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A Home for the Broken

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 13, 2022 7:00 pm

A Home for the Broken

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 13, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu is at the Durham Rescue Mission in Durham, NC with Rev. Rob Tart, the CEO/President, talking about the work their institution does with the homeless, the kinds of restoration they've seen in people's lives, the Community Charity Closet program, and the history of the mission.

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Hello this is will Hardy with RAM talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network what happens when you go to donate something and something gets donated right back to your church. That's what's happening with this really cool thing I just learned about called the community charity closet is happening at the Durham rescue mission. This is a work of God right here in the middle of downtown Durham and I'm sitting next to one of the key a minute.

Got here, the present CEO we do a lot of folks call Pastor Rob he is Rob Darden, a brother brother Rob is good had was untruthful. I was going to be here. Thank you for the opportunity. Well I pulled in here. I just love I just there's just a lot of character in here there's there's meals BMA down the hall in the kitchen. There's housing.

There's all kinds of lives have been transformed. I walk in to get on the elevator. I see this beautiful stone engraved plaque that says second Christmas. 517 if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away. All things are become new guys do so. The Durham rescue mission. We talk about that we see miracles all the time of the Durham rescue mission where homeless shelter people wonder what are you what you do or your church know were not really a church. Are you a rehab place know you not when at a rehab place but we are an institution that works in homelessness and in the middle of homes. There's a lot of addiction, which is why people think where rehab place, but that there we see last restored all the time in Qatar staff of the time dinner you think this is normal. Other people look at this and they see miracles happening all the time and we we just need to appreciate that because it really is a special, but I wish everybody could come and take a tour of this place. I don't think you can copy entities. That's awesome when I would encourage that rich anymore about that were talk more about this community charity closet as I know our folks want to see how they cannot just donate without a can give back get back all that good stuff, but tells Lou throughout history, there is a recognition Rob, how did this this whole ministry come in the end is being the strong negligence it.

How long have y'all been here in downtown Durham, North Carolina Ernie Gill Mills moved to Durham in 1973 and they got the rescue mission started in 1974 and he operated with 2 Houses Way lived in one house and they had another house that they could house 12 meant is that build up so fast.

Just a few years later. I don't know exactly for five years later, just two blocks away.

He saw this building where and now what was at the time was full of Memorial Presbyterian Church and the walkabout many times he said he saw the sign for sale at front and thought was just too much too big to expensive. But the one they walk around back.

He went to the wall there was a crack in the wall and that he dropped the quarter in the wall and the mill down the parade. He said Lord this quarter is my down payment on the building if you want us to have the rest of it. If you want to have us build your ministry, you need to come up with the rest of or something like that and what's amazing about that at our last banquet. I actually had some staff and some pictures of our people to come in the looking that what we found in court. We have the corner on owner wall with a plaque with a picture telling that story. It started by Ernie Gill Mills 1974 and the Dolores is blasted all these years been wonderful all very practically speaking, you don't.

I don't know anything more confounding and confusing than when you're pulling up to the intersection there someone on the sign need a place to stay or or or give me some money you know will work for food we've seen all these things called panhandling called begging when they make jokes about them, but the answer to your prayer friend if your sinners intersection is sitting right in front of me. The Durham rescue mission you all you all are. You are here to help those kind of people if if they would sometimes they don't want to go near here right but if but to talk about how the gods put this rescue mission. Another godly rescue missions across the country to solve that very problem right rescue mission to generate a unique place to reach out to that person because were not just three hots and a cot we we are holistic program trying to help them to meet our my arm. Our mission statement is made to the power of Jesus Christ. The needs of the whole man in the list of emotional, physical, spiritual and academic in all these different means that people have when you're helping the homeless person.

It's so much more than just they don't you just lick them so you need to get a job that's likes, but not amending this just is best. You don't know that I got a story he may be a veteran with PTSD, it may be, you know it's got mental issues. He's got. Who knows what he's been through. Probably I can say for sure but a very high percentage of the amendments in the throes of addiction. You know they probably didn't have very good family who knows what the story is the only way to help that person is to reach out to them and to help them. What we found the best way for us to reach out to them is when the Lord sent bad weather.

When the Lord sent bad weather.

That's when then the amount we praise the Lord for per storms and bad weather and nice goes every time that comes we realize the Lord may be calling somebody else to the rescue mission. No simple answer to that sweet person whole design is server I want in 1/2 and only take you somewhere will go find a place to work.

