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Dr. Brown Takes Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 16, 2019 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 16, 2019 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/16/19.

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Let's do it. You've got questions. We got answers phone lines are open now start for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is literally one of my favorite things in the world to do answer your question so you got questions, we've got answers, 866-348-7884. Any question of any kind, as long as it relates to content on the line of fire. By all means give us a call. 866-34-TRUTH for truth and we are going straight to the phone.

Starting in California with Daniel.

Welcome to the line of fire, a Dr. Brown Muslim Dakota Sen. thanks so for those wondering Muslim because they were saying how you doing, my answer was everything's good.

Go ahead and on creditor that I wanted to reach out and you I have a brother is very concerned. Family said that it always been taught by its parent or grandparent that they had a generational curse on I know the Bible touches on it a little bit of the Old Testament and I were freed by the new covenant, but I just wanted to get your insight on how I get encourage and comprehend and let them know through the word right so let's look at the broad question than the specific one so we know in the 10 Commandments.

For example, in Exodus 20, the dogs can visit the iniquities from one generation to another doesn't mean that the children are punished for the crimes of the parents, but if the parents send the children continue in sin, then it comes because multigenerational becomes compound. It gets worse and worse and worse and the opposite happens with the righteous to a thousand generations of a blessing. So, to those still exist, let me say this, we still reap what we sow. Even in new covenant terms.

Galatians 6 reminds us of that. If we so in this spirit versus filling in the flesh so that means for example that if you have alcoholic parents, their children have a much better chance of being alcoholic. If you have obese gluttonous parents. Kids have a much better chance of being obese, gluttonous, and so on and so forth that the sins of one generation can be more easily repeated by the next generation. When you grow up with it, but in the Lord you make a break and you make a break. So for example Nancy, my wife, Nancy's mom was married four times.

Nancy and I been married over 43 years were divorced as of once come up in discussion and are in our lives that that that the tendencies the patterns can be broken through the cross. Now, is it possible that there's something demonic going on. Is it possible that there's something from the past that and it seems that this the wrong escapes to happen this Generation X and all normal but I just tell it in any relative any person. Those close to us a look let's get together right now before the Lord. Let's announce whatever this thing is that you believe is a generational curse in your brother say it out loud this and let's say it has no ground that has no basis we renounce it we denounce it in Jesus name we declare that no weapon formed against us will succeed.

We declare that in Jesus we are blessed, not cursed. Hold onto that in faith, and if there is some junk trying to attack this person and say it's a generational curse, whatever. That's a way to defeat it all right thank you Mike first thing on a sure thing yet and I would emphasize that in Jesus we are blessed in Jesus we are blessed as me that everything goes great all the time in this world of hardship, trouble, like anyone else, but the idea that there some that can be hangover that was passed on through the generations. The blood of Jesus will cancel that. Thank you, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Cameron in Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown are you very well, thank you, but my question operating in Hebrews chapter 2 the week about what you do when you drift at the power that the devil and that that you be delivered throughout a lot of bondage is that delivery had been talking about like under the old covenant if it were the truth, afraid of like a physical death and to enact a godlike finality or the talking about deliverance from more generally from the spiritual depth that came through the fall. Going about an upcoming going to hell he really been there about them not being afraid of dying physically and I think it. Now there's a hope through the resurrection. Yet it seems to be the literal meaning there obviously interpreters can do basis, but the most natural meaning that he frees those who are held in slavery all their lives, but the fear of death there. There is this thing that can hangover people and stopping them from stepping out this thing I can hangover you that you know everybody's gonna die.

What's the purpose of it and so on, and the resurrection of Jesus breaks that in the idea that we will be with him forever breaks that so people held a slavery by fear of death or liberated. So yeah, I take that literally where it's just referring to Jewish people or all humanity.

I take that literally. Now with that being said, that being said, it's a profound thought. It's one that is I've read the passage of often said to myself I need to think about that more and better understand how fear of death has held people in slavery held them in bondage and how Jesus it's right free from that it's it's an inch. II don't think we adequately grasp the fullness of what it means in Arabic about thinking like believers. I've never I've never faith about my life that have been threatened by think about like some of the New Testament author Shirley Liebert down through the entry were not afraid and aren't afraid to die in dollars, but knowing that knowing Christ them were born again regenerated for Quicken young life and thought you might affect each other straight or reading of it because it or look like talking about it like it. Physical death and let me have the sin.

