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The Butcher's Block

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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March 5, 2022 4:50 pm

The Butcher's Block

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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March 5, 2022 4:50 pm

A local Winston-Salem downtown staple Robby is live today with the owners and head butcher of The Butcher's Block . Join us for Robby's famous jokes and learn about Restaurant grade meat.

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Hi, I'm Joanne Vickner, Memaw with It's Storytime Memaw, an answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion.

Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits. Now live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. Oh, what an amazing time we have out here today at the Butcher's Block.

We are live. We've got Nikita Koloff here signing autographs and handing out his materials and books, as well as an amazing selection of some of the amazing meets that are here at the Butcher's Block. We've still got time until one o'clock after Nikita's show. We're going to be out here if you want to come out and meet Nikita. Meet me. We'd love to see you.

There's plenty of time. It's 254 East 5th Street in downtown Winston-Salem. If you're in the area, we would love to see you. And you might guess that since it's Kingdom Pursuits, and I got my friend Jamie Funkhouser, who's actually a Forsyth County police officer, right? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Or would that be a sheriff? Well, sheriff deputy, yes, sir.

Okay. So, and actually an alumni of Nikita's man camp, as I am. And so, very cool.

He's here in man camp gear on behalf of Nikita. So, you know, as it is Kingdom Pursuits, I don't know if you've ever watched, listened to it, Jamie, but we always have a riddle. And so, speaking of meat, and then you might guess that I was going to work on that song. So, speaking of meat, that's interesting music. Anyway, from what I understand, Eric has been known to exclaim, you know, we don't have time for vegan nonsense here. Yes, sir. Not at the butcher's block. There's too much at stake. Just saying.

Did you know that? There's the music that I was hoping for. So, Carmen, here you go. I got one for you. Do you know what spending a Saturday without grilling is? A crime.

Do you know Carmen? I can't hear her, but maybe she said it, but here's the answer. If you wonder about what is it called when you spend a Saturday without grilling, it's a mistake. Mistake. There you go. That's good, Robbie. There you are, right, Carmen? And here's my favorite, and you can try your...

I'd be really impressed if you guys could answer this one. My favorite on the list is, do you know why cows have hooves instead of feet? No, I don't. You got any ideas, David?

I can hear you listening. What do you think? Jamie, got any ideas why cows have hooves and not feet? Your guess is as good as mine on that one. They lack toes. They lack toes. See, they have hooves, so they don't have toes, David. They lack toes.

He's supposed to laugh hysterically. That is really, I thought, one of the best I've told in a while, but anyway. You know, at the end of that shenanigans, I actually would have a Bible riddle. It's sort of a Bible riddle.

It goes along with the whole idea of meat. You can call in when today. We would love for you to call in.

We have just a whole host of stuff that Carmen will tell you in about a minute. Here's what the riddle for today is. What does every butcher hope to hear? Every butcher, they hope to hear this when they get to heaven. I can assure you, if they didn't hope to hear it, they should hope to hear it, okay? Every butcher. In fact, everybody that works at an Outback stake, all these different places, they're looking for the same thing when they get to heaven.

As a matter of fact, I'm kind of hoping for it myself. 866-348-7884. Don't give it away. No, sir. Okay.

All right. So, Carmen, tell them what they'll win if they can get that. If they can get that right, they'll win one of our marvelous reeds from the Kingdom Pursuits Prize Vault.

You just call us, 866-348-7884, and tell us what every butcher hopes to hear when they get to heaven. So, anyway, so, Jamie, tell me, you know, we were just getting into it. So, you met Nikita when he was at an event called, what now? It was an event called Acquired of Fire. It was a teen ministry back in the day.

I would say early 2000s is when I was with my youth group at the time. And personally, at the time, I'd never heard of Nikita, and I was a wrestling fan. But I heard Sting was going to be there.

I heard Teddy DiBiase was going to be there, names that I knew growing up with the Monday Night War era. And so, go down there with my youth group, and I heard Nikita's testimony that he gave with Sting and Ted, and it turned my life around right then. And, of course, I was going around with the church regularly, but, of course, I wasn't in the church.

