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Fear and Protection

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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August 7, 2021 12:00 pm

Fear and Protection

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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August 7, 2021 12:00 pm

The team gives more Africa updates and discusses the consequences of disrupting criminal activity - including retaliation from those same criminals - and how they address them.

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue where were apparat divided the world lately.

We learned that now there are totaled 2021 barley halfway through the year we had 100 and hundred and 90 investigation to lantern risk ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the so about you but I feel so honored to be part of lantern rescue that we get an opportunity to see what God is doing around the world and get updates like you're going to get today. I think it would be so glad you tuned in. There is a lot of stuff going on around the world. Really scary stuff and it's it's really good that we could to be on the front lines and pray as things are changing rapidly around the world on trademarks or you know anytime today show and talk little bit about fear and protection.

I think anytime you're disrupting criminal activity. You can expect that criminals don't like it, you know, and we try to mitigate that times that it rises up, but we had a particularly are in our our listeners and surely know in the country of Africa. We have a fairly very large operation in its multicountry and were blessed with a great director. There were a task force and he's doing a great job mean even even in the previous week. Some of the cases that were being able to now get involved in some knowledge through referral but through our operations at the borders and things you are. If you follow our social media really almost critical steps, you know, I know that sometimes we do receptions in its at that moment the child is is not been drafted yet, but we were getting them before the draft and then there's moments where they're clearly been drafted one in the past week was a spiritist took the child for the new activity you know and you know the interception of that child was a rare case and were super excited another one in the past, just in the past five days. Interception of a 1714-year-old another 14-year-old, 10-year-old, a 15-year-old and a 12-year-old. This was a vehicle that was smuggling the minors Crawford were three girls.

They were from literally a country completely over, and there on the far border of the next country. This, how far they have traveled been smuggled at this point and they were going into under a complete know a complete traffic situation and and just know that those children this week were all returned everything.

One was returned to the parents and gratefully so means that were doing a not just a good job that were disrupting collectivity neck. I guess it's our show now and I'm a Manella TC just take it from there. Because we did get an urgent call from Frank and what we call in and TC income sure about that. Through rep when we got a call from Frank about: it was a little bit cryptic on the program on this thing that weighted representative things are heating up where he was on because of the kind of work doing and we weren't sure exactly how serious that was what that meant we generality the alien started drinking more questions as to what it meant. She started laying out what he feels is a long term distance to what is doing that point where he believes that even lost a teammate early on in the process of setting up your urination because he thinks that they're actually trying to kill him and live in place that all you out yet, but states are actually deadly serious note, no claim intended there so is Marcus. His work is now such traction and such influence that people don't like that you will does not like to be stopped because people money so he shined the light on what's going on. People have threatened to now irritate his wife or writing to little stop getting calls from people he does not know acting lightly continues to rest their countrymen and their families. That's actually kinda new to Frank is not used to that sort of rhetoric or their Rest or something is looking to do is get together and inserted giving them ideas know from hiring people to other options. I just think a couple things one at times we think because we doing the right thing. Everything is going to be easy.

That's not the case. In fact, I believe that because Frank is doing the right thing and his team doing the right thing. There great resistance will come resistance actually proves that he's on the right track.

Also, we as Christians can experience real clear right robots. We don't pretend like we don't have beer but we you go to God yesterday to pray for him and he wanted other options that we can help them with so you just like what is going on grade you come up with ways to attack that fear. So I think I just think my listeners to pray this is something that they can pray about that. This is real work is real. The threat is real but the kids lives were being changed in rescue is also real and work some things he shared all that scene I can find rental, give you a little bit of review that one is that he is getting is because TC mentioned to you is he lost a teammate early on and then three to say he lost a teammate. It was his teammate was killed and and he he he loaned was happened is he that he loaned his motorcycle out to someone and they attack that motorcycle kill that person. So he feels that it's probably that was intended for him and probably so.

In the calls. One of the. Here's one of the things as Americans we may not completely grasp it. As Christians we should. That is, in talking to him one-on-one. One of his greatest fears is the voodoo attack and I didn't think we did and I didn't pick that up in the phone call in the call that we were having until later in that he is truly scared of those who practice video in the West African region which is you know it's everywhere that they are you know doing rituals against him like that was that was one of the things he try to make clear to me. I finally got through what he was saying there is a nice, real curses yes as assessing the real right right so that was one of the things he was really wanting God to protect him from so actually sent him a couple of verses one figures you know about protection but also sent them. Psalm 109 which is not like a G rated soft like is like that are rated Psalm 53 minus what someone announces units my God, my pricing, I remain silent for people who are wicked and deceitful of open their mouths against me there spoken against tongue words of hatred.

