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October 1, 2021 9:02 am

Matt Slick Live

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October 1, 2021 9:02 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt will be having an online debate on Friday 10-03, debating a unitarian on the doctrine of the Trinity.--2- I know someone who said that Eve had Adam as a child. What do I do with that---3- If a man has an affair, can his wife remarry---4- Matt discusses the theology of marriage.--5- Who decided what books were in the New Testament---6- My husband committed bigamy and has a baby with his other -wife.- What should I do- How am I, as a Christian, to act---7- There's nothing in Scripture that says Mary Magdaline was a prostitute. Why is that so widely taught---8- Will a person who heard the gospel and did not believe be reminded of those encounters after death---9- Why are so many false teachers from the Pentecostal tradition---10- Why don't Roman Catholics evangelize-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is it apologetic to research what is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine is a map why Grimes is called a respond to your questions at 877 lines in all you do is dial 877-207-2276 last four digits spell see a or M.O orgy condo on the company website.

Now let's think it works right there been releasing information on the vaccines and stuff like that and I would today just want to give a shout out of thanks to people because some I asked people and I still send me information okay at info would come to and I asked people to to send me stuff and they did and I went through all of the emails that we've gotten and I categorize them like a 12 or 15 different categories. So you going to look at them. I want to say thanks to him I want to see the whole name, a guard, people's privacy but Tracy, I want to thank you for running for the arts and Carl and Michael, and let's see who else would have thought one person.

Tracy really a lot of stuff there.

Tim and let's see let's see, Blake, Jim, a lot of people have been sitting stuff in there. Brian and Jeanette. You know, Jeff, and all kindest of Roger.

So what Steve littlest soap Emily have with you a list. There's a lot of people been sending me stuff and I really appreciated. Please continue to semi-documentation you can send it to to tell you, though, takes a while for me to go through all the stuff and the reason it does is so I have to make sure that what I'm writing is his proper now I can go to a website like you know Chuck Chucky who might say something negative about the vaccine are positive. I can't quote somebody like that. We have to have is more official, so I will accept news sources and some videos depending on who's in it. You know, stuff like that, FDA, CDC, the who.

Science magazine science websites, news reports and things like that from you from CNN from Fox from USA Today alone except and this is the documentation I'm looking for models looking for anecdotal evidence for people who have had people that they know of vaccinated and things that have happened and today I was going through some material and while it looks like the bishops will just leave it very vague right now that I'm been releasing information yesterday went through vaccination development stages class when it was just I just found some grab some information. I thought I would reproduce it.

That site where I got it science just people to understand the real basics of the phases of clinical vaccination procedures and things like that. And so it is a lot of stuff to do a lot of work and it's slow in coming and the reason is because is not my area of expertise but I am a researcher I do know how to find the right documentation. I just have to make sure that it's all the jets and good and all of that so that whatever I say is fully documented and that's what I'm looking for.

So there you go if you want to give me some information on that stuff you can mask scolded vaccines stories if your nurse a doctor who no stuff keep it anonymous will never disclose anybody's name guard that I did nine years of prison ministry and I learned it well that when I would go to different prisons. You never ever gave any information from one person to another prison about prisoners in other locations. You just did not do that because you get people killed and so is one of the things I learned and guard people's privacy. A great deal. They don't want to miss anything.

That's what it is mental and it's like protecting the sources so there you go fopen. I did want to give me a call to talk about anything 877-207-2276 those who might be listening. New Christian theologian, apologist, and I defend the Christian faith. This Friday will be debating a guy on the Trinity Unitarianism or trinitarianism I'm working on the opening statement because it is a little bit different on this debate to give him my opening statement. He did give me his opening statement and I would go from there. I would just prefer to have a nice long discussion to our discussion on on why he's a false teacher my style. All right for the lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Rick from High Point hey Rick, welcome you from here. You don't start doing alright man doing all right hanging in my gut eyes. We got little while… Out of all walked out and your you not to have a good disagree and we never got out I got going to blow your mind right there work but I did she. You will be a crisp headband out all the light that started about blown away. They'll frame your own apart in the universe is that the prime example and she got the higher prime example. Okay you hear people say that he was gone of Adam calls supposedly got put him to sleep. The career that what you heard is that how can a man be born of a woman I really mean it like that.

Well that's what they magnified a how do we know where you from the what did not have and have you what I normally do. It's not like that with them in person. As I stare at him and frowned as a little bit like him, curious, and then I trying start on one side like the left or the right to take my opposite arm and I move it up and down the other side of their gear to see if I can see light coming through the end is one of the things I did. My brother wants and he held up his fist and looked at me and said you get close so I got my back or how good your broker truck is alive a great drug.

