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Q&A with Koloff - #33

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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September 8, 2021 9:56 am

Q&A with Koloff - #33

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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September 8, 2021 9:56 am

Nikita is joined by Illinois-based fan Brian Batt for a round of questions and answers!

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network nephew to call off their questions and answers they would pull off the double Brian back I hope is that the bride did I say that right Brian that you did well good I will do a lot of things that I always struggle over real people's names and stuff but the great to have you on Q&A would call off today. Thanks for making yourself available.

No problem anytime and now you are Brian just to soar our listeners know you. You're up in an Illinois that right yeah our North Chicago, but 1/2 hour north of Chicago is what what town are you in Northbrook, Northbrook, Illinois, and so said North Suzanne can like on it. On the way to the Wisconsin lined up towards Green Bay. What was to walk intermittently carefully between Chicago and Milwaukee okay okay very good with the your whole life integral in the towns of Glenview okay and I'm Illinois no light Illinois bought morning rays Wonder Bread yeah then I met my wife.

She was born and raised Northbrook to reside now on on meeting May meeting school meeting. College me that workwear which has me.

We actually had a mutual friend and then when it lays then met up again 10 years later, and then together present, not in and how long is happen. I had we been married actually looked at her 23rd anniversary. While congratulation what your bride's name Kelly Kelly ERI that what a grunt.

A great story and in his children. I have a daughter from a previous marriage. She 32 now okay made me a grandpa for the first time a month ago.

Congratulations on one. I know what that's about.

A guy got I got you got nine yeah so you can know 99 grandchildren.

Let less well.

Hey, maybe as a template.

On the way. I don't know about yet, Brian. Go ahead and will.

That's 10 so silly daughter from the previous marriage, any other children that are no no. Okay, awesome, and one one daughter, one grandchild, one daughter, one granddaughter yesterday pool getting little for why know all about that. I swam in the ocean for for years, raising four girls of my own and then our first grandchild was a a girl as well and then finally some some boys came along the pictures so up and and Brian what will keep you busy there and not in Illinois on the scooter.

Bring out food retail manager in a grocery store okay then examine it and admit it, but 18 while okay yeah get some experience with that yet and my wife and I own our own business.

We own a dog grooming shop all varied entrepreneurs as well. Good for you that is a dog groomer that's awesome man and how is that in mapping Glenview downtown Glenview or Wheaton where I grew up downtown Street school I went okay and and and and what's the to.

What's the name of the shop again for baby firm babies for babies of 11 K. I love it. That's awesome Brian how long have you been a wrestling fan a while since the early 70s might bid like that you only beyond at night and 30 after the new okay can EU the defendant was kinda like the young thing to know on the side occupy little time then me and my brothers and started watching it with some first match I went to the Comiskey Park for Kenneth Joan each year. It was burned down. You can think back what to let a two legendary names. I'm guessing that was for the AWA world heavyweight title yet and want that we want that we are going to camp irregularly monthly matching and then I think the first time I thought you would commit part when you were ready to tête-à-tête with the cruises you listen to the story.

All I got. So yeah that's I'm I think my one match at that at that stadium about one match against Dick the bruiser that was there for those who don't know was Dick the bruiser, Baron von Roski of the legendary pressure from know what day it had the against Ivan and I crush her crew shelf buried our soul good good friend of mine and all my guys yeah that was a memorable match for me. It was a peep through the first time any of the big NWA name came to Chicago job. Back then the only way we could you guys on TV or magazines right right yeah pro wrestling illustrated road warriors with guys they like to pro wrestling illustrated yeah yeah what we see about throwing lawyers like you seen them on TV and then down the road. Burning had occurred where all the mats were admit we invited some teams from other territories and the first on the warriors were in Chicago.

They lit it up that first night, very cool very cool. Well, that's awesome that one in what what a great start, and he and I remember till you mention the Livingston. I forgot about this too sister lives near Robbinsdale, Minnesota. She lived in North branch.

She told me about 1/2 hour from Robbinsdale okay you got there quite some time ago. Gotcha. Okay, I just, I kinda forgot that you had mentioned that in that thought I'd want to pull in the 12th.

I appreciate you now just appreciate that you be in such a really a low wrestling fan all these years that's that's pretty amazing and I know you've got.

I know you got some questions for me yeah yeah that you you like to throw out there want want to watch throw couple questions.

I was just to talk about that okay.

I do the first one. If you vote would directly questions more about me and camp okay. Check the video kind of vague but real quick and snippet more.

