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MON HR 2 122721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 28, 2021 12:08 am

MON HR 2 122721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 28, 2021 12:08 am

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Donate, it was thought that you are we are back and you know Joe I would just read your article. Your all in one week for soccer players all dropped dead of lilies of the pros for soccer players drafted just with its wood children, Joe I would give the vaccine affects your right to know that the Alm had heart attacks and how well nurses I'm working out a world Tribune story nurses in Ventura County, California you're blowing the whistle on alarming rise in heart problems, strokes, blood clotting in vaccinated patients, adding that the doctors refused to consider the problems could be adverse reactions to the covert shot down one of the critical care nurses are told the local newspaper huge surge number of young people experiencing severe health problems right after receiving the vaccine and we know that some of those like myocarditis within three years is a huge percent by 50% Diane five years so when are having serious problems with the week after the backs there got a 50% chance of dying in the next couple years and they go on and on about of doctors are all just ignoring the problem. The nurses were trying to say hey you know those cause-and-effect and the doctors don't want to hear. And it's so funny of this with Bill Golder seeing more myocarditis the hijab everyone on the downplay of the doctors don't question it, and when we try to bring it up.

They won't even discuss it with.

So it's very scary.

They've been bought off of the nurses are trying to tell people the truth so clearly, Joe. We've been telling everything he said we been telling people we been to everything he said no.

Here's a guy. This got medical credentials, you know, we have you. I have had a seven doctors with even more credentials and handouts telling a similar story.

So here are now near you seen this. What is taking place but he kept emphasizing something that was common sense, since you know you know how we love common sense will know when you go out there in use, and you see the number one profession that is protesting these poisonous pokes.

The number one that is protesting that are medical workers, doctors and nurses that's were common sense comes into play. Joe and so these people understand it's only the ones in a been bought off by big Pharma. Only the ones that were bought off of the co-ops by big Pharma and they're told like you want to keep your job doing to keep your position here at this hospital you are going to push the Polk you know and I will know it and here convince you so commit yourselves the right thing to do and also that doesn't leave you a guilty conscience and what is happened. Joe a lot of the medical profession today and and this is been said by how many doctors on this radio program frontline doctors that how they have lost credibility in the medical profession and medical doctors have lost so much credibility. You know these people have done to them with the apostate preachers have done to us you know as far as you know, the just takes likened like a dirty cop erection for all the same thing with an apostate preacher floor these people and these doctors that are selling themselves just to keep in practice. And so here folks, where we are out there working to warn you really continue to warn you, as long as we can. This is why we asked should we pray to keep us on the air here because you and I could hear this at NBC, ABC, CBS, all you have to do is listen. We play the clip was a clip and showed you just the commercials one for ABC. This NBC CBS all the commercials and this program was brought to you by Pfizer and this program was brought to you by five this program today been brought to my Pfizer Fox News and this is been brought to you by Pfizer so over and over and over it's it's the big money follow the money, hunger, drug if you're like most or commercials are for some kind of drug medication not think about this.

We told the people that the lockdown in the US and 43 countries in the world fail. Dr. Scott Atlas told us that there were more death and the countries that locked down so the bar by far the more death right right so we know that the lockdown came from Brixton Fountain Bank technology, their horrible failure and will think about this booklet binds doing right now pastor.

He saying that tough this back to try to make mandates that all out one of the exemptions you don't need to fax if you get a weekly test well what happened way back in October, 22, October, there was a big meeting in the White House and the people they're trying to get the bison administration to put out money to get rapid tests get these tests out all over America by administration is now working to push the vaccine so hear what the situation got these people that have to get a weekly test work well. This is a test shortage can't get the test well she can't get the test, and you're forced to get the back to lose your job if you can't get the test you can't get on the flight can't do this or that you can't take the test what they're doing is they're forcing people to get the facts because they turned down making these tests, they decided not to put money into getting the test.

Now they're making a big deal about automotive serve.

