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7 destinations for Cam

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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March 25, 2020 6:05 pm

7 destinations for Cam

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 25, 2020 6:05 pm

On todays edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Bill Voth calls in to discuss the panthers offseason, BDaht comes in studio for another edition of BDaht's Grahamer School and more.

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This is dry when Josh Graham is dry afternoon, 3 to 7 support is now the cam Newton is a free-agent infield offers with no involvement from the Carolina Panthers so I've assembled the complete market for camp. I been thinking about this all day we've been talking about potential landing spots for camp the last month. Now this includes three places he could start three places that would love to have them as a backup. Three places that seem like a fit but just aren't +1 complete wildcard so that seven places cam could end up three that you might think could be a fit but aren't and I think we should start with the most mutually beneficial situation. That's the Los Angeles Chargers. We've been on this very early on I got a text from somebody who's well-connected in the NFL. When everybody was at the combine in Indianapolis and it was simply the Chargers are interested in cam. It seems to be a fit there if they don't get Brady. It's gonna be cam and then the day Tom Brady decided to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that late afternoon when that happened, I got a text message from that person. I hadn't heard from him since the combine and the message simply read Chargers CHARGERS IS it to say that cam was going to be in LA charge. It is the perfect football fit for both Pam and the Chargers.

If he plays there and he is healthy, talking about the shoulder talking about the foot I get. It's a big what if Buddy passed a physical earlier this week, the Chargers become a team that could compete in the postseason.

Remember there's an extra playoff spot in both the AFC and NFC this year so I think the Chargers could be there.

Think about this camp. He has struggled to be protected and the Chargers. They picked up Trey Turner who I know is a close friend with cam one of the closest people to cam in that locker room was Trey Turner the last Hampel years and Brian Bilotta.

The great right tackle for the Green Bay Packers Chargers brought him in. So this is the best line the charges of bad in a while so it could protect camp and in terms of weapons.

The weapons that the Chargers have right now. Better than anything he's had in Carolina. I go as far to say that with Eckler throwing the ball to Tina and Alan from Greensboro. I really like what the Chargers have in terms of weapons then in terms of a lifestyle fit there trying to sell tickets.

Cam is the most polarizing quarterback you can get is a legitimate star. He's transcendent outside the football community he can bring in more people to your new stadium.

It just seems to perfect for the Chargers to say at were just going to go with Taira Taylor as soon as I saw that we last Wednesday or Thursday. I thought this is the Chargers way to communicate to the Panthers were not going to trade you anything for camp. We know that you're going to Cottam were not going to trade you anything were just go with Taira Taylor. Please, you could still drafter quarterback and sell the future likely would Justin Herbert be an available at number six were Mel Kuyper has Herbert not to go in his mock draft 3.0 was released yesterday. You can sell the future and also still compete this year. It's a win-win as you try to transition into a new stadium so the Chargers are the obvious fit. I still think that's going to happen. That's the prediction I've had all along. It's based on sourcing it's based on common sense. It's based on just general analysis. What cam might want and what the Chargers need the Miami Dolphins.

That's another team. I think he could start for this year. Miami they were on the uptick at the end of last year more wins than losses. The final month of the year they won in New England, the last regular-season game. You have a first-year coach O'Brien floors going into year to their likely much like the Chargers going to be drafting a quarterback in the first five or six packs to a talk about Lola you want that guy to be your quarterback. However, I don't think the ideal plan for him as great as those videos this week look with them dropping back the passing working around the cones you don't want him to play this year. If you had the ideal circumstance so it's either Ryan Fitzpatrick or cam Newton benefits may probably want to play KM over Fitzpatrick. You might think all Joshua tried to take what you already got a pic that's likely to be good enough for you to land a franchise quarterback. So Miami I think they get the quarterback and I think cam Newton would be a great option to take another step from the five Wednesday had last year and the great final month and build on top of that to have further success. It's also a lifestyle fit for camp and if cam's trying to choose between options no state income tax in the state of Florida a huge thumbs up staying in the state of Florida, Jacksonville, he would start there. I'd stay away if I was cam Jacksonville they don't have any weapons. They are trying to tank. I don't like what the coaching staff is done. That's a staff that I think was only kept around because there painting. I think they're going to do the full reboot after the season ends. Jacksonville might be the worst team in the NFL. So if I'm camp even though I might get a chance to start in Jacksonville. I stay away. There those of the three places I could see cam Newton starting for. If he gets a contract offer now for the three teams that I think would be okay positions secondary market positions for camp to be a backup quarterback the New York Giants big gentleman.

He gets the rep for every single star panther beloved panther hating his guts, Josh, Norman, Steve Smith you you go down the list, Thomas Davis, Greg Olson. They felt like they were being he was ruffling the feathers and and rubbing them the wrong way they felt they were being screwed with a little bit that they were just going to be caught at the earliest convenience for Gettleman cam never had an issue with dental that's my understanding. So if that relationship is still solid I could to Gettleman taking okay being of Jones wasn't as great as we thought he would be last year we got a new head coach, the new head coach talking about Daniel Jones in very noncommittal terms. Gettleman has reiterated that same language. I think right now the other quarterback they have on the roster is from Monmouth so cam to be somebody to push Jones if he is not completely ready to be a franchise quarterback and start or he's 30 years old have the two compete if cam wins out.

I'm sure somebody would take Daniel Jones off your hands the same way the Miami Dolphins traded to bring Josh Rose it in last year's of the giants I want ruled that out.

