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September 24, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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September 24, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- The caller from last week who wanted to debate the Trinity called again. He says he goes to a church that he can't say the name of over the air.--2- Why does China have so few Covid cases when it started there---3- Is Jesus really going to return to earth or will we just meet him after death---4- A caller wanted to discuss left wing authoritarianism and the idea that man can be improved.--5- What exactly is the last trumpet mentioned in Revelation---6- Why do we only pray to God when things are hard---7- What does Matthew 5-22 mean- Does it have to do with eternal security---8- What's the best way to speak to those in the Hebrew roots movement---9- Where did all the people come from in early Genesis when it was just Adam's family---10- Why was Jesus' name changed-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine. So why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 match look, if you want to call all you do is delete 772072276 I'll be glad to talk to you and all right, so I would do a lot of research on covert and I'm gonna release an article today or tomorrow that shocking or I found some stuff out. That's right, to look for it later tonight or tomorrow is so all my goodness to show my wife that she could believe it. So what all is good stuff. Yesterday I told you that the Bible was in our area aren't a lot of protesters for that you to look okay this is get right onto things. If you are want to give me a call and talk about theology of Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam.

Let's see what else he's orthodoxy you talk a little contest of eschatology and this material would you archaeology a lot of ologies in this Dixon-isms for a given call rights and we have four blinds, 877-207-2276. Let's get to generate from bright or a bright but you probably didn't, and buyer talk with you more about that goal get very I'm on your near generator is all right but how would you, that's all right. I belong to a call and would you please elaborate program will what the what the church could go to what what now not allowed to not let it fight out over the air will then tell what's his name to tell Keith will type it in my text. I can see it okay so I don't know what that but it is I can't recall so well.

You involve the question Matthew 28 1902.

All O acts 238 UNITA Trinity, or if you're a oneness Pentecostal guy right younger yet that's occult non-Christian called nonaligned go out you draw that conclusion because you deny the true God deny the true Christ and you deny the true gospel will explain each one. UNITA true God because God is a Trinity and you deny that so that's denying the true God, and because you deny the true God. You deny the true Christ not of the thing is that a lot of oneness people will say that Jesus Christ is God in flesh, but what they are actually teaching is a form of what's called Nestorianism, not the hypostatic union you don't want those aren't all explain the hypostatic union is one person, Jesus is one person with two natures, one person, the storing-ism is the idea that in the body of Christ are two persons of the divine person and a human person and we get this from the oneness Pentecostal of false religion of repeatedly when they say that Jesus in his flesh was praying to God and is a spirit and that's a division of the story and the heresy inside of that view. Furthermore, when it comes the doctrine of salvation you guys add works to salvation. You add the necessity of being baptized by immersion in the formula in the name of Jesus in order to be saved and so you at a ceremony to salvation. So if you were to die inside of oneness Pentecostal and you go face God, you will be facing eternal damnation. Okay. No scripture.

Nowhere concerning that actor. Nobody ever recorded it being bad.Matthew 2819. They were all baptized by acts 19 evasion acts and a Gentile and I think Andy I'm up at the Marriott.

Antioch got a high since he has no right what does it mean when it says are baptized in Jesus name unit meeting is that they barricade either came at the Marriott that you should verify that you shall call his name Jason in Illinois on the Gentile. I asked you what is it mean to be baptized in the name of somebody that I was somebody loud them. Okay, so the friend I write a check responsible. Okay so this is the problem with the oneness Pentecostal anybody is listening and oneness Pentecostal the non-Christian Colts of oneness Pentecostalism is a problem. The brainwashing now Marie just something this is acts chapter 4 verse five read three verses okay well for the 45 on the next day the rulers and elders, and scribes were gathered together in Jerusalem and Annas the high priest was there and Caiaphas and John, and Alexander and all who were of high priestly dissent when they had placed them in the center.

They began to inquire by what power or what name have you done this, then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said rulers and elders of Israel. If we are on trial today for benefit done to a sick man asked how this man is been made well let it be known to all of you and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, whom you crucified, whom God raised the dead by this name. This man stands here before you in good health. They asked and what name are you doing this and he says by the name of Christ is what authority when what name are you doing this.

