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July 20, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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July 20, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What should I know about occult symbolism in today's society---2- What advice do you have for someone with medical difficulties and constant pain---3- What does the leaven mean in Matthew 13-33---4- Is it okay to lie to protect a child---5- How do you navigate theological differences with a fellow believer in love---6- Is there any inference we can make by the fact that angels are all male-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines as a matter why branches called responding to your questions.

770-7276 Matt slick. What about what July 1 for broadcasters. If you recall, if you can launch 772072276 and the person for the talk about doing your patriot video tonight I think I'm to be doing it on one this stuff because I've actually offered a challenge to debate one. This person in a pretty good group. I why men are no Facebook a lot of thought when this people are talking smack about the Trinity and doing' talk and block tell you they can sure be obstreperous, but less so I'm hoping that will happen.

And if he does let you know better, but also tomorrow night I'll be teaching online to about 9 o'clock Eastern time will be teaching on you will be teaching all applicants or get distracted teaching on eternal security eternal security protection on that and I would be going through election predestination nature of sin.

The legal aspect imputation of all kind of stuff as I lay the case out demonstrating that it's a logical and biblical necessity. I know a lot of a lot of people opposed the idea of being eternally secure in Christ.

They think that they resist colder books.

It was damnable heresy to say that your eternally secure in Jesus and I know what people say that kind of thing because they teach that you keep your salvation by being good and so stand what you think you can make it by your ear good enough you would ever get this whacked soul to see what happens there and Alexi Fort Lothrop logic 77207276 had a good yonder. Sorry about that all man ever have Jessica sneak up on you and get you.

I Just did for me and how many of you out there driving along whatever the autonomic brought it up all right 877-207-2276 just above the phone is good to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome your on the air with all the cultic symbolism ended days that society not know anything about anything like that. There's a there's a kingdom of the Colton think it is you couldn't get Xanax and you can look into that. There is a beautiful side of evil is the book it's decades old was quite good, informative, are not written on the Colts on the websites I think if at all. If I have very very little device to be involved in the occult and its growing spiritism is growing in the world. There's no reason to know the people who are into that but sourcebooks going to have good recommendations for you on that right here because just about online but I don't know. I couldn't tell you how time. I'd have to do some research on it to see to see what it would what was learned something about it happened on that day because the numbers are whatever count them, one at know that you can be very careful of because you can twist things move things to make anything sit, say whatever you want and right… – Don't worry about that that the cult I tell people to be very very careful about setting the occult, because it's because like a direct connection to demonic stuff and estrogen yet to be prayed up and ready as you go when you don't just with him.

It is read up on the study. It you better be praying and be ready and have people pray with you and then you get into studying it.

It's different is not like setting the Colts like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are stirring the pot their spiritual realm, but it's more direct issue be more prepared. Okay owner I have a life anyway and you have a section on karma called and forgot about that.

Answers to questions about the occult sheet go check it out the questionnaire section.go check out answers to questions about the Colts got about 910 articles.

There Ouija boards out of my experience, paranormal resource scopes prescribed not be reading her scripts okay on okay all right for recognizing the call 877-207-2276 Joseph Richmond, Virginia Joseph, welcome you on here and that they aren't right that the strongest see if I can get the brotherly advised on how your life deals with her condition.

Had I gone through medical anomaly that doctors are unable to explain my causes pretty much polyneuropathy all over my body and I'm struggling right now that he my head at them wondering if you have any advice so you talking literally keep her head north.

Figure figuratively, but I mean I my nose is in the word all day. They hope that that is ministered like the plague.

It's really hard when my paying it bad and now I have to go. That well because you asked about my wife and conditional open until you ready what's going on with her and then on to what she says of the understand this is not know she has a slight headache or hangnail and she is suffering she has something called Luis Dietz and it is a related to Marfan except is worse than Marfan connected tissue disorder is so on-air that it Marfan Marfan; so it Marfan is Marfan syndrome but it's rarer and worse than Marfan syndrome, and it is that so that the Marfan and ARF out that Etienne Marfan but she doesn't have Marfan syndrome is Luis Dietz and Sheena Brothers all have it and there's only ones in the world that they know what for all the brothers and sisters as that's how Meredith and so she had open heart surgery she's broken many many bones because of osteoporosis incident got arthritis. He's got a chronic pain she's got a pacemaker she's got aneurysm she's had many strokes.