They'll give you the gospel will give you food in and of Plato and opportunity and some folks don't want that, but your trying to be available in honestly Rob chart we talk about rescue missions. Every one of us every one of us has it that knows Christ is here because Jesus Christ came on a rescue mission for us day. He's intimated pretty good to me preaching here in a minute but all of us are sinners. All of us were or are in need of redemption and notice we had a staff training meeting this morning I was trying to point out a look was a difference between an addict and a non-addict. An addict is chosen us in. That is very visible, non-addict is probably distracted between many sins in his guts into easy to hide but were all sinners is the point all in need of God's grace all in need of his redemption in his edification and building up and that's what were trying to get rescue mission. Reach out. I'll come back to that pastor Rob toward the end, but I want to ask you about this very tangible way people can donate right now course, you'll take checks for any amount because we know where it's going is going to help homeless people is going to help feed and immuno jobs is good help people get back with God, and what you're doing here, an amazing thing at the Durham rescue mission. We talked little bit about this community charity closet, you mean to tell me I come and donate a bunch of stuff there might just be something coming back my way in my church yet what were trying to do is retry to reach out to the church as we realize the dermis commission that the church can reach so many places that we can't not everybody is homeless but there's a lot of people out there that are far from homelessness and hopefully we can keep them from going in homelessness if you will. And so what we want to do is connect with churches and if the people in the churches will know when they come to the dermis commission. We got five thrift stores in this reference make up about half of our budget. We really depend on this resource to Susan keep our doors open, but you can enter our three stores and donate in just let us know the church are associated with their work under our best to connect with that church and give a percentage of the donation that you gave back to the church and our hope is that when I say back coming in the form of gift cards to the church and what we want the churches dues use those ever how they see fit.

You know it when I got asked her to have a user but we're hoping you're going to Gibson next time somebody calling towards any help with light bill. Any help with this and that we can help you.

We often have churches call us and I would open the strictest out there now.

If you have someone in your home and your church rather that's in need any clothing they need pots, pans, whatever it is they need. We got everything in the first orbit food and we got to knows will be gathering stuff comes in I'll attempt but we help fire victims and other victims that, for whatever reason the churches could command missionaries without many missionaries coming through. They didn't have that in that modern closer. They didn't close it for further children will not. We would love to help the churches. We just want to connect with the churches in this way so if you're the people of the church will donate to the mission. Let us know what church are with and hopefully help us connect with your church, then we will be glad to share back to church. 11. Great way for you to give you just bring your broken down John any gifts that you give a worn that certain two years and still get a price tag on it for me to bring it in here and who's going to receive, evaluate, this is really practical. Someone who wants was that in street know I love no one cared about them.

They might be re-in the cash register of a Web server and some of the wonderful listener, listening right now to come to the Durham rescue mission and remarked on right right at electric pump unit when when we have guests come to the dermis commission.

You can't tell his own staff and who's in the in the program because the program doesn't just as good as anybody that's because what's happening at first. Now I give the website and I knew that pastor Rob Durham rescue and wonderful friends and partners with Truth Network. I'm in Durham, North Carolina, will come wherever you are.

He got a story to tell that I'm hit Sydney right here in your conference room. There's a Bible study coming up. We got got here a second awesome things happen Lord's work in here. The Durham rescue mission.

I love your slogan restoring families and giving hope. Take us home with just a challenge everyone out there about getting involved in doing something to bring others to Christ just as he came after us on rescue mission yeah one of the things people don't understand is that we all have a calling in this world.

Most people don't comprehend it. They have been called by God to do what it is they did.

I think a lot of people understand things that my past has been called to be a pastor. Missionaries been called a missionary. But you not tell my son is 19. Right now you have the God can call you drive a truck. God can call you to to work.

It will got going work wherever and if you're willing to do with the Lord is called to do Martin Luther put it this way. He said he quoted the Lord's prayer was said. Give us this day our daily bread.

And then he asked the question how does God give us our daily bread way because apartment points great because a milligram because a milkmaid into the unit. When a man is doing what God is called them to do for God's glory.

He is serving God here at the rescue mission. We need volunteers. We need a helping hands.

We need people to come and hear the rest mission and help our people. They need to learn trades wetly have an employment agency where if you need an employee.

We can supply that employee, through our agency from the rescue mission and sentiment. There's just a lot of things going on here and it's it's it's religion with feet on a prayer for feed on it if you will and and again I encourage everybody to come and look at this place. You will not believe it until you see it you can Test the voice of Rob tart the president and CEO of the Durham rescue mission love to see the hands and feet of Christ it works so many gifts in the body, and you listening right now.

Let's ask God how he can use your gifts come plug into a wonderful place just like the Durham rescue mission. If you're in Durham North Carolina wherever you are, God can use you to make a difference in someone's life and thank you Jesus I see these.

Thank you Jesus signs all over your property.

Thank you Jesus for coming on a rescue mission for me and for for awesome Mark Reed are one of our wonderful team members here in Raleigh-Durham and for even for Rob tart. Amen thank you for being a think what Truth Network does and how you have any mistake. This is the Truth Network

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