If the phrase stop in the name of the law. It deals with the the authority that behind that name is not the baptism formula. Okay why did you you don't understand, they did not use the phrase in the name of Jesus. They baptized them a father-son Holy Spirit in the culture to be baptized in the name of Jesus was means to be baptized by the name or in the authority of its in the authority not already out yet you're adding to Scripture.

Okay, it's a it's not a formula to say this.

Okay when you get the straight in the name of Jesus is not a baptismal formula. It's not a baptismal formula, they say, when the time is not a baptismal formula when you read it in the Scriptures. You mistakingly are told by the cult that you're in that it's a baptismal formula.

It's not.

It's the designation of their baptizing by the name of Jesus. The authority that's in the name of Christ. That's what is spoken of in acts chapter 7 estimate act.

Chapter 4 verses five through 10. I just read that to you now want to show you something I do not, but hardly any credence at all and what the church fathers say, however, there is a document called the did RK it was written around 65 A.D. 65 to 80 A.D. is called the teaching of the 12 apostles. That means that many of the original apostles of Jesus were still alive at this time when this was written. It's the only document I'll go. This is interesting.

What is it say, and this is with in the first century.

In chapter 7 verse one but concerning baptism, thus baptizing the having first recited all these precepts baptized in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit in running water, that's what sets. If you don't have running water baptizing other water.

If you cannot baptizing cold and warm water. But if your you have neither poor water three times in the head and they with a father-son Holy Spirit before the baptism. Let he who baptized in him who is baptized fast previously, and any others, shall also be sure if they're able businesses within the first century before the year A.D., the disciples are still alive in the instruction here's recorded. This document is and then the father-son Holy Spirit.

Now is not Scripture. I'm just telling you that's what it's saying it's a very old document. So in the name of Jesus is a phrase designating the authority so this is what happens if what I do baptisms should look on the now go to baptizing them in the father. An image of Jesus. Are you ready here goes. I baptizing Ellen in the father-son Holy Spirit is by the authority that is in the name of Jesus because of who Jesus is the new baptized how he commanded father-son Holy Spirit that would Jesus commanded you guys disobey the words of Christ. There are you there I guess is not, let's get to Fred from Winston-Salem, a friend welcome your body wanted my take on the open and a biological war that we lost the kind of look at how unkind I believe that under 50,000 were over 200 and I think for the most part bring another youth in our country a lot more because their population so much more than our it's not. I meet with them in a hurry.maybe all I want to get her and take on that hang up and talk. Okay sure if you okay you may call 877-207-2276 so I'm looking at a source file of information receipt so the total cases that China has had while his 95,128 cases in a population is 1.4 billion, and that means 66 people per 1 million, interesting, and the that's right that's right that's right so I'm looking at that source of information and it's from our world in yet it is kind of interesting that China has so few, I don't know why but that's just how it is with China. That's a very interesting statistic is what I've been doing today is the elderly's the article pretty soon, is I've been comparing the number of sicknesses per million, along with the number of vaccinations per population and comparing them across 200 nations and I'm extracting about 20 and the waitressing and humbled players right you don't want to believe China's numbers anyway.

It's a communist organization and like a lot of fun. False religious systems and secular system based in things other than truth.

It's not a matter of what the stats really are with the facts really are is the agenda that has to be promoted and you twist facts and information in order to promote your agenda.

The reason I specifically said that is because that's what the left does. And some people in the far right due to be very careful about statistics to protect us. Thank you.

80% of the statistics are right.

70% of the time or something like that. It's a joke on what you do almost anything with statistic I've been very careful about what I've been finding America's article today or tomorrow and I will be really interesting to see you have asked with the effectiveness of the vaccines you be surprised so okay so equate all that loss. That's a oneness Pentecostal guy dropped by accident. No big deal.

We have five open lines going to McCall folks 877207227601 you to give me a call if you would like to comply with all kind of stuff the reasonable vaccines of coming up.

