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Invasion Day 2: Ukraine Capitol Could Fall Within Days

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 25, 2022 12:36 pm

Invasion Day 2: Ukraine Capitol Could Fall Within Days

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 25, 2022 12:36 pm

[00:00:17] Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX)

[00:18:30] Gen. Jack Keane

[00:55:15] Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

[01:13:43] Shannon Bream

[01:31:57] Trey Yingst

[01:40:24] Susan Li

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all-new galaxy Z fold for and expand your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more thundering calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxy Z fold Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts without positive it's Brian kill me. Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill me very busy, busy Newsday selects get right to it and let's meet Vince talk to Congressman Pratt without Texas House armed services committee member Congress and thank you for taking the time to join me this morning.

Mary so there's so much going on I mean this is this is just crazy and I know you probably are up to your eyeballs in all of this before we get into Ukraine. Do you have you heard anything about Pres. Biden's pick for the Supreme Court, he is supposed to make an announcement this afternoon.

He is decided on a candidate.

Have you heard a name I literally just saw thought on holding myself and her name but I don't know much about her. Okay I will I'm sure it will get the name before the announcement.

I'm sure that'll be out there so that you said you sought so it it it is out there already play something for you this this is Ukrainian lawmaker named Helena yet Hsien chain go and she was on CBS News yesterday with and she at my heart just broke when I heard this and she's pleading with the with the American people and she's pretty pleading with Pres. Biden to help save her people and she asks him to do something. It's just one plate is for everyone believed they Ukrainian man and Chandra nodded no. Maybe we night and she went on to bag the president Biden to keep you can keep Russia out of the banking system and he has chosen not to do that and I guess my question is why. What if your Democrat colleagues behind the scenes are shaking their heads at the sanctions we saw yesterday from Joe Biden. Nothing aimed directly at Putin and really nothing that hard hit were still buying but still I guess from you about Mary.

Thank you for all clip because that that really put human heart on what happened you the conduct by maybe 10,000 Biden is made. Yes, our Democratic colleagues privately shaking their heads for quite some time. They will come out publicly in the Afghanistan debacle was one where we have a classified briefing. It was very interesting to see who was upset and equal with the bipartisan bipartisan appointment for sure but number one I got onto a letter back in October asked him to send immediate legal aid to Ukraine when the Philip was beginning to drag his feet wickedly for month. I just don't know what it would be and then I asked the Ukrainian a woman outline specific sanctions. One of those sessions was to deny Russia access to the Swift which is electronic global banking system is only two countries that are part of it right now. North Korea if you act like a pariah should be treated like one. Because of Biden. Mary had outline the specific and explicit sanction that would face may have will now but it may have acted as a deterrent and also strategically canceling the Keystone pipeline. Once he got his office was stupid and halting leases for energy exploration on federal land and offshore with something that hamstrings marketability for energy independence and puts more dependency course on countries like Russia does the president have the ability to prevent a country that he deems to be an enemy to keep them out of Swift. Does he have that ability or is that something that is has been done with a consensus of countries. Well, if you know what your credit right because anybody that does business with rush of the business with and we are the largest economy. We can legally carry a big stick in these matters and it would really also I think politically shame some of our Western allies if we take the lead on both we doing here take the lead. Not all always seemingly being reactive, but being proactive in saying absolutely no more take a hard line that crippling function is also made errors that whole thing about my recursion.

That was a huge Vista almost allowing this minor incursion define what my recursion is was Georgia in 2008 of my recursion was the ceiling of the Crimea of my recursion and also then he just said yesterday saying that what will review this in a month.

Don't give your enemy don't give you an exact timeline and showing showing in your playbook to keep them guessing was interesting and if we could just jump ahead here Erica, I want to go to cut 20 Joe Biden yesterday to me seem to contradict himself when he came to sanctions and the effectiveness of sanctions. Listen to what he said about expectations. No one expected sanctions to prevent it from happening has to sure this will take time to show resolve so he knows what's coming, so the people of Russia know what is brought on. That's what this is all about. This is going to take time spot can occur is going to say oh my God, stand out is to test the resolve of the West to see if we stay together and we will so he goes on and says this right after cut 21 cannot stop president what penalty can I say sanctions. You've been talking at the thought of these things and for several weeks now. Sanctions and imposing sanctions seem effectiveness and things were now going to begin to see the effect of sanctions so certain you're a politician. Do you speak Biden air. It hurts my brain. I don't know you know it was like Charlie Brown's teacher won't won't won't won't won't won't won't work vomit. It wasn't conjugating her know I don't know next thing you know that you don't think he knows that the present date is cognitively challenged chest where his diabolical devious and deliberate and smart and what we have, but we also have to give your listeners a bit of background to last year our Ukrainians and Rockies brothers sibling. We share the same soul that he feels that publicly that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical disaster. The 20th century present the vertical work and he wants to impose knowing it's a lot easier when you if you can rehabilitate it.

I told her it has to be easier to justify a authoritarian president and got all about you. There has to be an undercurrent I would assume on Capitol Hill under all of this because it involves UK Crane and Russia there has to be an undercurrent of Hunter Biden, the big guy and how much of an influence.

All of that is having on his decisions. Am I wrong while you know something though. That huge scandal that should have been a bigger, far bigger scale of one major media not only more difficult of this information wherever they would be would not allow it on certain to have that country that was involved in unit with Ukraine: the Ukrainians have had a lot of challenges there's there's a lot of corruption in the country you live are not part of NATO right now is because Russia is a lot to do with they got there with intertwined into almost every fiber of the Ukrainian you look around 1/4 of the beer Russian interests at heart and that's one of the reasons why: has largely been a success as as Czech Republic and many of the other former Warsaw Pact countries were Ukraine hasn't made it out in 30 years there, struggling because Russia deliberately is doing and to have this contributor was invaded. Hopefully will it'll pick up some dirt and maybe people look you know, checking the under the hood if you will see without really did happen under Biden Ukraine if the Republicans do take everything in 2022 and this is huge red wave takes in the midterms in November.

It is already 2020 to. I'm getting old fast.

Do we keep hearing that there's gonna be investigations and everything I want to know how serious that is because I hear it all the time from the Republicans that all were going to do this summer to do that and then again power and they don't do this or that. So, will there be full fledged investigation of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

Even while Joe is in office to find out what happened and their ties to Russia, Ukraine and China brother better.

Quite frankly, only one of five I'll be one of the side of leadership that doesn't have an idea and I do think it will. That's what they said I take people toward confident because we about weakening Biden. This is not really that many is not a political I'm not trying to publicly damage. I'm just trying to find politically damaging him that's on him.

That's a choice that he made those actions that they took note 10% for the big guy stuff like that.

It seems to me that that's working on, but we don't know for sure. That's why you have the investigation and hearings in the first interest images that I don't want to damage him politically. Why not just like that, that the primary goal.

If the truth damages and politically that's on him no, that's what I'm talking about. It's not you know just what that would be some of the Democrats four years is if need, they would say while you spit on a person it with anything that poor man did. If there was an eclipse no Trump was responsible for a midday plot of the sun and I hate we should be doing what's in the best interest of the people I firmly believe that limited government, low taxes and regulation in a business friendly environment in a secure border and him anything Democrats don't but we just need to get to choose and I I'm collectively believe that Biden has been and he looked upon his clinical earlier fonts are like 45 years in public service as a now it's time for me to get paid when he is out of office and qualifications are now apps absolutely. Thank you so much Congressman Pat Fallon.

I appreciate your time and staying on top of this and maybe you can talk some sense into some your Democratic colleagues, because especially in November. I would love to see an investigation into Joe Biden's fitness let's let's let's talk about Trump take a cognitive test. Why don't we force Biden to do the same. The evidence is there, the man wandered into the shrubs outside of the White House Monday am sure you seen a video that went around about six months you want. We need to do that. By the way, I think her name is Kentucky Brown Jackson she's a federal appeals court announced it okay great thank you so much breaking news here. Congressman Pat Fallon. Enjoy your day. Thank you, 866-408-7669 if you would like to comment you wanted to jump in, that would be great.

