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Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 8)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 25, 2019 1:00 am

Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 8)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Homicide is the opposite of foresight foresight is the ability to see things before they happen not going to tell you upfront the bill very, very, very, very, very few people have foresight but just about every body have hindsight well whatever and whenever we make a mistake, whether it's a mistake in judgment or it is a mistake by rushing headlong into something without writing and seeking the mind of God. Whatever it is that we find ourselves in, were always sites ourselves in hindsight I should've not rushed into this. I should have listened to her I should've listened to him. I should've been more careful and most important of all, I should have prayed about this.

Have you been there. I have there are two ways by which you can do with things. In hindsight, one way you can deal with events that have happened in errors and mistakes of the made is by beating yourself up, and others right online and forget that others with guilt and with regret I should've. I could've I should've I could've. I should've got always beat others with guilt and say you should've the shoot off or I knew it all along.

I knew this is gonna happen on doing something negative. People who are always opposed to every new idea whenever action is taking and failure results from that action will have to tell you I told you so. I told her so I told you so you will not listen to me, but thank God there is a second way to deal with things and events.

In hindsight I wanted to listen to this one very carefully.

It is a better way. It is a godly way. It is a healthy way. In looking at things and events in the past failures. In hindsight, this is the God ordained way to view things in hindsight and that healthy positive godly example of dealing with events in hindsight, is found in the second half of Psalm 37 in the first half of Psalm 37 there we saw David is telling us to chill out. He begins the Psalm by saying, don't fret. Chill out. Why, he said, chill out because of what you cannot see chill out because of what you already have chill out because of what is coming to you, chill out, because the wicked will be judged here in the second half of Psalm 37 David is saying I want you to listen to me very carefully. I think if he spoke English. He would've said to me right.

The reason I do this is all make sure you listen to it and your hearing what I'm saying and he says I wanted to listen to me very, very carefully. Listen with your eyes and listen with your ears and listen with your mind. Listen with your heart. Listen with all the totality of your being, because you said I wanted tell you and I want you to receive benefits of my hindsight is saying.

Let me give you the benefits of my past failure and pain. I wanted to listen to me very carefully because I want to give you the benefit of my past mistakes, listen to me because I want to give you the benefit of my past pain that resulted from sin pieces. Listen carefully to the benefits of my past worries, my past anxieties and my past few years I wanted to benefit from me. Listen carefully and let me give you the benefits of a long life, last life, listen to me so that I may share with you the blessing of being able to look back and see things from God's perspective that's basically what is saying in the second half versus 23 to 40 of Psalm 37 quickly summarize them in three waves write them down because not only that you will benefit in our benefit, but we can pass along to others.

Our children and grandchildren, all of those who come in contact with us three things he's telling us here David is saying that in hindsight God never forsakes his own versus 23 to 26. Secondly he saying in hindsight I now know that God always blesses his own. I know this one is controversial, but I'm going to get to it. Be patient versus 27 to 34. Finally, versus 38 to 40.

He is saying. In hindsight, what really honors God the most. What is God, the most in the life of a believer is to fully trust him even when you can see the evidence is that he be trusted by his own so he saying in hindsight, I know that God never forsakes his all an earthly father who has a son that son is his no matter what the Sunda's other daughter because he has the family glad he has the family name. He has the family genes. He may even at times disgraced the family name but nothing would change a relationship. He is a son. She is a daughter of his parents and her parents in the same way for all the brothers and sisters of Jesus in the same way we have the heavenly one. We have the heavenly name. We have the heavenly family name. We have heavenly jeans and God will never throw us even would disgrace him. Nothing is going to change that our heavenly father. My chest ties us to make disciplines asked. He may rebuke us he might conflict us, but he never rejects us. David said that the steps of the man of God or the woman of God are ordered by the Lord, though he fall, though she might fall will not be utterly cast out by because nothing to do with you and me, but because of the grace of God, because the Lord upholds you with his own hand.

How does this work in the Christian life. Well you Christian is always filled with the joy of the Lord, and you Christian is contagious Christian I was were all staying new Christians all the time that your great I wish I was still in my early days when I came to know the Lord would say Jesus and outcry. I made this such love for the Lord. Such joy in walking with the Lord. Such attention to serving the Lord that I never wanted to do anything to offend the Lord. I do never want to do anything to cause harm to the name of the Lord.

When you Christian becomes a Christian, he or she immediately get into the word of God and devouring it literally. They are seeking God in every area of the lives their eyes are always upon the Lord before they make any decision, Lord. Is this what you want me to do seeking the mind of God and everything they look roaring dormant talk this way. Wonderful great. Every step you look then they grow into spiritual adolescents. How many of you know that really truly but spiritually we grow in the same way. In the same stages as we do in our body.