People are asking a lot.

I just decided to do a lot of research.

I got a lot of research of the going through the books and articles about God, but nevertheless the callers break 87720776 mass Y call 77077 on the year. Carolina question of doubt that Ernie Academy for quite some time. It's regarding you. I further met with Rick such a long time about you know when you come back right and you will be, but now that I have it no we as Christians believe that however you know you you may. I may pass away so you know I I know my grandmother area strong woman and she believed that the wholeheartedly right as you pass away right so what if I did not idea, but this promise.

Yet this promise of no Jesus Christ coming back to our lifetime then you really happen during her lifetime and I will ever happen in my lifetime, but one thing that I'm I am sure that you know I'll get to meet him when I move on right so that I am sure about.

But what about this promise that the Bible talks about season coming back to life and not ride in the cloud and all that is now been has not happened yet is that a lot of people who like set dates not to do that. The Bible says don't do it, and no man knows the day nor the hour. That's interesting Scripture put the July date setters so there's this problem is don't do it and I used to think that Christ might come back. My lifetime now. I doubt it. In my 60s, when Christ comes back. But the closer that's always getting closer. Logically the circuit closer so you know what the Scriptures talk about it that we will definitely meet him when he passed away on no that'll be coming right at went right on the coming of you like to get no no no is not on the coming of Christ is his skull the skull the panacea that is the manifestation of Christ at his return. He can return to earth. That's it. That's what it means is coming. That's it right so when we go to meet him. If that's not the coming of Christ to that's misuse of that phrase in the eschatological sense. I will be cool to go be with you and so the decision to get of the bodies be home with the Lord. So that's all for his second coming of Christ is not yet happened. Right. Right. Little do okay yeah I've asked many people you know I'm this ongoing thing that I have my my spirit.

You know that know what is it which I believe you know should I believe this or should I will watch where should I go you know what you like that you know will tell you how to be faithful to his when we die if we die before Jesus returns in the clouds and returns will be with. That's it. We might be alive long enough to die for him to actually return and then all kind of stuff can hit the fan for that. So that's it. No big deal.

Okay that was my question. There you go regular much you welcome. Alright, alright, let's get to see that with the Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina. Welcome year on year joke there are your house option. Matt hey brother I was with. But I okay I phone in the kind of okay. Thank you for the moment of our sin and I got no some white one thing talking about right ring about. As my left wing in the big difference was that thing left wing authoritarianism with a comment in the net believe that man kind man is changeable man not only biological left teachers. It is basically good and can be improved through manipulation through guidance through propaganda through correct education that Saturday when a cigarette and it is it is not flooded and bribing authoritarianism. You know when they do that they're doing it for the no barn burger object and right.

They think that that that since man is improvable and the people who are in power are obviously the ones who know better than they have the right and the obligation to improve society as a whole and they will then alter society and move society where they wanted to go because they're the ones in the in charge and on the far left of their right and that so they do it right and so that's why you get people in schools other teachers and schools trying to indoctrinate the children it's part of the Marxist system. Believe it or not, is the idea that you have problem the society.people not of people.

The problem in the in the sinfulness society which is why Marxism is atheistic is not theological to logistic in select white resists atheist and resistor Christianity is Chris and he says no, it's the human nature that's the problem you had to change the system to accommodate the fallenness of of man is white guy status report to government the three branches of government to have balance because they understood depravity right now to write that hot and an ace far left system. You only need one authoritarian system because they don't assume the problems of man.

They assume the benefit of being on the goodness of man and you just need one party to control it.

That's it.

This is why they work that way.

Now Eric Berger.

I think that I don't not an independent after you break you.