There is something that's faced with physical death.

It influences our thinking that we hold back that I don't do certain things because of consequences, and that's why went when Jesus ascended his disciples out Matthew 1028.

He says don't fear those who kill the body can kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

So I I do see that is relevant it's it's a larger complex of thought, we get free friends. Okay, I leave this world I go to be with the Lord. There's a freedom of this cannot obey. Thank you sir for the question, 866-348-7884 by the way, if you're unable to get through today, which is often the case on Fridays or if were unable to get your call an hour and 10 minutes from Sue 4:20 PM Eastern standard again be doing another live YouTube chat just taking your questions on YouTube so if you're unable to call in for some reason if it's easier for you to text a message will be doing the Q&A chat on our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown at 4:20 PM so now in our nine minutes from now. All right we go to David in the London welcome to the line of fire, but talked about the argument regarding the second coming. Yes, what is the scriptural thought of the idea that I have become Betty O'Neill about the temple time Lord done of the date of like a dilemma in the context of a puppy noted, I now know you know but I could leave that is about the level it is not unknown, though that's that's fine.

So, on what basis do we say that Jesus the Messiah had to come and begin his mission before the second Temple was destroyed in the year 70. There are some rabbinic traditions that point in that direction.

But that's that's only of interest in interacting with the Jewish community on a purely scriptural level.

There's a threefold argument for all right and it we we put this three pieces of evidence together. Haggai the second chapter when the second Temple is built. God says that the glory of the second Temple will be greater than the glory, the first to fill the place with glory and throughout the Hebrew Bible, the term filled with glorious talk about his his presence is visible presence, such amount money. It's not timeout prestigious excellent links or anything so the question is, and in what way was the glory of the second Temple greater than the glory of the first Temple. After all, the, the Ark of the covenant wasn't there. The 10 Commandments weren't there the fire consuming the sacrifice rent there that the visible presence of God wasn't there.

So in what way was the glory of the second Temple greater than the first in what way did God establish peace, shalom.

The second thing. Malachi 3 God says, a dome, the Lord speaking of God, he will visit that temple. The second Temple, and he will come in purifying judgment. When did that happen and then third Daniel 924 27 indicate before the second Temple was destroyed that God will bring in lasting atonement, everlasting righteousness, and that an anointed one, that she will be cut off, but not for himself or cut off and have nothing so how is the glory of the second Temple great in the Gore the first, the Messiah himself, the Lord visited the temples.

Malachi 3 said heal the sick, work miracles, and then sent his spirit there invisible demonstrable form for the nation to see after his resurrection, and then the anointed one died for our sins brought in everlasting atonement and righteousness, all before the second Temple was destroyed. We also have passages in Isaiah that indicate that the messianic servant would be rejected by his own people seem to fail in his mission and then become a white to the nations of the earth, so I put all that evidence together and the timeline works that this had to happen before the second Temple was destroyed. The only way I can see that being fulfilled is with the Messiah's mission of the economy. Isaiah.

I know that Isaiah 53 government documents played about Michelle all corrected speaks of the servant of the Lord. It speaks of this one who will accomplish various things. Isaiah 42 rabbinic exegesis, some of it recognizes him is that referring to the Messiah. Isaiah 5213 through 15. Rabbinic exegesis recognizes it as referring to Messiah but we know that the Messiah was a priestly king, and it is a priest he was going to intercede for us and deal with our sins, make atonement for sin and be our great intercessor, the 1 Who Takes Her Pl. So we see these things actually happening and that's why we understand okay the Messiah is ruling king, the Messiah is also the priestly king and where is the priestly ministry of the Messiah ties in with the suffering ties in with his death ties with him, making atonement for our sins so that's how I get the time I in particular I get the timeline from Haggai to Malachi 3 and Daniel I write back more file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown look God answers 866-34-TRUTH.

If you haven't read my take on.

Did Israel make the right decision and banning representatives all morning to leap from coming to Israel. Read my latest article on or Esther there's an update to it.