She's vertigo. She's got the hip dislocation issues.

She said 15 to 20 surgeries. You can lost count. When an ER many times and the so when I sent talk about this visibly. Let me talk about radio because it is a private person and thought you numbers forbid me from doing it. You do sufficiently like it so I don't like talking or too often because you said this in some wanted to understand that she really is going through a lot of stuff and the sheep lather alive nine dollars okay and she pushes through stuff. She's actually on her own right now driving, going to doctors appointment and you know when I had to take her. I take her and she always tries to do as much as she can on her own and we can have the money from his two-story house to single-story house because of stairs and you know this now it's going okay so what is she do. Oh and by the way she has asthma and oh and allergy to wheat gluten intolerance and out and asthma and so she can't cry because she does sugar and asthma attack so that it you can just imagine how it is and she is a special bed.

She has to sleep in a special bed and when we travel if it's on the flight just to have first class because the seats and she's always wheelchairs on this is how it is okay. All right. Having said all of that plus he has a stupidest husband this that's that's also the problems is gonna deal with what I do is is you know I'm very tender with her and for the most part, not perfect but very tender with her and open doors for her. She holds my arm and we walked when we stand. She leans on me and we've had discussions about this and I want her to get on the air and answer questions about this that she's afraid to speak in public, but how she deals with. It is by trusting Christ no matter what because her salvation in a relationship with Christ is not dependent upon her pain level or her health level is not depend upon definitely and I told you about the nosebleed she's had which we thought we could call the paramedics on the north nosebleed about the gallbladder surgery and the trauma she went through. From that beforehand we she has been through so much and that she had coded for fever for 10 days so this woman loves the Lord and will never stop loving them. It relationship with Christ is independent of her physical condition and the pain level.

She said she does not look at know I've said a lot this morning I have this pain.

Nope, it's the way sin is in the world. A grenade is thrown into a crowd and one person skilled in one's name was not hit elect kind of thing by this is what happens and so she's got the short end of the stick on this and it's in his bed and so what is your most diving operating table having open heart surgery, which is, she didn't have it.

She would die Dyke for five months later, so it was enough to necessity so she's been through it.

Now you have heard a talk about it on the air.

And as I've been going through the last year. It then something out of tenant In my mind and wanted that cow does that she does it by rounded Bible and trusting Christ because you have to keep separate what you're going through and are you saved or not, your salvation is not dependent on your suffering and your suffering doesn't influence your salvation to different salvation is what is going through stuff now because it's the way of sin in the world. Now here's a know a thing is that I can talk about this over the radio and thousands and thousands of people are listening on how we are going through similar issues entered struggling over the wise and the Lord blessed me wise, and this will my wife is a real example and I can talk about her and and and property. No way she can minister indirectly. That way, so our suffering is what perfects us a lot of time to change to talks about and will be have and it does that. Thank well with understand that through our suffering and everything die from something that we keep our eyes on Jesus, the whole time. Don't think that you have enough faith.

That's why you're not healed, as that's false teaching and alive. I doubt I doubt at all online. Let the client as you do is pick up your marriage right yeah I'm I married my new Christian and I've been coming to the faith or lack tenant three years, but it all started last October. Actually after I talked to you on asking about my lesbian mom and what I should do with her on the night I cut her off because she kept breaking the boundaries of money.

Right after that all Canada started and had MRIs of everything and there's injuries everywhere, but doctors don't want to know you and hold it all now eyes. Thank you so much that I have a good rest tonight and God bless those right that we have more than likely 770-7276 max Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg line. I welcome your on your right Matt, my first one not hard 1333 got 1513 3333 1333 okay and it says the parable of the kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three types of flour until it was all unleavened are all leaven yellow when about leaven representative of sin are times the kingdom of heaven is like leaven in this is how it's how it's like which a woman took and hid in three packs of flour until it was all leavened and all these things Jesus spoke the crowds in parables is is that as levity permeates and gets into a system into bread and whatever it is it's all of it in this this was going on or okay then no seat.