Everything about this so I can say that okay okay alright Matt, thank you very much for your program, your thanks God bless should know about him failed. When I can hear you breaking up a little. Let's say it again okay I thought you and go with the telefilm. I don't have trouble understanding carry okay I'll try okay okay pop up on all now I just called back a connection to take them have trouble hearing you arrive at okay okay okay thank you all right okay I'll write a few lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 look at Orlando and they will level. Below is a breakdown we write that folks after these messages, please, Matt slick, why call 77072710 yes are you doing hello yes I can hear you can you hear me hello your email yeah equipped to deal with the Lord tomorrow they start that they celebrate what he called you okay you know the term picky. I got all without me know if you like the last trumpet okay mutiny like a date date Jewish people start. No wonder so far a month to month a little the whole mind before grudges on and then 10 days after that you switch to question that I did can't pay what your question did you know I if picky. I got though if the last trumpet because they called it the last trumpet because the right guy right after the company you deplore start and on hold on hold on here yet. So you asked me is the last trumpet they call the last trumpet so it makes sense to save the last trumpet okay but it had the same trumpet it appears in Revelation on Apollonian thing and all over the plate that I don't know one of things I want to do when I get some of this amazing thing called spare time is I want to relate all of the feasts it to all of the events. So for example, don't pour when the high priest going to the temple of the holy of holies and sparkled on the mercy seat, no what else occurred on that day of the year. Looks like when she's on a Moses came down the mountain and stuff like that of I need to find I cannot find a way to to do all this is a bit of research I haven't done that so matter hundreds of things I'm doing. That's one of the great the last trumpet that was in his last trumpet, so if it is I did know I was always in any always overcame it on my mind and that they call it like that and that's what he means it is will it have not left on the date gongs about you understand it, could they could have five trumpets and then they faced the fifth 1 cup because the last trumpet of those five or it was just three through seven, so we have to know what it means with the last trumpet in any particular context because if it's nest with weld letterhead at step last trumpet that will silent on that man on one window would like. There were adapted to the Guinness to enhance their innocence and yet I understand what you're saying okay so I don't know what the answer is good. Haven't done the study on that would take weeks to on to unlock all of but I just not done that study.

Second, okay okay okay I jumped there thinking about the fees they likely died on Passover burial on 11 Bree Nino firstfruits the resurrected payment at the spirit in it will on the related facility in Odell. Matt cannot build matching up and I just love this thing into other people who have Genesis 22 when Isaac was offered is probable. I bet you was on the date same daily year that Jesus was offered. I would bet you that now thousand Passover. You so I would say so and you know the news, it is really interesting to get the going to 360 day cycle I 365 three exiting the calendar now and right but I have it on the okay buddy, so just to have another night.

Thank you Matt right Nicholas. Alright, let's get to Paul from Virginia Paul welcome your on the air. There is question sir, I want to thank you for taking the call and then I want to ask you have ever heard. Like for example the famous writer Shakespeare yelled that there were possible way of letter writer will. There was possibly what I've read recently that there were possibly 87 other possible writer Shakespeare. I heard that yes but what's what's with you? Though my question is yes you want to say that I called and will be eight September and I'm about 29 minutes into the broadcast and I went back and looked at that video later on YouTube and I don't appreciate the woman who typed and got wants to argue unfortunately you have a question.

It just asked me at Washington somebody harm videos did okay so many control the sky cc if you just to complain. So Paul meant to give you one more chance please just ask your question okay so let all the okay okay were done so let's see, let's move on to let's get to Alberto from Georgia Alberto welcome you on here Matt slick evening.

37 verse 13 About God allowed for the nation division okay so why people.

Why do people always when a crop that God only when tragedy happens to them to the neck. I never got the repentance of their standing but can die because all because of how we are sinful we get comfortable we don't need to talk to God when things get rough that we talk to God, which is why I I assume that persecutions going to come to the Christians for United States so the Pentagon will raise up so got so God being a ton of mail I got it back out to only don't make them feel that they want talk to me before then what they want to talk to me when tragedy have its own document by document.and.England.okay okay will hold. Let's look so people I gave the answer that question that's due on signalman issuing that's how it is so GG girl you have got question that would may want fell at the mail that you wanted to have an all point.

Okay click joke on that now they get a name female dog is a lot in on that you Nino okay hello she's working in the country. Okay. All right. Okay what I meant all right. Thank you.