Coming up Gen. Jack Keane will be joining us, chairman of the Institute for the study were Fox news Senior strategic analyst, and I'm sure he can shed a lot of light on this to exactly what is happening here to the rumors that were hearing coming out of Ukraine. Your calls next on the Brian Kelly Chow your knowledge base Brian film tradeshow network Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News five's personal is America's palm of your thoughts with the real thing throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News five just start your project talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show Russia's economies fueled by gas in the US is consumer so when the US consider cutting off oil and gas purchases from Russia will what were doing, nor across the board is making sure that we inflict maximum pain on Russia work to present this done while minimizing any of the pain to us were in full coordination with out with other countries, both consumers and producers alike to minimize any impact that this may have on not on energy prices and unjustly Sec. Anthony blinking on CBS with Nora O'Donnell yesterday saying that no suspend Russian imports of oil and gas what were still getting keeping them when ever extorting price they want to charge us were doing this because we want to hurt the American consumer. She now because we with the price of gas going up. If we suspend units, suspend imports of Russian oil and gas and hurt American consumers because the prices can go up not you would open up drilling that should the that you shut down in America and open up the Keystone pipeline you wouldn't have to hurt Americans and we wouldn't be putting money in Russia's pocket expense to anybody I I'm not a politician I'm not, you know, an economist or some kind of oil industry Guru, but sitting here in a you know in in my little home he arrived, my little world where I live.

Look at this I think will just doesn't make sense maybe I'm just stupid make any sense to me at all believable because 866-408-7669 in which talking some WQ a.m., Eric welcome to the Brian Kelly Chow hi good morning how are you I'm doing great. Send Steve I know that you brought up exactly what you know with what going on in Ukraine. Obviously, you know, I don't hearing what is already gone up after the invasion yesterday and the announcement that the war so my question is going to be anybody brought biking hey maybe we should rethink about opening up the Keystone pipeline will clearly they had the conversation because that was Sec. Lincoln so they clearly had the conversation and I believe he was asked about it and he's there they're not dented do it. Actually I we just talked about it yesterday that the by demonstration now is is shut down a drilling on some it's in litigation between between courts on some leases not renewing leases for drilling on public land and there they're shutting it down so now just to sit and wait as it works its way through the court because there is no appeal at Cincinnati that you can think to be putting out more and more in the whole time and I've yet to understand why you know some of our Republican representatives have stood up and done more still screamed in my yeah it really does and I think a lot of it has to do with you pushing people in to get electric vehicles. Eric, thank you so much.

Have a great day. Let's go to the last time you looked very quickly. Ron on KR TK Ron at a St. Louis about a minute. Go ahead, quick question, and I like birds.

Gen. Kane when he comes on the dresser, but I think despite speech was about two days too late for the been before the invasion, but, yes, leave Connecticut action and I was thinking this occurs with Gen. Kane would think if we declared NATO cleared a no-fly zone over Ukraine and we disbelieve grantor to use a knife and kept the Russians out of the air with a police give their Ukrainians a fighting chance on the ground and would be response that would not be aggressive but it was definitely sent a message to yeah but Ron, it's not. It's not a NATO country and I don't know about you but I want to see an American sex only, you know, hurt and/or got killed.

If that should know go wrong. But thank you for coming up Gen. Jack Keane will be joining us on the Brian Kelly Chow Fox News talk just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for only a place for the very latest news and information on your listening download knowing Fox News five just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News five just a radio show like no other and this could happen very fast beginning of our shift today in the dark. Russian forces were 20 miles outside of the capital. Now there inside the capital. There probably about 2 to 6 miles from where I'm standing right down the center. We've heard some small arms fire really for the first time, rifle fire back and forth so it's getting close and the fight is close contact as well that Steve Harrigan from Fox in Keene in the Ukraine on Mary Welter sitting in for Brian kill me. Joining is now Gen. Jack Keane, Chairman of the Institute for the study of war and Fox news Senior strategic analyst, just a great guy, Gen., thank you for joining me greater merit. Steve Harrigan also went on to say one play cutlets could just go right to cut to hear Eric talk about civilians taking up arms. We know that all anyone who wanted a gun was given a gun that they were given firearms to help defend the capital because they're coming for Zelinski they want. They want the president of the Ukraine. They want Russia wants to take and they will probably kill him and his family and they are left with civilians being armed here. Steve Harrigan, but we've also seen a lot of civilians now taking up arms. These territorial defense forces these the standards for those civilians have really just gone out the window at this point if you show up with a passport that will give you a gone for gay people. Automatic rifles yesterday 18,000 of them distributed so we could see if this does come to a close battle city street by street in the city we could see civilians really going up against the Russian army. Smart is that I mean is this just a last ditch effort. Is this something that civilians can can do successfully well.

Imagine for the Russian army that's for sure. But it's also about to be not to be taken lightly. Look at Mary Eileen. We got a full day of this operation had been a number of surprises in terms of the Russian challenges remain.


Our campaign was less than adequate for takedown. All of the Ukrainian Air Force and airpower which was going to most of us use was just a drop in the bucket hundred strictly compared to what United States would belittle, which we neglected but will thousand and they didn't do a very good job. Both dealing with Ukrainian defense forces because the very next day as we saw yesterday but you Russians approach on the most ambitious campaign plan for art of approach you Ukraine problem with the light on all three of those ports include the one, and the key. Although the close of the city now the one where there was progress made yesterday coming out of crime, the so-called approach right now but stop the commercial on by the Ukrainian military so it was a very good day for for the Russian just will help a little about their very offensive cyber campaign that was going to shut down the power grid system and take away the water for the people, but I jump the lights are on the water's role in cash and about financial transactions of being productive. So the cyber campaign doesn't come anywhere near what expectations are all about February there will be a transitional quality of political objective for this military thing is that is to put a new government that's probably Ukrainian lead. I'm assuming but pro-Russian that'll likely take two forms one you mentioned will do that by force until members are You there about the government or to be negotiated between the Zelinski, the Russian have a peaceful transfer of power which may be, it is unlikely, but it is a possibility to go out Ukrainian people in the military native recorded themselves well this artwork in the light of an independent democracy.

Ukraine is about impression but you're right.

Here's the challenge ahead is going to put in Ukrainian friendly leader, Russian, much like he had a cold. It was you call Richard 2014 was run out of Ukraine people thousands of them. After you try to clear the streets using force, and that his face and he flipped around so here comes again. Somebody else empower like that one well-known and documented that almost all of the 40 million people live in Ukraine with the exception of a few million of them will be opposed. But anyway I think he's overreached Ukrainian people community and calibrate. Hopefully do what they say they do is not as isolated and also the economic we actually get together and do much more comprehensively and were doing right now but there are challenges ahead. There are risks associated with where he is. I Ukrainian ambassador to the US. Could you send a lot there that I want to delve into the Ukraine ambassador to the US. Oksana Marco the said yesterday that platoon of Russian soldiers surrendered to the Ukrainian military and they told them that that they didn't know that they were brought to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians. She said one of the platoons of the 74th motorized bread creek brigade sup from old blast surrendered.

She said they thought they were doing something else elsewhere and had no idea this is what their mission was and when he found out what was they allegedly surrendered. I'm curious if this is something that could be one of the reasons as to why did it make the progress they thought they were going to make and I wonder if it's happening more widespread. Have you heard any reports of this report is the reason why they were slowed on three or four. Those factories was the morale problem… What's been reported by Ukrainian defense and their willingness to Ukrainians are out there that will give families of the wildlife in the future and likely the motivation and commitment to that fighting for their families is much more of a commitment that what you find the right military and move forward highly motivated like Ukrainian you said that Putin over overestimated here and he's in a position he probably doesn't want to be in.