And his testimony and the way that he presented his life really resonated with me. And I started going to church more often. I started getting into youth activities, mission trips and such. And, of course, getting older, things happen. You fall out of the church, and you go about your life. And with the line of work I do, I've dealt with a lot of trauma and seeing some good things and seeing a lot of bad things.

And I grew away, further apart from God. And within the last year, I was on Facebook just rummaging around, and Nikita just happens to pop up on my Facebook page. And when Nikita shows up on your Facebook page, it gets your attention.

Absolutely. So I friended him, and he started posting all of his stuff about, hey, he's coming to these Man Up conferences. And I went out to one of these conferences and just learned about the man camp. Which one did you go to? This past fall, actually.

Okay. The one right after I went last spring. You went last fall. Absolutely. This past October, I went down there, and I tell you, it was a life-changing experience for me. And it's being in that five-week camp with other like-minded individuals. It's five days, but it feels like weeks. No, I'm just kidding. Absolutely.

I tell you, being out there and all the events he puts on for us, that one-on-one time. Yeah, it actually starts on a Sunday, and it ends on a Friday. Absolutely.

And so you're there for six days. Yes. And running after the heart of God. I mean, this is huge. Absolutely.

The material he gives you to look at, the evening gatherings and worship services that we do. Right. You know, one of the neatest things I remember, I'm trying to remember the guy's name that had cerebral palsy and polio and all this stuff.

I know exactly. Yes. This guy, do you remember the bit he did where he talked about being in the picking line and his brother picked him?

Absolutely, and how that just made him weep, I believe, with how happy he was. If you want to feel chosen in life, you know, just golly, why is his name not coming to me? Busby. Yeah. Dave Busby.

Dave Busby. Go to YouTube and watch and listen to taste and see that the Lord is good. I mean, those things just... But to be in that environment, right, where you're chasing after the heart of God, and then you come together in these worship things with Nikita, and people are, you know, essentially sharing their life with everybody in this, and then all of a sudden here comes this. I mean, it's powerful stuff.

I mean, you've got that coming together. You've got the moments where y'all guys got your team working, missions together, the time you spend out there in the wilderness with just you, God, and nobody else. You're the Bible. And I told Nikita that it's the first time in my life where I've actually been still and quiet, and can actually hear God speaking to me and telling me what I need to do with my life.

Really? Like I said, as a young age, I was into the church, but I wasn't, like, putting myself out there. I was just more of the, hey, just follow along and do as everybody else does. And then now it gets to the point of where, like, hey, I need to be the leader.

I need to be the man God wants me to be and search for him. Isn't that cool? Absolutely. And then he's got you in this adventure there in such a place as this, right?

Absolutely. Where you literally lay in your life on your line for people every single day. So how awesome. We are here again all until one o'clock at the butcher's block on Fifth Street in downtown Winston-Salem. Come join us. You get a chance to meet Nikita, get his autograph. You can meet Jamie, too. He's here.

He's wearing a black man cap shirt. And by the way, you can stake out while you're here. And not to mention that, you know, you can win. All you have to do is call in and to tell us what every butcher hopes to hear when they get to heaven. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And if you have a passion for meat, I'm just saying today's the day to come out. We're downtown Winston-Salem at the butcher's block. And yes, I am so excited to be here because they are going to serve us shortly from understanding an amazing grilled steak.

We don't want to miss out on that. And I am here with Eric's son, Nick. And Eric, I understand from your dad that you were instrumental in this whole idea.

Oh, yeah. He'd been talking about wanting to do this ever since I was a kid. And after I got out of the service, I tried to talk him into it. He was about to leave his other job. And I was like, you should really just think about pursuing your dream.

So I actually talked him into it. And here we are. And here you are. Wow. And how fun, right? Oh, yeah. I love it. Yeah.

And so, you know, you from what I understand, this is this store here in Winston-Salem is the second store. And this has kind of been your baby to this extent. Oh, yeah. Yes, sir. How exciting is it to see, you know, God bring a blessing like this?

Oh, it's wonderful. And so as people come out today, can you kind of give them an idea of what all, I mean, yeah, they're going to see Nikita. They're going to see me. And we've already talked about my face for radio. Right. But nonetheless, tell us what they're going to find. Because all this, there's a lot of meat out there.

