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Why are parents encouraging their kids to become drag queens?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 6, 2022 3:19 pm

Why are parents encouraging their kids to become drag queens?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 6, 2022 3:19 pm

A Dallas gay bar is facing national outrage for hosting a drag queen show for young children. The parents should be charged with child abuse. Agree or disagree?

Rep. Andy Biggs, Tony Perkins,  Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Chris Widener join the conversation!

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Do you see hello radio program honored to have you write wherever you are, well, do we have a weird I just want to go right out of the and tell you just going to be. That's just the way it is.

We are right smack in the middle of the Supreme Court throwing out rulings here and there were to keep you updated on any developments that your way were also dealing with the gay pride bump, which by the way, is like a full month. Our Lord gets Christmas and Easter, and then the gays get everything else so there's a lot going on. There's a lot going on there and that's really where we are going to start.

But before we we have some exciting news to share with with her audience, which just got a little bit larger were now broadcasting on WSJS and Winston-Salem North Carolina news talk sports for the triad. Are you folks over in Winston-Salem and Greensboro and High Point. Welcome to the program note.

Here's the deal. We like to honor our listeners and as a way of saying welcome to the Todd Sergio neighborhood. If you call and Grace Baker our great call screener and Executive Producer if she put you on the year were going to give you a Todd start show prize package and we do this for every single one of our affiliates is just our way of saying welcome to the neighborhood.

You say all right Todd what's the telephone number I meant to give that to 844-747-8868 so your listing to us in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or High Point or Greensboro. Give us a call 844-747-8868 and it will be welcoming you folks to the program that will almost 130 radio stations around the nation, not too shabby. There was a very weird thing that happened over the weekend in Dallas Texas a gay bar hosted a drag queen show for young children.

Now this caught a lot of people by surprise, but not yours truly, because we been covering this particular story for a very long time now.

The video which we have about our website so you can see if there at Todd's turn' is pretty provocative.

You have men dressed as women wearing thongs and stiletto heels and all sorts of other do dads and their prancing about cavorting with the children and at one point in the video the children can be seen giving dollar bills to the men dressed in lady thongs. It is not a pretty picture and we got the video there.

It's the lunch hour. I don't want you to have to interrupt your baloney sandwich to look at this nonsense, but you can do it later on today. The event was called drag the kids to pride and it was meant to introduce the children to the drag culture. The drag queens performed in front of a giant pink neon sign reading. It's not gonna lick itself. Now the gay bar did not extrapolate exactly who was licking what but you can use your imagination. It's not a pretty picture. Meanwhile, outside of the gay bar there. I call these the protesters and the good, God-fearing churchgoing people saying what the world is going on and I mean there were things happening in front of the children that would make the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. Now a lot of people are blaming the gay bar, but I just want to step back for a moment and I am not sure all the blame needs to be placed on the gay bar because they're doing what they do. They are grooming their clientele for next-generation service right and we know that because a couple of years ago in Lafayette Louisiana there was a big controversy over drag queen storytime so many of you may not be aware of this but your local public library. They been inviting the drag queens in two read story books to the children and it is that it's been a big controversy. So anyway are good friends over at KR 0F in Lafayette Louisiana they carry this program and you guys remember what happened. They had a big big town meeting about they brought in the drag queens and one of the drag queens got up in front of God and country of the town Council there, Lafayette, Louisiana, and said what we all knew it was really going on.

This is the running of the next generation. We are trying to grow in the next generation cannot see the way that they existed. This is about grooming the next generation. Thank you very much Kyle Rossiter that's true, this is all about grooming the next generation so we know what the agenda is as a matter of fact, the San Francisco Gay men's chorus. You might recall the song the car is saying what.

Just a couple of months ago. They bait they said it was a parody, but you can listen to it yourself and you decide that your children and someone's got to change them not as Grace Baker. This is cringe worthy and that's not even a strong feeling up there yet. Here's how bad it is. Even Britney Spears light. Hello hello hello there, in several places over the weekend and I know in the past, just maybe, just not noticed it, but there is so much private stuff like so my it's just like it's overwhelming. So I get to get your right and what happened in Memphis Tennessee, of all places. It just view my life.

But here's the thing you got the give got the gay men's corral singing red coming fight. Nutshell threatened the children and you don't happen in Dallas, Texas. The parents brought their kids to them that every there's like here you go where it is going to drop the kids off of fit in with stiletto heels and feather boas and I will come pick him up later. It's unbelievable that this happened that moms and dads would knowingly and willingly and freely expose their children to this end, and that to me is the more disturbing and disgusting and sickening part of all of this is that your exposing toddlers when I'm talking about teenagers or were talking about green schoolkids and were talking about this happening in Dallas Texas. Remember what we warned you about you folks in North Carolina the wall about this. You were once a beautiful red state and then what happened. All of the Northerners came in and they brought their values and their politics to your state and now you've got you got cultural chaos and you've got a purple state very close teetering on blue and the same thing is happening in Texas Nautilus to talk about that, but the same thing is happening in Texas. Let me tell you what happened to Memphis, Tennessee, and there's up yes there's a point all of this by trying to set the story set the scene in Memphis. They had a gay pride parade in Memphis Tennessee. This is the buckle of the Bible belt here in Memphis a lot of religious people over 50,000 people turned out, and grace.

There was all sorts of working and cavorting and there were hundreds if not thousands of children in attendance watching grown men scantily clad talking about in Memphis Tennessee. And yeah, I'm speechless.

I just have no words for that more than 50,000. I can't believe that. Meanwhile, we have lots of massive churches and or maybe any given Sunday. Those churches are barely attended yeah man, I I've noticed you don't really have to deal with Sunday morning traffic anymore. Not a Memphis you don't and it's fascinating as I was watching this scene unfold out there. I thought to myself, my goodness, what what is happening here to the culture where it's very clear that the evangelicals have lost the culture fight and that the LGBT movement has claimed a victory. Now you can think that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I think if you are looking at someone who defends and someone who supports traditional values. We got a big problem on our hands do. Do you really believe that the LGBT movement has conquered the evangelicals and the culture warriors the moral majority.

You can barely get a couple of months ago there was a big demand they had all sorts of people here for this.

A big culture summit and they barely got what a couple hundred people show and then you got 50,000 people marching in the streets of Memphis supporting the transgender movement. Now it's interesting because the New York Times had a piece on this over the weekend and was a fascinating look inside what's happening right now in the culture war. And yes, the culture war is still being waged but it is a nonreligious culture war they're coming about these these issues regarding CRT and transgender is him from a secular perspective. So my question is have have the conservative evangelicals lost the good fight you've fought the good fight but did you lose the fight 844-747-8860 events or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860, it would really take a break where to go to the phone lines you folks listing to us in Winston-Salem and High Point and Greensboro you call it the show today to get a a great prize package included in that package is an autographed copy of my latest book, you're gonna love it again folks, welcome to the neighborhood.

This is the Todd's friendship. Happy new year friends, 20, 22 is going to be a critical year for America and for a McAfee association of the chore. American citizens along with her nearly 2 million members like me fight to stop out-of-control spending of the presidents built fact that her scheme is far from over. Congress is plotting more legislation that could hurt our senior and the midterm elections will be a battle for freedom versus socialism, unlike liberal groups came back as America's conservative action or even 50+ organization biting hard every day in Washington and across that they support our senior I'm urging you to choose a Mac now will receive all the great membership benefits including a Mac. This counseled hotels, travel, and restaurants in your membership. Your value go to a Mac .us/time again that a Mac .us/become a member now. By the way, country music has gone well. About this. The country music Association says that friends attending this month CMA best in natural you can't. You can't bring anything that has Confederate flag imageries of the T-shirt.

If it's a backpack. If it's a cooler.

You're not going to be able to to bring your competitor like bad news for Dukes of Hazard's and Confederate railroad fans. I have to imagine it. Meanwhile so the Confederate flag is banned at CMA fest but now CMA best is actually telling people that they are embracing the rainbow flag they've they've launched a new program called CMA stands proud and I wrote about this in my book cultures behind how to stop you from telling a nation. Most of the country music exacts the bigwigs from from Hollywood from Los Angeles of these guys hate hate the fan base of country music. They despise freedom and family. God and guns so they it is a new day in country music. So if you at all this give this broke country.

All this kind of garbage. Look, it's because the leftist have taken over.

So instead of instead of folks like crooning about God and guns and hockey togs there to be singing about. I don't know, rainbow flags, drag queens and table chapters but I don't this terrible let's go to the phone 084-4747 80 like kittens not not speaking dismissively of the vegan ground Grace Baker but by and large I'm just saying that most country music fans eat fried chicken and not fail. That's all all right.

Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Kelsey in Florida hanging out with those on the lifestream today Kelsey what's on your mind, live, and I had a question as had been feeling it had kind of wine and taken over and thought it was interesting because when Rhonda and I passed parental rights in education Delaware that be like a copy. Don't take a bell I would like it makes sense that why is this even an issue highly dependent.

You know not aware of what they're teaching in schools and everything and I read some articles and it was saying that California had a record number of students pulled out of the school because I think the majority of hearing are again all is that you know basically forcing this on our children and problem as parents go to the school board kind of waste their opinion and insert a blank California don't care what the parents think it's way they want to teach your children and I just thought I was interesting that I don't think it completely wine. I think they wanted think that where the minority here. They tell us you don't get me wrong I think that we are. I think that we are the majority people who believe in God. People who believe in traditional family, you know, if you go back back to 2008, which is not that long ago when you had to proposition eight, which was being debated and voted on in California.


California rejected day marriage. So the question now is okay will why have we seen this rapid shift as a matter fact, 54% of Republicans now support and endorse gay marriage. How did that happen in such a short amount of time and Kelsey, the answer is very simple. It's the public school system. That's the engine driving this out-of-control change in the culture and that's what's going on. I'm curious Kelsey do you do you have kids for your daughter get started kindergarten last year and do you homeschool reducing your kids to public school child right at all and I everything that I research it really Gary, what are they really teach children go out and if there are that Kristin will been around for over 30 years.

A really good day a little bit more the public golf and everything you think you have a great company really fighting for parent for our children. Anything you know.

Eventually they how long will it with everyone moving.

How long are we able to hire politics better protecting our children that I really want mining private school, and Kelsey. This is why we need another four years of Donald Trump in the White House. We've got we've gotta put a stop on this week we've got to we've got to start sending people to Washington DC to stand up and put it put an end to this radical indoctrination of our kids and if we don't do it. We are going to lose this country. I am hopeful that were to be able to turn this around with radio programs like this one and others were people are mobilizing our people are now going after their local school boards in the school boards are trying to fight back but at the end of the day.

Kelsey, we are we are seeing the courts siding with the moms and dads of Kelsey good for you, your son like a great mom. I'm glad that you got your kids in a good strong Christian private school and and thanks for the call and folks, I'm telling you this is what we have to do.

If you have the ability to homeschool what you gotta do it and I know we have a lot of people out there who are homeschoolers and I'm curious to know how you guys are faring out there almost 2 million people homeschooled in America. It's just unbelievable. The explosion of homeschooling. Are we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 Todd is a website there's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like to see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account weights go back.

IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your health.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM hello every body well I just got a text message from some of our good friends in the Nevada talk and they are freaking out over there apparently gas prices are heading are already in some places it $10 a gallon is our good buddy Wyatt Cox over at over at the Nevada talk to you Matthew the horse and buggy. It is getting that bad out there. I walked back to the Todd Stern's radio program.

We are so glad to have you with us. We've got a really great show coming up our good friend Mike Huckabee is going to be here. Also, Congressman Andy Biggs giving us a report on what's happening at the border and then Pres. Trump is is on to work in order to be speaking with Chris Weidner from the American freedom to work that's coming up just a little bit later, but I don't go to phones because we have our very first our very first listener caller from WSJ asked what say hello to all three from North Carolina created Lord. We roll out the red carpet. John what can I say normally what or more. I was very pleasantly.

Here you have a new fresh attitude and bring in a different view how I get little more. Will John we look welcome to the neighborhood and we have a lot of fun on this program and we talk a lot about the big issues of the day but but you know this program. We have hope in America and the reason why is the problems were facing are not political problems.

I believe their spiritual problems and until until we get back to the church house. I don't think were to be able to fix what's broken in this country down.

I'm right there with you what your over 30 years is that you bring dinner and reappointed but I hope I'm here in Greensboro area broke my lab retirement. Now John just for my Southern Street credit John from Memphis, Tennessee. But I do appreciate Duke's mayonnaise and I'm a big fan yelled out a chain out there called biscuit Phil and I'm a pretty big fan of those folks though I don't normally do and I know that I'll read it says.

Gotta be it has to be mayonnaise, South Carolina that I grew up in, good very flat out yes it is flat out here will look John, I don't want to go anywhere to put you on hold and Grace Baker is going to get your information to send you a copy of my brand-new book is called our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl. Your love this thing and the just his way of saying welcome to the neighborhood and we invite all of our Winston Salem, Greensboro and High Point listeners on WSJ has huge radio station out there. You give us a call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 let's go to Ohio Michelle on the line Michelle what's going on today. What's on your mind can't. I am going on more content now aberrant that have the right station is how we help the kids and how many kids do you have that your homeschooling to that there can be on the 19 turn so that I thinking here of course the pandemic and everything just seeing everything that was going on with school just I feel more confident that it is the right decision.

Try and I work full time to and am still working full time. Wish I wasn't working full time in the way. Having more flexibility and more time with homeschooling at the same time with the price of gas including everything out. I'm also thankful to have a full-time job you got that right now.

Michelle wasn't a big decision for you guys and what was it that ultimately made you decide you gotta get the kids homeschooled. I think I hate when my oldest goal just because we had some problems in kindergarten, the teacher might not, but I wanted to stick with it because it was a private school but went pandemic and they were not flexible rental rate in our children.

Finally economy got clean and I did a lot of prayer and so confident that this is where the Lord directed me to go though I get and I have not looked back. Well good for you Michelle and Ann look.

I hope more moms and dads will consider doing that and I know a lot of folks over on the left early and we had Kirk Cameron on the program last week and with you heard that interview.

If you must go back and we got the podcast but there there accusing Kirk of being a race as they said that homeschooling is racist, when in fact there is been a massive surge in the number of minority families that are now homeschooling their kids and and quite frankly, a lot of the white families. This is not out of wealth or privilege.

You know, this is it. And many times there are great sacrifices that parents have to make, but ultimately you got you got an answer this question.

Who do you want educating. Who do you want raising your kids you want the government doing it for mom and dad, that's the question here Michelle. We got a running God bless you and thanks for calling in and I thank you for the encouragement. I know there there a lot of folks out there that are making that consideration folks some big news of a recent study finds. Americans don't trust big media and that's why I switched over to Newsmax and by the way, you can watch me on Newsmax every Thursday afternoon. Newsmax also has an incredible free app on their smart phone you you got a download this thing is so awesome Nielsen says almost 7 million cable viewers watch Newsmax but not Fox News billions really are making the switch to Newsmax.

You can start your mornings with wake up America Rob Finnerty finished the night with Rob Schmidt. He tells you the real news with no spin on the weekends you get diamond and silken Mike Huckabee Sebastian Gorka by Newsmax all major cable systems and if your system doesn't carry Newsmax just give them a call and demand Newsmax more than 20 million Americans made the switch to a new source they can trust Newsmax make the switch today.

Trust me, folks, you won't go back now, before we got a break. I want to play some audio here. CNN is freaking out. This is epic so CNN which happens to be the most profane name in the near side big road network. Thank you, Judge Joe Brown for that assertion.

CNN is now understanding how bad the situation is right now 83% of Americans say the country is is gone it's over for bite and here's how CNN framed the issue on inflation cut number three how bad our gas prices. From a historical and political point of view. I think that this table tells the source of this is the yearly change in the average gasoline prices at this point midterm cycle right now were at the top 53% from last year. That is the highest in any midterm cycle since 1994 and as a student of political history. I can't help but notice that the next highest once 2006 and 2010.

I thought major gains for the opposition party in 2006 being the Democrats in 2010 being Republicans when I see gas prices like cassettes on that last line I can't help but think I want to do a lot more walking and not pay the price at the pump and you might be asking yourself okay. How is this impacting president Joe Biden look at his job performance on gas prices. You don't have to be a mathematical expert to know that 31% is a very very bad number. The vast majority more than two thirds of American disapprove of Joe Biden's job on gas prices take so another huge issue is an inflation in general. As we headed to the midterms.

