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Randy Pullen MSN Not Reporting Whole Story Envelopes Show Fraud 092821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 8, 2021 5:43 pm

Randy Pullen MSN Not Reporting Whole Story Envelopes Show Fraud 092821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning in to Chosen Generation. Chosen Generation. If your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation, he is available to bring that same life-changing message and anointing to your event.

Again, that number is 830-446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening because you are God's chosen generation. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for tuning in.

I know you have a choice in where you can listen each and every day, and I thank you for keeping me tuned here. We've got a great program lined up for you today. Bottom of hour number two, Matt Bellis is with us, Director of Communications for Liberty HealthShare. We'll talk to you about how you can get healthcare freedom today.

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That's chosen for a free activation at or call them at 972-PATRIOT. Top of the next hour, John Pierce is with us. John is representing a number of those that are being held without charges, some of them, in Washington, D.C. regarding their visit to the Capitol on January the 6th, which has been completely and totally misreported and misstated. We've covered that here on the program. We'll have that coming up for you top of the next hour.

Matt Long is with us as well. Bottom of the hour, we're going to talk about why are the nurses walking off the job? Why are hospitals having issues? Why did I have problems finding an optometrist to see me? And we were told that there were basically only two options. All of the other optometry departments for all the different hospitals in the area, their contracts were terminated.

I guess people don't have eyes anymore. So, yeah, we'll talk about what's happening with all that and whether or not you should be concerned yourself. Randy Poland joins me now, Arizona Audit. We want to talk about what's going on there.

Of course, mainstream media has their narrative that they are putting out with regards to this. And really, no surprise what it is that they're saying and where it is that they're focused. Randy, welcome aboard. Good to have you back. Thank you for being here.

Great to be here, Pastor Craig. Well, Randy, we were talking a little bit in the green room about this. So mainstream media basically is simply saying, well, look, see, they counted the ballots and there's nothing to see here because all the ballots that they counted basically have the same number. In fact, they say Biden had a few more ballots that went his direction than President Trump did. What does that tell us about the real story of what you guys found in the audit? Well, again, that is one of the things you at least expect to find a big difference.

Now, if there was a lot of corruption in the entire county election system was totally corrupt or like they have it in Venezuela, then, yeah, you would be surprised to find a difference in the count versus what was reported. But the reality is that is kind of like the lowest level where you would be trying to cheat is at that level. Like I've said before, that's like kindergarten work. So, again, you have to be more sophisticated in what you're doing. And they are.

We know that. And so, again, the real problem is in the system itself, the procedures that are followed, and it all starts with the voter registration system. When you have a vote by mail system and not a vote in person where you have to present your ID, there's all kinds of ways to cheat.

And that goes back to days after when I was the chairman of the party back in seven. And I saw two elections and we became very aware of the problem was in the registration system. There was plenty of people who were registered to vote that shouldn't be voting. They might already be dead.

They might have moved to some other state. And the system didn't get cleaned up. Okay. And that's the problem when you have that kind of a voting system, which just brings me back to that whole system needs to be changed. If we're going to continue, if we're going to do mail in early voting across the country, if that's not going away, we can't make it go away. Well, then we've got to fix it so that all these things are cleaned out before the election. Now, you know, the other way is to go back to the original way of voting, which you go to your precinct, you vote in person, you show them your ID, and they know who you are and they take your vote.

Right. So what we're talking about then is, so here we have a set of ballots and they run these ballots through and they say, well, see the ballots all, you know, all line up and all match up. But the step beyond that is looking to see where did those ballots actually come from?

Who sent them in? Exactly. Because counting the ballots doesn't count. For example, let's say that, you know, somebody came by and gave me five ballots. And so, you know, we checked off all five of those ballots and they took those and they turned in five ballots that are mine. Well, that means that I voted five times. Now, when you just do a simple paper count the next time around, you're going to count those same five ballots all over again. The problem is, is that I voted five times. That's the issue.

Am I on the right page here? Yeah. Yeah.

They should never have been there. And that's why we looked at the envelopes that these get mailed in on. You know, so we're talking about one point nine million. Ninety percent of the vote that was done in Maricopa County was done by early ballot mailed in. OK, or dropped off early in the in the envelope. And so you look at the envelopes and that's why we had Dr. Shiva, who's a a pattern expert doing this kind of stuff for 40 years, go through and look at the signatures.

And as the report shows, all kinds of anomalies and questions rise out of those ballot envelopes. We found a lot of ballots or excuse me, envelopes that were not signed, but yet they were processed through the system. We found signatures that no one would ever say is a signature. It's an extra line, not a real signature. There's quite a few of those, again.

So what it comes down to is it appears the county was not following the rules, the procedures that were laid out in the law by the legislature and by the secretary of state. And it's I don't want to get down in the weeds too much here, but there is a whole system that looks at those signatures and validate some if they don't validate the signature, it doesn't meet the requirements that someone has to look at it and see if it was really a signature. But the problem is there's just a lot of them that just are not signatures. And you can tell by looking at the envelope that it was not validated. That's one of the major problems right there. Now, I wrote this down before I looked it back up again because I thought I remembered that number, but there were 17,000 duplicates.