After banning them refutes the principal can I visit my 90-year-old grandmother. I won't engage in any anti-Israel activities on their Israel suggest you as well be humiliating going to those circumstances. So now Israel sang her hate for Israel's good and the love for grandmother that they'd stop where they were, in my view, even though Israel had every right to ban them from coming because of their activities in their bias and this would just be a propaganda tour for them to Israel every right to ban them look bad. I thought it looked bad and that maybe Israel could've said hey will host the tour and will give you the red carpet treatment, but use the more holistic way and get a better impression and and hopefully you will be able to use it to bash us because this can be so much good that you see that's not what happened.

They could've come out looking better now with refutes and leaves most recent actions. Think it just makes her look bad in Israel look better, 86634 to go to Texas Samuel, welcome to the line of fire around hello talk about up to questions. One is a few months ago you had, you had your gift and I do a dimensional debate. I was wondering if that was done on the cards know that got canceled by John Markel. Unfortunately, Jan had contacted us. She's very, very strongly pretrip and very strongly opposed to to my book with Craig Keener are not afraid of the antichrist and to her credit, she said hey watch them on the air with Dr. March, Mark Hitchcock Muldoon wanted to hold shows on it so when he was on with me. It was very much not a debate was really a friendly discussion. I wasn't trying to debate him get to have our debate afterwards, she contacted us and said it's going to work because it's going to go over the heads of my audience so we won't do it, and then to my surprise she had Dr. David Reagan on talk about why they differed with the book etc. etc. note Dr. Reagan's Reagan. This is a finance and doing great work and we differ on tribulation issues. We have many of the things in common that I appreciate but I was I was bit surprised that the debate was canceled and instead there was an interview kind of dissing the book but I love to do it just been thinking about trying to reach out to pretrip scholar is a little little differently debate as brothers so I would love to do it and I might just reach out to Dr. Hitchcock to see if he's willing to do it in a formal moderate way and we go back and forth in the film the whole thing or do a live stream, but yet it got canceled by John Markel and of course it's her right to lease or show. I was disappointed that instead of having me on both of us on the results of an honest speak against the book and what they do because they love the Lord and the that these views are important to them.

I just would rather have the debate.

I think it's good for people hear both sides it out.

Book around. I mean I tell you what to do about it if you could delete unadulterated Republicans. He used the book on the rapture and and it would be really good to hear your book, you would've your yeah I love to do the second question.

Talk about a loving something about the ugly and I was just wondering because when I read about Mike and Gabriel at the end of Michael and Gabriel. It appears to me that God is the language used in someone Inc. at them meeting.

Theophanies rather than the angel of the gender. What are your thoughts on that.

Yeah I I differ with that, sir.

You're naturally going to have some degree of overlap being gone. Speaking his remains were the angel is the messenger and God appearing in the angel is Genesis 4015 and 16 reference the God that that helped and delivered Jacob that he refers to as the angel alright so and then he asked that angel/God to bless and its singular verb there so and Exodus 3 were God appears were Genesis 22 God speaks to the angel is that Angel actually a theophany, a divine appearance you can make good cases for that there is going to be overlap, but when you deal with Michael and Gabriel, they are clearly messengers that are being sent. They they do not carry that divine presence the same way. They cannot be worshiped in that same way. There's not that you take the shoes off your feet, because the place were you standing.

This is holy ground.

The fact they have names that are distinct would argue against theophanies.

The fact that that Michael the Archangel is depicted as separate from Jesus, like in reveille after or Jesus is coming back for systems for the voice of the archangel would say that that it is separate from Jesus separate from the son of God, so you can have some overlap in the way these beings speak and communicate because one is representing God. One is God and angelic form, but I do not see Gabriel or Michael as theophanies. I see them as created beings, angels, thank you for the question which I appreciate 866-348-7884 we go most in Texas. Ron, welcome to the line of fire Gregor are you doing doing very well thank you. I have a question for you thank them a reason to switch over to the Pentecostalism and suggested I go to a bozo deliverance pipe ministry uniting about that what you think about okay I do know and I don't know it in the Lord's. I understand the biblical concept that the Greek word sold so which we normally translate is save deliver can be used for physical healing for deliverance from demons from deliverance from death from deliverance from sin and salvation from sin. In other words, it is holistic and that many times the issues that were struggling with. We we might be struggling with addiction to a particular fleshly sin, but then it ties in with an emotional stronghold in our life, which ties in with the spiritual breakthrough that we need and that therefore you want to look at things holistic with the words, it's not simply psychological counseling, not simply prayer for deliverance from demonic powers, but rather, let's look at this holistic right. I affirm that concept and that in that vein, I affirm the use of the word sold so. However, I do not know how it's practiced by specific groups.