The Tennessee Titans there backup is from Toledo. I don't even know this guy is and I follow college football closely. Yes, you gave Ryan Tannehill the $118 million contract extension but let's not forget the situation. Tannehill was brought into when Tennessee decided they needed somebody next to Mark's Marriott works, Marriott led Tennessee to a playoff win in Kansas City come from behind. Then they decide to bring Tannehill. They decided competition is good now wanted the same competition be warranted here for Tannehill and Lester completely convinced Tannehill is going to be a franchise quarterback for the next three or four years. Why not bring in cam and see if it warrants the same results that just let you get to the AFC championship game if they thought a few years ago Mary Yoda he's good enough to get us to the postseason to get us to the second round. Then they would've gotten to the AFC temperature game or the playoffs last year with Tannehill at the controls so you got a good roster camp. I look at that and I could compete with Tannehill and I think the Titans have enough Space they could secure him as well and these are again teams that could potentially bring him in to be a backup quarterback, not a starter. The third team is the Seattle Seahawks. I look across the entire enough in Seattle is the only team that doesn't actually have a second quarterback signed on the roster.

Did you know this Robert Russell Wilson, he's in place. It's certainly going to be a backup spot for cam, but system wise running quarterback reunited with Greg Olson that might be the place to go. They just don't have a backup quarterback on the roster, so I'm sure Pete Carroll in Seattle's good to make that phone call I will know if cam would take it. But that's a place that would love to have cam as a backup Seattle joining Tennessee and the New York Giants. Now, here are three popular destinations that just aren't fit for camp. I keep hearing New England stop doing what in their history is had one start from a black quarterback ever. Now that's not a deciding piece of it, but culturally speaking, I don't know if they're going to respond well to the guy with the suit if cam goes to Foxboro they just sign Brian Hoyer. This is a team that might be tanking. Tom Brady was complaining about the weapons nuts Tom bleeping great big cams good to do with those weapons. Probably not great Washington.

They just acquired Kyle Allen Alex Ms. contract.

You can't move that he's injured so you have Alex Smith already on the roster and that's good to be a fat Hit this year.

You have Duane Haskett to get took in the first round. A year ago and Kyle Allen was just traded to Washington in exchange for draft capital for quarterbacks. This is too many quarterback it's not a fit and in the Chicago Bears. This seems like a destination that would fit right.

It just isn't no like the it's clear Chicago doesn't want to admit they were wrong about Mitchell to biscuit to try make that work. Also look at where all these assistant coaches are from you look at the assistance that Matt Maggie had this laser guide to Filippo. These these are guys who once coached Nick foals in Philadelphia, so they like Nick foals they believe nipples can work if it's not risky. So cam going in there already to be working at a disadvantage, especially if there's no MTAs because of the coronavirus and just going to Pay already. What trip risky to be the guy and if not, they like Nick fall, so there's no place for cam. Here's the wildcard know Robert and you let me know if I'm absolutely insane for believing I think the Pittsburgh Steelers could get on the phone and call came Pittsburgh. They have been rivals, but I was sure Ben is going to be right this year.

Are we sure of that.

Pittsburgh this is a team that at one point last year was eight and 585 with a quarterback named Doc Wright eight and five team good young defect led the league in sacks last year and take away.

I love this Pittsburgh defense. I think they have great weapons so why would you limit yourself to potentially have a season like last year.

If cam is right there. Of course, is good to be to God, but it bends not able to do it will canvass about you Kabir quarterback the next three or four years cams a guy who could get to 3435 is gonna be better than storm.and he's gonna be better or should be. Doc Hodges and he's gonna be a lot better.

I don't know I may Doc Hodges, a Tar Heel baseball player adjusted, or a Tar Heel football player but I just and I think cam would be more productive. The masonry off so am I crazy to think Pittsburgh Steelers as well. They don't have a lot of Space. You can have around 6 million of her son and their rookies so cam would want to take a pay cut.

Maybe make 6 million then you can see that there's a complete market anybody else I'm forgetting the Chargers. That's the most mutually beneficial situation, the Dolphins, he could start to the Jaguars he could start there, but I don't think cam to go to the Jaguars even if he is given an offer three teams that would love to have them as backup Seattle the only team that doesn't have a backup quarterback Tennessee and somebody to push Tannehill the same will same way Tannehill pushed Mary Yoda the Giants cattlemen cam actually had a decent relationship and their noncommittal to Daniel Jones that the patriots the Redskins Chicago. Those are fits but they may seem like it. The top your head and in the Pittsburgh Steelers out of those seven teams do you think we have cam's destination pinpointed here one of those seven to be the team is a little bit less than 1/4 of the league so I would hope that we have put down what were doing very good. How about we just do the segment where we name every single thing okay can I start Jeff Lyons Bears Packers aorta got the Bears Vikings. I have a cousin parents achieve so Chargers bronco is a charter I'm just name and all of them got it. Raters see you as this game Cardinals, a prominent media member is already calling for Krista McCaffrey to hold out if he doesn't get an extension this off-season. How should the Panthers respond.

That's next on the drive just grandma loves to talk sports. He also loves writing sports for which we can think of a live from your homage rise with Josh Gray now be enjoined in studio by our good friend B's and DMV.we been in touch with each other. He's been a fan of the sports hub Time Machine segments that we've done going back in time to some great moments in sports history. Just wring out what the show would've sounded like at that time we bill in the year. The last few years, but we haven't been on the year for all of sports history or halfway have you. Where were you in March 1993 I was about to finish eighth grade all man at something a great time now but there's a great book on that exact day I was in a church event and I had to hear the game through the radio supersoft you were listening to Woody's call. I believe I was. I would've had to been absolutely that's exciting stuff you don't, let's figure out how this radio show would've sounded back in 93 is Dean Smith and his Tar Heels one. His second career national championship as a matter when you get here just what time what would it sound like if it dries with Josh Graham were here for some of the greatest moments in sports history.

Today we find out, let's fire up the sports hub Time Machine where is everybody going you ever heard the expression customers always right. I am worrying there would be that he's got is all visitorial, just won the national championship, but something about New Orleans. The tour you only won national championships. It seems in New Orleans yeah man that's the new Dean Dome is no longer the Superdome were calling it the Dean Dome South.

