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Prescription Cost and Roe vs Wade

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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July 10, 2022 4:00 pm

Prescription Cost and Roe vs Wade

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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July 10, 2022 4:00 pm

July 10. Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week the discussion is about How to reduce Prescription costs and Roe vs Wade being repealed.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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Ministries to use WC talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to breaking down the walls voice denomination to point man to their God assigned now here she holds will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior this is another episode talking like to welcome you to broadcast and so Roy was on your mind today will soon you we hold a lot of news lately about prescription costs. What's was talking about the leg support for listeners have opportunity to save money for the ghosting that we've got about what's going on. The economy salutes talk about word best the phone.

The cheapest prescriptions for for listeners, but you know prescription prices are, you know pharmaceutical company makes up a great deal of of what they come out with but they also want to charge for like formulations and complexity.

So I think your fate if prescription medication is higher cost to make.

Depending on the complexity of the reactions that they have to doing things like that.

That's where the cost comes in because they build all that back in the price. That's why you initially.

If you recall some of these drugs that they came out with for like age, treatment, writings like that they were unaffordable. They were like one injection was like 700 $800 and so over the course of time. However you know you get all manufacturing companies date discover what these prescriptions and ingredients are in and they go out and make sales. Yeah, you're right formulation cost test reflected back into missile. So I think that's why it's good that the government provides patent protection along the same first initial several years to recover this cost and then this other folks use their recipes and get the data access rights that something so they can use what's already been researched as their own formulations basis, then cost him to start come down but often times will see things are held up basically the umbrella keeps the prices up and that's what's good about these mail-order companies. Many of them are starting to provide other options for the consumers. So to go to the pharmacy to get some options we can go to Costco if they're looking for options within Walmart or whomever, but this mail-order opportunity present some really favorable costing for the consumers.

So what some of the details will like Hephaestus it will jump you wanted was familiar with is has a pharmacy set up as will so I got asked her other breast that which is one of the common cholesterol drugs right it's currently sales 414 60 their website's 1399 cost plugs cost-plus is $3.90 genius. is $4.50 health's $9.90 honeybee's three dollars Oro.Cove/pharmacies 990 and script is $0.54 which is kind of crazy with the grouse is probably loss leader to get people to come in such a common cholesterol drug so you know and and a lot of these pharmaceutical companies.

They use the data from other they but basically by that data from other company I get out to get their products registered in and pull it through. But you know you probably want to look into some things like exactly what the raw ingredients are because you could be buying a lower level raw ingredient even though it's passing the specification. You could get into a situation to where you know you could get yourself in trouble with respect to where that raw ingredient comes from you and again all these things supposed to be tested, but a friend coming in at the very low-end of the of the spectrum. Did you have to ask yourself the question, barely getting in their and and typically pharmaceutical companies. They try to hit for at least the mid range or above right you know whatever specification the government might you know asked him to be act in order for the drug to be retched gets good point will think if you look at the active ingredients in with the nurse or support the recipe.

Then and compare labeled label so with the Food and Drug Administration been involved has to be certain standard is met right so there will be his people, and maybe use lower quality roof tidbits on main ingredient versus a domestic produce main ingredient for the particular medicines that hits could drive the cost down and could be a quality issue for not careful. I think that would be read. Look for online reviews because people shop these other pharmacies out like Coetzee great quality. No issues or maybe there are some issues that popped up using some of these pharmacies had a course you have to be careful with the reviews as well because what you get into is you get into a situation where there people who putting reviews out there which are not true. So yeah that and and some of these individuals might be working for the company in which the drug is being produced. So you just have to do your due diligence when it comes to research and looking up various things because you know if you go off in the review, which I have a time when I buy something off Amazon and then I find out that you know there were 10 reviews that I read that were above a margin, but then you had that one or two would say it don't buy this particular product line and all of a sudden I get it. Based on the eight or nine reviews that I read a minute I get home and then I find out. Well, those one or two reviews that were on the lower level.

There were more true than that to review or 10 reviews that I I read earlier right one things I did Mrs. restore will was the source of this information is a Consumer Reports which is a nonbiased unbiased group that's a lazy route outside the these are things with check this is so from a pricing standpoint, it seems to be that they've done the work and not need to check in. Conflict vector is prohibited over pages but and look and see if there were some other data is well within within the article is a great start to the conversation absolutely is where the middle of a high cost environment cost for everything's going versus going up prescriptions going up gas is going up everyone's looking for any possible way to save money.

