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Pastors Need Help Too!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 8, 2022 3:19 pm

Pastors Need Help Too!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 8, 2022 3:19 pm

Robby, Adam draper and Executive Director Andy Bowersox  of Energize Ministries all share some Godly stories. Learn about the ministries that helps support pastors.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network.

This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Oh what a special episode of King pursuits. I get to do the day I'm so excited because you know what I think of the word passion and you know how God takes your passion and uses the kingdom. If you were to know my friend Adam Draper you you can't miss that passion and and and so I guess today actually is a very good friend will get into all that because he is not only a precept keeper. Okay, that's one of his passions is he's a precept keeper. I'll get into why that is. He's a geologist. Some people study theology a soon to be an author and also just to throw all that in there and you will be shocked to know that I didn't do my riddles today on attorneys, even though he is an attorney, I can, I had to really since I actually Adam chose not to use a single attorney Jack an entire show.

So here we go.

I'm not offended by Turnage and say that he is my favorite so I went with geologist right taking on theology as you thought about is this theology, the study of people named Theo that's a clear theoretical idea and if you knew you would know that his nickname at the house of prayer, where he often volunteers write Adam's nickname Carmen, would you believe is trippy. I'm sure it will underline my CVs a high priest and fill in those, and only knows only Adam knows the day. What day is when Adam knows what time of day. Adam was created and have thought about that. Carmen if you thought about what time of day. Adam was created to know meeting the morning together. Adam the original Adam valve understands the laughter he is seen as an anachronism that you not actually have a Bible riddle that you can call and went to days which Bible character other than Adam had no parents call and answer that it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 let Bible character other than Adam had no parents 866-34-TRUTH and they can answer that question, Carmen, Delwin, Dylan, one of our marvelous reads from the kingdom pursuits price I can know all you do is call in and win, but again one of the reasons that love my friend. It is I've got a few folks like this man has a passion for the word of God, but few people I've ever known have an I've known him for years and years and years and years and so this is a great example. By the way, Adam. I think of how the idea of precepts work so I've studied the word precepts in Hebrew when Adam studies Hebrew like I do.

And so when you look at that word in Hebrew is called to include in your friend and mine Mendel Kaplan will tell you all about the idea of the code is obviously got this preclude well up could in Hebrew is amazing. Like when the Angels came to visit Sarah to tell her she was can have a baby that was up could so when you put I am on the ender unit NMM on the end of anything, it makes it plural so you got multiple visits to the idea of keeping a precept it's it's keeping a visit.

Not only would that be a visit that you normally have with God like every morning that's a precept, but also when you have meetings with other believers where you talk about God. That too is your bringing God to the meeting, so to bring that to how I know Adam is that it's really cool for me to think about in about 1995, 96, 97 their ballots.

There was a Christian business men's committee in Winston-Salem and if you were to go to one of those meetings.

Who would you be with, but Robbie Gilmore Adam Draper Stu Epperson, who at the time work for WSJ S Bill Mixon was right, Frank.

Frantic you call flaws and David Parsons. That's right yeah and I went on to Burton but anyway all those, but Ted went to be with the Lord. And when you think about the ramifications of that group right that that there was a big group that was all. We were not a good conversation and sometimes fixed it would come because of what happened in those in that group, truth, broadcasting you know Stu Epperson Christian call those things and all these different people in all these different ways grew out of what I can look back and go this people that have this passion right because how many theological discussions just deep deep deep talks did we have about the order got the next thing it was it was in Frank and you kept that precept for years and years and years and years. You continue to meet with Frank Estill to crinkle all the time and so your passion currently that I want to talk about, you know, for people in English, is the idea of I am who I am is one of your you got lots of passions that I love to talk about but not that one. Yeah, that it's to me is is sort of the Pharisees the beginning okay of of of really understanding so you know Moshe Moses is God sending the stuttering erstwhile imbecile into into Egypt and he knows it and they kicked me out here. You're sending me back here. These people don't know who I am. I been out here for you know a generation you're sending me who hello hello my cousin tell them what your name and this is in Exodus chapter 3 it says SK air SK said tell them SK now we translate that in English. I am that I am said tell them I am okay that that's nice. It and in and certainly it's it's it's okay, you ask any rabbi in the logo like that doesn't come close. Still, it so if you break it down to literally what it means it, it means something like this will blow your mind. Tell them, well it it would it would come down to I will be what I am becoming said, tell them I will be what will if you think about that for a second, will he he can't be becoming anything he's already not either, in whom there is no change or shadow of turning. What will you say I once you do that, it kinda changes everything. Once you once you recognize what what God is saying he he is from everlasting. He always has been. He is now.

He always will be. There is no shadow of turning him.