Like day-to-day stuff diner. Well it it is use this essay about the camp and for for all the listeners to understand amine and yeah the videos are fairly short, there's not a whole lot of information on there and that's intentional and NIC that for a couple reasons back. I know from some your story yet you admit you know you you good. I guess you say, raised Catholic. What the Catholic school for 12 years went to a promise keepers about right and like ¥90 and 97, 98, some like that. Yeah, and it was yet learned to walk. He was at was evident that was the promise keepers impacting for you. The first one was going to Milwaukee.

That would be the today event and I went in the next year we did want to Chicago that were not as much but that the first year Milwaukee was very impactful and eye-opening.

Yeah yeah what what stands out what was eye-opening for you.

Just curious. There was two speakers and I wish I looked up the names for this call and fax them to you but it was just the way they talk there and her message you took it home and really developed with being perfect and I want to feel a little too preachy, like the first journal want to go today just real positive uplifting guys when you left the guess messages really test your heart. It sounds like yet wow that's amazing so well that back to the man camp so to sell the. The intention there. Here's the reason why we don't put a ton of information on the website. Typically, the guys who come are feeling really prompted you know the Lord is really nudging them in their heart. Hey, go do this, go do this and I say that to say this every every individual that comes it is good to be a different experience for every guy and I base this off of of of doing these camps now since since 2006 probably facilitating somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 ± camps and then hearing many of the guys stories you know post camp hey this is how it impacted me it back to me this way. Hey, it impacted my marriage hate impacted my relationship with my children paid impacted my own personal journey with Jesus right and so results different for every single guy and so to hand out an itinerary we felt like an end, by the way, for those who don't know Lex Luger coal facilitates these camps with me. We knew one of the spring. One of the fall and and by the way, if you want more information. Want to learn more about the website is referring to just go to cool off.that and you can link right right to the camp. Learn more about the camp, but it's a different experience. So what we don't want to do is ruin that experience for somebody and say all you can do this this this this this and then you walk away gone all walk all the expectations I said, you know, none of them were Matt and is a total letdown right almost like you saying the second promise keepers you wasn't as good as the first one or whatever right because you probably went with a certain expectation for that second one. I'm guessing an end and because of the first one yeah because he of your experience with the first one they know it was different. You like yeah well was this good right so right. I say that to say we keep the information in a somewhat vague, not not not in any sense that that we you know it or I should say in the sense we want you to, just an open heart and and go like when I went to my first camp March 2006 and got I go God I know actually I don't know what to expect on that.

I really don't even know any of these guys put out but I my decision is a medical run after you and run after your heart and man God met me in a in a powerful way and that's typically the testimony of most of the guys that come to me and Now obviously I me were working to eat. This can be food.

This can be some fellowship and others can be some fun outdoor activities. This can be some teaching some ministry times all of that's a part of it will you know we just varies strategic on how the Lord, you know, guides us in that and then Lex and I share many of our years experience on whether it's physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, on things that that we have learned over the years and typically Brian guys go back home and and it is life-changing. Not not to say for 100% of the guys, but for for a larger percentage that make sense yet to cut my good people are in a group yeah well that in and the Lord customizes that that's a great word the Lord customizes a casino's executive you made a decision to calm the Lord knows exactly what it is you need to know what he wants to minister to you and that's what he does right so consider that you and everyone else listening out there and hope you consider that like is that we are next ones in the we do want to spring one of fall I will giving out any dates are not don't know when this will air for sure but but maybe something that either you Brian or or some other listener out there is prompted to come to Georgia and in a 10 man camp. So, great question. Thank you for asking the question, what does so what what else what else you got I got the for a few others.

One more noun. "Okay, I know when you did your altar call it. A lot of times when you are your gift that is on the altar call you. You guys always none right that date that it happened when you did your did you know going there that you do want to come over you while you were at that ceremony when out with, which specifically neither like when you went to the day that you did your altar call. Did you know that they or did some kinda come over you while you were there.

I got you guys right there I'm going up Utah. Okay, 17, October 1993 when I went to the altar is run by like the engines yet and I wasn't that that wasn't planned on them and by that. What I mean by that is I've been on a search on a quest if you will. From the time I got left wrestling about 11 months prior, and I like to tell people I was successful but I was unfulfilled. I knew something was still missing my life. I just didn't know what it was. I'm here as a world champion to travel all over the world met all kinds of people from all lifestyle backgrounds and experience all kinds of cultures and incline the latter success.

The pinnacle of success in wrestling, having been out you know a world champion. A number of different times and end with tag titles, etc., and any and I like this it something's missing so soon walking in the church that they Brian I sense. Looking back, I sense something different did not.

Still than what I was until the altar call was given.

I know what that was. Be honest with you, but an invitation was given to surrender your life to Jesus and was like in that moment it was like an aha moment for me and I'm like okay that's what's missing is is I don't have a personal relationship with Jesus.

