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DOJ Declares Political War on Conservatives

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 10, 2022 1:11 pm

DOJ Declares Political War on Conservatives

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 10, 2022 1:11 pm

The FBI’s unprecedented raid on former President Trump’s home is a declaration of political war on conservative Americans. Trust between the American people and government entities under the Biden Administration has been broken. Jay, Jordan and the Sekulow team discuss. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell joins the broadcast. We’re also joined by Representative Jim Jordan on today’s broadcast of Sekulow.

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Sekulow Radio Show
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DOJ service by Congressman Jim Ricker now as well. That's the second half hour of the broadcast want to ignore your call. State, 164. 31.

If you got questions about the FBI raid. I love others even view of the Democrats is not really radio what else you call it when it's no notice of the show. They went into Rajasthan's house with a call right So again we want your calls of the 164 3110. We believe again. It's political war is been declared by multiple government agencies on you on conservatives study of the great start with this unprecedented move against present truck.

Remember they got after grassroots Americans before the IRS. As Lindsey Graham said yesterday 87,000 new IRS agents is bigger than the UK's military 87,000 and he's calling IRS army to come after middle-class working Americans. The backbone of our country. But again, I think there's a lot of questions out there. We hope to answer as much as we can. Today on the broadcast at one 800 684 31 to because that were not just this lot is not present. Truck literacy Congressman Scott Perry yelled walking with his family. FBI's walking up to the three gadgets, seizing his phone yet which is a lot of issues I get member Congress will he is with his family. It just seems like there it's all publicity stunts while minutes it and it's not just the publicity of we have look at something else here for the separation of powers of the executive branch now going after members of Coppola pursuing up the President and unprecedented way in the art nation's history. We never had this happen ever so if you wanted documents that they thought were at the President's resident for President's residence in Florida sent a subpoena subpoena Dukas taken subpoena for the production of documents, but they'll do that they escalate everything up to this heightened level of angst I mean unbelievably so, and then the next day they pick up a Congressman grab his phone download all his material, right and there's reports that others may be subject to this, so the FBI is doing something that is totally unprecedented completely unprecedented here and I think we just have to be competent of the fact that what we've seen development what we've seen happen creates it does weapon eyes the FBI. But you know are we shocked this is the ghost of Muller past. That's what this is and this can be all this hype about what's down there and then you end up with a 800 page report, which basically had nothing and they and they did this for documents that that is something else. Outrage everywhere because this is it it it is to get us unprecedented move its attack on you as a conservative, and they want an army of ages to come after you.

Also I'm I'm done talking about how great the FBI frontline is. I think that there are people left on their frontline who do great work, but I bet they're the minority.

I think it's a totally corrupt I think Jim Jordan will talk about within the whistleblowers and said they purging the people out so anything emanating from Washington DC's control, but is being carried out by bureaucrats who also hate the former President and they don't like conservatives. They don't like your viewpoint. They don't like when you say drain the swamp because often times that means getting rid of their useless job. You know there's somebody over the summary people that are just unnecessary. The federal government to be so much more smoothly so when you say that you not to say I want to change the priorities the FBI are saying I want to get rid of a lot of these people. We need to get rid of a lot of these jobs are unnecessary. The federal government. We was there for color cellular main IRS headquarters. There's nobody there that anybody is not there was an office there should should not have a job because there obviously not that valuable.

Instead, were they doing their spending their time playing politics with the weapons of the federal executive branch, and they're all law enforcement agencies get. We have a CIA, the FBI's was be forcing drug cartels not looking for peace. Think about that reading homes over paper stealing your phones and for the Congressman's kid, one 864, 31 to the talk to us on the air we nice Before you drug cartels leaders raiding homes like this literally. I think it becomes that we don't do it if it comes down to this piece of paper because you have the nice letters between you and Kim's are good and really wanted this and archiving. You make a copy of it at me like that kind of thing so they could raid a house for nine hours. By the way, because you then.

Now they live documents to Pfizer. What would what would put the from line here.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but they had nine hours in the complainant whatever they wanted. This is an FBI that's done this before to Donald Trump. They've lied to the Pfizer court changed an email let me specific, a lawyer with the FBI change the content of an email altered evidence to say the exact opposite of what the email actually said and then use that buys a warrant to do what to get a.they use that in the Pfizer court to get a warrant a foreign intelligence surveillance warrant, an American citizen.

