piece, which which anyone everyone should check it out. Coming up on Saturday, Charles, this is like the best interview set up I have seen. Charles, where were you sitting for this sit down? I was at the Dr. Phillips.

I was downtown Orlando. That is Dr. Phillips. Yeah. Dr. Phillips Art Center downtown. So, yeah, beautiful, beautiful set up, man. And a great time sitting down and doing that interview, man.

Very, very proud to be a part of icons because I saw it. I'm like, dude, is that your house? Yeah, I wish. Is that the winery?

Like. That's bonkers. Yeah, that was like I said, downtown Orlando. They were gracious enough to host us and let us use that facility.

And yeah, I'm glad you liked it. Talking to the great Charles Woodson. Charles, what do you think of what Travis Hunter is doing in Colorado?

Yes, amazing, man. You know, I get asked all the time, you know, you know, how's he going to hold up or can he continue to do it? And my answer is always that, you know, if you're just going to, you know, guard people and have to turn and run with the receivers or if you're playing receivers, you just run around like he can do that all day. That's just about endurance.

And so that's no problem. But when you're playing one hundred and twenty plus snaps, you know, at some point it's just a game, you know, that'll get to you because you're going to have you're going to play better opponents. You're going to have guys who are better at tackling and getting to you. You're going to have better opponents at being able to run better routes. You're going to have to tackle bigger running backs.

And so the game at some point takes its toll when you're playing that many snaps. But to watch him, the way he moves out there as a receiver, he understands, you know, how to get open, how to sit down in zones. And then defensively, just making plays, you know, all over the field, he shows his athleticism every time he's out there. So I am, you know, amazed that he's and he's doing it every game. Yeah, I mean, it's not like, you know, I was doing, you know, another show a couple of weeks ago and people talking about me being a two way player. I'm like, no, he's a two way player. I just I just dibbled and dabbled a little bit on offense. But he's he's actually an offense and defensive player.

So definitely impressed with what he's done so far. Charles, do you think we will ever see the day where someone tries to do that or rather a an organization, a coaching staff has the faith to try to do that with whether it's Travis or somebody else at the NFL level? No, you know, I won't say never. You know, I'm sure someone will say, hey, you know, we got a great athlete. Let's let them play both sides of the ball. But like I said, man, the NFL, it's one thing to do it in college, but the NFL is just a totally different level. And if you're going to try to play each snap on both sides of the ball, you know, like be a starter on both sides.

I don't think that's happened. It's just going to wear you down. You know, I think your career will be very short.

You know, maybe you could do it for a year, maybe, maybe two, but your career won't be won't last very long. All right. Let's get to the Raiders here. So I during the preseason broadcast intercept wines and the bourbon brand of the preseason games and that was fun.

And then the season started and then everything kind of went downhill. Charles, have you ever seen a team smoked victory cigars and celebrate after a week nine game? I've never done that.

That is about as old school as you can get. You know, I would imagine that the old Raiders back in the 70s and 80s probably did that. But no, I have never witnessed that.

I've never seen that. But look, nonetheless, I was excited for the Raiders. Now, you can see the energy, you know, that those guys had after that victory. You can see the energy before the game, you know, the way they were reacting to Antonio Pierce, their new interim head coach. I was just excited to see them guys playing good football and having fun because it didn't seem like they were having fun the first half of the season. How bad was it? Yeah, it was pretty bad. I mean, you can just watch the body language of those guys. I mean, you know, you had Devontae Adams and press conferences, you know, you know, voicing his frustration after wins.

You know, you watch Hunter Winthrop, a guy who two years ago had over 100 catches. And he's nowhere to be found. Josh Jacobs led the league in Russian last year and he couldn't get going. You know, this this thing was it was it was falling apart. It was melting. And Mark Davis decided he had to make a decision. And, you know, at least for one game, it was the right decision.

But I think it was something, you know, that he had to do. I think when people or guys in that locker room, when they lose faith in a coach, when they stop buying what you're selling, it's over. And Mark Davis read the room and he made a decision to move on. And I think it was the right decision for this team. In your NFL Icons piece, obviously, Tom Brady makes impairments.

We all saw the NFL Films thing a couple of years ago where you talk about the tuck roll game and all that nonsense. Did Mark consult you or Tom before making the move? No, you know, it didn't didn't consult me. You know, I talked to Mark quite a bit, but we didn't talk before this move was made. I'm not sure about time. I know Tom is eyeing, you know, partnership.

So maybe that was a conversation, you know, that he had with Tom. But, you know, I don't know that half of it, but, you know, I didn't talk to him before this move was made. All right. I got to ask you about Michigan. I'm sorry. I know how rich feels. I know how Desmond Howard feels. I think I know how you feel because I know how the Michigan community feels.