Oh, yeah. There's a very nice selection of restaurant quality meats, some of the best you can buy. You're definitely not going to find these in any regular grocery store. So when you say restaurant quality, show us how much I'm completely ignorant when it comes to restaurant quality. The type of meat that we have, this is the same thing that you would get if you were to, like, go to Ruth Chris or one of those higher-end restaurants like that.

Or even better than you. You can't get this, is it called Wagyu? Wagyu?

Yes, we have a Japanese A5 Wagyu actually from Japan. You can't get that at Ruth Chris, can you? Oh, no. I don't think so.

I hate till you think what it would cost if you got it from Ruth Chris. I can only imagine. But so, like, and then you guys have, from what it looks like, you guys are cutting it, like, if people want, you know, like, I want an 18-ounce one of these or I want 20- We can put you whatever size you would like. Yes, sir. And so it's an actually, this is like a butcher. Yes, sir.

That's correct. But not only that, but you have all sorts of other fine foods to help them with their gourmet meals, right? Oh, yeah. So give us an example. Like, what's, of all the cool things, like, that you would, man, everybody's got to taste this.

What would that be? I would recommend some of our asparagus along with a nice ribeye. Asparagus?

Oh, yes. Is it fresh? Yes, it is fresh. So you have fresh asparagus? Yes, we have fresh vegetables. Really?

Oh, yeah. And are you an asparagus fan? Asparagus is probably one of my favorites.

If my wife is listening right now, she's going, I can't believe he just said that because you just mentioned one of the things that's not particularly one of Robbie's favorites, but it's okay. I know there's a lot of asparagus. My parents loved asparagus. Right.

And they love to put it on my plate and look at me while they, you know, you are going to eat this because it's on your plate. Right. So, you know, as you've had a chance to see this, what about your own faith walk? It's been quite a while. You were in the service?

Yes, sir. So what service were you in? I was in the Navy. Well, thank you for serving our country. And how long were you in? I was in from 2016 till 2020.

So four years. Yes, sir. And were you on a ship? I was actually stationed in Port Hueneme, California.

Somebody has to do it. Yep. And so you got out of the Navy. What did you think? It was quite an experience. It wasn't really for me, but I did it. So I know your dad a little bit, and he's sort of a Lexington, down home, let's go to church kind of guy. That probably wasn't the experience in the Navy in Southern California.

It's a little bit different out there. And so from your experience of faith, what did you experience? Can you share with me what were you thinking God had for you? You know, I was just praying for guidance, and that's just how I got into the Navy. I was getting caught in life, and nothing seemed to go the right way.

I just thought to myself and was praying. The military just seemed like the right road. And so I bet you're learning now that the military had a lot to teach you about structure and things like that, that now I guess you're getting to use here at the butcher's block, right?

Because there's all sorts of stuff that it's all lined up right here. And so from a meat standpoint, like if you were to say, Nick, man, pick a steak that doesn't cost me $5,000. Are you a porterhouse guy? Do you like strip?

What's your deal? I prefer a ribeye. And like you were saying earlier, we can cut whatever thickness you would like. So if you just want a half-inch ribeye, the price would be comparable to a grocery store.

Really? A half-inch ribeye? Like, oh, man. And with the prices of meat right now at a grocery store, it might be less. It's crazy what it is.

You know, interestingly, I get a chance to process deer and whatever. So I kind of have an idea that that's, you know, near the back of what they call backstrap or whatever. Where would you place that on the cow, that ribeye? The backstrap?

It's near the hind corner there somewhere. Right. It'd be right there with the filet. And so if I'm correct, right, that when you're talking about a ribeye, that it's not unlike a prime rib, only it's... This is boneless, yes. And cut into steaks.

So, wow. And so do you have bone-in ribeyes? Oh, we have bone-in. Yes, sir.

We sure do. Because I know that some restaurants say serve bone-in ribeyes, and so you can do that as well. Do you have a preference there? People say the bone gives a little bit of flavor.