The word leaven means what it means in context, it says which a woman took and hid in three packs of flour. The kingdom of heaven is like leaven right so the word meet the media. Look at the Greek you to be careful of what's called illegitimate totality transfer with that means is a word has a variety of meanings in different contexts and then what you do is you transfer that meaning from one context to another context. That's what you not do right so the word here occurs will interesting 13 times is very interesting in many 3033 it's like leaven, watch out. And beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. It's different kind of thing and 1611 how is it that you understand speak concerning.

But beware the leaven of the Pharisees. Beware the leaven of bread, the then they understood that he did not say beware the leaven of bread by the teaching of the Pharisees and another one I'm reading here, you were the leaven of the Pharisees, you would leaven the Pharisees another one leaven which woman took Luke 1321. If you pick the photos.

It was all leavened dates held the house regardless of them clean out the old leaven, that you may put in the so that you may be a new lump, just as your effect unleavened for crushing Passover has sacrificed do not, cannot, with all leaven, nor with the leaven of the malice or wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth a little leaven leavens the Holland places 59. So what looks like a talk about in Matthew 1333 and Luke 1321 is in the context of his talk about leaven and see Matthew and Luke 13 what is acumen godlike and to actually become paired is like a mustard seed, which a man took a through it his own garden.

It grew and became a tree and the birds of air nested in its branches and again he said to what shall I compare the kingdom of God. It is like leaven woman took and hid in three pics of flour till it was all leavened. The kingdom of God. Of course, is not sinful and leaven doesn't automatically mean sin. There sometimes leaven can mean the actual thing that pops up in bread. That's what it's supposed to do, but it's like leaven in that it permits all that it's in it's mixed in, and in the print print in the permeation issue that is going on okay I got context of the Lord.

That's right, in the meat rinsing. I got here so the word agape you coming with word agape right case. Agape means divine love right know would not necessarily because the word can love will you Pharisees for you agape eight you love the high seats in the synagogues and respectful greetings in the marketplaces.

Luke 1143 mL that's what Jesus said go ahead. I don't know what the Bible but what they word you love you a lot I got agape then flail is what he switched, but just to show you absent illustrate something that words mean what they mean in context. Alexei could make a mistake and think that a word is used this way and so therefore that's how it always must be in every context, not not the case here and use the word agape to demonstrate that because it it it can mean divine love for God so love the world that's agape John 316, absolutely. But the Pharisees loved or got bigger, high seats, so as not divine love there.

So you can't say agape automatically means divine love. You can't say that it got in that scenario go that well much they love their love. It was a complete commitment to an absent dedication to in that sense right so words have said dynamic meaning. So if I say to somebody menu never listen to me this would never mean absolutely never course, not etc. languages like that the word all. For example in in the New Testament.

I can show you where the word all means every the visual I can show you where the all absolutely does not enter in the word church for example ecstasy on the Greek I can show you where it meets a local body, the universal church and just assembly people, and so we gotta be careful we don't want to make this mistake called illegitimate totality transfer of word has a scope of meanings is called the semantic domain that has a range of meanings in different contexts than what happens is people say what means this over there is a for example, the one we have the college might also show you something. In Luke and Matthew 125 okay so the Catholics will do and is a Joseph kept her virgin until she gave birth to a son. So there. The word until obviously what it means is him until that that know afterwards they had relations. Now the Roman Catholics as they absolutely not. She was, she remained a virgin glitched kept her virgin until she gave birth to Sposato what you think that means you know what I do is they go to and I'll show you this.

I find it really quickly here to go to the first Corinthians 15. I think it is and and it says where is it that he will put all things under subjection until to the Lord. The site I forgot what exact versus trip find little do is say that the word until me forever. There transfer the meaning from their overdue to Matthew 125 hold of every folks be right back.

Average messages for open line McCall 772072277 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 is Matt's way back to the show we have all 877207 Raleigh still there.

I found that verse first at 1525 subject in all things under his feet, until, and choose a different Greek word, but this is what that that's what the areas it's called illegitimate totality transfer okay and had another question, something that was my laying on of hands or something like that no amount no that will got one water you do that to me about the hills and and the other person or people in our gotta spread the gospel way you handle big but I think we all know that we care about build a new note about your wife.

Earlier in. I'm afraid it should get better you know about like what the prerequisite, how can we well and handle well. We see that God is the seals that we must be in prayer and subject subjection to him sometimes does not heal people and people might think that's that's not true.

What is true God is noise when healing a nexus that, leavens God says who makes the eye blinding near death, the tongue, is not I the Lord God is one who does he think sometimes our time to systole the nature of sin in the world.