What's worse, the officials missing Chris Weber's travel or not knowing Chris not knowing he didn't have a timeout has to be the referees you commit so many things that Chris Weber said that he heard somebody from the file on the screen timeout following know what we need pictures of everybody after the locker rooms Weber had a busted face death you told Chris Weber call timeout had to be at approximate aphasia phones got back there at the referee we pay you to call the game and you blow it travel about my gin and juice all over the living room. Do you think you could put together a message to the Tar Heel nation all beyond the 1993 season. Looking forward Dean Smith. He looks like he has a lot of guys who potentially could be great.

Moving forward yeah yeah are you ready to go. I know you're jacked up Tar Heel had all absolutely fire up the Tar Heel anthem 93 National Champs Way.

We did just back up his number.

We had just lost to Michigan at the buzzer.

Jayla Rose hit the bucket and then they come last night Chris Weber for flat with a championship ring on his pillow. "A championship where we bring back the Wheel house on Franklin Street last night. My trophy played very, very big and he spoke very very well.

I have a future in mediocrity see him with a future immediate all met George let Playboy you are based out there, and Donna Williams 25.50 points in the know next year's team. It could repeat Eric Montross Senior Donald Williams, a junior, now here's my concern, though, you got. I don't know if freshman Jerry Stackhouse can carry George Lynch's load also I don't really know what to expect from this root she'd Wallace am I pronouncing that right believe that's correct Rasheed Wallace. I don't really know what to expect from not get what I mean just what I've heard Rusty Wallace bring a lot of attitudes of the things I'm really excited about that stack of this that he's an athlete like some really find about the hip. I don't know if he can dump the way that George Lynch dunks all men off-season. I've heard some stories are personal stories to say how are you watching Jerry Stackhouse and I wasn't able to see them but in my dreams when I just visualize what happened next season. We go back to back and I we have nothing elaborate on the back got nothing to labor.

He can really pillow… He's going to be that they expect. Yes, Robert would ask you the biggest Carolina fan around how you feel about Jordan going to baseball is that a big move is that you think you can appeal to succeed there. I think he's done in the MBA, nothing he's done in baseball. I think that Michael Jordan can do whatever he wants to do. I would be surprised if Michael Jordan went to a team like the Yankees or somewhere and became like a freaking world homerun until he may like whatever Michael Druck uses proven okay look what it is they would bring her well what he's done with basketball.

That's why just like Rohit Aaron did you get a chance to watch this game last night North.

It was a late one North Carolina taking care of Michigan home and was great down through was unfortunately I was re-watching Michael Jackson's performance at Super Bowl VHS cassette tape. Nice that my grandpa's up and watch the game is arming them. I would Jackson's homeland be a lot cooler if you did. All I did not seen the movie, oh my gosh, what's the name I think anybody knows the name of the actors. Yes, new mom thought he was cute though.

We fill another guy that hooks up with. I dislike it's like Matt might my own half the old guy this what the hell are now talking about day. Let it sit, dazed and confused. I have nothing as they think of is that recent it's pretty good to have this Matthew McConaughey Matthew McConaughey to know that Economy old McConaughey that sounds right as the Irish. I don't know these attractive yeah Robert's mom she's into Antonia Robinson. I don't know. I also shout out to my friends Robert and Lynn Walsh and Clemens like I just learned there about to have a boy flesh later this year, I think, are scheduled for August will hold Robert and Lynn wall heard that kid.

They had some problems because he was a little bit bigger in the baby region and they thought just as what to give a shout out to those folks later this year that that's going to happen and what were talking about class map Jeff McKenna season this next class.

I know he's a great perimeter defender just like you're not breaking. I guys angles nausea, not nobody is like is like telling like all the better the better things better come from. I got down there was a wake forest which products would like to know that Robert did you even watch this game. I say it sounds like you weren't even that in doing it and watch it all. Sorry man I was watching Chris Weber travel would not get called burn the time. To be honest with you I started watching the game. But then I had the remote control and it slipped down my oversized sweater sleeve and I just lost it in my sweater and couldn't find the remote that happens, it's bound to happen and we got a lot of things to get to today, not this this is going to be interested.

Pro football in North Carolina away now. I got some information on this and it's coming your way next on the drive around wow I was an incident so we were wrong about McInnes, you were wrong about McInnes. Yeah, you suck it up are about 1/2 hours right about that. Montross got told you I told him even back then I thought.

Also shout out to Robert and Lynn Walsh limits at.

That's a pretty big deal to Kindley can we check in on our good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger. We can yeah he's had the best time during social distancing and self quarantining like last week he was in his hot Jacuzzi is Jacuzzi. Let's see, let's hear the latest on what Arnold's up to this you know that's him and his miniature horse. I don't know which one. That is, is that whiskey it was. It was both of them. It was Lola and whiskey were both eating office plate. I love these videos but he doesn't really talk member last week and could sound like you were showering with Arnold. Now you could do it like you were you were eating dinner with him you like all this food is terrible. Nothing. This is all I told you not even hungry. More my appetite is on the choose like a did you close your mouth, Arnold touring so much money and to local businesses. The last few days like every day have made a vow that I'm gonna buy food or something from somewhere local jobs that serve all jokes that is not what everybody should know that a Superdome like that was a conscious decision or it was a conscious decision that was though, why think a lot of people should do that are group the biggest that's one of the bigger things. I'm worried about like these national chains waffle houses close in a lot of places nationwide are to be fun places that might not be fine.

The places that we like going to on Main St. in Winston-Salem places we like going to in downtown Greensboro. No group. Nothing is also like I'm always on for the local level. I from elections to Donegan.

Tom's pandemics are group 200. How have you been passing the time.