I can't agree with that. But just for sake, I prefer it without the bone. So from what I understand, and I'm pretty excited about this, at 12 o'clock we get to eat today. Oh, yeah. Steak and eggs. Nikita and I. Steak and eggs. Yes, sir. And so do you know what kind of steak I'm going to get?

I think it's going to be a ribeye, actually. All right. All right.

And eggs. And so we're pretty excited, and this is an opportunity for you to come out, and we would love for you to come. We are at 247 East 5th Street in downtown Winston-Salem. If you know where Bailey Park is, we're right across the street. It's easy to park down here.

You won't have any problem. It's Saturday, so it's free everywhere. And you can just make your way, get a chance to meet Nikita. He's signing autographs.

He's got his pictures and all sorts of stuff right there, his books. And, of course, you can meet me. I would love to meet you. And, most of all, while you're here, you know, the Savior trip to grocery. Get something really cool to grill out. I know you're thinking steak right now.

And if you're like me, that you love a great steak and you love that feeling. So where do you guys go to church in Lexington? Or do you still live in Lexington? I still live in Lexington.

Stoners Grove Baptist Church in Southmont is where we get a church. And how long have you been going there? I've been going there ever since I was a kid. It's been a while. Well over 20 years. That is really cool.

Well, Nik, if you were to, you know, you've got all these people listening right now. And so, whether they're in Lexington or they're here, you know, what are some of the other things that they may not think that you could, you know, possibly even save them money and get them a whole lot better quality? What about hamburger? Like I, believe it or not, I'm curious because my wife went to Food Lion. And there was a pack of hamburger that you used to pay maybe $3 for. It was $18. $18.

Wow. And I'm not talking about a big pack of hamburger. I'm talking about it. It wasn't something like you're going to make a meatloaf out of.

It was $18. Right. So what about your hamburger? Our hamburger right now is running $7.99 a pound, but we can grind about just about anything that we have as far as that beef goes. And we can actually get the price lower or higher depending on what you want ground.

Really? Oh yeah. So what do you grind to get cheaper hamburger?

I round, ground chuck, or we could also grind up ribeyes, fillets, New York strips, whatever. So the $7.99 a pound, yeah, so you could get two pounds of that and you'd be under the Food Lion deal, right? That's right. And that is, what's the percentage of that $7.99?

That is $80.20. So wow. That was, I think, the kind that she got. I'm going to tell my wife, you need to come down here. This is the place to get hamburger meat and then pork, right?

You got that stuff? Yes, sir. What's your favorite line, cut of pork? Pork. I really just like bacon. Bacon. As far as pork goes, yeah. Oh, do you guys have bacon?

Oh yes. Do you have, like, real bacon? Yeah, we got market-style bacon, applewood bacon, pepper bacon. Really? Do you cut the bacon? We don't cut the bacon ourselves, but we can get different thicknesses if you have a preference on thickness. Really?

Oh yeah. So yeah, bacon, that's quite a, that's a level of pork that not everybody gets a chance to try out. So, let's see, you got chicken? Oh yeah, we have chicken as well. From an understanding, your chickens are not hormones or anything? No hormones, no antibiotics.

No antibiotics. That's right. And what's your favorite cut of chicken? Chicken. I like the boneless skinless chicken breast.

Really? Oh yeah, that's my favorite. Besides wings. Wings? So you guys sell wings too?

We sure do. And I would bet, you know, as much as wings are, everybody, you could probably save money on, you know, coming down here and getting wings. Oh yeah. We're running our wings on special this week, actually.

They're $3.99 a pound currently. Right. So, here's your opportunity to come on down. We are on Fifth Street in downtown Winston-Salem across from Bailey Park. Nikita's here, I'm here, we would love to see you. If you, you know, if God's given you a passion for meat, and He has meat, I'm just, you can tell I like to eat. I'm sure you saw that. Then we've got so much more Kingdom Pursuits coming up. Stay tuned. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom. We are live today from the butcher's block, 247 East Fifth Street, right downtown Winston-Salem right across from Bailey Park.

Easy to get here, easy to park. And oh, how fun, because we've got Nikita Kolov here, the Russian nightmare. He hasn't used a single Russian sickle on a piece of meat that I've seen. Have you seen that, Charles? Not yet.