You guys are kind of backed into the corner right now. What's your take on Harbaugh and some dude named Connor Stallions and taping and tickets and and all that? Well, the way that, you know, I've answered this question is that, you know, I don't I I couldn't believe or wouldn't believe that Jim would go through those lengths, you know, to to, you know, try to steal other people's signs. I just think that was an elaborate operation that I just don't believe that he would have done. I would never say that they weren't trying to take sides. I don't know. I think every team has someone around their organization that is tasked with trying to have you can you can marry up a sign with the call on the field.

You do it. I just don't believe they went through those great lengths. And now we have today you have some anonymous source coming out talking about all of the other Big Ten schools that were doing it. So look, man, there's a lot of people pointing fingers. But on some level, everyone is trying to find the other team signs, especially if you're on the sideline holding up cards or, you know, every time you line up for a play, the quarterback has to turn and look at the sideline and get the call.

So look, everybody's trying to do it. We seem to be the one who everyone is attacking right now. But like you said, we're backed into a corner. We'll come out fighting and, you know, I'm sure they'll try to levy some type of punishment, but I think we'll be fine. How do you punish, though, without making the kids the victims? Isn't that always the problem with college football? It's like, oh, we're going to hammer the program. Great.

Well, it's the kids who suffer. Oh, no, Charles froze. All right.

Try to get Charles back here. And that's the issue with any college punishment, right? Yeah, it's like, oh, we're going to pull scholarships.

Great. Well, you're taking academic opportunities. You're taking scholarships away from guys that may have had in all likelihood had nothing to do with any of this. It hurts the program, obviously, like S.C. lost all those scholarships for the Pete Carroll stuff or the Reggie Bush stuff, whatever you want to call it. That NCAA investigation, which you go back and read it like go back and read the seventy five pages of the S.C. investigation from what was it, 15 years ago.

You just laugh out loud at it now. It's it's the most minor of NIL deals, right? All that stuff literally seems so it's like mom and Reggie. Reggie's parents got flown to a game on Southwest. Oh, well, what about Terrell Pryor and the Ohio State guys and all the tattoos and stuff like that?

Sure. That seems ridiculous. Like the S.C. thing, there are three student athletes mentioned. Not named student athlete one, two and three, one of them's clearly O.J.

Mayo and I mean, right. Yeah, there was probably a bag of cash there. Yeah, right. Athlete number two is a tennis player, a woman's tennis player from somewhere in Eastern Europe. She was calling her her parents. Back home in Eastern Europe on like a university desk phone using like the the long distance codes, right? That's student athlete number two, which, by the way, full disclosure at Syracuse, we knew the someone's long distance code. We made long distance calls to our families from the student radio station back in the 90s. It got billed to some other department. We all kind of did stuff like that.

Didn't have a cell phone. That's how we called home. Yeah. But yeah, what you said kind of hit the nail on the head. It's always going to affect the kids who probably hadn't definitely had nothing to do with whatever the school was getting kind of knocked for. And yet these are the kids who have to pay for, you know, the sins of the people that came before them. And that never really sat right with me, to be honest. Yeah, it never is fair.

They're the ones who who paid the price and they're the ones who teach in when they go to the combine are going to get asked, hey, so you had a sack there. All right. Did you know it was a boot? He was coming back to your side. You didn't get tricked. You went straight up field. Well, yeah, you walked right into it, didn't you? I knew because somebody scouted it and we saw it.

So we knew that's the proper answer. Hey, J.J. McCarthy, did you know where the blitz was coming from? So you ripped up all up the seam right there. All right, did you guys cheat? No, I read the defense. OK, you probably did.

But those are the questions those kids are now going to ask. OK, try to get Charles back. We're going to get back here coming up shortly. And what he was referring to was that there's a story that came out last night that says that one Big Ten coach has let's get Charles back here.

Charles, thanks for taking the time to rejoin us here and just fill into the blanks for what you were saying before the story came out last night, that a coach from somewhere else in the Big Ten sent to the conference and had sent to Michigan last year. Hey, we know that somebody has stolen your signs and that that's getting passed around so that someone's trying to do it to you. So to your point, OK, well, we haven't seen enough proof that they did it. I don't know that Jim did it, but the fact is other people are doing other things as well. Yeah, on some level, everyone is doing it. I mean, I remember hearing and this is not someone stealing signs, but when you talk about Colorado, when they played Oregon earlier this year and Dion came out and said he heard of other coaches that were sending Oregon information on their team. So on some level, all of that stuff is going on. My stance was I just don't believe that Jim went to those links to do it. Now, you know, the Connor guy was out there doing that on some level and maybe talking to another person on the staff. I don't know that.