Netflix watching Netflix been doing and actually able to work Saba going to work in the mornings and then I been just chilling with the key is memo daughter ate yesterday we had a birthday party lost what you make of: Anthony announcing that is not to make an announcement. It scares me for the good of my soul. I need culture gone to the MBA. Why because men will be so stagnation only anybody trying to figure out what can happen at the guard position if: Anthony was to stay up are you but you're saying you don't want call back. Then I would prefer come in a local but I would prefer to not have called. That's the craziest thing I never is it is you love something you want to set it free. You have bigger thing. I mean we know they have a hurricane coming to Armando Bay can't.

He's coming back.

We know that will is much as I love Caleb love for the pundits were trying to do him is not to be as good as coy, but the weapons around him will be like well I will balance out like I don't want call coming and being a volume score with the team we have, but will come next season. Vittorio them out on the target benefit you. You sound like a loon really not a Tar Heel fan so I can't really vouch for it.

But you; take us in by the tag on Twitter something to fear from different W STS Winston-Salem WC OG Greensboro WPC Emberley to WMF or Highpoint are the signals that make up sports on. I'm down to 336-777-1600 is the phone number 777-1600 call up and let me know if I'm alone only if you're a Tar Heel fan here from Dukes and experiences they found you say a lunar alone. What is you call me a loon little detriment. Okay, bless Alcala know I'm just in both of those would've worked would've been what they have MI alone or am I a loon there we go MI alone and am I a loon 336-777-1600.

I don't think I'm either damn loon is crazy person are next our skin to be bill vote from joining us. We have revamped the addition of B.Graham or school yet we do.

I'm sick of you trying to carry my segment 30 minutes from now were to do that.

Let's figure out what's going on in the big headlines of the day segment. We fittingly called the big 44 number four on the big four according to ESPN reports, can Sue is expected to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I think Is a top 10 team in the league. I think they are one of the NFC's three best teams. I still think the same or better. I still think at this moment, the 49ers are better, but the Buccaneers are right there with the Dallas Cowboys right there with the Philadelphia Eagles. Dominic and Susan seem like the right decision. He was productive. After leaving the ran in 2018. Remember, Sue was the guy they decided to replace Gerald McCoy with the middle of those Tampa Bay defensive lines so lock him and on top of that you got the great offense of weapons that come with Tom Brady to so give me a sense. Where do you think the Buccaneers along the conversation when it comes to the super upgrade. No question but that fell those that I think is still the same I feel µ). Note I like to think that one had a Carolina Panthers loaded know know that the weak link.

Of course the Atlanta Falcons. They look great with one right right you watch early last season before when called out. The tendinitis is not it's what he's dealing with running back and I know I like…… But this is Atlanta utilized Amonte Freeman right they let Kevin Coleman know the San Francisco same staff in place. I just can't find wetland. I can't do it like a Matt Ryan is like the name but I got second in his mind. Number three on the big four.

Today the number three story that is being discussed. This headline from Ross Tucker of the athletic Christian McCaffrey. Please be smart about your future and hold out. He believes that Pampers parting ways with Greg Olson, cam Newton and pretty much all the captains from last year's team looked equally. He retired College of the special-teams got the that it's time to pay McCaffrey has two years remaining on his deal a Cowboys fan you dealt with this last year with Zeke Elliott who wanted a new extension with two years remaining Todd Gurley who we just mentioned got the contract that made him the richest running back in the NFL with two years left and I'm sure the rams regret that decision. Looking back on it what you think on the McCaffrey front. I think McCaffrey for his money, but I don't ever I never like when a running back holds out. Always things like the year they hold out when they come back and wrap the always get hurt that followed. I don't think Christian McCaffrey to hold out but I do think it is money. However, we know so Chris McCaffrey needs to get paid absolutely no doubt now see the way the Panthers used him last season, but looked at the way the Panthers just did cam Newton and Olson it's it's a business McCaffrey you look at it the lifespan of a running back for another position. You need to get yours when you're able to things like what happened with cam should be of a reminder of that.

I'm never good to be the person that says this guy should not be holding out the NFL were contracts that are mostly not guaranteed. Somebody most of the players in the league out paying any consequence for their clueless on the field around CMC right from the city map a hold out situation will makes you think trying to build around CMC well like Joe Brady 30 Bridgewater Robbie Anderson. These guys have ties to Matt Ruhl and Joe Brady, but there's no sign that leads us to believe all this is an office it's going to go through McCaffrey probably should. And I think they should extend McCaffrey plot if they decided to free McCaffrey depending on what they get back. I want to be stunned.

I don't think he's untouchable by any means after the Panthers moved all possible commodity or any of Frank Turner was in his 20s 26 years old to the big 40B.

Thompson has announced he is entering the NBA draft segmentation weekly center for siblings in Martin County.

Contact us better see and safety patient available you features very like you, your model from the agency's most apparently some investors websites for some straight talk some choices don't require only getting the new iPhone 11 of the ultralight camera do you want an expensive plan for the contract for an affordable plan with contrast. Like I said a no-brainer. Why pay more for the same network switch software. A singular plan for half the cost of carriers: America's largest and most dependable for GLT enough straight talk wireless everything for less savings may vary. See street providing you with the latest sports news, commentary and analysis plus tips on how to cheat at bingo Drive with Josh Gray sports hub try it's time for me.take me to school B.grammar school as I'm not great with the Irvine vernacular, cam Newton's not a panther anymore nostalgic and thought about the time I asked cam Newton about his drip and he just laughed at me because I'm pasty white.

I got glasses.

It's not great.

I'm around. I think the I to come around urban settings. Quite often just being somebody who works in sports, so I think this is something I need to be more equipped with so we've started grammar school but be.came to me with some changes that we can make to revamp the education to make sure I learn more words to try and jumpstart the process amid social distancing and people being self quarantined. Okay.