But anyway, he's signing autographs, he's got pictures, you can get a chance to meet him. Meet me, and oh my goodness, the selection of meats. As a matter of fact, they have local grass-fed bison.

Now, you know, it's not everybody else, and they're not buffaloing you here. They've got local grass-fed bison, and they have their signature, is it called Wagyu beef? Wagyu beef, yes.

Wagyu beef. And so we now have Charles with us. And Charles, what's your position here at the butcher's block? I'm the meat cutter. You're the meat cutter? Yes.

This is the guy I've been wanting to meet. Seriously, I love to harvest my own animals, and I'd love to actually process the meat. And so I'm very curious, if you're going to cut a ribeye steak from the cow itself, where would you cut that piece of meat from? Where it comes from the rib area, where its ribs are located. That's why they get the name ribeye.

Okay. It's actually the layer of meat on its back right above the ribs? Yes, sir. Right, and is it more near the front of the ribs or the back of the ribs? It's more to the back.

That's what I thought, down close to the backside of it. And so from your standpoint, how long have you been cutting meat, Charles? I've been cutting meat since 84.

Oh my goodness. And so, you know, every one of those ribs has a certain amount of marbling and whatever, which do you have a certain way that you cut a ribeye that's like, man, that's the one? Well, you cut it from the, actually from the chuck-in, whereas a lot of it's vanilla, you know, on the loin.

And that's probably the best portion of the ribeye, which is the chuck-in of it. That's what I was wondering. Okay. Yeah. So there you go. Now, so if somebody comes in here and they want something cut, whatever it may be, right, you guys, from what I understand, you cut all sorts of stuff, right? Yeah. And so what is the most popular thing that you're usually cutting for people? Ribeyes. Really? And then you got your fillets.

They're cutting fillets as well. Yeah. All right. And so, Charles, on a spiritual basis, have you seen kind of, you know, this is a Christian company and obviously they're one of the partners of the Truth Network. I'm curious, how do you see God working here at the butcher's block, or do you see him working here? How do I see God working here? Yeah, there you go. Well, I see him as driving me.

Okay. As far as what I'm doing, blessing me, you know, what I'm doing. So how did that happen in your life, that he started to drive you? Or was he always driving you? I say he was always driving me. Since you were little.

Mm-hmm. And so was that something that you got in your family? Yes. Yeah, I grew up going to church and everything.

So where did you grow up? In Rockingham County. Oh, really?

Yes. Well, I happen to live in Rockingham County, so. Oh, okay. Did you live in Reedsville or where in Rockingham? Yeah, Reedsville. Okay.

Yeah, around the outer skirts. Yeah. And so I lived not terribly far out of Madison or by Blues Creek Lake, so I'm in another part of Rockingham County. Yes.

But nonetheless, still in Rockingham County. And so that's interesting to me. So you grew up where you felt like you were close to God. You had a family that was close to God you felt like?

Mm-hmm. And so, you know, so many people talk about they fall away when they get into school or whatever. Did you ever have one of those periods where you kind of went, and then all of a sudden, I did, when I got into my teenage years, I kind of, you know, got into that teenage behavior. What brought you back? Well, when I got older, older and a little wiser. Was there an incident that, like, man, I need to get my act back together?

Well. Were you married young? I got married young, yes.

And that's a challenge. Yes, it is. And so are you still married? No.

Uh-oh. No. I'm sorry, do you have children?

Yeah. How many children do you have? I got a boy and a girl. How old are they now?

My boy is 34 and my daughter is 23. Wow, he must be similar in age. So you must be in your 60s somewhere, I'm guessing.

59. Okay, pretty close. Pretty close.

Yeah. At 34, is he here in town? Well, he drives a truck.

He got his own trucking company. And he's always out. So he lives in a walker town. Oh, okay, so he does. You know, that's cool that he's close by. Yeah.

And you get a chance to see him. So there's somebody out there listening and they said, Charles, man, can you hook me up with the thing that you just feel like is going to be the best thing I put in my mouth, you know, from a standpoint of meat? Do you prefer bison or was it the chicken? For you personally, you're going to cut them the best thing you got. What are you going to cut them?