So what will you we should be shocked. The only say this I before units are. Did anybody put evidence or not we cast the fundamental question in the fundamental question all this is what is the basis upon which they had to go to that level of seeking a in obtaining a search warrant from a magistrate and that's what the court and I asked the question what is normally the Beulah document dispute you'd subpoena the documents. I wonder if there were ever at subpoenas issued for documents here from and it was a clever litigation is nothing that we know of right means we don't normally so I think the question ending the fundamental question is why was this act necessary, which escalates already political tension that you said yourself what's the part. Why would you do this right now and that's the question Jordan politically. You know this and this doesn't help them. The Democrats God's foot down from front and center. It's made him a martyr already looks like the per political persecution that looked like the political persecution of Donald Trump continues and what we know we tie this into how it affects all of you with such as the politics of 2022 or 2024. But it's also that they want to treat you the same way. That's why they want to double the size the IRS. They want you to have that same temperature whose enemy knocking on my door because of my political views because I happened to support you of America first gender or or or a maggot candidate and so and we see the derogatory terms that the ultra maggot. This maggot that bag a and it's always backfired on the Democrats. I will say the upper for what political place last week.

This move happens and you start thinking there could be a lot of people to vote against Democrats which doesn't always hit your of the line, but if you add those people. People who are who are voting for candidates they like you can start seeing wave elections because people are just saying you know what yet the they're incompetent to leave bad actors weapon eyes any agencies yet. Mayor Carlin who can't take pressure so the left was upset with him for the last year about not doing things like this. Now he's doing all the stupid things that they were. It's like he's doing what the liberal activist said raid the house and he honestly wasn't real moving forward. That way they felt the pressure and if you're heard the guy talk. He's not fighting back hard in these meetings what you siding right off on what his advisers.

I think the whole problem with this administration as they have young advisors who are extreme liberal activist, shoving the paper get signed off with no experience right so that you do.

I think this is a problem when this is watching from was going to take Mario's call from Marilyn think it's right on point here. Hey Mario and Michael so I was calling because the two of them are young conservative white open and I live in DC and Bob, you know, for most, I would be that like the initial part like my adult life I nearly think about FBI, with the rate happening everything it took to begin and at this point right it becoming so powerful. My question is how can everyday people like me, you know you any trust or the successor trustee right now. Leave your conservative fist working Washington DC and you work for anybody who's a candidate area 11 officials office.

Yes, I read do not trust the FBI to put want to be fair to lie that's the starting point.

Don't don't just know trust at all, especially if your father politics. The weary question. Assume the worst. You can say that because we have evidence of them. Assuming the second IRS. I assume the worst because I've evidence of that during the worst using their power to target Americans because of their political views.

The base that is what they did to Donald Trump that he happened to be the four present United States would set precedent. But it's done because I do not like his political views and his message and they thought they could get him and the other part of this is actually what they can get away with it, which they did, and if it is the sales and all use of this in all of the checks that go into government making a decision and of this magnitude. You would think somebody would send you know. Politically, this can cause unrest in the country legally can't we ask the man the documents to a subpoena or another process and why would we escalate this to somewhere along the way, the system should've said stop this, just like the system should've said when they when Bob Muller knew after weeks. There was no rush occlusion shut the investigation down but instead they try to try to turn into instruction as a real hit the FBI to say they took him from the guy who set up the people got intense trouble from the Cordillera got convicted of the kidnap the governor of Michigan, the Democrat would mimic any realize that was an FBI sting operation and it was a total set up that guy who failed their is leaving that the this investigation got promoted, so this is also proper like Microsoft but they promote the worst inside organizations. This is a guy that Popeye court say don't know what to to not guilty's to to mistrials because this was just to sting the that none of these people had any interest at all in the FBI was again in the wrong I don't really take that first they said let's make Washington DC and put them in charge of investigating former President of the United States. He couldn't do a local Michigan.

He had trouble there with the court could give single conviction or try to kidnap the governor because they said this is entrapment put him in charge of Washington.

Could you fail up in the bureaucracy as long as you're on on board with them.