Okay there is one major church ministry that practices it.

I do not know specifically how they practice it. So what I would do is find out first. Okay. Just please tell me what you believe and what you hold to write so we are what's the philosophy of what you're doing and if it makes basic sense to you like okay I see how I see how you want to look at me holistically, generational issues, family upbringing you my own knowledge of God and walk with God possible demonic struggles will look at things holistically and put everything on the table to get me free in whole and strong, then, that has legitimacy is some seriously weird or spooky like what you talking about, then there are other places to go, so check it out it if it's if it's just a holistic Christian approach try and integrate spirit, soul, body together try and integrate upbringing current walk with God. Put these things together that can be great, and used by God, but there are things I can be flaky as well. I just don't know the specific ministry in question. All right, let's think about yeah II assume I mean that someone famous results of but I don't know everything that they practice them and by the way for the critics.

It's a warning there was a practice because God is not primarily called me to study Bethel or to study Hill song study other apes. I got a trillion other things that I'm studying and look at together and focusing on so I don't know exactly what they hold to and teach. I that being said, it should be pretty easy to go to website just typing Bethel so so and read about it and and see if the overall approach makes spiritual sense to you, then fine.

If it's going to incorporate things that seem spookier weird than step back and is all great stuff in the charismatic movement. A lot of weird stuff and you gotta write this note. Like anything else. Zero. Everything else is good and bad art. May the Lord be with you and give you wisdom, the greater and freedom. Amen. All right.

866-34-TRUTH for truth discover Rob in Canada. Welcome to the line of fire Brown alarm calling because of the title. I think it's really terrible or what America is sir, I have some back a similar background here on my first church was very Pentecostal and Holy Spirit filled in all that, all that stuff on the coming the trailer park in your church quite regularly and the I remember going up that the name Jezebel was thrown out quite a bit and didn't, I just remember thinking you know it seem like that.

She with the blood to be blamed for a lot either spiritually or people in the church were Jezebel's yeah I'm just jumping into the gotta break and I will respond. I'm very clear in the book do not go around calling people. Jezebel do not all.

She's just what he's Jezebel that's what I'm saying is this the same type of demonic forces that operated through Jezebel in the bottle are operating today with the same outcome. The same sexual seduction the same idolatry the same baby coming spirit the same silencing of the profits assume radical feminism the same emasculating of men the same rising of witchcraft. All these things come together. The same demonic forces that were operating 3000 years Jezebel 2000 years ago the woman. Jesus calls that are operating again today. It's a spiritual battle that is no question, no question, Lee replicants Jezebel again today. Thank you question me to be really careful with your plan here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We have a rarity. Why 6487 84 you got questions. We got answers, no was in New York City of the day in talking to a colleague and you remember the story that is a guy laying on the ground next to the curb, written the street.

New York City man's face and someone comes over and says Mr. are you sick is no did you fall no is a problem. No widely roiling on your face in the in the street next to the curb.

He said I found a parking space. A semi-wife out to buy a car anyway. Well, we had an open line 866-34-TRUTH you got questions, we've got answers. We go to Kim and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, by all will be right and Holy Spirit to pay that if you will got you all you will make yes I have heard that that's not exactly what's being said there sir. Says is that here you have a Christian who is living in open sin ready sleeping with his father's wife and he won't repent.

So Paul says okay turn them over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh so his spirit may be saved in the day the Lord know it could mean for his death was basically saying here's the goal that he will be turned over to Satan. This is not every case.

