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January 27, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina five, verse one.

Today we like to begin, and if the Lord allows maybe the next couple Sunday mornings I would like to preach on the lines of the sovereignty of God, and I don't know about you but I have never found anything that is so certain so comforting and yet so confusing as the sovereignty of God.

There is something that is certain about of the gods in control and yet there's something comforting about it that you know what I know that things will be okay because God is in control and yet when I look at some things that happen it's so confusing to think if God didn't control why did that take place.

Anybody else feel like I do, the sovereignty of God is a complicated subject. It's a confusing subject. It's a comforting subject gets every all of the above, I want to begin along these lines in verse one of Isaiah chapter 45 the Bible says this, a man that we don't talk a lot about thus saith the Lord, to his anointed, to Cyrus know what is interesting Cyrus in the chapter before have been nominated. This wasn't a preacher. Cyrus was a it was a king.

He was a leader. He was a businessman and God had anointed him notice this to Cyrus to his right hand. I have Holden to subdue nations before him, and I will loose the loins of Kings to open before him.

The two levied gates and the gates shall not be shut. I will go before the and make the crooked places straight.

I will break in pieces the gates of brass and cut inside the bars of iron and I will give thee the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places that thou may us know that I the Lord which called me by name, and the God of Israel for Jacob my servant, sake, and Israel monolithic.

I have even called me by thy name. I have surname the though thou hast not known meaningless in this.

I am the Lord, there is none else. There is no God beside me. I girded the though thou hast not known me that they may know from the rising of the sun and from the West rising of the sun.

Where does their sunrise rising need that sets in the so you just say it. As far as East is from the west that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else know to love those verses sovereignty of God.

I would preach on the subject this morning for a few brief moments. Don't mess with the maker don't mess with the maker Lord. We love you will bless your word in Jesus name we pray. Amen. What is itching about this chapter this meant Cyrus God called him God anointed him. God put his hand on him and what is interesting what we find here is that we are explain this is how God calls an individual. This is how God then takes care of the individual and this is what God claims to prove he has the power to do what he said he would do. In other words, this when God leads us to do something God takes care of us while we do it God clears the obstacles in order for us to do it and when it's all said and done Godzilla want to get glory for that's the sovereignty of God. He chooses to easily use he chooses what they're going to do. He controls what he allows and he gets the glory for I love it. In verse really one through four, we see the great things that God would do for Cyrus in verse 5 to 7 we see the proof what God would give to Cyrus in verse eight we find there is a prayer about Cyrus that God gives and then verse nine and following. It's how God would end up using Cyrus so you say what is this have to do with me, preacher, what you notice. First, as these verses in verse one want you to see first the call of God.

God's call. Notice what he says, thus saith the Lord, to his anointed, to Cyrus what we are told here is where explaining the call of God and this is the call of God folks God anoints those he's going to use. I'm here to tell you this morning. God has anointed you so I'm not up there preaching. You don't have to be to be anointed Cyrus. What a preacher he won the full-time pastor. It was any of the above look at me when God want you to do something that's his call. That's is leading and I want you to understand he's sovereign P decides who he's got a call to do what we all have a job. We all have a ministry will have a place in the family of God. We all have a responsibility that God wants us to do something and he calls us to do it now… Call everybody to be a pastor. Thank God we pastors would have anybody to preach to. But God calls us all to do something we find here want you to notice first that God supports those that become his man.

I love this. He says Cyrus I've anointed you and knows what he says. He says who's right hand I have Holden or as we would use our maker. He says I've held your hand. I have supported you through this. When God calls you number one I want you to see this God supports though that become his man. God doesn't call us and then leave us alone. God doesn't lead us to do something and say well good luck doing it. God holds our hand the entire way. If you are willing to take God's call in your life to do something for God. God supports you the entire time.

It would be need of God. The call and then leave us alone when notice. Secondly, God than just support those that become his man.

Second, God subdues those that oppose his plan. Notice Cyrus I've called you to do this and knows what he says I've hold your hand. Notice this juice. Do nations before him. He said you know what Cyrus not only my go to support you but I am going to make sure that I bring into captivity. Everything and everybody that opposes you look at me when God leads you to do something it doesn't matter who or what's against you. If God wants you to do it and God called you to do it. He'll make sure it gets done it and just support us through it.

He subdues all those that oppose it. He said you know what is what God said all of this on. That is, subdue, not a person, not an individual, not even a kingdom. God said this, I will subdue the nations. In other words, God says I'm asking you to do this Cyrus you're going to be. He was anointed Shepherd, God would bring redemption to Israel through this man God would use him for that and he said this.