So this is just one option, not everybody's got prescriptions in the house which it can be a little bit frustrating sometimes we listen to the current administration that will help all Americans in one things they tell is reducing drug cost will not everybody's using drugs in terms of prescriptions, so this is one way. If you are indeed on prescriptions that have high cost of medicines is what's best for those on fixed income.

Great great way to look to save some money absolutely, and we know you know God can work through medications, you know.

Yes, you know we're living in. In this time and in our time, and so all kinds of miraculous healing. Although it does take place.

God works through different means.

If you look at that, for example, the healings that Jesus performed you know he didn't heal everybody the same way. In one instance, he spit on the ground. He put clay in a man's eyes right and then he gasped and you know what you see and then he asked another man who was blind from birth and the man he touched him and the man said well I see men as trees walking and then Jesus touched his eyes again. So he did it twice. He didn't just do it one time although that first time get out absolutely and also we can see just by this and I mean the man at the pool. Islamism are example and L. Here he is sitting down there, and Jesus asked him, he said well you know I love to be healed, but every time the angel come down the start of water.

Somebody gets in front of me. You know, in gets into the pool so and I mention this is because you know we have folks out there who say where I don't need medications and things like this but I say that God can work through any and every mean that's available and he's not limited. We put limitations on God on what we do and I know of cases Roy where there's individuals who were on medication stop medications and passed away as a result so I think you know we need to be willing to have an overall understanding picture. That number one God is not limited in number two.

If we as God's people understand the method in which Jesus healed another another instance. For example, data center in the sun. He was sick and and unto death, and and he told me say well your son is going to be healed, but as he was walking the centurion was walking to his house. All of a sudden he said to the servants, the servants came out your side until your son is here and the servants that will what time was it basically and they told him the time and he remembered that that was the exact moment in which Jesus said your son was healed so you know it it's just a blessing in which God is able to do things by all kinds of methodologies he's not limited we are the ones who put limitations on God. Yeah, that's a great great great illustration will it does go beyond the young God sometimes does use medicine. Sometimes it's his healing. I think you will need to be mindful that all he said some people some great talents out there terms, doctors development sciences to come up some great great medicines to help the whole healing process. A great illustration for sugar. Take a break. Just want to give you a quick update on our next breakfast coming up July 15 at 6:30 AM will be at our host site FCC First Christian Church in Kernersville, North Carolina. Breakfast starts at 630 speaker coming this Friday. This can speak about Albania.

He's been a pastor there for 14 years and continues to serve God and just looking to reach other people.

Hope you can join us and will be right back in just a few moments okay and so we're back now from our break and we just like to thank God and we hope that if you're in the area of High Point, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, that you can stop by and I listen to this fantastic powerful speaker who is doing a great work for the Lord any man you know it's it's just a blessing. I think all around when you have a person who was in an environment that was very hostile. Mind you, and then able to become born-again and and I think you said Roy that he grew up in that Muslim environment. He did just so you know, alleging that Gannett of itself. I think put him in a probably a tumultuous position.

You know, as a believer yet an individual score saw him out but you know God is able to do all things and and keep all things according talking and walking Christian men's ministry like to invite you to our monthly men's breakfast held every first, third and fifth Friday of each month. You enjoy fine fellowship in the Word of God break break.

The meetings are held First Christian Church 1130 N. Main St., Kernersville start promptly at 6:30 AM and have a hard stop at 8:00 AM.

Come join your host Bill Hardy and Roy Jones Junior will serve us 2 next year. We have a lot going on and I think we haven't spoke a lot about the row versus Wade started a few weeks ago. Let's talk a little bit about that.

I think it's something listen to certain variances in this very polarizing for some folks in the country. As you and I've talked about many times in the show that we need to be vocally men's groups that we need to just take a stand against abortion and you will want to things I've heard so often is what about the rape and what about the incest as relates to abortion you. We understand the normal and this is with much believers like that. They say well we still should eliminate abortion, but what about those cases of rape or incest or major birth defects. You we know that by statistically speaking of the 63 million or so abortions. It's occurred over the last 50 years roughly 50 years. I think you next year. 73 when it was first enacted that less than 1% is like .007%. I think the rapes .006% 6.2%.

