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Whoops! Buttigieg Touts High Gas Prices as a "Benefit"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 20, 2022 1:09 pm

Whoops! Buttigieg Touts High Gas Prices as a "Benefit"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 20, 2022 1:09 pm

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Why Fox News euros New York City function for America's receptive Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here buddy is the right kill beach over the middle of the week and so glad you're here which Larry at the bottom of the Elm extent with going on right now. I love his last column across the world environmentalist.

We believe only misery in their wake because we are talking about green green green in the middle of an oil and gas inflation cycle. There is a market for this. There is a chance to talk about renewables indefinitely and think tanks and futuristic meetings and conferences may be in Greenland or Iceland but not in every day America. Someone's gotta tell the Democrats about that will talk about all that to and of course Brian kill if you want to see me as a draft for dates. We go live have a chance for me to interact with you will be in Newark will be a Mississippi be in Albany New York as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three using ample evidence in the intelligence and in the public domain. A Russian tends to try to annex additional Ukrainian territory brushes beginning to roll out a version of what you could call an annexation playbook very similar to the one we saw in 2014 let them win the vicious thugs most overrated military in the world, the Russian army is making gains in Ukraine because the US and NATO are too slow to give the arms they need muscle them up. Now stop the slow bleed. Also keep an eye on the Nordstrom pipeline the next 24 hours are crucial. We believe it's shameful that that some governors are using migrant as a political tool as a political play, yet really shameful, shameful is leaving the border wide open with 4 million people coming through little help would help New York City Mayor Adams follows DC Mayor Bowser is asking for some bucks for the illegals bust into New York City or flown into New York City. Now they know what Texas and Arizona have been living with an intentional Biden breakdown of the border.

The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price price of gas more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicle yup agenda revealed Mayor Pete endorses pain at the pump and in order to win over climate crazies in his party in our time of economic crisis who stands in their way.

The courts, the EPA and Joe mansion. So thankful for that.

So let's get started so unbelievably in a time in which we gas in most places five dollars little over little under we see a green agenda taking root again present by deceptive visit, a close PowerPoint in Massachusetts sometime today. Give a speech about the climate crisis. Short of any emergency declaration until I think next week and then he's going to come out with stuff I mean people are speculate about what he could be doing the talking about maybe $300 billion with the subsidies by electric car.

On average, because 65,000 maybe you have one you get for 42,000, not sure, but they're not made they're not ready. We got 6000 charging stations for an entire country with five dollar a gallon gas with a way to consider drilling that down. Why are you looking for an alternative form of energy. At this moment which clearly is not ready to go. While walking away from nuclear for the most part, and natural gas.

Ignoring their burns clean so yesterday if you listen closely, the Sec. of transportation.

The most overrated politician in America was asking for subsidies on Capitol Hill, at which time he let his agenda and present binds agenda. Lee: is my demonstration actively pursuing high energy prices in order to force Americans into electric force, not the more pain we are all experiencing from the high price price of gas more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicle. What the more pain for gas combustion engines are more pain for those people driving around in cars. I think one cannot not even 1% of the population as electric cars, you know, most people on average a pain about 70,000 67,000 for the most part for electric car. Most people use it as a second car, not a first car. Now how many middle and working-class people do you know I will net middle probably working-class people do you know have an extra car mentally back call for the drivers in your family is about an extra car though that's is by electric car so if you are the Democratic Party.

Formally, the working class party.

You are leaving all of them behind so they decide to spend yesterday putting down Joe mansion for blowing up go back better which show this green crap in it and for not passing many bill back better because we have inflation at 9%. He is actually the MVP of Democrats. He just doesn't realize it yet Irishman and you have income for me children is loose and he's not Joe mansion anymore. He's listing all he does is put the football down over and over, and then soon as Charlie Brown, like his whole Democratic team comes to kick the ball.

He picks it up and laugh. So the Supreme Court two weeks ago said or three weeks ago now the EPA has been overstepping its bounds and starting to strangle: oil and gas producing states so they been pushed back the Joe mansion pushes back on the green agenda and then next thing you know you're left with one alternative executive action.

I'm not sure what he can do executive board about to find out when terms of Joe mansion he was getting a lot of slings and arrows.

Congressman Mann dear Jones, is left as he gets cut three it's hard to think of someone who has been more effective at undermining the president of his own party and Sen. mansion.

It's not fair to have to string people long for year and not come to a conclusion.

It's not an appropriate way to the 50-50 Senate sucks sunset yeah Mesirow no great vocabulary center Martin Henry Morton Henrik in between there and then you have Mann dear Jones way initially listen because he doesn't agree with you because he has a backbone.

It doesn't mean he sucks. It doesn't mean he's bad.

If he decides to switch parties like Robert Wright suggested yesterday a left-wing former Treasury Secretary were kicked out of a party or kicked out of his chairmanship.

He be more than happy to go independent and maybe caucus with the right that he could all move out your big offices, especially chairman into the smaller ones is back in power will be the Republicans for Joe mansion he is not backing down and I don't even think he cares cut five on the one on the first one to raise the alarm on inflation well over a year ago I saw all the signs I was told there were 17 Nobel laureate is all know strength is transitory. I am my mind and what I understood people that have the knowledge I could come to the conclusion it wasn't to be transfers damaging and right now, inflation is number one damaging and damaging effect in our comments affecting everybody right member.

The 17 Nobel laureates.

What happened to them. Just like those 50+ intelligence experts, CIA directors like Hayden who I will were friendly with before he went over to CNN in the dark side and Brandon told us the laptop was fake and typical Russian propaganda where the war where the laureates where the experts they just put their names out there. They back off the pedestrians in the press and then the rocks. This stuff comes out proves them wrong and they disappear not Joe mansion he hasn't.

And I been on the Joe mansion bandwagon.

Everyone told me on the right.

He's got a cave. He always cared.

Not really.

I never thought he always caved there stuff. He is agree with we present trump he thought the corporate tax rate reduction was too much. He didn't want to see any decrease in the upper tax bracket. They took off 1% vote for okay doesn't mean he's lying.

And it doesn't mean he is not. He's been started early stalwart in the way he feels about all this. So AOC writes this or she's quoting the independent sameness mansion is postal action for the United States to act on climate for the next four years, so I don't think he has any authority to speak on climate for the rest of our term.

Oh really, that's not bad from the 34-year-old bartender declaring a national emergency provides the present broad authorization to act on climate.

I think it's essential step.

We also need to hear what he plans to do with that. So next week. The president acts alone and the Senate is more than happy to let him act alone. How bizarre is that I now that I'm in office in office. I spend zillions raising money zillions of hours raising money and zillions to become in the Senate office. I like to diminish my impact by giving all my power the president that astounds his constitutional attorney Jonathan Turley.

He told this to Laura Ingram less than cutting. They then went to Congress and sought a climate change and other measures.

There are, that was blocked by not just Joe mansion, but about half of the Senate supported in his position so what's the answer now bother going back to where they began and said while the present should go at it alone and in a Madisonian democracy as often as important how you do something is what you do and going alone is is counterintuitive to people who think they have pride in being a senator cut nine what they're arguing for is for basically a single person government there asking for president to yield this authority alone and that is a very dangerous thing.

It's convenient but it's a remarkably shortsighted viewpoint, and it would when you have these members of Congress calling for their own circumvention their own planned obsolescence is something that James Madison would never of a mansion he believes in you could have ambition fighting ambition but I did hear the ambition is to become a nonentity in our in our three branch system. It's bizarre. It's as if I just gave up a three hour radio show because I want someone else to do it because they have the same agenda. But if you don't want to do and there might be more of the view is more powerful, why would I sidelined my own career and diminish my own job description in order to push forward on it agenda that perhaps I agree with or don't put go writes this. The White House privately fumes about mansion is the headline quote after bending to the sender's demands, only to now twice watch it blow up the negotiations in spectacular fashion. Even Biden has expressed puzzlement.

The president is told confidence that while he understands mansion represent a deep red state.

He can't fathom why he keeps torpedoing the parties best laid plans. As for mansion himself word is filtered through the West Wing that aids need to hold their feet hold their fire on any attacks is a still think they could get something if they show that inflation is going in the right direction on brain coming. Thanks so much for listening. We have in 10 minutes in 12 minutes we have Rich, Larry, but in about four minutes. We have you 1-866-408-7669 brain kill Nietzsche politics and current events and use that up. Thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network mind and dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week it's the bend on its podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News but talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show they are expected hopefully to get the North Korean pipeline from Russia to Germany back online but I want to make it very clear guys. Even if it comes back. They restarted it's not how much it's unlikely Russia restarted 200%. Now they got 40%, which is where they were before Germany's race syllabus natural gas by winter. Why do we care in America. We care because this is playing games, playing sort of puppetmaster if you will, with Germany, which by the way, coal. He said we should use Russian gas, but no more than 330% over 20 years. After that Germany went to 55% of its natural gas coming from Russia coming from. Now that gas is at risk guys. I can't overstate the economic story. I know I know it's a little bit walkie economist but undercover that pipeline does not come back on tomorrow and there is no elation when it will see Germany immediately ration gas shut down industries, businesses maybe like this one forced people to save gas for winter right does Brian Sullivan of MSNBC and it is a big story. It's not wonky. It's very easy to understand that anger Merkel East German probably had a affinity for Russia. Just because the weather was set up of the Warsaw Pact. She takes over Germany and she would not listen to anybody, especially Donald Trump who said what are you doing not only do Nordstrom, one which was a mistake to try to do Nordstrom to six Nordstrom one is now at the bottom of the sea north to two is now Norstrom one still has natural gas now Russia thinks he can do without Europe as a customer. Good luck with that eventually they'll pay the price.

But for now we have to be an ally, get LNG quickly to Germany be the answer.

Save the day like we have in the past, the German so they hold the line against Russia is so important. And by the way, we have to speed up the arms in the Ukraine to the Ukrainians to let them fight. They got a better fighting force the Russians have to have a mutton fight clean credible incentives, not quite doing a draft incredible incentive to try to bolster the rights to running out of people to fight the debt surmounting but we are taking forever to get them the weapon sophisticated weapons they need to fight off the Russians who can fight head-to-head they hit you with a tall, moved to artillery from afar until the whole city is raised and then they'll go in. Steve listening online. The Fox News radio. I pay Steve morning bright so I just wanted to give you a little bit information on not by distributor Somerset please doctor the great breakpoint power plant breakpoint with the cold environmentalist absolutely hammered out and said were not happy until the coals gone and let's change it over to out to LNG to change over to LNG and then they weren't happy that the water temperature and the talking River where they were using their cooling the cooling for the up the plant was too high that it was it was it was killing the fish species in the river. They were probably right on that.