How are we going to do this now. The sample used are coming to give you one word and for some reason I felt like it was very easy. Would even know the words. Sometimes you just want me to win so you act like you didn't know the words not unlike that, I like that at all. So I said how can we switch this today.

I have five words Josh and you will be in a goblet if you can get three of these words correctly when today's episode grammar school.

If you only get two or less Jesus Christmas then you fail today's class so I gotta get three out of the five that are also good to have who wants to be a millionaire like rules where I have a couple of lifelines there somebody I can call a mystery guest.

I can call who can help me out with one of the answers or I can go to Robert and Aaron to give me to. Let's make it four options two or four options that it could be narrowed down the options for me to try and figure out what it is those the only three lifelong Aaron Rob and the mystery guest that is correct, let's reenter grammar school. Josh Graham has his own way of speaking school even play sports and wear a helmet and just when you think it can't get any worse language teacher wanted to find means when you think that next semester lobby 35 Josh is going to attempt to learn be Scott's vernacular.

The old-school street knowledge. You know what I mean you know what I'm saying it's ties for being God's grammar school. Welcome back to today's episode of grammar school here on the list Josh please tell me that correct urban definition for the word link, and all I the K link tonight gets adjective or verb or noun or verb.

What are their married name is now can definitely be both ways okay or noun or verb.

The way my mind I was thinking was deftly over guys working for you use one of the lifelines here on your first work you know what, let's go to the mystery line. Let's just do that I want to go use my one phone call here on the first one because I feel like Aaron, saying that the noun versus B.saying it is a verb that confuses me.

So our mystery guest who is my lifeline. It is W RAL sports anchor Chris Lee, formally of WXII okay I only have 30 seconds with you here, Chris. The word I need help with is lips. They say it could be a verb and noun. Can you help me out. Chris we hope you Josh Graham working there that your job is W port hub try to use it, lick my man since I hit a lick lick you can actually talk to give you. You could just tell me what it is almost like, like, you know you good to your 30 seconds ran all right. Thank you so much Chris.

It's good to hear from you.

Either you go that's grossly say it's like it's a break it's it's a come up to use his word.

It's just that good a good thing happening in your life that is wrong is a robbery lick to the Robert yesterday about but if you get Rob to get a lick or you can get a robbery lick is a robbery. Not good. Next work you Josh will what does the acronym bath stamp for TH OT. What does the acronym bath stamp the hell out here that hail out here. Here is an H, so there will be a moment to you over to.Tim hose over there. The radio that your Gartner hello were also not forget about Presbyterians mascot blew through this house work for you. What is laying what is Lee this is Josh I know you know I do know what Aileen is.

And I also know that lien. It's it's you put it in the compensated drugs/just don't don't think anything like that is just drone does a lot of lien you know what what ingredients are in is it is it scissor is it purple Dragon is the right time. All the same in here in the actually just given the nickname Mixed up with Yourself Right Jolly Rancher and I Have a Sound from a Point I Got to Words Left One Correct Last Word Number Four Bodied.

If Somebody Got Bodied What Happened to Them. There's Two Things I'm Thinking about You. Like You Get Bodied like Someone Stole Your Girl but You Also Can Get Bodied like a Man You Just Got Work You Just Got Taken out, You Just Got Made Look for Life.

You Asked the Teacher You like This Morning Mean Is Coming All Those Are Kind of the Same Thing like You Got Work on Body That You're Finally Finally Bodied Is Keeled.

Josh Somebody Got Body Means They Got Murdered, Went on the Basketball Court and Got Dumped on the Got Bodied Somebody Got Shot around the Corner They Got Bodied Body Is Keeled. Josh the Third and I Day, the Day on March 25, You Get an F on Your Grill Come on the If I Get This Last One Right Extra Credit. My Little Guy Will Say the Last and Final Work for You Bone PO and ES Bone F Soon, Eric Just What Are You Doing Micro the Way You like the Clue You Still Have. I Guess Aaron Gave Him That He Already Has One Lifeline. We Aren't Give Me a Lifeline. You Guys Help Me out to Meet Narrowed down to It, It's Going to Be a Hint That There Are Not Options Is Not Multiple-Choice Is Going so It Is a Game That Can Be Played with Two before People More Than That the Mess on the Plane Again, but Definitely At Least Two, and It Has Something to Do with Numerical Editions Attracted When One Thing Happens. I Got Don't Get One after Another, All My God, It Is Said Closer Aaron, No, No Jobs I Guess Will Give You a D+ Put That down Is Brown's Great Report March 25 D+ Project Try and Integrate Some of These Words into the Steve All about You Extra Credit and You Get to See the Words You Can Use with RA the Places Cam Newton Could Play Are Dropping like Bones. If There Are There Are Three Places That If He's Playing Quarterback That All Offensive Line Will Get Him Bodied, but There Are Three Others with an Assist from Robert That Would It Hit a Lick Will Be My Rock. Okay Thank You Josh Fox Sports Hub Try. It Was Really Neat Seeing What the Panthers Did Yesterday That Tribute Video to Cam Newton Was on Instagram about Three Minutes Long and It Started with Him Getting out of an Escalator. Whatever SUV It Was in Meeting with Security for the First Time after He Was Drafted, Then Going into Bank Of America Stadium into That Press Room for the First Time and When the Doors Opened to See Some Riders, Many of Which Are Covering the Team Anymore, but Some Familiar Faces. We Had Joe Person on the Show Yesterday, but I Also Saw Our Next Guest As Well. Who Was I Think at the Time Working in TV before Starting a Blog That Then He Parlayed into Working with the Carolina Panthers Its Buildout of Now Spending Time Here. What's the Best Way You Can Explain Cam's Impact on the Franchise You Work for Now Relevant. You Know Will Run Another Thing I Think It Got Lost in the Cliché 2013 and Maybe Went over to Forking a Little Bit Be Relevant and in Camden Is What Made This Organization More Relevant Than in Any Event, That Had Ever Happened before.