If I have to I'll take care of all the nation in order for you to be able to do this you know there is nothing more powerful than the will of God. Notice this, thirdly, that God doesn't just support those that become his man. God then just subdue those that opposes plant but notice. Third, God surpasses obstacles when you take a stand is what God says what. Notice in verse one. He said all subdue the nation for aimlessness and I will loose the loins of Kings to open before him. The two living gates and the gates shall not be shut.

This is what he says he would do. God says that I will literally all subdue nations, I will loose the loins of Kings. I will even open the gates that are close. There is no obstacle.

God says that I cannot overcome when you accept your calling and do what I've asked you to do. Nothing can stop God.

Why because he's sovereign sovereignty of God, you need understand some gosling got his lead you to do something and it's of God, God will stop everything and everybody that opposes that in your life and God will overcome every obstacle that could possibly coming your way. Because if you're going to do some of the God. Once done, Satan's gonna fight it but God's big in St. that's the sovereignty of God.

We always talk about while the sovereignty of God. Just when you're in trouble when you have a hard time and that'll encourage you know the sovereignty of God is what calls you the sovereignty of God is what takes care of the obstacles the sovereignty of God is what support you during the entire call the sovereignty of God is what overcomes obstacles. He's in charge.

Number two went to the season and let me say this. If I could put it up for sake of time I would go ahead and say I wrote this down what you hear God says this in verse one God says I'll take care of the people in your way.

He said I'll take care of the loins of Kings Goss is not about take care of the people in your way. I will take care of the obstacles in your way. Notice first one is that all open gates and I will literally control the Kings teens represent people. Gates represent obstacles. God says I'll take care of the people and I'll take care of the obstacles as of this. That means it doesn't matter how powerful the people are or how insurmountable the obstacles are God can take care of. That's the sovereignty of God. Secondly, see God's care.

We see okay God called Cyrus now housing to take care of them. Now he's asked Cyrus to do something that's really almost impossible to do about this like a burst I will go before the God sent and make the crooked places straight.

I will break in pieces the gates of brass and cut in sunder the bars of iron God's care.

So God calls now we see God's care. Notice first.

Under this and they can't do it. They all go together, but you understand this what you remember.

First, God says golf support those that become my man. God subdues those that opposes plan, God surpasses obstacles when you take a stand notice hereunder. God's care. Next, God shields us from dangers ahead with his hand.

God calls, he is what he said I will go before the you always hurt relatively talk about is accidentally stepped on the landmine there in Vietnam and what was he doing he was going ahead of everyone else finding the danger this what God does. He goes ahead of us. We don't serve a God if you noticed is that it nothing but this.

I used to coach basketball when I was here years ago for our school and white basketball and I've got coach basketball different time limitation when I was in high school I told you that in our coach set over there. The little potbelly little whistle made us run suicides and labs. He didn't do nothing.

You know you burped everyone's well that was about it. He blew his whistle run. This run this suicide.

I don't how many times would run my mouth that many me that was also you know what will will see how you do, you don't want to commit suicide but on when you go to. I would think all the good we just kept going all things.

When I became a cochair, I decided that when I coach development, nor did anyone remember this brother Matt ran society at that time and I decided I was gonna run the laps with them and we did things we run up and down the bleachers and I would be in the front. They would run by me at we would have you know one day we start a run through all the school classrooms and for the deed is appreciated it.

All the guys forward is run and I'm just thinking of fun places to run to get and needless to say we have the most out of shape basketball team you've ever seen in your life because I belike shoot around and around. Why did I do that and I didn't but I should. Why, because I did not want to be the kind coach that pushed his players. I wanted to be the kind of coach that led his players not to do so hot as a coach I will tell you this.

It's one thing to push people's another thing to lead them. God is not say Hal be behind you pushing you God says I will go before the notice. That's the kind of care, God takes by the way, he goes before you notice. Secondly, look verse two is that I will go before the notice. I will make the crooked places straight. God shields us from dangers ahead with his hand. Next, God straightens the crooked places that we don't understand God says that someone to go before you, and there's gonna be some places that are really crooked and you know what you wouldn't understand it you wouldn't get it if you came through it.

So God says I'm just can straighten that thing out for you. You know what oftentimes up and I want you to think about this. Now think about. He is going before here is telling Cyrus and he said I will make the crooked places straight and let me ask you something.

