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Mayorkas' Intentional Border Collapse, Biden DHS Targets "Disinformation"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 29, 2022 12:45 pm

Mayorkas' Intentional Border Collapse, Biden DHS Targets "Disinformation"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 29, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City. This set of Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian would kill me thank you much for being here buddy of the brain to me Joe 1-866-408-7669 Adm. James Arbutus will be on a 12 minutes and then will have center Roger Marshall help the small business energy committee when we gotta get him. You know what is breaking in terms of what's happening at our border and were tapping in Ukraine. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is unbearable. H that keeps the senseless loss of life. Domestic destruction given acceptable violations of human rights and the laws and that is ahead of the United Nations and here was looking at insanity. Russia bombs key than the UN general secretary is meeting with the president of Ukraine. The time right after he met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow continues to show how heavy a price and how John Vladimir Putin is Howie the bloodthirsty invasion of Ukraine has blown up in his face and he doesn't for some odd reason, wanted to end the latest from the battlefield can start to think about free-speech absolutists were taking over more platforms. What that would look like for the marginalized communities all around the world which are already shouldering so much of this abuse, disproportionate amounts of this abuse yeah Nina Jack with the Executive Director the DHS disinformation governance board that was her on April 16 flanking concerned about Elon musk taking over twitter the mosque madness continues. Meanwhile, this is a disinformation's arc is berthed at the same time he buys it comes on with the job. This woman, Nina Jack Woods has no credibility has repeatedly spread disinformation from the Hunter laptop to who Christopher Steele is way to go Joe. This woman will divide the country even more sick. At any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list. The no-fly list, account number, Southwest border been released into the United States.

I do not know the answer to your question, do not know whether they are been released or not into the country that your testimony ranking member Jordan as I've said before, I will provide to the data. Unbelievable slow showdown throwdown job L of the intentional collapse of our border in the sinister HHS Sec. won't even acknowledge it will bring the fireworks in the reaction you saw some of that Jim Jordan came to play.

He came because he wanted answers at Wilson you told us the DHS said you found 42 terrorist coming across our border, where our day is the most logical follow-up to that statement. What he said is so very wrong and unacceptable. He has no answer why would he have no answer why would he not think that we would all want an answer why would Democrats not be asking that question so what is happening aboard with over 2 million people coming aboard. Since brother Joe Biden took overpowered since he stopped building the wall stopped enforcing remain in Mexico even though we had other policies in place. Stop pressuring Central and South America to keep their people in their own country. Stop pressuring Mexico to enforce their southern border and stage started disempowering ice. We've added disaster zone may arc is came up. You better believe the biggest disaster in our history needed at least an explanation. Cut one. We and Eric broken and dismantled system that is already under strain is not built to manage the current levels and types of migratory flows. Only Congress can fix this yet. We have effectively managed an unprecedented number of noncitizens seeking to enter the United States and interdicted more drugs and disrupted more smuggling operations than ever before significant increase in migrant encounters will strain our system even further and we will address this challenge successfully. Total fiction, it was not broken but comprehensive immigration reform has nothing to do with border security. You could do that in the big picture that is not a quick reaction force nor an acceptable answer. Now when it comes to the terror watch list 22 sexual predators were caught on the border now. I assume they are captured and held. Now I can assume that because of this cut to success at any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list.

The no-fly list and calendar Southwest border been released into the United States, ranking member Jordan. As I mentioned before, I will provide that data to you with respect to the disposition of each one.

I do not know the answer to your question, the secretary of homeland security does not know the answer to the status of 42 individuals who came to our southern border illegally are on the no-fly list and in the know on the terrorist watch list. You do not do not know whether they are been released or not into the country that your testimony ranking member Jordan as I've said before, I will provide to the data, how could you not have the answer to that attribute. For some reason, go to this testimony and don't have that answer. You turn around to a staffer and say by the time were done here by the time maybe the next questions will have that answer unless you want to give the answer because you know that God let you know that they got an ankle bracelet or a phone were told to report somewhere and you know how unacceptable that is. And you know you did not inherit a broken border you know you had a wall that is not a Viking wallet was a high-tech wall that would help you do your job. You know that this was all paid for.

You don't even finish the gaps between the walls and I you know and is all the suing that stop the building of this wall and up at a normal rate would've gotten this done before Donald Trump left at least 500 miles done instead of about 200 and would've helped the border patrol who were undermanned, understaffed and certainly underappreciated.

Meanwhile, he also testified to the fact there were 389,000 known migrant God always there in our country. They just got away. Title 42, about to evaporate when judges know your weight on that. Meanwhile the progressives are pushing prison by to repeal the racist title 42. What could possibly be racist about title 42, it's insane.

Darrell ISA talked about title 42, and what it would mean he knows about the border. The California end of it cut seven when we were at the border a week ago we saw that on your orders. Orders from Washington, but I have to presume they were yours. Title 42 has already ended your board for your customs people were ordered to, and they were bringing in every day as many as they could get from down in Mexico, title 42 people that have been refused and bringing the back in when I asked the agent in charge. She told me that they were trying to clear the backlog completely by May 23. They didn't know if they're going to be able to. That is a clandestine ending of title 42, why did you do it. I am not familiar with that that is factually incorrect know it isn't. And we arty know it because the border patrol talks to us. They talk to people that care about their jobs and care about the country they let him have it. We have Montevideo being blasted and justifiably to before I move on rented divine weight in may arc us and how this is intentional cutlery store during that testimony was a hard-core ideologue what he's doing is deliberately not a normal public servant. He is committing a crime against America on two fronts, one allowing these illegal migrants to flood into the country.

He's lying them all around the place on our planes in our expansion and blasting them into cities like New York everywhere there is not one state that is not a border state.

Now I am selling this secretly because they deny the American people don't want and he's got 20.

The prison United States has 27% approval when it comes to immigration that's hideous. That's Republicans and Democrats we come back the other major story overseas and that is with happy Ukraine and Russia a lot of development, some heartening and some are agonizing of the heartening one splitter not come from Europe itself loosing the brain kill me Joe, so glad you're here driving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast on a talk show that's real this is that Brian kill me show. I think we should still remind ourselves.

While the flight is taken place in the South be a very intense fight. As these forces join not only for men is given up completely on toppling the entire country and settling continuous bombardment as part of that strategy. But we sent this to strategies here. One is the ground forces strategy to seize terrain and destroy Ukraine ground forces. The other thing is to break the will of the people by the continuous bombardment or that they started bombing did the Russians key that I know where they were kind of quiet there and with you in general secretary there, which is what a message guy comes in peace. Obviously, the UN is hands-off, they just met with Vladimir Putin.

He does it anyway.

It turns out they listen to transmissions between Russian officers and it turns out they were talking to each other that 25,000 Russians have been killed already and they've lost 600 tanks its estimate in the Ukrainian side that is just in two months, James Servetus is with us now, the 16 supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO member. The Carlisle group and alter many bestsellers. Adm. welcome back Ray to be way to Brian, Adm., this big story today about how some of the border cities in Russia are starting to get rattled because Ukraine is starting to hit them. Do you think that's a good strategy from the Ukrainian perspective because it could galvanize the Russian public against the Ukrainian operational. Whatever they choose to call it.

I think it is a good strategy. I do think it's a close call for exactly the reasons you articulate but has such lockdown of the media at this point the Ukrainians have got to put additional weight on what they can accomplish on the battlefield and to do that. Brian is we've seen week.

Part of the Russian offensive capability is logistics.

So if you can go after the majestic site even knows just across the border. I think it's a smart strategy. That's what Ukrainians will continue to do is steer what is what is the shed look like, how much do they have in armaments. Are they running out of these rockets.

We know they will print out a lot of the smart weapons right on the Russian side, they are in fact having problems maintaining long-range fires and so this is why they going to the Chinese for example, asking for additional military aid. They're not going to get it it's pretty clear on the Ukrainian side are logisticians are moving fast and it's a foot race into putting weapons in the hands of both sides were gonna win that foot race.

I think Ukrainians will continue to be well supplied the Russians less so.

So stunning news that China signed by our oil from our Ron rather than Russia because of the war that's in the Wall Street Journal today and the Germans have made huge progress in getting off Russian oil and gas as is Poland and Bulgaria because they got caught off. Where is Europe at now and truly adhering to this embargo. They seem to have of seen the light. They really have Brian you and I've been tired about this for several years about the need for Europe Western Europe to wean itself from Russian energy, but Vladimir.

In a couple weeks it has accomplished what all of us trying to argue with our German friends and colleagues.

For example, over a decade. Putin has woken up the Europeans and it really is like a light going on and into very bright light heading down the tunnel straight at your so they are I think quite serious about this mildew. Everything is short-term, including balancing their shares of gas and oil Mike. I think Europeans are hanging together on this.

The big news here right is China looking to other markets and that I think is going to be very problematic for Vladimir could II came in and nowhere makes 200 I believe that this he also dropped tariffs to allow the quick purchase of coal from Russia Germany relied on Russia for 55% of the natural gas since the invasion they got it down to 35% and now with the threats of calving cutting off from Russia.