He doesn't change a well except for the fact that them, Moses change his mind. Mary changed his mind and okay so what what is this about.

What if sent out this entire existence that we have this entire alum is set aside for having inexperience with us and it will reason for its existence got his present experience and having him he's part of anything in the LOI. You can see the worst thing to you is the advantage of having an Adam Draper on the show got a few more just call it a welcome back here how God or passion and uses it to build the kingdom and we have our good friend and fellow item. You know, just something that loves God and loves to study the word of God is this the best way I know to put it Adam Draper, soon to be author because you have the book of is working on, but we are talking about this idea of I am whom I'm becoming an you know we left our heroes talking about. I am whom I'm becoming an you which points back to his work talk on the break it's it's about the relationship yeah it's really really important that there two things going on here, God is God is omnipotent, he's infinite. There is no shadow of turning in him. He's God, but we don't always experience that we can't wear finite. He's not quite so if if if we step back from it and go, I'm I'm not diminishing God because God I am recognizing that I necessarily fit finite and he made me have a relationship with me.

So was one of the sages talked about. What if if if you took a great great sage and you put them in the sandbox with with a toddler. He's not can end up talking about the many aspects of of Torah cake know he's he's scummy plan planning sandbox so it God does that with us relationship. Yeah, right. So that relationship is becoming what it's becoming, but what we're doing is experiencing God becoming in. Whom can become anything.

It's it's it's it's wheels within wheels. It's like oh wow 00. You made me to have an experience with me and in the middle of that love that I threw that away in the garden. Okay, I just when you and I want to know this for myself. It took until you came and did it for me to restore the you did. You did all of that just because you love me. Is this what you made everything and speaking of love. We've got anti-Bowersox who you may know is with energized ministry he's calling in and Andy, you've got some really you got a cool God story to share. Andy, if you know they had their ministry is to pastors throughout the country and that's exactly what you're doing right this minute running yeah I am lucky you know we got there around 330 pastors in smaller churches we we serve under disaster areas. We look for opportunities to help at all. Churches that impacted and so we made an exploratory trip to Kentucky a few weeks ago, right after Brandon guy Brad church basically got to be so helpful.

I know for the listeners to hear the story the way I hurt if we could back up the point where I felt God putting on my heart I need to go to Kentucky.

Well, I got here yeah basically you know we we would provide a great resource. And I greatly look up to help out to be an encouragement by restoration and rebuilding, and right after the capital right before Christmas. I remember being in church and watch the couple fly of damage out there and I just felt the Lord what he does that, you need to go to hell. And so I actually left a little early to start planning on what part and so we we put the word out. We got a group of volunteer we can out there about five days after that and honestly for the first couple days we were there.

I didn't feel like it was like we were working we were helping. There so it was good work. But it wasn't what I felt like an L at the end of the second day idea may call after a know that there let my firelight. I know there and after Brad/ministry they they did more than their service to their serve the community, but right downtown at Ground Zero had ripped literally half of the room off of their building and so with within an guy I Lord, I knew the guy that God had very and and I wanted this church more and we were prepared at that point church, but we did it are hard to get watertight and on the way back I just do not. They said that Kelly got a lot better job guy. I really just felt like we should reread the whole building. There you can tell that their problems throughout the year really not and I got happy with the God I think we can be better. I wanted to bring professional guys down the apparently and no not starting your winter project but just obviously always going away by how God talks. It's so cool is beyond club but also I'm curious like man okay I got up at the Bitterroot from the sky late. How did you find that it refers to go to that you know it. I all great part though I was writing down the road trying to figure out. I call my friend and I are like what Roy I know Troy, but Troy is big. I think that I'm like the perfect time to call an expert guy, though I know I called Troy right that minute I don't get run construction work, no story about my knee-jerk reaction is and though I don't like everything else I don't know how I don't know rubber foreign thing, but it's probably the biggest that relieved job that we do and you were about to be knee-deep though I do I'll pray that the Lord provide what we need, just like the prayer warrior right in front of me, Adam Draper, and when the three of us right now.

Just as as well as all those listings right we all just get an agreement right now. Adam and Jesus, thank you for Andy is hearts to serve you and and and for this church Lord, we pray that you would down that you make it happen that you would provide the funds that you would provide the materials and the continued manpower to just meet this need to earn Kentucky Lord for this for Pastor Brad and and and I pray that you will even put it on the hearts of folks now to go to energized and and I'm sure there's a place there were, they can take part in the Lord. I just know that you can meet this need.