Well, beef wise, I would probably cut them by either filet or ribeye. How about chicken? Personally, I like chicken thighs. Really? Yes. Yeah, I love chicken thighs. But, you know, if they wouldn't want that, I would just go either. I would sell bone-in split chicken breast. Oh, that's good stuff, too.

But I love thighs, too. Yeah. I don't know, dark meat. Yeah. Yeah. Do you guys sell turkey? On the holidays, yeah.

On the holidays, you do? Yeah. So from a fish standpoint, what do you like there? Flounder.

Really? Grouper. Sea bass. Now, in those fish, I'm picturing these fish. Do they come in like a fish and you got to cut them into like filets or whatever or?

No, they come in already fileted. Okay. Portioned. Well, I have to portion. Some of them I have to portion. Some of them I don't, so. Do you filet fish? I can, yeah.

I've tried. I tend to make a mess out of that. So I'm curious about your cutlery. Like, what do you use to cut the meat with? Well, I have my meat knives, butcher knives, you know, and filet knives because I have to filet fish. Right.

You know, I have all that available. And so, how often do you sharpen your butcher knives? I'm just curious.

If you're doing a lot of cutting, I try to sharpen them maybe once every couple of weeks. Really? Yeah. And so, wow. And how long have you had those knives?

The ones I got now, I've had them over a year. Okay. So. So it isn't something you've had since 1984 where you've been? Oh, no.

No. I went through a lot since then. And so before you worked at the Butcher Block, can you kind of give us an idea of what the difference is in quality between where you worked before and you work now? Well, I would say the, I mean, the Butcher Block beef is restaurant quality, which is a higher quality beef. And they carry the certified Angus beef, which is a good grade of beef. Which is, and where I worked before, we also carried, you know, pretty much the same.

Everywhere I worked, the beef was pretty much the same. Right. Yeah.

But here. Here the quality is restaurant grade. So it's a little better.

I did not even, I mean, it shows my ignorance. I didn't know there was a restaurant grade above that was above what you'd normally get in the grocery store or whatever, but that's all it has to do with the aging and what's going on with that. So we got more coming live from the Butcher Block. Again, it's 247 East 5th Street and you can, boy, a lot of amazing stuff right here. We've got so much more coming up. Stay tuned.

Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. Today we are live from the Butcher's Block at 247 East 5th Street in downtown Winston-Salem. It's been an amazing time and I'm getting pretty excited because I can smell the steak cooking. They got steak and eggs.

And it's going to be amazing. Again, you know, obviously we need partners like the wonderful Christian people that are supporting the Truth Network and it's pretty cool to see all this come to the blessing that's been available here through the Butcher's Block. And, you know, as we talked about, they feature this local grass-fed aged, different kinds of, as you can hear, restaurant quality beef. They have grass-fed bison and antibiotic hormone-free chicken and, of course, they're Japanese-certified wagyu beef.

It's all available right here at the Butcher's Block, 247 East 5th Street in downtown Winston-Salem. And, oh my goodness, here, just walked in, Stu Epperson. So, Stu, we're excited to have you here. There's a lot going on? It's a lot going on. I tell you what, I tell you, there's no, hey, the answer, the question, where's the beef, will never be asked again at the Truth Network.

Nikita Kolov, the ultimate carnivore, we're so glad that he's on the right side here. Unbelievable. From Russian sickling Rick Flair and the Road Warriors to leading people to Jesus all over the world, this guy here, unbelievable. Look who's in the house, look who's in the house, the man himself, the man, the myth, the legend, Stu Epperson, and he brought his buddy Chris in. Chris is like, which book should I get there? I go, you want to be motivated or you want to be inspired? Or both, you know. Unbelievable.

Anyway. This is awesome, man. I just want to get a picture with Nikita Kolov, the Russian nightmare.

The cameras are flashing. This guy, unbelievable. Robby, this is awesome. This place is amazing.

Yes. Folks, you've got to come see the butcher's block. I don't care where you are listening in Virginia, across South Carolina, North Carolina. Ohio. They're up in Toledo.