The Germans say that they can draw down even less. Even another third.

Now I thought Russia needed the German money Germans Germans as a customer more than they wanted to get redemption because the Germans are doing so much more to help Ukrainians, are they not thinking this through. By cutting off Poland and Bulgaria there cutting of revenue. It is a in my view, a huge mistake on the part of Russia you know there's two sides to every transaction so they're gonna lose revenue as you point out the organist significantly angered the civilian populations just for starters, of Poland and Bulgaria, but everyone in Europe is watching and see organist spurred the Europeans forward in building new infrastructure. For example, to take liquefied natural gas from the United States so this is a miscalculation on the part of the Russians and it's it's part of a whole series of miscalculations by Vladimir Putin over the past couple of months at most every day so we doing enough.

I will read column from being West say that we gotta get much more serious pieces in Vietnam.

They say we gave the Russians gave the Vietnam 2000 tanks, 400 makes 7000 antiaircraft guns. That was just a fact. He says that we need to give 40 billion not 4 billion to help out.

Now knowing that is now 20, 22, and it set the 1970s or 60s, a leading into the 70s. Why did you think were being too cautious.

I don't think you'd asked me that question.

Six. Eight weeks ago I would've said yes, in fact I think I said on the program with you but we had moved a long way last 6 to 8 weeks. I think we are moving the heavy stuff into the hands of the Ukrainians .1 .2. It's a very different battlefield.

That being West fought on in Vietnam much more important are lighter, faster, more lethal loans. For example, those are easier to move work work heavily biased in that direction. And thirdly to Congress I think is going to approve this latest request for $33 billion to go into a but principally, and weapon systems for the Ukrainians so far from what I can see were given the Ukrainians the tools I think they're going to finish the job. So in what way because we do notice that Tucson is now being run by a provisional government in Russia to make everyone give rubles.

I know it's tumultuous Mary Paul doesn't think that I don't think the cavalry's coming there to help. So if they continue to try to surround the Don bus area. Do you believe that since phlebotomy Putin has no conscience doesn't really care about his own men. Unlike everybody else in the world. I believe that outside China. What you think it would do you worry about this dragging on and Russia is aspirations of still getting keep a possibility I think is long since receded from the potential grasp of Vladimir Putin. I think that the remit of his ambition. At this point is to consolidate control over that Don Bosch and then try and negotiate a solution where he holds everything from Crimea through Mary Opal to Don Bass up to Russia. What we can do at this point we are doing is continuing to get the Ukrainians the tools to push him back, particularly in Don Bosch and by the way on Mary Opal. The heroism the courage we've seen there I think is going to standing Ukrainian memory for generations. It will certainly consent continue to inspire their current fight.

So I think this is still very much in a state of flux, but I wouldn't bet against the Ukrainians in this point, trying to push back significantly on the Russians, especially in Don for 15 seconds less. Are you for Sweden.

Simply getting into NATO. Oh gosh 1000% when they tell us they wanted.

On Wednesday we need to happen in by Friday. I will talk to the Swedish ambassador this weekend and see where is Sue where they stand. Thanks so much Adm. Tim Servetus owes educational thank you Mike like a friend but I Fox News talk tasks networks on the dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News five radio show like no other growth. Right now we have operational control yes or yes we do have operational control of the yes we doing to his operational control define in this section, the term operative patrol means the prevention of all unlawful entries in the United States, including every by terrorist other unlawful instruments of terrorism, narcotics and other contraband do you stand on your testimony that we have operational control in light of the stuff is you and Congressman. I think the secretary of Homeland security would've said the same thing in 2000 22,019.

The rat wanted sector would release databases for saying we have some sort of control of the border.

So this was some of the Army was unbelievable what I had to choose from this morning in terms of fire exchanges with homogeneity secretary may work us just doing he's an epic failure and is flat out telling untruths in first and foremost, the first words came out of his mouth. He inherited a broken border like the policies that's fine, but you can say was broken. The building the wall a high-tech wall does remain a Mexico policy. There were deals done with all these other Central American nations to keep their population under control.

There was a minute you step into one country. Even if you want to apply to our country. You have to apply there or is your home automatically eliminated. There were policies in place. They intentionally blew it up sooner and Dr. Roger Marshall's got a military background as well. He's in studio from Kansas so great to see Ryan glad to be here so you were part of the house exchange essay, but I'm sure you understand the sentiment the frustration got absolutely bright and in our sentiment are our frustration. The frustration Kansas is the same as yours.

Let's think about this. Over 3 million people have been apprehended since as president was sworn into office over 6 tons of Bentonville have been seized crossing the border and on my three visits to the border. They tell me that for every every person that we capture three more cross for every ton of it know we capture 3 tons crosses well done humanitarian work all over the world as a physician and this is absolutely a crisis on the border where you stay within the NGOs because their pay money by the government to take care of the illegal immigrants when they come here and there giving fresh Nikes fresh clothes, toiletries, a shower bed and then a bus ride out to wherever they want to go wherever they're predestined now the light its Catholic charities and other groups. Personally I don't think that that is showing a big part because what you're doing is giving a signal to Central and South America. It's okay to send your kid with human trafficker to come here should be taken care of. Brian certainly I have worked with many of those organizations again is a position I appreciate their their passion, but I don't appreciate is that this information is going down there and I think these NGOs are recruiting people. That's what the white people in the ground say the NGOs are recruiting people. How can you afford to spend 3000 $7000 a person to get them across the border, who's paying for that and you can't help but think the NGOs are are doing it. Certainly the border patrol very appreciative of what NGOs are doing, we tell you how Kansas set up or stay why do you care because it's everywhere and you mentioned to the with your Millet with your with Dr. back on your medical background you've seen the effect of fennel yell yell yell no longer is Kansas immune to this boy that I delivered 15 years ago recently died from a fit.

No overdose are two people on the front page of the Kansas City Star who had died recently to students. I what's what's happening is the fit no ingredients are being made in China. 772 the Mexico. Their sport met Chinese pharmacist in Mexico than mixing it, lacing it with the Percocet.

I'm back in kids. Please don't take Percocets or any of these drugs it's laced with fentanyl, 1 teaspoon of Bentonville could kill 2000 people is also marijuana too well of course yelled marijuana is that as well. I sent you anything practical, but we know it's China to Mexico. The cartels to get it across our border weirs. The pressure on China which the pressure on the cartels.

If there is ever pressure for the special forces in Mexico to get involved will finance it. We've done this before with gang activity weirs the where is the impetus and the planning on well I think it's even worse than I think the Chinese government blesses that. I think they in payroll you more yeah they they absolutely this is that China is still upset about the opium war. They're going to get even in this is a cash crop for them. This is like us growing wheat in Kansas is the make in the pit. No ingredients in China. I think they blessed present trump. You recall, stood up and was coming through the US mail and we got that shut down but and that's why they're going over to Mexico.

The Chinese government. The Communist Party is incidentally involved with the cartel and financing all this you for removing some of the tariffs that I guess Republicans are some some of joining with Democrats to revisit the tariffs the trumpet on the EARLY open those conversations, I think there's opportunity. So for instance turkey is setting there trying to suppress, decide, or they can support Russia are they going to support America, restore the steel and aluminum tariff on turkey made steel so I'm ready to revisit ultimate Chinese tariffs, Chinese tariffs, the otitis did not live up to their original bargains. Already the phase 1 and agricultural purchase asked with agriculture purchase would and at significant improvement as well. But that's only way we can hold them accountable, so I'm not in favor removing the tariffs from China. I think we you're the sad thing is that the present buying is not revisited.

The phase 2 agreement will come within it's amazing, you're right about turkey turkey is been a huge surprise for Ukraine. They provided a lot of the drones are.

They've also really prevented the Russians from dominating the black city because I got some rights there so as brutal as they are their own people as they've evaporated almost all Democratic power and jailed their political opponents which we find horrific. At the same time. They've helped us out in the Ukrainians out in war. It is that simple.

I recently had a visit to the turkey. I visited with master flake turkey can change your politics, but they can't change our geography there always going to have a foot in Europe and afoot in Asia and so much of the war egg go through there and so much of history goes through there as well.

There at the bottom the Black Sea might be a concern about 12% of the world wheat exports 14% of the corn exports about 1/3 of the fertilizers go through the Black Sea and will be facing famine.

Certainly, food insecurity over the next several you years in the Middle East and Africa before we move on from China want to go back they blocked out 25 million residents of Shanghai. The beginning to do it in Beijing is a 10 covert policies that only you lawmaker your doctor mean from what we know. Two years later from the virus.

They bestowed on us is that the way to handle it.

I went with it. We proven that lockdowns and mandates don't work, so I'm really confused why they're doing this I'm I'm confused. They have set up a new variant that we don't know about I would share evidently is a lot of asymptomatic. It's almost all asymptomatic.

Yeah I think that's true. Probably 90% of cases are asymptomatic so so II generally, the Communist Party love to control their people.