But the question now being asked is you know is are the Baltic states next Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and you have been in recent weeks, the leaders of those countries. According to the Associated Press and going all around Europe warning that the West has to make prudent pay for attacking Ukraine or he's gonna keep going into other parts of the former Soviet empire, but from what you've been saying that doesn't seem likely. Yeah, I mean I think you have to pick in the speech he rates only use it on about what his justification was for this abrasion. You could see how personal emotional others but also the former Soviet republics now part of many know the multiple of those three Baltic states, largely because of the geography and also because of the small charge of the smallest of those those countries in the proximity they to Russia and they also have some Russian minority speaking people in that country that could take a better job so I NATO has really got the stuff off. Mary and take this seriously and just about waited in article 5 of the people's places I'm talking about. Will we need homage for those countries. The NATO response force be loaded at diploid. I believe that's why the president quite slowly so that another 7000 believe that the true diversion which is a mechanized unit and hopefully somebody will find themselves in the Baltics because they are the most vulnerable and the only thing that going to Ukraine would bid NATO forces are not was not no amount of momentum is going to turn me. He walked out into the only thing that would stop them from possibly going further at some point and taken advantage of what he sees as the vulnerability of the Baltics is the fact of sitting across the border, mechanized forces and air support 30 take care of them in terms of the touch. My husband works with some Russians and you speaking with him yesterday and he said Americans are so stupid because we don't understand our politicians don't understand they don't understand the way he thinks he doesn't think rationally and the Russians depression. People know that he would sacrifice all of them he would. He doesn't care he would have his people.*Just to get an acre of land that he wants so if he wanted an acre of land in Ukraine and it meant that his people are going to starve and hundreds and thousands of people would die Russians.he would do it if that's what he wants. That's just who he is and they also laughed at, you know, hurting the Russian stock market is a direction that is they said the Russian stock market to joke it all Russians know it's a joke because any Russians with any kind of money don't invest in the Russian stock market.

They rightly invest in Europe.

So the Americans are just they feel just being woefully inadequate with this entire response and they just don't understand the thinking of someone like Vladimir Putin how much truth you think there is to that right on the mark to the court clerk about the behavior we think about our entire adult life has always been the fog and the killers will impose their will on their own people of the people's people and the only thing these thugs and killers throughout history.

No amount of controlling or in this case that it's just not something that they respect the only thing that they respect you losing their regime and the fear that as a result that's most of all analog days and probably more because you continuing to build up more and more opposition to himself and close it off the people's ability to express their views, you can see the people sign or something.

Great Russian cities come in and wrestled to the ground and told that we come back and he said I in both The same in both Canada and the United States to some degree, so I hope everyone is paying attention to what is happening there. I general Jackie thank you for your insight. Really appreciate you joining us here. Thank you, 866-408-7669 that's never I know you want to way and I know you have something to say. So I am to take your calls next on the Brian Kelly Chow something new every day. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me massive admissions consequences to the war, but equally importantly, you lose people's focus moves certainly big country. Attention because they will be diverted. I could have.

I hope will help us to stay on track with respect what we need to do for the client. Yeah the world is on fire and John Kerry on BBC Arabic hopes that Putin stays on track for the climate because he's worried about all these chemicals being released into the air from firing in the shelling and all of that in the air, water, and so he hopes that that you know Putin worries about the climate. Let's not worry about the people that are being killed. The babies that are being slaughtered these innocent Ukrainians in their homes in you know where and when a missile goes awry, comes flying through their living room and just kills people and kills grandma let's worry about the fact on the remit of this being released into the air. People are insane. They have got to be Crazy to me care what you think about you believe that's fine with me. I'll care you. Do you however when balancing on the big scale here, and I'm worried about the effects of war on the climate effects of war on actual human beings go with be World War II if we had worry about the climate they've lost just lost their ever loving veins shot on Staten Island. Listening online Cheyer the Brian Kelly Chow hi my thoughts on the putting to speech yesterday which was total should show I will. You can't say hold on.

You can say that on the idea.

You can watch your language, please. Oh I'm sorry, Dr. McKinney said all I want to also voice my opinion on these sanctions going on.Biden put out doesn't really do anything. It's like US was involved on a US got involved with you on. That's not really affect the current crisis money in different locations different places, they have ways to circumvent these sanctions. Sanctions was a lot lot longer more people target more commodity targeted to kick them out of the Swift network.

We need to put targets on target them in their pockets but we all know that the Russians planned this for a while so circumvent the know you should put his mouth where his money all really, really do so action no. Here's the thing Shannon and I had lunch that went against the clock. Thank you so much sanctioned Putin either like personally he could sanctioned personally and hit him personally. Yet he didn't and he did not like when reporters were asking that question. He didn't like that yesterday. If you watched that presser yesterday when he was asked about why you sanctioned Putin personally. Why are you waiting know know were nothing to do that now I know I want to know who's advising him about the sanctions. I don't think it is fine although it could be because it's it's definitely ahead scratcher and I think it raises a lot of questions and that I'm very well tell you, listening to the right why Fox News is New York City Fox and friends.

So America's receptive kill me. Yes, I am very well to sitting in the seat for Brian kill me and another very very easy Newsday start out by sharing something with you this to me is just so got wrenching. This is Helena Janco.

She is a member of the Ukrainian government. She was on CBS yesterday and I want you to hear what she had to say to the American people and to Joe Biden believe they Ukrainian man and children. Maybe we just rips my heart really does and that the desperation in her voice in America. I think we let the Ukraine down the Republicans wanted sanctions. In the summer and Democrats filibuster because they hate the filibuster so much these and you know Joe might have reversed everything that Trump did and were we are where we are now. But one thing she went on to ask for. She begged Pres. Biden to please remove Russia from the Swift banking system, and that is something that he did not do and I want to go to cut 19 Eric Joe Biden, and during his heat after his speech yesterday on sanctions when he's can it do that you have to show strength and how is going to respond to Russia. He afterwards took questions from the press. Surprisingly, instead of just turning and walking away as he so often does, and one of the questions was about the Swift banking system, and I believe this is Caitlin Collins from CNN given the full-scale invasion know you're not pursuing disconnecting Russia from what's called Swift international banking system, or other sanctions at your disposal. Respectfully, Sir, what more are you waiting.

Specifically sanctions were imposed exceeds Swift sanctioned repose exceed anything determined sanctions were imposed generated two thirds of the world joining us. They are profound sanctions. Let's have a conversation another month or so to see if you're working so that was not Caitlin Collins. Obviously there absolutely lie what they did impose anything close to what it would be to cut Russia and Putin off from the Swift banking system.

What we are allowing the oligarchs in Russia to do is continue to move money internationally instead of cutting them off and the reason that we didn't do that is because a lot of European countries that didn't want to do with one of them, notably Germany that didn't want to do it.

I believe the UK didn't want to do with either wait another month or so people dying in the Ukraine. Right now another month or so you've got housewives.

Nothing wrong with this bunch we are trying to defend their families because everybody if you want to what was given to God when we got children being armed to try to fight off the Russian army. Sorry.

I'm pretty sure they don't laughed when he heard that Putin knows darn well that he's got Europe specially the Germans and he's got the United States because he knows his opponents. He's a very smart man and he knows that that we were going to do anything to him. That would really really hurt him where not were still buying Russian will were still thinking you want to hurt the American people.

So were you still get oil from Russia. Iredell how about you not hurt the American people by getting the Keystone pipeline running again and I'm doing all of those those sanctions that you put on oil and gas drilling here in the United States. Why don't we resume that, but they won't do it for two reasons. One, Trump was doing it and everything. Everything that Trump take his orange man bad and to climate change. Climate changes their God. They believe like that like people have a religious belief.

It may not make a lot of sense if someone who is in a believer confront you and you like, well, that's my belief they're the same way with climate change and so where do you keep pain.