I just don't believe Jim knew that. What's the craziest sign stealing story you have from the NFL? Anything. Yeah, only only only Spygate. I mean, that's that's the you know, that's the most obvious one from from from, you know, everyone that they were, you know, spying on the practice or whatnot.

But like I said, on some level, you know, we would always try to watch the TV copy, you know, as a defense, trying to see if we can hear something that the other team was saying when we can married up with a sign. So everyone is trying to get that edge. Yeah, sure. Can you go too far if you're planting cameras or something like that?

Sure. But everybody's trying to get the edge on the other team. What's the best part about being a winemaker? Man, I think for me, it's it's, you know, the feedback that I get from, you know, people who love wine and people who try my product, I think it's the, you know, the reaction, you know, that I'll get from someone who, you know, doesn't know that it's it's my my name on the label and they're just trying it. And then all of a sudden figuring, figuring out that it's my wine and say, man, this is excellent wine.

So for them to enjoy it without knowing it's mine, that's the best part about being in the business. I was telling the guys before he came on, go back to the Minneapolis Super Bowl, Minneapolis, I think. Yeah. Got a bottle of your wine, intercept wine. And I had and I tasted it before, like maybe the night before.

Then I got my hands on the bottle and I'm like, all right, I got to take this home. Charles, I don't check bags. I refuse to check bags.

Right. For those of us who travel a lot, like there's no way I'm wasting another half hour checking my bag. Like I checked the bag.

Your wine is that good, man? Like I put it in my bag and I put under the plane. I got to take it home. I like that. That's the stamp of approval, man. I love that. Bam. And now that's the that's the that's the best part of the business right there is hearing stories like that.

And final thought. Now you're making bourbon. Tell me about that. Yeah, making bourbon is called Woodson Bourbon Whiskey. And for anyone who would like to check it, check out our website, go to But myself and my partners, we started this business about three years ago, the Kentucky Bourbon coming out of Orangeboro, Kentucky.

And yeah, so we've been doing that for a while. We just became the official bourbon of the Las Vegas Raiders. So if you attend the game there, we got a great branded bar there in the stadium. And check us out next time you're in the stadium or any of the bars there, man. Order with some whiskey, man. Give me a shout. Tag me. Yeah, what you think?

Go take a shot after the Raiders beat the Jets coming up on Sunday. Charles, I lied. One more thing. Special guest just walked into the studio and she's in front of a microphone. Amy, I saw you on the monitor. Charles Woodson, this is Amy Trask. And I wrote them a note saying, tell Charles Woodson I love him.

Not in a weird or creepy way. And they said, say hi to Charles yourself. So as I hear you discuss your bourbon, I just want to let Andrew know that Intercept Wine, Charles Woodson's Intercept Wine is the official wine of the Trask household. There you go. And I will also admit to you that which Charles continues to tease me about, it took me months to realize why he named it Intercept Wine. Oh, come on. Really?

It really did. And I was on the sideline for all his magnificent Raider interceptions. And I really do love you, Charles.

And now I'll butt out of the show. I love you back, man. Amy's been great to us, man. She makes sure that everyone knows about Intercept Wine. She posts the greatest pictures of our wine next to her backdrop.

She's got the ocean in the background. And man, she's given me great pub for Intercept. So I may have to hire Amy. And every time I go into a store where they sell wine, I'll say really loudly, do you carry Intercept Wine? And if they say no, I get all huffy and puffy.

And if they do, I make sure everyone in the store, I run around with it and show it to everybody. Now we're going to get you to drink. Charles, you had our back when you were with the team. I got your back forever. Man, I love that.

Thank you. And I'll always have your back. Always got the Raiders back. That was a great win for us the other night, Amy. And I'm hoping they keep it up as well as I know you do, too.

Yep. Charles, we appreciate you getting back on here. You're a good dad waiting for the car pick up there. Good luck. Good luck this Sunday. Good luck with the wine and the bourbon. And everyone, watch on MGM Plus NFL Icons with Charles Woodson, voiced by Rich Eisen coming up on Saturday. Thanks, Charles. Appreciate it, man. Thanks for having me. Yes, sir. Coming up next, the world's most interesting former offensive lineman, Brian Baldinger, waiting in the wings straight ahead. You're watching the Rich Eisen show.

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Become a DashPass member today. The football season is underway and Believe podcasts are talking about it. When he went home and went to sleep, Michael Parsons is terrorizing him.

Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too. And to be only producing 15 points a game, that's something that is definitely disheartening. Sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone. As a quarterback, I would expect him to be acting like that. Take the accountability, put that on yourself.