You fail up losers get appointed higher and higher because of the political views that are that make those in charge that are in line with those charged so doesn't matter that they they bungle Michigan look like it at lately that she did the interviews FBI career, not a promotional Washington DC which is the biggest field office outside of the main headquarters was the most powerful bill of us to meet at New York are the tests and disregards are the two most powerful but I think we have to. I think we have to realize here is exactly what you said the bureaucracy and Exodus about the RS Allstate here. These agencies are incapable of self-correcting so all of the checks in the system failed here everything that would've said no we should do this know we should do this note went up to the associate Atty. Gen. the door. The Dag know we should do this and what happens instead it gets approved and it gets approved in an unprecedented way and it politically is going to backfire already has. And if your conservative and the Congressional office and Congressman are being picked up the beach with with three FBI agents approach him, never asking for the data before from what comes from various said yes yourself, what else is going on here and I think that's the fundamental problem of you when you take a lack of accountability out you have is a runaway bureaucracy is very good that Jim Jordan is joining us has taken steps and so has becomes maternal and look if the Republicans take back the house and Senate Mayor Carla jobs me very uncomfortable season at the answer for these actions, but you know what's can happen. Here's my prediction with this investigation and that they went in this rate and I don't have any insight into this other than just practicing law for 44 years.

Here's like my theory.

I think this is good to be a Muller investigation. This cannot be anything there but they get these moments Roger Stone's house but you know man-of-war touts now the President's house and we shot that is progress from political operatives to the former President. I'm not but if people ask and call and say how do we trust the bureaucracy. The answer is just like the BRS exactly Jordan said to not trust the bureaucracy is not just a leadership. Those agents went down there to do this.

Nobody set Jesus the right thing to be doing for the country. Give it a quick at the endpoint. If you believe that directions are getting close their whistleblowers reported talk without Congressman Jim Jordan XA. I would dive into more with him how he feels about the FBI as a whole the end of record as they rejoice in the next segment of broadcast next half hour. I don't neck segmenting canisters yet so were to talk to him.

Also the politics of this I he I told Mr. to come as a seal, J. Without that the super pack That he runs for President trump so I get it. Will talk about all this. Take your calls to us or keep call and we can take because what we've got Rick on 1-800-684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110. Stay up-to-date on everything and I'm serious, I've shifted from this viewpoint of all, let's say, but does everybody else. The FBI's wonderful now. They don't have to prove that we should trust the lost all trust is a synthetic color trust. Nothing of the federal government right now zero from any agency but especially the law enforcement agencies start their make them prove that their trustworthy these agents.

These whistleblowers are telling you their purging out conservative settings. If the company you they already have a distaste for you because they been politically chosen to be leaders inside the bureaucracy we said oh here we want to bring about and make this leftist FBI to promote him. Dr. promotes that the concert effect remake the field right back to your phone calls to one 800 681 to start giving those in that's one 800-6841 one survey question about the for the FBI raid.

What happens next. And in this general line of feeling and I think that it's right to feel that way that the federal government and weapon eyes to gives you Donald Trump. The center point but now they want 87,000 new IRS Army to come after you.

That's the Army that's gonna come after you. We had a conversation I trust the effervescent we said no numerous washers like the artist if the record now are set in get supervisor for policy Nash. During us again today on the broadcast rictus right off the bat in anatomy 24 hours or more into this. Your overall reaction.

II feel like the base of support for President trump like double overnights again. It woke up a lot of people who were not yet reengaged the political process.

Yeah, I agree there's been a lot of moments across this country for people are watching the situation and is staying there really going after Donald tromping in a personal way or attacking him.

This at his home and so II think that the paradigm has shifted by the end what I'm hearing consistently is people saying that the buying administration overreached and are being way too political with the Justice Department acting mostly to the written one of things I think is probably the overreached and it probably is usual with these things under deliver. And that is that you know that they this is a very dramatic mood by the Department of Justice and one of things I said earlier was no counterchecks within the agencies to say you know is this the right thing to do to maybe ask Neil keep negotiations going to subpoena documents instead of executing a search warrant on the President for President so so they exit completely wrap this up and the thing that has me concerned if someone's been involved in legal practice for 43 years now and also as Neil represented the President but also as a private lawyer in defense cases. Generally, these agencies start with the IRS.