Russia for oil and so we as Americans, we just have to suffer a little bit for that Ukraine is good to suffer for like another month or two and keep dying for like another month by blind size of the sanctions that he did decide to put in work or not. What this months ago to see if they work and then get more heavy-handed than what he's this is just crazy and I'm not the smartest person in the room and I know that but I'm looking at this going to make a lot of sense to me. 866-408-7669 Brandon in Minnesota. Listening online hi Brandon you're on the Brian kill me, Joe Martin, ma'am hi I'm I'm at prospect laughing too much with the guy earlier when I hear Biden talking saying all this is never been done.

Never been done, reasons, things like that have been done sir. You don't need to know it's very true statement that client has been done. We left all our weapons in Afghanistan. Now I we send all our weapons to Ukraine or whatever to help them with this invasion. Now Russia takes over. They got our weapons said the other day that anybody who tries to watch the word keep me from doing what I want to do with Ukraine is going to face consequences that they've never seen in their history.

That's a slap in America's face and we just took it and said all working to take your lunch money away like it. It's pointless. We've we've done nothing so Russia can it take Ukraine. They're going to have more land, more of our weapons then China's been to see how weak we were in Afghanistan and see how weak we were with Russia then there going to take Taiwan and all our enemies are in the pitstop and what we can do about it to sit around and wait for new presidents in 24 and that's all we can do is sit around and wait.

Unless I have me. My hope is that if we take over that is a red wave in the midterms in November that the Republicans you know grow a set and decide to 25th amendment.

Biden, and if it is successful you do you get Harrison okay but we can Harris you can you can handle her because she is is absolutely incapable.

I'm sorry it's not a sexist thing to say that I don't want to hear. See anybody, send me an email about that capable and you have to recognize someone who is incapable and is over there in over their head at their job she is and she needs to go and I would love to see the Republicans.

Like I said get some God and actually be proactive instead of sitting around waiting for 2024 and saying what we can't do anything.

We don't hold the presidency so we just have to wait to 2024 now you don't. There are things you can do and I think this is the time to do this because this is a very dangerous man that we have in the White House right at dangerous to Americans. I think it's dangerous to Americans for president Barack Obama issued a message of support for Joe Biden yesterday. He urged Americans to support him. He got behind him.

He said every American, regardless of party should support Biden's efforts in coordination with our closest allies to impose hard-hitting sanctions on Russia like hard-hitting sanctions on Russia.

He wants everyone to do that, I coming up. We are to be joined by Trey Yangtze will be joining us from key visa Fox News for Oracle foreign is a Fox News, a foreign correspondent got it and he will be joining us to tell us what he is seeing their on the ground will find out maybe if those sanctions are working, that's next on the Brian kill Nietzsche you need to know basis. You need to know kill me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about it with Brian kill me. Did you underestimate and which is still described in the summer as a worthy adversary time was read most of everything he's written you read her the speech he almost an hour through speech why he was going Ukraine. He has much larger ambitions Ukraine.

He wants to infect reestablish the former Soviet Union. That's what this is about this Peter Ducey asking Joe Biden some some good questions yesterday at after his speech, and I have to say I was pretty impressed because I do think a lot of the media did ask some some Joe Biden was really great for that he wasn't expecting. I want to go to let let's let's go to cut 19. These are just some of the questions that were asked by some of the people in the press about after his speech about the sanctions I want to share them with you. This is Joe Biden being asked like what you wait for you in recent weeks that big nations cannot block when it comes to something like this, you recently said the idea personally sanctioning present food was on the table. Is that a step that you're prepared to take and if not a bluff or some sanctioning present patent. Yes my not thinking today serve so that was that was Caitlin Collins from CNN and I thought that was interesting because you're seeing and being huge Biden cheerleaders but you have a reporter from CNN. Now I don't know. Maybe CNN got the notice that they have for viewers and one of them is Brian Stelter's family is so maybe they're trying to actually go back to what they did best at one point in time, which was the actual reporters. Either that or the memo has gone out that the D&C is getting ready to get rid of Joe Biden and put, Harrison.

Maybe that's what happened because I have my suspicions Collins from CNN actually asking him, you know, why not sanction him today and Joe Biden.

You can tell was not ready for that. She asked him again.

He did not answer. He broke eye contact with her started looking around the room and called on someone else.

He refused to answer the question he's on prepared he should have known that that question was going to be asked but he's gotten away with just not answering or walking away and that's how he did his entire campaign answer questions his entire campaign.

The media elected him the media protected him. The swamp protected him. The FBI protected him and now you've got a president whose incapable and when reporters asking questions. He can't even get out of it gracefully doesn't have the ability to do that. He just stopped looking at her and goes to somebody else because I don't like the question you know why not sanction him. Why not I he he did talk about those sanctions. I the Russian economy. But here's the thing. The section that he's imposing on the Russian economy really are going to hurt the Russians the American people are going to be hurt more by the sanctions then the Russians are negative. Here's reach out one of the sanctions that he talks us to cut 17 this is this is where he talks about the sanctions were to hit him hard and this is what were going to do is the aggressor who chose this war and now he can't bear the consequences. Today I'm authorizing additional strong sanction and new limitations on what can be exported to rush this going to impose severe cost on the Russian economy regionally and over time, export stuff to to Russia okay but were still going to buy the oil and gas so Putin can raise that up to whatever he wants hundred and $20 a barrel and will pay it because we needed because Biden and the Democrats have stopped all drilling on public land in this country and not as leases expire.

They're not renewing and they shut down Keystone pipeline.

So now we were an exporter of oil and gas. Now we are importers and one of the countries we import from is Russia so this doesn't hurt where sanctioning him, but were also paying him a lot of money to give a ton of money every once in China. If we ever shut down imports from China man will be be in trouble. None of us it would not of us would have underwear anything in our homes because of support, giving him money so you just go to China and by whatever he needs. Why are we doing that.

Those are sanctions that we need those of the sanctions we need on, let's head to Fred Fleiss, 23, he was on Fox News at night and he has a very good question about Biden sanctions versus trumps sanctions. Joe Biden has to answer why Donald Trump sanctions against Iran was so much stronger than Biden sanctions against Russia.

Even though Russia invaded a sovereign state and kill citizens of the state. II think that's an open question question. Most people who are conscious and paying mild attention, but I will tell you and this is something I'm sure conversation you had with your friends or people you know my liberal friends, and my never trump her friends.

I had friends were conservative approach from 2020 and they didn't like his personality, he's me. I just like the text so they can vote for him in the Labor Department 2016 did not vote for him in 2020. They're all very silent. Now all my friends who were political experts on Facebook and Twitter in the lead up to the 2020 election day they suddenly are are quiet and posting pictures of their unit, their new dog and their kitten. That's what they're doing now. Very quiet. Had a conversation with a friend last night's lawyer and is in a very powerful law firm in New Jersey and there are very Democrat law firm and and most of most of the judges on New Jersey's courts come from their law firm and he said he said some course. He voted for Biden, but he swears he's not a Democrat. Why where it would Pres. Tromp was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize five times for the Abraham accords Joe Biden got us into a war that may be a World War III were going and he didn't hear in record time when you know he answers.

I really liked trumps person the he's not coming for dinner.

Why do you care, but he still stands by his vote because he didn't like trumps personality about that. There are still people like that who that's okay if people in the Ukraine are dying. Trump was mean, but at least he was keeping us out of war coming up.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn will be joining us.

She's a member of the Senate Judiciary and arm services committees were going to talk about something that you said you quench him. She said we have a new axis of evil that is rising will find out who she says is Internet access of evil and how dangerous they could be less undefined radio that makes you say this is the Brian kill me show Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill me now. Sen. Marsha Blackburn out of Tennessee member of the Senate Judiciary and arm services committees. Sen. thank you for taking the time to join us.

She's not there yet.


But we are were working on getting her things I wanted were going to talk about is Sen. Marsha Blackburn made a comment.