I okay I let's get to Sean from Naples, Florida, Sean. Welcome around here. I met Gregory particular question are I have a question about the Matthew 522 nine regarding her eternal security because I got one off by the part worth the but whosoever shall say, thou fool will be in danger of hell fire. So it kind of threw me off. During the whole sermon on the mound and 505 Goldman was take the think like the 10 Commandments further. Whosoever is angry with his brother gushed out. My question is like that part is verse 22 word word says they'll know who's member something out.

In danger of hell fire that blasphemy of the Holy Ghost spirit that is saying that Jesus is part of the evil one. Matthew 12 2232 so he says in verse 21 of Matthew five is you have heard it said that the agent said, you shall not commit murder. So he's talking to the Jewish people. There is according the Old Testament and then he goes in and in the verse. After you when you're talking about. Therefore, if you're presenting your offering at the altar in the river that your brother has something against you, so is talking to Jews. The people who were Jewish system. Not all Christians write colleges report out so if you're in as a Jew you're going along and your day going to court all the stuff so actually you're going along and you calling people all these names are good for nothing complaining guiltier all the stuff you got your it's it's judging people and righteously you can't do that in outsourcing the student to be guilty, you know, and he's just talking to the Jews is not talk of the Christian because we can say that someone is foolish and say that people are foolish so that in fact the word occurs in all of Matthew. Romans 121 Paul says became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened occurs.

Romans 220 of goes on and on I could find all controversies without word occurs, but the word of the cross is foolishness to those were perishing so you leave us as a foolishness and I got hard without you.

That's always going back about the context gotten one other question I asked 22. This is an argument that I think you got verse with 22 we write that book that is messages for lines 877 207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave here rolling root movement argument that while but what angle they're coming out with it than that but that will why did God choose Ananias about you good report among you, how to choose Ananias store called site. No, up and along those line because God chose to just to disclose a Jew who was going to be be deceived by the hands of him that you just had a yeah of them think it the way I look at that Ananias was afraid of all the is afraid of all our thought that I was gonna kill them and and that's why God showed Ananias and any Of the you know like a that the really grasping at straws that are while they do with the black lights are known for is taking things out of context.

The right of the bad looking at things in context with the want to do apparently is simply make Scripture fit whatever they want because they have an agenda.

Okay yeah that's it for the agenda. They have an agenda and I got the horrible acts and exegesis and dump jobs I've had encounters with them and it's very very difficult to have them even see anything rashly point something out to them. They basically just ignore it doesn't matter what you say because white people basically are are the devil and so to give him information. It is dismissiveness. Call the genetic fallacy. It's of their brainwashed a lot of problems that haven't called a white devil before I buy the black and brown.

Let's get a kick out of it to that it probably was of Middle Eastern collection.

Yeah, he was so he was most probably not black but I wouldn't say he's typical Caucasian either. So who knows. I think it probably more like an Arab. As we see, but that is my thing and I'm not an expert on that middle whatever the get a black Hebrews are like group is just a racist organization that like Leland and I noted the interpret is old Scripture with Scripture to interpret New Testament another common mistake affirmative. That's right very good. All right. Thank you so much a goblet.

All right, all right, let's get to Clement from Utah Clement welcome here. Not in my: I have a program genealogy is not much Genesis can be the 14th of stylish from the hot click in and anybody were captured. Anybody mocking on.

I couldn't wear from Genesis 1 where you run their oaks to the inventive Florida hot bombing where people come from other cities that I got you in Genesis 5 for the days of Adam after he became the father of Seth were 800 years and he had other sons and daughters. So when Adam and Eve had children they had lots of children lots of children and the children would marry each other and had lots of photo of offspring. It wasn't until later that God said no more interbreeding put a stop to the genetic line was big affected remembers pure genetics. When Adam and Eve were there so their children. If you imagine what to enable what little it is with Adam was like he was probably highly intelligent and extremely fit, and things just got worse and worse since then genetic entropy. What she genealogy it but you have in order got when maybe I don't know which one came first things Cain killed Abel the question actually much the thing is that they had lots of other children they painted it had other sons and daughters and so that said, you are the life in the light and then your little muffled. I can understand you very well. I was looking to be a good man. "Bombing yet because when something like Jesse Greg probably been hot bombing. But on the book of Esther doing common will get big. Yes it just the idea but we don't know when they were born interested a lot of discussion about what's the order of births and how many were born was sucking enable born first and second or with a burner or 50th or 60th or what they know.

