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Autry Pruitt Turning Blue to Red Exposing Democrats lies to the black community Getting the GOP Engaged 072821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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July 28, 2021 7:22 pm

Autry Pruitt Turning Blue to Red Exposing Democrats lies to the black community Getting the GOP Engaged 072821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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For the best night's sleep in the whole wide world, visit Now back to Chosen Generation with your host Pastor Greg. Pastor Greg. And don't forget you can get more Chosen Generation at And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio. I'm your host Pastor Greg.

It is really great. We're down here at CPAC 2021. CPAC 2021 and we are live on Radio Row and just meeting some truly incredible individuals. And I'm very pleased to have my next guest with me.

He is the CEO of the New Journey PAC and he is a featured speaker here at CPAC. I want to welcome Autry Pruitt to the program. Autry, welcome. Good to have you. Thank you so much Pastor Greg. I'm so glad to be on board. I'm glad to have you with me.

I'm glad to have you with me. Well, talk to me a bit about what your organization is focused on and some of the things that you hope to accomplish here at CPAC. Well, so our organization, New Journey, is a family of organizations. New Journey PAC, New Journey Action, and a 501c3. We educate and inform and then the PAC's job is to move black voters from blue to red.

But it's a long term job. We do it in the long term. And what we hope to accomplish at CPAC and what we are accomplishing is meeting like minds, networking with individuals who can help us and we can help them. For example, we don't really do voter registration. We've done a little bit of it, but we don't really do that. And we found an outfit here that has an amazing voter registration capability. And so we've linked with them and engaged with them and then been able to implement what they're doing in cities where we're focused. So that's the bottom line of what we do, moving black voters. So talk to me about what are the top challenges relative to, because, you know, voting Democrat, right?

Red, brown, yellow, black or white. But in the black community in particular, I've got pastor friends that are like, man, I believe everything you're doing, brother. I'm behind you 100 percent. But if I said that from my pulpit, I'd lose 90 percent of my parishioners. I can't come out and say what I really think, what I really believe. What are the indoctrinated challenges that you're facing or that you do face as you try to help unwind that? Well, the biggest challenge, actually, that we face is a lack, you know, for a lack of knowledge that people perish.

We face a lack of knowledge of persons and people. So what I tell people is don't engage politically, engage people as human beings. OK. So what I like to have people do and what we do is just go into the community. I beg the RNC to do this.

And they're, you know, they didn't. I said, listen, you should go into every black community and just open up an RNC office, but not for political reasons. You'll use it for political reasons. Right. And just engage with the community, you know, just help out, get to know them. Yeah. You know, and say, hey, listen, whatever you need in the community, come here, we'll help you figure out. So you get an entrepreneur that comes in and says, hey, I want to start a barbershop, I need a loan or something.

OK, we're the Republicans, you know, we'll we'll take our stereotype of being, although it is really Democrats, but we'll take our stereotype of being money and we'll find you some somewhere. Right. Right. So so go into the community and just get to know them and work with them. Right. And then you wouldn't lose 90 percent of your parishioners. The problem is you can't you you can't go into a community and ask them and tell them how you think they should vote when you don't know how they live. You don't know how they work.

You don't know how they engage. It's the same thing. When I was when I used to witness Souls for Christ, I've been a minister since I was 14 years old. I got ordained at 18. And when when I was doing church planting, witnessing souls, the best time I did is I never talked about Jesus. I just went and was a human being. And people would say, well, you're nice. You're this. You're that. What's going on? Say we have a church just starting.

Oh, and you they ask you and let them open the door instead of trying to shove your foot in the door. Sure. Sure. Talk to me about the like there.

I mean, there's three probably three hot topics. And I have Horace Cooper and his organization on my program regularly. We we I mean, I interact.

I have actually a legendary hip hop guy. Money B. Oh, wow. Is on my program. Yeah.

Money B is on my program. His partner just passed away. Right. But yeah.

Digital Underground. He's on with me. Yeah.

You know, and he works. We're both. Yeah, right. Exactly.