Don't put it on your teammates. Search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen. Larry David, you are now the new commissioner of the National Football League. Really? Yes, congratulations.

Are you kidding? There you go. Congratulations. This is a dream, okay?

I quick curve your enthusiasm in a second if this is true. Okay. Okay. What do you do first as the commissioner of the National Football League?

Larry David. Number one, and I really don't care if people like it or not, I'm losing the goalpost. Why are there goalposts?

Okay. Why are kickers, okay, who have, they don't have football skills. They're not football players.

I'm sure they're wonderful people, but they're not football players. Why are they kicking a ball through goalposts to decide games? It doesn't make any sense at all. First of all, goalposts are a relic from the old English rugby, I think.

Okay. You know, when they used to actually run and kick a ball through goalposts, but they don't do that in the NFL. There's no need for goalposts. Wouldn't the game be better without them?

Think about it. Why not just have leaping frogs to decide games? See if a frog can leap through a little goalpost that you set up, okay, on the floor, and if the frog can leap through the goalpost, then do that. Why kick it through a goalpost? Well, it's not called leaping frog ball. It's called football. So you're saying take the feet out of football? Is that what you're saying, Leonard? Is that what you're saying?

Yes. Feet are deciding games, and they shouldn't. Why should one player, one player with this skill, like the guy on the Ravens. Justin Tucker, yeah. Why should this one player who does nothing but kick a ball be deciding games when you have 52 other players who are actually playing, and this one person, this 53rd person is deciding games?

It makes no sense whatsoever. Tuesday here on the Rich Eisen Show, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk. I'm Andrew Siciliano. This desk is furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or click or just stop by. We have breaking news. Just handed me on the high speed news wire.

Are you sitting down? Yes. Carson Wentz is signing with the Rams.

How about that? Carson Wentz is signing with the Rams. We literally just talked about him last hour. And how the Giants wouldn't sign him because wouldn't you rather pick top five?

Yes. Brian Baldinger is the world's most interesting former offensive lineman. He is also a Philly guy, if you will. My colleague at NFL Network, and he joins us now in the Rich Eisen Show. Baldy Carson Wentz to the Rams.

There's so many ironies that hit me. 2016, the Rams trade up, get the number one pick. They take Goff over Carson Wentz. Eagles trade up twice to get to the number two pick.

There was a lot of close to the vest conversations. Who was going one? Wentz or Goff? Goff. And Carson Wentz is going to see Jared Goff this week as the Lions come to Los Angeles. Carson Wentz got hurt in 2017 on his way to an MVP season at the Coliseum against the Rams. And I'm sure Sean McVay is saying, well, we brought Baker Mayfield in last year. He was the first round pick.

He won a game for us. Like maybe I can reconstitute Carson Wentz to 2017 form. Maybe he's not all the way broken. Maybe there's something of a reclamation project here. I just have to catch my breath.

So let me step back for a second. So Matthew Stafford didn't play this past Sunday. The Rams were awful.

There's no other way to say offensively with Brett Rippon. They were just bad. They just needed one or two plays in Green Bay. They didn't get them.

And they lost. The sentiment from Sean McVay yesterday on the podium and then on his coaches show, which he does every Monday night with the voice of the Rams, good friend, JB Long, and good friend DeMarco Farr was very positive. Rams are going to buy this week. Very positive that Matthew could come back next week after the buy.

Now, nothing set in stone, but that, yeah, kind of feel good about it. This leads me to ask, has there been a setback? Have they reevaluated Matthew's thumb and went, nah, maybe he needs surgery now?

Did something happen? Because if you think Stafford's going to be okay, you don't necessarily need Carson Wentz. Or maybe you say, the heck with it, the heck with it. We think we could put together a wild card run here and we're not comfortable now that we've seen Brett Rippon in Green Bay. We need a legitimate backup.

I don't know. Well, I think you need a legitimate backup. You know, we saw backups last week, Clayton Toon, and we saw support performances around the league from backup quarterbacks. But, you know, the New York Giants, like, what are they like?

He's got to be better than Tommy DeVito. You know, I mean, just look at the backups that are playing. But I just believe philosophically, Andrew, in collecting quarterbacks. Like, sometimes, look, when the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts, nobody knew how it was going to rankle Carson Wentz the way it did, and things went south in a hurry.

But things didn't work out in Indianapolis, Washington for it either. But it's not like he's not a talented player. I'm glad general managers that drafted him in the personnel department of Philadelphia say that he was a human cyborg.

Like, physically, you just don't see people like that. I think, fundamentally, he's very poor and needs a lot of work. But I don't see any harm in bringing him in. Matt Stafford's not going to be threatened by Carson Wentz. He's just not at this stage in his career.