We use that is the best example are incapable of self-correcting and now it's getting down to the Federal Bureau of investigation is the same FBI who had a FBI lawyer, Lila Pfizer Cortina Faisal Mark in which Jos now all they went up the former Presidents resident, that's okay.

Were you trust that I think the Internet has to be no so the question is you been involved in big bureaucracies in government are we at that. We at that tipping point of inability self-correcting yeah I mean I think that there agencies and they are unable to self-correcting.

That's a great point. I don't believe that they will have enough kind of self reflection to say let's fix this and he certainly resigned from the Pfizer warrant. They continued down the road. Even though there are many that were seen in the disaster that was unfolding.

They continued to call Donald Trump, a Russian agent even though they knew that it was wrong. Thousands every critic is Rick real quick. I just reconnected the site. I think that's that's right, you they still that is still the narrative on the left all the stuff you cover the Russia hoax. The impeachment wide impeachment to the special counsel they don't feel I can leave that was wrong. They feel like know that it would so so ridiculous about this as I got Rick. I go back to the that's the I call this the ghost of Muller past many weeks into the investigation and you are the DNI Avenue weeks into the investigation that there was no rush in collusion yet take the bureaucracy even within the special counsel's office This thing agitated and going so that they went on to the obstruction issue which they can never establish either so I think when you look at all of this, it begs that same question is, you know, the politicization of the of the agencies is very dangerous for a constitutional Republic like the United States and then put these agents did it picked up Congressman Perry yesterday walking with his family to self-correct the same thing that we see not only with the rice in collusion with Hunter by laptop and it's is the same people are unfortunately sought that we lose Michigan. Gary Beck is requesting the same people to if you are is it that that's it for states rights of the guy who's in charge now. The Washington field office is running this, the FBI was the same guy got in trouble for entrapment of American citizens who were supposedly going to kidnap the machining of Democrat governor and the cases were all thrown out to dismiss to mistrials and he gets promoted to investigate to be the lead investigator of the former President of the United States, something that is height, with a lot of issues, even if it was a legitimate investigation.

So it's like you could fail up inside the FBI. These law for safety. So long as you have the right politics will look at that to mean this guy and his promotion is one of the best example to sell the politics has little slowly permeated what's happening inside DOJ because when you are selected and promoted because you've been very political and you done next political investigations. They are prioritizing politics. This is the level that we can we see unprecedented rictus is never happened in our history where it apparently over documents. I medicinally seal somebody committed a violent crime hearing.

Neither the FBI's going in on a violent crime. This is allegedly the women seen the warrants. I don't know, I'm a bit apparent.

All the reports indicate this is over documents and they went and executed a search warrant on the former President, who everyone knows is about to announce at some point in the near future. The President said the other day. They can run for President in the late they execute a search warrant on his residence over documents. Don't you think it's a little everything in Washington DC leaks against Donald tromping everything but the warrant hasn't really I think that that's really high and for me it just shows the political nature of what's happening. This is over documents.

It's scary that they resorted to this and I don't believe for one second that Diane and Susan Rice didn't get a wink and a nod as to what was coming, but not limited who did get it. We cannot the Deputy Attorney General United States attorneys only as it is no way they were not informed of this and the way they did not authorize a data come from the top and I think this, but you don't. Mayor Garland is is they were when they used to go after Bill Barr and and Republican AG's going way back. I mean this is could you imagine if if the if the was a Republican President from the truck was in there right now and he authorizes on Hillary Clinton now even now, but when Hillary Clinton had the whole issue with documents okay including classified documents on the server in our house, did they ever issue a search warrant of their residence course not. Maybe next time. No to that. If I can make one other point person that Hillary Clinton blamed for sending her classified information on her printer with Jake Sullivan who got promoted national security advisor sheet Lane J. Jake was the fall guy and he still became national security advisor with an access user compartment. As you fail up inside their federal government. That's why I think this they change the paradigm lamp Donald Trump wrote is likely run for President becomes President of the premier of salicylic that now because I think this is okay what you said said that. Still, that's to live and what about the Job I decision-making. Did he really not have anything to do with going after's number one political opponent. As of right now is Donald Trump third world government. Yes, it makes America Lahore, which is not in good very much that we realize we accepted deal with it and work work on it so I appreciate your joining us significant work about Carson.