When we're both Bay Area guys, Bay Area kids coming from different sides of this perspective. But, you know, we we chop it up, you know, trying to deal with, you know, the race differences and the race issues and what have you. So talk to me about I mean, three hot topics that I that I that we've talked about the BLM message. Yeah.

CRT. Yeah. And and then and then this new thing with Juneteenth and and the underlying issues that are there. Well, so for so for us, when we address this, let's BLM Black Lives Matter.

Sure. We Black Lives Matter is a part of the old. It's the same argument. And CRT is falls into the same thing. I would say there's CRT and Black Lives Matter is like the implementation arm. Right. And for me, it's this old Marxist argument, basically the old I don't want to get too intellectual here, but the.

Go wherever you need to go. We're all over the board and proletariat. Yeah. If you remember basic for your listeners, the basic bourgeoisie and the worker proletariat. Yep.

They've just recast that and put race on top of it. So instead of saying bourgeoisie and proletariat. Right.

You have the privileged and nonprivileged. It's the same argument that the Marxists make. Right. And so BLM is just trying to implement that argument. And to do that. Right. To argue that there's this aristocracy class of people that have all the privilege and everybody else is just trying. Right. And everybody else is the man, if you will, has their boot on your neck to make that argument that you have to break down police state. You can't have a rule of law.

You can't have. And so that's what, you know, Black Lives Matter is about. Well, and the family, because, I mean, initially and of course, they pulled that down now. But I mean, initially they were like, we don't want the patriarchal family.

We want to continue. And to me, one of the biggest issues and even Money B, from his perspective, one of the biggest issues in the black community is the breakdown of family. Seventy nine percent of children born are born without a father. It's the biggest issue. It is not. It is the biggest issue.

It is not crime. It is not money. It is a breakdown of the family, because if you have the family, the biggest success indicators are having a job, getting married, staying married.

Those are the biggest those are the biggest success indicators. And when the kids that come from that have have the greatest level of opportunity, they have the greatest level. And just economically, it's better because you have two incomes. You have two people thinking it can be stressful for a single mother or single dad.

Absolutely. So your family is the biggest issue facing internally. There's there's external issues, but the biggest issue is internally facing the black community. And you're right.

BLM had that up to pull it down. Critical. Now, critical race theory is interesting because basically what critical race theory does is it rejects sort of the Western civilization, which is based in family. There you go. Which is based in family. There's just another way for them to attack families. To reinforce that. It's just it's just another way. Yeah.

To reinforce. And by the way, anyone this stuff that these guys argue in the tech world and stuff, they don't live their lives this way. That's how, you know, Snoop Dogg, I think, was lived in Texas and his kids went to a great if you notice all of these individuals that argue this stuff. Look at how they lived their lives. Right.

Well, it's like Bill Gates, Bill and Melinda never let their kids on the Internet. Right. Right. Right. Right. Steve Jobs. These.

So that's what I'm saying. And then you go to their houses. They have giant walls. Hello. With security. Hello. Yes. Yeah. So they don't what I it's very so very true. Look at how look at the lives that the people are telling you how you should live. Look at how they're living.

LeBron James has been with the same woman since high school. Yeah. So why is he back in the CRT? What are you talking about?

Why is he investing in China where they're harvesting organs? Right. You know, I mean, it's crazy. I mean, yeah.

He builds his career on married. You want to go against me? Yeah. Greg Popovich, too. Oh, yeah. Well, pop. Yeah. He has built his career and his life is getting the best of the best of the best. Right.

And honing that talent. And then all of a sudden you want to say, oh, no, it's you know, it's racist. Working hard is racist.

These guys are the hardest working people, athletes in the world. Oh, no, that's that's white folks stuff. Work. This is crazy. Yeah. Yeah.

No, it's it's it's out there. Well, I can tell you. Years back, my wife and I moved back to California from Florida and we live with my mom for a year. We had two small kids and we were working on getting out. And I was an elder in the church and and the church said, you know what?