But why not just take a look and see what's there? And, you know, maybe he is, maybe he can't digest a playbook or he can't play with proper fundamentals. And you've got nothing to lose at this point.

It's fascinating. Our friend Tom Pelissero, you were just on with him on NFL Network, says that, yeah, like what I said, Stafford, they're still hoping is back next week. And then this is Carson Wentz as the backup behind Matthew Stafford. As you said, Baldy, collect quarterbacks, hopefully make a run for the postseason here. It was a heartbreaking loss to the Steelers a couple of weeks ago when Kenny Pickett only needed nine yards for a first down.

Clearly didn't get it. And then this past Sunday, when they lost in Green Bay, where they had no offense, bad weather game, the whole thing was just bad. Well, Carson Wentz down the number two. Baldy also speaking of bad, not to pile on, but you heard Troy Aikman in the fourth quarter, really the first quarter as well, how just unwatchable the Jets were last night. But he made the point, Troy did Baldy at the end of the game, that even if Aaron Rodgers miraculously came back in December, this isn't a good team. He said, it's a bad team with a good defense.

Do you buy that? Yeah. I mean, look, they can't put an offense line together, Andrew. You know, last night, Zach Wilson dropped back 57 times. You know, we sacked eight of them, lost a couple fumbles.

I mean, it was just ugly. We see that around the league though. You know, good defense is just, you know, sacking bad offenses and it becomes unwatchable. I saw Baltimore do it to Seattle last week. I, you know, I saw Cleveland do it to Arizona this week.

I mean, we've all watched these games. You know, the Giants just unwatchable when, so I mean, if Aaron Rodgers was in that lineup last night, I'm sure they would have played better. But if Joey Bose has beaten a right tackle the way he was beating the right tackle last night, Aaron Rodgers isn't going away from anybody, whether he comes back from this injury or not. He's not getting away from the rush that was sieging or sacking, you know, Zach Wilson last night.

They got to get a lot better up front and I don't know that they have the people to do it, Andrew. They just can't keep anybody healthy. It was a bizarre switch and taking Max Mitchell the right tackle and put him at right guard.

Never played there before. Joe Tippman made his first start at center. You know, you got your right Billy Turner in there right tackle.

He struggled. I mean, they can't get five healthy offensive linemen on that group right now. And so, yeah, you'd love to run Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook in some combination, but it's hard to run it when it's third and seven. Baldy, how demoralizing is it to a locker room when your defense holds the quarterback, the other quarterback, and not just any quarterback, Justin Herbert to 136 yards. You hold them under 200 total yards of offense and you lose, but not only do you lose the game's not close. Yeah, it's demoralizing. And I know guys in that defense, you know, pretty good. And look, they're four and four, so they're not out of it. You know, they can, they can make a, you know, they can make a run, but, you know, a lot of those guys, not, you know, say Quinnen Williams, all he's done as a jet, even though he got a $100 million contract, all he's done is lose.

Like, you know, in New York, that's always experienced. And so they lose the final six games last year. They lose a game at home. It's just horrible. You know, you don't have, like, you're just playing your best, playing your guts out, but CJ Mosley, Quinnen Williams, like some of these guys, that's all they've experienced since they've been in New York. And it is demoralizing. And you wonder if they wonder, can this thing get better? Because they go against that offense line every day, and they understand the weaknesses and the inexperience and lack of cohesiveness.

And so they've got some star players, but they can't really get the ball to them. Talking in front of the program, our good friend here, Brian Baldinger. I want to go back to Sunday.

Baldy, if we can. I mentioned Philly guy here. You know, what we saw Sunday night is seemingly like every end of game situation for the Cowboys. The Eagles find a way to do the right things at the end of games. The Cowboys do not find a way to do the right things at the end of games. How do you teach a team? How do you do things at the end of the game?

I know that sounds so childish the way I said it, but it's the same movie every time, I guess is what I'm getting to. Yeah, but it never comes down to the final player, the final drive, Andrew. Like, you know, fourth and one, you've got to score in this league. The Eagles have found a way to score in fourth and one. Like everybody knows what the play is.

It's never a secret. The Cowboys are fourth and one at the one, and they come away with nothing. So I agree with my go for the touchdown. They run a mirrored routes down at the bottom. They execute the route perfectly against man coverage up at the top. They don't. And so it still comes down to the details and detailing your business. Like it was a poor pick by Jake Ferguson.