So this is an opportunity to control. They've had a huge failure here and that's the big problem that that we funded the research in Wuhan that led to this virus. There is a plethora of evidence it says it was made right there in a laboratory and then doctor about you let a huge cover-up will how you feel about Dr. faxing the pandemics over and then saying it is inhumane to Q pandemics over. I mean how does a doctor make these mistakes you, I think, just constant misinformation. This information, this is the real disinformation coming out right that we can understand and Dr. Felty. He wants to be so much in control of everything. Please just give him give myself as a physician practicing in rural medicine. The facts the data and help me apply it.

I been taking care of communicable diseases for decades. Just give us the data.

Let local doctors and healthcare workers decide what to do movement there is asking for an emergency authorization for children under five, would you think it's necessary to give him a during a vaccine.

If they get that authorization to a child under five euros.

I still have grandchildren. This is a very real question to me the advice I would. I been giving my parents is very different than the advice I would give to my children. I would encourage the parents to talk to their doctor, but in general I don't see that the benefits outweigh the risk of this faxing the benefits to someone under the age of say 21 unless they have an underlying healthcare condition were having more children, more people die from drug overdose from depression in suicides because of the lockdowns that we did from the virus itself but in New York to want to get the mass with their kids so they take the preschoolers and they will not get the mass of the kids until the vaccine is out so you understand even if you will you save yourself. What should I do. I mean if if you are a parent in New York City and I hope that never happens to you. We are New York City you would do would you go from what you know but the mRNA vaccine would you feel okay with the child getting so personally I would not. I don't think the benefits outweigh the risk. The risk of art are very real. I don't feel comfortable for my grandchildren and get it especially probably 60, 70% of children already had the virus and I don't see that the vaccine gives them enough benefit to take on the risk understood. I get that. And the same thing the administration is also not acknowledging that Johns Hopkins is the study of these mitigating certain things that we've done, including putting mass on nothing and 95 that you guys were in surgery, but mass on it almost has no benefit would to view what did you think about before we thought about the mask and being that this is an airborne virus. Should we been wearing them. Absolutely not.

And this is what's so frustrating. I sit down with the FDA maybe three or four months into this process back in 2020, and said show me the data on the mass they sent me 80 studies. Now I'm I read them all.

I read reviewed every one of the 80 studies maybe three or four suggested mask might help.

Most of them said they were in. They were not helpful in several you is that it hurts so they didn't take the time to read their own data sending me studies that showed mass didn't work knew all along that the cloth mask would offer nothing in a perfect world, and in 95 mask would work for children taking them on and off.

Eventually you're gonna spread the virus what I told so by doctors originally and I remember it's only two years ago is in 95's are good because it can be fitted so is it while you can have a bruising to be fitted for you and posses you when you're doing surgery don't want design and then that are comfortable. So now even my daughter's college was told. For the last two weeks of the year where and 95 and what are you supposed to do drop out of college brightness.

It is horrible though that that would that's what's occurring right now. Again, this is a very low risk group of people I wouldn't be surprised if 80 or 90% of the students there on campus have already had the virus and I bet 95% of them up either had the virus or the vaccine. So what is the benefit of the mask.

What is the harm of the mask. I think there's significant psychosocial problems created by the man.

I know one who I want to ask you couple questions with take a break first and ask about do you have time for Russian Ukraine. Let's do it right back in mom's and Roger Marshall's here more with the doctor, the military officer and the sitting center in just a moment, newsmakers and news breakers. First, Ryan kill me show will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Same subscriber list of Fox News contests.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me as soon as he's the senseless loss of life than this is acceptable. Violations of the laws and that is Jones after the United Nations at the meeting in Moscow goes to keep and they start rocketing cave that told not to Vladimir Putin and Moscow is been for the invasion that there there exposing the whole world to the barbarity in their ineptness as a military with me right now in studio's center and Dr. Roger Marshall of Kansas center where you stand on this war. I mean we have the present essays asking that for $33 billion more that clearly needed. Should we give it right. I want to do everything we can to help the Ukrainians.

We were given over $10 billion. We have 100,000 American troops right off the Ukraine border doing our part, we need to keep doing our part but Europe needs to be leading on this as well.

Europe needs to be paying their part $30 billion more. Seems like a lot to ask for right now I will. I wanted I guess I would say stay 64 this war. Where has the Biden administration doing they've they've only given a fracture done a fraction what they could do was sanction. So, for instance, most of the energy sanctions on Russian banks don't go in effect until June so we need to double down on our sanction implementing the sanctions. We don't need more sanctions. We need to implement the sanctions we have. We need Europe to do more as well. We need our neighbors or allies to do more. Let's do our part as well center. How do you feel about the Secretary of Defense coming out and saying we would like to do is make sure that Russia has degraded enough so than on invading another neighbor again as an objective.

I thought it was what you guys talked about behind closed doors.

I was surprised to see the secretary defense say that is it seems to play into a Russia propaganda line is really fighting NATO in America who want to destroy us as opposed to what invading our neighbor right so Brian is this I've traveled recently to those nations around the Black Sea. That's what they described to me is why is America so ambiguous where are they.

Why are they not leading look. You are the leader of the free world. It's time United States started acting like it. So our neighbors are friends or allies wonder who we are and they know that we have a very weak president and weak policy and also the ground is not plowed with Saudi Arabia to make up for the oil and gas were missing. They had a good relationship without in the so Abraham accords a lot of that had to do with Iran. The fact we really were putting them under tremendous strain and they are rivals with Iran and Saudi Arabia, far from perfect country.

But as they started making peace with Israel, with four agreements in two years. They were answering our call for help. Now they don't even answer Joe Biden's phone calls that that's it right again just a little trip to Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey as well. And that's the description right there what what you're describing the weight out this ministration is a feeling like in four years would just wait for Republicans get in there what they're scared about is the I will Iran deal going through and given Iran miss nuclear missiles because then if if Iran gets him then Saudis going to have to get them and Turkey is going to have to get a man in Egypt is going to have to they can get them to write the right to Pakistan where II think that they got a plan right so that that you sent America has disappeared that momentum that we had in the Middle East. We've lost all that momentum but I tell a lot of Republicans don't want to be involved in the Ukraine where they don't really want to be involved in the Middle East you get that since the Republicans are somewhat divided on this.

I really don't and are in our private conferences that we have have lunch together every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I don't hear that sentiment. I think it's at what level. Certainly we don't want American boots on the ground. We don't want Americans in the air, but I haven't heard really anybody stand up and say maybe two or 3 g length sale what at what level are we going to be involved in it, but I think that most of us the super majority of us the leadership things that we have a responsibility that I really have to tell you what came out yesterday.

Our economy grew at a negative rate after a huge previous quarter. I think you cut this ministration by surprised to catch you by surprise. It didn't dinner and everyone you know is talking about different parts of inflation, but no one's talking about the overregulation's of this government over regulations kill the economy in less than six months, despite administration undid what everything Pres. Trump got done as far as rolling back regulation.

So I think were seeing those regulations hit the ground. We have 3 million people that still not reentered the workforce so all this is additive minutes leading up to stagflation were going to keep seeing more inflation at the same time, the economy is stalling. So I guess I'm not surprised.

Unfortunately you're not surprised.

But when you see inflation going up. You see interest rates go up.

People say traditionally, if you want to get inflation under control. You raise interest rates and that could be coming in six months. Is there another plan center besides raising interest rates, stopping that first-time buyer stopping that big acquisition going place because going through because it just doesn't make sense anymore, right. So if it inflation is caused by too many dollars chasing too few goods and services so let's cut the supply of dollars by raising inflation rates or interest rates. Excuse me, along with quantitative tightening, but at the same time we need to increase the goods and services so we need to get those people back to work and unclog these production lines of supply chains is as well really go back to the truck policies. This is not rocket science right for guns but to supply chain, maybe being squelched by China, who's not letting their people out shutting down ports correct right so of course that's additive to the problem that is not this administration's fault, but it's America's fault. The were not doing more to move the supply chains back your minutes happy removing those supply chains back there. Marshall thanks much for being here exciting time to be in Washington and maybe will be in the charting.

Next time I talk to hope so. Brian thinks Raven Rachel, hey, thanks so much. I keep hearing listen the right. Tell me Joe, don't forget one nation Saturday night in a clock on Fox news Fox news on just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news time or wherever you get your favorite contest and Fox news radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here buddy of the brain kill me, Joe. 1-866-408-7669 live ought to discuss a lot on our docket come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world. Agenda seem to be here.

You know, which is done as our best-selling book talks about it and now she world by taking on Gov. Cuomo the way she did, shall be with us at the bottom of the hours got some there's some lawsuits going on still and of course you have the other big story about the gerrymandering in New York the same thing is North Carolina, Ohio, and maybe Florida's next they said is unconstitutional. They did it so severely in such a Partisan Way, Janice on that. Geraldo Rivera standing by.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is in any sense at all.

H that keeps the senseless loss of life. The message is given acceptable violations of human rights and the laws and that is the UN general secretary after key was rocketed knowing he was there, meeting with Zelinski amazing it is insanity. The Russia bombs keep we know that Putin shows how foolhardy and reckless he is, as Russia continues to pay a heavy price for their bloodthirsty invasion as now Europe is beginning to make major moves to get off oil and gas from Russia started to think about their free-speech absolutists were taking over more platforms.