By the time if he's going before and he makes the crooked places straight by the time Cyrus or anybody else that God has led and called as these referring to in this passage.

By the time you get there, what will the way look like what that means is half the time.

You'll not even know that it ever was crooked. God goes before us, he makes the crooked places straight and often times we don't even know he's done we get there is just a straight path and we will get. We have no idea what God did to make that possible time we show up at Target or Walmart or wherever we have no idea how many racks God saved us from what we got there, it oftentimes you and I never even saw all the crooked places God just made them straight for us. Sovereignty of God. God so sovereign. We don't know half the things he does. Number three.

In this passage and want you to see God shields us from dangers ahead with his hand.

God straightens the crooked places that we wouldn't understand. I love this.

I was looking for 1/3 point because the Bible says that he makes her crooked places straight. Notice what it says he'll do it. I love this look verse two he says I will break in pieces the gates of brass and cut in sunder the bars of iron that I'll get you through the gate. I'll take you out of jail.

I thought this is great God says I'll make straight and I'll break the gates and I could think of. 1/3 one forgotten the iron bars to think of something that rhymes with all that you let me know got that all may think straight.

I'll break through the gates, so that even cut down the bars of iron that literally keep you in jail got that I'll take care of it all onto notice. Thirdly, verse three, God gives us strength to continue when we don't think we can limitation about the sovereignty of God. Let me take out the care that he gives livers to set although before you all make the crooked places straight I'll break in pieces the gates of brass cut in sunder the bars of iron.

God says I'll go before you all make that, you know I'll look ahead for the dangers all make the crooked places straight for even get there, I'll make sure the gates are open by the time you arrive, I'll cut down the bars and make sure they don't keep you enclosed.

But notice verse three he said I will give you all so treasures of darkness that means even though God goes ahead and even though God makes the crooked places straight. Even though God breaks open the gates and knots down the bar we still face darkness in our life. We still have some dark days there are still some difficult things were going to face God says, even when that happens, I'll give you treasures in that darkness under forget my mom and dad always claimed this verse what all the cancer things that my mom is going through and dying with cancer. Those were dark days. Days that you sit and read your Bible and your facing death.

And that's is down and low as you can get and I member get mom would always use this verse and claim this verse that God would give treasures in darkness, God would end up ministering and showing things and encouraging and giving grace.

At times like that, nobody would probably understand and in the middle of darkness. God brings Trish. That's how that's the kind of care that a sovereign God gives us that even when things are dark and evil in their difficult offerings treasures in our life.

Notice this if you would. It says hidden riches of secret places, things you go through a life that nobody even knows about loneliness, sickness, depression, God says, I will literally give you riches in those secret places. You see, God gives us strength to continue even when we don't think we can. That's the sovereignty of God, I'll go before you. I'll make those crooked places straight. I'll make sure the gates are open all knock down the bars. If I have to. And even when you finish darkness, and even when you go through things that nobody knows about. I'll give you treasure and riches, even in those situations, how why that didn't make sense. Well, why are you giving God glory.

When the officer were talk about somebody that's in darkness somebody go the heart for God really loved us we would be going through these a dear friend. That's not true. God does love us because when we do go through these there were God gets the blame for everything done gets the praise for nothing in the blame for everything said a complaint. Why did God let this happen to me, one we praise him for being there with us when we do go through. He gives us treasures in darkness if he gives us riches and secret place, may I say this third in all of this is my favorite part of the passage we see. Third, God's claim God's call God's care, and then God just lays it out and give us to let you go today. I wish I had more time because I love this verse five. This is this claim, this what he says. Cyrus called you and I'll go before you all do all these things for you, but just in case Cyrus you're still wondering just in case you're still doubting who let me make things really clear response. I am the Lord, there is none else. There is no God beside me I heard the though thou hast not known me that they may know from the rising of the sun and from the West that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is not a house I give these principles in a let you go out of these two verses number 100 God's claim number one God claims this is all you have got tell you about the sovereignty of God.

You know you and I need to understand about the sovereignty of God. We don't have anybody else, God's not just in charge. He's the only one. If God is not sovereign, who is your not this guy whose expression God sovereign, because there is not.

He said, can I tell you today he's all you and that makes him suffer. Secondly, and what you notice in verse seven I form the light and create darkness.

This is where we get. Don't mess with the make.

I made everything I made light I made darkness note is that I make peace and create evil. What God creates evil that's what he says I love it.