You get schooled over free. Now, you know, you could have gone to the other side and Brandon Cooks would have walked into the end zone wide open, but you know, look, the quarterbacks got to make a decision. Pre-snap where to go with the ball. We went to the up top and they didn't execute the play properly, but they have struggled in the red zone all year. Andrew, the Eagles did two for a while, and then they figured it out. They're playing much better. They were three for three in the red zone last week. They designed better plays than the Cowboys do in the red zone. Maybe the Cowboys should copy some of the Eagles plays because they're really creative.

They're different, but they work. And the Cowboys have, you know, they're at 29th in the league in red zone offense right now. It's hampering the way that they go up and down the field.

And they see CD have that game that they have and Ferguson have the game that they have and not be able to finish those drives is limiting right now. So they miss Kellen Moore. Well, either that or Zeke Elliott, you know, I mean, Zeke was a finisher, you know, fourth of one. There was only one guy over the last seven years that was going to get the ball. That was Zeke. You know, they don't, I don't know that they have, I don't know the Pollard or anybody they have is anybody they have is that kind of a back right now, Baldy, you are doing Browns Ravens coming up Sunday on the radio, heading to Baltimore Brockman over here.

You remember Chris Brockman Brockman over here had the, what is it? Ravens are the best team of the NFL overreaction question yesterday. Baldy are the Baltimore Ravens, the best team in the NFL. Maybe I'm going to answer that answer, but maybe I'm going to make another statement that I almost believe that after watching Baltimore last week, that maybe the NFC is just a bunch of frauds. Every time they go up against an elite AFC defense, they just crumble, whether it's San Francisco or Seattle or Detroit, like they see these defenses that are just powerfully built the Ravens lead the league in sacks, given up the fewest points they've got for their nine games this year, Andrew, they haven't given up a touchdown. They make Seattle look like they're a bottom feeder in this business. I don't know that Baltimore has a weakness right now and Lamar is having a lot of fun and they still haven't completely figured things out offensively.

They, they still are not hitting deep balls, like the way you'd like to hit that you got to do in big games. But other than that, it's hard to find a weakness on that football team right now. When you say the NFC, they're all a bunch of frauds. Do you mean the Eagles as well, or do you mean beyond the Eagles? Well, I mean, look, the Eagles lost to the Jets, you know, they turn it over four times against an elite defense.

Good point. You know, I mean, so we'll see Kansas City a week from Monday night here, Andrew, and we'll get a better test. I know the Eagles felt like as soon as they walked off that field in Arizona last year, that they owed Kansas City one, like it's a little late to pay back a Super Bowl, but like that's how they feel about it. But we'll find out because Kansas City is one of those elite defenses.

Miami just saw it this weekend. They're, they're as good as anybody because they can play every style of defense you want, and they've got a proven coordinator that knows how to win big game. So that'll be a great test for Philadelphia, and we'll find out a little bit more about that fraud statement. I mean, look at the Bengals 4-0 against the NFC West. They beat the Niners in Santa Clara. They beat the Seahawks in Cincinnati when the Seahawks were absolutely worthless in the red zone. All they needed was a punch in it once at the end of the second quarter, end of the fourth quarter, and they couldn't do it.

As a Browns fan, Baldy, you know I am. It makes me even more frustrated that the Browns couldn't convert the, what, the third and three, fourth and three, whatever it was in Seattle, because they had that game won. They couldn't tackle in the first quarter, couldn't tackle in the fourth quarter, but the P.J. Walker should have stolen one there in Seattle. Alas, they did not, but yeah. They put the Seahawks offense to sleep for the better part of three quarters in that game, totally outside the first two scores. I mean, they just shut them down.

They couldn't do anything. And Geno's, look, I love Geno, but four straight games. There's a five straight games with multiple turnovers. So obviously they got to find something here. Baldy, um, I joked before I always joke this, you joke by this, you know, this, I always introduce you by saying you are the world's most interesting offensive lineman. And I tell people, um, obviously check out your Instagram. You're like the, like the world traveler, the international traveler.

I like to do it a little bit as well. And I've made the joke that like, if I say to you, Hey Baldy, I'm going here in the off season, that there's no place that I can name that you haven't been. And not only have you been there, like, you know, everybody there, you're telling me where to go and where to eat and who to ask for and what to do.

So where should I go this off season Baldy? Well, I was just going to say, if we were in Frankfurt right now, getting ready for this big matchup between India and New England, I would take you to the Steiner house, the hot stone, right? Where they give you a hot stone and you cook your meat or your fish or your shrimp on the stone.

Like you're the chef, you know, and then they have all the trimmings and all the big Stein's and all that kind of stuff. But that's where I would have every meal in Frankfurt. Okay. Rich is in Berlin today. He took a side trip during the week. Where should Rich go in Berlin tonight? We'll send this along.