But here's the thing. A lot of people don't get is that you don't take my wife, for example, it will compare to me in the sense that I got a couple of issues you know I got ring in my ears as I had for 30 years. It's 880 dB. It's this horrendous plumbing to do and out, but that's nothing compared which is correct.

She's going through a lot of stuff and she's praising God through it for many years. So what's her place in heaven going to be her place in heaven is good to be I think hi because she has not complained against God for her ailments. She has praised them through it all know it's easy for people to say you don't like me love I had this I present to you don't know you don't know soak them. Think about this. If a person whose God, letting a person suffer and then they die never being healed and he died to go to the Lord and hers and then somebody else, so to speak. Who hasn't had any ailments and serve the Lord and dies, we commit we could ask the question which one might have a greater reward what you suffered and praise God we did not suffer risk soak.

It would seem so and so highly eternal perspective, is it better to heal someone now because, would it be robbing them of eternal glory.

We don't know a guy just asking the questions and is one of things to think about and so is what it is I will sounds good but all right I met questions okay hey folks, what open line is nobody waiting once again the call 877-207-2276 is letting his notes for Natalie teaching online on eternal security of the going in and we put it online shall be due. If you're interested in the Kevin issue. One look at Windsor salvation.

The answer is no. We cannot just as making mistakes. Don't lose salvation for those in the Senate. You can then on what basis to do a biblically shall be averse and we can discuss it in you to call me to talk about that is also the issue of the dock in the Trinity, which I hope to be able to defend soon. I felt offered a challenge to someone this people on that very issue and unfortunately what often happens in the context of of offering a discussion or debate is that the tickly one this area it really interesting and oneness people sometimes annihilation us but mostly in oneness people and in Universalists they become extremely hostile room condemning and they don't seem to understand that the Scriptures tell us that were not to be rude condemning like that that we are to be gentle over the kind now it's appropriate to sit assembly will look at bleeding. And if you continue to believe that you go to hell, and that's appropriate but notice is to become so rooted and so condemning and so mocking this is not the attitude that are true Christians but to have not. I know that there are some Christians who do that and it's something that needs to be avoided and so will run talk about here is why is it that sometimes people who they claim to represent Christ to know who Jesus is, are so difficult to work with and are so full of condemnation and hatred and it is supposed to be representing Jesus and they justify their anger and their vociferous condemnations by saying things like, what you deserve it and I have found often that that the people who do that are often quite immature, quite young, and that mocking them is just that's the case I discovered and I very often last, how old are you and others alike tell me and I found it usually states young males in their early 20s and didn't have all their positive litter box.

Nevertheless, I'm I am offering that can assume to repeat this for Church of Christ people wanted to beat me on his baptism by water baptism in water is immersion in water baptism necessary for salvation necessary. Okay. And that's the issue, and also a duct debate so I'm open to debating a oneness person on the on the extent and nature of the doctrine of God is you Trinity early not occurred and courses Trinity and not open to debate people to not just the average Joe know some guys who just got this have to be safely which let's debate me and I wanted to be people who are representative of the group sufficiently.

So I'm deciphering it against all rights and that we have 50 lines 877-207-2276 us get to Audrey from Oklahoma.

Oddly welcome your on the area, okay we are talking about now lying on my Lai protecting a child so let me ask you, would Jesus ever lie we lie to a child to protect the child now. I felt about a child to light we ever lie to an adult about a child I got no he would not.

He cannot lie. Got cannot just want to so lying is a sin because it's against the character of God, so we cannot lie to now, it doesn't mean it's a blurt out all the truths either. So this is a very serious thing for me in my life as I don't like anybody never lie to people. So yes you do every life. Nope, I don't like. I may make a mistake, I may say something is not true but I believe it to be true is not lying. It's as making mistake that I will never lie to anybody, and I can't because I'm honoring my Lord's of people asked me questions that once my wife she said, however, look in this dress. Potential problem and I'll go.

She looks good skip.

She's pretty hot and United like this particular dress and no that's okay and I said or will if you asked me the question I'm going to tell you the truth, don't expect me to shave the truth to guard your feelings if you asked about this. She looked at me. She does okay, tell me the truth but I did.