Jim Jordan is going to be joining us as well. She noticed that it was a call will take for your phone calls we come back at one 800 684 30 went to how angry are you at the by the ministration of the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be now $10 gift becomes 20 oh becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family.

You forgive today online keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan secular Arab secular short of money. Carson, Jim Jordan, who greatly flagged all this for us before this all happened back in a letter. Got this of July 2, 27, we said that the whistleblowers of learned that that what we get the pressure of the best domestic violent extremism of the second page of the letter to Chris for Ray. He wrote, we also multiple whistleblowers disclosed how the by the FBI's conduct equal purge of FBI employees holding conservative views of Congressman Jim Jordan will be joining us in this half hour then got a lot of explaining to do here. Okay, both on the on the nature of what happening. They need to make all the press conference.

You can't disclose the nature of the case and discuss what led to this incident.

Okay, because the only thing didn't have was zero frogmen, and the like they did with Roger Stone in the water. Maybe they did. I've no idea. But this shows you absurd rentals to Gabbert as as as many people have spoken out against across the political spectrum. There was much insight these things are what happened in banana republics or dictators have federal agencies, including law enforcement to act as their own personal goon squads.

This is something that every American should be extremely concerned about because this raid is just the latest serious escalation of this disturbing trend that we've seen of blatant abuse of power by those in power to not only protect their friends but to target their political opponents are frankly anyone who dares to dissent or challenge or disagree or even question what this administration is doing in their number of examples that we can point to not only abuse of power within the Department of Justice within the FBI or law enforcement agencies but also the department of homeland security and the IRS site. There is a again the list of agencies. Yes, let's go to Marcus California.

Marcus takes a hold on your on the wall during all this, claimant needed greatly but bargaining is all the lies and false accusing white Downtrodden goal after you answer them for quality: harassment, look at me. It's got to have initiated some of his lawyers have initiated lawsuits there that's that. Those are very difficult to win.

This is an ugly political environment. But what they fail to understand here is another Republican thinking about running for President. This probably change her calculation because that's early, like Jordan, he would say it's early but change the political calculation because all of a sudden they created. By doing this action a martyr and an rice a morning date, they raided his house, execute, or in the legal term executed a search warrant on his personal residence. The nature of that action, in and of itself escalated escalated the political aspect of this legal aspect of this. So I think the concern has to be as an American citizen is we don't want our agencies doing this and that is my concern here it change it and it like you said Jordan. How were viewed internationally. It looks like a joke. The idea weakens our country significantly. When you have this kind of division of the country, such as politics, but having full observation where the half the country doesn't even trust the institutions of government, not that that's the don't like the politicians attendance. One thing the prunes of the world gees of the world. They look at us this they left. They laughed because were were putting up political opponents to the same kind of political persecution that they do we condemn them for how on earth we condemn them for doing that kind of political motivated law enforcement here. They all use the rule of law as dictatorships and they called Trump the dictator. This is the guy being persecuted.

This is the guy who showed up at his house and shut the Job. I just didn't show up in hunt provides us that not showing up at again. Hillary Clinton so they didn't show for Jacoby's. After he took on execute word search warrants meaning for the they were negotiating.

This is what so ridiculous. The double standard is so the hypocrisy here is incredible again. Yeah. So federal anybody federal Safeco. You don't don't trust him because if the good people inside the federal government. Fourthly, I don't think enough of the left, they should quit. They have another option. They should no longer be part of this so-called law enforcement country. Politics is overrun less persuasively talk to that but I think we to assume that these actors that were there creating quite oppressive to go after them politically to and I am not someone who says by the way for public is get charge these agencies. They should use the same related intimidate or why not this is that this is okay now it's okay so should we assume that every of former President is going to be rated because there clinical opponents fear them don't like them still being involved the everyday silence the guy to a program he can barely play a soundbite on broadcast because were were on social media right now. Nothing. Okay, but they still subsist with him because they fear him politically in the movement that he created but your it creates a person for these Democrats who are always the ones in real trouble. After the kids smoking crack with prostitutes and doing deals with China and their dads and their rent for the big guy the 10% cut and and they really want the FBI politically. I when we put it off. Conservatives, which concerns would never do. This is the address of the incident.