Any idea? Yeah, he did that already. Like he had a restaurant, a bar, an underground East German disco. Well, I mean the disco, like the disco era never ended in Berlin. It's the only city in the world.

I, you know, I'm curious about this. They, I think they built a new airport in Berlin, but the last time I was there, I was flying to Majorca out of Berlin. And I remember this is not that long ago, but it's a big German destination, Majorca. Okay.

They love to go to Palma, but they also love it. The plane Air Berlin still had a smoking section and the smoking section was on the other side of the aisle that was non-smoking. So one side of the aisle was smoking.

The other side of the aisle was not smoking. Figure that one out. Yeah.

That doesn't make any sense. I've been to the old Berlin airport, which, which doesn't feel much bigger than this room. Yes. Right.

Tiny. Yeah. I went to Majorca, Majorca a couple of years ago. I flew through Barcelona, which is a fantastic airport. It's like a 19 minute flight, literally like you're up and down in 19 minutes.

Something absurd like Baldy. I'm convinced that if I told you I was going to the dark side of the moon this summer, you would know a bar. Yeah.

Yeah. We, we, we, we find a place there. There's, there's something going on, um, out there on the dark side that is always dark at some point during the day.

And that's when it's over. Baldy, we love you. We appreciate you juggling your schedule today. And, um, I miss you.

Hopefully see you soon somewhere on the road. Yep. Talk to you. Brian Baldinger, everybody.

The world's most interesting former offense, absolute legend, legend, uh, period. Seriously, 10 years ago, I'm like Baldy, I'm doing Kilimanjaro. All right. So in Moshi, you got to go to like the third light.

It's never working. It's past the grocery store. Okay. Turn left, turn left. And there's a great place to watch the world cup.

There's a bar. I went like what? Yeah. And it was seriously, it was totally amazing. Cause he's that guy.

He's truly amazing. All right. If you want tickets to a game, like maybe Baldy tells you where to go. You should use game time. It cures all your frustrating ticket buying experiences.

Okay. Download the game time app, browse through it, check it out. It's a game. It's a show. It's a concert. Whatever it is you want to go to game time is the place to find your tickets to that game or show or concert.

And the best part about it. We have a promo code for you. Rich, R I C H. Rich, 20 bucks off your very first purchase restrictions apply. Obviously visit game for terms. All you got to do is download the game time app, open up an account and put in R I C H for 20 bucks off.

Download game time today. Last minute tickets, lowest price, guaranteed. Coming down the stretch. Final thoughts on the rich eyes. Half red neck, half posh, 100% fun. Trey Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester try and learn fancy culture in putting on airs. The host of the medium popcorn podcasts, Brandon Collins and Justin Brown.

Okay. So Paddington too had like a hundred percent of ride tomatoes. You guys ruined that. Justin came in and like took it down like two points because it was raining. That's the time we started getting death threats. People worship that movie putting on airs.

The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen. When I said I wanted to bring a guest on, I'm like, well, I want to bring on who I wanted to be when I was a kid. And that was an offensive lineman for the Kansas city chiefs. And I've gotten been fortunate enough to get to know Mitchell and know what, what a good guy is and what a great player he is. So I wanted to share this moment with, with the right tackle for the chiefs, my favorite football team. Not that I need to tell anybody that. Yeah.

I mean, it's a, it's really cool. I got to know him, I guess at the end of last year and we hit it off right away. We both like food. We both like food.

We have a lot of shared interests. He asked me where I got my meat and we go to the same meat guy. He goes to the same butcher here. See, I said a serious question though, Mitch, where do you, where do you buy your meat in Kansas city? He's like, Oh, this place called Bicklemiers.

And I'm like, okay, you're in, you're good. So, cause I know how seriously you take your Kansas city, uh, food. Yeah. You guys go to the same butcher here. We do. Yeah. City.

Yeah. I mean, when I got here, I liked to cook. Um, I was confined to an apartment in my previous life. When I got here, I got a house, got a whole backyard set up. I mean, this guy's got the greatest backyard set up.

You could ever imagine for cooking. And he's sending me videos all the time, different, different stuff to try. And the text exchange between me and him and some of his other offensive linemen are that are into smoking is hilarious. Like one night I put a brisket on and it was like, we were kind of coordinating with the time difference of putting a brisket on around the same time. And I woke up to check my brisket and texted Mitch at four in the morning, LA time, which was Kansas city, 6 0 AM time. And I told Lindsay, my girlfriend, I'm like, I texted Mitchell Schwartz in the middle of the night about a brisket. I was up at that exact time. And we were, cause I was doing a brisket the next night. So we kind of throw ideas off each other.

See, we'll see what we do. I think he was doing like a 24 hour. Oh yeah. Super slow.