The textbook Devoted every person in the country so this whole thing if you have to have this black passport to eat to work to fly all the stuff but you don't need a passport to vote for an ID to vote, but you do for everything with coalbed you remember that fellow named Henry do remember that fellow named Henry Kissinger. Well, you know, back week we talked about this back into 2009 old Henry Kissinger think about. In fact, he made the statement back in 2009th of February 2015 fact it is and here's what he said once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations. It's game over for a Willets day they will accept anything forcible, blood or organ donations for the greater good, we can genetically modify children and sterilize them for the greater good.

Good control shape minds and you control the herd vaccine maker stand to make billions, and many of you in this room are investors. It's a big win-win for us within with that out the herd and the herd pays us for their extermination services. That's Henry Kissinger speaking to the farm area you need to walk that up that way because they're not elsewhere down that that never happened. That wasn't out there but look at this. Since the Terriers in the culvert Americans but are poor satyr purple press isolated church attendance is 50% lower, if not more cancerous part failures erupt other disease other health problems are up sky high. Obesity is the drug uses up overdoses throughout death row of overdoses are up, crime is up, suicide is up metal the children of hurting themselves that everything that you can think of is up and it all goes back an hour later at the feet of the government and the government.

The socialist state. The Biden this is a crime.

It's been committed against humanity.

We have the deficit with the vaccination and we have all these deaths with the different doctors of told us could have been prevented if they'd use the drops of horror Quinn newsletter myosin and think if they'd use the Iva nectar and if that allowed any of the stuff to be used 26 they cut a cut but that's by about what five, 600,000 people remain. This is worse than the almost the Holocaust that happened this is gonna be worldwide. If you look at probably the figures when this is over.

More people are going to be killed by the vaccine and the stupid one on almost equal to the. The – called the great race that this is what we've been talking about now for a very long time.

We've been talking about this exactly with Lisa now. I have an announcement to make. Here on the 22nd to December 22. Luca restaurants is Judy mandate to show your V ID K vaccine ID and use of masks to dine in okay bring anti-mask signs waiting anti-vaccine signs, ID signs, waiting lights for signs use fluorescent signs. This is what the rescue needed to and there's going to be a big protest on this Wednesday, December 29 at the corner of West sixth and St. Clair Cleveland corner of West sixth and St. Clair in Cleveland one more time at the corner of Wessex is a clinically than it's going to be from 630 to 8 PM from 6:30 PM to 8 PM no a park free on the side streets at that time we can perforate to avoid problems don't don't talk to any customers on the limited contact with the dog with the customers face messages on the evil of the mandate.

You can direct face messages on the evil of the mandates would signs as of this is the announcements again here. What great line. You're talking right right so bring anti-math signs waiting anti-vaccine signs of that vaccine put the ID to the VAX ID signs and so there you go. That's Wednesday.

That's this coming Wednesday and that's at the corner of West sixth and St. Clair in Cleveland, Wessex and St. Clair Cleveland from 630 to p.m. to 8 PM no, it will be a bit cold but it won't be as cold as a skinny kid next week affected probably probably may still even be actually and not in the 40s so would sensing a part of the world. That's not bad, right, no, not better offer of now. Next week is going to get a lot colder from what I can stand, but the that's that's this coming week already and now that's a limit. Let me tell it again Wednesday the that's Wednesday the 29th from 630 to 8 PM at the corner Wessex and St. Clair in Cleveland. So there you go.

Got it I got it down.

I want to remind folks and after the respondent if most people are not aware that the common cold is about a corona virus and that the fact that Jack had always has been the common cold is a form is a corona virus.

