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Absurd Truth: 2024 Fitness Tips

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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December 29, 2023 3:09 pm

Absurd Truth: 2024 Fitness Tips

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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December 29, 2023 3:09 pm

Fitness coach Shannon Sutton joins us with fitness tips to consider in 2024. Meanwhile, rogue waves slam California and Google gets sued over tracking American’s private activity even without user permission.

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It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. Let's start with a happy dude. I'm going to call him Happy Dude because despite the fact that he was involved near Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office caught this dude who ran from a crash site. He was involved in a one-vehicle crash.

His vehicle. And then bolted when authorities showed up, the Hillsborough County authorities showed up, bolted to a construction site. And they say that he found a dirt pit. And he laid down in that dirt pit.

And because of security cameras in the area that we could see, like in the dark, you could see this lighted figure because it's the warmth of his body. He's doing like, in the dirt pit, he's doing like dirt angels. The Sheriff's Office are around, looking around, looking for him. He's just laying down doing dirt angels, dirt angels.

Happy dude, happy dude doing dirt angels. Eventually, at some point, I guess he got frustrated. He got up, bolted, the Sheriff's Office caught up with him. And he's facing numerous charges.

Let's see here. And, oh, this is such a sad story. They put the woman's mug shot in the picture. I think the headline says it all. Florida woman threatening to kill her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend if they didn't have sex with her. Yeah, you heard it right. She threatened, have sex with me or I'm gonna kill both of y'all.

Anyway, very, very sad eyes, this poor woman. From South Texas, you're listening to The Dana Show. Music How many millions of people across the country in the vicious cycle into the year? It's a new year, a new you, a new chance to get into the gym, maybe change your eating habits and then people fall off that wagon about 30 days after the new year.

Health coach, Shannon Sutton, joining me now. And I'm pointing to something called the writing off the end of year survey, Shannon. That survey said people expected to gain like eight or more pounds before the end of the year.

It's like they threw their hands up. Okay, I'm just giving up. I'm not gonna stress about it.

Or more than seven and 10 said, I'm not gonna worry about it. I'm just gonna eat what I want. I'll gain eight pounds before the end of the year. Last year, it was about like five pounds and it was about 50%. But there's something in the survey, Shannon, that caught my eye, which I think is it's the key to changing things in 2024.

Check this out. So 50% of respondents admit to having so much before the end of the year that they had to undo a button or loosen the belt. 35% have eaten until they felt sick or full to bursting. That's the key right there in my opinion, Shannon. Eat less.

Enjoy it. It's a portion control. Eat about, as I heard something about in a Japanese study, eat up to about 80% full if you can kind of gauge that.

So don't eat until you feel like you're gonna bust open. I think that's the key. Absolutely. You're actually taking the words right out of my mouth.

You're on the right train of thought. So basically, it's the holiday season, right? We've just been going to all these get togethers, gatherings for the last like six to eight weeks.

And that's a lot. It's not just like one Thanksgiving meal or one Christmas dinner. It is just a season of indulgence. And don't get me wrong, you do want to be able to enjoy and have those nice things. But you hit the nail right on the head when you said you want to eat until you're about 80% full. And you know, I think a whole lot of Americans, that utensil, whether it's a fork, spoon, whatever, it turns into a shovel and we just go to town. And then we basically eat until we can't breathe. And that really right there is the problem. So if we can kind of slow it down a little bit, enjoy it, savor that flavor, and then stop when our body is like, hey, I've had enough.

I'm satisfied. That makes a huge difference. How many people who start a diet or they start exercising over 90% will fall off that wagon by after the first 30 days? Yes, especially with New Year's resolutions, because we all have big ideas, big goals, right? So a lot of people do start signing up for gyms and different programs come January, but only about 9% of people total actually stick with a New Year's resolution and follow through. Fitness coach Shannon Sutton, I mean, this is Super Bowl season for you, right? You've got people calling you left and right already scheduling their, air quotes, change in lifestyle starting in January.

Right. You know, some people even got ahead of the curve. They didn't want to rely on a resolution to get started or that be their motivation for losing weight. So I have had some quite a few people signing up in the last month, which is wonderful. But really with typically New Year's resolution, people try to attempt this on their own, try to figure out weight loss all by themselves. And let me tell you, it's a lot of information. That's why I love what I do because I look into all these things for my clients.

I make it easy for them to actually stick to a routine and achieve their goals. So really, people give themselves about a month or two and then they realize it's kind of a lot more work or it's a little bit more challenging than they anticipated. Typically, people kind of are trying to look for trainers and advice about February or March is honestly what I see.

Sure. I think the people that would start that on their own without a resolution would likely be more successful. The whole idea of resolutions and every year it's the same thing. I think that if you fail and when you fail, most of these people obviously fail. That's really depressing, discouraging.