It got all jiggly and gooey and the park was perfect. Down the stretch. We come on the rich Eisen show here. How are we doing everybody doing great.

Aaron Rogers. Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't let you answer. Go ahead, please.

I do that all the time. I said, how are you doing? I'm doing great. How are you doing? I'm doing well.

Thank you. But I have to work on that. Sometimes I ask a question like, how are you doing it? Then I don't wait to answer because I do care. You don't care that I do care doing the thing, but that is a pet peeve of mine where somebody asks me and then I try to give an answer. And then you realize they're already onto their next thing. It was just a formality.

It's annoying as all hell. Where is Aaron right now? But I was about to tell you, Zach Rosenblatter covers the jets for the athletic.

Just tweeted. Aaron Rogers is speaking. I believe on that other show asked if the jets record will factor into a potential comeback quote. I have a lot of faith in our guys and I feel like we're going to be in the mix for sure.

That is a very small part of the thought process. Obviously we've got to be in the mix. There's no doubt about that. Said it's more the rehab and the recovery than the record. Okay.

Stay tuned. Also on the Rams, they're stunning signing of Carson Wentz within this last hour of your just joining us. I guess in retrospect, when you step back, it really shouldn't be stunning.

You're blown away. The former second overall pick, a quarterback is out there. I mean, teams need quarterbacks, right? There is just this, this idea that Carson Wentz, nobody wants it because it went so poorly last year in Washington. It went so poorly in December, two years ago for Indianapolis. People just thought, forget about it. Forget about it. Matthew Stafford is thought to be ready to be back next week.

That was a little wordy. They think Matthew Stafford is going to play next week. Nothing has changed from what I am told. Sean McVay said last night, which is they're optimistic and he was being sincere, optimistic that he will be back.

Matthew Stafford will be next week after the buy Carson Wentz is going to be the backup because they saw Brett Ripen last week. And that ain't it. All due respect to the nephew of the former super bowl MVP. So, wow. Okay.

There's that. Wanted to get this thing into here as well, because I'm not here tomorrow. Susie's hosting the show tomorrow and thank Susie for bringing donuts and RJ for bringing cookies, man, man, what a sugary, awesome breakfast I had today.

I am back on Friday, but I want to throw this in as well. I am a native Virginian. My brother and my sister-in-law went to James Madison University. So did greats like Charles Haley and Gary Clark, the former Washington wide receiver. James Madison is 9-0 and ranked number 21 in the nation.

Yeah, James Madison. They are an FBS team now. After years of success at lower level football, they are now in their second year moving up to FBS. They're in the Sunbelt. They were really good last year behind Todd Senteo at quarterback. This year, they have maybe the, I mean, they have a great defensive guy.

I can't remember the kid's name. Leading the nation in sacks. Just got hurt yesterday. He's out for the year, but anyway, I digress. They are not bowl eligible. They're not, but they have sent a packet, a stack of documents and documentation to the NCAA today to say, can we get in a bowl game?

Please? As it stands, the only way they are eligible is if they're like a last second fill-in. Like all the bowl eligible teams take their spots and then someone decides because of scandal or because of COVID or whatever, they can't field the team. Then James Madison can get the tap and they could go. I guarantee you they're going to say no, because that's what the NCAA does.

This one is easy. All they have to do is say, we're following the rules. You cannot go. Because the rule is when you transition to FBS, you got to wait two years before you're bowl eligible.

Two years sitting out. There is absolutely no reason that JMU, the Dukes, Harrisonburg, Virginia cannot and should not go to a bowl game. And not just because I'm sick of my brother's Saturday night text every week saying hashtag free JMU. That's not why.

And congratulations again to Seth for running a 259-55 New York City marathon this past Sunday. Free JMU, everybody. Who does it hurt other than a power five school that needs a payday with your six wins. We're bowl eligible, but it's an embarrassment that we're taking your money to show up on December 19th to fill three and a half hours on ESPN school.

One of those schools, NCAA doesn't want to deny them their check, do you? Free JMU. Okay.

Okay. Thanks to Chris. Thanks to Jason. Thank you, Andrew. Thanks to TJ. Thanks to Hoskins. Quick Giants move. Thanks to RJ, Sarah, Liz, Erica. What?

Giants are signing Jacob Eason of the practice squad. Okay. There you go.

He should probably start. Quote the old ESPN fantasy show or add championship. Remember that?

Yeah. I'm Andrew. So long, everybody. Susie's in here tomorrow.

See you. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Too much time is spent discussing talent's age. The younger demo is just as excited about a Paul Heyman or John Cena or an undertaker or Becky Lanchard. I don't care what their birth certificate says. They're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch and they're great entertainers. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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