A lot of people talk about it and spent billions of dollars to build the massive cooling towers that stretched up that look like monstrosities and anyone can go online and Google the destruction of the Somerset power plant cooling towers online because it was everywhere. It was only good for five years environmentalist didn't stop there. They wanted to close in what they did is they took jobs that were at that facility paying between 38 and $45 an hour. All gone. Hundreds and hundreds of people lost their jobs. I tried to get in there when I was younger as a plumber. It was one of the most sought after companies to work for their employees and they were good to the houses around and low and behold what did do a great town like Somerset, which was probably one of the most sought after towns lifted because the houses were a little high but the tax base was good because it had the power plant there to help them when the power plant left on houses went from $3000 a year to $5000 a year in the town basically have to suck up the rest of it. Meanwhile, I Electricity .13%. The Minute the Place Closed. Now We're Lucky We Haven't Had Any Brownouts but You Guys Are Never Happy, They Don't Stop Anything. The Money They Make Them Waste of Those Cooling Towers (out Was Absolutely Ridiculous and See What You Represent Is Not Some Elitist Some Designer, Some Architected or or Some Industrial Engineer That Wants to Design Something You Represent Semi That Wants a Job and a Career and Some Certainty and and Wants to Be Part of the Town and That's What Happens. They Don't Care about Towns and Communities. They Want to Make This Transition for Some Type of Global West Did Nobody's on Board with Egg If You Will Get Every Study You Talk about Green Transitions about It's about the 11th or 12th Number One Is Economic, and Inflation. Listen. Stay Right There I Went to If You Reach Larry Then Finish up the Hour with Calls of 186-640-8766 Brian Kill Fox News Contrasts Network in These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Listening Download Now and Fox News or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Contest Will Came Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics in Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business. Subscribe and Listen. Fox News Five Just a Radio Show like No Other and Kill Me Is My Menstruation Actively Pursuing Higher Prices for Smart Boards Not More Pain. We Are All Experiencing a High Place Price of Gas for Benefit There Is for Those Who Can Access What Unbelievable That Was Agenda Field Yesterday Reach. Larry Knew It Ahead of Time in This Column Version Is Me across the World Environmentalist Leave Only Misery in Their Wake.

This Green Quest Is Not on America's Agenda but It's on a Certain Segment of America's Agenda Admission Number One for Most of Us It's Not in the Top 20 Reach Larry George's Now Editor of Nash Review Rich Don't You Think We Got A Lot Of That Statement Yeah I Contradiction Where They Want to Pretend That They Care about Inflation and Soaring Energy Prices and by Get over in Vegas without a Pump More Oil.

Not Clear, They They Will Do What I Can Do It at the Moment and It Comes Back in the Ants All Snapped Back to the Climate Focus Again, Which Depends on Chasing the Oil and Gas Industry Out Of Business over the Medium or the Long-Term and Making Prices Higher.

So Renewables Become Relatively More Affordable and If so, You Eat the Things Don't Go Together. You Either Want More Oil and Gas or You Don't and Actually the End of the Day They Don't Salute the Extreme Measures Executive Action of the Going to Take the Climate Crisis."

Air Quotes. I Should Say That He's Going out Exit Executive Actions Can Be Massive Billions for Subsidies for Electric Vehicles with These Can Happen. Well, It Is Unclear Exactly What He Can Do While Staying within the Realm of the Law That Hasn't Stopped Him before You Have the Rent Moratorium. He Extended His Nose Clearly Illegal Neophyte but down by the Supreme Court. Not Sure What They Can Do Exactly out If He Can't Spend Money on His Own That Is Flatly Unconstitutional and Is Just That This Whole Way of Trying to Do Business Is Deeply against the Spirit of Our System Wheat We Have a Congress Now and Congress Passes a Law Stuff with Poster Work and It Doesn't Pass Laws Was Too Bad. You Can Try to Elect New Congressmen and Senators. You Can Inveigh against Them or You Can Move on and Try Something Else.

We Can't Just Do It on Your Own and That This Is That the Obama Pennant Phone Governance and Its It It It It Just Is Another Way.

It's so Hypocritical They Say, You Know That Our Democracy Is under Threat.

We Live in a Constitutional Democracy and You Have To Honor That the New Rules, Even If It Doesn't Go Your Way and This Is Another Instance Whether or Not a Great Chance to Get Your Forever Also the Dependence of Russian Oil and Gas Deal Quickly Getting Ahead of the Game and Beginning to Shut It down. Nordstrom One Now to Germany and the Rest of Europe. So This Could Be the Rescue Meeting Conservation As in Today Is Brian Sullivan and Emmett MSNBC from Germany Cut 27 Tomorrow Expected Hopefully to Get the Nordstrom Pipeline from Russia to Germany Back Online but I Want to Make It Very Clear Guys That Even If It Comes Back.

They Restarted It's Not If It's How Much It's Unlikely Russia Restarted 200%.

Now They Got 40%, Which Is Where They Were before Germany's Race Syllabus Natural Gas by Winter. Why Do We Care in America. We Care Because This Is Playing Games, Playing Sort of Puppetmaster If You Will, with Germany, Which Will He Said We Should Use Russian Gas, but No More Than 330% over 20 Years. After That Germany Went to 55% of Its Natural Gas Coming from Russia Coming from. Now That Gas Is at Risk Guys.

I Can't Overstate the Economic Story Enough North of Walkie Economist for Undercover Pipeline Does Not Come Back on Tomorrow When It Will Germany Immediately Ration Gas Shut down Industries, Businesses Maybe like This One Forced People to Save Gas for Winter Yeah Absolutely Guess What We Could Provide Natural Gas We Can Go to Emergency Mode and Be the Supplier and See the Western World on Energy and Fortify the Fight against Russia. What's the Downside of Answering Germany's Call Again the Idea That You Have 1/21 Century Advanced Economy in the Middle of Europe. That Might Have To Shut down Its Industries Because It Doesn't Have Enough Fuel Is Just Astonishing and Go to Three Grievous Mistakes. Germany Made One Shutting down the Nuclear Power Plants No Reason to Do It. They Have 33 More That That the Three Last Ones Are Shutting down by the End of the Year, Even While This Is Going on and Then Rushing to Renewables, Which Eventually May Be Cost-Effective and Efficient, but Aren't Now and Then Just Say Okay Will Import It All from from Russia and Underwent a Rush to Cut off Now, but I Think It Certainly Can Squeeze and They May Drastically Diminish It or Cut It off in the Winter and Yeah That That This Is an Emergency for the Western World and the Kind of Thing That Can Cause a Severe Recession and in Europe and Elsewhere. Perhaps If It Actually Happens and We Should Be an Emergency Putting Drilling and Refining All That We Can and of Course Are Not Which Were Not the Person Says Gas Stations of the Problem and Gas Industry. We Still Process the Profits of the Issues and He Seems to Be Getting Away with It. I Think He Is 30% Approval Rating Makes Me Think, to a Degree.

He Is Not but to Just Totally Not Tell the Truth. It's As If Your Football Team and You Say Everybody You up If Passing Will Get You Close to the Enzo but You Refuse to Pass and Then Blame You Quarterback for Not Passing They're Not Putting Their off. They're Not Doing It with Any Vigor. Ice Got a Fast-Forward to Also Related to This Germany for the Most Part despite the Hardships Only 22% of the German People Want the Government to Curb Support for Ukraine. 70% Are Still into This War. We Are Giving Them Weapons, but Not Enough for Them to Get Stopped Pushing the Russians Back. I Believe Rich We Got Either Go All in a Pullout the Highmore Still Give Them Some Give Them What They Bring to Be Successful, the Yellow Disability Are Showing That They Are Starting to Push Back and Cure Son, Which Is a Port City They Blew up a Russian Radar System.

There Is Important for the World to See Ukraine Make Progress. Yeah, so It Makes No Sense to Me Halfway in and Give Ukraine in Just Enough to Lose Slowly or Have Some Sort of Stalemate at the Same Time the Western World Experiences All the Economic Pain so Either Do It or Don't, and Biden Has Been in between and a Different Flow Approving These Systems and If You Give for Long-Range Rocket Systems Given 60 You Very You Very Cross the Threshold to Give Them What They Need to Try to Hold onto Pushback in the South and the East and Maybe Get a Deal I'm in This War Is Good for No One except for Maybe Grandiose Ambitions, but He Knows Have Turned out Very Well and Were Eventually You Need a Settlement Maybe the Ukrainians Can Innovate the Have an Outright Victory, but That Seems Not Very Likely. And You Have To Have a Settlement in the Ukrainians Are Doing on the Battlefield, the Better the Defendant.I Want You Michael. I Said Now with Yahoo I He Said This about What Ukraine Could Be Ready to Do Right Now. Cut 25 Artillery Strikes Early This Month or Early July 1 Weeks against What We See Now and Really There's Been a Kind of Trying of Russian Battery and Fire Offensive and on Boston. This Is a Result of Their So-Called Operational Clause in the Campaign.

I Read That Also Has Essentially the High Mobility Artillery Systems That the US Is Provided Ukraine on His High Mars Really Punch These Things Are Taken on Ammunition Depots Command Centers Killing As Many As 12 Russian Military Officers, Including One General Russians Really Have No Viable Response for These Native Standardized Artillery Systems and so on and on about the Situation Is More Or Less Stabilized and Indeed the Commander-In-Chief Ukrainian Forces Said As Much. Then You Watch B Approved Lender to Run Another Pariah of a Nation and His Right Side Seems Frozen and Is Walking with a Limp. It Is Not Very Encouraging. Not a Transparent Political Culture Audit Label or Not You Know It Going All Flavor. Mentally, I Dropped You Know When and If He Does, but in the Study for You, Gen. Keene's Outfit. They Put Analysis Yesterday with Everything That the Russian Play Might Be to Annex the Territories Now Control the Russian Territory and Say If You Hit Try to Take Them Back Will Nuke You Interesting That Shows Desperation Doesn't and He Chose the Most Overrated Army.

The World Is the Russian Army Either Overrated, but That They've Managed to Grind out the Gains Conveyed Their Winning the Artillery War Can They Just out out on the Ukrainians and the Internet That's Been Somewhat Balanced.

Malls Are Discussing, but If You Get Him for Giving Give Them A Lot More Give Give Them All That They Need so As We Look at Midterm Elections Steeds Democrats Now Have Two Issues Guns and Will Be Weighed. The Republicans Have the Economy and Just about Everything Else. How Do You See This Playing out Being There Was Still in July. Well There. There Is Some Sign of the Democrats Made a Little Progress Motivating Their Side, Especially Motivating Now That You, the Base Voters, College-Educated White over the Issue of Guns Row in January 6 Is in There As Well and Sometimes There's a Little Separation between Just Biden Is Continuing to Circle the Toilet and the Generic Ballot Which Is Holding up a Little Bit Better for Democrats.

I Just Can't Believe That They'll Be Able to Survive, They Lose That's Coming on It.

There's No Way Have a President at 38, Where At Least Everyone in That Every Vulnerable Member in the House Caucus Will Be Totally Wiped out. Maybe Do a Little Better and That the Senate Unit.

Senate Candidates Can Establish the More Their Profile. You Have Some Problematic Republican Candidates, but Even There I Think It's Really Tough so It's Really There. They're Doing Everything They Can.

But I Think Candidates Grasping at Straws, Listing Dan Cox One Yesterday. He's a Conservative Who Believes That the Election Was Stolen from No-Trump down from Two Just a Lawmaker and Backed Him. He Is a Big Opponent of the Republican Gov. Gary Gov. Hogan Is an Enemy of Trump. If You Guys Are Following This at Home. So Right Away. Democrats Put At Least $1 Million to Get Dan Cox the Nomination like They Did Mess Triano Get This Rich Master Nano Is in a Almost a Dead Heat in Pennsylvania What Is Going on yet Will One If You Think Democracy Is under Threat from the Sort of Candidate You Don't Support Them Right You Don't Cynically Try to Do Some in Republican Primaries, Which Is What Were Seeing All over the Map Mess.