When we babes in the Lord, man wish we Justin and father's arm all the time.

We don't want to department want to leave then read the Bible and once you read the Bible you think you know every thing that you need to know about God.

The people give me the most trouble. Of the people who are going through spiritual adolescents and I know it and I know that some of them come to be our leaders.

Light is a manual patient with massive wealth. Yes, I was like the poststructuralism years ago, I saw many many years ago.

Attention teenagers get a job on your living become very successful. Leave your stupid parents while you still know everything so you thinking every step you asking the mind of God you're walking with your heavenly father every step of the way and then comes a crucial decision in your seeking the mind of God and for his own purpose. Lord does not respond to you immediately. Whether he wants you to learn to wait whether he wants you to learn patient so I know this one whether he wants you to learn just to trust him whatever his purpose is he waits. He doesn't respond to you immediately and you don't hear anything negative. Patient and meanwhile things all over the place being offered to you is an opportunity is an opportunity is an opportunity and looking this way and then you see one big one here and then another big one here and you don't know which one to split yourself in half and then all of a sudden you fall you will look different from here as I can tell you things look differently down. They really do.

And you know what happens when you down lots of things go through mind you angry with God and submit Lord, I will be there younger with yourself you discouraged you despondent. You know what the devil does when you down, he'll come to you and he would say you know since you been down was will stay down.

Then you will say to you, peanuts, a little bit more comfortable down here say we are now the only you will be able to have the same relationship of the Lord again God cannot use them is good. Your damaged goods to much.*We are all never be an example of the role model again ever. It's all over. Meanwhile, what's the Lord doing is down there with you to say I love you. Your mind, I sealed you with the Holy Spirit. I'll never eject on the forsakes you. You belong to me.

I want to help you rise up and confess your sin, repent and turn to me and I'll forgive you. David said the steps of a man of God and the woman of God are ordered by the Lord know he falls, though she falls there will not be utterly cast out. We will not be completely cast out why not because of your education, not because of your wealth, not because of the importance in society. The reason God does not cast you out is because of his name and his glory and his grace because he promised to uphold you with his own benefices have been through a lot in life is been through a lot. They want a cut sheet pretended to be with the enemy is. He pretended to be a madman.

He is been through a lot and he says some of those times I felt a lot of genocide about another view David Lee's failures. I want nothing to do with you, but instead David said patients not to snuff to because I've never seen the righteous forsaken nor his children begging for bread wanted to listen very carefully. Please God is not only faithful to the righteous is faithful to the children of the righteous believers but me tell you this and comes from my heart and it comes from experience you will never know what it is to live by faith, until you risk something that is so important to you on God. You will not know how to walk the walk of faith until you risk something that is so important to you, for God will never get in the hall of faith did you do that with you something giving God the Crohn's will never teach you the walk of faith never seen the righteous forsaken nor his children begging for bread. I hear people say call in these economic conditions I can afford to tie horrible mistake horrible mistake when we had three small children. We lived on the fabulous sum of $13,000 a year and a nominal Christian looked at my finances. I just said how can your time with so little money. Poor thing. She never understood she joy of watching God stretch a dollar using stretch of Allah mangoes all around and I can testify to you. Not only that all of our needs were met, but so many of wants to today because I don't believe in the time tithing is for the beginners hello numbers as preacher broke a few things that God is going to bless you. Based on what's happening on the Dow Jones on the NASDAQ. Let me tell you right now you have not really got to know God very well. You notice Jesus did not say you cannot serve two masters. God and sex dog and cheating God online.

These things are just as horrible. Let me assure you they are unacceptable. I'm not making fun of this loan today something Jesus, the creator who made us in you that Mammon is such a God that can help hold over us that the greatest and the greatest of spiritual giants among this will have a hard time getting from its clutches. And that's what he said you can't serve me in your heart is so in the clutches of memory and client-side. David said I know God never forsakes his own secondly said.

In hindsight, I know that God always blesses his own. I know some of you are saying right now correct the problem so that when I was repeating civic is controversial when we tell you why some of you right now probably saying Michael I sure don't feel like being blessed right now I don't feel blessed. How can you say that God blesses his own all the time. I am not blessed right now. You don't understand the problems I'm going to understand the difficulties I'm facing right now and left you understand my circumstances don't feel very blessed right now him right because you may be feeling lack of blessing right now in hindsight you going to be able to look back and say God.

This lack of blessing back younger was one of my greatest blessings that you have ever given me is that is very easy for us to fall in the temptation of misinterpreting and misjudging the blessings of God. He understood that we are prone into thinking that we know what's good for us now limited I know is good for me was nothing I grew. I really do not. Preaching only as playing games with you I really do not try to tell the Lord a few things I'm so thankful many times he didn't listen to me how to been troubled. David knew that we are rubble to the thought that we know better what's good for us. We know better than God on what we should have and should not have. David knew that we foolishly misjudge God's blessings and curses and therefore verse 27 Psalm 37, he said, depart from evil and do good. What evil is he talking about here what evil is he talking about. Listen to me the evil of falsely accusing God of not loving you because he does not give you what you when you want it depart from it.