How is that impacting president by you know I hate to say it if I were the president, but look at that's basically the exact same approval rating Joe Biden's job performance on inflation, but that just 28% disapproval rating. Two thirds of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden's job performance on inflation and you know that is a very very very very very bad number one what is the most urgent issue facing Americans look at that inflation 33%. The clear runaway. There three times as many folks set abortion and you might've remembered immigration was something that Republicans were gonna want to head on in this midterm election, but just 7% say that there much wiser refocusing on inflation. If you watch Republican messaging there exactly doing magic in here. You touched on this already, but tell us more about what's happened in past elections, when voters had this dismal view of the economy. Yes. So I mean just take a look at the overall economy. How are economic conditions doing the current economy, only fair or poor 85% of Americans say the current economy. They feel it is only fair or poor. That is the worst since 2011. The economic outlook getting worse, 77%. That's the worst since 2009 visit historic numbers and you know what Jake if we look back at White House losses when 75% of folks think the economy is just, fair, or poor at this point midterm cycle White House loss 1363 seats 54 seats in the House of Representatives. These are just very very bad numbers. Overall, people don't like the way the economy is going out like inflation like gas prices, it's likely to hurt Democrats and Beth midterm, it's likely it's very very very very very very very bad as it is what the CNN guy just said likely ladies and gentlemen, the Republicans are going to sweep the house and the Senate. That's what's going to happen here. And when that happens that's our opportunity to start writing wrongs and will get it, the more that in the unit take Becky here from Hendersonville North Carolina W HK PR great station where Becky wants to weigh in on these midterms. Hey Becky what's up when I think I here by the previous owner written death that we do let me up in here now. First of all, the Justice Department vacant their responsible for impaling the grand jury. But what Congress can do is impeach and that's why we've got have overwhelming numbers in the house and in the Senate, and based on base.

Just let us take the gun grab here based on what Joe Biden has said about the second amendment not being absolute. That in and of itself is an impeachable offense.

You can go on and on and on. Becky all the way to Afghanistan, leaving our troops behind our writing men and women dying under his watch needlessly. There is plenty plenty to impeach as president on about the war years that the Biden crime syndicate and and that is that's a whole other issue. And that's where we can launch the investigations, I guarantee you Jim Jordan in the house judiciary Senate Judiciary there to get to the bottom of those things. So there's plenty of. There is plenty of evidence there Becky.

What we gotta do is make sure the Republicans when the midterms and when and big numbers and we gotta make sure we stop at steel from happening in one of the ways we could do that as every single person listening to this radio program needs to go and volunteer to be a poll watcher so the left and by the way, Becky.

That's why they're coming at out MSDN see one of their little anchor rats. She was all upset always in politico.

She was a political pundit and does she said. Oh we got up.

I'm just very concerned about these white people from the suburbs. There can be serving as poll watchers. You know I Becky because they know the jig is up. Not Mitt Romney opined about running and I yeah collect and hold end up packing tape and a Democrat yelled they would like to get into that place and stead of walking up the path going in the Correct Way, Democrats but avoid because they will hear anything about Republican block rate diagonally across the path going about down are not at all like what the girl that was something public drifted over to talk to me that came over and said you don't think this is my second while I Becky you are a great American patriot and we need more people like you over on the other poll watching on election day.

Becky got a skedaddle. Thanks for the call. Hang tight. Folks gotta take a break 844-747-8868 if you're calling from Winston-Salem or Greensboro or High Point you go directly to the top of the line just our way of saying welcome to the neighborhood. 844-747-8868 this is that's on start show. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful. My fellows think canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar by fellow does more than just fellows have over 150 where the slivers even thought that's an open my\start, that's my\start and use the promo code start or call 800-544-8939 that's my\start or call one 800-5939.

The promo code start why I was over a photograph and the summit about $60 worth of gas but to this other pan 1186 a gallon. 1186 a gallon. I don't think that's a regular letter and I think I think why somebody's pulling up of the premium gotta be all right. Let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868 laugh yet Louisiana then in Cajun country.

Jerry is hanging out with us on our great affiliate KR a webpage Gary what's going on.

Yeah there are a lot no man think that they brought you down here out go outside thank you, but II wanted to know how you know you sound so positive that were going to sweep this election how we spoke to sweep it when you got all this brought up going out you know they're going to do it again. They always do.

I we going to stop that they know that the election date will never win again. The way I look at it deary. I have hope because ultimately there are more of us than them. But there's another reason I have a site, especially of hope your everybody is feeling the pain at the pump. Even the Democrats.

And that's why when you look at these polling numbers. Let's just say that based on what we know now were 83% of the country thinks were heading in the wrong direction and bite and and the Democrats are still able to pull out a win.

There's going to be.

There's got to be marching in the streets because everybody's going to know this was stolen but I don't think that's the case I think it up, Democrats and Independents, especially in the switchover. I think this could be a landslide.

And if it's not all go and if it's not Gary, then you know what I'll be out there marching in the streets with everybody else.

Yeah me too and we need to be marching right now at the right we got all go to block all it's not this I mean Gary, I'm telling it so now you folks in Louisiana I mean you guys can live off the land, but I would want to be anywhere near a major American city when they start start going empty in the supermarkets here. I think some of them are you folks in Lafayette really enjoyed the Boudin and some gumbo and laughing at the folks in New York to Los Angeles hey Jerry, that Ms. means we got a skewed out here. God bless you sir, thank you for listening to us again, welcome to all of our great listers Brandy listers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina you could give us a call 844-747-8860 we got in the Bigs Mike Huckabee coming up it's good enough fun fun day here on the side surgery galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flipped for universities to viewing movies to see his little George. I great I had a hankering for Popeye's fried chicken and biscuits yeah I'll I'm a big Popeyes but I have been able to ease as the pandemic because you know it takes one hour to drive through. It does, they're not very fast know and and worse, they don't have an open the dining room no Chick-fil-A debris open the dining yeah but the problem there is I've eaten there so much. Everybody literally knows my order and it's a little disconcerting yeah that like it so it's like a lot of people are that way with Starbuck sure that we were to fly it on your I love it. I think it's great but I know it is what it is.

So I thought you of the drive through a quick drive through Popeyes 90 minutes 90 minutes in the line you know what my saving grace is been having the app for these sorts of places, and you can just order it on your phone and then going to get it because it takes too long you can't go in to the Popeye in my neighborhood when he will examine the let you in the door and they got big signs on them and nobody that got all these people. All these jobs available. Nobody wants to work, which I don't get at all lazy now let you they don't care they don't care. It is what it is I'm just telling you, but folks where this country is heading to a very very bad place and is not just the Popeye's fried chicken, biscuits, it's everywhere.

People don't want to work people are content to stay at home and this is all because of that stimulus money and now you got gas prices out the wise who I would go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Always good to have what does our friend from Arizona.

The great Congressman Andy Biggs Congressman, how are you guys having a problem in Arizona just finding people that want to work wherever I go in the country all but the big big companies tell me that have trouble getting and keeping people because as you say, working with people and they all know it's me that is the fundamental American characteristic is to is to go out there and put in a hard days work and I'm afraid were raising a generation of young people that are more content with getting a check from the government and II really shudder to think what this country can look like, five, 10 years from now unless the Republicans were able to put a stop to this nonsense. In November we become friends. I mean, you know what the people you can't believe what I got to the small business people that they'll hire somebody walking out the door to get in all the particulars.

The first is why I don't want to come in at 8 AM or 9 AM. I got stuff I gotta do a little early and the one I work five days a week eight hours a day were reported or whatever but don't want to work and it's undermining your records because as you say. One of the fundamental principles that made America so successful was our R-value of industry individual industry people were industrious, they got out the work they were created, so much so Congressman, there's been a lot of scuttlebutt up on Capitol Hill about this gun grab Pres. Biden saying again that the Second Amendment is not absolute. Don't know what part of shall not be infringed. He doesn't seem to understand now a house Democrat Congressman Don Byer from Virginia wants to introduce a bill that would hit AR 15's with a 1000% tax. What you hear about that a lot a lot because these people are serious. You want confiscate weapons and I don't. I think that the fire bill thousand percent tax is absolutely not going to go anywhere. It's too comical in some some respect to tragicomedy quite quickly but then on the other hand, don't underestimate what they're trying to do a good hundred nationwide web laws. They're going to pass some kind of anti-AR 15 legislation next week is my guess.

They're going to also pass this other bill. The US week there with all strange little, little programs to attract gun ownership and that's what concerns me because I think you can read the writing on the wall here.

This is not to stop. You can pass all the pieces of this legislation and it's not gonna stop these bad guys from shooting people. It is just not so. At that point there and come back in there to say okay now we gotta go after after the handgun forgot to go after the ammo.

It's a never ending cycle with these people and and Congressman.

I'm wondering at what point because you know these Democrats behave on emotion.