So What a Story to Give Them Roman Harper Kurt Culminates like Players Wait People Type Things Once Once the Season on the Last One to Three Years Ago Mike Buckingham Had Never Shown up While That like in the Previous Years, but Luke Showed up Tonight and the Last One Is like a Big Deal in the Crowd There Really Excited and Then an Hour Later Cam Show and It Was Just It Was Off-The-Wall Excitement. So Lucas Great Chris McCaffrey's Great Stars in Their Own Right but Cam Transcended and Made the Panthers National Conversation What Is Good or Bad They Were in the Conversation and Another Analogy That I've Made A Lot Of That Quail Hollow Golf Tournament Here When Tied, Which Is to Come, That Transcended and Felt like All My Girlfriend.

Like All You Come to Ricky and Lori, Mike, That's Just for Your Little Community. So like That, like Panthers without Digging the Carolina Brought You at the Event, and It Transcends and My Mom Wants to Ricky but You. Your and and That's How I Kind of Felt like with Cam like like the Stars That the Panthers of Heaven the First 25 Years. There Were Some Good Stars but None of Them May None of Them Was a Star like Campbell and That Is the Is It Is the Cliché Tied That Removal Shifts Are Stuck in My Gut That What You Know about the Physical Took Place on Monday. I Don't Know Anything Other Than That Was That Was the I Don't Even Know Why Reporters Say Sources Miss You Just Feel like Agents and Stuff like That. Yeah, Especially When You See the Line Essentially Sounded like It Was Straight from Cans. Instagram Is Always Hungrier Than Ever Wearing the Same Sort of Comes from Players, but I Don't Know about It but I Don't I Don't Think I I Am Skeptical of What Doctors Even If Team Doctors Were Able to Look at Players Right Now Incumbent like Cam and What Instagram Stories Are Really Good.

Michelle, How Is His Shoulder to Be Holding up in November December after so Many the Torque of of so Many Frozen in Getting Hit on That Shoulder out. You Can't Him Walking on a Treadmill Right Now Thing.

I'm Hungry. I Bet I Know His Shoulders to Be Able to Still Throw the Ball Properly.

November December, the Oldest and Again You Even If a Doctor Clears Him Right Now and What It Wasn't This Crazy World Were Inward Teams Can Examine Him.

I Still Think A Lot Of the League Understand That They Don't Really Know What Cam Newton Are Getting until the Real You Get Later and You Can Hold up with the Super Is on Twitter at Panthers. I Find It Interesting Talking about the Shoulder You Are One of the First Ones I Think That Talk about Hey, Even When Pam Was Still Playing in 2018% Guys Not Throwing the Ball Deep. You Are One of the First Ones to Set This Is a Problem. I Have No Doubt That in Modern Medicine Today That a 30-year-olds Foot Who Hasn't Have Many Who Hasn't Had Many Foot Injuries.

It's Likely Going to Heal, and That Aspects Going to Be Back for Camp. If I Had to Guess, Are You More Concerned about the Shoulder, Then You Are the Foot Talking about the Shoulder. If People Paid Attention to Video That Campaign Put out after Surgery and Dr. Said It Pacifically. What They Did and That Surgery It Wasn't. It Wasn't like Oh It's Fixed and Then You Have To Worry about It Time to Gloat.

Well, This Is the Second Procedure Done on the Shoulder and Essentially Kind. There Something for Clara When You You Really Know Maybe It Will Flareup Flareup and for That I Think That's the Thing That A Lot Of Teens Are Sure They Understand Medical More Than I Think Fans Do so Again If It Cam's Throwing Time and Again in Time and Again Is That Shoulder Can Hold up Very Well Could, and If It Does Then I Can Be One of the Best Quarterbacks Fell by You Just Don't Know How Many Teams Wanted. We Don't We Don't Know. You Covered the Team As a Reporter and Television and Also Imprint with Video As Well. And Then Now You've Been Given More Behind-The-Scenes Access Working with so Uninterested in What Your Favorite off the Field Story Involving Cam Is Whether It's in the Locker Room or Something at Practice Are outside of Bank Of America Stadium Altogether Because A Lot Of People Who Work with the Pampers Photographers and Team Writers like Yourself Have Been Sharing Great Stories That I Don't Think the General Public, or Even the General Media Got a Chance to See That Side of Cam Prepared Food. Tony Wanted to Talk Him. There Was One Time I Truly Got to Sit with Them by Myself through 2017 and I Would like Cam Units Will Win One Title and A Lot Of It Can't Just Distrust He Distrust Adult Distrust Media He Distrust Adult What You See with Him with Kid Who He Is. He Is a Big Kid and That's Why Go Great with Kids and Adults Don't Mesh Well, That Is on Him but Wish Maturity Process.

I Think Because He Was Sheltered in Lot Away from from from Having to Deal with A Lot Of This, but Also He Has Been He Had Been Unfairly Treated and A Lot Of Wasted so What, but We're Talking You and Me to Win One A Lot Of Criticism Going.

Criticism Will Never Go Away.

But the Thing That He Said He Is Most Proud of That. He Doesn't Think I'll Ever Get Credit for Is How He's Paved the Way for Future Black Quarterbacks Who Can Act Probably Black and of Course I Can't.

I Can't Pretend to Understand to Know Him at That Level. But but I Understand Why I Think I Try and I Try to Understand What You Understand or Think the Black Quarterbacks That Came before Him Were Expected to Act How Quarterbacks Act and and Kim Didn't Want to Do That Especially He Was Very Proud of Being a Black Quarterback and That I Think That If You Haven't Got A Lot Of Credit for Him, Saying That to Me in in in a Setting like That, Learn Something about Them and I Found a Different Perspective.