The end of the day. Conservatives never do it but I want to talk about process. You are permitted to not worry about the precedents that's I think that's right because they know that the conservatives would never do that to be significant service. Well here's the issue in a situation like this and it appears that this is the case that this is a document issue right. That's what everything indicates that this was a dispute over documents. Why would you not start a process of of it in civil litigation about subpoena Dukas Tinkham subpoena for the production of documents which you would do this was a question of what documents belong in the archives, in which don't. Which are Presidential which are personal, which are political, which don't belong in this and is been an ongoing discussion okay between the archivist on the dozen attorneys and President drums. When I when I am led to believe now is the you believe.

Then something needs to be produced. You use a subpoena for the production of document not a search warrant residence of the former President tries search warrants are because there is threats to national security because there's criminal that crimes are being committed because evidence may be destroyed because you have to preserve it. That's not the case here today are colleague in the first impeachment trial.

Alan Dershowitz issued a statement on this. Take a listen Ray is supposed to be a last resort. But this administration has used the weaponization of the justice system against its political enemies into rested people denied they all put them in handcuffs use all kinds of techniques that are not usually applied to American citizens and just hope this rate has a justification if it doesn't have a destination. The material season. It will be suppressed really know what they got me purportedly came out with 13 boxes, but I want to go back to the fundamental here this just it does remind me the ghost of Bob Muller past because with all of the tumbled and then later executing warrants against all these people and then on Russia.

Nothing so it's all this build up any all this hype and then nothing. Well that's what happened with smaller army.

They told us this was going to happen and that was gonna happen and we knew and we you know we have this evidence and we have that evidence and in reality is nothing came out because it was nothing there. What they did to Jordan. As you said was that an FBI agent. Actually, the PI lawyer change in email submitted to a FISA court to get a prize of one of the Americans and the FBI did what they do. All the men they could find their phones.

Remember that we want the evidence of somehow they're gone and there like Lisa pays for it is God as special counsel's office during the others office under his watch. They let the evidence be destroyed when some and bring an investigation against him is Bob Muller how should be rated. I mean this is the price that they are starting to set and I just I just say watch out because there is a new conservative group that's been forming.

They know that and then doubt that the Republicans of their of their generation. So you start setting. This is the norm. It will happen to them to because I think that there is a new group coming up that will not be as afraid that should all be go back to normal. Or we don't do this to each other. Yes, but if this is the norm that we have to operate in politically no trust of of for now of federal agents and be prepared for political, as I called it its political war. Use every available option. You can you fight back President Joe Biden was on Jimmy Kimmel will evening talk shows in June of this year. Listen to this listener. This response, take a list but the Republicans don't play square. Why do you play square you will guess what if we do the same thing they knew our democracy will literally be in jeopardy monopoly with somebody who you know Walt Pascoe will follow any of the rules and how you ever make any progress. If they're not following the rules and understand the jail.

Very funny. Okay, that's exactly what they're trying to do here. Apparently over documents. That's what it is. It's a dispute over paper. It's a dispute over documents is not a dispute over something of national security proportions and in the letter that was sent by the ranking member of the intelligence committee. He would say that if you are going to search one route then something must pose a serious ongoing threat to the national security.

That's not the case was coming up as well. I mean that you know I don't think so. I don't see the company company, a country coming to its knees over the fact that for 15 months or so they've been arguing so many months over boxes of documents that have had that have occurred and then to go to a magistrate and get this.

I don't understand this could beat this thing could be Jordan so benign. As far as that unit in a set they could say well we we bump up these documents were available and they would give them to us in the winter choice but to excuse artwork.

I think that's if you hear from the Justice Department. I think that's what they're going to say you yet so I think I again where people are realize here is don't think that they are correct. This is a very taken that that this unprecedented ridiculous step I thieves backfiring as we speak. They have their they have consistently made bad political decisions with the slot trying to politicize law enforcement. It might serve some of their purposes.

First, a liberal base thinks it's great but the liberal base makes up 30% at most of their party of their party and I still think they they still think Maryland through enough effort until Donald Trump is a jail. He's not doing enough but obviously he's for the pressure of his aides were a bunch of you know liberal punks and etiquette until I could jump your text meant mortgage interest you just realize she has no idea what strikers never paid any of just has no no real world experience to any of this so she could she said something like that a single person under 40,000. As you will be audited. You know that's not every first off bloating. What if I survey free for at least a stupid thing to say absolutely not, absolutely guarantee that a statement and this Abby so I say again the American people.