Triano Hit Pennsylvania Purplish State Has It Has a Real Shot to Win and I Don't Think. Anyway, Dan Cox Is Winning down in Maryland of the Heart.

You Know This One. The States Really Deeply Blue Has a Republican Governor Who Just Happens by Happenstance, Winning the First Time an Injustice Particle Persona to Be a Good Fit for Republican. It's Hard to Replicate That in Maryland Even in the Best of Circumstances with the Best Candidate, but the Democrats Are Playing a Deeply Cynical Game.

Just Looking at Some of the Money Herschel Walker Is Being Outraised by Warnock 14 Million to 8 Marco Rubio's Gun 12 Million in Small Donations.

Democrats Challenge about Deming's Is More Than Double That the Sinner Ron Johnson Sporting 5 Million Democratic They Say Three Potential Democratic Challengers Have Brought in More Than That. A Lot Of Money Important against Him.

You See, Why Is It If the Republicans Have the Momentum the Democrats Seem to Have the Dollars They Do. I'm Not Sure Why It in Environment like This, It Is Making a Huge Difference but Still Hear Any Any Candidate You Want More Resources Rather Than Last Sentence. Karl Rove's Point out on America's Newsroom. I Think What Yesterday Linda Graham Is Outspent and in That South Carolina Race Because Every Democrat in the Country Decided They Hated Linda Graham and Want to Make a Statement against Him, and Maybe Believe That He Can Be Beaten, and There Was a Priority That Had a Close Banana Day Just Letting It Happen, South Carolina, and I Think the Environment Is It It Can Overwhelm Most Every Factor.

This Year I Get Really Egregious Year. Martelli's Reelection Is Raised $23 Million. The Other Potential GOP Challenges like Masses, Jim Lyman, Mark Ravitch Have a Total of Two so We'll See Disparity That a Close Race Where the Money Could Make a Difference and by the Way, a Martelli's Done Nothing, so He Thought He Be a Moderate. Maybe HEB Would Cinemas Doing. He's Done Nothing Lately He's Been Going to the Border A Few Times in a Gene Shirt but for the Most Part He Is Been Adjusted to a Terrible Job He Does Not Deserve to Keep It My Opinion Rich, Thanks so Much.

You Got 1-866-408-7669 Appreciate Your Patience. I Still You See You Still on the Board. We Come Back, Go through As Many Calls As Possible, or If You Want to Write Write to Brain to Meet You, You Know, Places You Need to Kill Me. The More You Listen More, You'll Know Brian Kill Me. Seeing and Watching This Administration. I Don't Think They Have Any Original Ideas about How to Deal. We Have A Lot Of Solutions in This Country Based Centrally on Fossil Fuel, Fossil Fuels and Change More People's Lives in a Positive Way Than Any Other Substance in the World Any Other Technology in the World We Got Small Modular Reactors Usually Walk Away Safe Nuclear Reactors and Federal Governments Is Dragging Her Feet Slow Planet If You're Looking for the Answers. Mr. Present the Right Here in America the XL Pipeline Open up Our Offshore Drilling Enter Federal Lands, so He Also Went on to Say in the Repair Interview on Fox and Friends What You Just Heard Sec. of Energy Informed Gov. of Texas That They're Looking to Get to Get These Very Affordable Smaller Nuclear Power Plants. The Putting Together. He Said Listen for What I See Right Now We Can Start Trying to Get Allocated to Be Able to Do Our Own Power Grid and What They Would Do Is Be Nuclear Powered and They Are so Affordable.

He Says Safe and Deployable My Words That We Can Do Right Away but You Just Can't Do the Federal Bureaucracy Would Nuclear Energy Is so Thick Right Now.

It Makes It Tough, but Also Immediately Help Europe. Let's Go to Chrysalis NW DVR Was on There This Morning in Orlando Hey Chris and Late 80s Early 90s. All I've Heard about Its Climate Change, Water Fires in Florida, More Hurricanes, More Severe in the World and Unpredictable the Same People Are Saying That We Had 100% on the Set Environment That They've Been Told to Live. Our Environment Is so Unpredictable and Dangerous Jobs for New Local Energy Should Be Everything They Made a Religion so You Can Even Talk to Them. You Can Say Let's Be Practical. Obviously Republicans Don't Say Oil and Gas Her Boss. They Say the Same Thing You're Saying All of the above, Let's Push It and Make It More Affordable. You Give Me Electric Car. I Once Bought a Hybrid in 2008 during the Collapse of Everything and They Know They Offered in New York State to Give You These Passes yet Apply for Any Let's Use a Carpooling and I Think It Save Me about 4 Miles per Gallon Tops. Not That Much Was an SUV, but I Will Borrow My Own.

I Said, We'll Incentivize Maybe a Broom Clean. Maybe I Could Go Further on the Hybrid Technology. If You Give Me a Choice F1 50 or the F1 50 Lightning I Make My Own Choice, but If You Vilify Me for Choosing the Other Way Not Make It up, Make the Other One so Expensive I Can't Get It and Then Make Me Feel Bad That I Don't Have It and It's a Take the Bus If You Don't Have the Money Now You Got Me Angry and That's What I Going to I Got I Got into My Own Thing Is You Guys Are Militant You Not Practically Not Living in This World and the Guy in Charge of All This and Thanks for the Call Chris Is Flying around on a Private Jet Anywhere He Wants Because He Married a Billionaire in the Hines the Woman Fro Who Owns the Height the Heinz Family Who Owns All the Catchup and Mustard and Relish. You Can Imagine, so We Could Fire at a Private Chat Live This Great Life While Destroying Ours.

And When He's Not on That. He's on a Yacht, but That's the Climates Are and I'm Supposed to Sacrifice Our Selfish Thanks Was Right. Why Is New York City Sure Set up Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Right Joe to Be a Big Hour to Be with Dan Violet. Soon You like I Should Say Chief Investment Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Back in Ukraine Now I Had of Ukraine Invest They Need Some Money for This Project. They Got a Win on the Gotta Get Back on the Offensive and Signs Are the Beginning to Do That. And David so Close Your Chairman and CEO of Tipton Capital Chairman of the Board of Atlas Corp. Chairman of Also CEO of a Net Jets and Former Berkshire Hathaway Is Where He Was. He Was CEO. There with Her Brand-New Book American Perspective Defending the American Dream for the Next Generation before We Talk to David Let's Get to the Victory Stories You Need to Know Brian Is 33 Using Ample Evidence in the Intelligence and in the Public Domain and Russian Tends to Try to Annex Additional Ukrainian Territory Is Beginning to Roll out a Version of What You Could Call an Annexation Playbook Very Similar to the One We Saw in 2014, John Kirby, of Course, Let Them When the Fish Is Thuggish Most Overrated Military the World, the Russian Army Is Making Gains in Ukraine Because the US and NATO Are Too Slow to Give Them the Arms They Need Muscle Them up and Stop the Slow Bleed.

Also Keep an Eye on the Nordstrom Pipeline over Germany Because the Next 24 Hours Are Crucial. We Believe Its Shameful Fact That Some Governors Are Using Migrant As a Political Tool Is a Political Plane Really about Leaving the Border Wide Open for Two Years.

I Think That Shameful Little Health Would Help New York City Mayor Adams Blood Follows DC Mayor Bowser Is Asking for Some Bucks for Some Illegals. Boston to New York City and Flown into Westchester. Now They Know What Texas and Arizona Have Been Living with for the Last Two Years, and Intentional Buying Breakdown at the Border. The More Pain We Are All Experiencing from the High-Priced Price of Gas More Benefit There Is for Those Who Can Access Electric Vehicle Really Did Jesus Reveal Your Agenda. Mayor Pete Endorses Pain at the Pump in Order to Win over Climate Crazies and His Party in Our Time of Economic Crisis Who Stands in Their Way. The Courts, the EPA and Joe Mansion by David Take That onto Her with the You Heard with Mayor Pete Just Said Write You What the Pain at the Pump Will Force You to Electric Car Which Will Cost You on Average $65,000.

Many Working-Class Middle-Class People of $65,000 Laying around Right Now. Not Only That but the Trick That He's Playing on the American People Is They Want Oil Prices or Natural Gas Prices Higher.

They've Made It Very Clear in the Progress Illustrated Very Clear Can Actually Say That They Come Very Close to Be Honest I'm Not Sad, Just As I Sat in Meetings Where Where Progressives Are Said We Hope the Oil Goes to $250 a Barrel Because It'll Force People off of the Problem Is with Her Not Telling People's Electricity As Soon As If They Ever Actually Have a Plan to Create Enough Electricity to Move All Those Cars. Electricity Cost Electricity Is Not to Be Cheap We May Look Back at Five Dollar Gasoline. The Conventional Car to Be Said to Be Cheap Because the Only Way We Can Ever Get to Fully Zero CO2 in the US and Globally Is an Enormous Investment in Nuclear Power, More Infrastructure from a from a Transmission Distribution Standpoint and We Are Decades Away from and There Is Progress with Nuclear Power, but His Willingness to Use It after the Tsunami That's Blanketed Japan You Upset Okay. I've Seen Enough. I'm Not Doing That Anymore. And Now the Going Back to It to a Degree Right Exactly. Now the Problem Is That We've Allowed the Progressives in Particular, the Environmental Progressives to Say Climate Change Is the Existential Issue of Our Planet. We Hear AOC Say at Bernie Sanders and and and All Kinds of Others, but at the Same Time, They Say, but You Can't You Stick Your Power.

Nuclear Power Is Safe. It Can Be Utilized and Has To Be Utilized. If This Is Really the Issue and I'll Take Them Seriously. I'll Take Environmental Seriously When They Say Two Things They Believe CO2 Is the Existential Threat, and We Have To Use Every Tool at Our Disposal to Get There, Which We Can't Do It without Make up Our Right and by David. Could You Tell Your Audience. Your Experience and Energy Spent 40 Years in This Business Right Yes I've Been Fortunate to Start a Company Back in 1983, but in the Electricity, Natural Gas Industry That Entire Period. Second Company That I Was CEO of We Sold to Berkshire Hathaway in 2000 and Great Company Today Known As Berkshire Hathaway Energy over Hundred Billion in Assets and in Both Utilities and Natural Gas Pipelines and Storage and and We We Had and They Continue to Have My Partner Still Runs a Great Gable Phenomenal Executive We Are Firsthand Seated.

The Lack of Any Plans for This. This Environmental Transition. That's What's Really Funny. I May Call It a Talk about the Green New Deal. There Is No Deal and It Really Comes around Brian As to Why Adam I Wrote This Book. It's It's to Get People to Understand the Present United States Acting on His Own Does Not Have the Right to Force-Feed Us a Change in Environmental and Energy Policy. We Have a Congress for a Reason. It Was Established under Our Constitution That Requires Consensus and Thank God for Joe Mansion, but That's the Key Issue Is Is We've Got to Get Back to Where We Actually If Were Going to Do This, We Have a Plan and David You Referring to the Fact the Present. Biden Said to Visit a) Plan Today in Massachusetts and Give a Speech about the Climate Crisis but Will Stop Short of an Emergency Declaration until Maybe Next Week. Nobody Knows Exactly What Executive Action He's Going to Put out There. Some Say He's Going Get $300 Billion and Put It toward Subsidies to Get People to Do Some Type of Electric Car Grant or Something to That Nature.