She didn't take offense to it. Don't critically like that when on you, but still love you. I told her shouldn't take offense, but that's how I am you asked me a question on the take the truth and that's how it should be for the Christians and this is why we cannot lie to them and say Santa Claus is real. For example, I would any Christian parent live in a child. I guess at a closet.

It's a lie that's okay because it's good for them to fantasy, those with lines okay under certain conditions. It is can help your child feel better.

This was a good teacher child don't do tell them the truth, and as we did with our children about Santa's as an example.

Now is not really spent with the North Pole and on but a lot of people believe he is so we don't go ruining it for others. Okay, they were traumatized okay and all, you can't have believe in Santa line will couple of lines 87727 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave still there all wall arrived at answer questions sufficiently earn child but probably harm our I Reported that Opera 30 and eight the child, but the mining are not in danger and found a good deal because I know you can seal the particulars of the year understand, but I go to the elders and talk to them. If you know of something where child is being injured. If you do that is that case, you're obligated to do something yet and I in the proper measure okay you and but sometimes nothing is happening in slowly perceived, we need to garner children and the children of others. If whatever negative things occurring these particular not just from the corner to strengthen once or whatever it is, but the more serious stuff. Okay right okay country you welcome S hoops-okay, let's get to Eli for Massachusetts. Eli welcome you on the air going is goal it's going. We got but they not if you question. Maybe you can give me an invite you to believe it, but the habit to get into like you like like like they like one believer is the continuation of the basement, like you and let the brother's name on I think you got it right underneath you yeah yeah how you and maybe can get a bite on him in you and how you got the boat because even though you yeah he said cessation is in the continuation is teased the sensationalist on the covenantal list and home when both the litigant trip to Israel next year. His group merged with mine and he was a note his rough couple months earlier.

Something happened or merging groups and get along fine.

The reason we get along fine is because we know with the essential Christian faith are essential to Christian faith, the deity of Christ, the doctor, the Trinity, justification by faith, etc. and when the charismatic gifts are for today or not is not something that we should divide over because the Bible says not to.

It says not to and defined in Romans chapter 14 it says no except the ones we can faith but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions. One person is faith that he may eat all things, but he was weak eats vegetables only one who eats is not to regard with contempt when he does not eat does not does not touch the one who eats forgot is accepted him so thought of eating eggs a further charismatic dispensationalism, whatever it might be. Who are you to judge the servant of another zone to zone battery center falls one person regards one Dave of another another regards everything alike.

Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. So Andrew as wrong as he is most of his position and down and we've we've been in seminars before and we've had discussions before where we each have a microphone and there's the audience down there and we will debate dispensationalism versus covenantal is and we do have a very friendly way. And sometimes I know dude that's not a good answer here to be any better answer to help you out and he'll try to do the same thing with me and I mock him and say well if you're smart enough to know the answer already know and people see us insulting you and talking to her like that and they get a kick out of it and they are surprised to see some oak to guys with different opinions can get along. That's how it was to be okay because he recognizes no seriousness. He recognizes he might be wrong. I recognize I might be wrong and we don't judge each other but we move forward and that's it okay okay yeah it in and out at the end, all of the unit ministry event you claim you are caring for the letter. A brother in Christ.

Continuation continuation for all Geico just yet.

He night we had a discussion about.

It's a very brief lesson. He just lets talk, but he said no not is just talking about it.

He's so hard-core secessionist and I think that's okay and if you want talk about it, that's all right but I can now very willing midnight. He mentioned walking the limited act on the note vertigo and mentioned quickly that you know continuation it here that you basically saying an open now is that I threw it away for now. I love Justin you know we we've done we minister together and he's a great guy but I'll just say that I saw the answer. That's nonenforcement is 14 because people there. First is 14 were seen at the knowledge with wisdom and prophecy's interpretation of tongues and none of it was required to be in Scripture. And it was moving of the Holy Spirit. So there is a form of spiritual gift carries Marta that are for the church that are not meant to be in Scripture it it's very simple. It's right there in first with his 14th and what I'll do is that they go to first 2013 8 to 12 and they want to talk with her become superficial pass away in a perfect means the Bible can't mean I can show you my I go through and I have my arguments and I debate on it tonight. I began to bathe him and and others on the cannot demonstrate cessation is up in the Bible cannot read into the text and I'm saying okay, but they do say that our now the thought of that. Another perfect example. The dog a lot of time know that you know the context things like that but they might say that that would apply because they were still writing the Canon and seated how the prophecy I am now because the canon was a complete within him and ask questions so the charismatic guesser until the canon was coal was completed right yes will first of all show only in Scripture where the charismatic gifts violates the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture.