What that would look like for the marginalized communities all around the world which are already shouldering so much of this abuse, disproportionate amounts of this abuse that is true, that is Nina chocolates. She is the executive director of the DSA's key input disinformation. I'm not kidding musk madness gives rebirth to a disinformation Czar and a woman in charge Nina Jack which comes to the job with almost no credibility and put a sacrificing all of her integrity in an effort to make Democratic causes front and center. Way to go Joe. Nice selection sector at any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list of no-fly list and calendar Southwest border been released into the United States. I do not know the answer to your question, do not know whether they are been released or not into the country that your testimony ranking member Jordan as I've said before, I will provide to the data. I know you won't if you don't have it already show down, throw down on Capitol Hill of the international collapse, intentional collapse of our border in the sinister HHS Sec. won't even acknowledge it. You will bring. We will bring you the fireworks and the reaction was Springer Alder of Erfurt Cerrado fireworks you are, you have to be ticked off about the lack of candor that took place in the legitimate exasperation, not the theatrical one was on display over these last two days my right you know Brian, I think that the, the emphasis should be on the were theatrical because I think that the lack of manners, the lack of any kind of grace or dignity, and in congressional hearings. This is appalling. I can't. I can't stand it. I I was for a couple minutes and I do say these guys are performing.

This is performance art for their reelection campaign really is very distressing.

No limit to get to the substance of it. As far as I know there has never been, at least in terms of Islamic terrorism.

There is never been a penetration of the southern border by an Islamist terrorist is as far as I know ever since all of the regulations were put in place following 9/11 now and in terms of the people on the sterile watchlist. I don't know who they are there know where that information comes from.

I would be very eager to find out I i.e. IM I join you in being and feeling dismay over the lack of candor from from the secretary but I thought I would like to put the politics aside and find the truth is this is indeed evidence of a terrorist of successful terrorist or potential terrorist penetration of the southern border. If so, it represents an escalation in the in the water crisis. I don't know that that's a fact to sleep. I would not go to that series. I have an answer would have until 42 should be hard and fast policy during jail in such and such prison there are scattered all 42 here, here and here have a staffer sitting there, go get to get that tea in 10 minutes. Hold on it unless you're embarrassed by what you have to say.

Maybe one of the 42 got one of those cell phones and got on a bus and is told to check in or what. What about the 22 sex offenders over the last two months and 20. The first three months in 2022 that have been captured at the border. Where are they going back.

I don't want to leave the terrorism until we resolve it to our mutual satisfaction. But I think that the truth in terms of who they are. Is this a real thing that happened or that is this political grant because of what I started with. With all these diatribes and all this polemics and all this drama. You never know truth from politics, so I really think you yet.

They should think that this information person and have her go after your Chris and Jordan and find out who's only true then what the truth is, in terms of the sex offenders you know horrible the whole situation is melancholy and disturbing on the southern border is no doubt because of the reporting from Fox news and that our bills with abatement illusion illusion at the border with the drones is no more denying is the flood of humanity and among that group is on, you know, inevitably, people who have committed some crime. I will say quickly because I know that that but it's outrageous that generally speaking those people coming across our hard-working, law-abiding, other than the fact that their crossing without documentation that people are seeking jobs that they are coming from desperately poor places, with a capital pressure and then then then corruption and so far places is better debate, yes, but I know some reason, my point is that, generally speaking, when you have undocumented migrants.

They live in fear of being deported. Generally speaking, those communities like Passaic and Patterson in New Jersey and so many others that post industrial towns that were dead now repopulated largely with undocumented people. Crime is way down.

So these are the people delivering the pizzas and mowing the lawns and patching the rooms and processing the poultry impacting the median and tilling the farm visit.

Generally speaking, washing the dishes and are busy people generally speaking I want just to work.

I know you know. Amongst them are there bad apples of the sure. I think this is unprecedented slide out invasion that I find so disturbing because he started off with an untruth saying I inherited a broken system.

He did not inherit a broken system that we know we did.

You may not like the policies. The minute you walk into a country you apply for citizenship.

There even if it's to hours to remain in Mexico. These the Marines on the southern border mixed Marines on their southern border, taking away the aid for countries today and control their own borders. We know all this.

So to say inherited and with title 42. This a inherited broken system is a lie. So whatever you say. After that, you've lost me how you feel about this new push to have a director of disinformation way over to Geraldo's academic America a better place, absolutely not. I hate those kinds of you know bureaucrats that interpose themselves and it should be free.

Free speech and free communication, but I want to go back to the border were untied in terms of solving the border to me. What causes great dismay is now nobody wants to fix the border if you're empower your your befuddled as to what to do. Democrats now empower Republicans that are they suggesting remedies know for complaining about the situation was exactly the same during trump where the Democrats trying to find solutions. People in cages and so forth. We know the power of the party out of power in the trump and assessment Democrats. All they wanted to do is make trump look for why these two parties get together and try to sum up this damn problem.

For example, now at title 42, 42, does brilliantly.

Is it says we are going to interrupt the process by which you come to our country apply for asylum and immediately are granted some kind of temporary reprieve.

What we should do is, why don't we make that a law if it shouldn't be an executive order. It should be a bipartisan law that says for now we are suspending asylum or war or where Mickey remained in Mexico. When you apply for asylum at this is now the law agreed to by Democrats and Republicans. Let's try to solve this problem. Make title 42, a law, not an executive order and have it at the oldest bigmouth on both sides of the aisle get together and force by Pres. Biden into taking action and making laws that stick not executive orders that they come and go with with the different presidents. Nothing moves forward is easy stuff without border security. As soon as you get the border control if they had to have what you think that it is people to their word trump should be taken the deal when they walked in and said I'll give you the whole wall for a pathway to citizenship in the course, the devil is in the details. I get that.

But if both sides were dealing honestly and you could got that wall built the high-tech wall built and then within three year start making a move on other areas for work pleases and down for people to have an opportunity stay here to keep our first-round draft picks at Stanford and elsewhere to take to take their knowledge that we that they took from us and keep it here. This stuff it worked out, but the minute the border fell apart. You can even talk about comprehensive immigration reform. I think that sounded so reasonable Brian that I wish that I heard that tone from what they say that we can do that like it's a good deal like shorthanded battered me for 20 years. Finally I said okay, I'm okay with the wall as long as it has big doors in the high-tech are the dreamers and so forth an end, but the Democrats gummed that up because the notion of our building a wall is to Democrats and insult some kind of ideological insult that I don't get because there are plenty of Democrats along the border who are asking for border security, border security is for everybody. Everybody needs that every nation needs to have a secure border if it's going to have sovereignty. I'm all for it, but when I'm with my my distresses Brian that it doesn't seem to me that there are people on the right side of the aisle on the Democrat on the Republicans out there that are in in you know in the mood to compromise. Democrats certainly on the go was closer. Years ago when Greg and I know people are upset by that. There was pathway in use you something that I would say that might be there with a game changer. If the status quo continues to shift to Republicans and they prove that they earned it and went Democrats no longer see future voting base in illegals coming across the border. Maybe they'll start dealing with this more honestly and sincerely Republicans like okay they're getting up on his back. I can vote for us when more more seem to be going across even during couch with more than ever during Donald Trump's four years. Ronald Reagan said famously that Hispanics are natural Republicans.

They may not know it yet and it is absolutely true. As a Republican Latino myself.

The Latino community is a faith-based family oriented law-abiding community that is the natural instinct the Republican Party is appealing to them and they are looking at the Democratic Party and say what have you done for me. What are you doing for my community.

We are the largest minority group in this country right now and I really do believe that that trend appealing to the entrepreneurial instincts, you know you you have a Hispanic guy on the corner selling a bottle water. He felt that he get the doll uses the dollar buys two bottles of water in a $0.50 each at the store comes back to the corner now is two bottles of water and he felt they get full about the work and so what I've seen it happen in my family, my film is vast. My father is one of 17 children came from Puerto Rico, 117, all of them.

I got jobs that are were enterprising and they open the bodega Bay yeah you know they hired, they became like the kitchen help and the supervisors of the kitchen and the owners of the diner.

I like my father did not speak with your neighbor, yet they will. They are my that my dad was also became a Republican, that there is a you know that spirit. But it what you need is not this toxicity and you don't want a Republican, grant standards, making demonizing the immigrant community you want them extolling the virtue was Geraldo.

I was so bad.

And this is no attempt to fixing and it's almost as if it's intentional and you you have a temper when you see Jim Jordan go. I've seen the other see the man whenever you from agency to what are you doing you doing this on purpose.

How dear you not only the truth to my face in front of a national audience. What might you look at what was immigrant from Cuba. I don't know if it was legal when it came, but even immigrant the first immigrant ever to head up that that department so would put you when you basically ranking the guy out to every student in high school and making them make him seem like his is, the saboteur, you know you not to get anything anything.I wish that there was. I wish Trump would speak about it and I wish that he would present a three-point plan all right is omitted when it finished the wall that make remain in Mexico. A law will going to give the dreamers a pathway to citizenship. You know you know and and I want all of you Hispanics to be Republicans. I think that you could you could make movement but my my point is that you when you have people just trying to undermine any kind of positive action or place blame on something he broke it on purpose.