Do you okay I she made a comment she was at a meeting and good group of different different administration members and she hosted this discussion is a discussion about what's happening on the world stage and she used a term that we've heard before, but she puts different people associated with this term Sen. Marsha Blackburn, welcome to the Branca Meacham thank you for joining us out here. You use the term new axis of evil in this meeting that you had with the different politicians and members of I believe are members of the administration and there, but you can correct me if I'm wrong, but you said a new axis of evil, compromising Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea mean this is a very forceful statement seems to be more forceful than any statement that the administration has made what has the reception been to your tagging of the new axis of evil that the relationship between China on call to try to deal with China on actual property genocide rating on the way, and find their ballot initiative with Marsha was beginning to partner with looking country and empower their all sorts that grant because Justin Chartier just interrupted her quickly. Our connection is really bad if you can get closer to the window.

That would be fantastic or we can just call you back I'm like okay what will give you will give you a call back. That was so we will just take a second year to you to give the Sen. a call back because she's mentioning China and that is one of the questions I had, because our DOJ by DOJ is is ending and initiative that was started under the. The Trump administration in 2018 called the China initiative and it's it's aimed at ending Chinese espionage and intellectual property theft, which is been a big problem with China and the reason that the binding ministration is ending this initiative. First of all, Trump did it so it's gotta be terrible and horrible so we have to stop and I'm surprised it went on this long that was not ended earlier. Initially, when Joe Biden came into office and send a big stack of EO. Somebody must've must've missed it, but the Assistant Attorney General for national security.

Matthew Olson announcing this in his speech Jordan at George Mason University. He said that there scrapping the initiative over concerns of a perception of racism that creates a perception of racism. They did an internal review, and they found no indication of racial bias or prejudice by some people think that it may be racist, so we need to get rid of this.

There are some people who will see racism everywhere because you're gonna find what you're looking for. Just like you don't find what you're looking for right so you're going to find what you're looking for, and those on the left are constantly looking for racism. It's under the bed. It's everywhere and everything that anybody dies, so they're going to scrap this he said at George Mason University. This is a copy of the transcript of a speech he said we have heard concerns from the civil rights community that the China initiative fueled a narrative of intolerance and bias to many that narrative suggests that the Justice Department treats people from China or of Chinese to dissent differently. The rise in anti-Asian hate crime and hate incidents only heightens these concerns. The department is keenly aware of this threat and is enhancing efforts to combat acts of hate to me that is absolutely ludicrous.

I believe we have Sen. Blackburn back now. Sen. we got you back. You have me back and I hope it clear why this is perfect. I was just talking about since you mentioned China the bottom DOJ ending the China initiative that Trump had put in place in 2018 and ending Chinese espionage and property, intellectual property theft. Why in God's because if somebody perceives it to be racist. This seems to be to be an excuse to be nice to China.

Why are we doing this all in this Russia and Ukraine and you want how we are watching going to prop up Russia and Bethel meant that sanction Biden letting go, investigation, and they are intellectual property John Hart found them. Why would consider doing that China wants to be globally dominant. By the time we get to the midpoint of the century that you know it is China and Russia as their enemy shared that our adversary and now you're going to have Biden go soft on China plan and often may have been wrong on something in front prop up our adversary giving a great new year went out any kind conditions for the new start treaty giving him sanctions on North Street to combat when you get China China wants to diminish our trade.

They are not buying promised crop that they were going to be dealt with. The trumpet ministration by our not coming forward and participating in finding out the origins of COBIT. 19 they felt they had to do under the previous administration. You think that they are not doing that you are no doubt they didn't care about diplomatic boycott on the Olympic will cause all they wanted were the corporate sponsorships in the camera that were going.

They carried a story all approved by the Chinese Communist Party to the rest of the world and Wayne to carry out their fellow gourmand right right but we have and in this is the other thing that this initiative did was also try to suss out the professors in our colleges and universities that are on the take from China and phone rang intellectual property to China but white, but we would want to do that this brings to me.

Okay, what's in it for Biden as ugly have this conversation. I can't be the only one. The undercurrent in this conversation to me is okay.

What is the big guy want to keep China happy and Russia is in a is another one and you know he sees me selling the Ukraine out on this one. Want to keep them happy. There's got to be a reason here and I want to know the Republicans are going to get to the bottom of that reason. Well, I are that by by Biden Inc. Russia, China entity and that is contrary to the rate that Joe Biden is going to go all on and people are just really frustrated with dad and I realized that and hopefully we take the House and Senate will be able to start many negations that we Have absolutely because it's that you are absolutely right. The people sitting on here outside of the Beltway bubble don't want to see Mitch McConnell well you know what happened.

It's water under the bridge when I can investigate were so tired on certain members of Congress who just want to go along to get along and that's not what the people want. We don't have a lot of time here just want to ask you, the administration is looking to divert the United States border patrol agents from the southern border to go assist the refugees fleeing the Ukraine and it's called operation support.

Ukraine still looking for volunteers to assist with the popular possible evacuation of US citizens and lawful permanent residence and their immediate family members from Ukraine. Now I guess he's trying to avoid what happened in Afghanistan, but this seems to be a day late and a dollar short. To me, these people should have been in place. American should have been evacuated a while ago weeks ago if not more, and what he said now were telling you to get out. He did the same thing. He said were not going to evacuate Americans from the Ukraine. They should get out now. Planning and preparation. I know what that what what transpired in Ukraine for and I chose not to take action, sanction, not selling a Ukraine to not plan everyone should have an exit plan not doing debacle you are now going to people in Ukraine was going to go on the positioning of the tree there was a collection not like half Ukraine prepare for that absolutely. I realize you're not a NATO country were not to send American troops and to die for the Ukraine. I understand that nothing while helping them out.

Yes, and there's nothing wrong with with helping an ally to a certain point on I don't have a problem with that.

But you're right, the lack of preparation is just absolutely insane.

One thing that they say in this memo asking for volunteers is that it offered a plan for COBIT 19 mitigation that said workers need to either have the vaccine or natural immunity from a recent infection so that says to me that they know that part immunity.

Natural immunity is very effective if not more so than the vaccine. Those are the reports of the studies show that will they be extending that same right to the rest of us. Well, I think one what they're trying to do that at that day by day. I called and gone to a close and we now know we are going to have to learn to live with. Well why not stay that Asian longer got a lot of my work, school, and I got an occasion wrong medical professionals. Likewise, their job a little bit light recognized natural go get and one talking point. Why I had a very mild and right country heard that permanent. It's so sad.

I know people who have lost their jobs because they didn't want to get the vaccine and they were not offered they were not allowed to have any kind of exemption for it and I know people who had to take it against their will and are very upset about it and one of them had a reaction after the second vaccine.

The second shot and it's it's really really sad what they've done to the American people. But you're right there gonna take a victory lap. I hope Americans are smart enough to to see through it. Sen. Marsha Blackburn thank you for joining us. We we managed to defeat technology. Look at that… Thank you yeah it's it's amazing that what they're going to do when you watch that she's probably absolutely right that that's exactly what they're going to do.

I take a victory lap 866-408-7669 your calls coming up in the Brian Kelly Joe diving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me, breaking news, unique opinions.

All Brian kill me, Joe, do you not read that unilateral decision.

No, no, and Neil, I think you know that oil production and gas production United States is obviously moved by world prices as prices are going up what you see in United States is increased oil and gas production of the slower oil and gas production each year had nothing to do with Pres. Biden's policies. We also need to do what Pres. Biden wants to do, which is over time reduce its on oil and gas because obviously it's a world market. Russia has an important share of that and there you go, that is Sen. Chris and Holland out of Maryland speaking with Neil Caputo yesterday and he doesn't regret.

He was asked he regret axing the Keystone pipeline and I regret that you regret that. See the game today and is is that were going to make you uncomfortable is that you beg for relief and that relief in our mind is going to be that you're going to go out and spend a lot of money on electric car and then when you can charge your electric car because electricity is out or the electricity cost of electricity goes through the ceiling because it is not free allow. Sorry were not producing oil and gas anymore. In the meantime will buy it from. That's the game. Mary Walter you're listening to the bright New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Yes I Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill me. Glad to be with you Shannon bream.