How long have you been going 19 1988 and I would love for you bought all about. But anyway, let's look back, I will write well mild start. How many members quail right is my 12 year number well at the Met. We must therefore out like-minded people.

Prime example, how will you know by McGrath were the words stated that mono Mary and she was a break. Okay, what we all know that you have to have about the question of waiting for okay is my quick Matt.

How can a part of who I know Roho family. How can a person who live a a born-again Christian. Go there for back because because it let me answer it in their okay okay has to question so how can they fall they do that go that far away is because the Bible says in first John 219 they went out from us, because they never were of us if they had been of us, they would've remained. That's it for you to ever Christian to begin with.

She's obviously going after what she desires and not with the truth of God's word is she's her own little goddess and she's not submitting to the truth and noodles people to go to church and help you the same thing what what what what what about about your goals but just when I'm not the one note writing and you get calls about thought right and or abandonment is also grounds for divorce.

Not bad at all" command of a woman thought about math this matter. If the spouse abandons spouse for wife abandons the husband or the husband abandons the wife want the other one is free to to be separated and married and remembered what would you have to say today that all away all legal even in the New Testament if the woman is called on the woman commits the documents and leave the land they had their rebar. He lays her manipulator she could no longer be married again.

She did great writer, but the Bible wants demo you reconciled so they read Scripture and read starting at first content seven verse 12, suggesting context okay but to the rest I say, not the Lord that if any brother has a wife who is an unbeliever and she consents to live with him. He must not divorce her and a woman who has an unbelieving husband and he consents to live with her she must not send her husband away for the unbelieving husband is sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified through her believing husband for otherwise your children are unclean, but now they are holy. Yet if the unbelieving one believes let him leave the brother or the sister is not under bondage in such cases, God is called the peace stenosis is the brother or the sister is not under obligation.

That means if either one of the opposite sex leaves the advancing then you're not under bondage in such cases, but called us to peace. Right what one will likely marry her bag on the road at Magdalen world one, I question but what was mirrored Mary Magdalene's what well roll it in the Bible, not yet. Looks like she had to demons and that was was cleansed and she became a follower of Christ okay Matt, thank you so much nicer from you brother. All right, I was enjoying calls. All right, they socially have wide-open lines.

Nobody would even want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 is let you know this issue of marriage and divorce yes divorce is permitted in Scripture, but adultery and abandonment are the grounds another's debate about physical abuse.

I think that falls under the abandonment issue when we have a marriage foul. The couple make a vow before God to each other and before people that they will keep themselves to each other. That means you will not have relations physical relations with anybody else just the one that married to.

So when someone commits adultery.

Think broken that covenant they have broken it and so as to as Jesus says that you can get divorced under that circumstance of Paul here is teaching that when the abandons because that's also breaking the covenant, the marriage covenant when one spouse leaves the other end abandons that person is a breaking of the company is alive but I understand the reason these things then can become necessary possibility five open lines.

Why don't you call 877-2276 Matt Y. Call 77077 charismatic sleigh ride is unusual to have no calls waiting, and usually when that happens I pick a topic and to John a little bit thing about doing issue of marriage just a little bit because that was something that came up on the previous caller something to do that with you to call 877-207-2276 and that's a discussion in the chat room during a break about the aliens, as in the movie which I've seen 70 types the story behind what I've seen so many times but I love sci-fi sort document into the people in the room or something.

I have never seen it like Google is because you will go to sleep for a few days afterwards. Anyway, a lot of fun, but some I'm the caller something is less good and if you are interested at all in the issue of marriage and learning a theological perspective of that you can go to Carmen and just type in the search engine, the theology of marriage and something of developed over the years and went to counseling. I teach on when do marriage counseling that is right to a ceremony I give the couple of talk, the theology of marriages and things like that. I need to convert it to a course to be interesting.

You don't wouldn't do anything 70 times they look John Dawson.

I don't want to do anything to have an eating or breathing. John minute was easy shooting fish in a barrel.

There we go. All right, let's get the camera from Durham, North Carolina, Cameron, welcome you on your way and with all started with the lacuna city was determined by the early church.

They recognize the word of God. They didn't grant authority to the word of God. They recognize the authority of the word of God. That's what this is how work and generally the issues of that the characteristics they want to know who was divinely inspired is something that the church would recognizes it authoritative. It doesn't have the standard of truth written in it doesn't exclude other issues or other writings. Is it instructive aimed at the church is at revelatory is a self authenticating things like that is covenantal in the Christian church knowing these things would then come together and so this is important to Canada's not become the candidate by the church, declaring it to be the church does not declare the writings of the Bible to be inspired that would then mean that the authority of the church is over the Scriptures know the church recognizes the authority of the word of God.