He does want to fix it. That's what so insensate that that's what gets me crazy talking about Ron will have a great weekend.

Thanks for the weekend. We come back your calls.

If you're interested in Ryan's talking about is your Ryan kill me, you want to bet that they will not move it out of Florida I would be willing to bet a lot of money and that probably cost 1/2 $1 trillion to do that simply ends with them being treated the same as every other company in order to follow laws that are not can have their own government to pay their debts pay their taxes and it's fine I'm not comfortable having one company with their own government and special privileges when that company has pledged itself to attacking the parents in my state, and that is Laura Ingram last night in Florida where he had a chance to talk to myriad of issues he's been involved with and helping and he's been so successful at it argued with the most successful governor the country is pursued through the most challenging time and that's the pandemic and now we might be lonely have a looming recession where now is taken on corporations. They wanted to take him on with Dave Blewett. Disney is is coming on the same we will do everything in our power to stop this bill, which was a parental rights bill they mischaracterize it and then decide to fight it, you'll find DeSantis especially when he's right, which is been most of the time he's on a street so see if there's something behind the scenes by June 2023 that allows busy to stay as an autonomous zone. I don't see right now radio that makes you think this is the Ryan kill me show me emotionally or twitter usually coming from the right right highly emotional rhetoric that is the new disinformation czar that I call her. She somebody who is eight months pregnant and take over the position that will decide unilaterally over the small cadre of people was disinformation. What's not in her judgment so far as been absolutely awful. I'll give an example, she thought. When it came to the laptop. It was rushing disinformation you will get a resume.

She's a specialist in eastern European history. She knows all the fingerprints of all this different disinformation. What is fake and what is not.

But then if you look in which he was able to identify she had exactly wrong very political. She says on the laptop from hell by notes 50 former national security officials and five pharmacy a heads believe the laptop is Russian influence and opposition research.

Trump says Russia Russia Russia.

She went on to tweet for those who believe that tweet is key to it all. My views is simply direct quote from the candidates to the final presidential debate, would you, the one with all the experience.

It should enable you to see through that.

But you didn't use your political operative and that is the key and just to finish this off in terms of what we could be looking at because this is all prompted I believe by the acquisition. Possibly it looks like of Elon musk of of twitter which could be happening officially is going to be a few months but unofficially constructing control and I could do it by weeding a lot of people out here is the other Cut that I want you to hear from Nina Jaco which this is November 2020, number 12 center to think about if free-speech absolutists were taking over more platforms. What that would look like for the marginalized communities all around the world which are already shouldering so much of this abuse, disproportionate amounts of this abuse you nuts are you disadvantaged communities. RB are suffering because of disinformation of most of those disadvantaged communities are not looking at rushing disinformation. So what this committees guy do.

I don't know, I almost think it's such a stupid idea.

I almost think it's a head fake with me right now is Janice Dean, you know she's a weather forecaster extraordinaire has a few minutes here before you start your weekend, which is mostly party. Of course, always party right a rollicking good time and we are referring to. This morning you disinformation exactly you use the word that I am very familiar with rollicking and Stephen Ainslie thought it was a made up word that you prove them wrong.

I they said light is frolicking I said no say rollicking to know you don't savor a you'll say rollicking you say, frolicking you just forgot a letter rollicking is better than frolicking because I relic the problem is rollicking, frolicking solution the same sentence. I like to rollicking for frolic both the same time using right right so by phi was vindicated, but for a while with this new program I would been under arrest for gift telling America that rollicking was word you have been a resident will be released to leases yes the word place this newest I could be spreading this information that rollicking was word. Your interests are. Come with me.

I love the word rollicking and I suggest that every day on Fox and friends we have a new word that might perplex some evening there might be doubtful might not be a word correct got to do you think people would tune into no we could do it before the commercial word already. I this I would not. I don't want to think a little emotional or wonderworking people contact you right now and tell you that they would like to have a word of the day on Fox and friends, so this is security to just come upstairs to talk about Lincoln email Allison and she can let us know that most of the audience would like to know when you have a cell phone and call you. They can and not likely to answer but reminds me how hard it is to get a human being on the phone these days.

I mean worse than ever. I'm if you want to get hold of a person to talk about flight changes or highlight delays that will put you in a queue of at least two hours to get to a person. I tried to make an MRI appointment, which is something I do on a yearly basis.

I have multiple sclerosis people know that and so I have to make sure that I have no new lesions on my brain.

It's an important thing I have to do. I could not get in touch with the real person for a week.

We were playing telephone tag so I finally ended up calling number and just pressing a bunch is a bunch of numbers and sing representative representative representative finally got somebody who is that they had to answer the following to make an appointment for really important process chair so unbelievable I recommend something. Get your own MRI my own MRI machine. Yes Stony Brook was was the school that came up with the MRI machine here in New York, did not know that that's true with affordable school located on the east and maybe they have MRI machines made now that I'm giving them a shout out right. Maybe them.

They'll have an extra them I'm sorry I'm using this assertive complaining right place.

So let's talk about what happened in your project is so, oftentimes New York sets the tone for the rest of the country. This is happening again. So what happens is when you the governor and power notice of your power in your state.

You try to draw the lines on the gerrymander lines do. It's most beneficial for your party's always been the case but if you do it so severely comes out unconstitutional. In North Carolina they got reprimanded ethical redo it again. Same thing with Ohio and one other state but now New York. We had was so insane that with the true their battle lines that they have to go back to the drawing board and they got it two weeks to put it all together since the deadline is April 30.

A lower level court has ruled that the maps were unconstitutional given the legislature April 30 to come up with new maps or leave the task to a court appointed expert and asked Kathy Hogle yesterday just like I have that will be taken care of. No problem. It'll be okay.

Everything is fine. Yes, the Dems were hoping for at least the old lines. Now the GOP is hoping for a better divide. We know the we New York law seats because a lot of people left the state.

Some candidates don't know if they'll even have a district to run and see yeah well I mean that's what that's what happened to me that that's what happened to Kinsinger Adam Kinsinger in new Illinois. They lost so many people that they bait basically throughout his district right so when he had he had to go run someone else's district. You know it, wouldn't one of the new map may has to be done by May 16 finalized by the 20th and would reason why this is a national story it could decide the balance of power in the house's right so there's only five seats, and if the Democrats feel as though if they could to have some type of good news and redraw these these right away they went and drew the maps so that means the primaries could be on a different day in a different month like August.

So if you're running for governor. You continue to run for the nomination through the summer in New York so that's gonna get it right. I I have no knowledge on this, but it did when I seen it does seem that he is probably going to be these up like 2030 points at me. How much more divided you to be. Do you think Rudy Giuliani stumping for Andrews helping out. Well I mean I think that all of these candidates could should have a shot at it. You agree, yes, but not if not a six-month shot because Inwood by the Kathy Hogle's got a machine supporting her even though she's made a series of bad decisions number one throughout all these obligations to pensions that kept the budget somewhat in order number two I'm all for the Buffalo Bills. But you should've consulted some parents give them $600 million of taxpayer money. I think people are really mad. They should of taxpayer sameness and she just went out and did it and it looks like her own family, her own husband's benefit from this. He's like a concession get. I did not know I he works for a concession stand company which obviously is benefited by these big stadium's will will see what happens there. What is happening. Gov. Cuomo who's advancing up some type of comeback he keeps missing deadlines is got a ton of money.

Is he in a legal trouble still while my friend Daniel R Pini.

I've known that our beanie family for almost 2 years now.

They also lost their father to cultivated, which he contracted in his New York nursing home, a Brooklyn nursing home. Daniel has filed a federal civil lawsuit. He did that yesterday and wants to sue not only Cuomo he wants to sue the state of New York, Melissa DeRosa, who is his top aide, who admitted that they undercounted the numbers and Howard Zucker who was the health commissioner who has since stepped down so he's he filed that by himself and and is going to go forward to dreaded. I mean this is the story of David and Goliath. He really is David against the whole machine of Andrew Obama will jump on board. If he is I hope so here's here's here's here's what he said yesterday in WG why radio cup 44 order couple mom and we hear and learn that our governor is writing a book week after one out, we hold a mock funeral leadership and integrity people coming out of the woodwork to tell us what happened to them when learning things that nobody else knew at the time, but we met a lot of other what we call covert often magenta steam He got and got close to her what her in-laws went our dear friend from that.

We woke up around the corner lost both his parents covert and the nursing home. His mother got in the nursing home. Father was visiting the mother he got it.

They both died in week so that's why he's taking on in this own apologies noted knowledge messing with other states did the same thing New Jersey and by the way New Jersey paid 30 53 million over covert death at a veterans home. They settled that just a few months ago. So New Jersey that would be Murphy. They did exactly the same thing. They put covert positive patients into nursing homes by the thousands Michigan Witmer governor Witmer did the same thing and we found out she was covering up the numbers as well.