You probably you should get some help. I got a job, but it wasn't enough to cover, you know, rent, what have you. We reached out to try and get some assistance. They told my wife, Audrey. They said, if you'll get a divorce, she's we had two little kids. If you'll get a divorce, we'll pay for her housing. We'll give her cash aid. We'll give her food and they'll have medical coverage. And and life will be grand.

But you got to get a divorce and you can't be in the house. That's insane. In 1990, brother, 1990. We're not even talking about the 70s and 60s.

We're talking about 1990. That's and we wonder why there's a there's a problem with. Right. Why there's a problem.

So how do we how do we wean? Because because George Dallas McKinney, Bishop George Dallas, and he just passed away. St. Stephen's was a dear friend of mine. And he wrote a book called The New Slave Master. Yeah. And he was talking about this welfare, you know, Lyndon Johnson's plan. And we know what Lyndon Johnson said. You know, if I can put this, you know, they'll vote for us for 100 years. In regards to that, how do we how do we break that?

How do we wean off and get men, black men in particular, to step back up and realize who God has called them to be in that relationship? Well, I think there's several things. First of all, pastors, I don't want to get anybody. Oh, no, you do it. But come on, let's stop being weak. Come on.

One thing that God exposed using the pandemic is the weakness of the clergy. Come on. I've never seen in my life such a weak, liver, lip, Milly mouth won't stand up for the word clergy.

That's crazy to me. Come on. Donald Trump spent most of his life in sin and had that. It could stand up better than pastors who preach the word every day. You know, I'm reminded second Timothy study to show yourself approved in the God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed.

Rightly dividing the word of truth. We have no pastors that know the word. I'm sorry.

Hey, hey, no, like, listen, you got you and maybe three of you. Listen, I can't get an invitation to an American church. I know because I can't get an invitation because they were because I'm going to call it out. I'm going to call it out. So that's one thing.

So getting getting pastors that understand the word, getting churches and church leadership that understand what their role in the community is. Your job is not although you're going to talk about politics. Your job is not elections. Your job is not that such a job. Your job is to help the community and lead souls to Christ.

We failed. We lift up singers. We lift up choirs. We lift up everything.

Where's the cross? I'm old fashioned. I believe in the blood of Jesus redeeming men. Well, and then I will say this, though, that if you're if you have that biblical world view and you understand that we're a constitutional republic. Yeah. Then the people that you're going to vote for because you are going to get involved. But the people you're going to vote for are going to look like you. Right. Yeah. And we're going to stop this nonsense of thinking that every politician is a crook and a liar and a thief. Well, of course he is, because that's who you're voting for. That's what you'll accept.

I mean, you wouldn't let that person sleep in your guest room. I've said it 100 times. People like, I can't believe we have I can't believe we have all this national debt. I'm like, well, the average American has sixteen thousand dollars of credit card debt. So of course we have national debt. If we can't manage ourselves personally, we sure can't do it at a national level.

So we should be surprised. Then the next thing you do, pastor, the next thing you do is you have to go for policy. When Republicans get elected to office, they need to go and pass real policy. Do what the Democrats do. Right.

Don't be afraid. Just jam it down their throats and say, I'm sorry, we're retooling this welfare state to to incentivize marriage, to incentivize fathers being in the home. Which is what Trump started to do, started to do with with Dr. Ben Carson. So that's that's what you do.

And you've got it and you've got to do it from day one. We had two years where we had Paul Ryan, we had Mitch McConnell in the Senate and we had President Trump. And other than tax reform, which was barely done, other than tax reform, they didn't do anything. Right.

They didn't do anything. Biden's got in office. There's so many executive orders, so many stuff. That's what you need to do, what they call a blitzkrieg.

So the day, you know, you're going to get inaugurated three or four months out. You need to have all of the executive orders, the legislation and throw everything at them. You're going to lose.

You throw two thousand things, you lose two. Right. The Democrats will be able to keep up. Right. So that's when you do a policy front. And then we are at the personal front. What we need to do is engage each other.