And so it just is us is this what we recognize it's authoritative, by its nature, and that's that's how it went and sold at varying churches as a whole got together and they authenticated what was the word of God welcome right okay let's get to with replies when you may call 877-207-2276 Stephanie from Richmond. Welcome your on their airline from the carrier and more on my own personal light and Mary and Mary for your help. Treatment there carry an end and I now work. And he abandoned me or Mary everything and now tonight and I brawled in my heart that I need.

He was truly trying to get better before I can get it getting better at barter marriage right now you find your friend and down, I kept finding me and like me don't do that and while blown the hell again. Divorce papers and down he went to turn a little bit like and I developed a friendship not not walked out of America or anything like that and are personal. A lot of yelling back at me and went right brain that everything found out marry another woman and man, but really got what the Bible quote and I have been forgetting for being angry's anger is not a sin medically so he was in the military. Okay so next submissive understand.

So while he's married to you, he married another woman and her baby so he broke his vowel so that so he is committed adultery so that he marry her after he married, you were before.

After married okay so are you going to church and fortifying really. I made clear that actual understanding you.

Everybody says what that will repeat and eat at any work amount like oh I forget the hardest part for me to get over out. Everyone cried warning me and I am in the paper, but in every case, let's let's take on the issue here of the so okay so he did that so that means he lied and he deceived, he committed that adultery so that is grounds for divorce. Not that you're obligated to, but you're able to buy correcting it.

Artie okay I understand why you would have feelings for someone else domestic question, are you married right now because I don't know where okay you married right now so what you need to do is call contact the elders of your church any delay. All this out before the church need to keep a record of who you talk to the dates best is that you can of what happened and when it happened and stuff when you got married when you found out he married someone else while he was still married to you, I did the document as much as a Present have the elders and you need to keep a record you why keep a record of what it is that you talk to the elders about. And when you talk to them and who's basically was present and you keep this becomes a legal document where you keep record of what's going on and this is for later on as well. As you seek the counsel of the wise elders in your church who will then hopefully recommend a biblical procedure to go through so far from what you're telling me it looks like divorce is definitely an option because he's broken his covenant with you and Vincent and I get a break to hold off right back after these messages, please why call 77077772072276 okay Stephanie there okay so talk about you keeping records. The reason is because it can become a legal document. Should you ever decide to be married again and you go through the church. This document will become very valuable and very helpful because any church worth its salt will ask you specific questions about what what was the this when you get married. Why would you divorce what was the reason for this.

What did you talk to. Did you go to these procedures to make sure things are right. This is why need to do that because it asked you if I did versus issue you talk with the elders of your husband wants to repent then you have to talk to them about that issue and what you can do.

You are not obligated to divorce him, but you're free to if he is committed this adultery is contained. I now as far as the other man goes, you have no business right now being invited another man because you married and so your eyes need to be for your husband, and I understand this is tough but break when you think you are right right right right. I want the right person I married a lie. This needs to be looking down in that journal you want that you left that situation you will and now let me ask you this is very important that you tell me over the over the air second Manassas in such a way to say anything but this other gentleman and having feelings with their sure has hacked better not have been anything physical between you two okay not okay is he a Christian is you Christian? Here's a question. Is he a Christian okay if he's a Christian, then you need to talk to him and maybe even talk to the elders of this church is not going to church and he said he's a Christian as a serious warning flag small boy. The work area where okay. It's apparent if that's the situation. I understand when you taught your elders about it and you talk to him about your situation safe. We can't get any further involvement till all this is resolved. That's how it has to be okay.

You can still be friends, but nothing is to occur both between you till you are officially divorced. If that's what occurs that makes sense. Okay you need be pure before God, I'm sorry I did not know that I didn't understand. We quickly think I have a slight hearing loss of some of the stuff. Tough your daughter Gus passed away six years ago.

What from what was what got me down very important in my life. It anything to get your and it ought breaking up is hard to understand you are every day I I never actually gone okay here again is drink and no will.

Okay, okay. We talked with the divorce thing you know you talk to your secure enough to see. I don't want. I am not understanding what I said with you soon.

Sorry if you could you turn left I fell in the right is not to switch online look, you can't lose your salvation. Christ is faithful when you're not like this when you talk to the elders and just let them know it's going on. Keep a record of what's going on and if you don't, if not perfect in all of this you not be punished by God and go to hell, kiss your daughter in the afterlife and things like that is not how it works okay so what you need to look like. I know it's tough and you know I just I feel for you and I've lost a son and I can understand what you're going through and I'm good to see him again and you see your daughter right so this can happen. And but in the meantime trying to the best you can hear before God for getting involved with the elders of the church talk to them.