All of and yet He Wants to Win on the Field but It Was Also Part of Him That Really Wanted to Pave the Way for Future Black Quarterbacks to Back However They Wanted What They Wanted Active What We Think Quarterbacks Should Be. They Want to Act in a Different Way. That's What He Wanted to Make It Easier for the Next One Coming from behind Him and I Think You People Here That They Convey All the Others That Have Done That All Holding to That One, but I Do Think That He's Paved the Way for People to Be Themselves and Really You Have To Be Black Quarterback and Think about NFL Players within the Allotted Baseball Where Baseball Players of That Heart Breaking out Because All You Have To Follow These Unwritten Rules the NFL at All of My and Kim Doesn't Want to Fall Line and He Doesn't Want to Have the People Who Come behind Him Again with Black or White, Really Played within the Singular Box and You Think He's Meet Again to That 92.

This Style of Play Was Different.

His Outfits Were Different. The Way He Handled Things. It Was Different. What Do You Think, and It's Been Met. As You Mentioned with A Lot Of Criticism Is a Very Polarizing Athlete the Money Jones.

He Was with Us Last Week and He Said There's No Quarterback Working in National TV or National Radio That Moved the Needle More Than Cam Newton Not Tom Brady. Not That the Homes That Peyton Manning Run through the West.

What Do You Think the Greatest Misperception Is among Panther Fans, or Even National Fans to Follow Cam in the NFL of What You Think the Biggest Misperception. Let Me Forget That My Right by a Friend in Your Catalog Who You like to Think like the Rare Times That Panthers Get a Chance to Get This Game.

Note If Cam Newton Was in the Game. There's No Way You Get like You're Only Going to Get You Know Crew 12 at Worst Story and and Now Take Him Away, and yet I Am like That That's What He Did Not Go Back to the Beginning of of Our Conversation, I Don't Know If There's a Big Misconception. I Just Think That Any Criticism That He Is Faced. He Pedicle Everything before He's Had a Part of It. Also Everyone Else Have To Media Other Adults. There Is a Wide Swath of Fans Never Could Accept for Some Reason We Know Why but Other Other Reason to Be That Quarterback That We Week Specular Corridor Next to Be Delivered Were Talking like Only You Think You Currently on the Political What You Think. His Next Step after Football Is Going to Be If That's Not Right Now We're Talking to Jordan Rose about the He's a Guy That after the Super Bowl. He Did the Nickelodeon Show We Saw Him Do a Game Show Appearance We Seen with the YouTube Channel. I Think Entertainment Might Be the Route I Joked Yesterday and I Actually Kind of Exploded Not As If It Was Gonna Happen, but Something I I Think ESPN Might Take a Look at Hey If the Markets Not Great for Can Give Them a Phone Call and Try to Lure Them Out Of Football. The Way You Did. Jason Witten What It Would Turton Certainly Qualifies the Splashy Higher If That's the Route You Want to Go but with Cam, Whether It's Tomorrow or Five Years from Now What Do You See As His Next Step after Football Avoid Producing TV Movie Stuff like That Guy When He Turns It on Have the Charisma More Than Any Other Athlete but with Mexico You Think Maybe She Be Good on TV but We Also Know That Hannah Gets A Lot Of Cliché Here That You TV What Social Media with Replicating about All That Other Stuff I Can Say No to Keep All That Time the Social Media Reaction. So I Think Running a Production Company Worksheet Which He Already Had in Making That Figure and Moving to LA, and the More That Iconic Entertainer Which You Know Some People over That at First, but Go for It. Don't Go into It. You Know, so I Thought. I Think It's Pretty Good to Me. This All Has To End Sometime All with the Chargers Just Makes so Much. Thanks for the Chargers and It Would Make so Much Sense for Canon. What It and Perhaps What He Could Carving out.

Postcoital Career Makes so Much Sense to Me As Well and the Know Were Not the Only One Saying That Bill I Know It's Probably Been a Very Interesting Couple Weeks It's Been Interesting Couple of Weeks for Everybody across the Country, but Particularly When It Comes to the Carolina Panthers As Well. It's Been a Fascinating 10 Days or so. Bill, Thanks for Spending the Time Real Sports Fan Right Ranging Psychotic Fall Sports with Josh Graham. This Might Be the Craziest Sports on Time Machine We've Done to This Point. Sometimes in Sports Radio. You Just Gotta Take Some Swings and This Definitely Qualifies As an Example of That.

We've Done the 93 National Championship for North Carolina. Chris Weber Called Timeout That He Didn't Have Shortly after Traveling except That It Wasn't Called. We Figured out What Our Radio Show Would've Sounded like after That 93 after Coach K Was Hired in 1980. We Also Explored What This What the Show Would've Sounded like after Kobe Bryant Was Traded by the Charlotte Hornets after Austin River Shot after the Panthers Lost the Super Bowl in 2004 Today Were Going to Go All the Way Back to 1919 and Figure out What the Driver Josh Graham Would've Sounded like When Babe Ruth Was Traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees When You Get Here. Just What I Sound like If It Dries with Josh Graham Were Here for Some of the Greatest Moments in Sports History. Today We Find out, Let's Fire up the Sports Hub Time Machine 1990 George Hayes Jospin All Cash.

I Say $100,000 Were Robert Walsh Think of Will. Socks Can Do with 100,000 G.

Think of All the Gas Burners That Can Buy All the Hey Burner, You Can Put into Your Backyard Put into Your Driveway with $100,000.

There You Know What I Say I Cesar Bembo Anywhere in Good Written All If I'm Being Completely Honest about Being Frank.