They surround me.

They tag me without cause and return my friendship. They accuse me know that that song gets into your great detail, but the part toward the end he he is able to know David is responding, asking God to do certain things in that directory Psalm and he saying made no may they have no pleasure in their in may not be blessed, and maybe like a cloak wrapped about him like about Todd for around him.

May this be the Lord's payment to Mike uses those who speak evil of me and you know I said in a song any red eyes and intoned in his language and reread it. We talked about it and I think that he feels better even that you know.

So we have a brave man understands that he is doing something that affects not only the physical world, but the spiritual world and people are going attack which gives TC talked about our blisters an opportunity here some to pray about right here because ice curses could not be more real than those of us went to cover church know that pastor quartz was cursed and that God's heart you know it was it was a horrible thing and an operational standpoint in the past, my life I've seen assets when they get scared. Even if you try to convince him look your fine your safe. Everything was a good scare that operate in the same way you know the fear can kick you look at the world we live in a mean fear can kick in and people do things I do not make sense or you know they don't take the stand. They should door you know things that nature and so it's important that we do everything we can protect him and encourage him so TC when you mentioned that hiring someone. Are we talked about like a bodyguard that kind of thing like that great court when Frank hired work area.

There are oftentimes females in smaller people better are doing great work in the language is looking for came to a crisp white or wrestling match.

They might not be necessarily matched for that particular aspect of the work which is growing. So one of the suggestions was can you hire me. Can you bring something to the job who goes skilled but maybe the ways 225,725 pounds. We told him he needed an Allen honesty document assess if I was where he was. I would want more than one hour that's it's it's serious and surrendered from your point if you have received this Dragon I believe in March 19 at different country that I bunted a member held by an impact and how much more difficult that may operate in a country like not only trying to do the work trafficking, but you're also trying to combat and then finally here.

You have been thinking about it really adds another layer that I why delighted to take a long train. How long after comparing the teams ready. Another reason that Matthew nine: the right that our local or getting an attendant not happening in and let them be corrected while it also occurs to me is about the same people try to put on you guys and I would think that they would be you know and not just for for him, but from wherever they can find the people that they feel like a responsible for was going on and I would think not just in that country. But you got a lot of video and 80 as well really my a guided that I'm really concerned about… Really not worried about it and we haven't seen any white dolls might be a synthesis of the thing about certainly for listeners to pray about it. You know to me. I unfortunately have seen what curses can do the really good people – yet you actually in gladly remember that episode and brought that up because if you would go back to the gang member was paid off money who's region. We went into real girls. I actually saw a video of him last week doing a video doing a video ritual.

He was in the streets and they were doing a video ritual of zombie I get into all that, but he was actually doing it ritual so clearly you know you Rob you're probably right. We probably don't know and we just trust God to protect us but the problem there. Brother probably are nausea somewhere rituals, but Dennis is getting a break right now, but when we come back as you can see things are heating up, and it really gives us all an opportunity and I myself am pleased to know about the hundred minds and what that has to do so will be right organization to conduct international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security, genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest elected world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates with train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic gearing up for operations right see how you can support well over the break we really learned how TC protected little side note TC you know you you took this a little differently than the rest of the theme of her so when we were there very first time we were looking for what appears.

And I would be a bit more drama in my thinking out but the going through some shops I saw a all that is made to ward off new good you curses safely. It's a little stick man with males all throughout matter how you get stamps that was interesting in the I wanted to buy it but I didn't think I can go through customs. No, I also want to save it.

We talk about training almost like almost every podcast right in a one point time prior to this particular alert by Frank that had an arrest that was supercritical again a lot of wrestling in the police being called things like that and he said very specifically in a message to what that had he not had our training you would've been disgraced in this particular rest. So, as Ryan said no training in the planning and all this we do matters. Matters very very tangible way to the team on the ground or surround. I mean, this is really it's a matter of life and death.

I think something that we have in mind wanted me back in January guided world.