I know they've lost a lot of faith and trusted up both sides. The a lot of people try to check out but every time you try to check out they do something so crazy that you realize you know what I better gauge but I think blessings and this is what this is galvanized across the political spectrum of the participle of the spectrum within the Republican group. Yeah, I mean Nellis St. Lawrence government health. They were looking to secularly are the donate today. We appreciate that it might be from the outside and I like what they question the claim on what they can keep them from ever running again with everything they've got.

Okay, except it's politically join in the opposite effect. Yes, this is a it's it's because they likely have nothing because to verify if this is about pieces of paper they were in his possession. The present could declassify heavily what whatever they want classification is made of only four present in anything everything they could to get a doctor they could take the secret doctrine of the United States in it.

We've got possession and willy-nilly declassify. That's the kind of power the commander-in-chief as the bureaucracy present love that, but it's true. So you try to explain to people you needed a violent style raid hundred ages were hearing 30 going inside for nine hours over pieces of paper with almost everything printed these days is digital so that's confusing. Likewise, it is on the file somewhere buys us on a server somewhere. Why did all this physicality is so 1970s, but wants her very much. That way unless I go after cyber material.

Yeah so I mean that's that's part of this to you brother really good point.

This is normally the investigation now and in this lab we work the government is very focused on cyber issues and also cyber data when they get the Congressman. They went after his phone because the phone a lot of data. This is very different through the office now. As you all you need is the phone. The phone is as the office right here there there back to the old-style paper to go after paper really laughter. Boxes of documents because evidently there Simpson convinced some federal magistrate that there is a crime has been committed. You can get a search warrant unless you say that a specific crime is being committed or is being concealed and that the documents were seeking are evidence of the instrumentality of and the mechanisms of that crime. I'm afraid I don't see it right now right folks, we come back Congressman Jim Jordan's injurious he has for this outdated last month problems inside the FBI never see unit action yet again. I feel remiss that your joining us live on the broadcast come up next, go to for paid on all the issues order work ACLJ Congressman Jim Jordan Jordan last month of we talked about this because Geordie sent a letter to Chris to raise case kind of predicting a lot of what we've now seen in this last 24 hours. In the letter cards Jordan point out the whistleblowers of commitment disclosed how there is a purge going on at the FBI of conservative employees which we talked about that this is not just about the top seventh floor, but it will start to see this now permeate through the FBI, Carson Jordan, thanks for Geordie's let me ask you that first because this was supposed to be tell you that hey, it's not just the seventh floor anymore.

It's all the way down to FBI employees that you're conservative you're being pushed out while working with the blower. Think about at 14 whistleblowers come to an and were in the minority, so we will have a lot to do other than tell their story but they're still willing to come back because it's so bad they come to us on the school board targeting either tardy mom and dad to go to school board meeting or come into his about the January fixture coming to us about the this pressure there facing to to label and categorize all cases that domestic violence extremism case so when you have that many agents come to you as a whistleblower status that tells you how bad it is menu coupled with what what happened this week with with the President with the Congressman Terry. It just shows you how dangerous and frightening this all is Jim things that we can see after representing the President for those four years.

During the impeachments during the molar issues and then you imagine Congressman Perry is walking with his family and three FBI agents approached him to get his phone now executed work. That's my essay was a search warrant was utilized. To do this, they they are running amok of every guardrail that was set up nightly separation of powers, but just in a constitutional republic I said earlier I broadcast Jim was. No one is saying no, this is not a good idea. We should do this. That's what has me concerned right now know why I totally agree and contact is always important. Remember, it was just a year ago but we learned that Atty. Gen. issued a memo to all US attorney and use the patriot act against monster that showing up at school board meetings that happen at the prompting of the left-wing organization was talking to the White House and to deduct the department prior to Everest initial letter that with the pretext brought it to date and then you have three days ago the Democrats passing legislation which creates 87,000 agents to harass taxpayers in this country. Use your money to come harass you, the taxpayer that we have it happen to present Tom and then we at what happened to Scott Perry and that's on top of the larger and broader context of what they done to cut the top down with finally campaign impeachable impeachment to generate the committee and then incarcerate on his private residence shall that's the context you're with your right to date with Pat. Any and all constitutional guardrail that would frighten so many Americans see a pattern as Carson Jordan and when she sees the sailing off inside his agency so long history with the politics of the field agent out in Michigan who botch that whole entrapment. This was the other or try to kidnap the Michigan Democrat Gov. Witmer and in that case fell apart completely on entrapment grounds. This trial grasp and he gets then promoted to the Washington DC office to run the truck investigations. It just seems like these are the people should've let maybe lost her job, or at least been demoted inside their careers not elevated yet yet I'm sure they share the politics of those in charge.