I Don't Get Why Everybody Thanks George Herman Ruth Is the Big Cheese Hayes Hard Lay Hey Bluenose, If I'm Being Honest That's What We Do Here on the Driver, Josh Graham Would Be This Would Be Frank.

We Tell You Exactly How We Sleep in Is Exactly How I Cesar Can Cater to All. I'm Sorry about It. I'm about to Go Ankle down to the Firewater Store Is More of a Drugstore Cowboy You for Being Honest. Now I Have No Absolutely No Clue He Sees More Fond of the Google Water Okay and This Is South Baltimore.

It's Got to Be Easy to Replace This Kind of Player I Got All Know How the New York Yankees Think This Is Going to Go. Good Luck Winning with One Babe Ruth Take the Cash Those Do Drivers Have Never Won a World Series in Wave One. Three of the Last Four Say 14 Is Entire That Day. Some Say He's the Sultan of Swat I Say Is the Sultan of Squaw.

Well Let's See What's Going on Robert Walsh.

What We Got Erin Erin What Are You Doing over There over the Dingbat Hang out in the Control Room.

What You Think You're Doing or Try to Do a Radio Show Here Erin but Me Really Quick and Do the New That a Good All Stoking What Kind of Cigarette You Got over There You Mind Your P's Know My in My Queue Is Just Fine, I Will Wave a Monument to Go down There and Check Cheers on Clothes Also.

And Finally, Can't Go Is Fantastic All Just Fantastic. But We Could Blow It up Here Was a Radio but Basically You're Saying He's Got a Problem with That Mouse. I See It at Your Movie Theater or Your Drive and I Have an Adorable My Cell You Know What Name Is Absolutely Awful Name for Almost like Naming at a Horse.

Winnifred Sometimes I Call You Now Listen Here. I Think That's a Little over the Line to Be Going a Winning I Think I'm Getting a Call from Alexander Graham Bell Given Once I Complete All My We Actually Have a Telephone Call Number If You Would like to Chime in on This Particular Program 336-777-1600 Is the Telephone Number. If You Are Equipped with One of Those Devices You Could Call in on Our Radio Program. The Big News Via George Herman Ruth Van Being from Boston That I Was New York Yankees. Those Do-Nothing Yankees Who Have Never Won Anything at All. Nothing Expect to Win with This Outfall Left-Handed Pitcher Who Has Done Much If I'm Being Completely Frank with You Why I Don't Care Whether You're Frank or John but I Just Want You to Do Your Job. Most Likely Had a Telephone Call and Hear from Some Bluenose to Stop the Time Machine. I Said I Don't Know What You're Talking about What Time We Radio Not Get to the Biggest News.Everybody's Affected by This Pandemic That's Going on Right Now My Mom Asked Me Although I Was Talking about Scurvy, Even Though That Is a Very Serious Deal, I Know I'm Talking about the 1918 Flu from Last Year. Robert You Better Stay Somewhere Else. H1 M1 It's a Serious Thing. Robert, I'm Not Saying It's Not Serious but I'm Also Not Saying It's Wash Your Hand Stay in Your Home.

Erin You Have Anything to Add to All This. I'm Just Trying to Buy Me a Flap over My Senate Dams Erin They Really Be Change in Radio First African-American Radio Host and All of America Groundbreaking Gradualist to Robles Mayor Will What Else There Is This Thing Called the National Football League Is Going to Be a Big Deal. I'll Tell You Why. Next on the Ground. Erin I Don't Have A Lot Of Experience with 1990 I Don't Know What We Were Doing Laser Not Believe They Installed Yesterday. I Think You Could Get Moronic Words Are Required to Probably Not. I Don't Think It Could Have We Found a Way to Progressive Radio Station. WSJ Is Not Please Do More Bleed from 1990. Socks Candles Already Problem Was the Movie This Voices Were Doing. It's like What You Want Them All Thrown Everywhere Saying That You like the Same Guy. It's It's What Were Trying to Do.

It's It's Taken Me Laugh.

That's What I Do. I Really but Me and Jasper and That's No Jive Turkey from Joe Buck, Joe Buck's Doing Play-By-Play of Random Things in the Middle of a Quarantine.

Here He Is Describing and and and Exhilarating Marble Race.

It Looks like a Four Marble Row We've Had, We've Had an Accident and Now the Turquoise Ball Is behind the Turquoise Ball the Little Ball That Could Is Now Trailing in Third Place As Now We Had a Lead of Bleed Changeup at the Top Is the More Reddish Ball Is out in Front Look at the Turquoise Ball. The Just Will Not Give up and There's Turquoise Ball Now Is Running Forth Now Is Running Third and Making a Move. Making a Move in Following the Same Path As the Two in Front Now in Second and Try to Get Now Back out in Front. The Turquoise Ball Unbelievable.

There's Only a Little Ways to Go Left in This Race, the Turquoise Ball Not to Be Denied on This Day in the Sand. During This Pandemic. It's Now All Turquoise Ball Just Laughing at the Competition. This Was Marchand Lynch. The Turquoise Ball Would Be Backward and Jumping into the End Zone Turquoise Ball in an Absolute Runaway Marble Racing Sound like A Lot Of Fun. Turquoise Ball Just Got off to a Great Start and Then Paste Itself Finishing Strong Analysis Thereby Joe Buck, Do We Also Have Joe Block with His Wife Joe Buck and His House Doing Play-By-Play As His Wife Takes Care Of His Child.

We Have That Shell on the Last Dinner.

I Write You on Half past Now He Wants to Seem Days.

The Best Part of That Clip ESPN Posted Saying Joe Bought Describes His Wife Playing with His Son When His Wife Has a Name. Michelle Buys Her Thought. She Works for ESPN As a Sideline Reporter As a Feature Reporter for the NFL. Like She's Not a Nobody.

Michelle Buys Bought from the Bronco Cheerleaders Well

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