He knew where I having tracking being an environment where you're at and mindful that we've been operating in the world we get God on a daily know we have to be mindful not always remember working with not always to try out the new look at how their living and I am having a very doctrinaire reality, not working country in varying level of danger you mindful of where they're at and what normal for them and what you know we are formulating like listeners to know we take that serious for him and I and we respond well. The responses involved more training resources understanding of movements in time when to leave the office and you know in those type of things and then even making sure who can he truly trust you know who are his closest confidantes and we know that was you know a month ago but want to make sure that's who are those people and how can we help him continue to vet those individuals. So where they are some that have some of that lifting will do at that moment is not short of anything on your considering a lie detector test is simple to do. You know there's things we can do to keep the people around him that it and say for him because he's critical is his tenacity and in house with them in the past he's vital to our operation would be it would be detrimental to to lose him, either physically or emotionally. Check out you know I can't help think you know the fear thing that you mentioned earlier that Elijah himself. I mean, you know, he ran right up big time. But he that he made serious progress right in the next thing you know it came it came in a fury, but God was gracious to many fed them by the burgeoning you know when he got them some rest and and and got them back upon his feet and it seems like I've provided you guys to kinda should provide right spiritual food form as well as his is things to help and protect himself and you know clearly you've had a lot of really cool support here from United States last couple weeks. Right you just came back from Florida, so yeah and not yet. We can talk about that with a great great time rent you want to start off of me going to tell you you you were showing up to a party, probably knowing the lesson I did and I know you are is just as impressed as I was no or church probably me before I truly don't worry about that banquet we had last year earlier that week truly thought it was really hot dog and miracle we had about a month to month out and morph onto the rolling and it really go down and amazing training compound and people involved me blocking question you think emotional at the outreach and how much they're going to do it the morning I sent the country they never got there never wanting to help and I really show bliss could manage was bleeding alone with Khmer Keystone tactics and then the community of people and all the vendors man. I mean, you enormous amount of vendors who showed up. I think they gave gave away about $30,000 in weaponry that day to the winning stages that to the shooters who want each stage and our team had a blast. We were in the range officer for the day so we each ran one of the competitions we split up and in this competition from the sniper shoot to the dueling match to you know everything in his had a blast doing it. I mean, you know you willing to shoot a gun that day but that's okay. We just love doing all the stuff you know somebody would hate it would. We absolutely actually had a blast, but also clearly been must raise quite a bit of money for the ministry I'm in and in my eyes you know it's God providing like for allies out of the desert. Things are looking tough right then his provision steps up to kinda meet because as I'm thinking through while look at what's gone on an 80 rest two months now look what's going on in West Africa and a and I'm just thinking wow that the temperature Verizon site Frank said. However, God's provision. You know, is rising. It's a beautiful thing that is in the encouragement of that day to look out at all these different vendors who came from long distances to you now have much bigger business with the US government then you know they can be set up doing something somewhere else. And here they were with us and just, you know, wholeheartedly saying look whatever you guys need. You know where here this is what we do this as part we can play and I think that was those really really cool was also cool because it opened up to the community of the panhandle of Florida so I know everybody had a great contacts and in fun getting there, especially rent yeah airport catching a flight which I let you an accurate me like the later one hour later. The Reebok make it sleep delay is not apparent on pylon around midnight the night before the black light Reebok at the neck. I let out a DP go rent a vehicle. DP driver found midnight are about one and one and 50 4 AM leaving the car for a couple hours go check and correct light bike straight out and slide change in the parking lot. Mayor Foreman got everything really left. I get there everything was in trouble. TC could make their way back when we got tired. Working in cargo plane everything that is said and so was you guys look into your near future where we so you know in the Caribbean would gotta drop down soon real soon you were in conversation in Asia right now.

Try to make a determination there and then looking at sending a presence forced to West Africa so were to be a lot of places at once and probably dividing and conquering some of that system that presents forces at the new people that because of been searching for. Yeah yeah yeah what God is been adding some some people to those who have expertise in different things that will be putting into play in the future. That's absolutely wonderful, so how would you tell our listeners know obviously God puts it on harp support financially but also how it how can they be praying real specific think Cece said earlier and now we pray for our foreigners that work with us and do this every day continue lift them up. Pray for the scheduling of our lives and in the travel to countries and in and out and all that is going to take the next three months.

Pretty intense. So, do something your prayers every day, it is to just feel like were part of what God is doing this amazing rescue mission across the world.

Something I know. Thank you guys. Thank you and thank you TC this is the Truth Network

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