When you tell people that Joe is supposed to be afraid Joe is supposed to be afraid, cold as it doesn't scare anybody you supposedly tore out and I will get you if you don't get shot you have to get the VAX then you gotta get the booster VAX and the booster booster in the booster booster booster okay if you don't do that for euro. If you don't do that you're going to get sick and thought you won't make any money go by the way, did I tell you here. FDA authorizes Pfizer's culvert 19 pill weeks after landing a $5 billion deal with the Biden crime cartel with the Biden regime of $5 billion and Joey and the family and I'll bet everybody's going to get a piece of that. Joe in the bed and and they're going to get richer and richer. You know of hundred don't have to sell his pain is in 3 millions to the Chinese would all of this 5 billion Pfizer is holding that out like a carrot to a horse for Joe and that Joey and the whole Biden crime cartel jumping all over that active three-member program on the crime and both the doctors are telling you is like a child cold for the most part there.

Here people they get very sick and probably a very very tiny percentage will die, but that happens every year. It's been happening for 100 years or more people get cold for get them only as a dye that happens every year we have 60 80,000 people die or more every year from the flu often that there's more people died of pneumonia than that but they get it from colds or other things. So common cold is a corona virus. Omicron is a mild like a mild cold. It is a corona virus.

There is no need to panic. And I know I'm being a Debbie downer and not just not going along with this question. The fair thing so I got a little hat that says relax. God is in control wheel God says something about the fear 366 times in the Bible it says fear not, 366 times now that all yeah you know, last think he was trying to get somebody's attention or something you know, last week you.

We played some clips and and that fellow from the World Health Organization. The director general to address a blanket and pronounce his lesson. Whatever the Crazy ass up anyhow he he came out he kinda had a well when we came right out and he was chastising Lisa's I hear during a press conference on Monday in Geneva to draw so that I can pronounce the last names debris asses. I guess KB has experienced an inverse Freudian slip as he talked of the threat we played that clip.

Remember Leslie of the omicron variant and push the experimental vaccines when speaking about achieving vaccine equity. Remember not equity is not equality in underdeveloped nations and stressing the need to focus on administrating the boosters to the elderly of the most vulnerable first occasion he goes on, we need to always put the equity issue into the factor because Leslie tried to vaccinate the unvaccinated especially that we are missing because equity problems we may not get the desired outcome is not just about booster issues for us. In some countries are doing Butch's very aggressively while the hospitals are filled with people who are not vaccinated. So if the culvert 19 vaccinated in the booster going on to be used is better to focus on those groups of severe illness and death. Rather, as we see some countries are using are using to get bushes to kill children. This is not right knee site look were not supposed be killing the children were supposedly killing the old folks sitting right right we walk the earth of a B worker take care of them when there are all but we want to kill off the old people and save the girl kind of money yet. So not to hear the head of the World Health Organization is taking were not supposed to use these to kill the children were supposed to kill billfold see it there you go, then in effect. I've got that clip maybe I could to get up from last week and played real replay got it correct and we have a few minutes to do something fun should go ahead, but I you haven't done anything fun a long time.

Well, try vinyl got some Christmas carols out there. I've got a list of Biden's favorite Christmas carols and I thought you might help me respond to them. Remember that old Christmas Carol. All I want for Christmas is my yeah you 250 different no is your tax dollars. Yeah, yeah, remember that.

Let it snow let it snow right yeah well here's the letter spam spam spam yeah how about it's beginning to look a lot like Connie yeah if you have your deck Christmas Carol on the good ones and then there's that I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams there's two versions that one is all.

If only I can afford it and the second is only in my dreams because I'm on lockdown again.

Not only that, but right now is about 2000 flights have been canceled and people in an airport little Lisa is stuck in New Mexico and she doesn't know cheek can get a flight back here and mightily a week for to get out of there.

We might have to send somebody down to get her number five on the hit parade. Remember the old classic. Hark the Herald Angels thing Alex.

Hark the mandates mandates Valkyries things Lord into the mandate King, Pres. Fauci and there and then there's you're a mean one Mr. bite all he hasn't mentioned, I mean one Mr. Grinch then there's two out. I thought about she masking Santa Claus and in the alternative is.

I felt Biden sniffing Mrs. clause and there's the new classic higher prices are coming to town that that that's gonna be a classic per probably next year to write yeah finally, everybody knows grandma got run over by inflation coming home from shopping.

