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Arizona Elections Are a Complete Debacle

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 4, 2022 3:49 pm

Arizona Elections Are a Complete Debacle

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 4, 2022 3:49 pm

There’s still no declared winner in the Republican primary for governor in Arizona — and now comes word that hundreds of people may have been denied the right to vote.

David Kustoff, Gov Mike Huckabee, Art Ally, MacKensey Pulliam, and Andy Hooser join the conversation!

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Also I Gov. Mike Huckabee is going to be here and working to get the lowdown on what's happening out in Oregon with a bunch of bombs around the Salem area who are fighting back against the progressives there in the Oregon school system, but it's pretty, pretty shocking, and very encouraging.

What's happening out there in Oregon.

Project Veritas has a has an exclusive report out and we have the story up on our website. Todd and you need to be aware of this so project Veritas has been in contact with an FBI whistleblower. This individual has been providing Intel to project Veritas about what's been going on inside the FBI for a long time we have been telling you that the FBI has been recognized to take out law-abiding American patriots we been telling you that this goes back probably decades, maybe even a generation, but we've known about it in earnest since the 2016 presidential election when the FBI using that phony Russian dossier from Christopher steel tried to undermine the 2016 presidential election. They even went so far.

Once Trump won the election which Trump was not supposed to do and I'm writing about this in my new book trump was not expected to win the presidency. The establishment, the media, the deep state they all thought Hillary Clinton had this in the bag so if Hillary Clinton would've what we would've never known what the FBI has been up to. That's why I say they probably been up to this since even before Watergate and now we know as result of trumping elected what the FBI has really been up to, and it's clear to me that the FBI is being has been weapon eyes against law-abiding American patriots so the FBI has bring or the project. Veritas has brand-new information out and I want to share this with you and again the story there are leaked documents that the FBI has been using to determine what is and what is not associated with with violent extremist with domestic terrorism with the militia and this whistleblower actually leaked the domestic terrorism symbols guide so for example a swastika. Well, if you see somebody with a swastika. You will immediately go that person's a bad person.

That person is a Nazi will be FBI has listed a number of things that they consider to be symbols of extremism.

Symbols of domestic terrorism and I want to run some of these by you to see if you are as concerned as I am about this document. First of all, the at again that the there's a phrase MVE that stands for militia violent extremist one side of a mill of of a militia violent, extremist, and for the sake of our conversation.

I'm just going to call domestic terrorist but one example of a domestic terrorist is somebody who constantly refers to the Second Amendment. So if you refer to the Second Amendment, then you would be considered a a possible domestic terrorist suspect. You are probably on somebody's watch list. If you are open and public about talking about the Second Amendment. Now this makes sense because you might remember I think it was just last week we had the guy who was that there was a knock on the door and he recorded all of this with his port with the doorbell ring and there was. There were three law enforcement officers there are couple of them were for the fit were from the federal government and they were demanding to see this guys God's they were there wanting to take stock of how many weapons. This guy had he done nothing wrong you just gone and bought a couple of web and then he gets a knock on the front door will maybe just maybe he was on one of these list because he is pro-Second Amendment according to the leaked FBI document the phrases well regulated militia and the right to bear arms are also considered to be problematic for the FBI. Now that as far as imagery and we talked about the swastika.

Now they're saying that the beloved Gadsden flag that beautiful bright gold flag with the coiled snake and the words don't tread on me. That is now considered by the FBI to be a symbol of domestic terrorism. They also believe the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of domestic terrorism as well as any Revolutionary war imagery. These are cited in the document under a category called commonly referenced historical imagery or quotes in the document reading from project Veritas of their investigation in the document. The FBI site symbols, images, phrases, events and individuals that agents should look out for when identifying alleged domestic terrorist and terrorism. Of note, under the symbol section is a prominent citation of the Second Amendment right explains that the domestic terrorists justify their existence with the Second Amendment due to the mention of a well-regulated militia, as well as the right to bear arms under the common phrases and references section of the leaked document Ashley Babbitt is cited as a person that domestic terrorists consider to be a martyr of the same document also refers to Ruby Ridge, Waco, Timothy McVeigh.

He was a guy who blew up the V though the government building the courthouse in Oklahoma City tying in traditional American ideas and symbols with radical and violent events in the past. This is what the FBI's been up to Libby's and now we know that the FBI and there is a new report out that the FBI this is from the Gateway pundit, the FBI knows more about whoever planted the bombs outside of the RNC and DNC headquarters. Then they had previously. Let all anybody else find that odd that we have yet to know who actually planted those devices especially since the whole thing was captured on camera anybody concerned about that now. According to revolver news. The FBI is hiding security cam video footage of the January 6 pipe bomber planting the bombs.

Congressman Jim Jordan sent a letter to the FBI director Chris Ray in March regarding the investigation. According to that letter now members of Congress are accusing me up by FBI withholding information. So why is it that the FBI doesn't want you to see the video footage of the suspect planting the bombs at the RNC and deviancy. I have a theory about that. Is it possible that the reason why the FBI doesn't want you to see that video is because it was in fact the FBI, the plane of the bombs is that is that a possibility. Why is it that the FBI has yet to explain how many of their their agents.

How many of their staffers were involved in the in the plotting and the execution of what happened on January 6 at the Capitol building. Is it possible is it remotely possible that the reason why is that this entire thing was orchestrated by the FBI. Is that a possibility only allowed to entertain that thought. I have I have a sinking suspicion that at this very moment, my name is being written down in one of those FBI files as a possible domestic terrorist merely for asking the question and I asked that question because we now know of course that the FBI was involved in the kidnapping plot against Michigan Gov. Gretchen equipment and we know that the FBI was so involved that it has now become a scandal. So look were going to be talking about this. You need to be aware of what's happening with the FBI. This is the same government agency that has been ordered to spy on moms and dads and investigate moms and dads who dare say anything about their local school boards. This is the same FBI that's going out there and harassing law-abiding American citizens and is gotta stop. So here's what needs to happen if Donald Trump is re-elected in 2024. He needs to dismantle the FBI to just go ahead and tear it down and rebuild the FBI from the ground up. That's what needs to happen, it will that happen. I don't know but it needs to happen as much as we need to do something about the about the Department of Education. We need be doing something about the FBI because now there's nothing more than state police nothing more than then the then the, the state police the Stasi and East Germany nothing more than the Iranian Revolutionary guard out there going and an attacking and targeting political opponents. That's what this is all about 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Gotta take a break will be right back. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my fellow into an amazing company that it is today.

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There is a lot there so much great content and soundbites coming out of that press conference. This was absolutely phenomenal.

This is how you do it, folks. This is how Republicans win the day you see so many Republican governors, and we've got one here in Tennessee. His name is Bill Lee and he will do something like that. He'd never go after the.

The state prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law and by the way, that's what Andrew Warren is accused of doing. Andrew Warren went out there and announced that he doesn't care what the Supreme Court decided about Roe V Wade that they would not be prosecuting any abortion cases in Tampa, Florida.

He was literally going out in front of the cameras and daring the governor to do something to guess what run DeSantis has the man parts to back it up. Run DeSantis got out there and he's been doing this from day one where all of these woke corporations threatened to leave the state run DeSantis said fine get outta here Walt Disney, which did not do that because they got a sweetheart deal with the government run DeSantis as you want to keep this up really yank your special privileges.

Why you wouldn't do that. Oh yes he did got the public schools out there in Florida and what are they doing their teaching the kids about critical race theory alive from the very pit of hell. Critical race theory telling little white children that they need to apologize because of the color of their skin telling black kids that they're always going to be oppressed because of the color of their skin lies from the pit of hell and what it run DeSantis do.