She is a Fox News legal correspondent anchor of Fox at night and the author of the mothers and daughters of the Bible speak lessons on faith from nine available March 29 good and the last books is to be fantastic. Shannon, thank you for joining me. Mary said you have been very busy. I noticed because there's obviously a lot going on news wise. I like to get your take on Biden's speech yesterday about the sanctions or lack there of. One of the things that struck me about it was the question and answer period at the end you had Caitlin Collins from CNN directly ask him why you'd why didn't you sanction Putin directly and he didn't answer the question, so she asked again and he just went on and took a question from someone else. That to me was probably one of the most shocking moments of that question answer. Afterwards, what was your take on that that speech yesterday in the question and answer. We've had plenty of reaction Q8 phone that want the president went out one not strong enough, primarily from Republican to thank we'd be copper you need to go directly at their work and you know also the question about whether or not he's talking with China to put pressure on Russia to pull back any discussion and he said he would speak out publicly so that it is a lot the president can't say, but I think you could do more to answer why we haven't gone after with banking program that a lot of people think would be really really difficult and also oiling at this point, it is what Russia's ability to find whatever it's doing, including unprovoked attack on Ukraine so I think people were acting even more from that speech yesterday both in tone and also inspected the key to the actual sanction you have. It is Sen. Chris and Holland compute yesterday when he was asked do you regret the decision to shut down the Keystone pipeline. He said no.

I don't regret it, and said ultimately you know what we have to can keep a you know keep our focus because we need to see to lessen our consumption of oil and gas so to me that says this isn't about sanctioning Russia because were to continue to buy oil and gas name Anthony Lincoln said. So we continue to buy from Russia continued to give him money at inflated prices, all with the goal ultimately to drive to make it so painful for Americans that we know we say uncle and we just went by electric vehicles and then when the price of electricity goes up a well at least it's green so you you should make the sacrifice. Is that what this is about you.I wonder because you also have a former Secretary of State kind in Anhui carry make even interesting statement interviewed by the Beatty cabling was right before the attacks actually began, but we knew this was coming and the forces were building. You know he talking interview about the fact I hope it won't allow that to distract us from working together on climate change.

I don't want to detract from the overall issue of climate change.

I just look at that honor for the first time I thought I thought that want be I need to go back and feet because that break with reality. From what I think right now might be interview and what he saying it to make. Apparently we have people in Ukraine who are dying. There will be people on both lack the conflict to die over something that the both incomplete violation of international law and agreement, and completely desperate and immoral and top ranking US officials say we hook keep working with us on climate change and not get distracted and still try to pick my job off the ground. He also expressed a fight if I remember. He also expressed in an interview with the BBC radio. I think it is that he's worried about the effects on the climate from the war because of you everything that's that's being put into the waterways and into the error. So he's worried he hopes that Putin is keeping that in mind the blood in the water is probably not a great thing, but there shouldn't be blood in the water.

Maybe that's where we should be looking right now you're totally insane until death. Getting one socket.

I cannot believe that Mr. Kerry would actually believe that the disconnect is insane but yet they will lecture us on morals. They keep telling us it's our moral responsibility to accept the pain to defend democracy. How is this defending democracy doesn't seem to be like were defending anything there saying it which is what the left does so well.

They put on such a good show they really stay really do they put on this great show of same.

We have to defend democracy and that's what you feel pain at the pump ship to do your part and democracy around the world. In the meantime were to pay Vladimir Putin for oil and gas which you can use that to buy good since, and etc. from China because were not an export anything to Russia and we did.

We don't sanction Putin.

We don't do anything serious. It's all smoke and mirrors well hoping that there are things we don't know. I keep thinking I'm not in the present daily briefing.

Gotta be more to the story because I think we know what would be more painful for him to definitely go after the oil and gas think about our European partners.

I'm sure that it's a big part of the calculation cut great dependence on that as well and we got a hold together the NATO alliance is in our European allies really really troublesome, historically troublesome time so I cannot keep calculation going on there like you to read article after article this week about how Iraq lacked everybody who is worried about an employee feeling guy couldn't step up and find ways to become less reliant on him when it comes to gas and oil and is an excellent observation because it is we hear a lot about Germany.

That's why did we did not ban them swoop from Swift which would hurt Putin personally would hurt the oligarchs personally because they're using that right now to transfer money around the world and we could hit them with that MM stopped that process, but we didn't. But to your point. Everyone is saying all he has to do is restart the Keystone pipeline and get those leases that you've been blocking for oil and drilling on Arp on American soil.

Just overturn your eos that overturned everything Trump was doing and then we could promise Europe.

We will meet your oil and gas needs. We can do that instead of having them be reliant on Russia.

We can stop buying from Russia. That's how you hurt Vladimir Putin but this administration seems to be tone deaf when you're trotting out Anthony Lincoln and John Kerry and they're talking about climate change is making sense so. Direct and forceful and decisive when it came to energy policy when credited by Dan. You know it was a matter of hours that the pilot pipeline was shut down after we were told to become kind of consideration that this administration will have the email at the thought that they will know 180 on so many think that dealt with energy policy that will be phased and public land drilling and all the different think it worked very specific in one direction. Here we are year later known a year ago kind of food with you this exact thing, but we know there would be repercussions from the know what it ministration will take that advice and it is coming from all different quarters like hate, but stated US mortgage can't produce our own energy and and left to buy from online or Russia or anywhere else that is not have our best intentions at heart I'm a very persuasive argument in the moment, no matter how you feel about the long-term could do it. I don't know if the White House if you want the public, even if you appeal to them for their own self-interest within the term for fear even that may not be enough to get him to change course. I don't know. I very quickly since you are the expert on the Supreme Court and Constitution, etc. let me ask you what you think of what is rumored to be Pres. Biden Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, it sources are saying that eschatology Brown Jackson. She is from the US District Court of appeals in DC which from what I understand quite a few Supreme Court justices or at least nominees come from that court. What what do we think of her what your assessment very well educated, very well-respected.

She is a sharp direct. She had very much to think Parkway to Jeff if she would replace the fire.

She was clerk Harvard undergrad and law school been fitting on a federal court that the Circuit Court, which is sort of theater like a AAA court and court justices to Congress to keep everything on the drilling resume I can make it a closely divided Senate, she would confirm her federal feet like a year ago. She did get Republican votes, then so I gotta think that this is not going to be an ugly confirmation battle. We have all of the humility that GOP senators today saying I will thoroughly hurricane we can meet her and talk with her unconnected my duty very seriously that Sen. Grassley among the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying, this is not any cakewalk but were going to be fair so any cost for the public into voting for her less than a year ago today I changed my mind and there is evidence that will be.

We have been and that there are people who are vetted for lower court and you very well and get onto that court and got confirmation both like the point it makes a difference for liking you. Are you getting the opposition email think that he has a question her and all kinds of things including abortion another think so. I think it will be relatively mild because the votes are there for her, but the confirmation now little yeah and we just getting word now that it is Cottone G Brown Jackson, affirmed by the White House that she will be the nominee.

So very interesting.

Shannon, thank you so much.

Always a pleasure to be able to get to speak with you the new book the mothers and daughters of the Bible speak lessons on faith from nine biblical families available March 29. Thank you Shannon again, thank you, 866-408-7669 he gets in time for some of your calls hear from you about everything that's going on and in your thoughts and opinions on this and what you're seeing in the sanctions, etc. so how's that coming up on the Brian Kelly Chow entertaining like you're with Brian kill me fastest three hours in radio with Brian kill me.

According to our information the enemy marked me as a number one target. My family is the number two target they want to destroy Ukraine politically by destroying the head of state Vladimir Zielinski ahead of Ukraine and I give a lot of credit.

He staying he is not fleeing is like number to be here with my people, my people are saying to fight. I'm staying as well. Knowing that it could no be the end of his life if he stays and consented decides to just, you know, assassinate a foreign head of government coming up.

We we will try to get trading stick. He is in Steve but of course obvious.

It's a very fluid situation.