Keep that record. Do what you gotta do and go through things slowly talk to the guy that you know now savored has been on hold still be friends. But that's as far as I can go until the situation is resolved. From there okay welcome you to answer your going to the stuff you know what I live a prayer ministry here.

I keep forgetting to mention it, but if you were to just if you are interested in anybody's interest. You just email us at will pray for you okay you will look hopeless.

All right. Let's go over to Steve Charlotte, North Carolina Steve, welcome you on the air.

Thank you.

You are talking about the authority of the book in the New Testament and I endorsed that but I always object when people say that Mary Magdalene was instructed there is nothing in with the state that you know I saw your we have a screen and you can see who's American in the waiting in the queue and it says Mary.

Madge wasn't prostituted during the break I went and researched it and you're correct that correct right from Mexico, Gen. infection.

I think starting with one of the Pope Gregory declared that she was used or as a symbol of salvation that was his big thing, but the Catholic Church has corrected the error in the majorette fainted and fell long. I guess we just all have to catch up well you in closing, let me say that you gave some great advice to that woman was looking at her. I caught my wife in bed with her best friend, husband and boy I tell you that was shocking and my son and so and I and I owe a great debt to our our priest.

I was physical from Methodist, with low end and our priest was a great source of comfort and advice will appreciate the connection appreciate you keep listening all right three open lines of what you may call 877-207-2276 Nelson from Bakersfield. Welcome you on here, but if they met Gubler complex on 16 verse 19. Can you pull it out and read everything when I would take a long time but it's it's the it's the account of Lazarus and the rich man yes and that will yeah will the account right there were where the rich man is conscience of his apartment and correcting Abraham Mike question regarding bad as I sure my question is a person that has been witness to God and dies without receiving Christ with a B minded with that question. I don't know in torment relative thought I would probably would make me it might be what we can conclude from this is not a parable, as it has a proper name is discussing conscious torment after death. So the annihilation is to hold the soul sleep idea and every else are wrong, but nevertheless, so we know it. Question was asked we don't know if that means that all people can ask questions and that they will all be answered.

We don't know that we only live in this situation would pump what Jesus said was how it was. But we could conclude that it's possible that they might cry out for relief and told why they don't get any possible right every good holder. We got you home okay folks, we have open lines 87720776 he called Matt Flynn why call 77077 lines 877072276 Nelson from Bakersfield, California. All right, Nelson.

So there you are, so will thing you want to talk about with that the addition will of the reason why am I bringing this up is because Caldwell back referring about that had a dream of mine was in the best way and I reached out about 200 Christ is so and couple days later he got murdered and so, in unit of passing away and so my my my question was referring about that. Like I don't know if you receive the Lord before the pastor would. But if you didn't. I wonder if that was going is going through his mind right now.

That message you saw, you know, we don't know what's they will be thinking so this may not be the best analogy, but I had a kidney stone a few years ago only had one never ever want to experience amount of pain again effort and was going through it. I wasn't thinking anything it was just agony and so the wasn't went wasn't questioning the brakes. I was God, let it pass, which it eventually did, but so when you're in that much pain.

I don't know if their reasoning and thinking and asking questions so I don't know but that we have the account in Luke 960 92 3231 and it certainly possible.

We don't know the level of the pain will be in the extent of the punishment. There so we just don't know. Okay okay my regular much. Thank you for your I got you preach the gospel till before he passed away so praise God for blessing. All right, let's get to Berchtold from Georgia.

Welcome. You're on here maxillary. My question is why the creature all claim to be a and faded families caring for creatures on hand in all the guys they man of God. When the news media want them back to him about Bill, although that is not valid at my mama I want, but you said all of the attack and the man of God if he knew better/God's request, the question of why will be better because of who claim to be 10,000 doctrine and habit because they don't study the word of God study and then judged truth by the word of God, the judge by their feelings and sensibilities since undertaken in Michael's teachers, and anyone who would support many him. For example, it is not qualified to be pastor member guy. I'm not sure will make it by bending and all that but but they all are no light yet more than don't know yet. A lot of false teachers out there many hand, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Joel O'Steen, and because the Christian church is not very astute in its ability to understand and study the word of God, they believe in and they follow these teachers so all I can say is that the Christians need to not just go to church and be fed with you to study their word periodically on their own and they need to learn because the responsible. That's what has to happen yet another quite shop Catholic Church. All Frank called the Catholic who claim to be looming. They claim to be children of God are by another party in the world, drinking, smoking, partying, doing all kinds of other date required by 80% on a dime, a shard of glass block grant out wage.