He declared war on the public schools. Just yesterday, threatening to arrest any doctors who perform these radical sex change mutilations a little kids. I say good for you governor, by the way, do you think run DeSantis would have the courage to do what he's been doing. Had it not been for the example set by Donald Trump you think about this for a moment here in Tennessee, Gov. Bill Lee always wants to get along with people as a matter of fact, the governor stood against the district attorney in Memphis Tennessee who wanted a put bad guys away for the full length of their sentences and the governor didn't even have the courage to sign the bill into law truth in sentencing. He represents the average establishment Republican little party so I say thank you Pres. Trump for showing the Republicans how to fight and think you run DeSantis were fighting you folks in Florida.

You are your blessed. There are so many other people in states like for example Arizona in order to get to this in just a little while but we still don't know who won the Republican primary for governor Carrie Linkous, and says she is the declared winner. But it's there is no official winner yet there are thousands and thousands of votes that have yet to be counted were just came out that one county put all county hundreds of people may not have even been allowed to vote. This is not some sort of a Third World country.

This is Arizona and where's governor wears governor Ducey he's a Republican. Why is it he out there physically removing these election officials from their offices. Why not where is that guy so good for you Rhonda Santos for doing the right thing for doing what you told voters. You were going to do.

Every person, a Republican running for office. You need to pay very close attention to how run DeSantis is governing his state because that's how you need to be governing if you get elected. So God bless you.

Governor DeSantis new people down in Florida.

You gotta be pretty happy about this guy, but this is why we fight back against these George Soros, district attorney's and if we don't the worker to be just like San Francisco just like New York City just like Chicago you folks listen to it was okay WAN. Our flagship station to Memphis, Tennessee. You better get your behind out today go and vote for your to have a George Soros attorney set and all the bad guys free and nobody wants that nobody wants to try.

Gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd search radius there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a throwback IRA still own the physical goal also shifted over precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM investment modem that conserves radio show item just in Britney Greiner, the WNBA star down guilty on those drug charges nine years in prison. That's what they have sentenced to her that that sentence coming down just a few moments ago and does not looking good. She offered an apology in the in the hearing but that was not good enough.

Also find 1 million rubles was it like three bucks or something. I will figure that out. But anyway nine years in jail. That's the that's the big headline coming out of Moscow, Pres. Biden says he's upset but there's really not much he can. He can do about that artwork back to the Todd Stern's radio program 844-747-8868.

When you go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line good friend of this program, and a great conservative up on Capitol Hill. Congressman David Comstock Congressman, hope you're doing good today.thank you very much for having one where we are out about a great dated the eighth congressional district, you know, today is election day and I probably Tennessee.

The only thing that I can I can think of the Desi primary election on Thursday. It really threw off my trip to SeaTac if I'm being perfectly honest with you I just assumed the election was on a Tuesday and that it is sort of weird but this is as you mentioned, it's election day in the state other races over the fifth congressional district, a big battle there. And of course you have some primary opponents, but I suspect that big endorsement you got is going to help go a long way today. I was really honored to have bought the "endorsement admired my reelection. Even Dorothy before it means a lot and I appreciate the fact that he recognizes my conservative record my record purporting him as a crew Republican a true conservative in Congress that Ed you don't need to get the cork with poor but I really hear your three month wait out in the November election and and I feel good about our primary election. I feel really good about Republicans can't in November in the House of Representatives coming really good at and you know were just a few boat five the Democrats like now the bar both bread but you know you think about it if we could we could pick up around 18 feet.

That would give us about the same majority that Newt had in 1994, 1995.

If we can get 30, which is that that look. Gotta work hard, but it really possible� The bigger majority than that than the class in 2010 that huge red wave that came across it after Obama's first two years. All Congressman what what is that going to look like there has been some conversation about having another contract with America. Newt Gingrich is been a big proponent of that what you think the Republicans need to do the strategy moving to the moving towards the midterms, Newt impacted it has been working with Kevin McCarthy, the league, the craft will be something like the contract with America that will come out it at the right time and in ego and in politics having to do everything we wanted to, that you want to cut were work closely in humor start start shooting golden like like Swiss cheese, but it will, it will talk about what Republicans will do.

Starting in January 2023 and addressing all of these issues that are so important. The American people, whether the economy and inflation. The be issues with big tech with China with issues like like protecting life and so you will see that your feedback come out in the next dot in the next several weeks. The next month or so I I'm excited to see this and I think that is the winning formula get everybody it's you all for one, one for all and and running on those big issues and I hope one of them is crime Congressman because of folks around the nation.

Listers of this radio program are just disgusted with these. George Soros, DAs these are laws that seem to aid the criminals instead of protecting the innocent, and you will or experiment that failure and you think about where you would like New York and in Philadelphia and even San Francisco, where crime got so bad that stores like Walgreens and CVS said were done work for closing because we don't want have to lock up the Colgate toothpaste under under lock and key word coastal and I even San Francisco, where I think the registered voter turnout is 6% of that. That's about right. They recalled their very liberal woke district attorney in San Francisco and Tampa fiscal were where the school board was moving was a moving for local figures. The names like Lincoln and Washington. They recalled the school board. I think that the left that experiment especially visible relates to the prosecutors across the nation that that hit fueled the rapid rise in violent crime in the big cities across the country. Congressman David cost of the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman I do want to talk about the election, but we have a question from oh, a listener in Eades Tennessee.

His name is Mike and he wanted to know about the funding for the war in Ukraine which I have been critical of it. Seems like we just have an a blank check. He wants to know where you stand on voting to fund this war in Ukraine. The big question is something that a lot in it at you know the deadbolt was audit with and let couple of mod. We had the we talked about. It is publican Congressman I'm mom ordered peacefully with teens use our our with and got it because on the one hand, and the criticism is if you know that it's a lot of money $40 billion it. We got a lot of issues in our in our country from the from the border.

We all we all know the issues of that money could be better spent here, but the information that we had at the time and talking about Republican members of Congress was that that that money was crucial in their fight Ukraine fight to ward off the rush and that ended and that you Ukrainian at that point time. I still think they do. They have a chance to win after you define when they got a chance to win it. It's important that I talk about this at the time in which things play out.

Now is a relates to China and Taiwan because there's no doubt that it's some point that China will invade Taiwan is not a question of it. It's a question of when and part of the decision that, I still think it is today. The Chinese are looking to see what happened with Russia and Ukraine and if Ukraine can win again to have you define when that will factor into China's decision about invading Taiwan. The get your point is that it's a complicated issue and these are these are tough both but you know the fact of the matter is that the people elected me like they did and have 434 the Congressman make very tough difficult decision know and I get that. And I know a couple of days ago we talked about this on the program you got the White House folks now leaking stuff to the New York Times, they've got concerns about Zelinski and probably more so than they're letting on publicly. So again I just it's a big mess over there and a lot of folks get nervous about the more than $8 billion. We party given those folks so I will. I appreciate you addressing that with the with one of our listeners a real quick, Congressman. I know your time is a tight here.

This is an election for you and it's going to be a big day. I do believe and I know you're your there are primary opponents here, but I think your credentials speak for themselves. I appreciate that you election your every when you stand for election the job, whether you are running for the first time you're wearing reelection at the fall record add and I appreciate the president club yesterday endorsing my my reelection look at the with the Second Amendment and for the Second Amendment. I stood for in the white light in the pro-life effort and in my record there some website after Todd cracked, how you vote with.with present puffin from issues that well above 90, 93, 94% voting for the issues that present 12 fall for drink is four years in the White House. It's an honor. It's an honor to do this and and here's the thing I remember I think anybody should get you know when when you're in elected office in your Congressman, your constituents are your ball and you should you should marry up the best you can.