That is been proven by an audit and then we also had Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf did the same thing. Putting covert positive patients into nursing homes and there are several other states. While I don't need so we need to start with New York and then from there if there's a precedent set. We got wind that we need to do the same thing in every other state that put covert positive patients into nursing homes. By the way, the UK High Court across the pond ruled that this type of action was illegal. They did exactly the same thing in the UK of putting covert patients in a nursing financial reason why this could have with visit pay more to send people back. Yeah it's it's it's a big hospital lobby thing at the hospitals. From what I gather, wanted.

Paying customers to come into their their hospitals and got rid of that seniors which they decided to put back into the nursing homes even though they were supposed to protect the vulnerable. This is what I understand they had all of us quarantined said that we couldn't go out but yet they put colonnade into the most vulnerable places where our seniors lived and did it without us knowing while between the crime between the budget would see Kathy Hogle looks way over her head, a ridiculous naming of Lieut. Gov. was under indictment right who ran on to fund the police.

So between all this.

Do you think that there's a sense the Republican is a shot is iso-one. Please Eldon Paul he was up a point again. So think if there's ever a time for a different party in New York State. It's now so do Wilson one more thing for our beanie dear member Trump and Cuomo were just fighting nonstop and then they get along then it wouldn't. So we need to design a ventilators value play. I need to make my makeshift hospital. They ignored good Samaritans purse and opened a potential plot and then they converted the Javits Center to a yes hospital spent I mean millions of dollars doing that and here's what our beanie said cup 45. Gov. Cuomo had at his disposal thanks to Pres. Trump who thousand five Samaritans purse hundred and 35 beds extra in New York City to be used by anybody and everybody that you know that our dear Gov.," decided to make the Javits center on the USS comfort almost impossible for people to get entrance to increase health requirements such that nobody could use it as we kept people out of USS comfort in the Javits Center and maybe only only option was to go into a nursing home where two weeks before this he said it was like fire through dry grass learn from Washington state. What happens, and that's why we need an independent bipartisan investigation to find out why there were nursing homes that actually asked that they could click, they bring the patients to the USS comfort and they were didn't well only come back and find there's more. No agenda steams here for a little while longer you listen to their snacks budget. This is radio main TV you have someone who comes in at 850 1R shows just about over two hour and 50 minutes in and give a snacks I might not be here after the break because I need to eat that, learning something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me show you something.

This will be my last visit with my lost it when when I when I when I started this started this journey. It was always going to be just thought it was going to be a chat and then shot. I never sorted my final destination you know and I never want this young to understand its welcome in any way. I always wants to lovemaking and that I really think in a year from now they'll be a good time to move on and and see what else might be out there so that is James Gordon will tell the guy a late night using a Coke within one year why it makes you wonder if there is more to know know you think I do raining.

I think he's solid. I think most of his stuff is streaming like he gets his car YouTube and stuff and I guess he got some criticism because the karaoke you see the story that the karaoke stuff the carpal karaoke that invented he's on the trees on a flatbed is actually now is that a problem you think they're driving around New York City and he's driving thinking you know it will he's on the back to go to the streets of Los Angeles but is on the flatbed but he's not driving right just takes the magic completely out of it.

I don't think so like he's driving you think you might get into an accident. Here, there are. I had a bicyclist. Now I'm just getting. I don't go to the next. I hated that line. I want to do this one because it relates to us in morning show average American sets for different alarms to wake up in a poll of 2000 adults, one order typically sleep in a bit because they believe it helps their relationship with their family, friends and coworkers. But the average American sets for different alarms to wake up on a normal day.

And that's not even a morning show host do you have different alarms 101. That's it ensues a few times to rock music that wakes you up what's now it's a but I will say this, people can rationalize anything to get this is what like a little help America if I sleep more ill help everyone I will reduce traffic in the bathroom or it'll be better for it will be better. My day with my close more time to hang their whatever next zoom was truly done well academically shows in person meetings generally have more ideas in a more creative and compared the videoconferencing. I knew that I mean I love this time with you who's good is better than assuming it really going to all studies. I Monday I will be here. Don't complain about the weather not I will triple live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian. I can only write to me. Show the bottom of the Elliott break their watching Fox making here, I will come to from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country and around the world, especially in Ukraine.

We hope big weekend show course that Saturday night at 8 o'clock one nation to find out get to the bottom of it will will sweep join NATO with the Swedish Abbasid United States joining us so we can answer that question last week with the family look like they're on the fast course to fill before you get to Jason. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is all H keys. The senseless loss of life mass destruction is in the loss. Yeah, that is the UN general secretary. Can you believe this insanity. Russia bombs key with you in general secretary meeting in the nation's capital. Fresh off meeting in Vladimir Putin's capital in Moscow, as Russia continues to pay a heavy price for their foolhardy bloodthirsty invasion of their neighbor the latest from the battlefield. Think about frisking absolutist were clicking over more platforms. What that would look like for the marginalized communities all around the world which are already shouldering so much of this abuse, disproportionate amounts of this abuse would you get these people.

That's Nina Chacko it's Moscow madness give birth to a disinformation czar and a dissident disinformation committee and the woman in charge Jack which comes to come to the job with no credibility is repeatedly spread disinformation on Hunter's laptop and this layer must Twitter take over where to go. Joe sick. Have any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list of no-fly listing, and the Southwest border been released into the United States. I do not know the answer to your question, do not know whether they are been released or not into the country that your testimony ranking member Jordan as I've said before, I will provide to the data. Unbelievable.

That's a whole maturity secretary showdown throwdown on Capitol Hill over the intentional collapse of our border, and the sinister HHS Sec. won't even acknowledge it will bring the fireworks in the reaction, Congressman.

Now Jason Chapin Fox News contributor and host anchor. Everything I've see that's aspiring for two days as I have seen a long time but what about you, there is nothing that can justify the positions of Sec. America's first of all, shame on the 56 senators who voted to confirm including six Republicans, every one of them should the Taft answer this Americas was intricately involved with the Obama administration is not taking on radically new positions, he says, regurgitating what he did in the Obama Jane Johnson was much better wasn't how he was. He was much more competent me arcus this is been a political clown. He was reprimanded by the Inspector General for giving political favors out of her view says he is absolutely horrific.

This disinformation campaign is think it's unconstitutional. I think they're doing it to give social media and other traditional outlets. An excuse to do further suppression of conservative viewpoints.

It's obviously political and it's its nature. But it's also there was something that was tried in the Obama administration they had what was called so by the stop online piracy act.

They try to give unilateral authority through legislation to homeland security to take down websites and guess what, it didn't pass Price another try to do it through an executive order. Who even knows of the present knows what's going on here back to the border for a moment. Here's Congressman Jordan, and when ask you the same question.

But here's what he speculates the border is so porous is handled so terribly they defanged ice they've diminished the border patrol within the cared about is when those horse border patrol agents evidently were doing something inappropriate to the Haitians which turned out not to be true. Cut five. We have a Sec. of Homeland security who is intentionally deliberately in a premeditated fashion executing a plan, his words executing a plan to overwhelm our country with millions and millions of illegal migrants executing a plan that causes all kinds of harm to people who make the journey executing a plan that results in record levels of Fenton on other drugs entering our nation executing a plan that stresses our border agent stresses our education healthcare system stresses our nation any hyperbole, all done intentionally. It's 100% correct it. It is intentionally why would someone want to fail this bad. Are they failing it is intentional because the border was becoming increasingly secure until day one of the Biden Harris administration, and how many times Brian have you interviewed and talk to people like Brian Judd who is the head of the national border patrol Council don't take my word for it, although I've been to the border like six or seven times more than the President of the United States as income. All Harris talked to the border patrol agents.

The ice officers how overwhelmed and how the policies of this administration are not allowing them to do their job and their doing the catch and release the number one job of the Sec. of Homeland security, the whole reason the agency was created with to protect the hand Homeland from terrorists, not some twitter person but from terrorists and he doesn't know off the top of his head. How many terrorists are in the United States and how many were released. I think he actually does know that number he doesn't want it exposed so it was great question Into a cut to six. Have any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list of no-fly listing, number Southwest border been released into the United States, ranking member Jordan.

As I mentioned before, I will provide that data to you with respect to the disposition of each one. I do not know the answer to your question, the sex and Homeland security does not know the answer to the status of 42 individuals who came to our southern border illegally are on the no-fly list in the know on the terrorist watch list.

You do not do not know whether they are been released or not into the country at your testimony, ranking member Jordan as I've said before, I will provide to the data. So how hard would it be and you do this stuff to turn around and tell you staffer.

Could you give me the answer that I want to sit here and then come back with the answer that white why we wait this or is it something else. The hearing goes on for hours.

There were times when I was German I would actually go into recess and say you make whatever call you need to make come back in and tell us that answer but the gavel is not in Jordan's hand yet. I think the other. The biggest story coming out ranking member if he was chairman. It would've been a different story. You passed or not really any can issue a subpoena for that information and have a due date that that day you could do those types of things.

I think Congressman Stu B's questioning was actually the biggest story of the day that got zero coverage. He said that hey Mr. Mayor Christer Sec. Marcus, you said that white supremacy is the number one threat to our country.

