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Tully Blanchard- A True Legend-Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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December 4, 2021 7:00 am

Tully Blanchard- A True Legend-Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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December 4, 2021 7:00 am

The Midnight Stallion A.K.A The Outlaw- Tully Blanchard returns for another match with Koloff. Taking a trip down memory lane starting from his first title belt win in the territories to the main stage in professional wrestling. Listen as you are driven hard to the mat as Tully describes his handicap match with drugs, and Christ's hot-tag at the last moment to put the devil down in the middle of the ring for the 3 Count.

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This is the Truth Network wants old world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. One slow-motion night. No devil's worst nightmare. Your tagteam partner cheetah call time back another episode of the man up show with Vicki to call off the devil's nightmare and part two of you tune in last week you heard of phenomenal backdrop story of the legendary man himself, Mr. Tillie Blanchard of the four Horsemen and we got them back for another episode totally. Welcome back to the map show. Well, it's real beer. You're making me talk about a bunch of stuff that I have brought about for years and years 12th, but that's it.

But you knows what's great about it for real till it was great about that is like the fans out there. We got a lot of wrestling fans a listen to this podcast and it actually a radio show as well as radio show and a podcast and yeah that's great because many of them may not know some of these things. The last work where we countermanded in on part one is you know you are in this tournament.

Transitioning your dad's territory and and you talked about saying you you ended on hey give me the belt so we left our coffee after so give the fans the right to give the listeners the rest. The rest of the story. Did you get the belt knock at the belt. What happened all dollar. They gave me the belt because I I was. He couldn't continue.

It was kind of a not very sportsmanlike gesture to take the belt a guy get injured on on accidental blue right not intentional right and started my path down being a bad guy, which I was a pretty good bet you got what you were at will and I'm not saying much of the show you one of the best of the best and I'm excited it will be kinda fast for little bit, get to my introduction to actually actually meeting you in in in wrestling, but you were like real your people to ask your interview me. You know I you as far as I was concerned. One of the consummate inside that the ring and you you did. You sit on the first show you what to Florida to perfect your craft, you went to the Carolinas to learn you know even perfected Maureen and you did and in my view. Anyway, you did to yeah you became one of the best of the bad guys, I appreciate that it it is the goal every night. Back in those days was to make people scream and they didn't scream when their heroes were getting beat up, they scream when the bad guys were getting beat up rhino and having the ability to make all that happen. Wrestling business is way past my knowledge nowadays, but back in the day when we went out there and stop for 20 minutes for 30 minutes that it for now. Right our time.

I was the king of the hours I have done some hours that work that were life-changing quick quick story on Russell Dorey Park Junior back when I was a baby face. He was a little champion of the men in our very there is a very very humbling experience. When the world champion at 30 minutes is flopping on the back of the head telling you to get up kids with your tongue got Dragon because I don't bottle times against those our bats is like dancing right and that getting my whole watching bottle career docket. I was never out of shape about. I stayed in shape.

That was part of the squeeze three squats to step up enough to have all the other stuff that I did, but all my golf I could. I couldn't breathe I couldn't move, and still have 30 minutes to go hiking. I gabbed laughing because I was I was there I was in vendor. I've been there and all my goodness right you like. I don't think I could go on so well, let's see.

You had it you really did have, I feel again legendary career and you know, I know you rustled in a number of different territories and where I would be you was in the Jim Crockett territory, the mid-Atlantic and right in the mid 80s and and so so at what point so you home if it will last only different territories did see was a Florida Crockett is downing you dance from a highly different territories and then back in it that I I went by I was personally on our my brother got killed 78 I pretty much got out of wrestling to our our business was was the word doing things right. My dad was devastated. Yeah yeah no in it was a very, very hard time for now and so I tried to sell cars while in that I make San Antonio make Corpus Christi and sell cars stay married work and not in the and so I needed to.

I bought a house and I needed to make money to pay the house payment right and the quickest thing. The quickest way that I could make money would be in the wrestling business because I'm I had my crafted got good enough that I could be on top right and so and so II got booked in Kansas City in December 1983 Christmas day I started work there for a month and they had me in the thing with the buzz.

Tyler and maybe you very good in the ring performer and so we were in St. Louis at the big show and we went out something a 20 minute dinner, I forget, but we had a great match of the people responded gigantic leap and Crockett was there. Dorey fund Junior was now his Booker and she invited me to go out for drinks in the Marriott Marriott Airport Marriott St. Louis, and so the only time that I really ever told anybody that I thought I was good Crockett. I said to Jimmy. If you hire me, I'll make you a lot of money and he said the well we given Dragon will talk about it on. Let us talk about it.