Any Idea with the Executive Branch Is Capable of Doing, Whether It Seems As Though They're Capable of Thinking They Can Do Anything and It'll It'll Take the Courts to to to Slap Back. The Problem Is All This Is Political Showboating Were Not Doing Anything. Following Any Plan.

This Could Take Us 200 Missions Pres. and John Carry His Is an Environmental Czar Said Two Weeks Ago That If China and India and the Rest World Don't Follow What We Do. America Will Waste Its Money That's Exactly Right. So Why Don't We Start with a Plan. First of All, That We Sell the American People through the Congressional Process and That Has To Include That We Have a Full Commitment from the Other Partners around the Globe.

CO2 Doesn't Know Where It Where It Works Where You Can Change Either You Know Russian Shiner Are Not People That Even Getting What I Don't Care What They Say They're Knocking to Do If That's the Case in You Capable of Doing It. If That's the Case We Should Take Modest Steps over Time Reduce Our Own CO2 Is It Makes Sense, Which We Are Doing, Which We Are Doing, but We Should Stop All This Rush until There Is a Global Commitment to Do This and by the Way, If the Environmental Groups Truly Believe That the Science Shows Them That This Is the Existential Threat of Our Time.

The Fact That They Can't Convince Other Countries to Take It Seriously Tells You Something. And the Reality of Present Present.

Biden Said Something Else A Few Weeks Ago Actually Last Year Where He Said We Have To Prove to China That We Can Make Decisions As Fast As They Can Know We Don't There a Dictatorship.

We Are Consensus Based of the People Republic and We We Cannot Allow Our Executive to Decide That He Is Now the President of China Is Not Great Point and I Know It Is Frustrating to Be in a Democracy. NOL Present Obama's Talked about That Person.

Trumpets Talked about That but You Gotta Get Consensus. You're Not the King That Just Where We Set up. I, like the Way It's Set up Your Body for Joe Mansion Different from Yes Is Great.

So Joe Mentions Getting A Lot Of Heat. The Left Side of the Cares, but He Did Say This Yesterday at Six People. The Size of My Own Comments. I Understand Understand Her Aspirations Understand Where They're Coming from and I'm Not, I Will Represent Things They Represent the People Have a Hard Working People Getting Her Part Grocery Store to Get Hard Fascination and Everything That with That Person Is Not Getting from the before Same with Romantic Strings on the Screen. No, Don't You Believe Inflation Is Number One Thing in America Right Now.

Every Human Being and Specialism. Some People Think I'm Just Worried about This and That Everything Is I'm Worried about the Person That Can't Feed Your Family Can Basically Put Gas in the Car to Go to Work and Have a Hard Time Paying Utility Is Incessant so I'm Sorry If They Don't Care about That.

I Do a More Than Anything. What Is Political Awareness of Clinical Gender.

There, It's a Practical Agenda and Using Were Not Seen Is Another Soundbite Is with the 17 Nobel Laureates You Said That Inflations Can Be Transitory. We Don't Really Know the Probably the Same Place As the Intel Experts and Told Us That Hunter Biden's Laptop Was Fake and Russian Disinformation, but He's Been Somewhat Sarcastic Saying. Are You Guys for Real. Here You Have a Theory and We Got Reality. That's Right. And and Not Only Data and by the Way I Complement Center Mansion Enormously.

He Is Also Stood up to the Filibuster. He's Really the Only, Perhaps One Other Democratic Sen. That Is Critical to Our Democracy the Filibuster.

The Other Founding Fathers When They Establish the Constitution Wanted to Consensus Government of the People. The Only Nation in the History That's Ever Done That You Take 75% of the States to Ratify a Constitutional Limit. It Takes Two Thirds to Impeach Someone of the Senate and 60 Votes in the Filibuster. Joe Respects That Even Though the Unbelievable Pressure That the Left Is Giving Him. He Cares about the Average Person.

Joni Talked about Some of Those Those Folks Who Have Voters in Their States That Don't Care about Those Things. You Know They Have Blue-Collar Workers As Well and It's It It's a Shame Because Who's Getting Hurt Today by These Crazy Policies Lower and Middle Income Americans, the Very People That This Illustration Says They Care about Energy Expert David so Close. Our Guest's Book Is Called American Perspective Defending the American Dream for the Next Generation. So to David a Couple of Things I Have Never Worked in the Natural Gas Business, but after Talking so Many People to Trump Administration Was so Hopeful to Get LNG's Terminal Set up in Europe.

Isn't This a Time in Which We Could Again Save Europe Once Again with the Fracking and Natural Gas That We Have and the Need That They Have with the Russians Cutting Them off Again. Couldn't We Have All Hands on Deck to Be the Provider of Natural Gas to Europe Absolutely and Quickly. The Irony of This Is, Yes, We Could but Right Now with the Imposition of All the Rules and All of the Demagogy against the Fossil Fuel Industry Is Stopped Is Getting a Pipeline from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. That's Right, but All Of A Sudden It's Okay for Us to Go to Saudi Arabia Natural. It's Okay for Us to Ship American Energy to Europe. Why Were Decreasing Our Own Supply That's Insanity. The Reality Is That Weight with the End of the Trumpet Illustration We Were Energy Independent and in Fact We Could Go up Another 2 Million Barrels a Day Comfortably. The Next Two Years.

Had We Continue Those Policy 15 Million.

That's Right Were Actually Moving Backwards Towards 10 and It's It's Just Crazy. You Have To Transition Inc. ISAPI There Is People Listening at Home Learn in This Business and Doing 25 Things at Once from Being a Parent to Being a Worker Say, Didn't We Hear the Present United States Say the Problem Is Their Own Gas Companies Who Insist on Making Windfall Profits during This Time and How Dear the and the Gas Station Owner Can You Bring Practicalities of That Statement. It's Nonsense.

First Offer the President to Spend His Vice President Years and I Was Present Years Bashing the Fossil Fuel Industry Threatening Exxon and Chevron Will Put Them Out Of Business and Everyone Else in That Sector and Then to Blame Them When Prices Go up Is Absurd.

Are They Making More Money Because of What He's Done. It Isn't Something They Wanted to Do. They Want to Produce More Oil but They're Not Being Allowed to Enter Being They're Not Making Bets on the Future Because Are Being Told They Have No Future Week and All of This Is Being Done without the American People Support, Poll after Poll Shows That the American People Do Not Want to See Us Destroy Our Economy. You Know It's This Entire Policy Towards I Think of It As an Somebody Getting a Transfusion Because They Got a Serious Medical Disease. They Put a Port and Take the Bad Blood out and They Put a Port in to Put Healthy Blood in the Problem Is the Buy Demonstration Is Taking the Blood out but Has No Plan to Replace the Blood in a Lying about That They Are Trying to Replace the Blood and Seeing Somebody Else Is Stopping It, Which I Think Is That's from St. View the Energy Expert Must Be Maddening for Outsiders Who Just Want the Result.

It's Confusing Because We Hear a Presence That You Guys Make It Too Much, When You Gas Station Owner Stop Hoarding the Prophets, You Know We've Been Paying Money Will Take the per Barrel off It Should Be Coming off the Scent Should Be Coming off the Gallon, and It's Just Not Right and I Just Think You're Taking Americans Lack of Expertise on Energy for Granted and I'm Just Wondering This Question Will Go to Break and Will Hopefully Have A Few Minutes Worse. You Think Joe Biden Intentionally Knows He's Not Telling the Truth Is He Just Clueless about Your Business Right to Be Honest, He Seems to Be Close. Generally, the Real Question to Me Is Who Is Making These Decisions. I Don't Think It's the President or Vice President. Some Dump Some Posts Seem to Be Granholm Schilling Seem to Know Energy Some Folks behind Them Know the Entire Cabinet Knew What Were the Real Dangers We Have Right Now Is His Identity Politics, You Know, Being Being a Woman Being a Man Being Gay, Being Transgender. Those Are Qualifications There's There There's There. That's Who You Are, Altercations or Education Time in the Private Sector Running Something We Have an Administration That Has None of That Because Identity Politics, They Won't Replace Anybody Right Answer. We Are Stuck in a Very Ugly Situation and They're Stuck with the Worst Press Secretary Ever Because She's the First Lesbian African-American Instead of Someone like Kate Bedingfield in My Humble Opinion Would Been Light Years Better, or Adm. Kirby Who Is Light Years Better. They're Always Looking to Fill You Know to Check a Box Rather Than Do Its Best in Our in My Opinion, Davis Can Stick around Will Get to Continue Get His Expertise.

I Also Want You to Weigh in on What's Happening in Germany Right Now Because It Matters Today and Then Daniel Dulac Will Be Joining Us from Ukraine.

Branko Meacham, You Need to Know Basis. You Need to Kill Me If You're Interested in It. Bryan's Talking about Your with Brian Kill Me Tomorrow Expected Hopefully to Get the Nordstrom Pipeline from Russia to Germany Back Online but I Want to Make It Very Clear Guys Even If They Restart It. It's Not. It's How Much It's Unlikely Russia Restarted 200%. Now They Got 40%, Which Is Where They Were before Germany's Race Syllabus Natural Gas by Winter. Why Do We Care in America.

We Care Because This Is Playing Games, Playing Sort of Puppetmaster If You Will, with Germany, Which by the Way, Coal. He Said We Should Use Russian Gas, but No More Than 3% over 20 Years. After That Germany Went to 55% of Its Natural Gas Coming from Russia Coming from.

Now That Gas Is at Risk Guys. I Can't Overstate the Economic Story Enough. I Know It's a Little Bit Wonky. The Economist but Undercover That Pipeline Does Not Come Back on Tomorrow When It Will Germany Immediately Ration Gas Shut down Industries, Businesses Maybe like This One Forced People to Save Gas for Winter Rights over Reporting from a Friend of the Network Used To Be with Fox from Langer Feel Germany Would Be Right Now Is Still with Us Is David Sokol, David, Your Reaction to This This Energy into Story with Russian Germany and Europe. Well, It Is an Example of This Rush to Two Unfit without a Plan Deal Was Sealed to Germany Shut down Its Its Nuclear Plant Shutdowns, Coal Plants and and Decided to Tether Itself to an Unstable Labor. The Trouble Administration Tried in Every Way Possible to Convince Then Chancellor Merkel That That Is a Serious Mistake. They Were Listen to It so I Was Wishing to This Nurse Can One Right so so What Can We Do Well What We Do. We Need to to Again Have a Plan in the First Place, but Also Increase Our Our Fossil Fuel Production Here to Share with Art with Our Friends and Neighbors around the World It Needs through LNG. It's It's Clean. It Is Much Cleaner Than Coal and and Move Forward and Help Them in and in and Keep People from Making Decisions to to Do like Your Energy Is the Lifeblood of an Economy That When You When You Lose Control of It. You're Giving Other People Control Your Economy at That's Why It's so Stupid for America to No Longer Be Self-Sufficient and Basically Turn This over to China and Russia They Don't Know Russia Coming. The 30 Seconds. Why Would They Allow Why Would They Lose the Best Customer Intentionally While Dictators Do Things for Reasons That I Don't Think Those of Us That Believe in a Democracy Can Really Get Her Mind around It It It Clearly Isn't Based on Solid Economic Description America in Perspective Defending the American Dream for the Next Generation David Sokol. Thanks so Much I Appreciate Help Will Talk to You Again.