Why are they not been ghettoized in the Roman Catholic Church, even though I don't I know you that the call I agree with you one of a blanket.

I think Jesus I leave if they claim to be truly done. The real they don't evangelize what they do is in doctrine. The evangelize people indoctrinate them to join the church because their idea of evangelism is to get people to join the true church go to the mass take the sacraments good grace infused into their souls, by which they can become more righteous. So if there's no evangelism and coming just Christ to be forgiven of your sins doesn't exist and Theology. It had it's on a false religious system that teaches author's salvation. Christ through the church. The church is the one has the authority to administer the grace of God. Things like why don't it's a gigantic false religion but why people are so blinded though. I went to Billerica and make final creation preacher on training and offered a blog, and was a great day always thought about creatures driving all that well here's the thing. A lot of people just don't know stuff and you I've taught Bible studies and I remember an event when I would ask people I've been teaching for people who work with the Christians for a long time and ask the basic question that they don't have answers and I don't know why that's the case, maybe they're afraid to speak up, but Christians generally don't know the Bible don't know what the truth is this is why they go to church to learn when it's okay to just deposit to the pastors was a teacher but I'm finding that a lot of pastors don't teach stuff very deeply and they don't get into heavy stuff they didn't want to send people lose people lose interest if I were ever a pastor again of the church. I'll tell you I'd be teaching deep stuff, not just seminary level stuff all the time but I be teaching the stuff that would equip them and inform them and alter their thinking.

Hopefully more in line with the word of God. We need to add capacity to do that in the church to preach to send the church out about preaching the truth of God's word is to happen. Not to gain the people in the church. That's a focus in idle people do your success of your people church like that like me if I'm of the crew show in the church and the pastor of the car negation well always make as I get somewhat with eating follow the congregation the date banter minister and compose me because I defended through the damp anything there at their individual and all faculty preacher because he is the minister he believed the man of God, those all defend him so tells me Trish is beginning to stand something people follow leaders if all the people they will become loyal to individuals to people and you might like my have a somebody you like to listen to or like to read. That's fine as long as that person is understood to be a sinner saved by grace, and that the ultimate authority is God then it's okay but we can be careful. People like to follow one individual and just believe in a recess to do that with pastors as matter. The pastor says it is just as true is a man of God, and they don't check what he says is what if I were a pastor and again and people came up to me periodically and said look I would list what you said. I'm checking with the word of God on the sure if I agree with you on some things I'd like. I'm delighted let's go have lunch and talk about because that would be very good in that they are studying the word of God, which is what I need to do, I'd love that I need to be encouraged. Thank you, thank you God bless you what a great read for you to overlook Douglas, but all right, let's get to see Amy from South Carolina Amy welcome you are on all sugar and all I know dog whispering things and animals and things like that is just is just that they understand animal behavior and they know how to use that receiving a video of a man who called the horse whisperer five years ago and there was just this horse that's was really difficult to work with in this bang is really interesting. He just explained what to do and why.

And he just did, body language, and he turned in certain directions and did certain things at certain times. This horse came up to him and would let him write up. It was amazing.

And if I could daresay we have cats have always been with cats and I know what cats do and I can I can actually influence I've Told People to See What Happens When a Cat Does This. This Is Why That Do This Don't Do That and I Don't Know Dog Center Not a Fan of Dogs, Particularly a Friend Who Knows Dogs Were Doing Work at a House and This Dog Came up and I Did Not I Did the Opposite of What He Said to Do Is No Don't Do That Though, Because This I Listen to What He Said I Did What He Said He Was Right. So It's Just You Animals Have Certain Postures and Positions and Attitudes and It Will Do Certain Things and People Just Entombed with Them and That's All It Is Nothing. I Talked to Them Another Thoughts That That's That That's a Problem Okay and Are Aware What Sure on Called on or about That Thing and Maintain Where Their Arm out and Buy Kevin for Liking down on You and Find What They Went on My Way Old Yeller Thing in Their Letter, Not Their Body and Something and I and Nail on Time Just a Little Bit This Kind of Thing Is Interesting. There Are Actually Physiological Responses. You Can Hold. They've Done Studies Hold an Arm out in the Put Color in Front of People and They Get Weaker Actually Something That Goes on They Don't Understand How the Brain Does This or What so What Object Is It That They're Holding. We Don't Know What the Real Reason Is That Weakness Might Be a Side Effect Could Be Electrical It Could Be That It's a Shape. It Could Be That Psychological Problems Would Have a Certain Object Is Okay and I Got Bless You Tonight by His Graceful Back on the Powered by the Truth Network

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