Will get back to you next week so they called me on Monday and offered me a job I gave my two-week notice to the city territory and the wood duck San Antonio loaded up my stuff my car and drove to North Carolina. I know I know that's like yeah and I North Carolina I thought was booming like it was 77 when I was there and 84.

It wasn't booming right and wow so anyway they gave me a push in and in law who was there and it took us from February to August August was we switch want to deal and he and I were partners rustled Mulligan Blair in a bowl will Indian scrap basketball rope thing and sold millions will call Sam out and that was the turnaround point the company and then they switched bookers and hired Dusty and that's when things all the stuff you got about half a started turn came into the territory in June of any foreign thing started turning in and and you know for your career telling one of the one of the most often I hear mentioned is is the I quit match against Magnum PA and is that rank up there for you like it when people say, hey, what are some your most memorable matches or is that rank up there as well. As one of them.

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Even though it was I was underpaid but it was still the most I ever do.

For one thing about right and and it the culmination and the audience. The whole thing went in with it. I probably had better matches during the summer would when he beat me up all over the country. You know those kind of things but the Greensboro Coliseum had nostalgia placing in the wrestling world and the certainly was a was a big deal for sure and so that was that was great.

I think probably the wargames will nominal match match beyond. Now you know some of those those matches were great and hard and I leave when I ended up becoming arms tag partner in the horseman thing you know we we had some matches with rock 'n' roll went to New York. Marty and Shawn that were there were classes and I see this tell you about that about the horseman and again this is just in in in my view things and being given a part of that era and now looking back on it that I've often said and others are interviewing me. I said no talk about the four horsemen was always amazing in my view is that it didn't matter what combination of you guys that mean it could have been a single match attack like you said you and honor whoever attack a six man, an eight-man and ultimately the wargames what any combination of you guys or even an individual single man. I knew it was going to be a great night and was to be a great matches can be a great night's every one of you in my view, and you had perfected your craft and then the combination.

The combination of all you guys in the stories and and is just left a lasting impression on on the fans at all these years later, I still talk about right. They still talk about the amazing ability. Favorite memories can really mess in the wargames any other favorite memories to come to mind about the horseman.every night start background sitting in the their arena jumped up there are audio about your background and knew it was a little bit. I think you're fine now. Yeah, I was that it must be testing it, but did give us what you wanted to quit horseman Robert everything about the work you look at your back 30 years up and are I very, with or without where we have a lot of people and kind of unheard-of right and wrestling and I'm trying to tell people we did.

Nobody sat around in a room with that all we want only write it what it are just now you got a hold band generated. That's why all yeah just announcing this class like oh my gosh she's like actually at the live show that's pretty cool for listeners know so well the little light so I got yeah I got sick so yes you just seen any combination but but and 40+ years removed the other still standing in line for you guys. Which which makes an incredible statement for all of you and it really doesn't let me ask you to me asking me ask you this so as you mentioned you and you and I become a tagteam you go to New York.

I wonder fans I want our listeners to hear this parties stories well.

Some know some don't you know you're in New York you have around there but but there was a point in time where it was gone. I will say this McKenna unraveled in your life in and did you transition ascended into what happened what happened. Well, it was we were working like strange day off old are they were not living up and so we were rustled in Madison, Wisconsin, and I rented this girl.

Lots of cocaine.

One of the waitresses of the rope about the part of a party and then we were things glad I got a little bit of the cocaine back in the bag and so I looked on the bag and didn't think anything of anyone even even think about getting high on and jumped on a plane at six in the morning with a rustle of the spectrum to and had a drug and what people don't understand the only drug detestable okay okay did mix) and so I ended up two weeks later I found out that I was. I had tested positive: okay. And I was told my ticket to go home was in Rochester, Illinois, so I figured that that wouldn't be that big of an issue because cocaine was pretty commonplace in those days with your company.

We had had talked to WCW about hiring or not and reforming the four horsemen, and they agree to that and they were going to pay $750,000 each that and then the drug thing happened and then they reneged on the deal may and didn't hire me, and they hired our at a much lesser amount which let you know about the quality of the people at WCW right yeah so anyway so I was when Claire called me at 1 o'clock in the morning told me that they reneged on the deal. I hung up the phone and I I was I had paralysis and rock-bottom hit rock bottom so to speak. Oh, way past rock-bottom been unemployed in my life and I was I was now I was 35. I didn't have a job I didn't have a high-paying job anything and laid my bed to go to sleep and could I couldn't move, but I just laid there and 403 in the morning.