All of these so-called mass shootings that are happening you wonder at what point are even some Rino Republicans going to make the switch pretty close. Are you lying on boats right and but I can send it wishes that are going to and I would be surprised of all these bills come out of the Lindsay Graham talked about supporting about doing you know you got the normal the usual three and so they get their 60 votes potentially and it will not solve the problem. I was one of the use. There are things you could do the hard schools become safer.

These are none of those. This will not accomplish what the stated purposes because the unstated purpose which actually said last week was to compensate in front and by Mr. already that he wants to go after 9 mm handguns because she thinks that the lower lung out of somebody's body, which is these people have never handled the gun. I guess don't understand what they do and how they saved literally billions of lives every year in self-defense out it will will accelerate as you say this is very happy to move incrementally ultimately be disarm Americans and Congressman what you think the endgame that is left to say the Democrats are successful and they're able to start confiscating guns you think happens in this country at that point.

Well, I don't think the people and another owns a really don't and it is this.

I typically don't accelerate the swimming problems. It also a good friend implement ultimately lay the groundwork to actually knock on somebody's door and demanded to give guns. I cannot tell you how many people I talked to week or two all over the country could have been all over the country under they say will there's no way I'm going to give up any of my guns and I fear for all the country that has the authoritarianism of the left and kept his arm Americans law-abiding Americans by the by the authoritarians of the left like here for what will happen on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona, former chairman of the house freedom caucus Congressman last week. One of the most horrifying things I have seen happened in a while happened at the airport in Nashville of former Trump advisor Peter Navarro who was what 72 years old. Harvard educated. He was indicted on contempt of Congress charges and Congressman they put him in handcuffs. They put in then put them in the leg irons and a frog marched him out of the building. Put him in a cell. This is incredibly disturbing and all I would tell her listers is remember how they handled Eric Holder, who was brought up on contempt of Congress charges.

He was not he was not hogtied and the hold in the federal court. Yeah I I was so disturbed by because it is such an overreach. Here's a guy who lives in DC.

If you say we we need you to surrender because grand jury indictment is been handed down against you as a lawyer you would've gotten voluntarily surrendered itself, but what that was done was to intimidate and basically show this out of control woke federal police apparatus and is going to get worse. I'm afraid I thought of it. Meyer incident where it was.

She was told that but you know she worked it all out. Ultimately, here with and you mentioned Eric Holder, Eric Holder never ever would've been brought before a grand jury.

Why because he was the guy in control of it. So the weapon night DOJ weapon is the Atty. Gen.'s office. All of this is going and and every is the commission that we had a weapon eyes by the left and that is a very dangerous thing because it is undermined very freedoms that we enjoy the cost of well said sorry Congressman really were there. I always appreciate your great insight. Thanks for coming on the show. All right, Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona. Folks, we got it. We gotta take a break here we have the video over on our website. Todd of of Peter Navarro explaining in great detail exactly what happened to him as the feds came in.

This is on every single member of the January 6 committee that includes Democrat Liz Cheney that includes Democrat Adam Kinzer.

Everybody is responsible for what they did here. Are we gotta take a break and again welcoming our brand-new affiliate from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, also High Point, North Carolina and Greensboro, North Carolina. I'm talking about the great WSJ, as this is day one of broadcasting business were those guys and were just very honored to be a part of their incredible lineup Ellis up if you're if you're listening to that radio station you call in working to hook you up with a free prize package, courtesy of the Todd Stern show the start of our way of saying welcome to the neighborhood and here's a telephone number 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 also bookmark Todd Stern' download our free newsletter.

You can also download the free podcast, so if you're if you missed the part of the show, you can always go back and you can listen to it later in the day.

Gotta take a break will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like selfies of insects not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for coming to my door where I live. By the way is right next said to call me say down in court. Gotta warn for you gladly come intercepted me getting on the plane and they put me in handcuffs bringing here put me in leg irons man cell.

By the way to store, I was in John Hinckley cell. They seemed that was like is for punitive that would they did to me today violated the Constitution. I remember my doing this Peter Navarro remember back in 16 when Bernie Sanders was running for for the White House and one of his staffers did that to undercover video with project Veritas and they talked about how that you know if they were elected they would be throwing all of the mega people into the prisons into the jails know this is in 2020. I anyway but they work the whole point of was punitive.

They want to punish conservatives they want to punish the talk radio host. They want to punish the conservative journals by throwing all of us in the jail. When you go back and look at Eric Holder, who faced a contempt of of Congress charge because he refused to turn over documents about of project about fast and furious, which by the way is one of the reasons why we have a massive crime wave in this nation today. Eric Holder was not arrested. He was not fingerprinted he was.

His mug shot was not taken.

He wasn't hauled out of Congress in leg irons and I guarantee you nobody else and nobody else in the Obama administration would've ever been treated like that, including Lois Lerner, who declared war on all of this by using the IRS and weapon icing the IRS to go after the tea party backed up with anybody.

Remember that all trust me folks and you folks are listing chosen WSJ as we don't forget anything. From the time Stearns radio program right let's get to the phone here 844-747-8868 speaking WSJ as our brand-new affiliate.

Let's go to Winston-Salem and Ryan is on the line. Ryan, how's it going today Ryan were doing well get acclimated to the visit the Piedmont Triad's athlete, was that what they call the area.

There. With fantastic, but I know there are a lot of good people there and working to do our best to to be the conservative blowtorch for your part, North Carolina no Ryan I'm curious you know we were talking earlier the program about how North Carolina has gone purple because of all, be the influx of people that are not from North Carolina coming in from other states and their bringing their politics is that is that up is that a good assessment of what's happening in in your area where my direct area of I will area very light red but I will say that I am old and that triangle about you girl and Bill. But now I seem to recall wasn't wake County, which is really woke to the school district there especially. They have embraced this whole LGBT ideology. Ideology and critical race theory know that kind of nonsense so working to drive them barkers right because we call those folks out of this program.

I'm very glad that you do or people calling about. This is radio for gun toting Bible cling in flag-waving deplorable. So I think you'll fit right in. Orion all right. I don't want you to go anywhere I were to put you on hold. I want to send you a copy of my most recent book to our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl. Great speakers go to get your info and do we say, welcome to the neighborhood I were so excited to have you guys with us. I let's go to Ellijay Georgia. Our good friend Joe from Ellijay hanging out with the sorry Joe what's on the agenda you were down there a lot of people at love the great.start radio show so courses so do my man David perdue lost but I'm endorsing that Brian kill because we have to beat space debris that I think Brian can do it and also course I'm endorsing Herschel Walker because he is much more conservative than our current Democrat Sen. Rafael warning so the ties and tell you you're right your back with you because you're exactly right that we have got a great Warnick and Stacy Aberg. I want to encourage everybody in Georgia to go to the polls in November and vote for Brian Young for Gov. and Herschel Walker for an Oracle to write with the husband trophy winner adorns a great guy and you'll be a great senator and of course he's very close present crop is now know Joe yes as a matter fact I had the opportunity to sit next to Herschel.