Christian Christmas eve they may say there's no inflation that is for grandpa and I really believe Jill we are trying to learn some stuff done in banks that are closing a lot of the smaller banks are closing or trying to do something big about to have about roles and mandates very good grade change some of the biking of banking regulations and some of the smaller banks can't keep up with the mandates that are being forced on them and the there they don't have the technology see most banks are and are making money on fees and on their debit card. This is where the money is. The bank is making her money off the debit card and from the smaller banks that don't have the systems and backups aren't able with the standard banking practice to make enough money to stay in business. I got a report today from the facility to what asked me was going on. This we mean you went to cash a check at his bank is just just checking to cash and they were hesitant they didn't. They were hesitant about giving the cats and he started in wonderfully with how much cash they have on hand doctor for small bank yeah that's very possible out there. There is a lot going on under the radar out there folks in the national banking industry with and Biden is been passing all kinds of rules and regulations.

We can't keep both of them.

Folks are so much going on In a report of all the stuff but yeah, there's a lot going on the Biden's doing with executive orders and mandating. Remember he's trying to get these communist collectors that (R banks that we told you about that Russian lady that the was a graduate of the Lennon University scholarship and she wanted to federalize all the banks. Let me look who is trying to put in to the government to control business education, you name it is putting communist or extreme progressive socialist in the positions of power even in the courts it obvious they're trying to fomenting a communist revolution and that was why they had to get rid of the small businesses. This covert thing get rid of the little businesses keep the big corporations that are have their worldwide ties in the world economy are tied to China everything is pointing toward you are watching live have a front row seat of a revolution taking place that you better realize you better start fighting because the country you stay will be your own right, you better let me. I want to do something fast, fast-paced things he does. We got a lot of information to get out and we will in a time I do an open phone lines so let me just do this. Okay, here we talked about 24 states. Noah suiting the Biden regime overcook covert 19 mandates for children that dictate is so Atty. Gen. 24 states and follows it's against the Biden regime challenging the covert, 19 vaccine mandates for early education staff and the mask mandates for young children. What's happening again and follows.

This is why we've we've had our meetings at our school. Our local Board of Health because they're getting federal books to bring to make sure the school system to filter that the enforced limit the master but masks on these children which is which is torture. In a lot of ways humming. This is the bad. This is lunacy.

It is, it's absolutely lunacy but it's about the money. I know that one district in Chicago or in Illinois.

It should say Illinois has $7 million to force the children to cover the little faces up folks at sec. These are sick people. These are control freaks and these are people that will do whatever they can to get those federal books.

Okay, okay, led by Louisiana Gen. Atty. Gen. Jeff Landry.

The lawsuit argues that the mandates involving Headstart the country as large as early education program are unlawful and exceed the fee under Joe Biden's Biden statutory authority so different order Joe Biden's mandate issued last month apply to all preschool programs funded by the federal Headstart program and affects hundreds of thousands of staff. The volunteers and preschool students across the country and mandates vaccinations for staff, volunteers and others in contact with students by the end of January requires mass for adults and children aged to invoke. I would let my kids anywhere near people that are shedding all of those those teachers and that they get those poisonous folks will be shedding out looking at a couple headlines that go together, Vermont 30 deteriorates. After defunding police critics bear racist label for speaking out Chicago Mayor Lightfoot asked federal government for help fighting cities cry city grappling with increase in shooting victims and then I look at this says at least 1633 record homicides in 2001 at the Trenton Police Department have noted from the East Coast to the West Coast. And guess what these major cities are all controlled by that Democrat party.

You know what you're talking pattern.