What you people at home. How do they want you to go and what in the best interest of the nation and I did with my boat. I feel comfortable that I've a wine at the line that way and I'm proud to do that. I'm proud to say that the conservative bent that present 12 took the time to glorify reelection well and for the record, I endorsed you early on in this process and I'm proud that you're my Congressman, and I think you're doing a great job and I'm excited that the president trump I gave you the the nod as well.

So good luck and you also have been for one heck of a great barbecue over the other foreign beers. It was really good.

It was really good thought that something about a whiteboard I've talked about we do it every year. We don't ask anybody to get money. It is just the it's an easy-going opportunity for people to get to visit with me, and more importantly for me to get the visit with them and and you get to hear from them. We had a great time we had a great time on Sunday this past weekend.

I look forward to continuing to work with people of the eighth Congressional District and I Congressman David cost of ladies and gentlemen on the on the program Congressman good luck to you and I will. We wish you the very best job I can grant me on this morning.

Glad to do it all right there you go, everybody, Congressman David cost of a real quick.

I want to go to Mike in Eades, who is good called in and my three sided patrol with the Congressman. We'd like to his name in an ambush, but the Congressman wasn't expecting it, and we just like to do that to anybody but at least we got your your your question addressed were you satisfied with the answer on not really gotten an eye on either anybody I don't know you.

I appreciate custom remote it just like your concern.

I see the lingo on the cover of gold. I see all these concerts you have in their right and just like you. I don't know what's going on and then cussed out answers that want in any oversight of the money that they're approving for Ukraine which is very frustrating when we have these problems at home. I just don't understand know Mike, I'm I'm with you on that and we could've gone on and on but ultimately the Democrats Mike they control the purse bricks pursestrings right now and there is absolutely no oversight if the Republicans are able to retake the House of Representatives. I will be.

Trust me on this.

I will be the loudest voice calling for insight for oversight into how much money would be giving Ukrainians.

It just makes absolutely no sense� You are a good sub might appreciate you calling in and the folks we do, let's take a quick break your 844-747-8868 is our telephone number.

That's 844-747-8868 you may know someone who never makes us the passage of time frame significance of the passage of time. Something to think about it.

There is great significance in the passage of time everything they say scratch her head. We will work together and continue to work together to address these issues. These challenges and to work together they could perplexing is time for us to do what we have been doing time is everything we are doing perplexing is not necessarily life-threatening unless that person holds significant power in an executive position in your Supreme Court much worse. She could be perplexing.

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That's why we support patriot mobile they're mobilizing freedom across the nation and by the way if you switch to patriot mobile right now use my promo code Todd negative you there to give you free activation and a pretty awesome gift and I always love gifts.

By the way they have plans to fit any budget along with great discounts for veteran and first responder heroes. All you have to do is call about 972 patriot pets. 972 patriot or you can go online patriot

That's patriot and be sure to use my promo code Todd terror Carl Wrightson says Todd Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee reminds me of Gov. Joe wine and Ohio milk toast governors. Marie says yes I love dissenters in my state. Patricia says he sets the right tone lot. You folks still upset over Kansas and by the way were going to check in with with Arkansas radio affiliate in Wichita and there to give us the back story on that that abortion vote wanted wanted debacle that was and they tried to tell him it was the wrong time to vote on that issue, but they didn't want to hear the pro-lifers didn't want to hear some Carl says tens of fornication that's with Ella, I will be. It's that bad yet, but but they've got some work to do their I got another question from Dennis Todd wanted to get announce Arizona. Final results at Dennis we don't know this is all a big mess and by the way, by the way, pay very close attention to what could happen here if Karen Taylor Robeson begins to move up in the vote totals you're going to have folks coming out and suggesting voter fraud and the problem is the people that will be suggesting voter fraud are the same people who said yesterday there was no voter fraud folks. You gotta stop playing politics with with the voter fraud stuff because there was voter fraud.

There is there is a problem with vote integrity in Arizona in order to go through the numbers here and and this has nothing to do with the candidates.

This has everything to do with the government in Arizona, but folks they got thousands and thousands of votes that still have to be counted.

It's it's a mess are gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's our telephone will be arriving galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like southeast of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly. My demeanor to get your galaxies. He flipped for the University studio in Memphis Tennessee. Well hello everybody you know. I knew something was off in the universe. Something was not quite right here in in the land of the land of biscuits and gravy and now I know why it turns out that our good friend, Gov. Mike Huckabee has been overseas in France to be exact. So he hasn't been here in a while and the governor were so honored to have you back your own.

The patriot mobile newsmaker line. How is life over there in in gay Paris, as they say, well, I made Harry.

We were actually in the south of France and Italy down on the code was magnificent. We had a great time and enjoyed immensely going to places like Monaco and his own little country tiny little spot, but to Nice, France, and then for some places along the coast of Italy just just a terrific experience but could be home.

I heard I've heard that Monaco is is is phenomenal. It really is just a beautiful place and it kind of unique because it is a country unique and separate it the smallest country in the world except for Vatican City and it was like a little town, but it has its own thing, but very nice and modern ghetto beautiful and picturesque and all of those things that you would think it to be. I've never been there before and it was quite fascinating was my wife, wanted, and I think hang out on the French Riviera's will is nicer because normally when you go on vacation. It's really not a vacation because he got a couple hundred people on trips to Israel and all over the place of this must've been really nice for you guys. Well, it was you know normally we go to the redneck Riviera. This was the first time we went nothing better than Orange Beach higher circle mall around the globe to vote Riviera. I love it. Probably culturally I'm more at home in the redneck Riviera that I am ready� Well I gotta tell you, I'm glad you had a good time but Gov. you can't leave America again, because when you do bad things happen and I'm talking about a story that that cause controversy in our program yesterday, Cracker Barrel, announcing a plant-based menu that includes sausage. I guess made from azalea bushes and ferns. I don't know. But people are freaking out about this as they you and I both are good leaders. Okay, we like it a lot with lots of salted great. Have you ever been in a Cracker Barrel and overheard a conversation at the next table with somebody saying excuse me ma'am, but do you have a vegan diet that I could look at you ever heard someone work tofu for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel for God sake you don't go to crack you're looking for some kind of vegan option you go for the grading of bacon and ham that hashbrowns the same reason I go to waffle house which is my happy place and if this ever happens to waffle house. I think all curl up in the fetal position, crawl up under my bed and not come out for a month. I think you try to waffle out somebody would get shot it's it's you know it's again I leave it to each his own, here, but I'm I'm with you.

People are going to Cracker Barrel for comfort food, not health food. Well, exactly, and their I guess somebody can go.

They want for egg and impossible me for substitute for sausage. I still consider that if you're going to eat me eat the real thing.

You're not going to eat it not respect people who don't want to eat any meat, but don't pretend that you're eating meat crack like well this is a substitute just to eat kale God has some grass clippings now on one of the bushes outside the day.

Gov. Mike Huckabee of the patriot mobile newsmaker line. It's it's true governor I would place of audio. This is a smidge long it Sen. Ted Cruz just a few minutes ago.

Earlier the show we were talking about this project Veritas story that leaked yesterday last night of the FBI now considers things like the Betsy Ross flag in the Gadsden flag to be symbols of extremism. Sen. Ted Cruz demanded to know of the FBI director what the heck is going on. Let's take a listen yesterday it was reported that project. Veritas had obtained a copy of an FBI training material which listed various symbols and themes which in the FBI's estimation were indicative of quote militia violence extremism. Now these symbols work.