When I spoke at the Trump rally there in commerce, Georgia, but I got a question for you is an important question yes or do you think Herschel's going to get the Georgia Tech vote of a great high I have for Greg hello Georgia Tech that I remember Virgil Walker running over us. Richard went out of the Georgia Tech and when I went to the Doris Day George again. No, I'm fired up for all right guy we got Joe there told me to wrap it up here 844-747-8868 this is the spot start is radio water heater yeah five players, five members of the Tampa Bay rays and they refuse to wear the rainbow colored uniforms are Tampa Bay due to big gay pride celebration at the ballpark and they were given the option of whether or not they could or could not do it. I I gotta say I respect management there. They apparently there wasn't any blowback because these players who all profess of Christ, the their Christian young men and that they just objected to wearing a uniform that identified them as supporting something that went against their religious beliefs. Meanwhile, you've got the you've got the Carolina Panthers all you folks listing to us in Winston-Salem and High Point and Greensboro are brand-new listeners. You guys are getting a historic NFL first the first trans gender Carolina Panthers cheerleader. We have a photograph of the gentleman over on Todd's it, it just seems like there is an effort afoot to force people to bow down to the sex and gender revolutionaries to pledge allegiance to that rainbow flag. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line always honored to have one of the this the fiercest culture warriors in America. Our friend Tony Perkins from family research Council, Tony. Good to have you with us today. Good to be with you. How are you. You know I'm I'm well I you I you know, it's weird that you were spending an entire month and it seems like this year in particular, there is a massive push to indoctrinate people and especially young kids into this agenda. But the encouraging thing about it is that we see people pushing back last four years. In the last four years, we have the Trump administration, putting a halt to this to some degree with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thing. These flags are not to be flown on US installments overseas a course this year they bear flapping in the wind is about creation and quite frankly but the people are pushing back and I'm sure you're getting I'm getting out because of my radio program people saying yes all is here that I said something about it. And you know people were or responding so that's the good news is, people are saying you know what I'm tired of this indoctrination, but corporate America. Quite frankly, has not yet gotten the message though they have and I mean you got Oreo gods Burger King making their big pronouncements. I think Milwaukee Brewers held a big drink when Joan of course the big story over the weekend is in Dallas Texas of all places, Tony yet again bar that actually hosted the drag queen show for little kids. My question is why were what's up what's one of those parents that are part of the problem to go back to effective parents are not engaged completely in the lives of their children are not guarding them and what they're being exposed to in their being led to believe this stuff is harmless, and in fact if not in fact go ahead and say it you probably criticized this agreement, we are allowing these creditors to groom children. In many ways and also to to prepare them for sexual confusion about we just did a poll on the pole across the country. A sample of voters is good. Good sample size. And you know 57% of Americans think that corporations should stay out of the cultural and social issues as if they make widgets, make widgets, stay out of the issues almost 6 intent and therefore about 4/10. It is going to affect the way they purchase so corporations and big increasingly after Disney and II want to say this for Gov. DeSantis mentioned the good of the team there in Florida and how some of those players stood up to this gay pride. So I think in part, is because of the sentence. I think Gov. DeSantis bold standards given other people the courage to stand that's what leadership it and so when we stand in and that's what I say we this universally when any of us take a stand where we are at. Against this nonsense against this cultural confusion we embolden other people to stand so it's very important that we not give in to those on the left who want to silence us Tony Perkins on the patriot mobile newsmaker like you mentioned this whole idea of grooming. You know what they admit that readily admit that a couple of years ago in Lafayette, Louisiana. Big controversy over drag queen storytime at the local school, and this is one of those drag queens addressing the city Council just a few years ago. This is the running of the next generation. We are trying to grow the next generation cannot see the way that HSA very and in their own words, Tony.

I'd say we take them at face value. I think you're actually writing. For some reason and this is a part of human nature. We we see things in the other people the way we see the world where were trusting and we don't think people would do that but here is the problem. I've been around long enough you been around long. We seen this we know what the agenda is, and they're actually saying it.

So yes, we should believe them. We have an obligation parents in particular have an obligation to protect their children also to teach their children right and wrong and not allow them to be indoctrinated by the schools or by these others who really want to sow seeds of confusion in these young minds Tony I was reading a fascinating essay in the New York Times of the artwork depicted a tombstone engraved with the words in GOP we trust this is written by Nate Holtman who is a follow-up national review and in the point of this essay. He's he saying that there's been a shift in the culture war and I want to read. I want to get your take on this one want to read something that that he wrote he says it's hard to imagine today's culture warriors taking any interest of the 1950s push for a Christian amendment to the Constitution instead of an explicitly biblical focus on issues like school prayer, no-fault divorce and homosexuality.

The new coalition is focused on questions of national identity, social integrity and political alienation, although to enjoy support of most Republican Christians who formed the electoral backbone of the old Moral Majority.

It is a social conservatism rather than a religious one revolving around race relations identity politics emigration of the teachings of American history. What they're trying to say is that even people like Rhonda Santos was a Catholic but is not overtly religious in his public persona. There saying that evangelicals have been moved to the background. Do you agree with that assessment. I don't I don't I do believe coalition have been made with those who do not necessarily share the what we would call Sage con viewpoint next term of George Barna.

According to the spiritually active governance engaged conservative. That's the vast majority of evangelicals and conservative Bible believing Catholics there engage culturally because of their faith and so know I would totally disagree with that premise, I do believe that there are coalitions being made with those who just want that cultural transformation so you will build those white evangelicals worked with the tea party on some things and work with other groups that have it open shared viewpoints and Reagan said, do you know if we can get together a 80% of time and let's work together since were paraphrasing and but no I don't I don't agree that I don't believe that Christians are involved just for the purposes of politics. I share this thought at the beginning of the program, Tony. I hear Memphis, Tennessee, were we broadcast a program of the bottles of the Bible Belt, you know it's it's hard the churches are having a difficult time getting people back in the pews. Meanwhile, over the weekend over 50,000 people turned out for the gay pride parade here in the mid South should we read anything into that. I look. I think the best way to look at this is to go to the Bible use of the parable Jesus told about the wheat and the tares.

I do believe that as we move toward the end of time. Contrary to the popular thought that evolution that were evolving to a higher state were devolving in sin is becoming more prevalent but so is good as the wheat and the tears that I think we need to be aware of what's happening in the culture need to be addressing it, but not overcome with the evil, but rather overcome evil with good by living out truth in a society that increasingly is going to be looking for answers.

As a result of the confusion that has been sown by the ideology and the indoctrination of the left see I like that so so well said Tony. We appreciate you guys there at family research Council, and I do want you to plug if you don't mind this great news and commentary Allen you guys just recently launched call the Washington stand tell us about that.

We did we just as you have tried you been leaving on this for years now. There is a growing discontent with legacy media people. Every time I go speak somewhere travel visa really good news at work, we get good news course.

Your site is one of them. There's about a handful of site CNS news is a good site but people in the church want perspectives from a biblical perspective orientation so they know they're getting the truth through the lenses of Scripture.

That's what this is the Washington stand and find it in Washington it's news and commentary from a biblical worldview, where we are unapologetically Christian pursuing the shaping of policy and I know the left.

There have been at this but we want to we we want to advocate for those principles based in Scripture.

This is the founders thought it was good enough to build a country on we believe is good enough to guide a country where I love it and we have a direct link to the Washington stand over on our lives sublime Tony congratulations and I were welcome aboard think it did this following your lead. All right, Tony Perkins, everybody. You can hear his great radio program Washington watch and we have a link to that over at the website as well. Tony always good head here in front of a great day.

All right, Tony Perkins family research Council. Folks now more than ever. It is so important that we support companies and organizations that share our values and that's why I'm a huge supporter of patriot mobile. They're America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They not only share our beliefs, but they're actually doing something about it. Get this patriot mobile donates a portion of every dollar organizations that fight for causes. We care about the Second Amendment pro life.

I want to encourage a switch to patriot mobile right now use the promo code Todd in there to give you free activation and a free gift. They got incredible nationwide coverage and they have a plan to fit any budget along with incredible discounts for veterans and first responders it super simple. All you have to do is go to patriot

That's patriot or you can call their customer service team at 972 patriot.

That's 972 patriot by the way they're based in Texas so their Americans are to pick up the phone and be able to understand who's talking to you on the other line so again get that special discount free premier activation patriot will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for the gas station the other day. I did that what you do, you can't say where it is because I better get we got to give you an alibi. Yeah the gas station I see I'm just shocked bad mood. I thought hugs of gas as it was like 440 a gallon for the lowest grade that I had one of those great signs a little bit later than ever, as is and I thought that was your middle name, middle name's Grace oh is not reasonable to know you not going crazy later. Don't call her grease leaves no but now I had one of those Joe Biden stickers somebody who over and remain nameless, gave it to me that's as I did that and so I stuck it by the right helmet you just to pay for 40 gallon for the lowest grade versus fed up with it. So Grace, you know, it is pride month here yeah the time to get it everywhere and so we it's it's time for our daily segment during the month of June. Time for gay new YMCA again nationally is really start.

Start with Burger King so there's still so apparently the whopper is homosexual and find everything burgers their stuff in the me in the wrong day think it on the radio is called traffic accident you were Presbyterian girl and so anyway I guess Burger King the walk depending on what whopper you do it either comes with the sesame seeds are without oh do the sesame does what is that represent us and I don't know and I don't think I want to know. I have ideas, but I cannot say on the radio just want to throw this out there if you aren't Burger King, I would just get it without the secret sauce. Yeah, I'm also Oreo the cookie is so yummy.

All this month or Microsoft. They Artie had that and have you ever had the mega stuff double stuff is that's my favorite. Not just any way.

Oreo has gone full blown woke there working with a group called P flag is sadly honest with you I thought that was like desecrating the LGBT flag but apparently it's a group called me the P and then flag far less exciting. Oreo says the world needs more love, more words of love and yours and so they got a whole thing. They're offering packets of LGBT Q Oreo cookies and they want you to write words of affirmation and then share your homosexual Oreo cookies with a member of the LGBT Q plus community.

What if you like eating Oreos and there's no one nearby what he supposed to do with the worry is itself identified. Just always a delicious Oreos Oreo also is encouraging you to educators and their offering links on their website why pronouns matter and also to know your vocabulary to gain equality, expertise, now, Grace Baker, I clicked on this and there's a glossary of terms I just dozens and dozens of terms.