The evil of hardening of your heart toward God the evil of your anger toward God the evil of your coldness toward God depart from it depart from it because you do not have what you want for yourself.

It does not mean that God is not blessing right now.

It does not mean that all don't fall in the temptation is a terrible temptation. I know I have been in it. Verse 28.

He said God does not forsake his godly ones. God's favor, his promise to his own God promised that the righteous will inherit the earth, and that should be enough. I wasn't quite 19 years of age and I was down and I was down and the devil says well you download as well stated so in order to get away from God's call on my life I rolled in the Air Force Academy and it was so difficult to get in but I got in and I said hello. Some medical be careful when you're running away from the Lord, and you see something works for you is not always a medical believe me it is not a miracle. I said this must be great. I know this would almost be doing now until the day came for us for the freshman to report for duty report first day of class. I didn't show up, not by choice but of the thousands of letters that were mailed out registered mail only one letter was lost in the mail out of the thousands of letters, only one didn't make it my letter when I got back late not try to be reinstated and when it became impossible and I realize I came to the conclusion on the resignation that is over, I can do it. I remember was a very very wide street and I was walking in the middle of it and I was shaking my fist spiritual adolescents.

What I wanted, and God's blessings for my life were not one and the same.

Please remember this writer down hanging on the wall what you want God to give you and his blessings for you. I'm not always one in the same. Most often the and David said, in hindsight, I know that God never forsakes his own. In hindsight, I know God always blesses his own, but then he said, in hindsight, I know that it honors God to be fully trusted by his own I hear people say I want all of the Lord.

I just want to honor the Lord. I really want to realize everyone on the yard really went on a little during one of yes I really want to honor the person, the greatest honor you can bestow upon the Lord is to trust him even when you cannot see the evidence, be patient and trust that God will do things right all the time.


I wonder how many of the people who are implicated in this corporate greed and corruption in corporate America today on how many of them really thought they could get away with it.

I would just love to know.

I don't know.

I'm sure many people think that they can get away with whatever they doing. Big mistake.

David would have said, listen to this. If set to them dog be tempted to think that the greedy and the corrupt will get away with it. Don't be tempted to think that the greedy and the corrupt will ultimately succeed will not fit my appear that way for a while it might look that way for a while but you trust God. I remember back in the early days given to this country and eyes to watch Walter Cronkite CBS news reader, and he would end up his broadcast every night as it is is a way to and I will screen Walter is not the way it is. This way it seems that way. The way it is sewing up used to be the versus 35 and 36 of Psalm 37 I have seen a violent wicked man spreading himself like a lecturing entry in its native soil. Then he passed away and he was no more. I sought for him and he could not be found enough universal numbers of Psalm 37 Psalm 73. There's a man who was ahead of the car in the temple by the name of SF and SF is the author of Psalm 73 and in Psalm 73 SF had fallen into the temptation, at least for a while had fallen into the temptation of thinking that the wicked and the greedy car so happy on the righteous and the upright miserable.

Then he discovered that things are not the way they appear. He was tempted into thinking that trusting God will never get you justice.

He fell into the temptation of thinking that trusting God will never give him success. He fell into the temptation of thinking that trusting God will never get him anywhere in life.

But the love and I want to tell you the truth, is trusting in God in the times when things look upside down to you is all God wants you to do.

The truth is not judging by appearances is a point where he wants you to reach the truth, is righteousness. The righteous has his feet planted on the rock while the ungodly bills on shifting same might do something as I finish this is a word to the faithful. Those faithful soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you and your heart know that you not been faithful repent of it today. But this is a word for the faithful.

Okay I want to make sure you understand this is a word for the faithful.

Your trust in God has to be all publicly vindicated has to not make has to or else God is not true to his word and God is always treated your trust in him has to be ultimately honored or else God is not God at all. David said I lived long enough.

I live long enough to see God to be true to his word. You trust father for the hearts that are having difficulty trusting you. I pray in the name of Jesus that they open themselves up right now for the Holy Spirit to come in for those who was who needs us shaking. I pray for the part of the Holy Spirit to strengthen for those who are not faithful to pray for, the conviction of the Holy Spirit determine into faithful soldiers for Jesus Christ and father for all of us.

Unfaithfulness is only a moment away from every one of us. Please protect between the faith to the service, we can hear the words of Jesus.

Good and faithful servant in his name on.

Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael. You sat recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that's LTW.Ward

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