If You Run When We Get This I Amazon the Quickest Way to Do It or through Free to Fantastic David Thanks We Come Back We Go to Ukraine. Daniel Pillai Will Be with Us by Hotels with Having That War Is Some Reasons to Believe That Ukraine Can Get Back on the Offensive Will Say Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show Pipeline Was Basically Said Turbine Is by Siemens.

The German Company Only Repaired in Canada, the Russian Pipeline Wouldn't Take It Directly Because the Sanctions Got to Go to Germany and Bring It Back to the Canadian People Were Really Ticked off Adjusting to the Sanctions on Russia and Now You're Allowing Canadian Factory to Repair One of the Machines That Make/Guarantee Monopoly, but Trudeau Apologizes That He Blamed on Certain Germany Germany Natural Gas Flowing Germany on a String Guys Plan with That to See How Much the West Might Give Back Ticked off about Germany and Europe's and the West Support for Ukraine with Weapon Systems and Whatever She's Messing with That and Putting Little. He Lives at Risk in Germany so Is Very Interesting so I Hope You Would Follow That Because It Matters Also Hear Something Really Encouraging. Despite All This Heartache, They Could Be Steering Treated German Space. So Far, Only 22% of the Country Want to Scale Back Their Support for Ukraine. 70% One to Continue to Show Support for Ukraine in Every Way Possible. Daniel Billick Has To Feel Good about That Chieftain Investment Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and Head of Ukraine. Invest Is in Ukraine Right Now. Daniel Welcome Back Susan Daniel, First off without Leading the Witness with Things like on the Ground. I'm Seeing Some Signs That You Guys Are Moving Forward into Your Son Slow, Alert Starting to Get the Upper Hand in No Small Measure Because Now You Really Good Ship from USBs on March Multi-Launch Rocket Systems and Started You Been Able to Go after Their Supply Line Deposed in Their Food Storage and Now Which Is Freaking Him out Because before Our Show Have Probably Had Soviet Era Artillery Range of about 20 Km Now Now behind Mars. We Can Go to ADI so That Starting to Have an Impact, but No, We Have a Frontline of over 1500 Miles Longer Than Boston to Miami and Today Got 16 High Mars Units and You Know We Need A Lot More to Make Really Make a Difference and Start to Take Our Country Back.

We Need More Need of Fast and Want to Go Back to the Original Soundbites and That Is That Is the Brain Cells in the Reporter in Germany Talking about This Need to Get These Turbines for Germany for Russian for Russian Gas to Flow How You Feel about That.

I'm Suing the Canadian Government over Filed an Application Trial Court Last Week to to Force the Canadian Government to Reconsider the Canceled We Need to Rethink This over and over Again.

We Need Weapons We Need the Right Weapons of the Right Time in the Right Quantities to Make a Difference. Financial Assistant Economy" and We Need Absolute Ironclad Sanctions.

You Were Told by the United States and Other Allies That Sanctions Were Crucial to Be Implemented in Order to to Degrade One Machine and to Make It Impossible to Wage War on Ukraine and on Other Including NATO Countries and You Know Canada Had Actually Put Together Some Pretty Well, Today Was Pretty Proud That You Put Together a Really Robust Sanctions Machine and Routine and in the First Time It Gets Challenged, We Will Look Back and Just about a Turbine Okay This Is Benign Know in Addition the Other Things I Do That I'm a Member of the Territorial Defense Force, so I'm on the Line Defending My Region.

My Mom My Town and Every Penny That Goes to Gas from Germany Is Essentially Financing International Financing War Machine so That We Could Drop More Bombs on My Head. My Family and the Heads of Other and and This Is What I Wanted to Challenge It Didn't Make Any Sense about Germany's Position Was Well Disturbed by We Can They Can't Run the Whole Pipeline and the We Won't Get Gas and All the While, It Turns out That the Pipeline Supposed to Be Turned on Tomorrow, Thursday, and This Turbine Is Spare Part. It Is Supposed to Be Put Online and so I Want to Ask the Court Not the Federal Government What What What Was Maras so We Are Looking to the Russians Have a Plan.

This Is the Plan so Far. Tell Me What You Think Would John Kirby Said Yesterday Cut 20 We Have Information Today, Including from Downgraded Intelligence That Were Able to Share with You, but I Rushes Laying the Groundwork to Annex Ukrainian Territory That Controls in Direct Violation of Ukraine Sovereignty Receiving Ample Evidence in the Intelligence and in the Public Domain and Russian Tends to Try to Annex Additional Ukrainian Territory Brushes Beginning to Roll out a Version of What You Call an Anti-Annexation Playbook Very Similar to the One We Saw in 2014 We Think about That Again You Start Annexing Things. The Green Russian Teachers to Changing Cursing the Rubles There Putting in Their Own Proxy Measures This Happening Straight Out Of Their Not Surprised What What Is Not Happening Is Not Really Getting Much Traction on They Can They Can Plan Do Everything That They Want but the People Play Ball and so Far Inspection And a T-Shirt Which of the Two Areas Are Desperate to Try to Be That the People Been Very Passive-Aggressive about the Lease and We Have a Strong Part of the Movement. The Guys Are out There Are Killing the Least Cooperation from the Mayors in My Kind of Stuff, to the Extent That Nobody from Favorable Direction in Most Communities Monthly Take on Too Dangerous to Liberty People and from Russia. This Is This Is Obviously Ratcheted up Comes Back to the Issues of Weapons and Thank and We Can Have the Right Weapons We Get ASAP.

You Look like the Brightness. This Work Could Be over the Fence. This Work Could Be over by by December If We Get Everything You Need in the Time That We Need.

For Some Reason US Is the Great American People of the 70% of Americans Back Ukraine in the Conflict. 70% of Americans Agree on Anything That You Were Extremely Grateful and and You Don't Pay for Some Reason Only Received 40% of What's Been Caught so I Don't Know Whether It's Bureaucracy, American Promise As a Percent of of Needle Promises American American Unbelievable so I'm Not Sure What's Going What's Going on and You Really like to Have All That Moved up As Quickly As You Talk to with Talking to Daniel. Bill Asked the Former Chief and Investment Advisor to the Prime Minister. Now You Kiku Could You Talk to on the American Side and Are They Are They Admitting That This It's Moving Too Slow or Not Coming at All. Talking to People I Know Congressman and Old People Are Watched Carefully and That All This Is Being Monitored.

It's Not Hard to Do so.

The Keys Independent Is Reporting That the US Will Give More Ukraine More High Mars Expect to Announce a New Package of Military Aid to Ukraine This Week so Hopefully That Only Will We Promise It Will Deliver It Because They Are Working. So I Think for the American People and for Your Cause and for Practical Purposes to People like to See Ukraine Take Some Some Land Back and You Believe the Cure Son Might Be the First Area in Which We Could See You Guys Retaining Considerable Land or Maybe a City There Adjacent Provinces. Their Dog in the Least. But There Also Being Connected to the Clerk Is Connected to Crimea and That's Where They're Coming from so Now Comes Back to the High Mars and and More Long-Range Utility That We Can Spend As We Advance in Working with Taking a Number Found Villages and Got a Couple Hundred. Moving Slowly and Advancing in That Area and You Know, the Closer We Get More in Range Are the Russian Supply Supply Lines and Eventually to Start Taking Ukrainian Sovereign Land Territory and so We Promise. The Americans Apparently They Would Bomb Russian Territory with Their Equipment but You Ukraine in My and US You Is You Know I've Heard It before, I Really Don't Believe in It to Win It.

And If We Get What We Really Need to Know the American People Will See a Free Prosper Independent Ukraine, Which Is Exactly Kind of Values That Americans Believe Everything but I'm Sure You Know the Turkey and in the You and the Russians Are Speaking about, Allowing the Black Seat Open up See Agree to Be Delivered in Release Weirs That I Think There's Close to Some Sort of an Agreement about Today and Said That Will Will Let the Grain through but by the Way, You Gotta Take the Sanctions off of or Sanction from Russian Products and Range of the We Can Explore the so That You Surprised That the Square That Circle Again.

She's Chipping Away.

He Sees That He Got Something on the Turbine He Sees the You Play for Everything We Can. The Sanctions That If That Sanctions Were Money Flows into His Treasury Means Being She Chose Morgan Does and the Other Thing Would Be of Course These Wiring the Two Ministers I Guess They Do Have Some Traders in Your Midst You Know Anything about the People That Zelinski Has Gotten Rid of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutors, Sort of like the FBI Branches of the FBI. If You like Me Still Kind of Murky but It Looks As If There Were A Lot Of People It Occupied. Those Two Organizations Because They Have Access to All Sensitive Material Lot Talking the Press That the Recent Role Thoroughly and Usually Relatively Easily by the Russians Coming up from Crimea Was That They Were Tipped off All the Minefields Were and Positions of Defendants, and so Their Job Considerably. So All of This Is Being Played out, the Lack I Think so Much. I Hope These High Mars Get There. I Hope to Could Be Simpler Pressure to Get the Stuff That We've Given the Money.

This Been Allocated to the People That Are Fighting to Win.

Daniel, Thanks so Much.

Stay Safe. The American People, I Hear You. 1-866-408-7669, When We Come Back I'll Take Your Calls Not Only but Was Helping the War. What I Told You Also with the One of the Nation's Premier Oil and Gas Experts, Energy Experts, with David Sokol We Give Me A Lot. What Do You Want to Hear What You Have To Say Because the Ministration Is Not on the Same Page on Anything. We Just Went over What You Think.

Don't Move Learning Something New Every Day, for I Am Kill Ratio Breaking News Unique Opinions. All Brian Kilbane Show Way No Problem in the Middle East. No, It's Easier to Solve If Iran Has a Nuclear Weapon. That's the Goal of the Think so. Thanks to Goldie Rondos Ridiculous to Trust a Prior Nation Is Already Well Whoever Weapon Is Uranium at 68% in the Deal That's on the Table Is Absolutely against Our National Interests. Meanwhile, Just a Quick Note. I Will Be Going Back Live on Stage to Have a Chance Talk about America. The History the Way It Actually Was Disposable Were Learning in Schools Else about Fox. Everything Else Is Kind America Great from the Start with a Mix of Winning the War on Terror. And It's Fun.

So Newark, New Jersey, August 27 New Jersey Performing Arts at All WABC RCM Listeners Hope to See out There That Saturday Albany New York the Next Week, September 8 of the Egg and Then Don't Forget I've Not Been to Mr. Beverly Been There a Couple Times. I Can't Wait to Go Back to Brandon, Mississippi, November 12 at City Hall Live in Tulsa Oklahoma.