This was the case they are right turn them over to Satan say will have access to him. Satan will attack his body. The man will not be having pleasure in sin. The man will not be having pleasure in this world. It is can be very sick or have some other type of bodily affliction could be. That is gonna die, but the goal is that he will repent. It's not that God kills you so that you go to heaven but rather that this person will get into such misery in this world that the cry out to God and repent that there spirit may be saved. That's the whole goal, but it's not that the spirit is automatically saved and that they simply die prematurely, but rather the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved. I understand that meaning with repentance with turning to God so they can exhaust pipe blown everything I've destroyed everything alive is a complete mess. God have mercy on me. Three of their bodies destroyed will still go to heaven. That's how I understand it. Thank you Kim for the call 86634 we go to Eason in Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey Dr. Brown hey Ivan, struggling with greed. Jerry ED love of money and just the very much this past week, but that didn't read my Bible watch any Christian ministry or anything of that sort anything like that.

The great for time taken me. How can one accurate. How can I fix that.

Yeah so look everybody struggles with something or another something or other in you don't want to overly condemn yourself and beat yourself up. We are in a battle with the flesh, but let's recognize it's a battle let's recognize that the flesh is pulling us down and that we do have victory in the cross, but sometimes we must fight for these things. So the first thing I would do is I would cry out to God. I would cry out to God.

I would cry out to God.

I would cry out to God for help. All through the day under your breath walking down the street driving a car while working your job. God help me and deliver me, Lord. I don't want to be so carnal right that's one thing. The second thing is you must make quality choices and you have the power to do so if you're struggling with love of money. What you do is this Jesus is where your treasure is, your heart will be also. Don't wait for a change in your heart make a determination to change in your actions, start taking money you have, and giving it to gospel causes start giving it to help others in need. As you start to make a quality choice where your treasure is, your heart will be in soon enough you realize. I want to help other people. I want to store up treasure in heaven. I want to see the gospel go forward. So first you just keep praying out God help me and deliver me. I confess my weakness this verse. The second thing you may quality choices and you determine okay I'm going to put my treasure elsewhere and in my heart will then follow and you have the power to do it may be difficult to drive the power to do it the third thing is you want to meditate on passages that teach against greed. So, for example, Matthew the sixth chapter beginning in verse 19. You want to look at verses in Proverbs about just go through Proverbs and note the things that wisdom is is better than any of this and that is better than fine gold and and that riches can can just fly away and pass when you don't put your heart in those earthly things meditate on those passages and make a determination okay I will pray first read the word first. I I am not gonna let the day go by if you keep fighting for it. You'll get there because God spirit in you is greater than the spirit of the world. So you've got to recognize the seriousness of it it seriously enough that you made the effort to call and stay on the line here. So you got time hang up the phone go to prayer. Go to read the word you find the days going by and and you've not spent time with God. Make a generation to stop other things. If you get ruthless with this or if you get determined. You will see a breakthrough and an we can all testify the areas of struggle in our lives that we now have breakthrough in victory is of God's grace at work in us because we took necessary steps to walk and discipline you might be one of the most generous giving people on the planet. In the years ahead. That might be a calling on your life. So in order to get there you have to overcome greed and the love of money and selfishness.

But God will help you. He's at work in you. All right I think you talked about your very welcome. Lord give Eason grace to take these next steps to grow into the man your calling them to be in the name of Jesus, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go over to Dave in New Jersey. Welcome to the line of fire here.

Dr. Brown marrying her very well doing very well. Thanks.

Yeah, this is David on your mobile friendly to call you when yeller element in the New York area was and I said I remember you, sir. Yes, that's right, I have a question for the open forum Friday yeah I have a question for you about a miracle.

One of the miracles that Jesus is supposed to have performed where he spat in the eye of a blind man and you know the blind man for first. You know, I see mannish trees and Jesus you know better. Again and he said I now see man as man now. My question is, you know, because I used to. I and I'm a former you know churchgoing Christian baptism and I you you know believe the whole story and by the way, I still visit my my my former church and no one have special occasions because I believe it at the end of the day were all a part of the covenant of Abraham. All three major religions, and also I still fellowship with my Christian brothers and sisters I but your your question is. My question is, we know that human capital is nasty you know if it's when people want to attack other people. They spit on you know a few that as a weapon.