I knew the story but the story never made the 18 a strip from I had down to my heart and I was in verse want to the altar on my knees just surrender my life right repenting, asking for forgiveness and in that moment, Brian. I can tell you that sense of un-fulfillment was gone. Also there was an immediate sense of fulfillment and an immediate sense there is more purpose to my life that I knew.

Up to that point yet great question here is no rep. One. I think somewhere I had nothing to do about I put I personally thought you North Carolina with Dave Starkey.

Okay you guys would lock to the rock 'n' roll script the night before five in the airport the next day in talking with the rock 'n' roll. Taylor and UN Khrushchev are on the other side of the aisle and I'm like I think you caught me looking good. I wanted to go over to me.

Maybe get a picture something and my body keeps going. Not don't be lonely and alone. Every time I look over and that there would get more more intense.

My was your affair yesterday. Okay, you know, you think you get they can come over your and Ricky morning with the non-on an ongoing failure will be a good thing right so if you ever had people actually approach you. Back in those days when yeah us and it is likely that I have to went back to you. You know you like it purely out of curiosity what what they would have happened had I approached you at the airport.

Well this is that when the body slammed you are giving your Russian is okay. I probably would not have done that even though society wasn't as litigious back then as it is now a lot that to say you you if I had communicated at all with you, they probably would've been it would not of been verbal communication.

The intensity of the stair probably would've intensified living as they though it is back in those days, you know, I there were times people wanted to approach my delicate dating go diving go to Glasgow I was like on the last of our crusher in the gym though I Krista Glover – the keeping was Gord asking yourself the like, but all were scared to death of them will pop right so so I if I had verbalized anything to Peter how much English. I learned at that point right yeah I've done will have an eye learning English. Brian perfectly.

I know good to English tutoring right but all that to say I probably would've said probably two words to you might have grunted or groaned at you and and walked away. Even if you would add a piece of paper and a pen out which is why I think I became that the number one most hated guy in wrestling and at a certain point because of my responses. That way, so good and ice from Ricky Morton and your friend.

Rich was very good.

Think you can if you got there was a match for you.

Arnold you are wrestling. Civic Center cage Manning. I looked it cage match was a cage match and not good might never sit in front row and you got thrown into the ropes with some came out your hand and when you were on the rain you're looking right at me, I'm looking down at the ground look down there you're looking you know to mean applicable knew what was down there right, but I did I get that back with Mark again saying a word and the blade possibility. I don't know who your apply nuclear returned yet. I want your going there with magnetometer if you were writing to the road warriors can imagine yeah yeah depending depending on yeah will what storyline I we what angle I was in.

We could even be Richler's number guys potentially especially. I was in a cage and got it for it. For those it.

I mean, the world's pretty educated at this point on on professional wrestling it out why I say that to say met many people are not everybody because some will still ask the cubit about bleeding is that like which was using injectable orders from you. What would you use at all. Yeah, we rightly stored capsules in our mouth. Yeah right not realize the understanding that know it was it was real blood in the like, and then they try to figure that out in the way I would phrases, self-inflicted wounds, what would would be how we would believe self inflicted wounds. And yeah, it was intentionally. We should of been very inconspicuous on when guys you know would would would blade themselves in a that in now. Sometimes it wasn't always a blade, though sometimes there was what we would call hard way because you know you're in a cage or you're in a chain match Russian chain match or put yourself into into one of those metal poles or something.

It was not uncommon for somebody to to burrito for therefore had to get all hit something and and and get broke open yellow metal chair whatever else. And so it could be one or the other right. It could be a what we call the hard way or a self inflicted wound and but hopefully was done very inconspicuous where where you as a fan could figure it out, and also use your all my gosh there bleeding. One of the house that you know kind of thing right in the mix" guide them even what you normally do it so quick and so my Clares is a master at it met some of the guys were back Masters at yeah absolutely and in some as I said, some could do.

Where was more inconspicuous than than others suffer sure so great question is more about out of time Brian and now I really enjoyed enjoyed the questions today and and can't thank you enough for you to make yourself available for for this call in and be on the Q&A show with with coal often and be such a long time loyal fan. Thank you for that as well. It real quick with it what that word usually at the end of the $64,000 question that every man wants to know châteaux it that know you had asked me what it means that I'm going to have to defer and say just to keep you in suspense.

Brian fight with you but I don't know what no one ever does. Like I want to be decided on an autographed 8 x 10 I'm like what I can't do that. Got a I would even know how to spell it in and to, you know I don't. I just gonna let you be in suspense so but I thank you. Writing and for all you listen out there submit your questions. Pull off and perhaps you will get a personal phone call from the Russian nightmare ride.

Thanks. Thanks for me on that anytime in God bless you. They have a great this is the Truth Network

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