We will do our best to get a connection with trade and tell us what is happening on the ground. What he is seeing and also will be joined by Susan Lee, a FOXBusiness correspondent to discuss the economic impacts of all of this on you because there will be one and you had that with the inflation everything in it may not be pretty, so hopefully she can answer some questions for us. I want to hear from you. 866-408-7669 Hank in Virginia. Listening NW NIS hi Hank, you are on the Brian kill me Chow had my girlfriend's family here right now in the bunker left cried out for the ironic thing is, those bunkers were built to protect Ukrainians from an American attack is ridiculous. Now, bunkers being attacked by Russian ball bombs being dropped all over the key number of houses on fire and truly sad when Ukrainians like her brothers and sisters request you kill your brothers and sisters come to know us not funny because my brother but it's kind of like really the situation with China killing the leaders.

Those people would think the Russians feel the Russians, the Russian people love America. Actually very against his, dad and even Iran is really personal, people I've heard before the evil Empire or the axis compared to the South Korean. It's like so what people they want to be part of the union.

I talked to Brian left a couple weeks ago about the situation than January 11, 1994 when Bill Clinton from and they wanted to. Pickle of nuclear weapons because Ukraine had the third law largest stockpile of ICBM they gave back to Russia, but under the condition that they be protected in some way from retrogression. Well guess what Bill quickly what happened Barack Obama 2012 what is hot. Mike said I'll have more flexibility after the election. They came in within a year they took a little bit over year. They took credit that would be like Mexico taken Miami. It's crazy. And now you got Biden the second half of the above, Obama Biden now we hear about Pres. Biden for me to get behind Obama's, and we need to get behind, but yeah is already behind, but I think that those exit points and and my heart goes out to you to your wife. I can imagine what that is like to know that your family is in that situation and there is nothing you can do so. I am so so sorry about that.

I don't think you're alone. I think there are a lot of people that are is sadly in that situation as well.

My prayers go out for all of them ends and so I hope for the best when it when it comes that especially for your wife's family. Thank you for for sharing that United told the story earlier and I'll tell it again, just very quickly. My husband works with a lot of Russians and they do they they can't stand Putin and they said American with the Americans need to understand is that Putin is not seen who doesn't think the way a normal leader would think who would sacrifice half the population of his country to get an acre of land that he wants if you wanted if you just wanted downtown Kievan. That's all he wants and he wants that city. He will he will sacrifice all the Russians to and in just to into the freezing to death. Whatever it happened to be because Putin does what he wants and for the United States to think that they can they can hurt him financially is a joke, hurting the Russian stock market is a joke because the Russian stock market isn't real, and Russians know that and she said Americans should know that as well.

The American leadership should know that that's not a real stock market.

Putin and the other oligarchs of people who have any money to invest in a stock market invest in the European market. They don't invest in the Russian market that's are people who don't have a lot of money, who are in Russia and it is totally manipulated and artificial. Again, these are my husband's friends talking about you know what they know from having lived in Russia and have come to the United States you know as either as teenagers or as adults now living in this country and it the fact that there are still Americans. There and never had tried to help process to evacuate the Biden's wants to send a report of patrol volunteers to go help process Americans coming out this done a month ago that should've been done weeks ago at the very latest. But again, this is Afghanistan to point out hopefully we will have a trading stick coming up hopefully will get a connection with him in key to let us know the latest of what's happening on the ground when he is seeing there that is coming up on the right talk show that you talk with Brian kill me and I Mary Walters sitting in for Brian kill me were waiting to hear from to get trading life on the phone. We have snow Fox's reports. Sirens going off and explosions so were working to get Trey on the phone so we can get an updatable exactly what is happening. Also coming up. We will speak with Susan Lee from FOXBusiness and actually we have Trey right now. Trey jinxed thank you for joining us. I know right now you're in a very dangerous situation.

What is happening in Kiva right now. Right now, air raid sirens are going off in the Ukrainian capital. This is an indicator that the Russians are there air campaign against the city. It's a familiar sound now to the Ukrainian people because the past 48 hours have been filled with at first into the patient and then bloodshed. There have been hundreds of people killed so far we don't have the exact numbers on a death toll because we understand the Ukrainian are sort of lagging the time that they put out how many soldiers and civilians that been killed but all this ongoing here not only the Ukrainian capital, but across this country. Russian forces are coming in from the south. The north and from the Northeast, and there is no indication they plan to stop this assault anytime soon. Now was not expected that they will be coming in from three different sides with that with the Ukrainian people prepared for that Ukrainian people and Ukrainian military knew this was a possibility, but it was very much considered the worst case scenario, everyone we talked to really didn't believe that this level of assault would take place, and even to cover conflict around the world had trouble wrap your mind around what it would look like European capital with every sirens blaring and airstrikes taking place, and thanks bowling on the streets leading to the city exactly what we are seeing today. Ukrainian officials say that Russian forces have now complete limit of the European capital tanks and artillery units and soldiers and we are now living amid this conflict in our job is to report it out to arguers our listeners.

I can't even imagine what this has to be like I've seen some of the pictures and stuff and it's just absolutely gut wrenching asking about the civilians agility class about the military part of this, but when I see this for me.

I look at the people and I look at this.

The innocent Ukrainians and the children and I see them crowded into subways. A lot of them saying they didn't know where to go. What a lack of preparation for that for the civilians to have a place to go to evacuate to be safe. We were in the metric system of today speaking with these families who are underground and they are sleeping in these tunnels because it's the only place they feel they can get away from possible air raid or bombing take place here and have been taking place here. The level of preparation buried and in terms of places for civilians to go, the city was actually pretty good about opening up bomb shelters and access to these facilities and patient of the worst case scenario, there will be people who will collect on what happened and how all of this came together and likely criticized Ukrainians for their level of military preparedness. From what we've seen no there were drills, the level of training taking place publicly no official service downplayed the possibility of this worst-case scenario taking place earlier this month I spoke with Ukrainian president will have to about the intelligent that Ukrainian officials and how that compares to the American until Western intelligence, and he basically said look we have different but the American until this full-scale invasion was going to take place now whether he was trying to downplayed with Eric scenario the situation in order to keep the calm in his country, or whether he genuinely was looking at different information.

We may not know the short term but what we do know is that Ukraine is under attack right now from Russian forces from multiple directions and I'll call Jennifer Griffin and Lucas, who is in country in Ukraine. Even the western part of the country they can report today that US officials say an assault on the country has now started with the possibility of thousands of Russian forces coming from the sea of ago, so this is unraveling quite quickly. It's an extremely volatile situation very dangerous for the civilians on the ground, and while there are some conversations about peace and negotiation reality is that is going to be very difficult to achieve because you have Russian president who does not care about international norms and care about international law care about human rights is shown that there is action there is evidence to support. Absolutely we we know that the Ukrainian people were armed if they wanted to fight that they were given weapons are the Ukrainian people actually doing that and firing on Russian troops as they come into their cities. We are told that the interior minister had handed out at 24 hours 18,002 civilians and people that we speak to in the streets of Kiva capital have said they are willing to fight, we met a man today in my town square where the writing took place in 2014 and English teacher and he said to me, I'm not so good with weapons, but I will take a knife and I will slaughter those Russian pick your words, there are filled with emotion and anger and fear.

But that's how people feel they understand that their likelihood and their home is under attack, and even this man was an English teacher at we haven't even talked about the story on every perfect representative example of the people that we spoke with. He said these words to me and you could feel his sense of anger and frustration about the situation and then before he left he said I'm off to go pray now I'm going to church and it was like well I this is consuming his life and he is such an example of what people are going.

30 seconds. I know I have to leave those 30 seconds. Is there any kind of response from Ukrainians about what Joe Biden had to say yesterday and you know the that clinical sanctions. He put on Russia. There's a real understanding here that Ukrainian people are running out of time. Pres. Biden yesterday while he is pushing for heavy functions against the inner circle and this will affect those people that oligarchs Pascal of Moscow, the reality is that these people don't have 30 days. Pres. Biden said we want to see in a month and evaluate.