Oh, my soul. Holy Toledo. Holy Toledo. Last weekend I was in Richmond, Virginia plugging Truth Radio, by the way. 97.7 FM in Richmond, 106.5 in Toledo. 106.5. Hello to all of our Dayton listeners.

Dayton, Ohio, awesome place. But this is what it's about. Kingdom Pursuits.

Businesses like the butcher's block that stand with us to reach souls with the good news of Jesus so we can have a place to put Nikita Kolov and his message on. It's just powerful. And get a good sake to boot. Especially if you're a carnivore. Come down.

I mean, they have top of the line. I'm getting ready to have brunch here. I don't think anybody's going to call in with my, so I better tell this. Hold on. Angela's on the line. Angela.

Wait, wait. We have some Angela's on the line? Angela from Burlington. She's on it.

She's on it. Angela, what does every butcher want to hear? Hey, buddy. Hey, Angela.

Do you know what every butcher wants to hear when they get to heaven? Hi. Well done. What a great answer. That's great.

I love it. Yes. There's a lot of steak on that question right there, Robbie.

I can't tell you what. No. No. Mistake.

There's no mistake. Nice to meet you. Angela. God bless you. That's cooking right there.

That answered. That's on fire. We don't want to grill you too hard.

You don't have to be a medium to figure out that it needs to be well done. This is rare stuff that we're. Well, rare air. Hey, there's some real rare air.

There'll be some rare air in the kingdom of God in heaven. It's a cut above. It really is. Thank you, Angela. I'm so glad it's you that won that. I appreciate you calling so much today. God bless.

Awesome. Angela, be sure you bring your family by the butcher's block. You won't just get the steaks and the chops and the amazing. I mean, they got all kinds of things in here. There's more than just meat, by the way. Look at all this stuff.

Nikita, look at that. They got all these handmade popcorns and all these culinary sauces and just amazing stuff. Nick told us about the asparagus, man. Look at the asparagus. You said that's the stuff.

If you can spare some, you can unbelievable. Not to mention a handful of desserts and stuff as well. They got it all. It's a one-stop shop. The butcher's block.

Downtown Winston-Salem on Fifth Street, right by Bailey's Park here, and then they're also in Lexington, and they're growing. Great Christian owners, great sponsors, partners of the Truth Network. Wow, and Fish, too, by the scale. I'm telling you.

They're swimming in. Boy, I tell you what. And Nikita Koloff. Yeah, I've been listening all morning. I've been looking at my chops to get my hands on some of this meat, so I'm excited. Got folks in here ordering. One of Winston-Salem's finest. Jamie, one of my Bandcamp alumni, actually stopped in and actually picked up some chops while he was here. That is so cool.

He's a good guy. Well, so here's the deal. You pick up some chops, or Nikita Koloff busts your chops in the ring. I think I want to go the other way.

You got your choice. That's right. For the person that's a carnivore in your family, for the gifts, I got my brother-in-law an amazing birthday gift here. We bought her one of those big cutlery, wooden, beautiful, you know, hand cut like an oak platter. Yeah.

And a gift card. Like a butcher's block. Butchers block. I tell you what. That's almost a play on words. I about wrecked my car listening to your lactose jokes earlier, and the cow and the hoof, and I'm like, how does Ronnie Timmy come up with this stuff? Unbelievable. David didn't laugh about the lactose.

I thought it was hilarious. Nikita, people all over are Russian to the butcher's block. Just to meet the Russian nightmare.

Russian nightmare so their carnivore dreams can come true. You pick up a book. God bless you, man. All right. We're going to be here till one. Yeah.

So Nikita's show is coming up live. Man up. We got a half an hour that you got to get over here and get it signed. Man up. We're fixing to stake out here.

The Russian nightmare. Let's get ready. I'm getting ready.

It's a sample. It's a cattle call for everybody to come to the butcher's block. Downtown Winston-Salem. Come see us. Get over to this place. Awesome. Come eat Nikita Kolov. Get a picture.

Get a book. And we got all kinds of truth goodies here for you, too. We've got the new truth phone wallet right here. Oh, yeah. It does.

That's true. All right. Thank you so much for listening. God bless. This is the Truth Network.
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