I thank you for these dear brothers, dear, dear brothers and for a chance to help and take part in your kingdom right this very minute. In Jesus name I pray that all project but I like you know will help her 12 year all of our errors. Whether or not we been crazy girly boy we all know and right of our short bite of all the things we get wrong. It is great that your I absolutely love the miracle in for eternity and greatly limit like Robbie are our live like the old rocker game you have to hop up and well I literally feel like our entire ministry is like that game we hop from one miracle, Pat, do another great but one miracle to another guy and I love it. The privilege I would love talking to you quickly that we do it more often. Thank you Tom so excited about what you doing and we will be continuing to pray again.

It's energized with a Z energize ministries and energized ministry.coming a place on Facebook and and thank you once again Andy for Colin and Sharon, I'm so glad I called you yesterday.

I think there guy all along but it works. I will talk all right honey SS so we can be back with more with my good friend Adam Draper. In that conversation want to be in the sandbox with Marianne with the man's beauty bar. All my good no maize beauty bar is what it says I just can't read because of all three come back to where we get to hear how God takes your passion to build the kingdom and so blessed to have with us. My good frame and Draper if you just heard any Bowersox's is there in Kentucky and actually you know if it turns out Adam had some relatives in the same county. Wilson Muhlenberg County next next next to it so but as promised, we have Marianna who was with maize beauty but is not the man's beauty bar. I was wondering about this man's beauty, so Marianna welcome to King versus how are you I am excited to hear about maize and is not man's beauty bar, but may not like people coming at answer tell us about your new business. You just open right now for the bridal girl traveled landing on aircraft make that on real passion bar here in Kernersville on the kind of place where we can live on people and their microplate character and can color and cut everything here at how and where is it in Kernersville Drive at 121 paragraph now on little cat traveled on so I feel totally ignorant and I never heard of micro bleeding by Dylan Scates. I don't know. I will microplate on your eyebrow window and every day I hear on your eyebrow. We have that's cool.

Well, you know. And so what a neat thing. I love the way you put that that that your loving on these on these women because women love to be pampered like that don't forget you wanted walk through the rest of my going out the real blackened relationship people is absolutely beautiful. Again, it's maize beauty bar is 121 Times You Dr. in Kernersville and hound me for my perspective to take that expertise of really making some bad for their wedding to use that like just on any day you could look like you just got married right every day and Michael A lot of clarity and hearing all hotdog current bakery there, and shopping. Today's the day today's stuff and so adamant you may know that in Genesis. I'm sure you do know when the for very first things that God told man they talks about man was that he made them male and female he did make generic people. He made them very specifically male and female and it's interesting to me very interesting to me that part of the feminine deal is that they have a beauty for which Satan loves to attack, but their beauty is very, very, very important to their identity right now is just know that's why all these things really really matter so I love that you're right there in the heart of that Marianna and and and and helping people with that because this is is really vitally important to their identity and 139 is such a lovely thing to remind the everyday I'm in a cunning everybody punctuated now.

That's awesome that is so awesome again maize beauty bar 121 Times You Dr. in Kernersville and they got to the grand opening going on right now so make your way. Thank you so much for Colin. We will we will thank you.

How fun is my daughter would love that uses a makeup artist initial just love that I have to introduce them to each other and so the other thing we get to talk about now is what your favorite favorite subjects, but a lot of people probably heard the word but probably familiar with the concept of Biddle which you pronounce much better than I do. I don't know whether, and appearing Mendel Kaplan don't have anything pronounces anymore. You look up on Strong's and you listen how it's pronounced and then like he takes Holman and and interns and to betoken. I guess it's some verb form II don't know. I just I listen but the idea is behind well. It it it comes down to it if you think about humility in the word if you go and look up in in Strong's, and for people to deny what Strong's concordance, you can go look up every word that appears in in in the Scripture, and you look up and see all the verses is used in so for humility is not use that that often.

If you go and study it. It ends up coming down to something like lowliness K in in like Jesus saying take my yoke upon you from I'm meek and lowly right. It is selflessness okay so this Biddle is a is a kind of rabbinical idea rabbinical word that isn't use that much in in in Scripture it's actually a description of what is used in in in Scripture and I want to go too deeply in that but the idea behind it is that self it's it's sort of like self abnegation, whatever it is that I want to is really all that important. What unless it's what I want is what I long for his day is to get past this golf this between me and cut him the name God. Okay, that there's this gulf between us and I don't like my and in fact I'm bitter over it. So what I want is is to connect with you at all by the way, if you go the doll in section 219 Psalm the very first verse of the doll in section which is that idea is my soul cleaves under the desk writing Quicken now me according to thy word yet that's that's the Vegas rice pleading this in in you. You can you can't call you Have a bit, which is why the Dow is right, exactly, is an awesome and we need to get too much in the wheezes just to go know it isn't is in the point of the it in the word. It is all in the word but it is you can step back and see the forest for the trees.

It's this my heart I long for you is in a dry and thirsty land.