Things like the Ku Klux Klan of the Nazi party, which naturally would be symbols of that but instead they included rather astonishingly patriotic symbols of our nation and our history included on this list is the Betsy Ross flag. Now that's fairly remarkable that the Betsy Ross flag in the FBI's indication is indicative of violent militia violent extremism because, among other people who have been publicly alongside the Betsy Ross flag with Pres. Barack Obama, who was sworn in, directly underneath two Betsy Ross flags but it's not just Pres. Obama will also have Pres. Biden who was sworn in under Betsy Ross flags not just the Betsy Ross flag. Also on this list is the Gadsden flag is a symbol of violent extremism. Now state of Virginia has license plate for the Gadsden plot flag, as do many other states and people would be astonished to find that having that license plate. The FBI indicates that you're a violent extremist. Also included on this is a text that I was particularly struck is the Gonzales battle flag come and take it as indicative of being a violent extremist militia, will I will self-report right now every day in the Senate. I wear my boots that have the Gonzales battle flag on the back director, Ray Blair yelled doing this makes no sense deep. Do you agree with this FBI guidance that the Betsy Ross flag in the Gadsden flag in the Gonzales battle flag or signs of militia violence, extremism, and Gov. Huckabee. The FBI director really had no clear-cut answer to that question. I think we got to do since Joe Biden and Barack Obama were both sworn and black is only one conclusion, the FBI needs to investigate both these guys as extreme terrorist races and insurrection is very clear that they have betrayed the United States by even being associated with the Betsy Ross black landing in a little bit on the sarcastic stop, but I wonder how long are we going to put up with this nonsense we are paying the FBI to protect us from criminals and their protecting his compatriots I'm really really just beyond sick of it and it's high time that we get Republicans in Congress but I want to tell you thought they get there by got better do something about it.

They better launch a full-scale investigation issue subpoenas people in leg irons that they don't, like they did Peter Navarro and they need to get to the bottom of who is running the FBI and what kind of walk is has overtaken what ought to be simple law enforcement function when you and by the way, you could hear a clink on the desk there. Sen. Chris Ashley took off his boot and he put it on the table as as evidenced again that even Sen. Ted Cruz as he said it what was self reporting, but you do wonder governor when you you see the reports of the FBI knocking on the door of law-abiding gun owners of moms and dads going to the school board meetings of what ever happened with this botched kidnapping plot involving the governor of Michigan and then the FBI refuses to answer any questions about their involvement in the planning of of J. Six. You're right, it does make you wonder what the heck is going on over there well and it's not helping. I think we need to know who was way out was an FBI informant. How come no one arrested it out there begging people going to Go in and somehow he just fades off the same but nobody will answer questions with the on the FBI payroll was in informant. Why was he not arrested when people didn't even get to the capital got arrested.

It makes no sense� Is terribly wrong and we know that since the coming days when they made up things completely made them up. This is now been verified and I got illegal. Liza warrants to go after Donald Trump. They basically use the full enforcement power of the United States government to spy on a sitting president to try to establish a coup d'�tat. Stop.

I think of the FBI act like the Stasi of each gurney, we might as well start calling. I feel terrible for the rank-and-file FBI field all across America for good and decent law-abiding God. Law enforcement visuals who can be trusted, but the leadership is rotting from the head and there needs to be some significant removal of people who were running that agency because they have lost the trust of at least half the American public have to leave it there big show coming up on TBN this weekend what's on the list will have anything thanks, I'm pretty excited to have Barack legend Tommy Roe with you. Gotta be a little older to remember, but he was a hit maker all through the 60s and early 70s and he's got to be our musical guests can have a great time. We also have Brian Bromberg who is an amazing guy.

His mother was right. He is the result of that, and his perspective on the entire abortion issue. Maybe one of the most powerful I've ever heard.

Articulate and brilliant and will be one of our guests this weekend. Fantastic folks.

We got links to governors weds websites platforms so show information over at Todd star' governor good to have you back with us and it's great to be back but have some biscuits and gravy and will go somewhere other than Cracker Barrel to get service you got that right are absolutely Gov. Mike Huckabee everybody of the patriot MobileMe's maternal dog says I love Mike Huckabee since of humor.

God bless and we need a good healthy dose of that dog and I'll tell you that much. Are we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the time charge someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy seafood for Tennessee. We can have a George Soros district Attorney in our great state that nonsense to the California hey what I want to go back to this FBI story because this is a big deal. You know, a lot of times very bad policy is created out of some sort of of the terrible tragedy and for example the patriot act and the the crackdown on our civil liberties in the aftermath of 9/11, the creation of TSA you know we have we got a generation of young people that don't know what it's like to actually go to an airport without having to take all your clothes off and you don't be be molested that so small and molested by strangers wearing rubber gloves.

There used to be a time where you can walk with your family to your gait and you can give them a hug goodbye and they would get on the airplane that doesn't happen anymore. By the way the TSA to date has not stopped at a terrorist attack. They haven't done that yet. Yet there was a shooting. A couple weeks ago, but that was not it a terrorist attack. TSA has yet to stop a single terrorist attack. Just something to keep in mind so again that patriot act was created out of a great time of tragedy and turmoil in the, the, the actions they are basically curtailed our civil liberties. So when you go back and you you look at the history of the FBI. Why is it because we didn't always have an FBI so why did the federal government create the federal Bureau of investigation. While it happened after Pres. William McKinley was assassinated and there was concern that the country was being overrun by anarchist so they needed to have a centralized release. They wanted a centralized law enforcement agency that would be able to target the anarchist and that's what led to the founding of the federal Bureau of investigation, but there are now growing calls to have the entire thing dismantled a chief among them. Yours truly, now I'm not saying we don't need some sort of a federal law enforcement element or maybe Julie is that something that the states themselves can handle. Would you be able to have that cooperation on the state level, but as it now stands in, and Gov. Huckabee is absolutely right. The FBI has become the state police of East Germany. The Stasi that's this is horrifying.

I tell people over and over and over again if the FBI is knocking on your door. You do not let them in unless they have a warrant you your your first order of business is to call your attorney jolts don't even say Howdy due to the FBI.

Would you like a glass of iced tea.

You can't do that because you cannot trust them. You can't trust the FBI. Should the FBI be dismantled. I mean you've you heard what Sen. Cruz was saying. I mean if we got a if we got a police agency out there suggesting that if you got a Betsy Ross like you need to be on the terror watch list. That's a big problem in my estimation, by the way, 844-747-8868 is our telephone number.

That's 844-747-8868 I will play some audio this is Christopher Ray. He is the FBI director and here was his response to Sen. Cruz will center. I am not familiar with the particular document you have behind you and I'm not in the practice of trying to, the documents that I haven't recognize but I will tell you that when we put out intelligence products, including ones that reference symbols which we do, across a wide variety of contexts. We usually make great pains take great pains to put caveats and warnings in the document to make clear that a symbol alone is not considered evidence of violent extremism and its director regularly include things like NT 4.0, you don't include things like black lives matter. Instead you identify patriotic Americans is suspect and I would note there's a pattern of this there's a there's a disturbing pattern of this and that goes all the way back to the Obama ministration. I remember of sources in the military at the time sending me documentation they were and the military. The Obama Pentagon. There were labeling religious groups like Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson, the American family Association, our good friend the Wildman family of the family research Council, our friend Tony Perkins.

They were labeling those organizations, those Christian religious groups as domestic terrorist organizations, and they were actually targeting any service members who are a part of those groups.

This is a very dangerous thing I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy seafood for history from Newsmax Jeffrey Road is the right thing. Goldberger says God is just okay with abortion will be Goldberger is one of the squawking magpies over on the view I just can't watch that show. I I I just don't see how you folks can watch this watch that show way too much testosterone of those gals anyway.

I will be Goldberger says that God is fine with abortion.

She says God made us smart enough to know when it wasn't in the workforce talking about having a baby. That's the beauty of giving us freedom of choice. I do wonder and I know they film this over on the upper West side of New York City. II hope they have a lightning rod on top of the building because I have to imagine that the Almighty is not too happy with nonsense like this real quick.