There we were talking about the bags in Chicago. A number of the banks don't want to take sit Chicago checks. They don't want they don't want to cash the check soccer, check. You know like is the city of Chicago is broke through absolutely broke out. I can for you that because they had made a commitment they been paying off bribes to the Christ collecting into the water to the power I mean that's it is been a crying corrupt crime syndicate where bribes and government pays for. Thanks, and finally they ran out of law other people's money, they can and can't do anymore taxes they can't repay more people off and the what is it, though the chickens have come home to roost. Chicago we mentioned this before studying nearly 100 billion stolen encoded funds. Okay that's like Elon musk's tax bill six times over. By the way he moved out to California to Texas and Andy saving billions all stolen by thieves. It would be interesting to find out how much of that went overseas him will you not tell you I know where that money. I know who knows where that money went. You noted nasty Pelosi knows you know that Hillary knows all of those in the inner circle get a piece everyone that showcase you and so already, or they get something they get the promise of future this or that there there some kind of payoff one way or the other. Yeah okay now how did you hear Biden this, we gotta get out. We got time. Biden suggests blowing up rules on election giving them everything once the fundamental change the structure of America forever, by any means necessary. Is been used all over now it's understood to be determination that any major including violence is justified. The end justifies the means.

Remember the communist model that's now the physician Joe Biden has adopted regarding the Democratic Party's plans to take over election without power the Dems in Washington want to control melon balance illegal alien voting, voter registration list who was recruited to vote and even who counts the vote, but then held up because of the Senate's long-standing filibuster rule that requires legislation to obtain 60 supporting votes, and we know the Senate is split 50-50. So now they want to do that when an exception to the filibuster into the filibuster that pastor Nick one journalist said from the Wall Street Journal. That's like removing just a small section of the Hoover dam expects that the writer much the phone lines open at 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673 will be back right after this screen about some folks who love this country who all began to dream this thing morning came, there was across this nation be thinking one in the saying my little man in the name of an threes on the way and he back huge win venue against dominion that will talk about the prelude to that, the world would will start with you, you, your and their hello how are you pastor my first time calling you. I wanted to the audience to pray for Dr. Alan Malloy use with a Catholic organization, at least, that he thought they would. They would help them, but they're not.

It's called John Paul II medical research Institute. Those of you that have been involved in right life, right to life issues probably are familiar with it day. There stand is to eliminate the use of fetal tissue and especially stem cells and medical research, and that Dr. Malloy has decided that nobody's going to help them but so so he's basically raising money to have a campaign for the cure because it to develop his own covert vaccine.

This vaccine would be a live attenuated virus which would provide all the immunity of the outcome of the virus without the bad part.

You know, anyway I just wanted to pray for him because he is going up against the powers of evil, and that he was already bent the platform, funding site that was run by a life. Site news is called life under a have a tech. I guess you call it outfit called strike that processes payments through the credit card and so for stripe and formed the John Paul II Institute that they were being removed from the platform and leg. That reason given lies.

It could violate their policies. What we do we do if you as well. When plus let's not talk about fetal tissue from non-call it the flesh of babies, the flesh of baby sleep and the reason for that too is because you know whoever frames the debates when the debates it is what we call the flesh of babies that are in these and these are not vaccine. These are bio weapons that are out there now. They are not vaccines. They are bio weapons, but what is you go ahead and shoot me. Go ahead and run and lead us in a prayer folks go ahead and pray with you, we don't need actually vaccine would just pray for that Dr. Colletti you, Lord, we thank you for the efforts of Dr. Malloy is been working against the use of babies/4/15 or 16 years and as recently as 2016, he discovered a way to make themselves that multiply that are not from babies/from adults and Lord, we pray that this effort that he is trying to do, if nothing else would get the attention of the medical content of the and give them the support that he needs to eliminate the use of babies/and manufacturer of everything in pharmaceuticals without an Lord, we pray that you will strengthen Dr. Molly and I this is not Catholic Protestant issues. There is a God to carry that that's all right with listen thanks you got here. She understands postaudit errors in the listener her.

The pain and we know because of all those babies are heart goes out to the horrible abortions and the people that sell the baby body parts and all the evil out there. The four horses and say amen to that. We have to get America's national sin is killing his children just like in the days, months go to Judy Judy here and there. Pray while I have a dilemma and hopefully I don't know if we can pick we make them conform and yeah people using it yet. We've gotten a number of the above. Good to responses from people that use it in the work form okay.