KR MG at the Cox Convention Center. These Big Venues When You Plenty of Time to Fill up up up See Everybody out There and about VIP Opportunities Right Actually Talk to You at a Time. K RMG Listeners, Especially over There so That Is Absolutely True.

They Are Running a Deal Is Very Much on the Table and I Think It's Kinda Sad That Is That Is on the Table. We Don't Know the Details of It. We Know That This by 2030 Stop and Walk Back. If Iran Stays Away from a Nuclear Weapon, Even Though They Shut out the Cameras They Shut off the Cameras. Currently There Are No Inspectors There by 2030 to Get $1 Trillion Believe That We Give People Trillion Dollars, Not to Build a Nuclear Weapon, so Why Wouldn't Everybody Do the Same Thing Is You Get Free Money from the American People to Do Something You Should Be Doing to Begin with. Anyway, It's a Violation of International Law. So That's on the Agenda so That This Put This Post Pretty Interesting. You Know We've Been Talking This Hour about This Green Agenda about the Screen Policies Not Drilling at Home, Not Investing in Oil and Gas and Not Going for Nuclear Energy Not Going Forth of Fracking, Which Is Natural Gas, Which Burns Clean the American People onto This, a CNN Poll, 68% of American Adults When Surveyed Said the President Does Not Share the Their Priorities. That's Exactly What We've Been Saying They Do Not Share the Priorities We Don't Even Understand Where It's Coming from and That's Were Just Talking about Energy, Let Alone Talk about Tapping the Border Shutting That down Here Is What Michael Weiss Said about the Prisons Visit to Iran Yesterday. That Is Pres. Putin 24 Iran Kiss the Ring and Told Us to Work and for Military and Diplomatic Support As Rumors of US Intelligence Suggested That the Russians Might Be Seeking Iranian Drones to Beef up Their War Effort in Ukraine Is Not the Kind of Situation Who Wanted to Find Himself in Six Months into This Campaign As I Say It Shows That Russia's Kind of Running Out Of Options of Putting Himself Came out Just Two Days Ago and Said That Sanctions Are Beginning to Take a Major Bite Out Of Russia's Tech Sector. While I That I Read.

It Is Also Taking a Major Fight Out Of the Military-Industrial Complex Precision Guided Munitions. For Instance, All Electronics of These Things Tend to Come from the European Union and United States so He's Looking for Other Markets Essentially Toot Toot to Keep His His War Machine a Fighting in the Middle East He Fighting in Israel. I Hope Israel Is Just That, Maybe Not Taking a Stance in the War. I Hope Israel Is Not Sharing Technology with Them Indians by the Royal China Is Buying Their Oil. Some African Countries Find Their Oil Middle East Is Still Doing Deals with Them. But Most of the Free World Walked Away and Let's Hope They Pay the Price and Ukraine Get the Territory Back That Would Be a Major Win for the Present Horrible When for Free American Fox News Radio Studio City New York City You Opinions and Facts with a Positive Answer. Brian Kill Me. Thank You Much for Being Here Buddy of the Brain to Meet You Now. I Hope You Have a Fantastic Week in Your Back in Action. Now As We Move through the Summer, I Get It. It's Hot, but It Just Makes Me Wonder How I'm Watching Is a Presence That Today to Go to Massachusetts to Stand in Front of a Close Powerplant. I'm Watching ABC I Was Watch the Repeated Two in the Morning to 30 in the Morning When I'm up and I'm Watching David Muir First 1512 Minutes Were about Heatwave Okay the Way He Will Find I Got Heatwave. It's the Summer Little Bit Hotter Than Usual. Why Is That a Big Deal Hoover Dam As an Explosion That's Got a Big Deal That Was Buried in That We Now Will Find out It's Been Limited so I Can Affect Anything. Let's Make Sure It's Not Terrorist Activity by Just Think That It Seems As Though Sometimes There's a Symphony between with the Presence Agenda Is and What the Networks Are Doing. Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Using Ample Evidence in the Intelligence and in the Public Domain. A Russian Tend to Try to Annex Additional Ukrainian Terror Brushes Beginning to Roll out a Version of What You Could Call an Annexation Playbook Very Similar to the One We Saw in 2014, John Kirby, Let Them Win the Vicious Thuggish Most Overly Military the World, the Russian Army Is Making Gains in Ukraine Because the US and NATO Are Too Slow to Give Than the Arms They Need to Be Successful. Also Keep an Eye on the North Stream Pipeline Because Next 24 Hours Are Crucial for Europe.

We Believe Its Shameful Fact That Some Governors Are Using My Grief As a Political Tool As a Political Plane Yeah Karina Jean-Pierre Will Help Would Help New York City Mayor Adams Falls DC Mayor Bowser Is Asking for Some Bucks from the Illegal for the Illegals Boston to New York City. The Problem Is They're Not Boston to New York City That Boston to Washington DC. They Just Want Money for the Illegals That Are Being Flown into the Cities. The More Pain We Are All Experiencing from the High Price Price of Gas More Benefit There Is for Those Who Can Access Electric Vehicle People to Judge Letting His Agenda Reveal the Show Itself, Mayor Endorses Pain at the Pump in Order to Win over the Climate Crazies in His Party in Our Time of Economic Crisis Who Stands in the Way the Courts, the EPA and Sen. Joe Mansion Red Bear to Put Going for Fox News Back off, Vacation His Book Still Great to the Rescue Ulysses S Grant the Fragile Unity in the Crisis of 1876 Brett Welcome Back with What Is Yeah What Is Your Take on People to Just Kinda Let the Cat Out Of the Bag. High Prices Mean, Let's Just Go Green Quicker on Several Other Commerce Secretary Said Something Different like That Mondo, Saying, the Quicker We Get to All Green Energy Is the Better It Is Some Absent Head. There May Be Some Pain along the Way Were Feeling That Came Now It's Not Sellable Right Now Because We Just Are Not Capable of Making the Transition Easy and Ripping the Band-Aid and Causing Pain to Make the Transition Politically. I Think Is a Deathknell and It's Going to Compound the Problems That They're Having. You Know the President Considering a Climate Emergency Will Emergencies in This Country. There Are Energy Emergencies. There Are Border Emergencies. There Are Emergencies, but If You Look at Polls. Climate Change Is down to 1%. As Far As the Thing That Is Top on People's Mind, and It Seems like They're Just Pushing to Get down That Road Because of You Know Ideologies Largely from the Left, so a Couple of Things Obviously Stopping That and in the Ad to Drupal Said the CNN Poll Shows That 60% of the Country Think the Prisons Priorities Are Not There Priorities. This Is One of the Priorities so He's Got to Be Speaking Today in Front of a Closed Plant and and Let Us Know That Maybe As Soon As Next Week. He Is Going to Be Putting Together Some Emergency Climate Measures. I Saw Speculated May Be a $300 Billion Towards Subsidies for Electric Cars You Hearing Anything Specific yet That You Think Has Substance. We Don't Have Specifics but There's a Push for Electric Cars and Transition Some of That Money in the Infrastructure Bill to Build Infrastructure to Support Electric Car Charging Stations and Certain That's Going to Be Tied in Their Mitch Landrieu, Former New Orleans Mayor Is in Charge of Deploying That Money in This Administration so There There Tying It Together and There There Clearly Pushing That Way. I Think You Have a Push Back in November on a Number of Different France. The Question Is How Significant It Is Right Now As We Look at It yet. I Brett You Had a Chance to Sit down with Joe Mansion Where He Made the Announcement to Dear Bill Back Better. Instead, Hosting Fox News Sunday at the Time This Time Many Bill Back Better.

His Daddy, so the Inflation Number and Said No. So Here Is Some of the Response He's Getting from His Own Party. This Is Congressman Jones, Heinrich Verona Guthrie. It's Hard to Think of Someone Who Has Been More Effective at Undermining the President of His Own Party and Sen. Mansion. It's Not Fair to Have To String People Long for Year and Not Come to a Conclusion. It's Not an Appropriate Way to the 50-50 Senate Sucks so That That Sucks Is Bizarrely Yes Robert Rice Talking about Taking His Chairmanship Away Today Understand If Joe Mansion Leaves They Lose the Majority. I Don't Really Think There's a Total Not Just Joe Mansion Kristin Cinema down A Few Others That Have Real Concern about Inflation.

Some of Them up for Reelection. Maggie up in New Hampshire, Mark Kelly Not Don't Hear A Lot from Him in Arizona but Another One Tester Takes the Bullets for Some of Those Others and You Know Yes It's Frustrating for That Party but How about Scaling Your Ambitions to the Numbers That You Have Rather Than the Numbers That You Wish You Had No Rump, so You Fight the War with the Army You Have.

They Are Doing.

FDR Asked Things with a Very Very Slim Majority in the Study Wrote a Book about You Studying in FDR's Library. This Is Not the Tete Spring Member Present by and Sat down Those Historians, Being That He Had Both Chambers of Congress and the White House and He Sat There with John Meacham and Company Said How How Much Power Do I Have, and They Must Put Something in His Head That He Thought He Was Going to Be Just As Soaring over the Country, but He Got Is $1.9 Billion Rescue Package, and Then It Was after That It's Been Slow Going, Even Though He's Got Two Bipartisan Packages to Brag about but Doesn't Brag about It. I Want You He Would Mansion Said to the Criticism Cut Five on the First One to Raise the Alarm Well over Here so All the Signs I Was 17. Lori Is Transitory. I Am My Mind and What I Understood People That Have the Knowledge I Could Conclusion It Wasn't to Be Transfers Damaging Right Now. Inflation Number One Damaging and Damaging Effect in Our Comments Affecting Every Bit so Member the 57 Lori, the 17 Nobel Laureates Who Says Good to Be Transitory, Just like All Those Intel Experts Are Told This Hunter Lapse at Hunter Biden's Laptop Is Russian Disinformation and People Telling Them That They Were Wrong. Joe Mansion Was the Biggest of Them Telling Them, and He's Got about People in West Virginia Are Supporting Him and All of His Efforts, so As Not to Worry about Anything at Home. I Was Wondering When I Always Bring This up, and Everyone Just Isn't Crazy. But Why Do We Do You Think That He Does Not Have a Shot at the Nomination If You Want to Run for President.

I Don't Think It's Out Of the Question. I Think That He Is Seriously Considering A Lot Depends I Think on This on This Midterm and How Democrats React to It. Everybody's Conventional Wisdom Is That Progressives Would Never Allow It. But If It's the If It's a Democrats Even a Moderate One Can Win. I Think That It's Very Real and I Hear Being Big Fundraisers Who Are Very Powerful, Who Are Seriously Considering At Least Pushing or Helping Mansion Make That Decision. Lastly, I Just Present from Biopsies in Town Today Is on a Trunk. This Is First Wife Passed Away. People Are Talking about Him. He Interviews Cindy Adamson Said. Just Remember a 74 Is Not Old and People Are Saying Just a Matter of When You Do Most Political Analysts Agree, Possibly with Me That September Would Be Counterproductive to Republicans Hopes for Taking Both Chambers Would Hurt Their Election Chances. If He Announces in September of 100% of the Issue I Had of November for Some of the Races, Where All of the Things That the Republicans Are Running on Go in Their Direction.