Let's go to the phones here, Gainesville, Georgia Tom on the line. Hey Tom, what's on your mind will listen hi Tom, hello, hey there Tom how are you them are we interrupting.

I know your view, your wonderful thanks for all that you do well, God and country where you're trying to say that, in speaking of which, it's 4 August, 4 July so where this comes from God, but I'm going to personally fast thinking only water on the fourth day of every month so that maybe next Fourth of July we had something to celebrate.

And if others want to join in. Oh please let us let us keep our priorities in order as remember the man upstairs is my bequeath this this wonderful nation we have and let us remember who the true domestic terrorist are which are the people apparently in government these days so we got a lot to pray about a lot� Well, that you no doubt about that, look, I am still proud to be an American, and I celebrate the freedom I have and I celebrate the fact that we had a president Donald Trump who showed people that it was okay to fight back and defend America and to put America first end and I think those are those are noble things and look I think it's a great thing that you're doing so good for you. Thank you, are a time. God bless and thanks for listening. I want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line, our good friend from Timothy plan. He is the founder and president Timothy art Allie hey Art, how's it going today couldn't be better in the mountains of North Carolina is not right you part of the country out there. Art Allie gorges gorges. If you ever get a chance, the Billy Graham training center just right outside of Asheville North Carolina that is truly God's country telling I've been there. You are absolutely right. Even the bears are nice, a minister that is very from those that are not though. They're really not that are not our words were so were so honored to have you as a part of our show and the work you guys are doing it Timothy plan so vitally important as as we educate and really aren't. I guess it really is an education process educating people about where to invest their money. Well, it really is.

You know the average person who relies on advice from a financial advisor made pretty much do whatever the advisor recommends because this is not something in there in their database something they just don't understand English so you know you need to do it, but it's a mystery to the average person, and then we bring an extra level about not only auto invest other diversified what are you only when you invest the money goes entrusted to and when people find out you know they battle against some of these corporations who are not our friends actually trying to destroy our own moral fabric of America by the funding mechanisms kinds of things are due, including the ones now for sending you some lady with an unwanted pregnancy to some state to get an abortion, you know. All those cross yet. As a matter fact we got a Newsmax piece about that the number of women traveling for abortions, up 5100% since the Dobbs ruling and then you've got Pres. Biden out there saying there to be paying for women to to have abortion across state lines as well.

I would have to imagine using our tax dollars. How dark is God. Totally dark is a murder babies. It's crazy, but corporations that are doing it.

I got it.

You're going to get back shareholders audibly open arms for them. Spending you know that what would otherwise go to the bottom line things employees that aren't pregnant should be kind of offended by Ukrainian $4000. The drain you when you're not anything I'm struggling somewhere of those going to be a backlash. God is in control.

Allie related Allie is on our petri mode is Timothy Timothy into your point.

The problem here is that you got a lot of people of faith who are investing in these companies and in effect, they are financing some of these some of these big issues like abortion, for example, or gambling or pornography. As a result of their investments in these companies and the reason why people folks you've got use Timothy plan. I do it and I was completely oblivious art. I had no idea that my money my hard earned money was going to support these kinds of things and that's why I love what you guys do because you advise people where to put that money in companies that aren't engaged in those kinds of horrible where we will we proven over 20 don't have to own shares of those companies and suppliers were competitive with everybody else about people unwittingly know this is an alarming is the latest that information I have is about 65% of all money invested in the huge pond world is invested by people who claim to be born-again Christians is to start being careful about how they invest. I think you know it's always about the money America would change overnight. Oh, absolutely. And that's one of the reasons I'm such a huge fan of the faith-based movie industry. These Christian artists that are out there. When we actually get behind these projects and many of them are so well done nowadays when we get behind those projects. Those projects become the best selling movies or you know your number one at the box office and assist a mentor it's a matter of taking the time and doing your diligence doing your research and in the great thing about Timothy plan is you don't have to do the research because you guys already do it or about) anybody works or Carlos.

We've got a service that will kill on much money they tell us what were their investments are that are involved in abortion or tomography, or nontraditional merit lifestyles in homosexual life family entertainment as well as all the addictive things on the number of readers want companies that are promoting stop and call us, we can tell them how much money they have in their current investments that are invested in those kinds of companies we don't charge a thing as a free service all right. Thanks again. The website Timothy and all the information is there. I would encourage you to check that out if you can't remember it. Go to our website. The live show blog we always have a link to art Allie in his great team over at Timothy plan all right aren't you coming on vacation. Is that what you're doing and the Carolinas amount of, you know we do a lot more plan.

We are holding Pastor Terrence for pastors and get it and we held one in St. Louis. Obama not just we went up and visited family and friends are working back tomorrow to Orlando, but we are equipping and we regrouped well over a thousand pastors I'll I love it are rock solid information. I'm trying to imagine art Allie driving the RV in the North Carolina mountains. There a real easy. I drive Bonnie screams that's correct way you we had a guy on a couple of always about a month or so ago and wrote a book about a Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. A lot of people don't realize that Justice Thomas and his wife in the summer time they got an RV and they hit the road and they they camp out to the whole 9 yards.

You never know art you might run into with Justice Thomas software my eyes open. All right. Art Allie. Be safe out there on the roads. Okay, my friend are a good man right there good man. Ladies and gentlemen.

Art Allie Pres. and founder of the Timothy plan and what I mean he's right if we're really going to make an impact in the culture.

We've got to start paying very close attention were our bodies going, which is one of the reasons we support patriot mobile wide. Why would I want to give my money to an organization that's going to turn around and give their some of their profits to these radical leftist groups so got a got it. We practice what we preach or all right. Let's go to the phones real quick Georgia. Suzanne wants to weigh in on Cracker Barrel hey Suzanne what's on your mind traveling quickly got a crack about telling Danielle and I serve alcohol here now.

Are you kidding what happened to get me with everything out there error and now it's like he and everything through it. That college American college and says that language is the only romance Kelly cuisine trying to give an open dialogue here.

I can count on front on the Yankee denier half my life and I remember it being getting my grant, including sugar on everybody lack dialogue wicked everybody trying to this man came with the trained gender everything about you know I never really thought about. I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around the sugar on grid Suzanne Blanca to put that aside in the spirit of us is okay. Sorry this is it's all me. It's this is on me, Suzanne. But I guess I and Grace Baker make sure I don't get into much trouble.

Suzanne Harrell malign but to your point, I guess you know one of the things this confused me is that the plant-based people. They always want the their vegetarian food to look like real food, like for example the sausage patty the plant-based sausage patty looks just like the regular sausage patty, why would you want you if you hate meat that much. Why would you want your plants to look like the meat so to your point Suzanne. I guess maybe maybe the vegan Patty identifies as meat.

Much like the trans guys identify as the Dalles down here, here, now it really part of our heritage and we got we got Cracker Barrel.

I know that Gray was talking about. I collect a lot of down. I bring my children down here. North Ali experience that want them to wait a click export when you order by Friday or bacon whenever I didn't know that I I had no idea the way they think the parking indicate that that they What they need to get electronic delude that mean you can you guarantee me now.

Thanks Eric everything I get the country. Now we get everything in it get me dialogue by thinking out wrong.

Taking Outlook you're doing with the wrong thanked people because he thought that a Cracker Barrel I'll say this like I the wine whatever I you know this is sort of weird.

I don't know many people drinking wine with fried chicken but I will say this, Suzanne waffle house. If they ever start serving booze. I may never be able to go back. It's good to be too dangerous. I'm using a people behave, and waffle house already. It's crazy I Suzanne hey there Suzanne from Georgia. Even though sugar grits. You are eight 844-747-8868 will be right back. So John the 101st newborn division and Air Force squadron expert for newborns and their mothers like Capt. Marge Callahan compared to pushing out Larry Junior American nations. 24 custom-made jet massage and maybe see that's not like nothing like fresh milk and 40,000 just occasional wing man of 35 no on the 24th comes with an air freshener 101st division for all these new tracks it might not like I just found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly good to be true. Don't easy flip for flag flying outside of City Hall.