Unfortunately, I have gone to every one of your letters that I'm trying to find an addict at 19.

Is there anyway you can get me one or AP, I will help. I have been there 20 years and I can't quit my job.

Okay, here's what you have to do hereby contemplate you. Judy is what you have to do. You got call the office. Take this number down. It soon whenever you're ready. It's 44033813674403381367 and very slowly and very clearly you have to keep you have to tell us if you want that form and give your name and your address and your and with the ZIP Code and your phone number. Very slow and very clearly because what happens is often we can even understand. Have people talking too fast and so very clearly and get that and and will be out mailed out tomorrow okay I really appreciate that. One more thing I like my firstborn time I was crying in 1973 railroad row anyway and And unfortunately I was out of it without a out of wedlock pregnancy. I had my fine, thank you. Many people in my family that abortion absolutely out of the question. Amen. And I had a beautiful daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

Pray to God I did not abort that my mother wanted me to take the child she wanted me to New York and and everybody else was against it and all I can tell you if I had got people around me. I had I would find into a very good church which I am so with after 40 years 47 years actually and HF.

The remarkable story. When I think what could happen. I went and had my two grandchildren. I guess you could say I was one of the fortunate ones that I had so many people around me and praying and praying that you had a Staying out if is wrong and I even had my Methodist minister at the time that you have three choices. The baby get up for adoption. You become a single parent are you get married. Well we got married 11 grandchildren.

The right guy all work out. But yeah I will pray for that Dr. is trying to do everything he can to help, but thank you for your program because they think I think me I come home at 11 o'clock, 1030 at night and I turn you on. When I come in from work and I'm just I get into all the time about anyway. I thought that I need to get to the next to the neck collar back on praise Diane, thank you very much and you'll have a happy new year. You do the same things God listened as go to Bob Bob your near my God, and remember that somebody else but the biggest manufacturing company in 19 test that we put two and two together with their knowledge and everything they can manipulate those tasks want to come down to -20 come out positive now over seven by didn't want to send out millions of clearly 19 catches every body my friend my friend to this note is in school were told they have scolded, they don't even have a scratchy throat or anything's well here here's the thing.

First of all, the guy that invented that that that test.

He invented something else and he said it's it's worthless is not accurate To use but on top of that, that Elon musk you want in one day he took for covert test.

One day two of them came back positive until came back negative and one day so I don't trust those that it's like like anything else, the this corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt regime does. You cannot trust the CDC people like the CDC. Is this a credible government agency is not. It's owned by big Pharma. They own seated and so so there you go. People nothing.

There is nothing not anything there's nothing at all. That is not about this whole regime that is not corrupted from the top down. The one thing that me and were getting all is evidence like in our favor, but when being able to get anything to be done about it and stopping them on the spot. But you know that when I do my all you working a blessed night you two things Loveless got a raise raise in their doing okay.

How are you okay yeah United rapid tester basically work with Michael Stroud, one and it came back negative.

She went for a happy PCR day I came back positive and she had come so anyway, the call you an idea anybody listening to believe anything you're saying what you what happened when you go to the hospital. I was admitted to the hospital in the ER on 14 November. They diagnosed me with covert.