I said Jesus take over my life and that was not my dialogue at that time in my life instantly when I said that there was a calm came over me that I had never felt before and on. When I said it.

I looked at the clock. That's why know it was three in the morning right and I fell asleep. I woke up the next day and didn't think there was any way possible that I would be back in the wrestling business bought I had a calm that's about it. And with the church and started fast forward learning about relationship with Christ is about and it was it was amazing was amazing what you did drink every night was amazing what you did get high and you wake up sober and wake up early or happy about it and etc. etc. and it's now been over 32 years 32 years.

Yeah November 13 will be the anniversary of the 922 21 spiritual birth special birthday but okay you know it was like I remember.

I can remember you and I driving to West Virginia that yes you is as good as I thought about that. I drive the studio them like a little remembers hearing his story. Maybe I was as lost as a wake use of the snowstorm. You and I arrived together I think are working against each other, that on any show.

I know that Internet is still we just went up together to West Virginia and you were sharing your story my God that's nice, I'm happy for you Kelly, that's great, that's awesome with you to step up just a few movies chose to fly by telling me just a few minutes left, but I do not want people to hear that part of the story and so here's the deal you will you plan to succeed that day in that car on the trip to West Virginia that ultimately just four years later in 1993 for me led to my salvation. 17. October 1993 and play just there last couple minutes years you been involved very heavily in prison ministry over the years and currently on staff at John Higgins church in San Antonio right, cornerstone root and on so had not a lot. How many requests only.

How many prisons have you been in you even have any idea how many prisons you minister hire. I have I have gone with Bill glasses ministry are done over 350 weekends and each one of those weekends would have five or six facilities at so the whole bunch and that's an addenda. I bend almost every county jail major city except New York City that I record I will but I didn't know why I am a bit in Atlanta. I've been in Dallas, Houston and many other medium-size jails. I was with the last four on their staff of over 12009 that I was from 13 to 16 again and then 2017 got a phone call, bring to mind that asked me to go to lunch. Pastor John Acosta Matt Hayden and they wanted me to put together a prison and jail ministry. I saw some and I started there in August have been on Ever sense. Well, and that the anything. I hope we have time to get this in Akita is the wrestling business is been God to shut the door every time anything but the wrestling business came up in my life right and for the last 30 years and I got Cody Road invited me to do a thing three years ago with AEW and I pray the same prayer more that this is not what I'm supposed to go slam the door shut, make it very obvious is not what I'm supposed to do and so I went and did it and went did it and went did it and I was praying about prayer every time and thing that lets me know that this is a move of God, and I will know maybe many years but the church lets me calm AEW once a week right and Mike tomorrow morning. I jump on a plane at 5 o'clock and fly back when I land. I'll grab my car and drive to the church and ductwork and so they let me do that.

AEW flies me a lot of times back and Antonio so I can so I can go to work and keep my day job and for the harmony of both of those worlds be to be making it happen is that amazing to me but you know I am the guys that are just like you and I got another road here that I know I don't get up and preached anybody but the guys you don't get them alone and catering to give alone Aaron somebody asked you a question and not now well rock 'n' roll yeah and and were not last-minute here, but I summarize that to say for the listeners out there. As you and I spoke about doing recording the shows and BRB have any shows is that I'm thrilled that you and Stinger are there with AEW and AA. Let's face it, it is a ministry like you just said it is a ministry you guys are salt and light in that world and on and and plant seeds and like you said it could be many years before you see the fruit of your labor. Let me to say this. In closing, Tully is be careful. Come on man really wants the metal chairs okay and I flied off top ropes and all that kind of stuff I want, so cruel, wellness, and then thank you so much for for being on the show tell Albertus I know… Be through with your story and great to have you on Tully.

Thank you, thank you very much appreciate you and what your life stands for Nikita. It was we made money even though you did beat the crap that we talk a whole lot. I guess we will have to have you back another time and that it ministry, but to to deliver another episode of of the man up selling that thanks to dial-in in the day legendary horseman Tully Blanchard goblets men. I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days. Let's move and I am pursuing the heart of ladies listening will send your men with God godly husband's and on. Give them your blessing and am signed up today and camp thought in full.

Pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community. Go to and email. Remember this. It's time to man up along the Russian nightmare here for aggressive automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friends, writing Jimmy Johnson at automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle, no place drive is always right there everybody you should bring me tile, carpet right now number one thing this is cool and I want to thank 11 support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 truth network. This is the Truth Network

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