For example, a fab one is that we see. I thought it meant your fabulous.

One would think it's an acronym meaning assigned female at birth 08 fab people may or may not identify as female. Sounds I don't have a lag time Aflac then you got a firm that gender which is an individual's true gender as opposed to the gender assigned at birth. You know it's only a matter of time before they start suing the doctors.

Yeah, true. You got Darrell oh it's it's not I thought was aromatic and I do something smelled good, but it's a romantic it's a term to an individual who does not experience romantic attraction, and it just goes on and on and on. Doesn't have anything about ladies attracted to airplanes as we talked about that right so that's right for our Winston-Salem audience. So there is a woman who was in fact she's from Germany and she sexually attracted to jetliners and see now that I've seen that story I just saw another one in the US a guy attracted to his vehicle and by the way, it's not enough that it's the jumbo jets on the puddle jumpers strips on a very important point size matters. Dad naming occurs when an individual intentionally or not, refers to the name of a transgender or gender expansive individual. In other words, what you say oh hey Tyrone and Tyrone now goes by Teresa that would be dead. So there you go, that is your game, you are all the Todd stars radios were just trying to be diverse and tolerant feed is I could use a ho-hum write about how I hey this is Todd stars radios need galaxies flip for all these new tracks it might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly good debater to get your galaxies he flip for universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from well hello everybody. Welcome Joe good having with us today. Hope everybody's doing well out there. By the way, today we are celebrating our brand-new affiliate. We are alive through the three Eastern and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, High Point, North Carolina and read North Carolina agreed to have all of you folks listing to us on WS J. S. And I here's the deal we do this for the full for the first week. If you are one of those listers of your calling from that radio station that market you make it on the air were going to send you home with a great prize package just our way of saying welcome to the neighborhood.

Our telephone number is 844-747-8868. Again that's toll-free 844-747-8868 and we look forward to hearing and meeting so many of our great listers there in the Piedmont Triad.

So, another big story as we been breaking down this crazy culture war country music Association. The CMA announcing they will no longer allow any Confederate flag Emmis imagery while at the same time announcing they are embracing the rainbow flag and the other to be supporting the LGBT movement and we got the story up on Todd's turn stuck, and reminded me of of the story involving her good friend, Gov. Mike Huckabee a few years back when he was invited to become a part of the CMA foundation are Gov. Mike Huckabee on the patriot mobile newsmaker line to God, how's it going today well thought going very well. I'm sometimes wondering what it happened in the country music world. I am just not sure that Chet Atkins, Hank Williams, Senior George Jones and a bunch of artist would even recognize what's going on in the industry. Goodbye honky-tonks hello drag queens yell I don't care what people do with their own personal lives. I do have an issue when there is a sense of if you believe in traditional biblical values you're told to shut up. There's no tolerance for you but if you don't and you want to promote such things as we seen this weekend for kids five and six-year-old are asked to take dollar bills and stuff it into the underwear of the drag queen in front of adults at some ceremony just thinking what we really lost our collective minds. With that kind of behavior is strange, I did.

I was just blown away.

We and we have the video up our website and there were moms and dad sitting there with their kids, they willingly freely brought their kids to be exposed to this kind of stuff that you wonder what kind of parents would think that that's a great idea. The sailor five or six-year-old. I doubt they would take him to a porno movie. I can imagine that they would think that it was great to take them to a bar and watch adults get smashed. There's just something for kids really don't have any business dealing with and I would seem to be one of Gov. I was I read something a few days ago on your twitter feed you are the first person who actually made this made this distinction, we were we are telling people the last hour about what happened to Peter and Alvaro and all the way he was treated in my understanding as he was coming to be on your show is that it was. Is that accurate.

That is, in fact, on his press conference front of the courthouse and he said understanding of the plane I'm getting on a flight to go to Nashville to be on Mike Huckabee's TV show he was our featured yes supposed to date this past weekend. It was he talking about his book and most importantly about his standup to China policy and the FBI decided to arrest him as he was boarding a plane even though he had called them and written them on Wednesday and said if you need to talk to me. Here's how to get in touch and let's visit well, they never make contact.

Interestingly, Peter lives next door to the FBI.

Let me repeat that he lived next door to the FBI but they wanted to wait until they could humiliate him and make a public spectacle. Here's what I'd like to remember. Why didn't Eric Holder get put in handcuffs and leg shackles. That's right taken Dale.

He was also charged with contempt of Congress, not a thing happen to him.

I'm tired of Republicans went but now it's time that we win the majority in the House and Senate this fall and that we take the game right back to the let's find out just how legal hundred Bidens activities work find out that the big guy really mean Job I and did he get 10% of hunters international deal I I'm tired of watching Republicans by well we don't play it like that and Democrats using the Department of Justice and the FBI as persecutors not prosecutors and they did not even address the issue. That is a big one and that's the constitutional concern that it Peter Navarro are any of these other folks start handing over records from the executive branch.

You now have a legislative branch that he shredded the separation of powers and that is pretty much made it so that any time Adam Schipper Jerry Nadler Eric swallow has some curiosity. They just cough up a subpoena in the executive branch is expected to rollover and give them anything they want, even at the expense of the Constitution.

You see, I am so glad to hear you say that Gov. it just it's been frustrating to me for a number of years watching these Republicans show up to the fight and they've got a basket of homemade blueberry muffins and some daisies.

I meanwhile you've got the Democrats there and they're ready for a knife fight in the streets and in time after time. We just capitulate. We surrender but you're right, we had to stand up. We got a fight and we've got to us. Think the good book says do onto others as they do to you.

I we've got we got a push back. We got a fight again were in and it's like NFL football. If the goal of the game is to score and to take the ball and block hard and tackle and that's what you do. So if the fabric with the game inside the boundaries the block and tackle get the ball and score then Republicans have got to start playing the game being played, not the game that they wish was being played or else get out of this thinking game to begin with. I'm tired of it.

It is just no longer acceptable to me that Republicans are going to try to stay well. We don't want to engage in that kind of activity because were certainly having our heads handed to us. It's about the law.

It's no longer about personality. It's not about meaner nights tweaked is not about somebody being a kind old gentleman.

It's about whether or not we're going to protect the constitutional standards that everyone has to abide by the same legal standard. There are not special rules for the well-connected other people on the left, but people who are conservative, who hold biblical values have their heads handed to them and get carted off to jail in leg shackles in public places. Either we stand up and fight that we go ahead and surrender to it in the countries gone. All right, let's talk about the big show coming up this weekend on TBN and of course a Newsmax TV as well. What he who's going to be on the show well with Dr. Congresswoman Nicole ballot maleate from New York and shall be talking about January 6 sham committee that Nancy Pelosi has created and picked out her pet Republicans. Adam can figure, and Lynn Cheney will discuss why that's the part that we shouldn't pay attention to.

We've also got a wonderful magician that will be fun and John Barry will be our guest music artist of the week to be a great show. Now the co-maleate tacos I interviewed her number of times back during my phonics days and if if I'm if I remember. She's a boxer she's she's a very accomplished boxer. Well, you know, I'm not sure about that I wouldn't be surprised. I know I wouldn't take on the private with me on her very first trip to Israel was a very wonderful experience getting to know her. I certainly have nothing but admiration and respect she's been on our show before. We love having her but I like the typical New Yorker keep a straight talking, no nonsense, let's get it done Connick out which we had about 20 Congress like well said sorry just to be a great show and folks, we have links all the governors pages over at Todd's star, hardcover. Have a great week, thank you God I Gov. Mike Huckabee everybody and you can watch a show on Trinity broadcasting network.

All right we got to take you it will take a call here but before we you do that I want to remind you about something were very excited about supporting there is a there is a Christian Academy down in Alabama.

Theodore Alabama called lighthouse Baptist Academy. I'm to be speaking down there in a big scholarship banquet on July 2 and then on July 3. I'll be your speaking at the church that's connected to the school are great friends W PMO help put all this together on Noah.

Britt was a great American patriot and a good Christian man were helping the school race of money and you we talk a lot about unit retaking America and restoring our traditional values.

The values of our founding fathers, and this is one of the ways we can do that if you have five dollars or $10 or $10,000.

They need our help.

And so I'm honored to be able to be a part of this and help raise money for the lighthouse scholarship banquet. We have a link on our live show blog.

And if you go to our live show blog, you'll see. I help Todd support lighthouse or Christian school or Baptist Academy and the click on that and you can donate however much money you want to.