They had this was terribly long court battle, and I'm not quite sure why city leaders thought it was okay to apply the gay pride flag but not okay to fly the Christian flag so the slippery.

It took the Supreme Court of the United States to finally finally do the right thing and force Boston City Hall supplied the Christian flag. By the way that Supreme Court ruling was unanimous and so yesterday we got the story about Todd Stern' yesterday they hoisted the the flag. They raised the Christian flag over City Hall. Thanks to our good friends over at Liberty Counsel Matt Stever and the guys over there just to the terrific job well done and it's great to see that beautiful flag flying alongside old glory, and the Massachusetts flag as well you know we been talking for a while now about my favorite iced tea life change T they're having a big summer sale buy three get one free. It is in its natural. It's gentle, it's incredible. And this can make you feel great.

Every day I drink a glass and you should to wipe change see they been around since 2007 and is made right here in the USA because we know how to make tea here in America it's super easy to prove. Pop it in the fridge and drink and ice cold frosty glass got the that's get the use my discount code Todd 10 get this there to give you an additional $10 off that's that's even more money. Throw in free shipping over $50 in savings. Get the use the discount code. Todd 10 for additional savings. We gotta take a break here folks, our three covert updates. This is the Todd Stern Alex easy flip for all these new tracks it might not like southeast of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly good to be true. Don't easy flip for universities to really move this Tennessee is well and radio programs. So glad to have you with today. Write down our telephone number you need this for this hour of the program eight 447-4788 CA venture toll-free telephone number that 447-4788 68 Todd and by the way we have so many wonderful things for you to check out great stories or managing editor Caleb Parker turning out some great content for you and also some free resources we have. The newsletter that comes out every day are breaking news alerts and also our podcast now. All around a million people a month. Download the podcast and so we greatly appreciate you guys supporting our free podcast. Also, we have a great store over it. Todd start' and we have some wonderful resources for you T-shirts of COFFEE mugs, you name it, just some great things for you to have two enjoy your day and also to let people know that hey you're proud to be a gun toting Bible clinging flag-waving American. One of the things we been very excited about on this program. Moms and dads across the country standing up and and pushing back fighting back, standing up for their kids and one of the groups that's been a very effective in doing that is actually based in origin. Mackenzie Pulliam is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. She is the cofounder of the Oregon moms union. She's a working mom and wife and McKenzie were so glad to have you with us today McKenzie.

Let's talk about what you guys are doing there with Oregon moms union.

I have to imagine you guys are facing God quite the other firestorm of controversy with the progressive movement there that state it and really help at all. And how did you and really look at it and and in need of a complete overhaul and it can't leave after learning what our children were learning are in many cases they weren't learning anything feminine start of the public extent during our gang just like a lot of parent time throughout the country.

I think handpicked after Randy had yell and and I think a big problem though was a lot of parents just work were not even in dates to their kids education and I think one of the nicer things about the China virus pandemic is that it forced moms and dads to actually pay attention, and it shocked many of them had awoken going on in the closet and ankles were broken long before Kelly came along with underlining now parent. There are very aware of what's going on where the power thinners lie where the money and I think are really taking a lot going on in our school and parent now and found we found the 30,000 public education for Dan and I didn't tell you my number not coming back. They found that works better for their stock in a life that he can cling to think we have a listers in origin KY Cayenne are affiliate there in Salem there is a survey out 55.3% of Oregonians believe the state education system is going in the wrong direction. Only 16.6% think it's on the right track.

That tells me and said, correct me if I'm wrong here because of that tells me that even a lot of Democrats are not happy with what's happening in the education system. There approval rating that pretty blonde and where we have approval rating really not a pride thing and I can't pattern that we talked about.

Let's play and then he can percent of Oregonians .28 included pandemic that I think that really says that not parted in a scale and it's something that really work for everyone no matter where your political allegiance is not getting power back and taking it back from the government bureaucrats and government teachers union.

No McKenzie. Have you guys been able to talk to parents who have been leaving the public school system. Water what are some of their chief issues of Israel one thing in particular that that really has has them concerned a lot and acknowledgment that can't write thank you for a lot of diplomatic correct alignment with Oregon rebranding comprehensive sex education as gender identity, and that there are no longer required.

You heal), which is actually required by law there trying to rebrand things and getting around my hunting ticket make parents aware of Karen wanting Alex going on here in Phoenix cranking around and instructionally carry out and getting out for a lot of it can take their kids are learning, not worry about that now.

Let going on any contract education alternative where a lot of black Mackenzie Pulliam is on our patriot mobile newsmaker line. She is the cofounder of Oregon moms union. I'm curious if your listing to us in the in the state of Oregon.

Have you pulled your kids out of the public school system and if so, we like to hear from you. 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 and McKenzie again it it is about choice. Under a lot of different choices out there for moms and dads, what are you what are you hearing are is the most I would say is that is the top choice is homeschooling charter schools, private school, uncle Frank. A lot of can't really figure out how to make it work and a cookie-cutter fan and I think parents are finding that Brock had been able to find option for work that their head and, Don from school are learning. Five but not even slow down the rest were not that bad incorporate farm people gardening in anything that's so great there really inspired by anything they think is really about finding what it had been fabricated different private land find.

After that, a lot can eat. I just it seems to me that that one of the more effective things that that worked in Virginia moms and dads targeted the school board members and they really put an emphasis on getting out the vote and putting up putting forward candidates were going to stand up for the parents, instead of this far left agenda is that a possibility there in Oregon knowing how progressive the state is now we are really working hard to make parents aware I wear and tear and plate right now. We had a questionnaire that will help at the ballot parent voter where really working well can't be aware as to which there really kick back and contact name and you cannot heavily involved in getting crowd here and fight proud lactating Hobart well I love it. I think it's a great idea and I'm so excited that you guys are boots on the ground that there in Oregon working to mobilize and folks, we have links to their website of their platforms over at Todd's McKenzie. We really appreciate you taking time to visit with us today aren't Mackenzie Pulliam everybody Oregon moms union. We need one of those in every state of the country.

I should've answered grace I mean is I think it's a kind of union with the moms get get paid.

You know, not back out of the things out of the honey. You owe me $78 per meal exactly and down and then he got in a doing the laundry and cleaning the bathrooms is Rex and you know why moms don't get paid as its price because the work they do is priceless. You know, Talia 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full 447-4788 North Carolina adding on the that he wants to weigh in on the FBI. Sorry, Betty. What say you cannot be fired. Yeah, this year the FBI is just so messed up Patty I it has to be dismantled. There's no the rock is too deep to your conclusion. You know that, of course, when Joe Biden got in there. I think there was a reason for him to get in there really I think the Lord cleaning out you think so I think I think everything to be to show the real real swamp when Joe Biden I really believe the reason why Trump lost in God's Gain will could be Patty. I mean, again, I I think we have to do our due diligence in and get out there and vote no doubt there was widespread voter fraud. I'm again I I've never doubted that all unfortunate. Unfortunately, the use of the president was unable to come up with the evidence needed to make his case in the court of law may be may be, but at the end of the day. There was not enough evidence and I think I think down the road were all going to have to come to terms with that II think the president knows that and you just have to accept it and move on and try to make sure it doesn't happen again, but I will believe nowhere there, but Gary people to get a cleaner to come up with something that a lot of dirty people in the Republican Party to get a line I'm telling you now and through college and I think that what we said yeah I know I do what I have to do but I really believe that anything right way.