I got so writer of the writer of Genesis just extracted out of all of those people, the ones that were important and related them. In the case was going on. I saw so there have been Jeanette and population studies that when you have received have babies by a woman can have babies midteens Say she gets 20. She's having a baby every other year. Let's say well for 10 years, 15 years have been sick. 10 children right with those 10 or do the same thing in another 20 years. All of a sudden you've got hundreds of people inside of like less than 100 years or hundred and 50 or something and then another hundred 50 years. He got thousands it's very quick so it would not take long. So if they lived 100 years and maybe that can enable it at 250 years of age. While interview lots of people around and they could've gone out by the principal. Thank you so sure that everyone might might might might might have the public was from Miami not like all political dues and was what they want to know about brother and get will is extracted right they would extract certain information from a genealogy to make a point but I was often.okay I okay bless RX to back to Paul from earlier Paul hung up when actually what somebody there. There you have okay so what I have Matthew Mark Luke John was there actually a and why would the name issuer change to youth okay seriously to questions at the same time which questions you want me to tackle first monthly sure what was swears it cited Jesus name was changed. She was for Jesus to show me any evidence were Jesus was called Yeshua. Well, not that anyone would know you all okay. I figure I really the name issuer at that they changed it to Jesus because something very bizarre Why let okay now with you.

Sorry the groups this into -6 here's the thing. Matthew 121 is that you shall call his name Jesus actually in the Greek Jesus is how it's pronounced, but did have a JN and we just say Jesus is not a big deal, and so what we do in languages as we transliterate sometimes are we kind of get the general pronunciation moved over and we keep pronunciation to modify the pronunciations that's always going on there is not a big deal. And when people start saying that's that's the name was changed north.

The case so my name is Matthew right well in Greek when it says they saw a man name called Matthew that's in Matthew 99. The literal pronunciation is my thing on income from the Greek myth layoffs will signify our's was it just a Matthew and so what's but with some groups will say don't call the sacred name movement, and you have to have the right name of Jesus to pronounce it right, you'll pronounce it right then you're going to hell and they're the ones you have the correct pronunciation in a safe Jesus was originally called Yeshua will say that Yeshua and because the Hebrew because he was a Hebrew say well okay let's see that's the case with nothing. It is with the Senators and why are all the New Testament documents written in Greek and why is the name Jesus in Greek is asking and then we have a good answer except to say sometimes that all the manuscripts have been have been altered and correct and so the word Jesu switches Jesus name pronounced in Greek occurs 914 times in the New Testament 914 times that would have to mean that they erased all the it doesn't work because the issue is a Hebrew pronunciation and not to inch Jesus is the Greek it's that set okay. Thank you for the welcome God bless. Okay, let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome your on your human element you click first John 315. A friend of mine said that that birth everyone who hates his letters and make his brother's murder and no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

So okay, ask your buddy. You hated somebody disaster so you okay you can go to hell.

Next is a no no no will different says you're quoting it to say that you can lose your salvation if you hate somebody right you hated anybody if he says no, really.

You've never been unrighteously angry with anybody in your heart. Corky's opponent in you have eternal life abiding in you. So how do you get your eternal life back and had to stop eating something right so by loving them the opposite to gain eternal life.

You see the problem here that they don't understand the text with his talk about in John three John three is the issue of those who are unregenerate, they are haters. They don't have eternal life abiding in them that was going on nothing.

Salvation okay but all right hey Erica, I will call back tomorrow. Genesis 320 the Lord bless all of my his back on your tomorrow. Have a great day of power by the Truth Network

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