Yet the One That Gives Them Problems and Heartache for Answering Questions Is the Former President.

I Got A Lot Of Supporters and in Some Places It Makes a Big Difference That Somebody Gets an Endorsement Just Last Night. This Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Cox in Maryland. Big Win Was A Lot Bigger Than People Thought It Was Going to Be an Uphill Battle in against the Democrats in the Fall. In Fact, the Democratic Governors Association Spent $1.2 Million on This Candidate Dan Cox the Truck Back Candidate Because They Think It Can Be Easier to Beat Him Then Than the Moderate.

So Yes, I Think, Is the Former President Announces in September.

November Becomes A Lot about Donald Trump in Some Races It's Already Going to Be, but Inflation Crime Board or Other Things Are Leaning the Republicans What Did You Mean to Panel yet.

Are You Trying to Get Mrs. Zielinski, Who, Speaking Right Now on Capitol Hill As a Guest on Your Show.

We Have We Have Been Trying Where Hoping It Works out Bring You to Be on Tonight and We May Get a COBIT Update from the CDC.

You Are the Head of COBIT, the White House, No Extension or Simply States Go Back to Masks and I Think Much of the Public Has Moved Well beyond That in San Diego They Told the Kids That They Have a Problem Where Mass Stay Home.

Unbelievable Incentive I Go, It's That's How It's Playing out. Yeah Right. I'm Not Wearing a Mask Now. I Hope You're Not Either Mock Good Bread If You Need to Panel. I Have Not Name the Panel Got Some Some Scheduling Issues Right so If You're Available.

Let Me Know.

I Just Talk to People. It's I Don't Work for Free Just Give You One Williams Gets You Happy There.

Thanks so Much, We Come Back Month McAllen Joins Me and I Will Be Taking Calls 1-866-408-7669 Your Knowledge Base. Brian Fill Me Show the Fastest Three Hours in Radio You're with Brian. Tell Me What You Have Is a Power Only Puts Things the Climate Is the Emotional Excuse to Control the Rest of Us.

This Was Always Back to Robert Hile Brawner Article in 1992 When He Said Now That the Soviet Union Is Gone.

We Need a New Excuse to Take Control and Climate and the Environment. Probably the Best Excuse for Them to Get Newt Gingrich Going in Yesterday Martha McCown Go Away and Now Most of the Story at 3 O'clock Happy to Have Her Here on Fox Nation Heard around the Country around the Globe Will Welcome Back Martha so Do You Believe This Is a Democratic Agenda Item Is As Opposed to Solving Our Problems. They're Looking to Check a Box Led by Climate Czar John Carrion Is and Is Private Jet and His Yachts, and yet It I Mean There's Just No End to the Hypocrisy and It Makes Me so It Kinda Makes My Skin Crawl Actually to Listen to Him Talk about How Important the Work That He Is Doing Is Found in All It's Fine. I Have No Promise a Mighty Fly in a Private Chat but If You Can Be the Climate Czar. I Think You Might Want to Rethink the Way You're Living Your Life That He Teaches Two Important Keys to Important Have To Be Stuck on a Commercial Flight but in the Larger Part of Your Question, Brian. I'm Not Someone Who Sees a Conspiracy under Every Action. I Think That Most Things That Happen in the World of Art Are Less Intentional Than That.

Although We like to Think That However It's Almost Impossible to Believe That the United States Believes the Leadership Denies His Believes That by Taking Unilateral Action in This Country by Making It More Expensive for People to Drive around by Trying to Force Them into Electric Vehicles That We Don't Have Answers for. In Terms of Electric Power on Them or How to Get Rid of the Batteries over Time on Will Have Will Be Such a Drop in the Bucket in This You Have China and India for Knitting and Global Effort to Bring down CO2 Emissions and in a Wheat Member That Tillie Had That We Can Out Of It, like China, but That Will Start Thinking about in 2030 We Signed off on What You Get That I'm Timid Is It's Tough to Think That There Isn't Some Sort of Ulterior Motive in Here since It's so Ham-Fisted and It Makes Absolutely No Sense to Tie Our Own Hands and Make Things More Expensive for the People of This Country with Any Other Plan Already in Place Here for the Present. Today Is Happened at 230 This Afternoon I As He Talks at a Power Plant. The Powers, Windmills, and Be Happy to Talk about When Mouse in the Water Which Is It Something Out Of Become Obsessed with You Can Talk about That. The Advantages of That Today, but He Doesn't Want to Punish Is When I Thought Here While I Keep Hearing This Week Are the Things That the President Could Do. They Just Wanted You Might Expect That National Climate Emergency Write Only Peasants Not A Lot Of Internal Debate the White House They Really Can't Decide If It's in a Work May Not Get past the Judges and You Know This Other Actually Make It so That We Can Federalize the Right to Abortion across the Country in Some Way When I Can Do That Either Because Were Not Really Sure There's A Lot Of Infighting at the White House over Whether or Not That Woodworking a Passage.

I Just Think They're Just Tiptoeing up to the Edges of Things Think It Is National Executive Order Action and I Don't Think That's Really in Working a Step Back to Where the Present Stance on These Things Who Notice Sec. Transportation Was Speaking Yesterday.

Try to Get Subsidies to Support Electric Car Purchases Which Are Going to Cost an Average $67,000: Is My Demonstration Actively Pursuing Higher Energy Prices in Order to Force Americans into Electric Force, Not the More Pain We Are All Experiencing from the High-Priced Price of Gas More Benefit There Is for Those Who Can Access Electric Vehicle Okay Yeah the More Pain at the Pump. There Is 6000 Power Plants to Power Your Car in the Country. Hundreds of Thousands of Gas Stations and He Thinks If We Just All Got Electric Cars. We Wouldn't Have a Problem We Would Have To Go to Saudi Arabia Would Have To Worry about Russian Well We Didn't Have To Worry about the Stance.

A Short Time Ago. We Understand the Resources of Natural Gas That Were and That under This Country and the Energy Independence That We Experience from It and We Threw It All Away Basic, Then They Wanted This Ministration, so It like You Are Angry about Gas Prices Because There Was Too Much Intention in Their Angry Official Start of a Natural Because of a Tapping in UK People Wouldn't Get Angry Because They Understand the Intention and They They Don't Believe It When the President Says It's Pricing When Oil Was down Was Russian Talk Show That's Getting You Your Brian Kill Me.

Republicans Favorite Everything. Everything Track Trying to Clean Your House.

Oh My Gosh Mike McCallum's Here. Show Starts at Three.

Now I'm Just Watching This Video. While Her Plan That She Certainly Smiled, Tosses Her Hair Because You Can't Hear Back with Her Hand Because Her Hands Tied behind Their Back or Not.

Actually, Simon FS Name I Think about the Civil Rights Protests. I Think about Vietnam Protests. Think about the Fact That the People Who Were Doing Them Did Them at Personal Risk Right Because They Were so Deeply Invested in the Issues at Hand. What Is Johnny It's It's so Phony and Also Think about the Fact That Were Not Seeing We See in You Know Some Attacks on Some Pro-Life Centers. We've Seen Things He Seen As Bizarre Attacks of like the People with Blyleven Them and Stuff Has Happened. It Is a Serious Issue in America.

This Is Something People Do Debate and a Serious Whether or Not Seeing Sort of Organic Protests across the Country Were Not Were Not Seeing Grassroots Organic Protests Breaking out across This Country and What Were Seeing Is This Phony Baloney Stuff That Is Happening and They Have an Ability to Pass Legislation They Have Gathered Their Members of Congress. So This Is Obviously It's for Sale and That When You Put Your Hands behind Her Back and They're Not Handcuffed. That's the Definition of Faith and by the Way Her Explanation Ridiculous. Why Would I Be Think about This but Me Will Help You Get Your Hands Free. If Your Fist If You Put Your Fist in the Air, but Makes No Sense.

But the Other Thing Is the Vice President of the United States in New Jersey First Meeting the State Legislature. Find out How Desperately to Keep Abortion and Play and Then She Gave a Speech and She's Comparing, Harris Is Comparing Abortion to Slavery. Let's Listen Supreme Court of America. We Know NAACP That Our Country Has a History of Claiming Ownership over Human Body, Leaders Are Criminalizing Doctors and Missing Women Making Healthcare Now so I Guess with. The Slavery Does That Work for You Now and Again. There's Just There's Just a Disingenuousness about the Way This Is Being Discussed. First of All, This Decision by the Supreme Court Was Not to Take Away a Right That Was in the Constitution, a Constitutionally Protected Right. This Was a Question This. This Law Was Debated from the Very Beginning As Not Having Grounding in the Constitution with Bitter Ginsberg Had Issues with This This Decision It Really Went in the First Place and I Really Bothers Me That People Don't Talk about in Real Terms What Has Happened Here Is That It Was Returned to the States, Which Makes It a More Democratic Process. People in Each One of Those Days. New Jersey Is Not Going to Lose the Right Front Abortion, New York or New York. Neither Is Illinois. Neither Is Massachusetts Tears Colorado and California Go on and on. Right on Anything Is That 60% of All Abortions in This Country Aren't Done in Clinics Anymore. They're Done by Prescription Pills That Arrive in the Mail Okay so the Idea. I Know That Yes 60%, and Abortion Is down 20% over the past 20 Years in the Country so We Are As a Country Moving Away from Abortion Were Moving Away from These Kinds of Clinics Were Moving into a Different Area Where These Issues Are Taken into People Suntan and It and Is the One Area at the White House Is Thinking about Protecting This Pharmaceutical Access across State Lines into States Where It Is Now Illegal so That That's a Question to Be Republican Pushback on That There Will Be, in Some Places. I Mean, I Would Imagine in a Place like Mississippi for Example, Who Is Yahweh Have Zero Right to Abortion That There Will Be Pushback on on Obtaining This Pharmaceuticals.

My Guess Is That I an Organization like Planned Parenthood Makes Their Whole Future All about This about Protecting That Right Because What Were Seeing Is a Decline in and Use of Clinics, Which I Think Most People Would Say I'm Democrats Is to Say They Wanted Abortion to Be Safe, Legal and Rare. I Noticed Something Else. It Is Been Put on Your Show It to Extrapolate from the Decision to Say Same-Sex Marriage Is Gotta Be Ban Interracial Marriage Is Going to Stop People Going to Go to Jail If They're Caught in Miss It. Let's Say for Example Mississippi, Nebraska Resident Getting an Abortion. You Go to Jail You Could Be Prevented from Going across State Lines All the Stuff Is Not Rooted in Practicality or in Their Not Honestly Addressing Anything with. They Want to Do Is Make It Bigger Than It Is. As He Was Talking about Ectopic Pregnancy That Is Not Included in in These Lies That Are Being Put into Place and around the State.

It's about People Going to Vote on Referendums Voting for Representatives to Support the That They Believe with Regard to Abortion, and If You Don't If You're You Know so Incensed about This.

You Do Have the Option to Move to Another State Where It They Rank Respect the Right That You Believe You Have on It Is I Think It's Been a Very Disingenuous and Disingenuous Conversation.

I Also Don't Hear People Talking about It As a Number One Issue That the Convert and It Used To Be.