Yeah everything and yet remember the FBI actually altered evidence to get the initial warrant on Pres. Tromp Calvin Klein lawyer at the Justice Department actually altered evidence that would in front of the court when they first started buying them present top in his campaign. So they've already proven their willing to alter evidence and you couple that with everything we've seen over the last several years and then frankly all the lies we caught the January 6 Canadian even though we don't get to sit in on the depositions we don't get to see the transcript to see the evidence we caught in a number of life that you have many other false statements that are given to the contrary that that we have no idea so that's the broader context and that's why I been out about across our district last three date and I had to.

I have no I know that I've ever seen people so concerned about where the greatest country in history I take the America where we are headed me concerned. Jim is that you look at the situation any of your outside outside the nine states looking at this you thinking this doesn't happen in the United States of America. The bastion of liberty. The constitutional republic. It doesn't happen here, but it's exactly what's happening here. I know why you how we can get detained in election day that I worked in the right country and I think there there I contented you let I think Americans are picked, and to make a big change on November 8.

I think it's common. I travel all of our district all of her estate and thanked all over the country and you can see that people are not only set up with the new pit policies that are being done intentionally to our border to inflation, to with energy to climb all the bad thing that happened and informed, but also our First Amendment Second Amendment fourth and in the due process right. And yet, you name it. Date been assaulted and I think I think the Americans in a shelter in a big way.

Nicotine discursive Gore-Tex is the key for victory in 2022 and 20, 24, is that massive turnout. That's how you get past all the doubts of the issues. These all have to turn out and vote.

Turnout our friends to vote. Remind them too much for now live or what happened to Pres. Tromp. Remember that the IRS saves the 87,000 agents. Let's all come together because I think that's the kind of turnout we need to see.

I agree completely.

I think it is made up of all kinda great people with common and to understand how bad it is under the administration what they're doing to the competition and I think they contained in them when they do, it's going to be incumbent upon Republicans to do that with that movie did act like present trumpet and actually did accomplish the things he told about her she was going to go in the office and fight for. That's what we gotta do guys I got a run at positive thing for me with us.

We appreciate anyone to follow up exactly with what the Congressman seen worse going we keep talking about unprecedented present you were US attorney works come into the treasury. This is really unprecedented. It's never happened before and on target and in the entire history of the United States. I've never known the house the residence of a former President of the United States being rated a search warrant a criminal search warrant understand a search warrant says that a crime has been committed.

Probable cause to believe and that the fruits and instrumentalities of that crime are located in that location and we need to going to get them because otherwise they will be destroyed that to the house of a former President of the United States unprecedented in the annals of American constitutional history to what you know it's there alleging of course they're going to allege that that's what they were worried about were documents being destroyed. But I would tell you something.

Be aware of the be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of the political environments are and what your escalating here and use least intrusive means and that they decided not to do. They include the least intrusive means they went with the most interest to me is that it still makes no sense to me. I think that if this is about piece of paper and scattering gnosis to a whole generation of Americans who are being honest about it is that papers generated by electronic device so it must hurt his handwritten notes. Those are his right.

This is not the way he had to go about this, but you have people under significant pressure of the radical left the vending to get this we need to say think that America was on the report because pressure ops against him because over the last year really know no movement in the Democrats are saying is you like to impeach. Repeat if he doesn't take action against Tromso create some action against Tromp, even though it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Even just looking at it on paper. They bypassed one of the stages which again you didn't have to go right to raid and allow this likely electronics and with the issue. There, why go right to search warrant rate minus because this is about politics?

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