It is said this this little comes back to this, all of them come back this idea. I'm separated from you I don't want to be separated from you. So for us as Christians. It is while Jesus asked that I get to rejoice.

I get one in the Holy Spirit to come and make me one with wow little is yet I get I'm going to get out of my fiddle here in a minute.

Come back you can see why I love this guy, Dr. Robert Jeffers with today's pathway and we know that God causes all things to circumstance in our life, including that right now. What is the good thing he's working together for verse 29 the next verse is predestined to become what God is doing right now is making like his. You discovered that our care find not easy. Jeffers asserted Monday through Friday on your station. To learn more, go to

Fortunate that my husband finds me attractive Alexander Kirkendall on today's Focus on the Family minute describing why she focuses on staying healthy middle-aged is getting serious about his purposes for and if I take care of my physical better people to do his purposes only use my impact my children.

I believe two people walk across the room so that I consider my computer and use my fingers and my brain to write words of encouragement. God has given perspective shift your better serve you hear more from Alex today takes and uses it to build the kingdom and got my more passionate friends about the word of God and in somebody that you know just feel so blessed that my socks to have people around have such a relationship with God and relationship of the word, and so in order to skip around a little bit because it is so many fun topics I get to talk to Adam about my fun topic for you during the break. Believe me, we were going. Is there every day we do about our wives.

Memorably we get together.

If this is imprudent to go for hours. We can start other phone man and two hours later were like. I like we both got to go do something else. But if it's easy for us because we have this love for this but anyway one of the neat things neat neat neat neat things you shared with me years ago that I often come back to the cry of Elisha O wow right now is that that will that's the goals that's that's that's this bitterness of the separation right so I what I would what the Lord told me about that and what is in this book that I'm finishing houses like this is this is this is a key that is writing and finishing up 23 and I'm I'm I'm writing. I'm finishing up and been writing for so if you think about Elijah in the cave.

He has called fire out of the sky. Okay which consumed all of balls. I guess right then and then somehow the got tournament to the bionic man. I am in the chariots right so it's it's it's it's all these things that I just saw, but as soon as he hears no Jezebels coming for you bolts out of the wilderness and says you know I'm done right and then he easy so easily cave right and God choose right this is new but the fire can is not. He was in the still small voice and what he say delight telling what I like the link I got in the last prophet. This is what happens to all your profits. They all get killed. I'm the last one. This is what the people. It's like you write I get on the last one will come in the kilo come out of there. You're not the last one you don't know everything, but you Job now and it is so.

It is so cool that, however, that that was his. What it comes down to is that cry of his heart is what they call month. The fish and it is the feeling of betrayal that comes from somebody when you didn't deserve it. In this case it would be God I'm following you. I'm doing everything you told me to do what what what why kill me. Where are you and God goes you don't know everything okay but the cool thing about about that about not fish about this this this connection is what the Lord showed me this is the coolest thing this is this is so cool Robbie out. I love this, that God saw that as the quintessence as the cry of the human heart that gave the behind what David had already written when he wrote when he wrote in the early yummy sub Connie, my God, my God, why now forsaken me. Okay.

And then when Jesus uttered that okay that became a type and shadow of our experience are crying out to him where are you I feel betrayed, broke his heart.

He sent his own son to fix it so that when his son said that on the cross. They thought he was calling on Elijah.

Think about it.

Wow wow, we do with that well and you and you know if were really honest and is not, you know, that sounds like blessed me to meet you. Like I don't really feel that way all yeah I do at times at times. But we gotta be honest, we gotta be real with God. This is where I am right and I heard Mendel Kaplan said this, I just love it.

He said if we could be ourselves with God.

God could be ours himself. The whole point of CS Lewis's book till we have faces.

It's a novel. Okay, it's a retelling of psyche. The story of Psyche. Basically the idea is yet you you can see when you let them see and and in the point is is it's not the little question okay little Hashem is essentially taking the name of the Lord in vain. You're not just saying that word note taking the name of the Lord in vain is your questioning his integrity questioning his nature, his name Hashem is just mean the name so his name at least 71 essential names right according to the right describes ranges always described himself on the God heals you know that's not a good translation on what healing is this what he says, okay, follow me, I'm I'm I'm he's what more than enough mess is L Shaddai okay but if that is the case than what you do is in the center of your being? Could do to show makes sacred history okay is nature sacred and you and I don't give up on that. I don't get into my fast fixes.

Jesus is fixing all right. Well, we can wait on that coming out have been back for that were so grateful that you joined us today, nobody called in.

It was actually Joshua. He was son of nun okay then right of every parent, I'm shocked to anyway were thankful for that. Your listing today.

Get ready for encouraging prayer, this is the Truth Network

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