Can you name a single case that you have referred for prosecution on white supremacists and the answer was zero and then he highlighted a Department of Justice report that said that 50% according to the Congressman 50% of the prosecution's going on through the federal Department of Justice were aliens and that there were over 35,000 of those were from criminal aliens as differencing aliens a criminal. It's if half of the Department of Justice is spending their time on aliens, don't you think the threat of the Southwest border is the biggest issue and in it and and yet he can't name a single case where white supremacy was the case that they referred to the DOJ is pretty nuts. So, Nina Janco, it's came out and was named you know she's a and 1/2 months pregnant, which is great. Congratulations your about to take a job.

Should you be taking a job.

He never was pregnant for three months. The judge took a job during during his calling was God for to my but we didn't get any delivered realist and have Christmas and he didn't have a replacement title it so whose management named whatever it is you take paternity returning whatever it is I get it, but it would you say listen, you might want somebody else to the job about to give birth will know you can take the job but okay who's gonna be the acting person until you come back. I don't have any problem with that, but now we need to know okay if it's not her, who's going to fill in until she gets back from attorney Billy so we understand to we don't really have impression for this, but now we got the fake news police so my orchids testified two days ago that he missed a disinformation government board has recently been created days after my you on much purchase of twitter. And by the way, we heard about this. He just tweeted discomforting must posted on Twitter the board executive is Nina Janco, which she previously served as a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, which is really great and stuff that doesn't matter.

Subject was told NPR that she shudders to think about more free speech on social media platforms. She said that last week. This is partly interview process. So here we go here she is on NPR talking about that cut 11 center to think about if free-speech absolutists were taking over more platforms. What that would look like for the marginalized communities all around the world which are already shouldering so much of this abuse, disproportionate amounts of this abuse they reach for minorities and everything they say we really talking about disinformation, turning the working class and she said, allowing order world and so she thinks it is not just a domestic one. It's a global one that she's gotta protect meanwhile I it's just it is so counter look social media, traditional media they're looking for an excuse to do the further suppression. I think one of the biggest vulnerabilities for Elon musk taken over twitter is his actual exposure of the shadow banning and the suppression that when he's able to get his tenant, as the algorithm is going to tell us about what happened and if that is real and expose what Google alphabet, Facebook, Instagram, what they're doing that I think is what they're really ultimately scared when you hire somebody at this level you go through thorough background check you and find out about their personal I think you would think, and then you also for some reason some people feel so they have to show their other talents. Nina evidently has another talent, so let's listen to what she does on tick-tock cut 13 you believe this liquid listening to it on radio and video photo. I've seen a video is pretty amazing. So we found that you think that you will bind to listen.

You pretty goodbye need to.

Can you sing I need to know you could do more with parties we have get together like to know my disinformation director is akin to more than one thing that is despite this information, which is not good at.

She missed the laptop being authentic. She also said Christopher still has gives a great speech on fake news. So this is unbelievable and may orchids couldn't answer the question. So if there's misinformation from the government that's put out about coded is that fall in the realm.

And of course my arc is punted on that right so you want to hear that. So I know you like different testimony, then we fold so I'm sure we are sure let you down Jason but here is times when Jim Jordan asked me questions now that you got this fake news bureau.

What we can do about this cut 14 when the head of the CDC, Ms. Wilensky said that the vaccinated can get the virus that undermine trust in government. Dr. Fouts when he said the virus income from the lab that undermine trust in government about the 51 former Intel officials told us that Hunter Biden story was had all the earmarks of Russian misinformation will not be something that is governance or that you just formally be look into that. Congressman disinformation board addresses disinformation that imperils the safety and security of our homeland in one of the primary areas that we are focused on is the dissemination of disinformation and its potential. Oh my goodness talk about saying nothing because a professional testifying. That's why my Arcus is the Sec. of Homeland security. It isn't because of the opulence. The terrible always awful, but I thought even if he did terrible dinner people are good like everything Chris Ray hasn't crack is like a like a stone, but you know just so William Barb William Paul. You can read him. This comes for the part to me because he's trying to sell something that is fundamentally false and counter to the core values of the United States of America. There is nothing worse going on in the way Homeland security is operating Secret Service is the responsibility that's fallen apart.

You seen the problems that they're having their homeland security in terms of of ice and at the border patrol dots not working. What is he actually point to that is working well. Perhaps the Coast Guard but I don't know about these had no success. The .2.

We have to pull some of the Coast Guard and say, could you come to shore as a going on. That's about it. We can't get to them.

So listen Jason stick around for a couple more minutes went a little but the were Ukraine and then will you promoting you you are you around here your big speech coming up.

Now I'm just here to support my friend Brian Kelly is actually run my wife on this trip so this is great yeah you not sacrificing anything know you have a family on so we can you grandchildren that your your kids don't travel with the right, no not on this trip for your grandkids that's on bullying getting older but you still look young. We come back would it take mental chase will be more and then prepare the bottom the RC it is he is anything interesting to say. I can, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me.

I sent Congress is $30 billion emergency fund to support this is a big but critically necessary. I will make sure the Senate prioritizes this important funding package so we can get help Ukrainian people fast ASAP. 33 through Bill billion dollars.

Prison asked for tumors and a portion will be stopped comes from Jason shape it's in studio farces contributor Jason we think. I think about 90 days behind the supplies that we should of been flowing into Ukraine. I think they should of been done before the invasion once and started lick logistically the United States of America is second, and we are the best in the world can we handle the political will to do things, but boy, we're still slow.

I don't blame Congress for the preparations were there.

The weapons were there the administration is dispensed super slow. How unbelievable is it that China going to the Wall Street Journal today is going to level off the purchase of the Russian oil and pipe didn't buy from run. Not great but that's unbelievable in Germany is well on its way to getting off oil and gas from Russia. We thought that was good to be take forever. We we doubted their their focus on doing it but it's happening this pretty amazing that funds the war machine. I think there was this political perception that Russia would roll in and win this thing in a matter of days or maybe a couple weeks but now that were much further into it.

Russia ultimately is going to be a loser there going to be in a protracted war and I think China and Germany are saying we gotta get out of this. Gordon Chang has a great op-ed out think it's in Newsweek and he talks about China's biggest threat to them according to his presidency is decoupling. If they don't have relationships with other parts of the world for good's rocksolid trading partners then their economy collapses and so there decoupling in the recognizing that Russia that their poor nation and their losing this war and that it's not worth giving up instead of the relationship with the United States so I want general cases. Don't give the bladder point is not given up on take and keep still and then bombing and shoot like sending rockets into keep with the UN general secretary there and then denying Bulgarian Poland.

Their natural gas, forcing them to do with. Maybe they will going to slowly do, but do it right away. These bad moves on the service I don't I don't see these being, I don't care if you if you grew Russian up these bad moves for them is becoming increasingly irrational and that's a scary thing.

I think Gen. Kane is right and it's scary when you get that big a person with nuclear weapons and interfere rational state not healthy not help does look southeast all monies are sent with their Easter Sunday doesn't look good. I you do. I think it right.

Microenvironment food and more sit ups but yeah I got I think you're very good shape Jason to think) the talkshow that's getting you talking you are with Brian kill me. We inherited broken and dismantled system that is already under strain is not built to manage the current levels and types of migratory flows. Only Congress fixed you have effectively managed unprecedented number of noncitizen to enter the United States. That is some of the disastrous testimony of Sec. my Arcus join me now in studio Brett Barrow had Jim Jordan last night or just wipe the floor with him yesterday.

Brett welcome back Barbara, so good. Now I know one of the questions you asked Jim Jordan was what about theatrics you not really getting things done. Sometimes you could see right through it. When I saw from him and others, just anger and frustration is watching the whole southern border fall apart correct.

Not sure about that because I watching things are talking a border patrol officer.

My only point was the only apartment, and so now some people go after substance in and try to get answers others you know, go for commercials for their reelection campaigns.

So what you write the issue itself is problematic to say the least politically more children, not just in those border states, but other states and all that you have to know is that Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan from New Hampshire is a campaign commercial ad trumps border wall in Texas so that tells you everything you need to know about the issue and how important it is true, was the craziest things I've seen is the announcement of this so-called fake news police. It's got to be coming out now this Nina Janco it's our show services disinformation czar sounds like to me and I don't know how to be implemented with the penalty. Gotta be whiskey to be the judgment was to be the focus. Could you tell me about this. I can't. I can't even tell you that I believe I know that that's what they're saying but it's hard to believe that there actually pitching with that person. It I can't believe in a deposit Congress that this is going to move forward. I just can't. I have sec. my work is on Fox News Sunday this weekend and this is one line of questioning that. I mean these.

I guess it she is something she said the past, but the laptop thing. She said the best about Christopher Steele. I mean she might be the worse even owes her resume looks fine.

Her actions make her look terrible and I think she's eight months pregnant. I congratulate or take a job not to be able to start.

That's why say I can't believe that I should know the pregnancy part but I can't believe that this is actually real.