Basically what effect it had on foods behavior. The clock is ticking.

The capital city is under assault as we speak Russian forces are firing from Eric on the ground for billion areas, and many people will die every day that goes by that doesn't change his mind and pressured enough to change his behavior is another day Ukrainian will die. Unbelievable trading stocks and his foreign correspondent in Keith, thank you for for connecting with us. Thank you for doing what you do. I personally think you're insane, but that somebody's gotta do it and I think people like you who do it because we get the truth we find out what's really happening and we don't just get propaganda. So thank you for that. And please stay safe. Thank you, coming up Susan Lee from FOXBusiness. Let's find out how all of this is going to affect you and your wallet coming up next on the Brian Kelly Chow, newsmakers and news breakers. First, I can only show is so busy he'll make dear Brian Russia has invited Ukraine the consequences.

Your 401(k) has taken on the big hit as the market sells off the pension motive around 100 million people. You'll soon be putting more at the pump and at the grocery store is the price of oil. It's $100. About 97 now a few moments ago energy price inflation is going to kick it and when energy goes up everything goes off. That is the financial fallout everyone pays more start Stuart Barney from the FOXBusiness town, and joining us.

Also, FOXBusiness correspondent Susan Lee is here with us is a thank you for joining us.

Hi Mary how are you I'm doing great but I sure you know I'm I'm looking at all of this and I think we all look at the market. We all look at the cost of goods, I noticed a pound of bacon that was on sale was on sale because it's no longer pound it's 12 ounces.

I like my cousin has a right at home is like.

Did you notice this and I look ago. Oh my gosh, it's not a pound of bacon. It's only 12 ounces of bacon price really didn't go to was it really is.

Well yeah but were all noticing those things worse is it going to get because of this war. How is that going to affect us in our wallets. Well, look, I think the consensus is that oils can across $100 a barrel. West Texas and what that means for us at the pump is that were definitely going to see at least four dollars a gallon in the next few weeks, maybe five bucks a gallon by Memorial Day, which is like gas but he is predicting right now so gas prices as we know big expenditure for a lot of folks that are just aligning up to fill up their gas tanks to get to work each and every day.

And that's the reason why today we also saw consumer sentiment, which is a gauge as to how mean you are you and me. Mary are feeling about the economy and that was pretty poor and very weak. I think it was almost down to 11 month low, so consumers are deftly feeling it's and that has an impact.

As you know on the broader economy. Yeah, of course, and ripped the Democrats seem to be doubling down on not opening up drilling here with that actually really solve the problem if we if we got everything flowing through the Keystone pipeline again. If these leases that have been either denied or put on hold to drill on public lands as an a lot of the program that Pres. Trump had that Joe Biden just overturned with the swipe of a pen if he went on that.

Would that be enough to mitigate the problem in this country and would it be enough to ship to Europe said that they also deprive Pruden of the money from the sale of oil and gas yeah because it is incredible that despite the fact that we have the sanctions to sanctions. According to the White House that statistically we are still seeing Europe and even parts of the US buying Russian oil and gas yesterday.

I saw some of the statistics in terms of how much of a supply cushion we have here in the US and there really isn't a buffer which means that oil prices are deftly going higher from here so some the stats I saw was that crude stocks in the yeah and the SPR down to the lowest since 2002 Mary in the Midwest crude stocks falling to Lewis's 2015 last week and Cushing, Oklahoma, with the lowest supplies that we seen since September 2018, so there is an effort to protect us against. Maybe cut off or eat a smaller amount of production in global oil markets, and that means we need to brace for higher prices to come. I'm not quite sure why. I have to feel the pain because there's a war in Europe.

I am a cute little curious as to how that works, especially when we were energy independent right out not that long ago. It doesn't make a hole in a sense to me and would also does make sense to me is the political aspect of this and I know it's not really your wheelhouse, but it doesn't really make sense to me that the Democrats to be doubling down on this and you know Chris and Holland coming out saying he doesn't regret the shutting down of the Keystone pipeline because all we can take our eye off of green energy. John Kerry talking about how he hopes Pruden takes into consideration the effect of the climate on weed of the effect on the climate with more Anthony Lincoln saying that you know no were to continue to buy from Russia. It seems to me as if they realize they're gonna take a shellacking in November, so they figure out. Let's just blow the whole thing up yeah and you're propping up dictators around the world as well.

So yes I you know I would agree with you on that because I think there has to be a calculus involved that this green energy. This climate change or the windmills were going to build that takes time to ramp is not instantaneous and in the meantime, what you did your beer paying governments around the world like Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Further at oil and gas assets so yeah II think there needs to probably be a rethink in terms of how quickly this ramps up and where we are in that cycle yesterday. Liz claim knows the place is cut 25. I would just want you to hear this. This is Liz claiming yesterday on FOXBusiness talking about the market and what we where it was before Biden gave his speech and where it was after Biden gave his speech, take a look at the fixer volatility index, which measures investor fear before the president began speaking it was high anxiety time the Vic's by 10%. It has now reversed and is slightly negative by about 1/4 of a percent pretty stunning intraday of the S&P 500 to see the steep drop at the open on the left side of the screen falling to as low as 4119.

We are now, for that's the Dow, but if we were looking at the S&P we would be at the moment.

At 4240 so a real come back here what Joe Biden say that puts such such faith in the markets and I'm shocked. Well, those are pretty tough sanctions I'm I just historically you seen what happened with Huawei when they were cut off from from high-tech supplies and exports, namely chips here in the US hallway in China was brought to its knees and you Herb Joe Biden yesterday in that press conference announcing the sanctions say that he expects high-tech imports and exports did to Russia will be will be down by 50%, which is pretty significant as been thinking if Russia is investing in this Ukraine occupation and invasion you remember back in the 1980s when the USSR, the Soviet Union try to do this in Afghanistan almost bankrupted and it didn't bankrupt the this totalitarian regime back then so be by thinking, what does Russia and has Pruden calculated how much this Ukraine occupation will cost because the going in into war.

That's not the big expenditure it's taking over a country and then of course occupying it for years.

It's gonna cost a lot so that's that's the thinking on the markets. Also there was also thinking that okay so if we do have this Ukraine war does not put off and maybe it is a given out for the Federal Reserve and central bank to put off higher interest rates. Maybe that will raise rates nine times this year. Maybe I'll just be for five and for Walter, that's good enough.

I just have about a minute and 1/2 year last night. Tucker talked about the Russians taking the dollar from their wealth find it. I just want to ask you if it's true, and will it help mitigate any you know will and help mitigate the sanctions on them. Here's Tucker Russia in response to sanctions completely remove the US dollars assets from its sovereign wealth funds national wealth. The Chinese noticed the ocean exactly how this works in their effort to displace the United States, they are strongly in favor John is trying to become the first major country in the world who central bank issue sovereign digital currency if that works in many efforts like it would be a huge loss for the United States and replaceable boss that would change this country forever, much more than an invasion of Ukraine. So it is a true and will it help mitigate the sanctions on Russia and we have about a minute and 1/2, yes.

So I will say that the approval collapse.

It's down to a record low.

When you saw the interest rates rise them and spike some 15% for Russia yesterday. Now in China this morning and I think China probably is key and this year he heard that present sheeting pang of China held the call with Russian Pres. Putin and that's why markets are rallying today because it looks like China might be pushing Putin to the negotiating table, but in the thinking globally is that if Russia is cut off from their European neighbors by the US and North America that China will be there and probably the major superpower to backstop Russia being billed by their oil and gas tell and you know, could there be an alternative financial system that they could build together outside of Swift, which I know is still being negotiated about whether or not to boot shampoo. Not a bad and then and then you add in anonymous hacking into their system declaring war on Russia, which could actually work in our favor. Not that I agree with those types of things, but I think that's you know the new way weekly wage wars Susan Lee, thank you very much for unraveling it all for us. Very complicated and unfortunately were all the paperwork that's basically what I'm very bothered by urologists and resources of Fox's personal just don't go

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