I'm going to go back to the Bible on this. We need to engage each other in love. When I say each other, I mean each other internally.

We spend a lot of time infighting Twitter, Facebook. Who's doing this? Who's who said this? This person got this show.

No, just we need to engage each other with love and engage each other with respect and support and find others like minded that are doing what we're doing. So we can reach your larger. And I'm going to we're going to take a quick break. OK. OK. We're going to come back. We got about four minutes left here with with our with our good friend Autry Pruitt and and folks. And because I wanted to know how to reach you.

OK. Where to where to find you, where to get engaged with you. And I'm going to bring up a name of a dear friend of mine that I have got to introduce you to. So we're going to make that happen. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. You're listening to Children Generation Radio live from CPAC, Dallas, Texas.

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And I'm sitting across from a brand new friend and so pleased to meet him. Autry Pruitt is with us. New American Foundation. New Journey PAC.

New Journey PAC. New American Foundation. Yes, it's very close. We're close to that.

We're close to that. Give me the website real quick. That's What are you doing and how can people get involved in that?

Go to We move black voters from the blue column to the red column. That's what we primarily do. We think long term though. Not short term. Not slick advertisements.

We're talking engagement, getting in the communities, talking with people, moving them and then bringing up ads and messaging, etc. I have a good friend. His name is Derek Wilburn. I don't know if you've heard of him. Derek Wilburn?

Derek Wilburn. Yes. He does the finance. Yes, I know. I know who you're talking about. Yes. Yes. And then he also has the mentors, the young people from the inner city urban colleges that go to Washington. He's been a friend of mine for years.

What is it called? Conservatives of Color? No.

Well, Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives. Okay. Yeah. Rocky Mountain. But yes, there is.

He has a second title. Yes. Yes, Conservatives of Color. I do know. Because when you said what you said about being in the community. You know, I can't get the RNC just to show up and just be there. Go to their events. Right. You know, march in their parades. Just be a part of the fabric. Man, I mean, I've heard Derek talk about this for years.

For years. And then I was thinking about what he does by taking, you know, urban students from urban colleges and having them mentor with conservatives. And he checks them out to make sure they're actually conservatives, not rhinos. But conservatives in D.C. and how at the end of that they have an entirely different view of conservatism. And I think that's what you're talking about is, you know, it's not that they're going to, they actually want what we've got.

They just don't know it because they don't know what we've got because nobody's in the neighborhood, you know, leading them to it. Right. Right. That's not true. So, I mean, and of course now we have the left has really elevated the whole black-white thing. Right. So how does a guy like me get into that community, if you will? I would.

What would be the steps? Well, I think you have a lot of inroads because of the churches. But I think if you're in the church world, it's surprising. I talked to one pastor, there was a first Baptist church that was like 99% white. There was this black national Baptist church that was about 10 miles down the road.

And they had never done a fellowship event together. Wow. So that's- Simple as that. Just do a fellowship. You have to talk politics. Right.

Just fellowship about the blood of God. Yeah. Go into a barbershop.

That's correct. Just go in there. Walk into a grocery store, buy some groceries.

I was in Louisiana. That's what I said. I said, listen, you need a haircut? Go to a black barbershop. Sit down. Talk.

You don't talk politics. Just get to know them. Just start engaging and talking and shaking hands. Build a relationship.

Kind of like Jesus. Right. Right. All right.

Hey, I'm so glad to have had you here. Thanks again. Website, real quick. Newjourneypac. P-A-C dot org. Autry Pruitt. It's a blessing to know you, sir. Thanks for being here. I hope you will get to do this again. I'm out of time.

I'll be back with Orton Generation Radio right after this. They're calling it the new socialism. More and more democratic lawmakers want everyone to get a basic income, even if they don't work. Free health care. Free college and more. Now, every night this week, Rob Schmidt is on Newsmax pushing back on the new socialism and its leaders like AOC and Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden's spending programs are already costing you trillions as inflation is soaring. If you care about your money, you need to watch Rob Schmidt tonight.

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