I make peace and create evil. I am the Lord do all these things drive down the heavens from above, let the skies pour down righteousness, let the earth open to let them bring forth salvation and let righteousness bring up together. I the Lord have created a says is not only he's all you have. Second, it all belongs to him. You don't makes God sovereign wonders. Nobody else number two. He owns it all. That makes him sovereign last time I checked the course are law. The Bible says that eventually our laws will be so reversed that the criminals will get more freedoms than the innocent is not surprising. The Bible says this can happen, but last time I checked you step on my property.

I'm sovereign on my property.

That's not like that anymore is now the gotta be at a certain place you say a certain thing, then come try to take everything you have. But you problem to be a trouble. Y'all know that you not take some God doesn't work by man's laws. He owns it all. He made it it's his. That's a sovereign God. Nobody else he owns it all anyway. Third thing we were is nine Ralston will want to him that strive if that works drive. It means the fight against his maker don't mess with the maker love it that he's out of my sons brought into this world.

I can take you.

My son and appreciate that goal mess with the maker.

I know I did make an you would verse nine will want to him that strive are those maker let the post heard strive with the postcards of your shell the clay say to him that passionate what make us now. Lord I work. He had no hand. I love this look at. Let the post heard strive with the posters. If you're in a fight against anybody. God says you you go and fight with each other. Let the postcards fight with the postcards.

But don't you try to fight against me. God says good. Don't mess with the maker let the earthly things fight with earthly things, but don't think is an earthly thing that you're going to fight a battle against. Are you ready Prince will number three you can find him, but he always wins. He's all you have. It all belongs to him and you can find somebody always wins like bring a knife to a gunfight fight against God. God says take woe to him that strives with the maker let the post herds strive against the posters you want to pick a fight you want to fight against something you don't you go ahead and fight against earthly things. That's where you are but don't let your self think as an earthly creation that I created that you're gonna fight me and win. Are you not by me through all of history. Not one human being has ever won a battle against God, and in all of the future. No one of member will now say you today. God is sovereign.

You can fight him, but he is always going to win.

That's the sovereignty of God.

He's all you have. He owns it all. Anyway you can find a you're never going to win because he's God, and he saw number four verse 11 thus saith the Lord, the holy one of Israel and his maker asked me of things to come concerning my sons concerning the work of my hands commanding me. I have made the earth and created man upon it. Even my hands have stretched out the heavens, and all their host. Have I commanded this and it is.

I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways, he shall build my city and he shall go my captives, not for price nor reward. Saith the Lord of host.

I love this verse 11 and 12 principal before this he has it all under control. God says, I did this I did that I made this happen. Hey listen there's nobody else. He owns it all. You can fight him, but you're never going to win and he's got it all under control he was doing things before you ever showed up and he'll do things when we're done.

He was God before you were born will be God at your funeral. He's so notice this last and I love this under the fact that he has it all in the control notice verse 13, number one, his ways are divine.

He said I have raised him up, who God you know if you did something your it would be human ways. When God does something it's divine, God's ways number one are divine they are.

Notice this. I love this rooted in righteousness. What I got same person I have raised him up in what righteousness why because he is God. God is righteous, God's ways are right because why don't understand what God is doing. It doesn't matter if we understand it, he's right. Second, his ways are not just divine, his ways are directed. Notice verse 30.

I have raised them up in righteous and I will direct all his weight. God knows what he's doing. It's all part of a plan.

He's the director and his ways are just random. There directed God says I will direct all his ways.

That means there's not one little thing that I didn't plan God thought of it all away before you even know about it sometime. My wife and I will be doing some hey we need to got that already did. You need to curb you may have. But we had did you did you did you put this up. Yeah I did that okay as I Artie took her are you doubting wall about the time you get like that this morning I had to ring my dad's car to church because I had taken dad home last night so I had scars about scarred churches bring in the service I'm in the in the kitchen. Come the church and I have my jacket have my Bible had take all my stuff in the car and I had my dad's car keys and my life. My sons are in there and I said I said where the car keys. A look near us of the car keys are in here and there just looking at massive where the car keys you might not have my dad's car keys is aware of the khaki and they were dangling off my finger right here with all my stuff. I had the car keys in there looking at me and that it dangles like to in your hand. Dad, I see a church, just about time doing this on human soon as you think you're divine to be reminded quickly.

Your human God's ways are directed their divine right. Notice third's ways are deliberate. There's a purpose. What is verse 13 he said this, he said I will build my city, I shall let go my captives know what God was doing to me what was he doing he was letting go captives. He was building a city. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone and 336-993-5119 born in Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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