The New Year's date is what motivates people and resolutions are they're useless and silly. It's got to come deep within to try to change that lifestyle, I think. You're exactly right.

And you know what? I think it's really going to be a mindset. And a lot of people, they have these big goals in mind. And the reason they start end up feeling like they're failing is because they're saying, you know what, I'm going to make it to the gym five days a week. And so if they fall short of that and only make it two or three, then it's a negative response that we have to ourselves. Oh, I didn't live up to my goal. But look, if you were going to the gym zero times a week before and you showed up two or three days, that's a success, you know? So three days is much better than none.

Yeah. Good luck keeping up with that schedule. Fitness coach Shannon Sutton, I'm of the opinion you don't need gyms. If you work into your schedule, a 30-minute brisk walk in your neighborhood, if you can manage to do that for several weeks, in my opinion, I think that makes sense. Then you can fit into your schedule a nearby gym. But if you're not going to do like the brisk walk 30 minutes in your neighborhood, don't even bother bleeding $15, $25 out of your bank account every month for the next year under a contract. That makes no sense to me. Exactly.

And that's kind of the problem too. People feel like they have to go zero or 100, but really what's important is that your routine is going to fit in your lifestyle. So scheduling that 20, 30-minute walk a day is wonderful because if you know you can show up for that amount of time, then you can add on to it. People don't take into consideration typically how much time they have, their energy, work, life, family, all these things when they're making these resolutions. So it's really, really important to look at everything in your life and see what you can actually achieve and then hold yourself accountable to those simple things.

And once you're nailing that and you're doing good with that, then we can maybe add something else on to help you make more progress. The energy issue with age, it becomes worse. And if you're out of shape, you'll just keep sinking into that quicksand. So if you can find a brisk walk and increase your activity, I think most folks will tell you. I think the fact that you feel better will motivate you to keep going. That is definitely a motivator, and everyone wants to bring up motivation with things like exercise. But I think one thing that's important to keep in mind is motivation is actually an emotion that fluctuates.

It comes and goes. Motivation doesn't just show up on your doorstep on January 1 like, hey, let's go, right? So it's a discipline.

It's a non-negotiable that you set for yourself because of those things. Like, I do this because it makes me feel good. It makes me have better energy. I'm sleeping better. And can you imagine how much better you show up in the world when you feel good? You're getting seven, eight hours of sleep.

I mean, in work, in your family, everything. It makes a huge impact. Let me ask you something, because I know you're always looking at these diet fads and what people do.

Check this out from Harvard University. They published it. It's in the news today. They found that some low-carb diets actually make you gain a few pounds. And it's a pretty good-sized study. 120,000 adults over several decades, they grabbed all these different studies, found that those on low-carb diets that emphasize healthy fats and plant-based protein had a better chance of keeping off excess weight. Those on low-carb diets that included meat and unhealthy fats gained an average of five pounds over four years. I want to get your thought on that huge study.

That is pretty interesting. I would have to look at it myself, but really, I believe everybody's body is different. So some people do really well on a carnivore diet, and all they eat is meat, and that's a lot of red meat as well. So I think it depends.

It varies person to person. And typically what I see is that people can lose weight initially on a low-carb diet, but the problem there is when you're on a low-carb diet, you're actually dropping a lot of water weight. Carbs retain water in your body. And honestly, we all need carbs. Carbs give us energy. So I definitely don't recommend cutting out entire food groups like that just because overall health benefits and things like that.

But yeah, I definitely say each person is individual. And the best approach to nutrition, it's not even really focusing on a specific diet in that sense, but eating foods that you enjoy, also maintaining moderation. And like you were talking about proteins, I think that the more protein that we can get, it's actually proven it helps increase your metabolism so your body is going to be burning more fat and helping you retain lean muscle mass, which is so important. Of course, as we age, retaining muscle mass, preventing bone loss, and just helping balance hormones even.

Yeah, I'm making notes here. More protein. Let's see, more Popeyes fried chicken in 2024. Got it. I'm kidding.

I'm kidding. Stay healthy, people, in 2024. And thank you for joining us today, friend. Fitness coach, Shannon Sutton. Looking for a proactive solution in a battle against COVID-19? Well, ivermectin is now available at All Family Pharmacy based in Boca Raton, Florida. With a growing interest in its potential benefits, ivermectin has emerged at the forefront for its antiviral properties.

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It's time for Dana's Quick 5. Heads up, popular portable blender posing a danger if you have it, according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. It's called BlendJet, voluntarily recalling about 5 million of these things.