I really believe monkey conduct or throw something hot.

Never underestimate the ability of the Republicans to mess things up for themselves, to Patty, I think me a double whammy right. I believe that, I think. I hope we go. I'm not too sure, and I doubt that. But you know what I know. If we do get in there with the help of God, which I got you and I say you know you get me today. Help me out a lot and I know he can do something. I got your right to change to crime everything, every place you look country. Now what what what you going to be a war child. I don't think we can win. I don't think right now with the military we have. I don't think we can win that war. Patty and we were confused about our programs and in the middle of the middle of a heated battle.

You forget your pronouns are, you can become discombobulated and be the enemy knows that and so it's a dangerous thing. It's a dangerous game via the Bidens or plan with this country by country. Oh well yeah well Obama and Susan Rice) a lot. Like I said, you know, if we do get in there. You got to get rid array my going to call the first person I like my work will only say this Patty and Amber had let you go here, but I will say this truck gets reelected, I will not support Pres. Trump if he brings Jared Kushner anywhere near that White House.

They got he's got to do a better job of aligning himself with people surrounding himself with people who are actually true conservatives and I'm not sure that Jared Kushner and some of that bunch had his best interest at heart. So what see how that goes.

All right, we got a monkeypox update to share with you by the administration is getting ready to declare a monkeypox emergency that is going to happen today and does so will you listen to your local radio station will bring you all the Intel but here's what gets me about about the monkeypox back when the China virus broke out what they tell us to do. We had to curtail all of our regular activities. We were not allowed to go outside without a mask were not allowed to go outside.

We couldn't go to church anymore. There were all these rules and regulations will now all of that is out the window because if you dare tell and again mostly mostly overwhelmingly gay men are getting this and they're having sex with other men. Which is why the monkeypox is spreading. Now this story from the Washington Post explains everything you need to know about the double standards thousands of gay men client. This is the lead paragraph thousands of gay men clad in leather latex and often much less partied along fulsome Street last weekend during the annual kink in fetish festival, even after the city had just declared the monkeypox outbreak striking its gay community, a health emergency. One day after the World Health Organization urged men to sleep with fewer men to reduce transmission, but the San Francisco public health officials made no attempt to rain in the festivities or warn attendees to have less sex know why because you're afraid to. They're afraid to tell the gay community. Hey you guys need to cut it out for little while until we can figure out what the heck is going on here. There's a very well known sex columnist's name is Dan Savage. This guy is a piece of work, and he hates my guts going back to the Fox News days. I called this guy out pervert. So Dan Savage is even taking a break so I say good for you, sir. But here's what gets me. I gotta read this line to I'm not making this up as in the Washington Post. Dan Savage is taking his own advice limiting sex hold on to his husband and his boyfriend. You can't make this stuff up on believable folks look. Be careful out there and afford and if were not careful this thing is become endemic in the whole countries and gotta take a break here a new galaxy for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for all right America hard body. I now going on so many of you folks have been enough. I am bipolar products that might give us her burial.

My and we have a great back to school special going on and everything and I mean everything is on sale. If you got a kid going off to college and I will make sure that you send them to school with all of the other great bipolar products, including the bedsheets of my pillow slippers. The mattresses and of course the original my pillow as low as 1988 with my promo code. My use the promo code storage when you check out and your to get those wonderful discounts thanks to our good friend Mike Lindell. All right, a bit of a shocker in the heartland, the Kansas, the first in the nation to vote on the abortion issue, at least at face value. This was going to going to be a slamdunk. But it turned out to be a crushing defeat for the pro-life movement there. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line I were honored to have with the operations manager for sticklike communications and also a localhost here in Wichita on our affiliate KQ AM radio, our good friend Andy Hoosier, Andy. Good to have you with us.

Thank you my friend all right help us understand what happened because a lot of pro-lifers are freaking out and I was warning people of my show a few days ago.

Don't read too much into what happened in Kansas or you're likely right. Don't read too much into what happened here in Kansas because they the Democrats. The pro-abortion individuals. They caused absolute chaos pandemonium in anarchy here in the state and they caused so much confusion in this rate that I'm here to tell you right now that know the vast majority of Candace does not support his wide open abortion because the state of Kansas know they do not support unlimited abortions in any way shape or form. They got confused by what these bills were and what actually happened with the selection so it's good news because the campaign for Mills Argyle really came out in a almost a conservative tactic with this freedom movements and in liberty movement, and that's what people voted for thinking that was the right side of the island and end up not being so is why we saw 6040 loss on this issue. I was I was reading the actual legislation, and it was very confusing to me.

I have to imagine it will be really confusing to the average person maybe is not even plugged in but they want to be pro-life and they read that and they're like holy cow this is we don't want lawmakers deciding the issue of abortion. And so they may be cast the wrong the vote. Are you hearing that from people I have are that the people you mean as you know I'm doing the talk. So here we would have Kansans for life on the program leading up to the election and not 20 minutes later I would have callers: say what does the phone actually mean what is the Novo actually mean I don't understand what this is all back to go back to the history of where this issue came from back in 2019, are extremely liberal Kansas Supreme Court made a ruling in the good that abortion was a constitutionally protected right in the state, which obviously is the case against you think it is written in the mid-1800s, so that wasn't the case in any way shape or form but they ruled it as such. Which means all the protection and all the river all the regulations and over certain that we put on abortion under former Gov. Sam Brownback and others saying that you can't have an abortion at nine months, but if you're underage you have to have a parent to go inside going to the school and doing whatever the basic common sense restriction were going to be under legal threat because the pro-abortion groups were going to start challenging them in court thing that by definition, by what the Supreme Court said it was a constitutionally protected right so what this bill did from the value them both. Bill and the Kansans for life was that it came out and said no mean, as you note, I just like the federal level in order to counter Supreme Court judgment. You have to create a constitutional amendment to be put on the Constitution, so this went through the legislature passed the two thirds majority got put on the ballot for Kansans to decide where it essentially said that know it's not a constitutionally protected right, we can put limitations and restrictions on it in the billing method specifically and I quote here. To the extent permitted by the Constitution of the United States, the people through their elected state representatives and senators may pass laws regarding abortion, included but not limited to, the laws that account for circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest or circumstances of necessity to save the life of the mother and it goes on to reiterate that it's not a constitutionally protected right, we can put limitations on it, but it wouldn't pull out ban abortion in any way shape or form. We can just have the right to put these limitations on abortion.

End of story.

People didn't get that because the other side of the aisle ran this massive weird campaign where they were saying all along that it was a pullout banning of all abortion that suggests they were trying to bring up stories like we had seen in Texas of women that had a baby die inside of them and try to hold in their body for two weeks because they didn't think they were allowed to go to the hospital they were saying that it was a pullout bed and that you would have your rights as a woman on your healthcare is a woman and it just blatantly wasn't true then they started to say that it was a mandate and they started throwing up signs and images on their TV had of individuals with masks on likely thing with Tobit 19 thing that this bill would put massive mandates on the industry and that you would have zero rights as an individual, which is blatantly wasn't true and people thought that the voting no, we keep things as is with the basic limitations on it when actually voting no sided with the Supreme Court. Now we can start challenging all the user from our great radio affiliate take you AM radio so handy.

I've been hearing that the pro-life folks tried to play hardball here.