Don't even assist a couple of dollars and get this if you want to go to the banquet on July 2 and you're down in South Mississippi or in Alabama. Tickets are 12 blocks all your to get dinner and a show that's a pretty good deal. But again, this is about doing not just talking and our new listers in North Carolina a euro learned that about us pretty quickly.

We just don't yell and complain we do something about it. And this is a way for us to help back and to raise up that next generation of young American patriots.

So if you go to Todd star' click on our live show blog and you will be able to support the lighthouse scholarship banquet aren't real quick. Let's go to the phones we have another caller from Winston-Salem North Carolina WS JS are great affiliate there. Philip wants to weigh in on the Carolina Panthers a Philip welcome to the show.

Glad to do it all right.

Let's talk about your Panthers. Let's talk about 20 some years I never missed a game I'll build the Bank of America Stadium. I've attended the game last year.

The Carolina Panthers cheerleaders. The top Brought into male cheerleaders that shake their Andean harder than the female. It was really disturbing to me this year for the first year the pampers going to the Panthers. I will not go back. I've still got my tickets.

I cannot support an organization like that. My Christian values does not believe that is that right so that's a pretty bold move you make.

There yes sir I mean after all my PSL there for sale by Dale beachy DQ plus what about I will not order my fate is God and church and that's where I'll be on Sunday sped a sport that brought movement but there, you know, Philip, and again this is we got the picture on Todd star' and when you see the photograph of this is a guy who clearly thinks he is a woman and he's dressed just like the ladies are with the halter tops of the skintight this and that and you to wonder at what point okay like what's going on here. I mean really what what you're not fooling anybody.

You're exactly right now.

Gotta stop we have to stand up you know exactly why the election want to vomit for it to get back in United he had voted for that bathroom. Bill and Charlotte where it is okay for the guys to go in the women's bathroom.

I'm sorry.

That's exactly why to get back in. I'm sure is a good man but is values but there well said Philip and and you will find that you know we believe on this program. Standing alongside people that to be fighting the good fight, no matter where they are. If it Salem, Oregon or Portland Maine are there in Winston-Salem and that it's been amazing and and very encouraging to be able to see what our audience can do when they find out about these these things are happening in the culture in the local school districts and that's why I believe talk radio is so vitally important to look to what happens next in the culture Philip. We got a run for a break, but I want you to hold on to send you a copy of our daily biscuit devotions withdraw your love this book. It's a fun read great recipes from a lot of our listeners and it's our newest book here.

So hang tight folks. We've got a couple of lines open 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Sturgeon galaxies he flip for all these new taxes might not like best, southeast of Oxnard and capture hands-free text from multiple angles for training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video is he flip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for this is a find that you are Americans actually believe Pres. front had anything to do with whatever happened on January is a mile I blog settle this program it and I remember January 6 we were live on the air when all that happened and we condemned the behavior then we condemn those who committed illegal acts now, but it's very clear when you actually look at the video evidence that an overwhelming majority of the people were invited into the White House and again the question that has yet to be answered and that must be in the January 6 committee ACM kangaroo court committee will not address this issue, but we we've never learned exactly how many FBI agents were involved in the planning the plotting the execution of what went down on January 6 and we know that is an important question to ask, because we know the FBI was actively involved in the planning and execution of this alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Witmer. We also know that the FBI was involved in encouraging the gunmen to go and commit this heinous atrocity. This man shooting at the supermarket. The top supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

So my question is what exactly is going on at the FBI headquarters is the FBI actively involved in planning and helping execute some of these mass shootings around American and it is not a far-fetched question to ask is matter fact, Fox news is reporting this incident involving an FBI agent who was actually talking to communicating with the gunmen in the Buffalo and the Buffalo New York shooting and hopefully that will come out in the trial. Hopefully, 844-747-8868 let's go to the phones mark in the villages, America's friendliest of Denmark. What's going on.

Quickly you mentioned but I wonder how long before they can dictate the name of it be a better time for that to happen.

First, the gun grab. It won't happen in Florida, allowed in the state and get away with it in a democratic state, but they won't get away with it here in Florida. Secondly, family lay line. Here are the lines you're talking about a restaurant. First of all, treated with gimp on food now.

I was at Chick-fil-A I got an ice cream cone.

It was 2 inches tall. Girlfriend got a salad wanted to connect where they took.

Let's chicken away. I swear him to get how to make my own ice cream and lastly the thing would fight being in P.

This was their ultimate plan to keep him anyway. They don't care enough letter. Let the country go to pot.

They know you going to get in each what they're going to do is put probably harassed in there and then they're going to try to sugarcoat everything they okay will for fighting was bad and we knew everything that he was doing. But when a change order to do something else want to make it better.

Well something or Mark. Let me jump computers going to cut us off. I will say this. If that happens, you better believe Hillary is going to be in the wings. You mark my words on that Mark got a run 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full floor which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now. I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies. He full for all. I love you back America to have you with this border to border crossing. This is radio for all of you gun told Bible cling, and playing with the deplorable hey I want you folks in Austin, Texas, or great affiliate there, the big blowtorch. Katie asked W the bridge and you folks that are flying substation TWA on the mighty 990 in Memphis Tennessee some exciting news because Pres. Tromp and bunch of great conservatives are coming to your towns as part of the American freedom tour. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and Chris Whitener joins us from the American freedom to work Chris walking to the show. So so Chris really got to the to the event itself in just a moment, but I want to get your take on an incident that happened in Memphis Tennessee that the city Council is very progressive. There woke and originally they said they didn't have enough cops to provide a security detail for Pres. Tromp, but I smelled a rat. So I went after him on social media and sure enough they fast up and they're just a bunch of far leftist who are infected with truck derangement syndrome. I want to get your reaction to what these lawmakers did here in Memphis.

Well, you know where were at your part and I'm part of our buyer. I certainly am a conservative to the court will fight for those value, but when it comes to protecting our public servant we need to be an absolutely nonpartisan as possible so I don't think any of us with they will present Obama shouldn't get any protection of the project.

We need to make sure need to get totally nonpartisan that you so I got to the deepest level I it makes me sad. You're so divided that they would do something like that. But I understand one of those gentlemen is running for governor plans a governor like there might be a little bit of the of the grant. There is a woke loser that when I say it's a losing cause.

Others try to get there 15 minutes of fame. But to be honest with you Chris. They will even provide enough police to protect the actual citizens of Memphis. So there you go. Unbelievably crazy. I know it that way. In every every major you know it's terrible and and again Pres. Tromp, to his credit, said it was going to be like this, and he was absolutely right and I have to imagine that's one of the reasons why you guys have seen so much success with the American freedom tour that we have no it's all about his message of the people all across the country with bonding to it gets appointed with what happened in 2020 there ready to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Want to start bringing people together.

They want to start planning. We got back the house and the Senate here in the 2022 to be a short ride to 20 2014. Like a long time away. We are all about taking America back and winning America back in pregnant trumpets barnstorming the country and getting that message out.

Now this is a ticketed event.

I want you to tell our listeners and again we have we have blisters in Austin, Texas, and of course Memphis Tennessee. What can people expect That the big freedom tour will be talking about just happened.

The next one coming up June 18 and an amazing day. I love what one reported that one reporter said it one part political convention one part motivational rally in one part religious revival, and that's really kind of how it feels like a day of inspiration. We have amazing speakers we call it the conservative dream team. Of course, Pres. Tromp is there coming up in Memphis will have former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Candace: as with all of our event. Sheriff Mark Lam just an amazing lineup. Don Junior, Kimberly Guilfoyle and then a number of other speakers are all focused on those conservative values of faith, family, finances and freedom and that the day of inspiration, fun people look around thousands of other people jampacked a full house of people where they can look out thinking a lot I'm not alone other people just like me who believe and share the values and we've got a link to the American freedom tour over and our live show block folks simply go to American freedom and they're all levels of of tickets available, which I think is great and that's one of the neat things about the president. He's very accessible and of course all of these great folks is an incredible lineup you got there Chris you know you're it's good to be a lot of fun in North Mississippi and we got part of the local GOP. We have bought yesterday and work of multiple we got the Arkansas state GOP, the state GOP. The canopy feet guilty. They are all guided about bringing the tromping and reporting that day. We did voter registration we do precinct committee on education and we don't want it to be a day will become then had a lot of fun and forget about it.

We want to be a day where we leave a footprint and we do that by helping out local GOP get voter registration get people out because that way you win election people voting see I'm with you on that and I think that is an incredibly noble thing you know, my concern was not necessarily the security aspect of Chris. We told us we share the story with our audience.