The ER doctor would not give me anything you would not give me either Mexican, he would not give me hydroxy nor would he give me information said that will work and I had a big argument with anyway, I was admitted again to the ER on 20 November 11 dehydrated. Still no medication. I didn't have anybody on the 24th, which was right on the cusp of being too late and on the 30th. Back in the hospital with pneumonia so the doctor finally can you do for my son sent me home and he said I'll see you in two weeks when you can pretty come back, put on a ventilator to happen anyway. Make a long story short, a friend of mine works for Dr. he prescribed hydroxy for meat and they supply the state. It's probably too late to get it to you anyway so I made it through the COBIT and I'm probably about 65% through the pneumonia, which was again wasn't diagnosed until three weeks later that I had my first two chest x-rays were clear and the third one on 30 November with should be pneumonia, so anybody of them believe anything you're saying that they were from hospital@doctor that will give you hydroxy me either Mexican and I do have one question. You heard about the omicron will hydroxy and I've American work against that. Well now I don't I would imagine it did insist that way would. But here's here's the thing you heard what would the clip that we played tonight a lot been following us for the last two years I located simply anyhow. I was of I was reading the report with it and they had a chart in the day were comparing hydroxychloroquine when I reflected a corseted and in this the fibronectin beat out the hydroxychloroquine by little bit with just a little bit better than the corseted beat out both of them little bit better so I was talking to Dr. John. I'm not consider his last name because he's going to be giving testimony and that they would want to make him disappear. But anyhow all here.

He was telling me what you we need to do and that and I've been doing this to if you just for if you take one, one week you take a fibronectin, but that same time say in the morning and afternoon. They corseted intake through the tablets and every day, but just once a day if you don't have the culvert or you don't have just taken once a week. The next week you switch it over to do hydroxy without if you actually have. Then you take it one a day, you take one, one known what he was telling me with this fellow was telling me you would you take one fibronectin a day and then of course every day, you take a corseted and then the next week you switch it to hydroxychloroquine and then the corseted and what one does not provide the other one does. And so that's that was what I was told so today when he told me was confirmed by another doctor who is local and loses that's exactly what you do so that's what I'm doing well on the ground along Oakley and on publicly look, I'm calling my doctor, Mark did. I had argued with, Dr. get pregnant, don't apply all would have to argue with him again to give me another supply to get through this and live as you get oregano. I would be I would get oregano and use that just just put a dropper full with little bit of water and take one every day take it every day I gotta move on.

Okay, okay, we got to very quickly. The school cliff. Your your last call you got about one minute. All I don't recommend White Hart and red troll helped somebody that she is getting… Also asked about one scripture I think applied to that. David said that Arent doorkeeper in the house of the Lord in the unit. The wicket now doorkeeper is symbolic of not having a lot of wealth or position or power, and I think people need to think about that. Like for example working for a place like five so they should head for the hills and you know be better off just being total peasant dent being what mass monitoring organization like the five listen this if you ever given limitation. No know but yeah, you mommy yeah yeah I want you to do that because you're supposed to witness and that's what you'll be doing tonight you be doing the great Commandments ago we had begun directly three minutes.

What I like to say first and foremost you want to avoid hell what's going on. Not participate in any of what's going on at any cost of the most precious thing you have is your soul and it's a lonely place in hell. Don't think about fire but think about being alone as the rich man was looking being on the outside looking in. Number one, you want to be and the arms of the Lord forever. It says in Isaiah. I have written you on the palm of my hand that you want to be on that so I asked that everybody that's out there that feel you live with your problems. Go with your problems to the Lord.

But first and foremost about your salvation. Stay close to the Lord and he will come close to you. So again we pray that everybody out there find solace and reports to the Lord and don't submit the fear that's out there and the silence that's being perpetrated against mankind and just come close to the Lord and ask for protection and angelic help and the Lord will release his angels toward you to help you in this… Time. Very good. No one is ever regret that it you know, one of the things Bible teaches very clearly is to make your salvation sure for U phones that there was why I need. I said this in the spring while back. Will you note. Again, make your salvation sure is a good reason. It tells you that so it doesn't hurt every now and then with when you go to prayer and I mean go to pray to to pray and ask the good Lord to let you know. Lord, give me that wisdom give me that that peace that passes all understanding. Give me that blessed assurance, Lord, that my salvation sure that that in fact when I leave this world of go to be with you Lord okay and it doesn't hurt to do that.

It's a good idea where to time for tonight, so thanks for that invitation. Cliff and Joe were as we do at this time every night.

Get ready so were going to say good night good night God bless God bless and always, always, always, and I do mean always.

Let's do it cape fighting fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

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