They really wanted to make some sort of financial statement and I got it. You know they want to be the first in the nation of this was the first of the nation vote since Roe V Wade, but they were actually advised to hold off and wait and and and do this later. Maybe in November are you hearing that as well. Yeah the discussions early on and the pro-life individual's life knows they wanted on the primary ballots because they wanted people to be able to choose and they wanted to build trying to decipher Republican or Democrat, helping her to go here the Democrats off their minds when it got onto the bride on the primary delicately wanted in the general election. Thinking that reading it way more Republicans in the state of Candace, and there are Democrats. In fact, there are more affiliated voters in the state of Candace, and there are Democrats which is hilarious but they threw a fit about that. So they wanted it in the general election. But then Dave Duncan massive amounts of money with 80% of all the funding for the pro-abortion five coming in from out of state to make this a national issue, so that what you sell is eligible by the day after signing executive orders and bringing abortion back on the national stage showing a part of America now are all about supporting abortion when that just completely and unfortunately and unfortunately it's given big momentum around the nation and and it could very well become an issue in November. We got a lot of a lot of ground to cover between now and then but I really you know we were talking about this on the so handy you gotta play smart me. There is politics involved here. Yes, this is a righteous cause.

The pro-life movement. But you gotta play smart politics to politicking.

You have to realize what Democrats do and what they do very well which is called anarchy and chaos and the spin that they put on these things, the misrepresentation, the blatant lies. I think some report nationally about some of the more corrupt or misleading ads nationwide on somebody's elections in this ad for the no vote on this bill was one of the most misleading I could thing ever all over the place because of how desperate they were to try and stop my good since it's unfortunate. I'm curious, what are your listeners saying out there they're frustrated or frustrated. I mean, I've had the representatives talk to constituents who didn't understand it. I mentioned take phone calls. They're frustrated about this because it was going into it. The weeks prior to the latest also but it was up on your 67 point state wide and then it ends up seeing a 6040 on the reverse and get shut down just to put this in perspective, we had 451,000 Republicans turn out to vote for the Gov.'s primary, but the yes vote was only 370,000. So we lost a mere 70,000 75,000 votes somewhere in Republicans that showed up with the specific intent to vote Republican vote for this bill that didn't show up on the by the Bothell magic shows a computer think it's insane, just insane. Well, all right.

How are things looking though for for the for the November race. There are Republicans poised to do well there, all I think so I think were to watch. We have or Democrat governor right now she's not going to last. She was a disaster. During Tobit, and only what you hundred and some of thousand Democrats out of the primary we have way more Republicans the better the register here in the state.

I think they were to see a red waiver to Republican governor back. We have a solidly conservative, two thirds majority of super majority legislature and I think it were to be in really good shape with our Atty. Gen.'s Ray Sec. states rate we will be a beacon again here and can especially promote some conservative values.

11. Eisenhower and Dole country out there, and chances absolutely we will product you and and Glasscock country adult glass got our great CEO.

He hails from those parts as well.

Anyhow, so show going bye-bye this is always a dangerous question asked live on the air, but how's the show going in Wichita. I absolutely love it. Everybody loves that we get phone calls all the time with your program on here we're static to have you out. You know that you're not really going to book your disposal to we want to get you hundred Woodstock because everybody's thoroughly enjoying it. All of you were coming to Wichita you guys has a great restaurant scene.

Love the downtown that river though the river that goes as of the Archean, what's what. River goes through yet it is the happy Arkansas is the Arkansas River, Arkansas.

You folks in Wichita. You can't just call it Arkansas River. You gotta be highfalutin. I came from Colorado. They taught me pretty quickly that run on the radio a couple of times with no Andy, it is the Arkansas River. Andy when I was angry.

The news in Sacramento and Kathy K out.

We had a very large listenership over the Reno area and I made the mistake once of calling it Nevada and the phones let you read back that window down in the area they take it personally. What can you say hello.

All right will you depreciate the the info and the update there and the let's hope they get it right. The next go around the world working from what I've heard, legislators are working on a new build trying put some type of counter against spring court, we could potentially see another constitutional amendment on the bill by 2024 all right in the Hoosier ladies and gentlemen from take you a.m. the big talker in Wichita, Kansas. Andy, thanks a lot friend. I folks, we gotta take quick quick break era pay some bills. Eight 447-4788 $0.68 or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like he's at the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly good to be galaxies. He flipped for our list to see what is one of those new people in Memphis Tennessee drove big election today and my understanding of the flagship radio station JWM wall-to-wall live coverage and have reporters out there at the campaign headquarters starting about 7 o'clock central time when the polls close and to the rest you folks pray for Memphis. This is a big deal here if the Republicans can can maintain control of the District Attorney's Office. We might be able to do something about the crime in the city.

So anyway, there you go. Tomorrow I will be in Dallas Texas.

I'll be leading an hour-long panel discussion with, among other people what moms for liberty is going to be doing a segment with me and then the governor of the governor of Oklahoma Kevin Stitt I he and I are to be kicking things off, so it'll be. This can be a lot of fun, but we will have a guest host tomorrow. I'll be calling into the show that some point, but our good friend Steve Geller great radio host is going to be filling in and you're going to enjoy Steve as he broadcast actually coming to Memphis so he'll be broadcasting from our palatial studios here so that is tomorrow old Grace Baker. This is great news and I am actually a fan of the Choco taco and I was very disappointed to hear that they were going to discontinue the Choco taco.

I know it's a classic. I don't know why they were like you time to get rid of it. So for the for the uninformed. It's basically a an ice cream sandwich that is shaped like a taco yes and it's got basically a cone is the waffle cone That is shaped like the taco shell that's got a topping it's it's in the ground beef you got the death of Bonilla Sabella and then you got nuts on top of it and then it's covered in chocolate. I love that they cut into that room with the ice cream cone is like a waffle cone frozen cone and it's got the one dollop of ice cream and that's is covered in chocolate with the pistol� So anyway people went bonkers over this when they found out I mean I was following up on social media and people were really disappointed there were heartbroken. Don't take away people's taco tacos. So the good news is Klondike and who's not ready for Klondike bar. Klondike says that they're looking at bringing it back in the coming years years. What this makes why are they discontinuing the Choco taco. What's up with that. I don't know maybe they're just trying to drive demand up when they come back to be like $100 apiece.

Because at this rate with inflation.

I would make sense. I will.

It was can't remember when good dive did the chocolate you know chocolate is chocolate year, except for the Guerra deli and I love my favorite the minutes you got the bits of the green packaging. Yet, at the Kroger abolitionist. So anyway, Klondike says we know this is disappointing. We've heard from our fans and were hoping to bring this favorite treat back to ice cream trucks in the coming year. One day that you'll have a theory about that just there to get to that adjuster sector late last month, a representative from Klondike, which is owned by the parent company Unilever announces the third option would be discontinued due to a surge in demand for other products over the last two years. Unfortunately, the Choco taco will also be discontinued on both the one count and four packs quote over the past two years we've experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio had to make tough decisions to ensure that were able to provide the ice cream. Everyone logs when was the last time you had a Choco talk discontinued. Oh years and years ago that's I'm saying. So I guess there is maybe a lot of people maybe a lot of people were eating the Choco taco. Maybe that's it.

They were pretty popular, but I mean when I am if I met the ice cream truck which it's been years, decades, but I was going for the a what was the ice cream. It was really was nicer was a frozen treat it look like a rocket. The red light and following up on top all that was my jampacked. I like the strawberry shortcake, ice cream, one that had like the little know without a covering is like rice crispy treats covering it and it tasted like strawberry� You know they've had the Choco taco for nearly 40 years, 40 years now it's gone and you know why I tell you why Grace Baker nobody was to talk about this going to talk about this. No cultural appropriation. I should've known that's a Choco taco chocolate taco if they had only used Mexican ice cream in the taco, I would've been well maybe it would've been okay this is again as soon as I heard Choco taco. I thought answer. My mom, uncle Ben in the Choco taco. The big taco I was telling Jerry that I get to admit it but that's it. I folks got up, got us get out of here been a great day again tomorrow Steve Jill in the anchor chair.

I will see you at SeaTac because America will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for

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