Last week we had so many people that were willing to volunteer to be part of the security team. My concern, Chris is is the barbecue now I want you to know Memphis is a dry rub. Towns of you guys need recommendations on where to get good barbecue on your guy.

What we would love that. I got tell you that early on in my career in one of the kids in my youth group grew up to be one of the pastors of one of the largest in Memphis and that he brought me in good leaders. One time, and I think everything will my dry rub barbecue so I've been to you about that and I were excited to be there attacking my wife and my anniversary that we can stay a few extra days in Memphis and explore it. Were looking forward to a great American like you have a have a great time and Chris there are just so many great patriots freedom loving Americans here in this in this part of the country and I'm I'm excited for the present, because these folks need encouragement they need to be in's inspired Memphis is been under the control of progressive Democrats for almost 50 years now and that they need to know that that there is hope out there love you with a great read and I live over at the other end of the over in Chattanooga. Have you been your about seven months now and felt that incredible incredible state filled with conservative values and got really excited to come there and I share with the folks from Memphis. It was interesting. I actually went to school out in East Tennessee and the Cleveland at a great school called Lee University so good good people I met part of the country and really grabbed the little bit south of Cleveland at great neck of the live I love all that's fantastic Ari Criswell were excited to to bring you guys to Memphis and that we look forward to seeing you and I gotta tell you those billboards people love the billboards around town billboards up and everything we go through and we get more like some of our sneakers will be traveling through town or something. Or people that connect them to us all the time your millwork by your billboard. They kind of I love it because you gotta imagine all the liberals driving to work and they have to pass the full thing. Lots of people turn on 240 S. Ari Chris Chris Weidner from American freedom to work Chris. Looking forward to welcoming you guys to the Midsouth bank for all you're doing to help us promote. We appreciate that in going to be a great day. Glad to do it. Ari Chris Weidner everybody American freedom to work and even if you don't live in the Midsouth you can still calm and be a part of the greater Venice get to be in a beautiful arena. Landers center American freedom are we gotta take a break your folks open lines for the rest of this program and again welcoming all of our brand-new listers from our great radio affiliate WSJ S and Winston-Salem North Carolina. You folks to call and you're going to get a great prize package today 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the time storage galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for everything. I think it is been a success launch day in North Carolina. Oh yeah for sure I North Carolina law.

It's a great state I got married North Carolina right I forgot about that so I had told it the special place in my heart will be edge of a cliff did.

Yes, not really. It looks worse than it looks scarier in photo terrified I do not. What can I say I was distracted while no doubt you're getting married, staring into Mr. producers eyes about the floras. The cliffs behind us.

It was love the things we do what we've got to get on in Asheville, North Carolina like the Berkley of the South.

Lovely place but a lovely place yeah I mean it's a lead people yes yes but then you got the drum circle crowd and the barbecue joint serving tofu and down here like the old guy was like 1/2 mile nonstop Megan are all know you got a bunch of people and meet me in your try to have a lovely walk in downtown and the next thing you know you got 75 people playing other bongos and they smell up a truly pointless and I'm just glad to bring a bongos people in North Carolina know exactly what I'm talking about there to realize idle this one.

I understand. I missed this is your opinion.

Don't back down, place a marriage certificate, their height, I completely disagree and you can smell the petroleum oil or about you. I smelled that once when I had to cover the occupy bill.

So reproach builds what it's this put you it's it's what the other hippies.

You know like Vaseline the ring like the tie-dye of the with the child. The engineers were tie-dye but it doesn't develop a truly oil it out. I can report that control room does not spell that way like hippie juice hippies okay terrible and I just have a bad it just brings back bad memories of having to cover the occupy yesterday for you know they did horrible things in Wall Street.

During that horrible time. I'm sure interviewed a woman all her forgiveness.

She was in her 50s, late 50s.

Her name was Zelda and sell them from New Jersey okay and I was doing, Hannity, and asked me to go out there is a say call me up. I'm at the Fox building and he was doing his radio show is is hey what are you doing Linda called Ms. Linda and and she says so much of you go down and an interview people do like live band on the street during the show and I yeah sure I got nothing else to do, so hop on the subway head down Wall Street and I encounter this woman and Grace Baker. She is naked as a jaybird. I mean it's terrifying. She looked like she had just stepped out of a National Geographic special is it like that so naked and afraid.

I've never seen that I was afraid I was like sweet mercy and every action so anyway so Sean was fast and we I interviewed this woman on the radio program. He was seen know that's the Princess where I think it was old anyway. It was like one of those two anyway. She did the big interview and give the take away was you know if your your 50s from New Jersey probably need put a shirt on and pants up.

Nobody wants to see that and pants pants. She had pants on how best to think that I would like you out of it wasn't. But, neck, and she was just half naked as a jaybird okay does the jaybird wear pants know because they have feathers okay there their nether regions are covered by phone. Okay okay I just tried to time to say so topless all that to say yes topless all that to say that's why I'm really concerned about Asheville cannot be saved for rational frankly got Billy Graham never cried out. As you know, I mean it's just lightweight. This makes no sense and that the town needs Billy Graham. It's funny every time every time I got it � when I fly in there to go to the Billy Graham Center or to Ridgecrest and I will stop off at this liberal bookstore in downtown called malaprop's and it is a flaming leftist poster but it's a great post. I love the light. I go in there and I always ask, can you tell me where Rush Limbaugh's books are just to see them get triggered. Are they today have the book. Okay that'll have mine either that how you even go there.

They're not very tolerant but that's where I got my Barack Obama finger pump and I did the infamous you know I called little Barack LI L' Barack and I put them on my middle finger and I we went around actual people think that well they were very tolerant then but it is being in the bongos. I sure was fun though. I'll tell you that much. All right, this story from town Sarah Arnold is the author turns out Joe Biden is threatening public school so here's the deal title line says that school districts will have to allow transgender boys and girls bathrooms and locker rooms all that kind of nonsense.

So now the federal government is say if if you don't do that you're not to get any lunch money from your for your local public school. So Ron DeSantis and Christie no more fighting back. Here's what the governor DeSantis had to say about that were prepared for what Biden throws our way.

And yes, part of its inflation in the gas part of it are intentionally destructive policies like trying to deny school lunch programs for states that don't do transgender ideology in the school. Simon give me a break totally off his rocker to be doing that were fighting on that.

Don't worry. So were just prepared to be able to defend the taxpayers and the hard-working people in the state of Florida and I couldn't be prouder for for doing that good for you, Gov. DeSanto so other governors.

As you know what when I can let the kids go hungry, working to step in working to take care of this. If in fact Biden pulls their lunch money and Gov. Christie. No over in South Dakota.

Here's what she had to present Joe Biden is using the school lunch program to push his radical left-wing agenda. He believes that biological boys should share the same bathrooms and showers as biological girls. He also thinks that boys should be allowed to compete in girl sports teams so he's threatening to use the national school lunch program to bully states into falling in line if we don't take food off of our Texas plates with all the problems that are facing America today from the border to crime to inflation and gas prices present actually focusing on solutions for those problems. I have a message to Pres. Biden.

If you do this teaching food away from her children literally off the plates unless we allow boys to competing girl sports in South Dakota. I will immediately file suit to protect our kids weeping you in court before and will do it again you go Christine. You go girl. She will smack him around like your dog. I have no doubt about that. So there you go.

I will keep you updated. Ladies and so I you know you know will be great Grace Baker check folate what Chick-fil-A step in and make the meals that would be good.

Great idea for Whataburger is a good choice were getting Whataburger's. Yes, I finally had in Phoenix. It was delicious.

Have you have you been have you been to this place called biscuit Phil and now I'm intrigued. It's fascinating. So I had to speak at the Mayberry.

What was that Mount airy North Carolina and I was at the hotel that I was doing a some speaking event and they put me up at this hotel right next to the biscuit. Phil badly and it's open lab.

It is only open like in the morning and then I think they close like to or something and that's what they serve biscuits.

That's not a bad constant rain men aren't good. You can get. I'm assuming they have an assortment of jellies. I'm sure they do, but I'm not a sign.

I'm not a jolly time you like the butter know well, like a sausage biscuit I'm up or I'm a purist okay to say anyway we had a go back over there right next next trip to North Carolina Grace Baker I'm taking it a biscuit.

Phil thought, let's do it all right down folks, this is one for the history books are first-day broadcasting in Winston-Salem is been a lot of fun now working to do this all over to the bar.

You folks get out there. Have a great day you galaxies he flip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly good to be galaxies.

He flip for

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