Yes. And going back to what you said earlier, sometimes we found a few times the same voter voted three or four times. In other words, we found three or four envelopes that were all addressed to the same person. Now, is it possible that was like John Jr. or something who was living at home?

That's a possibility, but not very likely. Well, and then there's another issue here where there were approved ballots or approved documents and the verified and approved stamp is behind the original print. So in other words, folks, if you sent something to the printer and they printed it, the evidence suggests that the paper that they used to print your document had something else written on it and what you printed was printed on top of whatever else was there. So you're expecting to get back a document that has cleanly printed just what you sent them to print, but instead you get Joe's Bakery's menu and then your information is printed on top of Joe's Bakery's menu. You would send that back. You would say, there's a problem here. This wasn't done right.

It needs to be fixed. So the stamp that says verified and approved, Randy, was underneath the printed ballot. Again, and that goes back to the whole thing is electronic. So that's an image of an image, a picture of a picture. And so when you have that in a computer system, and I used to do this kind of stuff, what that means is that that whole image can be modified or changed at any time they want to in the software. Someone could do that. So again, it could do that.

We don't know that unless we can actually go in and see the software and understand how it operates. So to that, let's be clear. So that's why you were asking for Dominion to give you the disk that has the actual images on it so that you can look at those images to determine what exactly is it that they have and do an audit of those images. And they said what?

No, actually, the county was supposed to have provided us that information, and they did send us a hard drive that had that on it, but it was corrupted. In other words, you couldn't really read the images. Okay, so that was the problem. And if you go back to the audit report and what was presented by Ben Cotton, the IT expert, you could see that corruptions occurred just before it was sent to us. In other words, you can go back and actually find the date within it when it was done, and you can see that things were changed.

Before we got it, and things were also changed when the other supposed auditors were there, there were all kinds of changes in the system that were tracked. Okay, so again, it just comes back, it just raises all kinds of questions about what the heck was going on. Okay. And that's really where we're at. We're really down to, here's all these problems we found.

If you add it all together, you know, it's more than enough balance to change, because we changed the results of the election. Okay, but until we get to the bottom of it, until they cooperate with us, and assist with the audit, it's going to be very difficult to get to the final answer. All right, we're going to take a quick break. We'll be back right after this. We'll talk with Randy about what are the reforms that we can do, and how do we address this? How do we get these things fixed? Back with more, right here on Children's Generation Radio.

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972-PATRIOT and use the code chosen for a free activation. Randy Pollin is my guest. We're talking about the Arizona audit and I think something we were talking about in the break that I think is important to bring up on air. Because if you try to uncover what happened in the election, there's two things social media is going to take you down for with a certainty.

One of them is if you talk about the injections and you talk about masks and you bring people on like Dr. Judy Mikovits or Dr. Sherry Tenpenny or Dr. Brian Hooker or any of these, Dr. John Absolut, people who are going to tell you the truth, Dr. Brian Artis, they're going to tell you the truth about what's really going on. Or if you talk about the election. Randy, we're not to talk about the election or they will cancel your channel. They'll turn you off at YouTube. They'll cut you out at Twitter. They'll censor you on Facebook.

You're going to get hammered for that. Or if it begins to gain some traction and some visibility, then the media is going to go after you. They've gone after you. Randy, they have scourged you. They have slandered you. They have libeled you. But the problem is they're hoping that you'll fight back because then they can bankrupt you and that's really their goal. If they can take all your finances and all of your ability to get your message out away from you, it's game over. Well, it's either that or else they take down your reputation and it's game over anyway.

Unfortunately, too much of that goes on. It used to be, to a much greater degree, they reported the news and they dug into things and they found problems. They would report them. Now, they don't.

They build their story and they want to sell their story because that's how they make their money and they keep pushing their story. They like things that are controversial like that. Again, they don't look at it from the other perspective, which is, is this a problem that's causing a real problem within our democracy?

Sometimes they lose sight of that. Their opinion of this is that those of us that are calling into question the election process, we're the ones who are actually the pox upon our constitutional republic. Because the results weren't what we wanted, right? There have been concerns about the election process for a very, very long time and people have been trying to bring this to the attention of the public and of those that have some control over it and create better systems to monitor what's going on.

We've identified very clearly where fraud can really occur. These mail-in ballots, it is a proven fact that mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting creates the opportunity for there to be discrepancies and for there to be fraud committed in the election process. So yes, do we want to help seniors to be able to make their votes or place their votes? We've got to figure out a good way to be able to do that, but not having somebody go in and mark the ballot for them or not even go in and see them and mark the ballot. Randy, thanks for being here.

Randy Poen. Fighting this good fight in Arizona will be great. This business will be blessed as ours is and I challenge you to this blessing. Thank you. That's
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