All too often, why would a man with the moral character of the Christ Jesus because you know in Islam. We believe he was one of the prophet yet. So why would you spill, why, why would he use Google you know knowing that it is nasty. It's vile if you ever Alyssa writes us out into dance your question was widely used for medicinal purposes in the ancient world that's that's what it was used in healing formulas even have about the, the false gods that they had the spittle of life. So it was it was associated with healing practices and if it's from the son of God is nothing nasty ready, because the Mansfield is so in the ancient world. Is it in conjunction with healing. It was positive not negative in John nine. The purpose of spittle is is and in terms of what seemed to be a violating of this of Jewish tradition, but not the actual law of Moses and Jesus exposes that, but the use of spittle.

There was something positive.

It was associated with healing. There were there were magicians who used it. There were healers who used it and it was even associated with healing deities and Jesus is like no I'm the one with the spittle of life, not not Marduk or not these other gods, not the magicians on the one with the spittle of life that sensors get different culture, different culture, all right does mean that that was a negative spitting on someone, but spitting was associated with healing. Yeah, that was was common in the ancient world Middle East. Okay, 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to him that we won't all right we go to Jessica in Indiana. Welcome to the line of fire doing very well thank you all right but you now. I read a book on you. All right, I don't believe in the care of our one on me that I know we have our. It is not right right in the development know why.

That they actually write or it might have been in and out of the bank. Yeah so so just let me say this just jump in because of debris coming out. We can identify everything going on all the time here I've written over 35 books is the first time I focused on a demonic power principality in in this way, the devil hates the human race. The devil wants to steal and kill and destroy.

He is looking for people whom he can devour. So a lot of this is devil attacking you can say is this, that when we can connect all the gods see the same demonic deductible. We can always connect the dots resist recognize that's the work of the evil one.

He's a murderer and a destroy it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown Stanford this Dr. Brown revival in the church gospel based revolution in society and redemption of Israel as we live.

For this we breathe forced to stand with us a few supporters are helping us advance those three orders only for those posting questions on Facebook on Friday routine because I'm only answering calls. However, in about 30 minutes about 30 minutes I will be doing a YouTube chat. This way everyone posting questions on Facebook. Go ahead bring those questions over to our YouTube channel Esther Gibran asking to your Brown on YouTube starting for 20 p.m. since about a half-hour, for now, Eastern standard Time, and will go up to an hour or so. All right 866-34-TRUTH we go to Brett in Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. I can so if you're talking right in the phone.

All right, I called earlier? I've struggled with some, come under attack in that area. I am married to my life grow young kid married a man split she ran away from them with the kids and then later remarried, so she remarried a guy guy would complete liar yet had a bunch of no children. She didn't know about it previously married, you know about the preacher so that you struggling you know you read it or but you know I was so like a strong believer, I was out in the church tectonic condemned know that got married and I've really struggled to fight. Me, fornication or adultery. I kinda liked her reading first Corinthians chapter 5.

It seems like the same word for me, fornication seems to be like an adulterous relationship, how should I outfit I waitressed outer interpreters of the area will first. You don't want to assume you're fighting the enemy, because you try to figure out what God's word says correct so that's right. And I am but I made to run right so so point understand and then yet the enemy tries to come in and condemn etc. so what you have to do right along with your wife as you kneel down before them with descriptions in front of you and see God.

We just want your will. Whatever your will is we we rejoice we embrace.

When I try to rewrite the Bible reinterpret anything. We just want your will and you know that there are two major ways of understanding.

This one is that that your wife in an abusive situation or with adultery had an end when she's abandoned that she has the right to to move on and to remarry and that's the that she's a victim here and that she can remarry and that you can remarry her. The other view says as long as any of the spouses or the spouse if if there alive then you cannot remarry in any remarriage is adultery and that's what you're struggling with, but it's not for me to answer that question right. It's not for me to answer without encourage you to do is read Matthew five and Matthew 19 again which deal with this, read the relevant passages like Mark 10 and then first Corinthians 7 read those passages and then come to a holy decision before God and it's ultimately something that no no human being could tell you someone could say you're living in adultery. You could say no your wrong, someone else can say hey your relationship is blessed and your mind is still struggling with it so I I honest thing I can do because I'm not God right and and I know that within the body. There are two different ways that this is understood by people who love the Lord go to the Lord with your wife and say God, we just want what is best in your site. That's all we want. If our relationship is right in your site, then give us peace and joy and in confidence from your word and maybe shut the door forever on these other thoughts Lord of our relationship is not blessed in your site show us what you want us to do if you'll do that sir. Gobble work in your life and and you will know what's right and then based on that, you'll be able to honor him and have a blessed life, or you're not wavering and struggling this the best for me to say not to try to give you scriptural argument either way. Because III given talk with people who struggle and they still struggle until they have absolute confidence and assurance about the truth before God made the Lord give you a definite clarity based on his word this. My prayer for you, sir, I thank you for calling 86634 go to Larry and Carl's real North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dark brown nearly yeah I can hear you. Okay, walk or salt like you or spend for the truth of Gaia, or by walk by. I am abandoned by point or truth is banner for Israel over the water harbor spent by noodle all the way are quaking above my usual and you have those two ladies go occult communist want to visit while usual opinion about that right so I have an article up on the video and article. If you asked her to you can watch the video have an article which gets into more depth.