Abortion Used To Be a Single Issue Letter Sort of Drive That We Saw A Lot When You Look at the Polls at 70% Say That It's an Important Issue for I Would Imagine That Cuts a Little Bit Both Ways in Terms of Whether There for or against Solicit What Happens with People Really to Vote on Has Had This Plays out Is What John Roberts One Is a Compromise 15 Weeks and He Wanted Not Happen 24 to 15.

That's What Gov. Young Canoes in Virginia and Still Be Interesting to See What Santa Says We Know He's His Conservative SUV, but He's Going over State That Is Read.

It's Not about a Hot It's Not Wyoming. He Recognizes the State That He Lives in. He Knows That Where the People Probably Would Look for Something, Some Sort of a Compromise.

Most of Europe Is at 15 Weeks, Which Is A Lot Less Than We Aren't Here New Jersey and Abortion to the Ninth Month I Get My Head around. I Can Either so I Think When People Talk about It in Real Terms, and They Say Well When You're Four Months Pregnant. I'm Speaking As Someone Has Been Pregnant Three Times like Four Months Is a Long Time of Pregnancy Okay and That's in a Roughly around 1516 Weeks so I Think That's a People or Reasonable Apartments Were Reasonable on This Issue Than Than Most People Are Giving Them Credit for. So I Whenever I Want to the Crime. We Haven't Talked about That Also.

I Actually Didn't Even Talk That Much This Morning on Fox and Friends, but We Are Finding out.

As You Study Crime, and Even Democratic Mayors Realizing Is Killing the Party If Not Their Own Personal Careers.

Because When You're a Victim of Crime in Illinois in Chicago and New York and Philadelphia in Los Angeles and San Francisco Finding out the One Commonality Is the Same People the Same People Eat Something You'd Not That Criminals Are a Number of Criminals Growing the Criminals They Usually Were Jailed and Take out a Society Are Allowed to Be Back Mayor Eric Adams Pointed This out Yesterday.

You Could Have a Meeting with You District Attorney You Could Have a Meeting with You Gov. but Instead He Addressed the Press Because Crime in New York Is up Almost 40% Cut 35 Go. This Is Continuous Battle of Making Sure Dangerous People That Are Arrested, All Prosecuted Go through the Criminal Justice System and off Street. We Continue to Have This Church Release.

Repeat Mindset regarding to Get under Control How We Can Start Saying That Great Kelly Bratton Begin to Study Long Time Ago. These Comsat People to Criminal Justice, for a Living. Wednesday It Was the Significance of Him Making That Statement Is, Is Because He Doesn't Have the Doesn't Get Anywhere Talking to His Party behind Closed Doors As Part of It. I Think His Message Is That If I Speak to the Press, You Know, Maybe I'll Start to Get a Little Bit of a Tract of Traction and Places Where I Can Get It on.

I Can't Understand How All of These Folks in His Administration Are and I in His City Council Don't Realize That They're All Going to Get Voted Out Of Office. I Mean There Is That There's a Republican Alternative Absolutely and Silting Seems to Be Legitimate Even Though the Route Number 221 Democrats, Republicans, I Mean Even in Places Where I Think That When You Look at the X-Rays Trying out This Way. Eric Adams One Because New York Is Obviously a Blue Town. New York City's Blue Town on That He Was the Most Conservative Democrat That They Could Find for Police Officer and to Be Tough on Crime. That's Why He Was Elected He Gets Back He Says All the Right Things.

He's like When I Can Have These Tents Anymore in the Parks Ring to Clear Them All out. He's Done Some of That's a Really Tough Job. I Still Want to Sort of Give Him Some Opportunity to Succeed Here Because He Does Say the Right Things.

I Think He's More Aware of the Problem Then Touched His Even to Think That He Could Be President or a Member of Congress Is Not Dropped out to, but I Think Can't Set and I Just and I Think Anybody Who Loves the City of New York Would Love for Him to Get Just Continue to Get the Kind of Support That He Needs to Carry Some of the Things out in the Legislature, but It's a Tough Job. So If Any Republican Want to Be Elected, Especially Leesville Does Have Some Legitimate Credentials with Military Background Conservative Trump Back but Not Owned a Legacy Run to Santos Was Inextricably Linked to Donald Trump. Duncan Wasn't but like Hey Thanks for the Endorsement, I Would Run My Own Race Silting Knows He Could Have Thrown His Own Race to See If He Wants to Win. All He Should Be Refocusing on Crime and That DA and I Think It's Authentic to. It's Not a Risky Letter about Same-Sex Marriage, or Any like That the More but If He Talks about. I Want to Have the Mississippi Lower Comes to Abortion to Spread Politics. If You Want to Win in New York Is a Bad Person or Bad Republican. Republicans Want That Statement.

A Lot Of Them Want That Statement or Hit the Road.

I Think They Have To Understand the State They Live in. Absolutely Everyone Has To Understand the State Think so. You Have To. That's Why You See in a Lease Now Than in a Different Posture You See the Colorado Governor and a Different Posture Carry Plaintiffs Obsolete People Understand the Whole Point of Supposed to Represent the People Who Vote for Them and the Things That Matter to Those People on II Completely If and When You Look at These Numbers You Look at the Photos That You See Every Day in the near Post Tobias on This One Yesterday like the Skunk Girl Who Got Her Hand Was Broken. Her Face Had Been Punched in. It's Crazy with No Reason It Is Easy We Also Have To Get Now That All These Crazy People on the Street Need to Be off the Street Right and Someone Needs to Get Serious about Figuring out a Way to Do That We We Just Destroyed All These Mental Health Institutions in the City. Did You Determine That If You Give People Medication.

They Can Be Mainstreamed in Living in the in the Rest of Civilization. Not Everybody Now Now You Have To Tell You That A Lot Of People behind the School Shooters on Antidepressant Medication, Absolute End and That's with Any People over the Top and I Think We Have a Chat with You More Than Read That Your Absolutely Listen We Come Back Martha Campbell to the Favor Think She Does a Week You Might Think She'd Enjoy Some of Their Family or on Vacation As Much As This Morning. Now Is My Number One Absolutely Worried That Your Kids Listen I Just Would Allow Me Well Today Soffit My Family and I Was so Much Fine, but I'm Super Excited about Right Now. Callum Family Educating, Entertaining and Enlightening. You're with Brian Kill Me. So As a Filmmaker Came out As a Really Sleepy Sweet Grandpa Dave's Life Is Always Repeating the Story, Scranton, Pennsylvania Human Being in the World Thinks That the Joe Number Two of the Grill. Now What He Does Is He Kind of Whispers and Then He Yells of You Know I Think It's a Wonderful Movement You Love It When Is like We Know How to Kick Natural Saying by Saying What He Believes and Sees You As You Look up Allison Jason Today Gives Look like I Was Out Of It. Jason Zinc Is Cavelike and Authentic Parity of Joe Biden Being Out Of It and Just Being Oblivious When He Came Back into It. They Brought in the Other Guy That Made Him Look like a Legitimate Older President, but It's Very Interesting What's Happening Right Jimmy Fallon Saying How Fast She's Resigning.

Maybe Buying Should Think about That. Tell While I Started. I'm Paraphrasing but That's Definite Sentiment and I Think That's Fair, Have Cold Air Coming out with Aviator Glasses on and Getting All Angry about What Happened in Saudi Arabia You Have Carving Has To Be Fun. It Will Usually Try to Find Humor That Rather Than Ensuring That Exactly Dana Carvey Has Been Doing Abandonment Imitation of for A While. It's Getting Harsher. The Way That He's Doing It Now That He Is so Funny and so Brilliant and in a Way That He Did so, and Used When You're Listening so Biden at the Paul's Writings Losing Women Using Independence, Assisting Hispanics. This Is a Late Night and Gradients That That's a Significant Cultural Shift That You're Staying in the Country on the Left.

Let's Find out If There's Even More for Martha to Know Okay so I Do Find This Mess Case Really Closely. I Find This Whole Thing Is Whether Elon Musk against Twitter Member When Twitter Didn't Want They Say City with Basically the Deviled Value Freedoms in the Country That Is $44 Billion and They Said Okay Right so in Private to Drag It out and Say in Order to Figure out How Many Users You Have on Twitter and I Need to November My Legal Team to Actually Figure out the Answer This Question. Any Loss That Said the Twitter Judge in Delaware Where All Companies Are Incorporated When They Delay This Kind of Thing for Mergers and Acquisitions Legal Issues I She's like Then and Now It Has To Happen. I Think August the Next Couple of Months You That's Not Your to Be in Court for Four Days in August so He Lost That Part so We Might Be Forced to Buy but the Thing Is, the Value of the Question Is the Value. One Thing He Wanted to See If You Legitimately Want to Find out How Many Real Uses Era, a Court Will Make Them Find out How Many Real Uses They Have Twitter Come Back and Say Again, I Can Tell You This Is Private Contract to Be about That. I Think It's Been a Tragedy about What He Signed Away the Agreement, and He Disparaged the Company after so after He Said I Not Vocal after the Company and Then He Did and Never Getting It down to the Bond Issue and This Is My Next to the Plot Issue That Ouchi Flip-Flopped on His Own Retirement Quote. I May Step down for My Conversation at Some Time. He Said I Will Step down the End of the First Term of Joe Biden, but Now He's Edging Life Not in Control. These Are Really Busy.

Think 82 Already.

That's Fine for As Long As Any of Us Can Remember Think the Democrats Are Starting to Realize That This Guy Is Full of It.

He's Been Misleading All the Time. Never Mid-Twenties Wrong Is Terrible at Baseball Paths Were Not Necessary to Wear a Mask in the Necessary Anything That She Was Better Than One and He Said the Vaccines Were to Change Our Lives and the Vaccines Didn't Change Our Lives. Then You Think You Need a Booster Is Anything You Need Another Mistreatment Because of That Little Bit Next Netflix Only Loses 970,000 Subscribers. After Projecting 2 Million Will Pull the Plug, so That's Good. So That Means They Their Stock Went up but I Don't Get It Do You Get It. I Mean I'm I'm Happy for Netflix. I Was Seeming about Abuse to Pay the Price to Get Fired Even Try to Be Publicly Correct All the Time but You Are Losing Subscribers to Why Would You Think That's a Good Bet. If You're If You're in Master Yeah Well Whenever They Do Better Than the Protection Investors Think That There's a Little Bit of Opportunity That Right Said That If Their Analysts All Thought There Was 2 Million. He Only Lives 970 in Wall Street Speak That's a Good Basket. Justin Bieber's World to Resume after Recovering from Ramsey Hunting at Some Initial Para Paralysis. He Announced Tuesday That He'll Fire Back up at the End of July. That's Pretty Good News on People Seen Some Weird Disease and Wondering If It's Linked to the Vaccine Given Here and That I'm Not Saying It's Happening but I Do Think It's Kinda Yeah but Then on the Other Hand, Offset People Who Had Coven Who Still Have Lingering Effects of Spots All around. It Really Makes Me Angry and the Origins of This Disease Because I Go Back to an Interview I Did with Dr. Rev. Felt a Long Time and He Said the Reason Is. Think of Spinning off Any Variance Is Because It Was Definitely Have To Do Exactly What Are 3/100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources of Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber.

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