I kind of feel like I know we're just kidding, but so far they're not and you look at some of those issues whether the hunter laptop with the Wuhan lab whether it's other things that actually were called conspiracies and we couldn't put them out on Facebook or twitter and then months later turned out to be what people are talking about so this doesn't seem like it for so that's the one thing I said it was pretty good hypothetical that Jim Jordan throughout him gently. Arcus here's here's an example of let's see if love the quell is the crackdown will take place even against the Biden administration cut 14 when the head of the CDC, Miss Wilensky said that the vaccinated can get the virus that undermine trust in government.

Dr. Fouts when he said the virus can come from a lack did not undermine trust in government about the 51 former Intel officials told us that Hunter Biden story was had all the earmarks of Russian misinformation will not be something that this governance or that you just formally look into that. Congressman disinformation board addresses disinformation that imperils the safety and security of our homeland in one of the primary areas that we are focused on is the dissemination of disinformation and its potential. Yeah, I guess you yes because the CDC did give under the misinformation right every time you got it.

Any account suspended by Twitter when you said, I believe that the virus came from a lab in China that suspended so I guess on these people can be jailed about early on whether it was you saying you didn't need abashed or later on saying the efficacy of Basques and then coming out later in saying all in reality it doesn't really work in no way depending on the mask you where I mean whatever the all of the different iterations of the mastication from beginning throughout in the evolution of that. It's just bizarre to think that this is the answer and I I can't believe that this is just not a shiny thing to focus on for the right. I don't know what the purpose of why this is being launched right now other than it takes attention away from something else I'd I don't know that could be that he would so much the last couple days that may be that could be a part of the present makes his announcement to give 37 NE $33 billion and for Ukraine's it is so much coming at them. It will be a lot of focus. I that's an interesting embodiment used to do. They used to throw you know when I had a tough week they would throw up things at the wall knowing that about wooden stick, but that it would generate all kinds of coverage of something and in reality they were covering up the fact it was really bad week right is superb.

What is your take on Elon musk in the in the reaction to it.

I think it's telling you know how many heads are exploding over it. I think you guys played on Fox and friends looked at on on social media did Ari Melber doing his thing about you know someone owning twitter could could exclude people over there if you turn something up or turn something down and just what it was a bit I think it's really telling me about who's having a big problem with it and who's gonna waiting to see what and right now he sees the other good time with you surprise these tweeting about this surprise at the sketch that we woke up to today is a look at me in 2008 yet is a big timeline in the middle is moderate leftist Democrat right is Republican, has himself on the left in between way left and in between. Then he gets to the middle and now he has himself center-right. He said because he believes a paraphrase of the Democrats have gone way woke so does kind of dropped the veil little bit in saying that you know that about eight I've changed because the Democrats of change in his view, yeah. And I think the big thing is trolling people. I booked for billions of dollars to troll. I wonder you know on the business side alleys to put all this together is the richest man in the world, but it's it's on paper and you gotta have the money to make it stick.

I'd I do think that the Basu's tweet about how much investment China has intestinal and how he's beholden to China.

He kind of walked back a little bit, but it I bet you start seeing some of that like concerns about Elon musk ties to China and what that means for freedom of speech from critics and I think you know all of this talk about regulation surprisingly is coming. Not surprisingly, after he buys twitter right so Sue happens because we know Tesla's lot of money originally battle to he's concerned about money and wealth. If you read look back at his timeline, we humans lost everything.

A few times he could be retiring on some island and only island which he wants you know he wants to be in the arena, but in the arena, lest hobos have Ukraine. The $33 billion in the requesting I imagine Tied to something the Democrat, the republics can stomach.

They're going to get it into a checking told me today though. For those people think Ukraine is 1 cup 31. I think we should still remind ourselves.

While the flight is taking place in the South that is really a very intense fight. As these forces join not only from and has given up completely on toppling the entire country and settling continuous bombardment as part of that strategy lowers either some strategies here. One is the ground forces strategy to seize terrain and destroy Ukraine ground forces. The other thing is to break the will of the people by the continuous bombardment.

I mean, but that seems like such a long shot.

Do you agree I do and I think the more the military is more that is a long shot Ukrainians to put up a really stiff battle, but I do agree with Gen. Keene that the thought that you could just somehow cut off Don box in the East and Crimea and then put will be satiated, go his own way. I don't think that that's real. I think he reconstitutes and goes back at it and at least that's the history of Russia's operated for. I do think that there is pushback inside the US about know as we're facing all kinds of economic questions and then looking at a Q1 that is down 1.4% no.

33 billion is 33 billion, and while it means a lot in the world picture. There may be starts starting to say when the dollar figures stop flowing into Ukraine so something I pretty encourage that the Europeans doing things I never expected because of the threat of losing oil and gas which is directing happening to Bulgarian Poland Germanys made a move know. Up until this point, they relied on a rush for 55% of the natural gas needs Moscow's invasion. Since then there down to 35% in the gotta get even lower. By the end of the year.

German officials said they hope to be drawing less than 1/3 of the countries gas from Russia when it comes to oil they see 25% of the cold and only 35% of their oil is coming from Russia and the Wall Street Journal they can get down to zero. This year, I mean that that does fund the Europeans are there best customer and it does fund the Moscow war machine that could do a lot a really good thing if you really want to hit Russia you would sanction in oil and gas and actually have affected the sanctions against that and in dealing with those banks don't kick in until mid June, and others are full of holes for the Russians to continue to sell oil, which they're doing promise make more money now than at the beginning of the war, but if Europe does that it changes their appetite for Russian energy that really is.

Yesterday was almost unexpected breadth picture panel today and have they been informed could I be blowing the secret people in the secret but it so I know this that we are working on locking down the panel, but they will be in studio, which has been a wonderful change interact with people you've been doing for a while on the curvy couch, but special reports just get back in the game. I'm only okay all right stay in Florida.

That's one lonely all right thanks so much for the great show) 186-640-8766 I back because moment this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel yeah Brian kill me. He's got a new show on Saturdays because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true though that really hurts one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian, is so busy he'll make your hands for Brian and kill me tennis the 17th decision never taken once the file you want to or you want to's online ready while all of the well. The fact that we get to try and entertain you and spend time with you isn't absolute privilege for me every single person makes the show. Here's to the next 12 months and is going to be lost. I promise you that Sirs got 12 more months and James Gordon to be out move on. That's unbelievable. I think by far is the most out the guy late night and he's moving on, let's go back to find out if there's more to know three years old and he's an actor, singer, and James Gordon says going to do some things go back to the light. I can't like right away and can't stand that more movies and then acting before he liked the thing though like I saw the other day Nicholas Cage doesn't show a lot of celebrities like Michelle like the sound show that he's in Los Angeles, different things right like the carpal karaoke and that you going to the mall the street and sing and dance.

I think it's sort of refreshing right he's a full you can see Jimmy Cantwell. Jimmy found a nobody cares.

I think the reason is fairly great but gets a lot of YouTube and clicks there and it was a procedures job Craig Kilborn. I think starting first one and then Ferguson came in next Craig Ferguson and then he takes over when Craig Ferguson didn't get the CBS show is like advising that part is easy only when there is no tolerable something I know a lot you deftly semi-goes out of his way not to be political, so let's find out. There's even more than I like that story a marriage American sets for different alarms to wake up and up over 2000 adults, one quarter typically say 24% sleep in a bit because they believe it helps the relationships of six and 10 claim hitting the snooze button getting more sleep helps them with a better better lifestyle.

Furthermore, 71% think the amount of sleep they get directly impacts their social health and on average how many times it is morning.

I haven't had in a while. As I started doing the extra New York hits like the extra yelled local hits it up even earlier so I cannot earlier than 220 earlier than two to an auto.

I live about 220 backing off a little bit okay yeah I might still be sleeping all day next 70 and seven is the magic number when it comes to sleep for middle-age older Americans. This research from the University of Cambridge find a new study examining data from nearly half a million people in the UK in China.

From the age 38 to 73 researchers asked participants about their sleeping patterns and team found it both insufficient and excessive sleep duration had a connection to impair cognitive performance. That's true sleep too much. Don't you feel lacked a little thought, but I think seven hours for you would be sleeping too much. I'll be I get up in physical pain.

Next, Tropicana is unveiling his serial meant to be with orange juice, fruit company said the followers of the Instagram page will have the chance to win a box of Tropicana crunch described as the first cereal made from OJ the honey almond cereal is designed to be even with orange juice instead of milk quote prepare your mind and cereal bowl for an unforgettable aggressive preface experience. Tropicana said the specifics of the giveaway will be unveiled on May 4 on Instagram when you do it when one is genius.

Yes, if you could sell people on the need to have orange juice in their cereal. It's another reason you get orange juice down to buy milk anymore listed putting a cereal that is putting forth. You have young kids yeah but aren't you sincerely thinking my mouth next generation LAC one in three adults never clean up on their lazy. I had no idea whether they just spell it out later third of Genji respondent say don't pick up their dog is kind of disgusting next.

And finally, this is the first pick in the draft and how it sounded last night was or not Jaguar select trade on Walker Marine family is going to be great. Jaguar is needed to have a lot of talent out there young talent once they do that rebuilding the city and Jackson will be in a better place to be over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber and listen. Now Fox is not

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