Given ballpark numbers here or from did incest those those proportions of abortions that are performed so will what is a pastor and leader of people into certain follower of Christ on your heart.

How would you speak to the you listing out there. This is kind of on the fence if you will that they understand strong should be doing. Yet they were there, leaning towards this exception that we know we really need to cover the exceptions and how do you speak to that.

Well I think they'll win what anytime you have a situation where an individual was raped or you know have some incest involved within you know an interaction between two people like that and the individual conceives with the child that is a horrible, horrible, horrible act number one and no one, absolutely no one deserves to be there their body to be invaded like that in any manner agreed totally if it's if it's not consensual, but my I would ask that person who come to the point of ready to abort.

Thinking about aborting a child does the child deserve this right does the child deserve this, even though it was a horrible, horrible, horrible act there. There is life inside you, so you are making a choice for life that's in you and always go back to this way when I speak about counsel. Some women who may have, you know thinking about doing things like this and I asked him I said you know there are so many women in this country were unable to conceive. Yes, and they would love to love that child and in fact they are there organizations who actually will pay you for that woman to carry that baby full term and then give it up to adoption to you know a family who would love that child that cover all medical expenses absolute and regular stipend if you will absolutely only get a fresh start to try to help her get through the process that's a good response will think from a building top of that one thing that comes to mind when you speak with any person years down the road.

This had to make that decision about abortion you please take it were not being judgmental. If you've been in that situation you have to make a decision. We'll talk about holistic approach to our society that says it's okay and that we know that it's not so regular not being judgmental if you had to make a decision because God can help you through that one of the things that comes to mind will is that if a person is been raped. That's a wound very, very deep wound on the lady right extremely deep and only God can help heal that the second thing is, at some point down the road they're going to come up with the if they choose to have an abortion.

The second wound is going to come from that abortion may not be in the moment of the abortion. It may not be in the month of the abortion may not be your dumber, but at some point this going to come back to their consciousness that all my goodness of aborting the child.

The child do this. And then there's another one that the person has to deal with because there's just no way around when it services only God knows, but it will come back so that's my thinking is that part of the healing process. I would hope that God would show and hope that folks would see God out in that event that they been right to say father what is and how can I get through this, but let's provide us a child to another family. Let's not create a second wound is a party dealt with Artie dealt with the wound itself in terms of the rate and then they've took getting through that if they can just okay. It's going be a nonlife deal for the baby things going on with Johnny and they go out to try put that child in someone's care that will take a raise that child and that's us that we are really good thing for them to to explore and I know these agencies. Now the should be more more opportunities now that the Roe V Wade has been overturned for states to start governing whether or not abortion is completely not in there for other entities like churches, the ones that are dealing with adoption of children independent agency should start springing up to help place these children possess to one of the arguments for many many years. From the pro-abortion folks is okay or the you care about her mother.

The wound was going to come out of the come out of the monster born right so how they can be cared for his gleeful doorsteps was come pick it up and saying I think that's when the organizations and doing your due diligence comes in Roy because there's so many avenues that a person can take if they find themselves in that situation I don't so many churches so many organizations that's out there and I think for the most part that's that. The first option they come to is what repercussions am I going to get as a result of this child that maybe my mother, father, you know, don't know about right.

What are they going to think about me where my friends going to think about me you know so they keep it a secret as long as they can in the end they secretly go in and get the abortion right so I think for the most part it's the repercussions. How people were view them you know futuristic Leo going forward, and in how is my close friends going to view me and so pure pressure has a lot I think to do with a lot of decisions are made when it comes to this so you know, as believers in Christ we have a responsibility to life yeah and and as that responsibility is given to us as God has given it to us to give to others, then we speak the word of God and we speak the word of God only enhancing when you do that it takes away any opinion that you might have in reconciling. So if you speak the word of God only questions like that person get upset and they have to deal with word of God, not necessarily you don't bring up conversation as we conclude today show, GW, CME, talking and walking Christian men's ministry building a community of man to be servant leaders in their communities, churches, and work environment. Check us out our website for upcoming events and regular schedule meetings. Don't forget to send us an email or topics that you would like us to visit in the future.

Thank you for joining us today on top. Visit us WC

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