Since enforcement is 14, the gets rock charismatic of property and it didn't. There why does it now show me that they can answer them. Okay, so it's an implication that they have charismatic gifts means that the meat is for the candidate know it doesn't and split sides at first I did 17 says the church is not to lack any charisma while you're waiting for the return of Christ. Any little what do you know so little sliced once I get this. I was in seminary once had a couple of experiences with in seminary, which is a reform seminary Calvinist seminary and love my brothers there ancestors went in this 1 Very Hard Cold Ct., Calvinist, and I had a discussion I mentioned once were quickly was about this. I mentioned hope once I prophesied an idea.

It and it was in great detail and it came to pass and so is not hearsay, but it's something that happened and would have to be like that one time my entire life very specific and it occurred I said I gave it to him and told him what happened is now half of this is it this way said I never very well and he said to me, it did never happened and he walked away a lot was dumbfounded with me never happened until people didn't would discuss it. So some people have these ID ideas that cannot be attacked because they identify with them and Justin Dawes because of what he does and I'm not knocking just he's a great guy. I had a mama show here and he and I have minister together. He's a great guy but he does this so much and he's a subject very good job with the issue of of the goal.

Charismatic teachers will blame him for one to the other side so much okay this may make sense. I greatly appreciate it. Ministry and I think that her brother and quite a bit. I and 88 the cause of art, a card-carrying Thetan at the low end and is strong opinion, this okay okay but I already like on the left is all right to Jennifer and Raleigh, North Carolina Janet Malcolm Garnier. Thank you and make it real quick that no one looked at a time. I did notice that in the Scriptures. There are only in Angel and I just want to know if you can imprint we can make for what the role of women based on that fact when the women angels because are making celestial's sandwiches and the busy doing that. That's a joke know all you need to listen in the Bible references mail. The only place where it might be considered to be contrary to that is in Zechariah chapter 5 and it talks about others debate about it. A woman sitting inside the e-file and then he said this is wickedness, and he threw her down into the middle the e-file and castor lead weight on its opening or the lead weight on its opening and then lifted up my eyes and looked, and there were two women were coming out with the wind in their wings and they had wings like the stork list of the e-file between the earth and the heavens. I said to the angel was speaking. Where are they taking the e-file facility will think that those are angels, but not necessarily so because the don't know right there. Most one commentator can say urgent. Commentators are safe. Those are demonic forces that it was a builder sorrows of God. So which is it we don't know like this is the closest I'm aware of in the Bible were an empty might imply a feminine aspect of an angelic realm, but even then it is it's a weak position to hang the hat on because it's it's it's a vision that has a female with wings others be there.

Angels just be a female with wings, vision is, there could be a docking donkey that talks or it could have gold that would fly you have as it relates your silly symbols and things like that. Okay well you talk about Angel be a messenger is what I mean is women can't be met.

Know that equivocation because you know if you were to give me a message to my wife I'm a messenger. But it doesn't mean that I'm an angel, even though the word angel in Greek means messenger. And in Hebrew mean and we gotta be careful not to play with. The word will be safe and Angel were talking about that because an Angel is a messenger and the words used different senses. Be careful okay accents okay okay yeah I think so much, Matt. Sure, no problem.

Have a great evening. Okay right but I lets get to Nick from those below who is gone.

He had a comment on the issue of lying earlier all right on muscles and on that because he was asked about a minute left a ladies and gentlemen. If you're Christian and if you claim the name of Christ.

Don't lie. Don't commit a white lie.

Don't lie. Our number one so that a job and a boss wanted me to say that that would someone called sick to have me tell them he's not here and I flat out told him I can't say that as you are here.

That would be a lie looked at me said you won't say that's a no I won't. I can say you're not available for multi or not.

Here he says okay that works sheet. I'm not the Savior. Not here. If you share also is not available and that's okay is not available that works find a way to speak the truth. Don't lie. Don't justify lying. They fell short of time in the Lord bless you by his grace that will help you later. Other program powered by the Truth Network

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