You can read on the stream was Israel or on a website was Israel right to ban Congressman Omar and sleep so number one I don't think it looks good for Israel to ban them. I think on a PR level and look bad for them to ban them on a pragmatic level, Israel did what it had to do the say no you have compared us to Nazis you you are actively working to destroy our country through boycott, divestment, and sanctions.

The BDS movement and your whole trip to Israel was going to be sponsored and organized by those who are hostile to the nation you will use it as a as a PR tour as a follow-up as a propaganda tour to make Israel look bad. Therefore, you can come into our country. I fully respect Israel's right to do that but I think a PR level comes out that now, having said that what Israel could've said theoretically, I don't know that it was possible yes you can come but we can host you and where you where to let you see Israel in a more fair way in a more full way and show you the best of Israel in the best of Israelis and Palestinians working side-by-side, etc. and then you see everything, but this way within a document at all and if you cannot use it against this work and have footage that show how your biased and misleading. Now all that being said, what ultimately happened was that we should sleep said okay look on my can engage in any BDS activity anti-Israel activity. I just want to visit my nine-year-old grandmother.

This may be my last chance to see her. Israel said okay you can come under those conditions few sacks am I going to eschew humiliating so now Israel got the upper PR hand saying you hate Israel one you love your grandmother. Hey, thank you for the call. By the way, as were getting a lot of questions about Jezebel. If you have an order the book a go to Jezebels war with in order. If you know Jezebels zone' Jezebels North or the book there several ordering options there if you want to order on Amazon, go ahead and order exhibited censorship and wanted you must forget it. We don't know why we talk to the publisher. They shipped thousands of books to Amazon okay the final officials which were grateful for right but Amazon keeps posting is shipping animosity must forget about that.

There shipping the books getting out but there are other places you can order Jezebels North or at your local bookstore. Also, one other thing. If you enjoy the book. Post a review on River. You both about this matter. Post a review, I encourage you to do rehearing great reports from readers. It will encourage others as well and we go to Hans in Canada. Welcome to the line of fire. Oh, thank you very much Dr. Brown where to start your pretty amazing covered you on YouTube recently thanked yes and are you saying that I know where to start.

Matters of so many things I wanted to but I want to respect your your time format. You know how much that what we have roughly we got like two minutes before rocks of diving summer man. I'll try to help. Okay, let's see RS I'm going to go to the Jezebel things.

And yet, in actuality, right now I do want to get your book and I'm I'm I see it all around me all kinds of guys that what you would call like, like slaves to their women and it discusses me. You know and me as being you know I consider religion more like a personal thing you need to mention this but that is what really is. I don't have to go to church per se. I was raised that will raise that would even say race but I was born, is then baptizes the Catholic health with church services and attending is that you with other believers you are adding your receiving having common teaching and and you were part of the body were part of the family. Ultimately, of course, things between us and gobbet. But let me just weigh in quick Hansson and I'm sure it's a talk another time because I got like 45 seconds and rough. The air okay. When we see men emasculated so that they cannot be godly leaders. They cannot be the God of the caring heads of the home that the care for their wives and children went to do so is called toxic masculinity.

That's Jezebel look to me. In other words, that the emasculating of man is something very Jezebel like we see in the Bible we see it all over our culture today so yeah I identify that with that same type of a larger attack on society. Of course, godly husband lays down his right 20 minutes from now everybody and everybody come on over and asked her to run a SKU year-round on another hour just answering the question

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