The BlendJet to Blender, sold by Amazon and Costco, Walmart, Tarzay, all the big ones. So this product, currently for sale, not impacted by the recall of the company. Recall notices saying the earlier versions risked the blender overheating and the blades breaking off.

Oh, that's not going to be good. Extra crunchy shake for you. Two French chefs and a cheesemaker breaking the Guinness World Record by creating a pizza with over a thousand different types of cheese. The chef was behind the culinary creation that was baked back in 2020. Boy, it took three years to confirm this. A thousand types of cheese. I say double pepperoni and put some pineapple on it.

Probably tastes really good. Let's see, a group of 15 modern era finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class 2024 have been announced. Check with the NFL site, Cooperstown. They're going to put in five of the modern era. Among the new names, Andre Johnson, the Houston boy, that's Texan that catches my eye. And the Browns have punched their ticket to the NFL postseason following a 37-20 beatdown of the Jets on Thursday Night Football. Good for them.

How many years, how many decades for the Browns? From South Texas, I'm Sergio Sanchez. You're listening to The Dana Show. So from the Los Angeles area near the shore, several people injured, giant wave hitting my California beach. And look for the video I'm talking about on X on Twitter.

This guy, he did us all a favor. He was running away from where you can hear like gasping for air and he was scared that the water was catching up to him. I think he had some software that maybe normalized or kept everything from looking too shaky or he just was holding the phone like almost perfectly. Because you could see the water right as he was running full speed and people behind him running full speed. You could see the water coming ashore through the street, up the road, up that boulevard, engulfing vehicle after vehicle after truck.

This dude must have run around at least, I think at least a quarter mile before he was able to slow down, see the water had stopped. It looked like a little mini tsunami. Eight of the people, 20 people, nearly 20 people were swept off the Ventura Beach. Massive wave that crashed on onlookers were standing behind a barrier.

Eight of the people were taken to the hospital. And there might be more to come. The National Weather Service saying that there were some large waves and some dangerous rip currents. And they will continue in California through the weekend, even up to San Francisco, could see waves as high as 40 feet. And coastal flooding, high surf alerts being posted from the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest, up Oregon all the way down to the Mexican border.

So just a heads up in California for that. There was another thing I noticed and a friend of mine, Joe Bastardi, we were going back and forth, Joe Lundberg as well from two separate entities, weather entities. Somebody had posted, I think it was probably one long range weather computer model. Sitting like in two weeks, we're going to have like this huge mass of cold air come down from Canada into the nation's midsection all the way down to like North Texas or maybe Central Texas. It's two weeks away, maybe two weeks plus away and computer models are sometimes all crazy. But anyway, just something to watch over the next several days as we get closer, go deep into January.

We might have another one of those freeze apocalypse around the corner. Google reportedly has agreed to settle a $5 billion consumer privacy lawsuit. Full report in Reuters saying that Google has agreed to settle the suit. They claim that Google secretly was tracking your information, in fact millions of people, their information. They thought that they were browsing privately. So the lawsuit argued that Google's analytics, the apps, the cookies, all the ancillary stuff that still asks for your permission. They continue to track your activity or millions of people, their activity on Google. Even when they had set on Chrome, the browser, they set it to incognito and other browsers to private browsing.

But Google just kept on going through the other windows that they had access to your information. $5 billion, so it's a $5 billion suit. They settled the suit.

I don't know if they settled for it much less than that. Every time I see a regulatory agency, the government in any form take a giant like Google or you name it, Tesla or Microsoft or an oil giant, whatever. Any time they take these people to court and they announce a settlement to the tune of billions of dollars XYZ, wouldn't you like to know what happened to the money?

Because how often do you hear headlines like this, right? That some big company settled for billions of dollars, the government going after them for whatever. Man, that's billions and billions and billions of dollars over many years.

What happens to all that money? Now, everybody uses Google. Yes, I know. I try to talk up DuckDuckGo, for example, or Bing, another search engine, trying to give competition. We need some competition. We need some other strong search engines, and we just can't have just Google, but Google's the brand.

Everybody uses Google. So I'm sure with all the research and the reading and the online, the posting around the news department that we have to do, an individual we have to do as well, I'm sure we're part of this. We're part of that. Well, we should be part of this. We should be getting a check. Like, I would like to get in on this action, $5 billion, or if it was like $4 billion that they settled for.

What happens to the money? Man, I would love to hear politicians up in D.C. saying, look, we have these, even if they say we have these unconstitutional regulatory agencies not called for, federal government, this is irrelevant. They exist now, they go after companies, and they get billions of dollars. I'd like to hear a politician say, I'm going to pass a single issue legislation to make them accountable. These agencies who get the big fat paychecks. I'd like to know, the taxpayers deserve to see, the consumers deserve to know.
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